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Hey, I remember this comic, hadn't checked on it in roughly forever.. a hunter storyline was just beginning then.

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Buckley does it again.


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Do you even know what B^U means, out of sheer curiosity?

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Yes, Tim Buckley's lazy template comic "drawing" style.

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I don't know what this is. Explain it for me as I am too lazy to reverse image search and then read through what I assume is a long contrived bit of bullshit.

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So if you don't actually know what it means, why did you use it? Just echolalia?

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Not really know B^U means you'd been at /v/ for about... 60 and 1 second or saw CAD once.
It's blatant.

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>An expression referring to the faces of characters in the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del. When turned on its side it resembles their typical facial expression.
>Every single face in Ctrl+Alt+Del is like B^U

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Exactly. Now, you'll notice that among this comic's faults, B^U is not one of them. So leveling that complaint is just a pointless kneejerk.

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>B^U is not one of them
Except it is if you actually WENT and checked on it.

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Another great political cartoon by Ben Garrison.

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No it isn't. People are actually smiling such that their mouths end in points. For Buckley, that's a massive range from his B^U norm.

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It's STILL template drawing mostly.

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>OOtS on hiatus
>Goblins ded
>welp, time to pick a new webcomic to spam /tg/ with!

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Haven't read this in forever, did main character nerd ever get together with female chubby nerd?

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b...but the answer should always be Oglaf...

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>sameface issues
You want wide range of facial expressions?
I'll give you wide range of facial expressions!
Moon over June

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Goblins is dead?

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I didn't need those memories.

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Is Goblins really dead?

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You want shit? I recommend you go read Exterminatus Now or anything by Dave Gonterman.

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Haven't heard from the guy in like 3 weeks now.
Either he ran away with Kickstarter money or he's being sued by WotC over copyright issues.

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You think that's bad? I read Closet Coon once and I'm not even furry or gay.

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I'm not even surprised if the player decided to use it as a weapon...

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I'm following Dreaming of Utopia for some reason. It only makes me want to burn furries more.

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>panel 5
so, did bear-

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>mentioning that monstrosity

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>It only makes me want to burn furries more.

I know, right? Their sense of humor is awful, I cringe every time I read one of their jokes.

At least some of their porn is good. Especially that jap kemono stuff.

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I am so fucking happy you wouldn't even believe me

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At last, a new era of peace and happiness can bloom.

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Song related, motherfuckers.

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do you understand what criticism is or that criticism is an essential part of both creating and consuming media?

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Damn, was about to post that.

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Are you dense? Criticism is fine, just don't be a dick. How hard is that?

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To be honest I still smirk at the pawfull jokes.
What can I say I have a beary bad sense of humor.

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How bad was that shit?

Is that the thing with the pointy eared dude who's really creepy about his son? Or am I thinking American Elf?

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>thinking about American Elf

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Oh god, weregeek. I found it once, read it, and promptly forgot about it

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That's not that bad though. Don't get me wrong, it's not GOOD, but it's not like mind-searingly awful. Just a dumb premise and some bad jokes.

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I wish it was something simple like puns.

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You are indeed thinking of American Elf.

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Goblins is I'M SAD

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how is anyone being a dick though. no one is yelling about people who actually like the comic or harassing artists or whatever. making fun of things one doesn't like is pretty common and natural and not exactly "being a dick". chill

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Why did I Google that?!?!

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What about David "Gonterbeast" Gonterman?

Are you a bad enough dude to read his comic about a female fursuit/symbiote that possesses some gay dude?

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The issue was that it seemed like a dumb reaction to a simple statement. But I apologize for the misunderstanding.

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Oh, right.

Now I remember.

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I don't know man, that sounds pretty fucking shit.

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Is that even good?
Or it's just edgy as fuck like all furry comics

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Are you saying you're not going to read it? How else are you going to learn if you're a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

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Well I need a link, or something!

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apologizing on 4chan is the number one way to make the person you're apologizing too feel like a dick. dick it's cool bru didn't mean to be harshwell i did but i don't like being particularly harshok well i do but i wish i didn't

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It's not edgy at all, just a goofy comic about a closet fag dealing with having feelings for his best friend. He's also a raccoon, wacky hijinks ensue.

It's pretty fucking boring.

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Yeah, but at least he's diverged from B^U

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I know the feel bro.
seriously I do. This fucking website. It makes me get overly defensive.[/spoiler}

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It's called Foxfire or some shit.

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>Navigating DA to read a comic
Yeahno. It's bad enough just reading the comic, I don't want to have to wrestle to do it.

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>his comic about a female fursuit/symbiote that possesses some gay dude?

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Yes, it's exactly like that.

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I still read Megatokyo

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Jesus christ.

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You know I'm so fucking dumbfolded I will just blame the jews and be done with it.

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Oh, wait.

It's called Scarlet PI now.

Take your pick, kids. Share my pain.

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Imagine how terrible you would feel, if you were a furnigger who can't even draw.

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Update when?

>> No.30784424

>Snowflake studios
you know, that's a fitting name

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Has anybody read Twokinds? I kinda want to hate it but I think I kind of like it for some odd reason. Maybe its because the art and story really fucking improved over the course of the comic. I kinda wanted to stab my eyes out in the beginning. But then I dont know what happend, maybe he got smacked with a stick or something and it got way better the more I read. Something about it keeps making me check up on it.

