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Real life PCs thread

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hope we get something good from ukranian riots

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Have a cleric with heavy shield proficiency.

Man, what nickname did the internet give that guy, again? Was it Homeless Neo?

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Brother Sharp.

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This guy has always been my favourite. That image of him throwing the gas bomb while holding a flag was perfect.

I'm really confused about how his shoes go into his trousers.

I love how photogenic rioters are.

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>I'm really confused about how his shoes go into his trousers.
the look like they were sown on some fabric to become high boots

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i cast barkskin

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Ahhh, dang.

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>Improvised weapon crit

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What the fuck is Blade the Edgemaster doing here?

I love that Cesare Bonizzi. He's probably the bro-est monk ever.

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Lv 2 fire wizard

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fuck thats nice

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I love these pictures /tg/ I need more.

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Reminder not all PCs roll human

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The funniest part is the pelican sidling up and then looking equally disappointed.

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>Stagger res:100

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>Jesus that's impressive

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I hate to tell you this, but that's not real. Just a very convincing edit splicing in Bruce Lee footage.

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Really, "what do you mean I don't have the right tools for the job? With +20 to using them, nunchucks are the right tool for any job" is pure PC

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that cat would make hell of a familiar

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and that's not actually bruce lee neither

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I don't have a lot of real people in my pictures, have a fake person

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I miss snuffx

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This is exactly the sort of thing my PC's would do.

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Thanks /tg/ I love this shit. I will be lurking.

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You call that a gun?

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The Nomad

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I need to collect 100 of these to make an Absurdist Real-Life Adventuring Party CYOA, using post numbers as a randomizer. Or a more conservative 36, using a system of real D6s with some choice.

>After barely surviving an explosion inside a thrift store, you're saved by three heroic individuals who are clearly quite unhinged. Seeing the random assortment of fabric shrapnel you're now clad in, they assume you're here to join them in their ludicrous battle against evil. No wanting to disappoint, you select some appropriate items from the secondhand debris and charge into the fray.

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>this will never really happen to you

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Have a video of a man defeating a robotic arm in the most epic ping-pong match you will ever see.

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"Why do you have a tux in your inventor

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damn druids

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More from Ukraine

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Sir Gaga!

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What movie is this from?

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That bird is actually the PC. The mouth breather is just his mount.

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Do you have anymore clowns with guns?
I've used the name SKITZOwithGUNS on everything online since I was literally 12.
Best thing is it is NEVER taken so I never have to add stupid numbers and shit.
please dont take it

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15 of those carpets fly, 10 entangle people stepping on them when a command word is spoken, 5 are sentient, all come at a great price

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I just read that chapter.
>that fucking zoom-out
Murata is a goddamned animal.

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I wasn't gonna take it because it's fucking lame but now I will.

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He makes me feel inadequate as an artist and I don't even draw!

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A classic.

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No but from the same movie, a clown with a machete.

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last one
At least, I think this is him too

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Upon contact with the enemy

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Time for a folder dump.

Apologies if I'm duplicating anything in the thread.

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the wild west is cheating and you know it.

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Time for...


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Fucking Maoists.

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Phantom Assassin has a weird armor set this week

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Dat low poly count

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Also, read this

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GASP, it's Kristallnacht!

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Missing one?

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Jesus, what would this guy be?
Beastmaster or something?

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You tell me she didn't cause that and I'll call you a liar.

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>you will never have a qt3.14 prussian princess gf

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Is that a real thing?
Snakes on leashes? Really?

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... Gropey?

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How the fuck do you take snakes out for walks.

Snakes don't take "walks"

They lay around until they get hungry, find something to eat, and then lay around some more until they finish digesting it.

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Yeah, but I just never liked that one as much.

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Because nobody's posted it yet...

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Can someone gif it?

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>inb4 Ramiel in a schoolgirl outfit

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Very well trained german shepherds. He said "Stay." He walked away. They staid. He came back, he said "heel". They Heeled.

That is how well trained a dog can be.

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>not posting the captioned version.

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I didn't have it saved before, but I do now!

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That has got to be one of my favorite pictures from these threads.

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Fun Fact: During the American Civil War the King of Siam offered President Lincoln war elephants for the American cavalry to help fight the confederacy.

Lincoln politely declined.
but just imagine the look on those Rebels face when those Yankees charged their lines on Elephants.

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Natural disasters apparently create IRL PCs all the damn time

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inevitables start a fashion show.

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Ain't nobody got swag like the Catholic church.

Unless you're Eastern Orthodox

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Took me a while to notice the guy on the left

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knuck knuck knuck.jpg

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ITT: Third-world countries are fucking entertaining.

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Psh, that's nothing. Snapping turtles can get fucking huge in the right environment. I am impressed they managed to wrangle one out of the water without losing a hand though.

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What am i looking at?

Should i roll for sanity?

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Is that George Clooney?

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He Keyframes His own damn inevitable Anime.
Inevitable? Hmm.
What's the over / under of Onepunch-man being adapted to anime?

>> No.30809182


An incredibly stylized bronze statue of the Resurrection?

Looks like we hit the image cap, time for a new thread? I'm only a third of the way through my folder.

