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Aspiring Partridge

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Alrighty then, gimme a few minutes

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A tiny spark of bio-electric energy danced across the countless billion cells that made up the brain, struck a synapse which then fired. Isaac had no idea how long it took to withdraw from the battlefield of his mind, only that he was strangely aware of the whole thing and when he finally emerged into consciousness it was like a punch in the face. He shook his head a few times, dislodging a few cobwebs left behind by the Marker influence before he looked around.

“Warning – reactor containment destabilized. Reactor breach imminent.” The digital voice of the station's artificial intelligence informed him in the usual, measured tones. “Evacuation of all personnel required, this is not a drill.”

Dust and pieces of the crumbling golden marker, its metaphysical heart destroyed, rained down all around him, but he found he couldn't care less. Agony both mental and physical had strained his body to its limits and it was a testament to his own self control that he managed to carefully lower himself down on one of the steps to rest.

“Rerouting auxiliary power systems.”

Isaac rubbed his face with his good hand, ignoring the stubble that rasped against the armored weave of his glove, too occupied by the sting of betrayal by someone he thought he knew. Letting his hand slide off his face with a sigh he allowed it to rest on his leg, looking around with bleary eyes as the station came apart around him.

“Warning – reactor containment failure. Reactor breach is now in progress.”

What good was this all for? He asked himself. He had fought so hard for so long that he'd lost track of everything else, like a machine he had at some point turned on without noticing and now didn't know how to turn off.

“Evacuate immediately all personnel and all civilians. This is not a drill.”

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He was so ready to just give up, to die here with this crumbling obelisk forged by his own hand. This very literal monument of his sins. He closed his eyes as he felt the rumbles increase through the deck plating below him, maybe it was better this way.

“Warning – life support failure, seek protection immediately.”

Pieces of the crumbling marker crashed down all around him, miraculously never hitting him yet the crashes getting more muted by the second. In the back of his mind he knew it was because the air was being sucked out but he just didn't care anymore, he just wanted it to end.


His head snapped up as a holographic projection of Ellie Langford, the woman he thought safe and gone appeared in front of him by his RIG-link.

“You complete bastard!” She raged at him, and suddenly the world came back into focus. “Was this your great plan? To dump be off and die?” Isaac would have shrugged but his shoulder protested the movement, so he just flicked his hand instead. “I'm full of bad ideas, remember?”

“Yeah well here's another one, I'm crashing through the roof to get you.” Cold fear spread through Isaac's veins like ice. “Now move your ass!” He stumbled to his feet unsteadily, as if that would enforce his point. “No, wait Ellie. It's too late.” He protested. “Secure the station!”

“Yeah, well. You don't really have a say this time. Head's up!” And not a heartbeat later there was a great explosion above him. Snapping his head up he saw a portion of the shroud collapse inwards and the gunship appear, heading down towards him.

“Warning – hull breach. Decompression.” The AI steadily informed him.

Enormous winds immediately started pulling at him and it was all he could do to maintain his balance, luckily the station still had gravity.

“Warning – gravity failure.”

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And suddenly he was no longer a human on the ground but a leaf in the air. Triggering his helmet completely on reflex he mentally routed power to his suit thrusters and blasted off through the winds, trying everything he had to catch up to that gunship.

Hope bloomed once more in his heart that maybe, maybe he'd actually get out of this alive. However it was like if the dead marker sensed his intentions and sent out pieces of itself delay him, forcing him to avoid them midair as he grew closer and closer.

He saw a hatch open in the side and Ellie, dressed in an EVA suit appeared with her hand stretched out for him. “Isaac!” Her voice came across his RIG-link, tinny but clear. “Take my hand!” She shouted, holding onto the inside of the gunship with one hand and reaching out for him with her other.

“I'm trying!” He shouted as he reached out for her hand with his own, “I'm trying!” and just as he felt his fingertips touch hers, the Golden Marker exploded. Whatever eldrich energy it contained, its crumbling structure was not enough to contain it and he heard Ellie scream his name just before the shockwave hit him and his vision turned completely white.

An eternity passed before the light receded, depositing Isaac into the upper atmosphere of a planet he didn't recognize. Unbeknownst to him this was the planet Ruusan in the Teraab sector of a nameless galaxy far, far away. But none of this mattered to Isaac as he hurled downwards through what appeared to be a great valley perfectly below him. His last hope had been dashed, he didn't need to look around to know that Ellie was nowhere nearby.

He simply closed his eyes and let go, accepting his fate to die here on an unknown planet far away from anything he knew. The impact of his battered body sent a plume of water into the air as he struck a river but amazingly his body held even as his mind blacked out.

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For there were more forces at work in this universe than the one he left and the Living Force had not missed his appearance no matter how sudden it was. For tens of thousands of years it had worked to bring balance to itself and Anakin Skywalker had first appeared to be the perfect candidate. Enough that the Force had enabled his birth even though when no father had been present, however he had tipped the scales too much and now the universe was unbalanced once more.

Ever since that fateful day it had looked for a new champion and although its grandchild Luke was a good candiate, his future was not quite what it hand in mind and offered no other option it would have gone with him. All things in the universe was tied to the Force and thus it was omniscent to some degree, which is why this man fascinated it more than anyone or anything before him. He was an anomaly to this universe and the Force couldn't read his destiny, he was a blank slate unlike any other and it was for that purpose it saved his life.

Now lying within the Force-saturated waters of the Valley of the Jedi, the Living Force set to work repairing this damaged man. This would normally had been harder with his suit being as effective as it was, but it contained quite a few ruptures, mainly the right shoulder and hand, through which it flowed. And out cold as he was, Isaac never knew when the midi-chlorians entered his body. Guided by the Living Force they multiplied at a rate not seen in thousands of years and so it was that this broken man made the transition between what he was and what he would become, forever changing his destiny and all those of the entire galaxy

And the Force was very pleased.

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Star Wars: The Dead Space, or The Adventures of Isaac Clarke in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

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I've settled with calling it Force of Clarke for now.

Also pastebin is http://pastebin.com/RB4qYFV1

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Pretty good only saw one obvious spelling error. Only have one other nitpick. He should be a little more freaked out about being in atmo of another planet that frankly shouldn't be there since titan station is in orbit around Saturn. He would probably also think this is all a Marker hallucination for a while.

I'm going to try not to post just in case I need to bump the thread. As OP I can only bump the thread 5 times. I got 4 left.

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I figured he'd just be so mentally exhausted at that point that he just didn't care. He'd just fought his way through all of Titan station, fought the Hunter, killed Tiedemann AND bested the Golden Marker with nothing but his mind. So I thought that if I was him I'd most likely just ignore things that would normally alarm me.

Of course he's going to freak out a lot more once he's waken back up and everything, but at the time he just couldn't process it enough to feel much

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Bumping for story.

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Why do we say "Bump"? I've never understood...

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>being this new

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A small nitpick, I feel that making Isaac force-sensitive is kind of missing the point of him being just a regular man who gets through all this by inventive applications of his skills and raw tenacity.