>> No.30784442

>All female
Fi fo fum, I smell fanservice comic scum.

>> No.30784451

Wouldn't you?

>> No.30784468

>I think I kind of like it for some odd reason.
>I kinda wanted to stab my eyes out in the beginning

Are you me?

>> No.30784475

Me too.

>> No.30784481


>Character with heterochromia

I bet that character is a sue.

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Not all female. Just space elves.

>> No.30784505

All female.

>> No.30784526

Sweet lord.

>> No.30784528

Right. All major characters other than the protagonist. It's haremshit but western.

>> No.30784540

here let me show you the beginning

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>> No.30784552

That's actually kind a cute.

>> No.30784563

>female main characters
Lol this is just catering to men!
>male main characters
Lol this is just catering to men!

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Holy shit, that's horrible.

>> No.30784572

I thought this was about bad comics not bad settings mate.

>> No.30784574

Pretty sure it's space opera, bro.

>> No.30784587

Yeah I've seen the whole thing up to the point they left off a few years ago.

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Nah, nobody's tried to jump on his dick yet, and it takes more than a vastly skewed cast gender ratio to make a harem show; there are other elements nessecary.

It may well go down that route in the future, but frankly the comic updates so rarely that we'll all be octogenarians by the time we see the next chapter.

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Speaking of furry comics, did anyone here read Freefall?

>> No.30784660

...It was actually pretty good. Surprisingly hard science at times. Most of the characters were fairly entertaining.

>> No.30784677

I once read a comic called The Noob, which was abysmally drawn but actually enjoyable for anyone what's got experience playing MMOs.

>> No.30784699

>Follow a comic
>Not the best in the world, but silly, and fun.
>Likable characters, great community, bit of mystery
>Comic has last updated in 2010
>Not dead-dead, author still checks in from time to time, saying he's alive, and it's coming eventually
You all do not know true suffering.

>> No.30784700


Yeah, but I felt really weird for liking it.

>> No.30784705

>All female sexy girls with one or less male leads who are also bland as fuck so you, a bland as fuck no-life can self insert (like this comic)
Catering to men
>All female more or less sexy with a bland as fuck lead so you, a bland no-life woman can self insert
Catering to women.
>All male bad-ass cast totally mature brah they kill all the dudes!!
Catering to men
>All male cast with clearly homo-erotic (sub)tones, and normally they're all twinky as fuck and rather girlish
Catering to women.

>> No.30784710


I glance at it occasionally, and it isn't bad.

It's full of Mary Sue (amnesiac good guy who used to be the head bad guy and ha(d/s) a dragon mistress), but it's a webcomic. 'S not like you have to put up with it in a campaign, or even read about it if you don't like it.

>> No.30784712

I hated it because the author treated sex between partners as totally unchanging of a relationship. No akwardness, no glances, just "yeah we fucked okay". Also the author is deathly afraid of nipples and genitalia yet wants to run a fanservice comic.

>> No.30784714

>nobody's tried to jump on his dick yet,
Both the white and red haired chick show signs of it. It's only because the story is still early due to slow as fuck update speed that it's not obvious yet.

>> No.30784723

>fap to great porn game
>last update was a blog post almost a year ago saying he's not dead and is working on the game and will have an update soon

Damn you konashion, at least give us a proper goodbye.

>> No.30784727


What comic?

>> No.30784740


I read it, and think that Sam Starfall will be my new go-to guy for Chaotic Neutral from now on.

>> No.30784747

I think the guy is currently doing art for a game or something which is eating up his time to do updates. They guy does have a long process to go through to make an update. First he creates the set in a 3d modeling/ terrain program. He then draws the textures for it and applies them to the final render of the set. He then takes photos of the set from different angles and for the shots he needs for the comic. After all that he then draws the characters in the photos. Rinse and repeat for every set and setting.

>> No.30784757

No to mention I had to deal with a huge fan spoiling shit like three pages away all the fucking time, like that guy who sits next to you while showing you something he likes and staring at your face while commenting on events.

It got to the point where I was looking for excuses to not read anymore.

>> No.30784758

>All male bad-ass cast totally mature brah they kill all the dudes!!
>All male cast with clearly homo-erotic (sub)tones and normally they're all twinky as fuck
Not mutually exclusive

>> No.30784850

Sam is like Kender done right.

>> No.30784878

Except the part where the only clear homo-erotic subtones where:
Part 2 (But that's mostly joseph being a slut)
Part 5 (Taken only because it's fujo's favorite, because everyone but 3 chars where mono thematic as fuck (Narancia, Bruno and Mista) and GioGio as Dio was a tad gay-ish)
Part 6 (Only "homoerotism" was with Dio and Buttilicious, but that was mostly blind adoration than sexual love, so barely makes it in)
Part 7 (But that's because you know, JoJo can't fucking walk so they have to carry him around)

And denote how after part 4 the characters became extremely more girlish from the man-mode that was part 1, 2 and 3 (inspired by kenshiro designs, specially Johnathan), at part 4 they became more round and after part 5 they where full on bishie (again, part 5 gets a pass because they where all young as crap, reminder that Giorno is only 15 when the part ends)

>> No.30784900


The only way Kender can get done right is by giving them a Yemeni quarter amputation.

>> No.30784918

Yeah im glad that the author decided drop the dragon after the Basitin arc.

>> No.30784934

>the homoeroticism isn't blatant and in fact is minor enough to be denied except in a few specific instances
So Free! is also not catering to women?

