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So I am reading a warhammer book and when it mentions a Marine reloading I start to think
Where the fuck do they keep extra magazines or their sidearms?
Every picture I see of a Marine is just them in solid power armor with no ammo pouches or grenade Belts or holsters.
Also Warhammer thread because this shit is awesome.

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The older Tactical Squad kit came with ammo pouches and things you could glue on, but IIRC they were removed when the kit was redone.

I think I've read references to their spare ammo/grenades attaching magnetically around where their belt would be as well, but may be mistaken.

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From warHammerspace. Next question

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>The older Tactical Squad kit came with ammo pouches and things you could glue on
that sonds cool I dont suppose you have any pictures of that?

>Magnetically Attached
This would work but like I said I cant see them in any of the art work.

I actually do have another one.
So is the Machine Spirit an actual soul or just the AI being treated with mysticism like the Emperor?

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Not that guy, but...
Has anyone ever made a Deathwatch version of ol' Chyron?

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It makes no sense but I like to think of it like robocops gun a part of the armor opens up and a bolt pistol and ammo comes out.

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Not that guy, but it's theorized that "machine spirits" do exist, not as actual spirits, but as incredibly fragmented and damaged AI. Check out Rynn's Might.

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Maybe for the Iron Hands, or the Techmarines, can't really see any other SMs doing that though.

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btw guys I will post art if anyone requests anything


that might work but I dont think it was ever mentioned that they do that
also >>30843539

and when Chaos say their Armour houses a Daemon its the same thing? Or is it literal daemon because honestly I wouldn't be surprised either way

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woops this

>that might work but I dont think it was ever mentioned that they do that also >>30843539

was meant for>>30843498

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These are the components here. I imagine they're not often included in the artwork because they don't really fit either of the two ways GW artists usually present Space Marines - very clean and minimalist or like walking cathedrals.

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That's a literal daemon

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In the video game, the "belt" on their chestplate has compartments like Batman's utility belt.

In the "fluff", they usually have pouches and stuff, though they are often not drawn.

I'm in the process of gluing ammo pouches and grenades to all my marines.

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its a bit of a shame because I like the idea of a slightly more practical uniform

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Bloody wanker!

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Actual Daemon. There's a woman who get turned into a legit Khorne Berzerker by putting one some Daemon-possessed armor. The transformation was so good, no-one even noticed the difference.

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>Where the fuck do they keep extra magazines or their sidearms?

In the oversized Pauldrons obviously.

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his shit is too radical I prefer this look actually.

Why isnt there more art of them?

was she a named character? Any literature about her? seems interesting

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Captain Larana Utorian, from "Storm of Iron".

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Have a tallraptor complete with legsword.

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The only canon sighting of the elusive ammo pouch.

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ah so its only that little part there? damn

that doesnt even look big enough to carry a Mag for a Bolter

this is awesome
have any high res stuff like that?

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You call that a sword?

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more like a dagger
also everyone shits on the Ultrasmurfs but I love me some Space Romans

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Yeah, "Space Romans" is easily the Ultramarines' greatest aesthetic, they need to use it more often. However... I do love seeing all the Tyranid stuff some of them use, wish there were more of it.

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If you want hyper overRoman mode go look at 30K Horus Heresy ultramarines. They have roman coming out their ass. (huehueuhe)

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Holy shit that Helmet is radical
I would love if they spoke in Latin more often or had that old timey way of wording.
I think it would set them apart more often and keep them from being too boring. Maybe have similar tactics to what the romans used. Being a melee oriented chapter using tight formations and thunder-shields.
And overall being incredibly disciplined even more so for Marines.

I started reading the first Horus Heresy book actually. Its what got me to ask this question

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That's a lot of leg showing.

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Just how new are you to Warhammer?

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>TH/SS terminator has shit ton of mag pouches
>no guns

Space marines wut r u doin

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Rolled 38

It used to be that a machine spirit could be explained by any number of different things depending on the author or the importance of the item in question.
The most likely explanations are:
1) Fractured parts of AIs for limited awareness and animal like aggression,
2) "Assistant code" where there is an automatic program meant to help with some sort of function like aiming at a target
3) Some sort of daemon or weapon possession whether the item is a "friendly" daemon or is an aligned / grey waste daemon who don't care who use them as long as they are used (like a khorne sword will help whoever uses it to kill)
4) Parts of humans specifically brains attached to a machine allowing the ad mech to work around the AI ban
5) A soul or the warp presence of a once living being inhabiting a device and that it is possible that through the belief of a soul or machine spirit that a machine spirit can be created thus older weapons and gear which have had longer for the machine spirit to grow are more deadly than new machines which need their spirit awoken
6) Merely quirks or machine bugs that people have anthropomorphized into thinking that it is a conscious will and they are acts have greater meaning than fixing a problem

During the Horus heresy fully half the ad mech fell to chaos and sided with Horus and mars gets destroyed before the siege of Terra ends.
Part of the reason is that the dark mechanicum has found that they don't need STCs or other technology as daemons can be used to infuse and make their creations even more powerful then the imperium could hope to counter and thus the re-acquired knowledge on mars was only useful to the imperium and should be re-destroyed.

There are several different books that go into machine spirits the book Helsreach about Chaplain Grimaldus has interaction between space marines and the praetor of a titan, and titans have the largest and most obvious machine spirits making it an interesting read.

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shes trying to get dat genetically modified super dick.

Never played the game but I do read a the books and discuss fluff with friends all the time usually people who are a lot more involved then me.

I am not sure what is so incorect about my statements however. Ultramarines are not Melee Specialists and are considered great at everything.

He might have dropped it?

