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Is there anything as sexy and as practical as this?

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Seems kind of over-redundant... Take one of these instead.

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Well, there's this

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Don't make me start faping anon, I love me blunt weaponry. However for some odd reason I like two-handed more than one handed.

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I have something for you.

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Here, because staying away from the other guy is important.

Don't like wood? Make it out of steel.

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>dem spikes
Getting hit by those must hurt like a bitch.

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Flanged mace is my waifu.

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That's something of a common theme with weapons.

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These badboys don't get nearly enough love. One of the most practical and devastating weapons out there.

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I guess it is, but I think that it would hurt more, and if not it's a hell of a lot more intimidating.

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>don't get enough love
Dude, they're mythologized to a ridiculous degree

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Ribbed for pleasure.

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An elegant weapon for a more civilized age of bashing each others skulls in.

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How about the Falcata then? They used these babies in the pre-roman Iberian peninsula.

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Crap, forgot image

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All weapons not on a pole are worse than weapons on a pole

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Practical, well, most of them are everyday tools after all, not weapons. Which is a good thing as long as you're not fighting I guess.

The bottom two there are almost guaranteed to be tourist trap souvenirs (the infamous "lion's head" style"). Dunno about the third, but it ain't in good company.

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Every time I bring them up in the rare /tg/ weapon thread, everyone always points out they've forgotten all about them.

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That bums me out, there was a time when everyone knew of the Gurkhas.

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I dunno, a modern stock seems a lot more ergonomic. Or even just a pistol.

Must be something in the water.

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If it's a weapon, it can be made better by putting it on a stick

Just like carnival food

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For when negotiations break down.

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I hate these things. Not for their design or use.I have a player who refuses to use any other weapon when he makes a character. He will find a way to shoehorn it into all his characters. We played a vampire game set in prehistoric south america and he convinced the dm he should be able to make a set. He about had a stroke when the dm said he got no special bonuses against vampires with it.

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>He about had a stroke when the dm said he got no special bonuses against vampires with it.

Well, obviously. You need to dual wield it together with a Bowie knife for that.

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Oh, I can understand the hate then. I recently got rid of the quintessential dual-wielding katana guy myself, so I know and feel your pain.

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There's always some guy with his Special Weapon, isn't there.

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He never really had a chance, storyteller's homebrew jaguar shapeshifters ripped out his heart then threw him into a volcano. That was a fun campaign

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A Ngbandi executioner's sword

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A thorough little bugger.

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Every Pathfinder character I make uses a reach weapon

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these guys had some crazy shit

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my inner /k/ is coming out here, and I'm imaging an SKS duct taped to a pole, and I am not seeing how its any better

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Yes Virginia, there ARE gunswords

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Has anyone seen the improvised weapons made in Ukraine?

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so why is a kukri better than a regular dagger/shortsword?

i was thinking of using one in the game im playing in but I'd like an idea of why it's better

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You can pistol whip somebody from forever away!

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I see what you did there

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It's not really better, just different. It's kind of like wielding a machete, the thing has a mean cleave and it will sever joints and break bones because it's primary purpose is cutting through vegetation and branches and such. In that way it's a bit like hatchet, but it has less reach and is better at slicing. Pretty bad at thrusting though, and generally cutting blades have less reach for their length than thrusting ones.

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Now that I think about it, if you're making a nailbat, wouldn't it work even better if you took some boltcutters and clipped the flat heads off? Maybe even get a file and sharpen them a bit?

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No more weapons, have a helmet with St Micheal painted on it. Also, Ukrainian.


Either that or drive the nails all the way through the bat and out the other end.

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hey, thanks for the straight answer

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I dunno why but I like the idea of a mace in the shape of a sword.

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Here's a khopesh form the tomb of Usermaatra Setepenra Meryamun Ramses II. About as sharp as a mace flange as you can see. Though admittedly this may have been more because it was a ceremonial piece and less an attempt at drag mace (as in queen, not race).

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Could you imagine the pain of those flatheads going into your flesh and the tearing to get them out? It'll probably break the nail head and need replacing but damn, screw that shit.

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Bar maces!

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Here, have Henry VIII's Triple Barrelled Gun Mace.

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>gun mace
Are you saying what I think you are saying?

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>Tool for everything.
>Murdernator day job.

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>no dragon dildos on poles
Amateurs. It's like they wanted Russia to invade.

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seriously was going to to /toy/ when I saw maces. Fuck yeah, maces! Love those things. Smash on, brother, smash on.

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Are they? I can't find any info on the mythologization of the kukri. Perhaps you're referring to the kris?

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The Halberd is my favorite medieval weapon. Heavier than other polearms, but crazy practical. They jab, thrust, slice, bash, mangle, and smack all at the same time.

I am also partial to the Gladius for the same reasons.

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It's the association with the Gurkhas, who are commonly thought to be the best light infantry in the present and former British Empire, if not the world.

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this is some anime bullshit right here

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A ghetto tonfa? That's wonderful.

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Bow & arrows.
Missile master-race here

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Wakarimasen lol.

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By thrusting when you fire you can increase bullet velocity.

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What are some rapier like weapons that aren't rapiers but are close enough to count as one as far as 3.x is concerned? I have a rogue I'm currently playing who uses a rapier and is very much not a "dashing, fencing" rogue and much more of a "run away from a fair fight and jump you in an ally" rogue and I just can't picture him using a standard rapier (I realize being scummy does not mean you can't use fancy weapons it's just that's not what I picture for him)

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Now available in all sizes

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scimitar, kukri, houserules

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If I got into a streetfight with a guy I'd rather get stabbed with a knife then square down against that.

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The one on the right makes my peepee hard.

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Maybe this.

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If we are going to show some sexy maces, we might as well show the most sexy ones, where the flanges are sharped to cutting edge.

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Oh, the irony!

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>The Archangel Michael*

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