>> No.30784942

In that he's universally hated by everyone but the robots, and even then only some of them.

>> No.30784945

I just broke my cherry, too. Is this some over-elaborate trolling?

>> No.30784951

No, it will only bring me shame!

>> No.30784954

>Not blatant homoerotism
>Fucking FREE.
What's next?
Innocent it's 100% straight, not gay at all?
You need to fucking check up your faggot meter anon.

>> No.30784965

Did you just try to imply Jojo isn't gay as fuck?

>> No.30784967

Not more blatant than Jojo.

>> No.30785044

>JoJo is gay LOL
/tg/ confirmed for no taste in anime nor having read JoJo.

>> No.30785055

>ignoring sun-yellow eyes

>> No.30785089

Jojo's a good manga and Anime. But it is gayer than spring.

>> No.30785099

JoJo is pretty fucking Fabulous dude, and I'm saying that as a huge-ass JoJo fan who imported ASB day 1.

>> No.30785101

Oh my god, he's sticking with it.

>> No.30785103

Saying it's gay isn't a value statement.

>> No.30785117


Nigger, there are people in this who probably read equally embarrassing shit.

Out with it, tell us.

>> No.30785121

Gayness has nothing to do with quality. See Metal Gear, for example.

>> No.30785123

Protip: /tg/ saying something's gay doesn't mean not liking it.

>> No.30785136

But don't you feel outraged at all the discrimination?

>> No.30785138

Actually, I just don't want to put it on 4chans radar.

>> No.30785160

Do furries really want to wear those suits all day?

>> No.30785178

Not in most cases, but there are some quite insane folks that identify as furry.

>> No.30785190

Furry cops would make me very motivated to never get arrested. Of course, they'd also motivate me to set fire to them.

>> No.30785204

what the fuck

>> No.30785215

The majority of furries don't even have fursuits, let alone wear them all day. There's certainly a good number of crazies though, more than their fair share really.

why do i have so many furry friends

>> No.30785234

/k/ommandos seem to wear gas masks 24/7.

When they aren't wearing their fursuits

>> No.30785235


they'd suck a million dicks if to BE those suits all day.

>> No.30785263

I know, right? Sikhs get to wear their turbans so why can't furries wear fursuits? It's a double standard.

>> No.30785278

Maybe that's why they're partnered with the fire department.

>> No.30785283


Holy shit, that's hilarious.

Now I have to read that shit.

>> No.30785287

You say that as if they wouldn't suck a million dicks regardless of the reason.

>> No.30785294


aren't both of those what cops are for? making you not want to be arrested, and getting set on fire at protests?

>> No.30785315

it's a sign that you're the hero the world is crying out for

burn them

burn them all, johnny

>> No.30785375

They're one of the races from Master of Orion 2. They were all female in that, too.

>> No.30785386

The word you're using it's flamboyant.

>> No.30785407

If you can stay all day in a fursuit, in summer at the light of sun without getting a stroke you'd be my hero.

>> No.30785489

It's bad but it's not awful and that means it's good enough to read.

>> No.30785549


the DA account of the autistic nutjob who writes this.

this shit is hilarious; he's basically equating some guy who wears a fursuit all day every day to people who actually had hard lives growing up and suffered actual persecution.

>> No.30785618

>There are people who literally think furries face the same level of prosecution as homosexuals and minorities

You have no idea the level of my mad.

>> No.30785621

Me too, anon, me too.

>> No.30785636

>Dat BTFO response


>> No.30785655

Jojo is gayer than the day is long, and that's what's amazing about it.

>> No.30785685

>>All male cast with clearly homo-erotic (sub)tones, and normally they're all twinky as fuck and rather girlish
>Catering to women.
They're not all girlish. Usually there's one girlish guy to every masculine one, to create pairing, or just all masculine guys. It's basically the girl audience version of futa.

>> No.30785726

>Fujoshi/gay oriented for women
You don't read much gay things do you?

>> No.30785743

That response... what a cool faggot

>> No.30785928

I just looked up what this guy posts. Holy fuck I want to punch him in the dick.

>The general internet populace views us Furs pretty much as one peg above child/shota/loli molestors and beneath Bronies, all because sexual fetishists use anthropomorphized animals in their games and their pursuits. The problem is the general internet populace generalizes all furries because of what the Minority is into. Simple as that. As far as I have seen the Furry community is just as diverse as any community. But you know, people love to hate things they either don't understand or don't care about.

>Happy New Years Everyone, Fur, Scaly, Brony, Pony, Otherkin, werebeasts, that other name for werebeasts that is equal but seperate, and being that don't qualify as furry, scaly, or with skin but qualify as a part of the furry fandom.

>Out of the "Mane 6" I actually identify with Twilight Sparkle the most namely because of my penchant for insecurities and crazy behavior that results from it.

Derpy was only given character by the contributions of the fans. Her only real appearance within the show in which she had lines painted her, sadly, as somepony that needs special care, much like scootaloo once it is revealed she is in fact handicapped. But I suppose the whole trope of "raindbow Dash best pony" is really no different in naming which troll is the best in Homestuck. For a while there was a huge amount of Terezi fans, Gamzee Fans, Vriska Fans... it just kinda goes into a huge circlejerk, that is until the Alpha kids were revealed. Its sad really, I don't have time to watch all these shows or animes anymore . I purposefully try to limit what I know of current anime there currently are so that I won't be drawn into the art style OR the story.

