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New update, and holy shit, the giant Phoenix is getting the hard plastic treatment! PVC was mentioned as a possible material choice in a previous update. Just look at all that detail! It makes me really happy that I'm getting two of those.

Also, reopened pledge manger soon, fellow stalkers.
>Pledges Re-Opening
>Let me just say thank you to all the people interested in more plastic via the kickstarter! We will re-open pledges but it has to wait until we have bandwidth to devote to your needs.

And one more thing in the update: 8 pinups collection in hard plastic, including promo gear and settlement event. In the words of Dr Weird: DAMNIIIIIT! I didn't intend to buy any pinups but... rules! Gear!

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I'm not so sure about the plastic lions face, but still. Damn.

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Poots won't be happy until he has every last bit of my money, will he?
Also "Ha ha, fuck you!" to all the blubbering simpletons who feed the trolls by incorrectly going on about how separate pinups are from the game, because "It's not that kind of game!" Insecure as fuck.

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Yeah, whatever. I don't care if it's part of the game or not, the pinups are subjectively great, and I want all the gear. And fuck, I now realize that I don't have a table.

Is this the feeling you got if you got hooked on pokemon as a kid?

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From the rulebook.

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Last pic from the update. The spidicules looks pretty baller.

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And let's look at pretty pictures from the last update.

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And this is the dragon king.

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Man, whenever I see this game I can't believe how gruesome and grotesque it is. I always seem to remember it much more... harmless than it is.

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I'm thinking about helping on the kickstarter, should I? is just that this looks really great.

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>I always seem to remember it much more... harmless than it is.
Probably because of the kickstarter glossing over much of that to keep from being shut down, along with people on /tg/ trying to argue with trolls that it's more "harmless" than it is.

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Aw, come on, It's not that bad. It's just some death and dismemberment... and gore... and utter hoplesness against the dice gods...
The kickstarter was over over a year ago I'm afraid. You'll have to wait for the general release if you want the boardgame.

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Oh, then is this actually happening? Oh god, I hope they can ship it to spain.

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They raised 5200% of their initial goal in funds. And since the maker doesn't seem to have run to Tahiti, you better believe it's happening.

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Of course it is. The game was funded nearly 60 times over. International shipping will more than likely be a thing, with an increased cost, I'm sure.

You'll be paying a lot, though, and not just for shipping. MSRP is planned to be double the kickstarter price on many things.

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Well yeah, Poots (the dude running this thing) has said that the final deadline is Q2 this year. I would expect the boxes to arrive in june or something like that. There have been lots of shots of hard plastic minis, so it's moving along quite nicely it seems.

Speaking of gruesome however...

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The new board is so much better, thank god it doesn't look like the original plan. Shit looked like it was midday outdoors, with lightning everywhere.

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>Oh, then is this actually happening?

It got like 5000% funding. The if the happening cant happen even with this happening then nothing will happen ever in anything that could happen at all.

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He's still getting more money via these interim releases so he can disappear off the grid.

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Do you own a tin-foil hat by any chance?

Also, male pinups isn't off the table. Poots and Lokman just happens to be straight, so they want a female doing the beefcake.

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That sounds wonderfull!

So, anyone can explain me how the game would be played like?

Last time I've heard it was going to be like monsterhunter and darksouls: the board game.

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The kickstarter page has some brief gameplay samples that you should probably watch. You have various phases where you develop your settlement by spending the resources from hunting monsters, random events occur, the survivors send out a hunting party and events happen while you track a monster, then you actually fight it.

Combat looks to be your average tactical combat, the monster has a deck of AI cards that also represent its life. As it becomes wounded, it has less options available to it. More predictable, but it could get stuck doing one nasty attack over and over.

From speculation, it seems like there will be ways to look at and manipulate the AI deck as well.

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Oh, they included more characters to choose? or we can only choose between 4 characters?

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There aren't really characters, just some designs for minis and heads. The characters are your own creation (and in fact giving them a name so that you can be more attached to them when they die grants you a small stat bonus).
If there were only 4 characters, this would be a very short game. Because they'd fucking die.

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Oh, and do we have big guy bodies? or generic bodies to fit any armor?

I like to play the goliath kind of people, but I'll buy the game anyway when it is out.

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It's not like you needed that money.

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Abup bup bup
>PROMO Optional Kingdom Death Monster settlement event. A special event that can occur in your settlement.
>PROMO Optional Kingdom Death Monster gear. A unique piece of survivor armor gear to commemorate the pinup release.
You get TWO cards.

>Aw yeah!

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And the card IS a belt of gender swap.