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That may be, but part of the point was to have him be able to influence the real world with his emotions

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So he'll not be a Jedi? Only a Force sensitive normal guy?

But he'll have the Lightsaber shooting gun?

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He lacks the kind of early training that you'd get, so he'd be more along the lines of Luke and such. Most likely he'll end up a Grey Jedi

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Also he suddenly has power that has never even existed to his knowledge before, so there's gonna be a lot about how to handle it.

Remember that Isaac has absolutely no training and no knowledge and if you remember in episode one Anakin was too old to be trained? Isaac is 49, things are NOT going to be easy for him

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49?! I thought he was in his thirties, at most!

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According to the DS wiki he's 49. I guess the medical technology has made some leaps in the future?

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>Force Stomp
>The only reason why it is not used by and jedi or sith is because of supposed limited use and the channeled emotions that seem like hatred and rage but calm like a serene lake.
>Only one person has mastered Force Stomp.
>And that person is Isaac Clarke.

And It Was Glorious

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I wonder how the Jedi and Sith would react to a engineer suddenly stomping with a force that makes everyone from foot-soldiers to AT-AT's knock down to the ground...

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It can only result in more Force Stomping. Force users seem to have pissing contests with their power.

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Who's up for some more dead space 2 streaming?

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Oh right, uh


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I dont think you understand, newfags like you are subhuman, and not to be associated with.

Shut up and Lurk.

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I hath awoken


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I do have plans for him to stomp something so huge that it shouldn't work at one point.

Like, say, crack an AT-AT in half with the force of his boot. How's that sound?

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Sounds like it will be entertaining to read, I think you should go full on crazy with the story and not even bother trying to remain serious at all, but it's your story so have fun

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It's like The Force Unleashed, yet actually awesome.

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I want it to be a little of both, or as we like to call it... epic.

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Make sure it's really crazy. I'd like to imagine this:

> Battle for Hoth.
> Vader is called.
> Lord Vader, I have terrible news.
> Do I have to remind you how do I hate when somebody fails me?
> I know sir, but our AT-AT's were stomped.
> What do you mean stomped?
> Well, stomped.
> Vader is shown a holovid where a strange looking man in a armored suit jumps on AT-AT's and stomps them with the Force.

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Orbital drop stomp

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Nah, just normal Mario style. Powered by the Force.

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so basically a Force Goomba Stomp...

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Isaac does not Mario-hop, he stomps

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So what Mace Windu does during old Clone Wars cartoon except on a bigger scale?

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that's less force stomp and more Force Badassery

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Just like that, only imagine it a hundred times more badass and you have Force-sensitive Isaac

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Bump. Where's Jukebox these days?

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Necromorphic BUMP.

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Must've taken a break.

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Alright I'm going to bed. Watch the thread everyone. It would be a shame if it 404'd.

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Forgot poc

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I can't help but feel these threads have lost something since Juke went away.

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Sorry I haven't been writing anything, I got some major homework over the weekend

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Well, good info.

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What would Dead Space be like if it was a Disney movie?

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Please, don't mention Disney. Especially after what it became...

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So are you guys making a PnP RPG system? Or is this maybe the groundwork for a wargame? Maybe a board game of some kind?

You've posted it on /tg/, so surely it must be related to traditional games...

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We have done some work on it, I don't have any of it but I've seen stats for a modification of Dark Heresy and a couple of other systems.

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Mods can suck sometimes

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Dunno, mods have been pretty nice to this thread so far.

What's your beef?

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I go to bed.

Wake up 17 hours later.

WTF me?

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Best kind of sleep my nigga.

>not DS related

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Once I went to sleep a 7pm and woke up and saw it was seven again so I went out a bid my family a good morning only for them to look at me like I was crazy. It turns out it was 7pm again I had slept the entire day away.

Sage for off topic

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I call bullshit. There's no way you can sleep for that long and not have to get up to piss at some point without being severely dehydrated.

On topic, what would happen if Isaac were to end up in pic related universe?

I should think they'd handle necromorphs pretty well, having easy and ubiquitous access to melee weaponry capable of smashing holes through walls in a single swing.

How long would it take him to rip the kinetic amplifier (or whatever the fuck it's called) guts out of a pair of sledgehammers and strap them to his boots?

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It happened a number of years ago so I might be remembering some of it wrong, but I don't think I am, which mean squat as I have a terrible memory. But, anyway I probably was dehydrated I don't keep a very healthy lifestyle and usually drink less then a gallon of water a day.

Another sage for off topic, and I'm going to sleep now it's 3:30 here.

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Call bullshit all you like I have slept for 36 hours one time. I did have to piss but it wasn't dehydrated. Freaked me the fuck out though.

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I've slept for 30 hours before.

I did have to piss really bad when I woke up, but I almost always have to piss when I was up.

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Think this is my last bump. So I will make it a Daft bump.

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>I am now imagining Isaac singing "one more time" everytime he stomp a 'morph

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It's not /tg/, it's /co/

Apparently, I can post cheesecake of Cavewoman or Power girl, but Pavita or Lieutenant Vixen? Nope.

Anyways, brainstorman.

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Make them burn the Regenerator with the Falcon's engines.

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I've got something better in mind....

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I gave up on /co/ when they decided Captain Britain being a muslim woman was the right thing to do.

Good to know I made the right decision.

I now realize my Lieutenant Fox folder is pitifully small...

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Mine too. Same goes for Pavita..
"Well, what's the plan?" Kal asked. "We can't just sit down here forever."

"I know." Isaac replied. "But until the Falcon gets those ADS cannons fixed, thee's nothing we can do about the marker..."

What few seconds of silence that followed Isaac's words was interrupted by a thundering crash coming from the front door, accompanied by a screeching, wailing roar. The civilians panicked, holding close to one another as they looked fearfully at the cracking door in front of them. Couples exchanged fearful thoughts of what could be goodbye, and children clung to their parents as the door cracked more and more, ear-splitting roars emanating from behind it with every blow. Isaac kept his focus on the door as the metal therein gave under each punch the monster behind it dealt.

“Tripod...” Isaac said, gripping his cutter ever tighter.

“A what?” Kal replied as he shouldered his rifle.

“Big one. Lanky, fast, and very agile for its size. Weak points are the elbows and occasionally the tongue it sticks out from time to time. Look for the yellow spots. And cut it down as fast as you can. It'll close distance on you fast. I'll try hitting it with stasis, but you guys have to act fast...”

“Got it.”


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That Tripod is going down...good thing there are on Tormentors yet.

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He seemed to be more of a one time deal.

>> No.30893340

NO, not on. Sorry.

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More like a giant Necro from nowhere.

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"Isaac, what about Nezala and the civilians?" Kal asked. "We let them out of our sight by sending them to the rear of the facility, these things will crawl through the vents and ambush them. We have them stick with us, and they're easy targets..."

The door moaned and creaked as the monster behind it continued to punish it, sending stray sparks flying from its now severed wires and electronics.