>> No.30785954

People actually discuss MLP...?

>> No.30785971

Yes. This is exactly true. The terms are used interchangeably in many contexts, where the fuck have you been?

>> No.30786009

>The general internet populace views us Furs pretty much as one peg above child/shota/loli molestors and beneath Bronies
>Child molestors
If only anon, if only.

>> No.30786048

I think that post against him was my only one. He proceeded to PM me and call me offensive.

I never went back.

>> No.30786071

>Moon over June


>> No.30786074

But isn't furry just a fetish?

>> No.30786081

That's what he says, yes.

>> No.30786119

Not really. There's a pretty large number of people who'd be considered furries that aren't into the sexual aspect at all, you just never hear about them because they're way less likely to stir shit up.

>> No.30786167

I'd forgotten. I wish I could hate you dead.

>> No.30786196

>I'm not allowed to wear my fursuit on duty

This. Is. Sublime.

>> No.30786208

oh give me a fucking break. If the comic has been on hiatus for 4 FUCK YEARS then how the fuck will it being on 4chan's "radar" matter at all?

>> No.30786217

>Her only real appearance within the show in which she had lines painted her, sadly, as somepony that needs special care
Which was the perfect chance to preach a moral of "Some people need a little more help and patience than others", and very, very few kids cartoons actually do that. The only one I can name is Arthur which did it with a kid who had (fairly exaggerated) asperger's syndrome. Let's be honest, kids don't know how to act when it comes to disabled people and neither do their parents. I mean, fuck, wasn't Zecora's episode basically "Don't judge people for being foreign"?

>> No.30786228

why i'm laughing.
Noone is going to story time it for our pleasure/pain?

>> No.30786249

That was a joke, anon.

>> No.30786263

Jesus Christ that sounds overworked as fuck. End result is damn nice looking though, so I guess it's worth it.

Here's to hoping for an update this year.

>> No.30786266

They are, however, much weirder because they're harder to explain.

>> No.30786269

Yes, yes it is.
A fetish is like a penis, it's fine to have one but no one wants to see you waving it about in public or you trying to ram it down their throat.

>> No.30786310

How will we ever be SAD again?

>> No.30786354

Jack tends to be pretty heavy if you're not bothered by furries, rape, violence, and generally being grimdark as fuck.

I should catch up on that, I forget where I left off though.

>> No.30786357

>American Elf

Please, /tg/. Please don't drag me down that dark path again...

>> No.30786371

Depends on where your definition of "furry" starts. I've seen people argue over whether something as harmless as liking Redwall or Mouse Guard makes you a furry, while others argue that you're not a furry until you jerk off to the porn.

Hell I've seen at least one grognard claim that playing a D&D Druid and using Wildshape made you a furry and he'd kick people out of his group if they so much as asked to do that.

>> No.30786445

>Bad webcomic thread

Anyone remember that one irredeemably bad furry comic about a movie theatre? Confession or something?

Had that one character who fucked a ten year old kid and then blamed it on his cancer.

>> No.30786476

>Had that one character who fucked a ten year old kid and then blamed it on his cancer.

>> No.30786492

There's a few different indicators, but I'd say one that's always a "run for the exits" sign is when the creature has hair. Like, people hair just on top of its head. When it looks like your anthro creature is wearing a people wig, because you just couldn't stand the thought of your character not having some kind of j-rock bright colour dye job thing going on, you've probably crossed deep into the furry territory.
I'm sure there's exceptions out there, but it's a safe bet.
>obviously drawing a fucking dick on it is a subtle hint as well

>> No.30786497

Yeah, it certainly seems like one of those things that everybody's got their own metric for.

But if foxgirls make me a furry, then I'm a fucking furry.

>> No.30786500

wat indeed

>> No.30786507

>fucked a ten year old kid and then blamed it on his cancer.

>> No.30786510

Isn't Jack the one that had the murder barrel and the author's avatar is a serial rapist with a pompadour?

I read through the entirety of Concession some years ago, and you can tell how the artist got into weirder and weirder fetishes as time went on. Like how that cat went from being a nice naive Christian kid to a crossdresser who wears diapers.

Sad part is the artist is a nice guy and he even drew something for me once but damn man, I can't handle that fucking diaper shit.

>> No.30786512

Oh my fucking christ, I had completely forgotten about that pile of shit. I sweat to god, that guy's head isn't right. A manager fires a couple of fags who keep fucking in the break room so much that it stinks of sex at all times, and somehow THEY are the horrible one for stifling the "love." Fuck.

>> No.30786520

Pedo-cancer is a thing?

>> No.30786525


>> No.30786530

You are correct, it is Confession. It's the author's private yet publicly shared wank. The demon guy that walks around flaying people and raping his co-workers, who's only response is to ask him not to do it again. And half of them are secretly concerned that they like being taken to hell to be tortured and skinned for the night.

And when a priest approached sad demon dog guy, a CHAOTIC(tm) chain of events lead to a brick flying through the church's window and narrowly missing the priest's head in the middle of their conversation.

Then Captain Edgy warned the priest not to mess with his toys, or he'll destroy his flock.

No, really.

>> No.30786554


>> No.30786556


Jojo's is the gayest thing I've ever seen and I've had sex with a man.

>> No.30786570

I could get the closest shave ever with that kind of edge...

