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Why are they painted black? Shouldn't they be sea-foam green or whatever?

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Is that Lex Luthor?

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Little bit.

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No, stupid.

After Istvaan they changed their color to all-black.

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That's Justerian Terminator Squad.
They are kinda elite and were always painted black.

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Don't talk shit.
Black Colour is Abby's invention after Horus's death.
Justaerin's were always in black.

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>being this ignorant
>about 40k

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Justaerin were always black.

After Isstavan/Davin they change their colors to dark green as well as their name, to the Sons of Horus

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>Black Colour is Abby's invention after Horus's death

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Very, very impressive. I want to see it from other angles, but it's quite possibly the best Primarch figure FW have put out so far.

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Holy balls, they went straight to Horus?!

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Yes, and poor Mortarion is still overlooked. Next Primarch is Corax apparantly.

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His pose looks awkward and static and he appears to be very unsure of himself. It also looks very stiff
>"Charge! Or whatever I guess, I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing"

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>Yes, and poor Mortarion is still overlooked.

Nobody gives a fuck about that hungry skellington edgemaster

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Some Warmaster, eh?

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You read Scars? He has quite a presence in that book.

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>quite a presence
>appears for 3 pages
>fights the Khan inconclusively
>told to fuck off
>the end

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What does he even do after the Heresy? Seriously, him and Lorgar do fuck all for the next 10,000 years.

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Gets a lovely heart tattoo.

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He gets Gerontian's name carved into his heart, coertesy of Draigo.

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Christ, the Luna Wolves were pearl white regulars with black Justaerin. Shortly after Interex they changed to Sons of Horus and the regulars were changed to green. After the heresy Abaddon ordered the whole legion change to black.

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>What does he even do after the Heresy

ask this guy

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Anything else of note other than becoming Lord Snowflake's bitch?

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It is known that Typhus denounced him and currently views his primarch as a weakling.

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I guess Lorgar's sitting still in a demon temple for ten thousand years is supposed to echo the Emperor in the golden throne? Not in that he's making a chaos astronomican so much as "Big deal guy who sits in a chair and is enigmatic."

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In 437.M36, Mortarion emerged at the head of a Death Guard and Nurgle-Daemon army that led to the Fall of Sanctia.

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>In 437.M36, Mortarion emerged at the head of a Death Guard and Nurgle-Daemon army that led to the Fall of Sanctia.[5]
>In 901.M41, during the Battle of Kornovin, Mortarion killed Geronitan, Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights. Geronitan's subordinate, Kaldor Draigo, assaulted the Daemon Primarch and carved his forebear's name into the Daemon's heart, an insult Mortarion has never forgotten[4].

GW doesn't often let the BL authors use daemon primarchs in their writings.

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Not retconned at all, the audiobook confirms that's exactly what Draigo did. Geronitan's name was an anti-curse to Mortarion's real name, Draigo uttered it, Mortarion fucking exploded and Draigo went to practice his caligraphy.

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I actually squealed a little when I saw that. It looks great.

They're doing a fully corrupted version, right?

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They never out and say it but I always assumed the Daemon Primarchs do a ton of work in the armies of demons constantly fighting in the warp.

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The Black Legion supplement also says Mortarion gave The Armless nurgle's blessing for his new Failed Crusade.

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>Lord Snowflake

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>They're doing a fully corrupted version, right?

Yes, and they'll be doing the Emperor as well when the books get to the Siege.

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He normally likes living on his Deamonworld more
but really its because he got baited by the Grey Knights into getting free heart surgery

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Share price took a tumble. Gotta pull something out of the bag.

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The pic in OP's pic IS the corrupted version of Horus.

His armor pre-heresy was pearly white/gold. The black armor FW's model wears was canonically forged by the Dark Mechanicum.

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No one gives a fuck about Codex Abby sue

If anything its worst now since he was manipulative by the Grey Knights to come to Kornovin

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Exactly. The more people complain about why Draigo shouldn't be able to beat Mortarion the more Mortarion sounds like the snowflake and not the other way around.