"Not if we're still breathing they're not." Isaac replied. "They're not getting past us. No matter what."

The tripod stuck its arm through the door, trying to get a grip on it, pull it out. It roared in frustration as its fleshy fingers, woven from the lower torsos of unfortunate colonists, grasped in vain at the nearly compromised door.

"What about the ones that launch projectiles? Or the faster ones that might slip past us?"

More necromorphs gathered at the door. Their garbled screams, roars, and shrieks filled the air in an unholy chorus.

"Stasis and Kinesis. Like I said, Kal..."

"The regenerator's roar rumbled through the now widening space in the battered door. It stood steadfast at the threshold as its massive companion slammed its fists into the door only a few feet away from it. It stood under the tripod, sharpening its claws as it readied itself to enter. It was the point man, the first one to enter the breach, and it was poised to wipe out anything that dared stand in its way.

"... They're not getting past us."

The tripod's arm reached through the nearly destroyed door once more, reaching out several feet within.

Nezala stood up, summoning all her strength as she picked up her rifle. Her arm had healed for the most part, but shooting pain still throbbed form within. Nonetheless, her resolve dominated any pain or fear that remained with her. "Don't count me out just yet." she said with determination in her voice.

The door was almost open...

"Let's end this."

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Hero!...Try to get your combat multiplier.... EVEN HIGHER!

>> No.30895680

So, when will Brother Clarke, along with Carver and Thomas, dispose of the Regenerator?

>> No.30895702


"You are running low on mana! . . .Whu."

>> No.30895712

I have been writing a bunch of other things, and sadly my story comes secondary, but I am going to take a break from it all and I'll hopefully finish this story during that day.

It also doesn't help that I got Titanfall, and then two days later Metro Last Light went on sale

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With one final blow, the doors burst, the threshold fell into shambles, and the awaiting horde spilled in. A legion of re-animated flesh and bone, wailing and bellowing as they advanced on their quarry. Hues of light blue shrouded them as Isaac trapped them with stasis. Kal's rockets tore into the encroaching necromorphs, nearly vaporizing several pack members and eviscerating anything within their blast radius, sending torn, shattered limbs through the air. The blasts were near deafening, and the civilians covered their ears as they cowered to the ground. The stasis subsided, and the second wave found themselves skewered by miscellaneous debris as it left the ethereal tether streaming from Isaac's wrist, be it the bladed claw of a fallen necromorph, or a discarded support structure torn from the facility's destroyed threshold. Several necromorphs wound up literally pinned to the ground in front of the facility as Isaac continued to throw whatever was at hand with several metric tons of pure kinetic force The tripod retreated for but a moment while the regenerator climbed over its fallen counterparts, seemingly unscathed and unfazed by the ongoing chaos. Legion and Nezala opened fire n it, severing its legs and toppling it to the ground before destroying its arms as it attempted to prop itself up.

"Leave the regenerator to me!" Isaac said, readying his stasis module once more. "I'll keep him and his buddies still while you guys put them down!"

"Just how much punishment can he take?!" Nezala asked as the monstrous aberration spewed a murky liquid from its severed joints, the once missing limbs rapidly growing back into place. "It can't just keep on getting up..."

"It can!" Isaac retorted. "Just leave him to me! When he's got a lot of friends, they're your main concern!"

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"Your health is low"

>> No.30896535

Them Regenerators man. You cut off their heads and limbs and seconds later they are back to being themselves.

>> No.30896792

I seriously say those things are made of magic. They literally CREATE MATTER to regrow arms.

I have shot off all their limbs like 20 times on one specimen. It shouldn't have enough MASS left to regrow its damn arms but it does. Fucking Mercer was a wizard.

>> No.30896879

Maybe DS Mercer based it on a study of the Blacklight virus that he did...

>> No.30896954

I know, right? It totally violates the law of conservation

>> No.30897659

Unless there's an ultra dense tissue for reserve that "regrows" into a low density mass.

>> No.30897699

That was my thought but the files say he makes the regenerator by sticking necro tissue into a living person, so this idea doesn't really pan out.

Also after cutting off all its limbs 20 times that reserve should be completely depleted.

>> No.30897727

Might explain why they're so hard to toss about, compared to the others.

>> No.30897731

Maybe he just grows limbs from the limb dimension?

>> No.30897770

In all honesty it would be better if it just shoves its limbs back on. Like necro material just slithers out of its severed limb and grabs onto other necro tissue and just attaches it as a new arm.

>> No.30897802

Hope you're paying attention Juke.

>> No.30898692

Bump. I'm not letting this die just as it's getting good.

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Bumping for Isaac.

>> No.30902616

>> No.30903473

Rolled 11

Did anyone do anything mixing starcraft and deadspace?

>> No.30904499

The only ones that would really be affected would be the humans. Zealots turn into fire (serilusly wtf) when they die, and zerg things never truly die.

>> No.30904704

Yeah no but I'd like to see Isaac dealing with a zerg infestation.

>> No.30908232


Thing is, there's only so far you can go with just a regular guy. CMC suits are more or less the baseline for combat in the Starcraft universe, putting Joe Murder about on par with a Hydralisk in terms of strength and range. And they still get slaughtered in droves.

The end of human effectiveness in a dedicated hardsuit kinda thing is the Maruader suit, which will admittedly shit all over brutes and absorb an absolute shitton of damage in the process.

Then you have stuff that stretches that, like the Viking in stompy gatling mode and the hellbat, until finally you hit the range of laser batteries and directed nuclear blasts in the Battlecruiser and TO SEE THE ZERG DRIVEN BEFORE YOU, AND HEAR THE LAMENTATIONS OF THE PROTOSS

...Ahem. Thors are fun.

If I was an idiot, I would say Isaac would have trouble because the zerg are flat out better enemies than the necromorphs. It's simply a question of scale; the zerg have bigger, better, and more dangerous nasties than the necromorphs. Consider the question, how many brutes does it take to kill an ultralisk? Furthermore, the necromorphs would have to spend more time taking the zerg's biomass, as by the time a zerg is rendered non-functional it'll be missing enough body parts or enough mass that it will make a very poor "instant build" necromorph.

But then you have to think: the only times we've ever seen necromorphs has been on space ships, with limited amounts of time for biomorphing. The necromorphs have to be around the same size as humans to get around inside the environment. Even brutes have problems with traveling quickly, as they have to widen doorways as they go.

Given examples like tripods, who's to say the necromorphs don't have dedicated open spaces warfare forms tucked away somewhere? You can turn the earlier question right around and ask, how many ultralisks does it take to kill a leviathan?

>> No.30908246


After this truly pathetic depth of analysis of the two races, I would say the zerg would still probably come out on top. The necromorphs are the faster of the two; because they more or less use the existing tissue and make comparatively minor physical tweaks, their conversion process is lightning fast and if there aren't good barriers in place you can rapidly find your entire station converted.