>> No.30786577

>Isn't Jack the one that had the murder barrel and the author's avatar is a serial rapist with a pompadour?
Probably, then there's the whole Musical Holes part in hell.

http://www.pholph.com/whole_arc_viewer.php?id=5&sid=503 NSFW/Disturbing

>> No.30786589

wait until you see his porn.

>> No.30786590

What about Boku on Pico?

>> No.30786595

I can bearly tell.

>> No.30786596

Nooooooo. A couple years ago I sat down and read the entire damn comic in one sitting. Never touching it again.

That's the one.

>> No.30786600

Not gay, just fabulous as a tie-died peacock.

>> No.30786609

Yes, that's Jack. The base of the webcomic itself is the grim reaper/horseman of death wondering why he keeps doing his job. Also said reaper interacting with the people who are so demented that they embody each of the seven sins. Said seven sins will change people occasionally, except the sin of wrath. The Sin of Wrath is Kane, who is still human.

But oh sweet emperor, his side comics. If you thought the webcomic was edgy, you just have to see his side works where the main character you're supposed to root for is a serial rapist/murderer.

>> No.30786635

I can barely tell what's going on here. One character is a vague brown thing. The other's a completely black shape with a badly-drawn angry eye.

>> No.30786654

I sat through a couple comic dumps of it on /v/, it was pretty terrible.

And the sad part is this guy is apparently one of the more successful, or at least well-regarded furry webcomic artists out there, which really shows you how low the bar is. I could probably shit out a better comic.

>> No.30786655

The only good thing about Jack is it spawned that one image of Raiden with pickaxes for hands.

>> No.30786670

The black shape is the demon dog/author insert.
The brown character is a pangolin who is exploring his sexuality. Through the demon dog who tortures his partners by taking them to hell for a night.

>> No.30786674

This was written by a US Marine.

"The Few, the Proud, the Marines."

>> No.30786686

Why not comission for filthy dumb furfag mony? It's like free money man.

>> No.30786691

The brown dude is supposed to be a pangolin actually, but Immelmann is one of those artists that draws the same face on everything.

>> No.30786692

How can Jojo be gay when characters like Lisa Lisa and Holy exist?

>> No.30786708

The black shape with a badly-drawn eye is the most edgy edgemaster to ever edge past the edgy parlour.

It's fucking awful.

>> No.30786710

So what are the opinions on Lackadaisy?

>> No.30786714

Because I can't draw for shit, unfortunately.

>> No.30786719


The going rate is about 30 Lisa Lisa's to one Joseph.

>> No.30786731

>mfw finally getting the joke

>> No.30786740

I like Lackadaisy. My friends and I make an event out of it whenever it updates since that only happens like twice a year.

>> No.30786743

The ending of Part 2 literally has him getting married and starting a family.

>> No.30786746

Needs to update more.


>> No.30786749

Don't worry, neither can mamabliss and he still gets money.

>> No.30786763

>The Sin of Wrath is Kane, who is still human.
Why I need to ask this tell me more.

>> No.30786775


Suzie Q was a really effeminate man.

>> No.30786784

It's actually an even 1:1. For every Jojo, there is one Jo-waif. Of course, for every Jojo/Jo-waif couple, there is a veritable army of fabulous dudes in equally fabulous getups.
Speedwagon is the best sidekick. There is no denying this
So far, Joseph is my favorite Jojo, too.

>> No.30786800

It's great and there should be more of it.

>> No.30786811

>The Sin of Wrath is Kane, who is still human.
Isn't Kane Envy, and Jack is Wrath?

>> No.30786819 [SPOILER] 

So, is this a thread about shitty webcomics in general, or specifically /tg/-themed shitty webcomics?

>> No.30786823

I think you're confusing speedcart with bruno

>> No.30786843


>> No.30786870

Amazing art, amazing story, amazing characters.


>> No.30786880

Lackadaisy is actually okay. The characters are well defined and interesting, the art has it's own unique flavour, and the designs are expressive, but not to a degree where it detracts from the overall theme.

That the characters just happen to be catpeople is irrelevant, in my eyes. Prohibition era boozerunning is an entertaining setting, as well.

>> No.30786881

Sweet Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

>> No.30786885

I'm only about halfway through Part 3, so my opinion may be ill-informed.

Speedwagon is still the best, though. I also hope the Zeppeli family makes a return at some point. Don't tell me if they do, I need to find out for myself.

>> No.30786888

I don't remember exactly, but Satan/Lucifer/whatever wasn't exactly a bad dude. He just happened to rule over bad dudes.

Kane is the only human left in the world of furries because despite the world change multiple times now, no one even remotely as wrathful as Kane has ever appeared. No one does murder-death-kill like humies, apparently.
Envy is that other androgynous thing that hangs around with Lust. I don't remember who Jack was besides dude with packaxes for hands.

>> No.30786889


>> No.30786903

Something about the way he draws feet reminds me of a certain other infamous webcomic artist.

>> No.30786904

Keep reading nigga, keep reading.
You'll love part 5 more or less, if you wanted zepelli.

>> No.30786926


The gayest man I've ever met has had sex with more women than I can ever hope. Campness isn't just about what your penis goes into. Joseph could have had sex with every female that appeared in a scene and he'd still be gayer than the script of Ben Hur.

>> No.30786929

>No one does murder-death-kill like humies
Kane did nothing wrong?

>> No.30786931

Because it's still 90% extremely pretty and muscular dudes flexing and striking fabulous poses.