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Over here if you guys want to continue the image dump >>30809197

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Mexican gum commercial series

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>That image of him throwing the gas bomb while holding a flag was perfect.
I'm going to need that...

What class would he be?
I'm thinking Sorcerer. He certainly is Magical and has got high Cha.

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Hey it's Harry Perry, I hang out with that guy in Venice Beach!

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Adversity is the Fire that Forges Heroes

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That's staged, the guy in that matchup specifically shifts his weight to do that flip to the floor.

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Fun fact: Brother Sharp is EXTREMELY unwell.


He's real-life bananas.

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Haha I made that. Didn't realize somebody saved it.

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That's not very fun at all.

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Whoever designed those masks was so obsessed with making them look sleek that he completely neglected to make them wet-weather capable. Rain will run down the forehead area and drip from the top of the eye hole to the inside of the mask, I have no doubt. Gonna be hard to keep up the intimidating act when the inside of your mask lets out an array of squelching noises with every action.

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>dat face

>I can't believe my stupid husband forgot his bird again, this'll be the 3rd time this month I've had to bring it in for him!

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Maori's, not Maoists. Their big islanders, not farm fanatics

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Falconing is a badass hobby

>> No.30809925

I know it's horrible, but I love flaming motorcyclists.

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It's G.K. Chesterton back from the dead!

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/r/ing that pic with the story of gropey spitting on the pimp.

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Assad the rug merchant, giving everything you need at the best price.

"Noble Assad, this rug is 10,000 gold dinars!"

"Assad's Rug Bazaar does not promise that the price was best for you."

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Dat pompadour.


>> No.30810391

That guy on the left there is just girling it.

Even worse. In the UK we have chain with spikes on it. I suspect these are less common elsewhere. Its really weird that we have it.

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nyuk nyuk motherfucker

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>What kinda shoes should i wear?

Business shoes.

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Stealthfighter; "Im pyramids sister"

>> No.30810738

This guys got the Darwins Dangershield.

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>Leading voodoo economist had this to say

>> No.30810832

They call him the flamingo

They call him Mister Susan.

>> No.30810873

Lady Gulliver

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Benedict's throne of madness.

>> No.30811290


Someone switch their faces.

>> No.30811293

Hey, buddy, the village people concert is that way.

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Your ignorance shows. He either shifts his weight or gets his spine broken. The attacks in a fight are brutal and you must know to be flexible so they won't cause major harm.

Source: I did aikido a time ago, they taught me that shit.

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Your ignorance shows.
It's semi-pro performance martial arts (pro wrestling with asians who think they can fly.)
Old. Staged. Posted and sourced many times over. For years. Still cool.

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The other people are jsut out of frame. Seriously

>> No.30812882

>tfw someone else thought that.

>> No.30812915

Siam would be a bunch of damn yankees.

>> No.30812952

Nazi pope at his height?

>> No.30812955

Jesus, that's an extremely cool bird
the suit is nice too I guess

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>nerevar convenes with the first council.jpg

>> No.30817288

>Finger behind trigger
I'm not sure how I feel about this.

>> No.30817779

That's just a mentally unstable homeless man wearing 4 pairs of pants.

>> No.30817801

which is what most PC's are...

>> No.30817885

Is that Gunsmoke? From Botswana? From that documentary about metal? I was the Dutch dude in that documentary!

>> No.30817917

No, that's the gay gardener from Chappelle's Show.

>> No.30818258

>Glorfindel escapes from the Black Riders

>> No.30818412

What a gal!

>> No.30818482

I'd actually wear something like that.

>> No.30818800


Fun fact: Jeff Davis was in charge of a program for the US Cavalry to test the use of camels out in acquired territories from the Mexican-American War. The program died when the Civil War broke out due to Davis' influence & relationship with the program.

>> No.30819004

You know, it really does sound nice. Go ahead and do it.

>> No.30819148


Yeah it's Gunsmoke, but I can't remember you

Nederdraad moederneger je weet

>> No.30819151

Druids man...

>> No.30819340

It's him. He colored this with a bunch of markers. Look at that plastic bottle. Bunch of markers.

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>Your ignorance shows. He either shifts his weight or gets his spine broken. The attacks in a fight are brutal and you must know to be flexible so they won't cause major harm.

This sounds like 'Chinese' level truth.

>> No.30821186

It's actually true.
As someone who used to practice aikido, it's completely true, in aikido, the basic foundation of the moves are basically twisting and using the force of your opponent against himself, if he charges a fist against you, you grab him by his arm, twist it and pull it in the same direction while moving his arm lower and lower until he finally stumbles on the floor.
Almost all of the moves require twisting some part of the human body to the point where the enemy is forced to roll and stumble on the floor or he breaks his own arm.
It is not something to be taken easily, granted, those things on stage are more fluid in movement because experienced people already developed the muscle memory for it.

>> No.30821275

Looks like a very typical Swedish forest.

I want to go hiking.

>> No.30821344

dat filename...

>> No.30822049


r u a timelord?

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>We're sorry, copyright blah blah not available in your country
>Peter, Bjorn and John


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