The zerg are slower in assimilation of biomass because they break it down and use it to grow entire new organisms. However, these organisms are designed from the ground up for war and are resultingly more effective on a pound for pound basis. Add in the theory that by the time a zerg organism is non-functional it'll be more or less useless for the necromorphs as well, and the idea that zerg biomass might actively fight the necromorphing process, and things are looking really good for the zerg.

It remains to be seen, however, if the dementia signal works on overlords/cerebrates/queens...

>> No.30908402


So, to answer your original question: yes, I would also like to see what Isaac could come up with given the power supplies and abililites of, say, the CMC suit or the Marauder suit.

I also think he would convert pretty well to the starcraft universe, as a delimbed zergling is about as effective as a delimbed slasher, and stasis is a tremendous force multiplier when your enemy's tactics are numbers and moving faster than Usian Bolt on crack.

I'm imagining a Marauder suit that's had the grenade factory and launchers removed in favor of a dedicated power supply and heat radiator to run a shitton of contact breams mounted where the grenade launchers were, which he would then use to punch holes in anything and everything that got in his way up to and including ultralisks.

Something like

>there goes one tusk
>There goes another...

And it is now I realize I just spent the better part of a half hour seriously comparing the combat ability and merits of two fictional races and how they'd square off.

>> No.30908587

Well done, anon. You are now officially a fa/tg/uy.

>> No.30912635

Grossest death scene?

>> No.30912801

>And it is now I realize I just spent the better part of a half hour seriously comparing the combat ability and merits of two fictional races and how they'd square off.

welcome to /tg/

enjoy your stay

>> No.30913269

The regenerator stood up once more, calmly sharpening its claws as it stared down the armored man in front of it. Before it could take its first step towards him, a blue field of stasis captured it in time, along with several other of the living cadavers that charged into the room. while Nezala, Kal and Legion dismembered the lesser monsters, Isaac didn't fire a shot at it until the stasis wore off. When it did, the hunter only found itself cut down once more as white hot spurts of plasma burned through it. It fell to the floor once more before being ensnared by stasis once again.

"Shouldn't be many more..." Isaac said as he reloaded his cutter, cutting apart several other necromoorphs as they made their approach.

Suddenly, the same echoing howl from before sounded through the air as its source came crashing through the low roof near the threshold. It was the tripod, no longer restrained by the space of the entrance.


>> No.30913315

The terrified crowd fled, barely keeping themselves together as the faster ones in the crowd advanced past the others. Slower individuals lagged behind, nearly tripping up Isaac and Kal. The tripod let loose an screeching roar as it bounded towards the panicked crowd. The multitude looked up to see that after several seconds, it had not landed. Isaac had frozen it, hanging the abomination in the air above them with a shimmering coat of sky blue. The crowd rounded a corner as the beast slipped for its stasis prison, smashing a hole into the wall in front of it. It immediately recovered, crouching and wailing as it zeroed in on its prey. Numerous other necromophs began to pop in and out of the vents, trying to take the crowd by surprise. The ones who had advanced in front of the crowd were picked off first as leapers and slashers descended on them form the vents above. Lurkers emerged from the grates, aiming their hooked barbs at the multitude that was running straight for them.


"Ventilation quarantine in progress."

>> No.30913641

Evan as the titanium vent covers were locking into place, more necromorphs ran at the civilians from behind. Kal set loose several of his rockets on the creatures, halting the advance of the lesser monsters, but merely tripping up the tripod. Isaac fired into its elbows, missing several times as the monster ducked and weaved around his shots. Meanwhile, Nezala and Legion cleared the way for the now mortified refugees, tearing apart whatever had managed to escape from the vents.

Then, one of the refugees had decided he'd had enough. "We're all sitting ducks here!" he screamed. "No... HELL NO! I'M GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE!"

Several voices called for him to come back, receiving no reply from the fleeing man as he ran past Nezala, Legion, and the eviscerated corpses that lay in front of them. Without warning, one of the titanium covers on the ceiling burst open, and the man was skewered by an especially large claw, entering through his throat and exiting his lower torso. The crowd screamed in terror once more, one voice in particular crying out for "Harold" as the life left the man's killer jumped down from the vent. It was the regenerator, wiping off its claws as it coolly walked towards the civilians. The refugees tripped over each other as they paced backwards from the creature, Nezala and Legion trying to keep it at bay. The others in the back found themselves in the same situation as the now wounded tripod continued to advance. By now it had an arm missing, causing it to hobble as it whipped its bladed tongue out at it assailants.

>> No.30914017

"I'm out!" Kal said as he discarded his launcher and pulled out his pistol. Such a weapon was deadly against any normal being, but against even a wounded tripod, it offered almost no offensive value. The counter on Isaac's cutter ticked lower and lower with each shot, until finally, the counter read zero. Reaching for another plasma battery, Isaac found himself coming up empty handed as well.

"Me too!" Isaac called out. He had been powering through this wholeordeal without panicking, as he has ran this gauntlet far too many times before, but now, with his ammunition depleted, the civilians he was protecting facing death from the front and the back, and an angry tripod bearing down on him, he felt fear of death creeping into his mind once more. His instincts had been dulled by his traumatic experiences, and it had been far too long since he had felt the spine tingling sensation of being close to death as acutely as a normal person would. Now, as his old foe met him face to face, raising its claw right above his head, he felt it once more, stronger than ever.

This is it, Isaac thought.

This is how it ends.

Just before the tripod was about to drive its blade into the engineer, the creature immediately fell limp to the ground, as did the necromorphs behind it. The regenerator too fell dead, collapsing to the ground in front of the group. Isaac jsut stood there, staring at his fallen foes, almost at a loss as to how to react.

"Falcon to Shore Party, come in!" Taraan said over the comms. "ADS cannons were a pain in the butt to fix, but we got them running again. Sorry for not telling you a moment ago, but we figured there was really no time to spare. The Marker's done for, captain. It's laying in pieces as we speak."

>> No.30914098

Now that's some intense shit.

>> No.30914658

Wonderful sense of timing.

>> No.30915892


>> No.30917114

gaw shucks

>> No.30918709

bump 4 juke

>> No.30920231


>> No.30921891

Best suit, or best suit?

>> No.30922867

Isaac simply slumped against the wall, letting his helmet retract as he eyed the situation. Of the thirty or so civilians that were in the prothean research facility, ten had been killed in the past three minutes. Those who remained were huddled together. Some were crying uncontrollably, completely overtaken with grief and terror, clinging onto loved ones who held back tears while mourning those they had lost. Most others were silent, simply sitting on their haunches on the floor, or propped against a wall. Isaac couldn't help but notice their eyes, now hollow and blank, not unlike his own. They almost looked comatose, as if they thought they were trapped in a nightmare, hoping vainly that they were simply asleep, that they would wake up soon and it would all be over, but like Isaac before them, they knew that they were, unfortunately, very much awake.

There was no telling as to how many others were left alive in the settlement, or if any settlement nearby had been affected. Nezala and Kal merely stood by, witnessing the saddening scene unfolding before them, while Legion conducted more self repairs on its left arm and looked over the facility's systems via omni-tool.