And that's great.

>> No.30786939

EYEBROWS Also he's a lazy fuck who, while maybe possessing some potential, has no intent whatsoever at becoming just as skilled the people he likes to shit on.

>> No.30786972

I still remember when the guy who does Prequel ripped into his shit on Deviantart after Tom Dobson started waving his inflated ego around.

>> No.30787006

I swear he's either trolling us, or trying to create a new fetish so that when his 8th dimensional omnifiends descend/squelch their way into our reality, we'll already have people ready to serve them, hard-ons and all.

>> No.30787007

I think you got it backwards. Jojo is pretty damn straight, regardless of how many pose-offs they get into with glampires and ancient Aztec Fab Harpies. JJBA, on the other hand, is so fucking fabulous it bleeds glistening oil freshly squeezed from man-abs

>> No.30787014

Has anyone here read Dreamkeepers?
I quite like it. It as quite beautiful art, a colorful cast of characters and i quite interesting and surprisingly mature story.

>> No.30787030

My theory is that he's did it like a joke.
And it worked.

>> No.30787039

You should leave him alone. He's a pretty swell guy.

>> No.30787048

Has book 3 been released yet?

>> No.30787058


>> No.30787063

>that fucking pun
You should feel bad about that, but we both know you don't.

Also yeah, Dobson is a piece of shit. With an ballooning fanbase for some reason.

Welcome to Biblical Stories: Furry Edge.

>> No.30787066

I read a Mamabliss comic once where a guy turned into another guy's dick. I didn't even know that was a fetish.

>> No.30787089

We have such sights to show you.

>> No.30787091

Seems so bad it's good kind of deal.
I doubt I'd read it since Kane won't be like Caim from DrakenGuard and that'd make me sad.

>> No.30787103

Part of me thinks that Mamabliss is some sort of eldritch entity with a tablet and a paypal.

>> No.30787112

>find comic with EXACTLY my fetishes
>drawn by mamabliss
And that's when you know it's crap, it's fucking messy sketches.

>> No.30787113

yeah its out

>> No.30787127

>Biblical Stories: Furry Edge
Sums up Jack pretty well. Pretty sure the artist is a nutty Christian fundamentalist isn't he?

>> No.30787129

NICE! book 4 and 5?

>> No.30787151

Speaking of Jack and Concession, has anyone read Suicide for Hire?

>> No.30787158

Post it, please.

I beg of you.

>> No.30787174

I've heard of it. On a list of the worst webcomics ever

>> No.30787182

currently working on 4. release is SOON(tm)

>> No.30787197

Yeah... pretty edgy. Not as edgy as the other two, but it could be worse. I like that the author has no problem drawing ugly bitches.

>> No.30787201

So I'd better learn how to put myself in cryostasis meanwhile?

>> No.30787239

Riiiiight, because no homosexual man in the history of Mankind EVER did something like that...
(yes, I'm writing this with a very sarcastic tone of voice)

>> No.30787268

I haven't read it but just going off art of the two main characters it makes me hate it a lot.

>> No.30787344

>actually loved Suzy Q even if he fucked another woman and had another kid with a way younger woman and it was implied he was a tad adulterous

>> No.30787426

Art gets 'decent' later on, but the whole thing surrounds around around getting paid to help people dramatically off themselves. When the mouse (the guy with the goggles) has an moral crisis about this, it turns out he has schizophrenia, and his other side(s) has not a single problem assisting in suicide for cash because these people are retarded and insults to the gene pool anyways, plus the cash is nice.

The jackal guy is a terrible form of Chaotic Evil who is never wrong, in the history ever. Even when he is pistol whipping children, he is never wrong, because the universe is shaped in some way that makes those children deserve said pistol whipping, somehow. Even if they're being nice at the time, next page will show that the kids are bullies at school who piss in their teacher's coffee, so they deserved it.

The more notable job they did was line a cow chick's digestive system with a wire, tie the end, and then she threw the hook from the piece coming from her mouth to a high speed train that was passing buy.

You thought you knew edge.

>> No.30787472

>The more notable job they did was line a cow chick's digestive system with a wire, tie the end, and then she threw the hook from the piece coming from her mouth to a high speed train that was passing buy.

Well I'm out.

And holy fuck I can't stand protagonists who are never wrong, especially asshole ones.

>> No.30787481

Oh I think I get it : JoJo is not gay. He's Prince!

>> No.30787490

>passing by
Whoops, gotta remember to proofread late at night.

>> No.30787517

>cow thing
Why do terrible artists have all the best ideas?

>> No.30787543

I don't see it. Pangolins are adorable and made of justice, all I see there is a brown mass.


>> No.30787598

... what the fuck. I gotta read this.

>> No.30787654

I don't know when it was, but there is a story arc later on, past the cow suicide, about an artist chick with an abusive husband.

I'm warning you now; there will be feels and you will feel like shit. And even with abusive husband gets his come uppance you will continue to feel like shit because it solved nothing.

>> No.30787674

So who has read Boobie Mac Cowtits Farm aka Las Lindas?

>> No.30787686

Speaking of bad furry webcomics and SAD, has anyone here read Black Tapestries?

>> No.30787687

It never does. But I sure felt good.

>> No.30787708

I've read Saikano, Yume Miru Kusuri, Narcissu, Saya no Uta, Wanko to Kurasou, and Kodomo no Jikan, and seen In Pursuit of Happyness, I'm no stranger to feels.