>Parts of humans specifically brains attached to a machine allowing the ad mech to work around the AI ban
This sounds incredibly inefficient. Even computers now that are not AI can still calculate way faster then the Human brain.

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Rolled 66

Not sure what chapter he is from, but if it was Space wolfs I would have assumed booze, but instead I will say he is carrying vortex grenades to go fuck up a titan.

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Sorry, it's just your suggestion of making Ultras more melee-oriented struck me as really odd.
I honestly doubt the Ultras, as a whole, are ever really going to step out of the "generalist" role ever. The Tryrannic War Vets though, they could be very interesting...

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I was thinking SWs too and saw the pockets were full of Wolf food, but I can't for the life of me identify those colors.

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I just mentioned it would be interesting to see them specialist because of their obvious Roman influence.

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>vortex grenades

He doesn't have a helmet either so he must be someone important. This is a pretty valid theory.

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Rolled 52

AI are banned after they have repeatedly gone skynet and almost wiped out all of humanity.
All of humanities major tech is relic information found from the age when the Skynet rebellion happened so it MUST be assumed that all AIs they find from that time are part of skynet and will plan on killing all humans, thus far we have seen several examples where they have been proven right although in several cases it was more of a "self fulfilling prophecy" kind of deal.

A quick clarification an "AI" in warhammer refers to an "Abominable Intelligence" meaning a sentience without a soul a banned and very illegal and looked down upon.
The solution is adding humans and thus a soul to a machine or making unthinking machines such as serfs.
Many ship's captains are almost completely fused with the ship and have their identity slowly become fused with the ship as well until the decline ever being unhooked from the ship and eventually die whereupon a new captain will start this process, and it is the view of some that the captain never died he merly succeeded in becoming one with the ship.

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Oh I know all about the ship thing but as I mentioned. Computers now are way faster and they are not sentient. Merely pre determined programs running. Even military computers.

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Adding onto that, these robots called the Men of Iron really fucked up the human race. If it weren't for the Emperor, humanity probably would've gone under thanks to them. They're, like one third the reason why the Imperium is such a shithole.

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You know how they have huge pauldrons?
Those aren't just for armor. They store their ammo and grenades in the hollow spaces.

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and all those currently available machines would likely be perfectly acceptable because they cannot control their own actions or work in a malicious manner although "learning machines" they are currently making that can take a set of data and use it to predict outcomes from real world situations and then move to effect those situations would be pushing the line.
However thanks to the fact this is the grim darkness of the far future this would be solved by having someone sit down at the key board and monitor what is going on and be able to effect the computers decisions, and by sit down I mean have their legs (lets face it 90% of their body) removed and having wires stuck into their brain as the float in a jar.

The real fear is starting the technological singularity again which nearly wiped humanity when it was at its greatest.

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Someone already made that joke.

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>This sounds incredibly inefficient.
Hooooooboy, is 40k wrong for you. Not a slight against you, just saying that, well... If you can't overlook how implausible or inefficient it would be in real life, then the entire setting is going to grate on you eventually.

>calculate way faster
All of those computers are rigidly defined by code. They are fast, but inflexible. So there is one advantage a brain-in-a-jar would have there, and it is precisely the kind of advantage you'd need in a combat situation.

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It's implied to be an actual soul at times

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I fully understand that its 40k I am just making an observation. I mean I love how ridiculous this setting is its why I love it.

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Last quick comment is that trying to discuss technology in 40k is a very pointless pursuit for a few reasons
The writers often don't know what they are talking about when it comes to technology and lore and fluff was created in the 80s where current technology would seem far fetched.
Most importantly at least to me is when the authors came out and said don't take the rules / models / fluff as literal expression of what exists in the setting, but more as a representational piece where we are able to see nad understand the theme of what is going on.

For example a leman russ was described as likely being a full gravatic tank with such advanced weapons and armor as to be unrecognizable to us right now, but if they had made models look like that then they wouldn't thematically come across as backwards scraped together technology made by equal parts paranoia and necessity.
Instead they model their vehicles and tanks, and how armies operate after WW1 / WW2 technologies that any person could look at and realize how old out dated the designs and tactics are.

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Oh yeah you are absolutely right. But I still think it is fun to discuss these things. And I love how ass backwards everything is despite how advanced it is. It is a great mish mash and I love it.
The best faction that exemplifies that is easily the IG. And its probably that reason why I like them the best

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I think it was implied in a few places that machine spirits are pretty much weak Imperial Daemons that possess human tech. The Emperor IS a warp entity, after all.

Also, a lot of admech stuff implies that the only real problem with xenotech is that it can't have a machine spirit. Anytime they reverse engineer xenotech and it becomes sanctioned, it's because they managed to reproduce it and got at least one example made using human tech with a machine spirit in it.

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when have they used Xeno stuff?

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They don't USE xenotech. But there are concerted efforts by the mechanicus to reverse engineer it. Some sects believe that anything the xenos have was stolen from Humans in the past, while others believe that humans are always better and shouldn't be limited just because some smelly alien figured something out first.
Stuff like the mesh armor in the RPGs and some of the weird rare guns used in the Imperium are examples.

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Can you list some examples? It sounds interesting

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They're often considered borderline heretical iirc, and are usually pretty isolated because nobody wants to get too close to a research group that could be purged if they go just a little too far.
The only example that I can think of off the top of my head is in the Mechanicus book for Dark Heresy.
But like I said, the Mesh armor and I think (Might be wrong on this one) the needle rifle in the main book are explicitly alien designs (And occasionally of alien manufacture)

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Wish I had more IG Sharpshoters

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isnt the Needle rifle very similer to the scorpion mandible things the Eldar use?

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