That's when Isaac turned to see the hole in the wall to his right. The hole burst open by the tripod after being released from stasis.

"Guys..." Isaac said, "Look over here..."

>> No.30922928

While it is a great suit, i'm more partial to the flight and deep dig suits. probably because of the sense of achievement that comes with them, how little it may be.

>> No.30923793

"Isaac, what is it?" said Nezala. "There are still some wounded here-"

"We have already begun process of diagnosing wounds of human survivors." Legion responded.

"I'm coming with you, Isaac." Kal said quietly. His normally boisterous voice having been subdued by a sense of rue.

"Same here." Nezala replied.

"Anyone know if this is just another room?" Isaac said as he peered inside. "I don't see any other entrances."

"No one here worked here, Isaac. Chances are any researchers were in the settlement when the Marker activated." Kal replied as he entered the room with Isaac "That said, no I don't think this was part of the facility..."

"Look at all these pods..." said Nezala while looking over the numerous de-activated pods that lined the walls of the room. It seemed to be collapsed at one side. Had the room been intact, it would have stretched on for fifty meters, rather than the twenty that lay in sight. "These are prothean ruins, correct?"

"Not ruins so much as a dig site." Kal responded. "Looks like we found another artifact site. Not that it's important right now..."

"Wait... look at the pods for a second.". Isaac said, halting Kal in his tracks. 'They're all de-activated..."

"Well, yeah. It's been fifty thousand years, of course they would be-"

"Now look at that one."

>> No.30923969


>> No.30924171

Ooooh boy

>> No.30924759


>> No.30928580

Seems we shall 404. Tis a sad day. For I can no longer bump.

>> No.30928906

ill do it for you, i have to leave anyways

>> No.30929040

Thank you anon.

>> No.30930523

Wow. Now we're cooking.

>> No.30931787

"Say, guys, think I could get a break here? A timeout? I dunno, maybe something that goes as planned for a change? I'd really appreciate it."
>The Universe

>> No.30932061

>The Isaac train never had brakes on it's schematics.

>> No.30932745

Bumping for Protheans.

>> No.30933126

Now I'm imaging a train where the front part is Isaac's helmet.

Choo-choo motherfucker

>> No.30934785


>> No.30937175


>> No.30937186

Really shitty, but here it is

>> No.30937261


>> No.30938094

>> No.30938463

Oh, Japan...

>> No.30939321


>> No.30940604

Grorious nippon, that's what.

>> No.30941332

Why is he so perfect, /tg/?

>> No.30942584

>> No.30942802

"While it is nice to see that we're no longer alone on this, I still don't know if I like the fact that the council is now involved." The Illusive man said as he downed another shot of bourbon

"With all your vast resources, even you know that we ca't do this by ourselves. Who else do we turn to> Besides, if anythgin they volunteered once Isaac opened their eyes on the reapers."

"And for that much I can definitely thank him. I'm guessing footage of re-animated bodies crawling all over the interior of a collector vessel managed to change their minds, though I am little disappointed that he showed them the prothean-collector link so fast."

"You realize that it was necessary to open their eyes, right?"

"I never said I didn't realize that, Shepard. All I'm saying is that it's never a bad Idea to be a step ahead. Regardless, I'm not sure if the council will really act so much as they'll put these crises on the back of their to-do list."

"Not form what they've been telling me. They're almost done with getting Isaac's tech in production, and they've begun a marker hunt of their own. I've been informed that several Spectre teams are already on the job."

"Interesting... what about the collectors?"

"They've tasked me with keeping tab on the collectors. Given the progress we've made, they decided to leave them to me."

"I presume they tried discouraging your cooperation with Cerberus..."

"That they did."

"Well, at least they're staying out of your way."

>> No.30945038

>more illusive man

>> No.30949098


>> No.30949988

You do have fans you know. You dont need to fail samefag.

>> No.30951485

Actually i think he was bumping the thread really.

>> No.30951534

wait, wahts going on? you lost me here, Juke.

This kinda scheming and conspiracy and hidden organizations are confusing after seeing everything from Isaac's perspective. I didnt play ME, and I'd like to be able to keep it that way without getting lost in your story.

>> No.30951640

in the ME2, Shepard got rebuild by Cerberus after he died. Came with a lot of strings so he had to take orders from....a terrorist organisation, this guy(The Illusive Man or TIM or Martin Sheen) would send him into a trap and he'd go "I fiigured as much, oh you need so and so? guess what one of my team discovered while you where getting ganked?"
Turns out TIM was batting for the other team the whole time and he hardly knew it by the end of that shit game ME3(lot of shenanigans before it gets 'revealed')

>> No.30951739

Cerberus for lack of a better term is a terrorist group, they seek "human advancement through SCIENCE" which means they'd field test something like a Dune Sandworm by putting 3 of them near a millitary base after they've been made hungry as fuck. Or test what would happens if you mix alien and human DNA on a living subject(the alien DNA and human would dissolve each other) or create an AI(which was forbidden by the power that be) after the most technological race in the setting created one and got fucked hard when it went rogue after they tried to shut it down. And shit like that.

>> No.30953971

>> No.30954124

Death to Videodrome!

>> No.30954647


>> No.30955081

What about the Benzodrome?

>> No.30955181

You need to watch more TV. It's retina of the mind's eye.

>> No.30955334


Where did Shepard and the crew head off to when the IFF was being installed.?

>> No.30955603

ur mum

>> No.30955631


>> No.30955694


>> No.30956050

We don't know other than PLOT contrivance.

that's basically it

>> No.30956096

They were just going out to do some N7 shit and then suddenly COLLECTORS

>> No.30956124


Hurp i can't into vocabulary today,
what i was trying to say was that the entire reason why they left the Normandy was just a complete asspull so that the writers could have a excuse for the Collectors to kidnap the crew.

>> No.30956266

Ah, hell with it, I'll write something else in.

>> No.30956521

"Speaking of the collectors, we're just about ready to install the IFF."

"Yes, EDI informed me of that. I hear Isaac and his crew were invaluable in its retrieval."

"That they were."

"I also hear that he picked up a new crew member aboard the derelict Reaper..."

"I realize that you're interested in acquiring the geth platform for research, but it was Isaac's call to make, and he called for a new squad member."

"I understand that Isaac is autonomous, but I also hope to establish more of a connection with him and Cerberus. I have a feeling we may have to keep tab on him, given his psych profile..."

"We've already agreed to report to each other on a regular intervals. Just trust me with this, alright? He has more than enough reason to go after the Markers, and I see no reason for him top go rogue now."

"I'm not worried about him going rogue so much as I'm worried about him holding things back. He doesn't trust big organizations, given his past, and I don;t think he sees us, or the council for that matter, as any exception."

"You told me expressly not to pry at him before..."

"I'm not telling you to pry at him, Shepard. I'm telling you to play smart with him. He doesn't strike me as the kind of man who would desert anyone, but if he establishes any ulterior goals that aren't aligned with ours..."