>> No.30787725

So, how about Exiern?

>> No.30787726

Oh fuck I remember that shit.
What's with terrible comics and being gore/SAD?

>> No.30787739

I was willing to give most of these a try, but from prior experience Las Lindas is SHIIIIIIIIT.

It could've been Harvest Moon with fuzzy animals, but it turned into The Adventures of the Infallible Cowtits and How Men Are Jerks.


>> No.30787791


>> No.30787826

I actually tried to join the IRC roleplay group that the artist chick who drew this comic ran and let me tell you.

First of all, you weren't allowed to spectate on roleplay going on unless you were in-character. I'm not sure why this was but I guess it was to prevent metagaming or something?

But then, when you were in character you weren't allowed to make more than one action per post. So for example, if you made a post that said:

>Dude McGuy walks up to the bar's front door, opens it, and walks inside.

You would get your ass chewed out. You had to literally separate every action your character made into one post each.

I think I lasted about a week before I said fuck it and ran for my fucking life.

>> No.30787829

Part 6: Prison Lesbians

>> No.30787832

It gets views.

>> No.30787847

Because they can't write well enough for subtlety.

>> No.30787893

Nana's Everyday Life?

>> No.30787904

I had to look it up for some additional context.. but from the author themselves

>Hey everyone. This is it. This is the big reveal. This is the end-goal I had in mind from when I first created Weregeek.

The entire comic was a shitty LARP. M Night Shamwow couldn't have come up with a worse way to fuck up the story of a terrible comic.

>> No.30787910


Definitionally no.

>> No.30787917

I didn't have it on me and it took me some time to find it, but here you go.

>> No.30787934

Because subtly is hard.

These artists/writers can't properly show sadness unless their characters are literally crying rivers and cutting themselves.

>> No.30787943


>> No.30787956

Loved it.

>> No.30787973

The best/worst part about that arc is that it's the webcomic's sole strongest writing. The creator decided to finally put effort into something that isn't belittling whoever he considers idiots at the moment, and the difference was incredible.

This is clearly the best thing, and the whole comic needs to be redone with the MGR cast.

I don't know why it needed to be sad, because that comic had a ghost pirate ship that you could sail if you were badass enough to impress the ghosts.

I can't think of a single party that wouldn't think that a summonable, ridable ghost pirate ship is the most awesome thing ever. But the comic is SAAAD as fuck.

>> No.30788002

We all know it isn't.

But apparently writers can do whatever they want because "lel artistic license".

>> No.30788024

Based Dan Kim.

>> No.30788046

Dan Kim loves to torture cute things. It's quite frightening.

>> No.30788069

Yay a bad webcomic thread! I love these threads.

I don't know a lot of bad webcomics, but I do know there is a wiki for them. I'll just leave the url here.


after all it's the Least I Could Do.

>> No.30788093


But have you read Fiery Semen Inferno: the Maiden Rape Assault.

You go in thinking it's one thing, leave realizing it was a masterpiece VN with a very distracting title.

>> No.30788094

This looks fucked up.

>> No.30788095


Implied fucking nothing.

>> No.30788127

I'm calling the cops for that pun/name drop. They're going to put you in jail for a long time.

>> No.30788175

Most Dan Kim stuff IS fucked up. Unfortunately, he does fucked up right unlike all those edgy furry comics, so you actually feel for the characters as he drags them along that downward spiral.

>> No.30788246

>not liking gay things
>on /tg/

>> No.30788268

>Dan Kim
This name sounds familiar.

>> No.30788280

>trying to shoehorn your degeneracy into everything
Just like bronies, you lot.

>> No.30788317

>child/shota/loli molesters

Clearly we don't oppress pedophiles enough if they can use shota as a synonym for child without shame.

>> No.30788319

>How Men Are Jerks
I didn't really get that vibe at all.

>> No.30788321

You're thinking of feminists.

>> No.30788324

where do you think you are?

>> No.30788347

Gotta love the black comedy

>> No.30788372

He's good friends with Deculture

>> No.30788395

Oh /pol/-thama you know jutht wordth to get me all theamed up~

>> No.30788401


>> No.30788404

Miles only exists to try to bang women and be yelled at, and McMuscle only exists to be stoic and spurn Mina's advances and/or flirt with her mortal nemesis, Other Cowtits, which makes Mina jealous.

After the little nano-ghost who was introduced I stopped reading. Not due to the loli-nano-ghost but I just stopped reading it.

>> No.30788449

I've actually never been to /pol/, I just found out that using the word "degeneracy" seems to really piss off the tumblr crowd

>> No.30788477

You naughty little tease, now what am I supposed to do with this boner?

>> No.30788487

Now now, no need to blow things out of proportion.

>> No.30788499

Go start some offtopic porn thread on /tg/ about your fetishes or make a shitty smut quest like everyone else?

>> No.30788506


this is the most unintentionally hilarious furry comic.

thing is, the art's pretty good, and the story is just hilarious on account of how wrong and autistic the author is.

>> No.30788520

Jokes like that show that you're just full of hot air, anon.

>> No.30788535

No, this is the phase where you're becoming a woman.

Speaking of adorably messed-up stuff, some of Douman Seiman's works fit the bill perfectly.

>> No.30788558

>Wearing Brass Knuckles
>Punches him with the back of his hand instead

>> No.30788598


I'm looking at the first page right now.