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Meant a version that looked like pic related.

>tfw you will never have the skills to pull off a perfect paint job for him

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Even if that were true, Horus' model wouldn't help in the least. The Black Legion has completely different rules and models to the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus and Horus is one of the few primarchs confirmed to be 100% completely dead. Since not many people play Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, and you can't really use Horus in 40k games, I don't see how that would help.

On the other hand, Rowboat's model will eventually sell like crazy by primarch standards.

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The armor in your pic and the one in OP's pic are the same, yours just has more skulls dangling from it.

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>straight to Horus
>he's in the first book

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Lorgar still looks the best to me though.

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The only difference between your image and the actual model are the number of severed heads hanging off his armor.

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I don't think that stuff's all that relevant. People will want to own an iconic model regardless of whether they can play with him. Hell, they can always count him as someone else or whatever anyway.

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And you don't think FW will do a model covered in skulss so they can sell it alongside the Emperor at the Siege of Terra?

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Draigo is supposed to be among the best of the best, I get that. I just find it a little hard to believe that one guy can give a free bypass to someone who is supposed to be the son of a god-like being.

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Lorgar's fig is fugly, and doesn't look at all like his sketch from Book II.

Ferrus' is the best, especially when joined with Fulgrim's. Angron's is not bad either.

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Draigo is Gran son and also the specialist at killing daemons.

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Blood of the Emperor, he really does look like Lex Luthor!

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>The best Daemon Killer around
>Kills a half Daemon

Get over it, fuck sakes.

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I know what I'll use as my lord the day I start CSM.

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Fine, he can rape Morty all he wants. I still want to know what the fucker has been doing for TEN THOUSAND years other than bless Abby and lead an army. Ten millennium is a long time to sit around and pretend to make plans.

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I bet Emps will look like Supes. Even a Big E across his chest.

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No, not really. There's a certain unspoken authority about his stance and it is only enhanced once you've read through Aurelian and other books which he's in.

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holy emperors balls, prepare a speartip!

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I do

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Is there already Sangy ? or didI just miss it ?

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that audio book is heresy

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Indeed, only the elite 1st company were black all day, all the time.

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and thrust!

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you could just check the forgeworld site instead of asking stupid questions

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Frankenstein Abaddon, can not unsee.

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s-sorry but i'm in work on the shittiest lapop in history and those flash heavy sites murder the poor bugger. Checking e-mail and 4chan is everything it does halfay decent.

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Apologies then, Sanguinius hasn't been done and unfortunately won't be done for a while. Next book is Imperial Fists, Iron Warriors, Raven Guard and Alpha Legion, after that we get Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, Custodian Guard and Sisters of Silence. Apparently White Scars are in book 5 but I've not heard much else regarding that.

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No hard feelings here. Thanks for the response and too bad. I feel that Sangys model would look glorious. Hard to paint through.

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I know right?, dat noble countenance.

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Horus is cool and all, but where's my boy Perturabo?

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Ah, what?

Thousand Sons are 2 books away? That's weak, man.

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It's the eye though, what makes you think it was an entire 10,000? time flows differently there for all he knows the heresy happened last week and he got his ass kicked by Draigo a week later.

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Looks a bit like Peter Weller tbh.

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Corax Guilliman and Emperor pls

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I detect a hint of Billy Zane.

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I play Luna Wolves. And you bet your ass everyone's gonna want a model of the mythic Arch Traitor himself

I am so fucking excited! I haven't been this happy since I was little and found out they were gonna make a Halo 2. I'm gonna buy a model as soon as possible and have Blue Table paint him in Luna Wolves livery so he can join Loken and my slowly developing Luna Wolves.
I nerdgasm'd so hard when I saw that image...

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>"God fucking damn it, how the fuck did Horus cock that u-Who the fuck are these grey guys?!"

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Luna Wolves = Best Wolves

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