"He won't. I can assure you." Shepard replied.

Suddenly, Joker's voice came in over the intercom. "Commander, Isaac just got back from Eden Prime."

"Any specifics on what happened? Was he able to eliminate the Marker?" Shepard replied.

>> No.30956651

>top go rogue

>> No.30956690

It never fails

damn my large fingers.

>> No.30956727

You know we love you, typos and all

>> No.30956809

Y-you too....

>> No.30956971

I've been there, time was, I couldn't type to save my life. Took a few sewing courses. That helped.

>> No.30957019

Hand to hand coordination?

>> No.30957071

I think you mean "hand-to-eye" coordination.

>> No.30957094


>> No.30957180

Right. that.

Although on a side note, I am taking a course in welding. This has the unforseen side effect of improving my handwriting.


>> No.30957686


>> No.30958028

"Apparently he did, but it went kind of sour. He found something in the prothean dig site in the settlement, however."

"Does he plan on sharing the details?" the Illusive man added.

"He says he plans on meeting up with us personally. Wants the whole squad there too. Says it's extremely important."

"He mention anything else?" Shepard asked. "Anything specific about what happened on Eden Prime?"

"Well he mentioned Liara, and how she might be interested in what they found. That, and the mission was a 'hollow victory'. Doesn't sound good if you ask me, but, yeah, basically he says it might give us some critical information about the Reapers."

"Personally, that's all I needed to hear." The Illusive Man replied. "Shepard, I expect to know exactly what he's dug up, along with what may have happened on his mission to Eden Prime."

"Relax. You'll have it as soon as he get it to us."

"Good to knwo I can trust you again, Shepard. You're dismissed."

Upon leaving the briefing room, Shepard came across Garrus, who was standing just outside the door.

"He sure is curious about our new friend isn't he." Garrus quipped.

"Yeah, maybe too much so." Shepard replied. "I have to say, he really wants in on whatever the Falcon has in store."

"I don't think that would really bode well with Isaac."

"It doesn't even bode well with me. I'll tell you Garrus, Isaac seems to be a good enough person at heart, but I'm starting to wonder if he's the right guy for the job."

"You know we can't do this alone, Shepard. Especially now that we're facing two major threats at once, and Isaac happens to have firsthand experience with one of them."

"That firsthand experience is what worries me."

"I don't see how it would."

"I dunno... it seems like he's at the end of his rope. He's been dealing with this for a little too long. You can see it in his eyes. He seems like he's hit his limit, yet he just keeps going. I'm afraid that he can only keep going for so long."

>> No.30958047


>> No.30959302


>> No.30960673

> hollow victory
No wonder. Thou Isaac and co. did save those few civilians that were still alive.

>> No.30962780

>> No.30964529

Juke come back pls

>> No.30965146

Sorry, More crap got in the way.

Say, isn't Ardy streaming today?

>> No.30965863

"Well, look at us." Garrus replied. "We've seen a lot of action together, Shepard. We've lost people along the way. If we can make it, I have no doubt he'll be able to pull through."

"If joker's little report is accurate to what he told him, then there's reason to think his situation may be different. 'Hollow victory' doesn't sound very good to me."

"We've had our fair share of rough scrapes too, Shepard. He's just going to have to learn how to deal with them."

"Something tells me we just might run into more of those rough scrapes, what with all the new threats we're facing."

"Then I guess we just keep on rolling with the punches."

"Just like always."

"Joker, where did Isaac say he wanted to meet?"

"Wherever we happened to be. I already told him we're close to Illium. He's en route as we speak, commander." Joker replied.

"We meeting on The Falcon, or the Normandy?"

"The Falcon, commander. Apparently, whatever he's got on board is pretty sensitive stuff. He doesn't want it leaving the ship. I guess he's a little concerned about Cerberus snooping in on him."

"I don't blame him... "

"ETA thirty minutes. Time to round up the gang, I suppose?"

"That it is."

>> No.30966263

>> No.30968837

>> No.30971150


>> No.30971737

>The church is wrong! This is all a trap, I've seen it!
>I'm a man of ten years, and I know the difference between punks who just need to be taught a lesson... and freaks like you who would just enjoy it.

Who else?

>> No.30972250

wasn't he also in dragon age?

>> No.30972708

Guys, I'm tempted to do a Dead Space game for some of my friends and I need a bit of help. How much damage would a plasma cutter do compared to, say, a steel crossbow? Assume the crossbow does 7d6 damage at a range of 10 meters, exploding dice. This damage is capable of killing a human in steel plate but it's not a guaranteed kill.

>> No.30973271

I'd double it, considering how a cutter is designed to go through metal and stone, and is now being used on flesh.

>> No.30973300

Hmm, so it'd be pretty much an instant kill on most living things... Should I have the damage drop off at a certain range?

>> No.30973309

"I am like a GOD with this weapon! I can control day and night!"

>> No.30974274

Might want/have to give armor penetration to the Cutter, you could move through 2/3 'morph with a shot in the games. Would you be fighting armored enemies or beings that are not necromorphs?
Plain human with no armor won't stand a chance against a Cutter under 10m, over 20 and they'd be out of the fight for good. It would be wise to give it a moral breaker properties as seeing a guy near you get cut in two(horizontaly or verticaly) is a "presss R2 to shit your pants".

>> No.30974801


Thinking about this is where the cognitive dissonance comes in, because the plasma cutter shoots motherfucking plasma. It's designed to punch holes in asteroids.

This same plasma poofs against the glass and metal interiors of space stations like a powdered fart. You can argue that improvements in materials would allow the materials of the future to withstand a shot or two when necessary, but the real problem comes with the necromorphs.

Why is it that the plasma cutter has no effect on the torso of necromorphs? Surely something designed to blast meteors into bits would have no trouble bisecting a human abdomen, especially considering the ease with which it removes the limbs. Have the humans of the setting been fucking around with gene augmentation, and resultingly have spess-mehreen like indestructible plate ribs?

I would say it'd depend more on shot placement, like with conventional firearms. If you cut the guy's arm off, he's missing an arm, but it's still survivable with prompt treatment. Hell, he might have a little longer because cauterization would stem the blood flow.

Shooting him in the torso is where things get tricky. If you gutshot him, he's still got a functioning heart and lungs and a leaky vascular system to keep him going for a few minutes before he bleeds out... or would he? Should do more research into cauterization.

You shoot him in the chest, he's more or less fucked, but there's still a lot one can do on 30 seconds of adrenaline. I shot a deer front on once, completely obliterated the heart and both lungs, and he still got 50 yards into the swamp before he gave up the ghost.

Ever heard of the 21 foot rule?

>> No.30974817


Now, I am in no way saying that every single person you shoot is going to go gorilla mode and rip your shit before he dies. There are many who, when shot, more or less "give up". Their desire to do violence ends and they go down. There's a better explanation of it here, just ctrl+f psychological stop.