I'm too afraid to click "next".

>> No.30788618









>> No.30788658


I clicked "Next".

All is lost. ALL IS LOST

>> No.30788680

Anyone here read everblue?

>> No.30788744


>> No.30788804

No. Not again. Never again.

>> No.30788816

The one about the blue fishdudes, right? I read the first arc when it got dumped on /tg/ once.

>> No.30788863

He's also weird beyond the usual "oh Japan you so crazy" stuff. All the more so for his ability to consistently tell a story in six pages.

(I really ought to catch up on this.)

>> No.30788869

What in all holy fuck

>> No.30788990

wait, whats the joke behind this?

>> No.30789023



What in the name of almighty fuck is wrong with you

>> No.30789038

You don't wish to know.

>> No.30789136

Douman Seiman is glorious, easily my favorite mangaka.

His Animal Crossing/Call of Cthulhu story was brilliant.

>> No.30789166

I read this and my contact fell out. Even the residual suck is bad

>> No.30789173

whats the name of his cat manga, posted earlier?

>> No.30789200

This one?
It's Voynich Hotel.

>> No.30789205

Iä! Iä!

>> No.30789256

If I didnt ask, then you would be right. But I didnt. I,m not scared to face the abyss.

Oh yeah, I read that animal crossing comic. That was really good.

>> No.30789261


For some strange reason that makes me proud.

Hairless Murder Apes represent!

>> No.30789270

Also his... casual lewdness.

>> No.30789278

Jack's spin off.
Spiff I think.

>> No.30789299

nah, this one

>> No.30789324

You're thinking of Aquablue, aka Avatar done right.

>> No.30789336


>> No.30789497

If the art style was better, a comic of cute ur-devils and whatever that is doing badass stuff would be tons of fun.

>> No.30789528

Yeah, that's a good one.

>> No.30789542

I just found it.
its called Cliff

>> No.30789580

It's not really good until you recognize the puppet motif.

>> No.30789615

>go to FLCS
>See a book
>"Not Simple"
>this looks neat, let's get it!
>cry a lot

>go to FLCS
>see a book
>this looks neat, let's get it!
>cry a lot

Why are sad things so much more effective when you're not expecting them

>> No.30789637

>Voynich Hotel.

>> No.30789657

I thought it was Vovnich Hotel? I know Voynich makes more sense due to the Voynich manuscript; as far as I know Vovnich is meaningless. But that's how I've seen it written the most.

>> No.30789689

Batoto and Mangatraders both say Voynich.

>> No.30789698

I seriously think someone needs to redo this entire side series with the MGR characters.

>> No.30789729

>see a comic dump on /b/
>"We3? This looks neat"
Goddamn was that a trip.

>> No.30789775

I love Dowman Sayman or however its supposed to be writen

>> No.30789792

Why is it that the better a comic is, the slower they update. Or more specifically, the more often they miss their schedule.

>> No.30789829

>the slower they update.
More work to make pages.

>the more often they miss their schedule.
This isn't the case. But if a comic is both shit and irregular, you never hear about it.

>> No.30789854

Not always.

>> No.30789933

Man, I fucking love this comic. Potential reaction images everywhere. Interesting setting. Solid characters. The JOKES. That pass a fist line is gold.

>> No.30790058

There's not always jokes though. It only really gets over the top with those two. And in the latest page there wasn't a single joke, although it made up for it with cool magic. The previous one didn't have a joke either, as far as I can tell, but made up for it with cool spirit design.

>> No.30790067



>> No.30790118

That was like four pages ago.

Also does anyone know if /co/ can read the murdertongue yet?

>> No.30790138

>>Also does anyone know if /co/ can read the murdertongue yet?
It's like, sideways and backwards and a language written entirely in negative space. Once in a while I can catch a few words.

>> No.30790173

are you talking about this

>> No.30790174

Not that one, it's easy. I meant the one made of skulls, which you can only learn by commiting "foul crimes".

>> No.30790184

You obviously need to commit some foul crimes.

>> No.30790275

>Read up
>Teacherbro being fucking awesome
Man, this comic gets better and better.

>> No.30790435


I giggled like a retard at this.

>> No.30790456

you never told us the comic

>> No.30790585

he recently got massively told by the guy who does the Prequel comic.
related viewing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUE7J1GNM_k

>> No.30790642

Holy shit, Preston got smoked.

>> No.30790780


>> No.30790970


>> No.30791061

>"I thought they were cats."
>"Ok, now they're just messing with us."
>Both animal's faces peel off

>> No.30791072

>still probably not dogs though

>> No.30791077

It was actually "woof" not "bark".

>> No.30791098

Well shit. Close enough.

>> No.30791437

I heard someone on tumblr translated it, but I can't find the link.

The horns and shit correspond to pages of the comic and word count; it's fucking nuts.

>> No.30791514

Jesus christ.

>The foul crimes is setting aside your time to decode this fucking nonsense

>> No.30791735

That's worse than murders!

Anyway, lemme see if I can find it again/

>> No.30791768



>> No.30792875

Its been awhile but

either just blind in that eye
or because her soul is joined to her bother

>> No.30793388

I don't get it. Why in every thread about Webcomics does someone always say 'Buckley does it again'?
Is there some inside joke here I'm missing?

>> No.30793410

The joke is that Buckley isn't funny and this is also not funny. That's about all there is to it.

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