I would absolutely agree that the plasma cutter would get a psychological boost in terms of "oh jesus I don't want to be shot by that" which would lead to a lower rates of people getting back up to wreck you, but at the same time if someone is bound and determined to do you violence you're going to need to disable their central nervous system or they'll still have the necessary time to close and exercise that peculiar strength employed by mothers lifting tractors off their children, hikers shifting 800 pound boulders and dead men walking who aren't going to live to feel the aftereffects anyway.

>> No.30974938


>> No.30975001


Aaand I forgot that being shot almost anywhere in the torso with a plasma cutter on horizontal beam would sever the spine and thus all motion below the waist or worse.

So they'd promptly collapse and then wouldn't be a threat unless you decided to walk within grabbing distance.

>> No.30975069


>> No.30975081

Oh god that brings back memories

>> No.30975118

Mind you if the me of today actually got hold of a functioning plasma cutter, I might actually act like that

>> No.30975322


>> No.30978010


>> No.30980747


>> No.30980748


>> No.30983874


>> No.30987660

>> No.30991385





Stayin' alive

stayin' alive

Juke pls
You know, I'm honestly starting to think these threads have been around a bit longer than they need to have been. Maybe our resident writefriends can get a Tumblr?

>> No.30992967

I think Ardy has one, but I don't know how often he uses it.

>> No.30994094

I've just been really busy as of late. Heck, when I started this little shindig, i was already really busy.

Fret not. I'll do my best to keep th fire going.

>> No.30996490


>> No.30998685

Alright, back from the Chasco parade. Brainstorman

>> No.30998748

Dont apply medical anything to a microbe based zombie hivemind.
Technical limitations

>> No.31000117

..alright I' m kinda stuck...

>> No.31000140

Well out with the problem and tell us, no use wallowing around by yourself.

>> No.31000229

Actually nevermind. I just figured it out.

>> No.31000258

All I want is Isaac dual-wielding plasma cutters

Then I can die happy

>> No.31000296

That's what I thought was happening when I first saw this pic.

>> No.31000484

No more aiming, only dakka now

>> No.31000520


>> No.31000682

twin-linked dual-wielded plasma cutters

>> No.31000887

>A new hunter mixing Collector/Reaper/Krogan/Rachni/Necromorph DNA is created.
>Isaac and the gang can't punch enough hole to stop it from regenerating
>"Clarke this thing isn't going down even with 3 force guns! Don't you have something that packs a bigger punch?"
>"I hoped to never use it, but I guess I'll have to take it out to save the day..."
>"W-What you seriously have something stronger than that?"
>*Isaac wipes out the Handcannon*
>*Jack rant about how he finaly went off the deep end*
>*Grunt* "I have the weirdest boner, Shepard*
>*Zaed* "This takes me back...."

>> No.31001387

One of the weapons parts you could use was the survey charge, a grenade launcher. Using the right tip, it became a rocket launcher. Using the right upgrades, it could fire three rockets. Using the Explosion Amplifier, it dealt more damage and had an increased blast radius.
Using another survey charge, tip, and set of upgrades, and you add another rocket launcher to your rocket launcher.
Doing this right, you end up with a double barreled six shot rocket launcher. And yes, all of the upgrades are +3 Damage and Clip. And yes, these things rape everything. So long as it could die, this weapon could kill it fast. Oh, and yes, this make Impossible mode a cakewalk.

>> No.31001397


>> No.31002069

>> No.31002335


>> No.31002378


>> No.31002392


Make sure you equip it with a safety cage. Without that, you'll probably end up giving the corridors a nice new coat of paint.

>> No.31002395


>> No.31002723

>> No.31003273

Isaac sat idly by a corner in the mad bay. Looking all around him, he could still see the evidence of the dozens of wounded people that were writhing in pain here just over an hour ago. A few of the examining tables were stained in darkening shades of crimson that dripped down onto the floor beneath them. Buckets that contained empty cases of medi-gel lined the walls. Diagnostics equipment hummed steadily, providing the only noise prevalent in the room. All else was silent. A reddened patch of bruised skin shone dully on Isaac's forehead, a slight, lingering ache still festering within. It had been an hour since the Alliance ship had made their rendezvous, but even now, Isaac could hear the muffled sobbing, see the blank, harrowed stares, and feel the steep tension in the air, just as he had when the civilians were taking their leave under armed guard. Their lives would never be the same. They would never be able to forget this, never be able to leave behind what happened to them. Children had been orphaned. Wive had been widowed, and husbands made widowers. It all reminded Isaac of those final hours above Aegis VII, those lingering minutes of pain that felt like hours as he watched Nicole's final log aboard that small shuttle. once more, he questioned why it all had to happen. Once more, his head rested in his hands in regret and rue. Despair clouded his mind yet again. I'll never escape this, he thought. I'll never be rid of this, never be able to lead a normal life again. The thought nearly brought Isaac to his knees. Would this be how the rest of his life would pan out? Would he simply be consumed by all of this? Isaac held back his emotion with all his might, but it was for naught. Standing up from his hunched position, he picked up his small chair and threw it clean across the room, panting through gritted teeth before turning around and resting his head against his arm, which now leaned on the wall.

>> No.31003595


>Isaac sitting in the Mad Bay

Geez Isaac, calm down

>> No.31003851


>> No.31004913

Isaac held back tears of frustration and grief as his fists tightened more and more before exhaling deeply, trying his best to regain his composure, when he turned around to see he was no longer alone.

"Isaac, what was that noise?" Nezala asked as the door behind her closed. "Something break?"

"Yeah... just, uh... tripped over something." Isaac replied. "What are you doing here?"

"I've been trying to find you. I just wanted to talk about... well... I wanted to talk about the mission."

"What about it?" Isaac asked in reply. "Here, lemme get a chair real quick."

"Thanks." Nezala said, propping herself into the small steel chair that Isaac had set up for her.

"So, what about the mission?" Isaac said. "Something getting at you?"

"... Isaac, the whole thing has already gotten to me." Nezala replied. "It's just... have I ever told you about my pilgrimage? How I got in a tight spot with a few mercs?"

"You mentioned it, I think. Said something about having-"

"Killed people before, yeah." she replied hurriedly, as if she was already regretting bringing the whole conversation up, and wanted to just get through it as fast as possible. "Long story short, I was working for someone on Omega, just running a sales kiosk. Apparently, my boss owed someone money, and he came knocking with a few of his buddies, guns pointed at all of us and demanding every cred we had. He was halfway through frisking my boss when I pulled out a ruddy pistol I had stashed under the kiosk. I took out both of his friends before he turned his attention to me. I got shot in the gut before my boss managed to land a knife in the other guy's throat."

>> No.31005413

"That image stayed with you didn't it?"

"It did." Nezala replied.

"How many people have you killed since?"

"Not too many. Once I returned home, I enlisted with our marines, landing me a few skirmishes with mercs, maybe a Batarian pirate or two trying to prey on our smaller ships. Nothing especially big, like Shepard, Kal, or you."

"I see."

"I've desensitized myself to it for the most part, but... Isaac what happened on that settlement..." said Nezala, her voice becoming shakier with every word. "That wasn't... "

"Look, its okay." said Isaac, detecting the slight change in her tone. "I understa-"

"Isaac, those were children!" Nezala said, cutting him off. Her voice was bordering hysteria at this point, as just about every dreadfully recent memory flashed back into her head. "They were dead! T-they were dead, but they were still coming at us a-and... Isaac, why did... why were we shooting at.."

"Nezala, they weren't children anymore. They were coming right at us-"

"I-Isaac, I couldn't do it... I'm sorry, but I couldn't..." Nezala was on the verge of openly sobbing. Isaac could see tears welling up through her visor, glinting slightly off the light given off by her white, luminescent eyes. She had begun to sniffle and gasp a little bit as each of her words became more and more of a jumbled mess, slurred by her odd breathing and quivering chin. Her speech became entirely incoherent as emotion completely overtook her. Isaac got out of his seat, bending over near Nezala so he could look her in the eyes.

>> No.31006387

"Hey now, come on." Isaac said, lifting the chin of Nezala's helmet so that her eyes now stared directly into his. "Nezala, look at me..."


"Look at me, we're going to get through this okay? We're going to get through this, just tru-"

Before Isaac could finish, Nezala stood up, embracing Isaac as tightly as she could, quietly sobbing into his shoulder.

"Isaac, I-I'm trying..." she whispered between sharp breaths. "I'm d-doing my best, I swear..."

"Hey now, Its okay, it's okay." Isaac said, hugging Nezala back and running one hand over her upper back. "It's alright, you don't have to apologize for anything..."

"I'm so sorry..."

"Shh, shh, It's okay, you're alright...."

Isaac continued to hold Nezala for a good few minutes, consoling her, running his hand up and down her back. Even as her weeping died down, he still felt powerless to help her. He was on the verge of losing it himself only a few minutes prior, and now he found himself in the position of trying to comfort someone else. At the same time however, Isaac could definitely empathize with her. He recalled Nezala's question from earlier, asking if he was ready the first time this had happened to him. The answer was obvious, as he had recalled only minutes prior. All the evidence he needed was the chair sitting lop-sided on the other side of the room. Nezala tried her best to calm down, doing her best to remember what Isaac had said. That promise burned itself into her head, reciting itself over and over. The more she said it top herself in her head, the more she felt her tears subsiding, and her strength coming back to her. Finally, she let go of Isaac, sniffling just once or twice before regaining her composure.

"You gonna be alright?" Isaac asked.

"Yeah... yeah I'll be okay."

>> No.31007725

>that's all for tonight
Have I ever told you I hate it when you say that?

>> No.31008784

This ship has set sail, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.31008995

And we've stolen the anchor.

>> No.31013058


>> No.31014443

more of these, pls

>> No.31014709

Alright, got some neato ideas cooked up. Be back in three hours.

>> No.31016481


>> No.31018018

Am I the only one who sees this as a bad thing?

>> No.31018167


>> No.31019610

But why? Is romance really needed here?

>> No.31019659

Opinion of the majority would say so, yeah.

>> No.31019908

Four and a half hours later...

>> No.31020230

I'm not trying to carve up a haphazard romance story here, I'm trying to develop Isaac's character. All throughout his life, he's been a very, very miserable person. His first contact with the necromorph/marker business only added to that, throwing PTSD and general depression into the mix. What I'm trying to do is give him a reason to hope again. No, I'm not making Nezala his next Ellie, who was basically just a cork to fill in the emotional gap in his heart. Nezala is naturally very witty and facetious, but she's not an asshole. Think somewhat of Garrus' sense of humor, plus a genuine sense of caring. She sees Isaac as someone who desperately needs help, and rightfully so. Now that she's in the same boat with him, however, she's going to find it a bit more difficult to uphold her normally humorous demeanor, thus adding to her challenge. Basically, what she sees in Isaac is someone who desperately needs her help, and funny enough, someone whose help she needs as well. He's not a project to her, neither is he a prop for her to rest on. She sees him as someone who deserves to be happy for once, and she feels that she will be the one to give him that. Isaac doesn't really acknowledge it yet, but after losing Nicole and Ellie, he's an emotional wreck. The only thing really distracting him is the chaos that is unfolding around him. Even then, deep down, he realizes he can't go on for much longer. He's been running on empty for a while now, and he knows that it can only take him for so many more miles.

Quiet you. I'm working on it.

>> No.31020821

After another moment or two of silence, Taraan's voice crackled over the intercom. "Captain, Shepard's shuttle just entered Illium's orbit. They're en route as we speak."

"I hear you." Isaac replied. "Alright, I've gotta meet up with Shepard's team in a sec. Think you want to come with?"

"Wouldn't hurt." said Nezala while the med bay door closed behind her and Isaac. "What exactly do they want to know?"

"Well, I called the meeting actually. I felt that he might need to know about this stuff in detail."

"And our special cargo?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Until then our new friend stays asleep."

"Is there any way to know if it's actually alive in there?"

"Legion was able to detect something in a cryptobiotic state in there. Whatever or whoever is in that pod is fast asleep."

"I imagine it would be a little jarring to wake up from a fifty-thousand year nap." Nezala replied, entering the helm with Isaac leading on. "If we do wake it up..."

"You mean 'when' we wake it up."

"Yeah... do you thin it'll be hostile?"

"Why would it be? He should know what the reapers are. Hell, if I've been checking the right sources, his people are what gave them the name. When we tell him we're going up against the same enemy, I'm sure he'll be willing to help us out. Seriously, he could give us some really profound insight on those things before they hit us."

>> No.31020844

"Maybe... what about Legion?"

"What about him?"

"Does Shepard's crew know much about him? Is he gonna be present for our little meeting?"

"He's finishing up some self repairs, but yeah. He'll be there."

"Pretty sure Shepard's new Cerberus buddies would go crazy for him."

"Don't worry. Legions ours. He's gonna stay that way."

"So him and most of the geth aren't actively hostile..."

"Yeah, that's kind of been established...."

"I'm just wondering what that means for the Flotilla, you know? What kind of possibilities that could open up."

"You hoping for peace between the two of you?"

"Well, yeah.. I'm just wondering how it could happen after all this time...."

Nezala was interrupted by Taraan as he notified Isaac of Shepard's arrival. "Captain, the commander's here. Giving permission to board."

"I hear you, Taraan. Let 'em in."

>> No.31022304

I gotta say, I'm digging the arm cannon.

>> No.31022614

meh. Looks too Samus-y for my tastes.

>> No.31023225

>> No.31024133

>> No.31025523

Anyone else want a story on how these guys built the machine?

>> No.31025549

Yeah, that'd be cool.

>> No.31026507

No pun intended.

>> No.31027191

Aren't they supposed to be aquatic?

>> No.31028239

yeah, why?

>> No.31028933

I'd watch an animated feature starring them.

even if the last two sucked

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