Dammit. Although, that is interesting. I was wondering how they would handle cards that don't affect actual gameplay, like Nico was supposed to have. The genderswap belt doesn't seem to have an actual impact on the gameplay with its effect, but still does /something/. Interesting take on it.

And to make it not be a total waste of space, it still has gear-links. I think this is actually the first time we are seeing green ones.

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Hm... now I'm thinking if this is a game you could play with regular people.

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If by "regular people" you mean stuck up prudes who will cry if they see anything that might be considered grotesque, erotic, or some combination of the two, then no, no you can't.

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Eh, it depends on how they react to some amount of drawn nudity. The game does have a reproduction table etc.
So be aware, it has 'mature' content.

...and dragons that breath lethal levels of motherfucking radiation instead of fire.

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Absolutely, you do know how depraved regular people are, right?

Aren't there enemies that are worse against certain genders?

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Wait, WHAT!?

You can have children in the game!?

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Fuck. Every time. I did not know it was possible to wince that hard.

Thats pretty much exactly what its going to be like, yeah. With some civ building elements for character advancement.

The Rawhide Headband we saw. Lets you look at the top card of the AI deck.

Characters aren't set, like in Descent, or similar games. You build them yourselves. They just gave us four 'unique' minis to start with. They are also including 12 extra unique heads to use for making your mini.

The game uses 'armor kits' which come with parts to make 4 minis of that set of armor. 2 male, 2 female. However, every single armor kit is compatible with each other, so you can swap around heads/legs/arms/torsos/etc. to customize the mini.

The exception is the Green Knight armor, which in game, can't be used with other armors, so they didn't make its mini armor kit compatible.

Core game? Without a doubt.
Expansions? Probably.
Promos? Maybe not.

I don't think so? We certainly haven't seen any that do. That's just speculation from the typical "MONSTER RAPE FETISH GAME" crowd that likes to take part in these threads.

I COULD possibly see that being the case for something like the Grand-Mother, and even then probably only for targeting, but she isn't a part of the game, so probably not.

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Its just a VERY badly named mechanic. Its a population growth table, that's it. At the start of each lantern year (basically, each session), you roll on a table to see if your population increases, stays the same, or decreases, and if any of the new survivors have any special abilities. That's... pretty much the extent of the table, at least as far as we have seen.

The game DOES have some pretty messed up stuff in it, but in depth sex scenes is not one of those things.

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Yeah, how else will you replace the horribly mauled and killed survivors if you don't have children?

>> No.30776735

>Its just a VERY badly named mechanic.
And here comes the "It's not that kind of game!" nonsense once more.

Since you're apparently an insider who has been playtesting the game, care to share with us some other stuff that definitely is or isn't in the game?

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I just assumed, most of the monsters are indiscriminate with their orificing.

But White Speakers are female only and they're better against Slenderman, so I had the thought.

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Shit, I just realized that if I ever win muchos dineros I actually want marble sculptures in the style of KD.

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I don't know why people keep assuming I have some inside link to the game. I WISH I did. Sure as hell wouldn't be spending my time on /tg/ if that was the case. I'm just listing things we have seen in the kickstarter, or that poots has directly commented on.

And its NOT that kind of game. Its a fucked up game, with lots of gore, and enough sick fetish shit to make Slaanesh smile. But what it ISN'T, is explicit about those things.

So like I said. This game has sick shit in it, and a lot of it is fetish shit. But actual sex scenes are not something in the game.

That's actually a really good point... I wonder what happens if a white speaker gets a belt of gender swap? Would be a neat character concept.

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Holy fuck, now I know I need to have this game!

>> No.30776910

>I don't know why people keep assuming I have some inside link to the game.
Because you keep making claims about what DEFINITELY IS AND IS NOT in the game?

Like this:
>what it ISN'T, is explicit about those things.

Did you already forget what happens to Kickstarters that display any content like that? They get nothing but trouble, something that Poots neither needs nor wants. It's the same reason a number of monsters were left out of the game during the Kickstarter, why the Watcher was censored, or why the Illuminated Lady was a hidden, unofficial addon.

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The beef is generally that the nay-sayers seem to think there is nothing else in the game but fetishes. There really is a game that seems very interesting to many of us. Though if the detractors really are offended by the contents and some of the themes, then that is unfortunate.They are not wrong for feeling weirded out/thinking it's gross/whatever, but I do think they may miss out on a potentially interesting game.

>> No.30776953

>.why the Watcher was censored

>> No.30776958

Alpha. As. Fuck.

>> No.30776974

I think you are getting something mixed up.
There isn't even a place to fit a dick on him. Or tits. Or whatever you assume it has.

>> No.30776981

Don't forget the radiation breath attack.

>> No.30777001

>The beef is generally that the nay-sayers seem to think there is nothing else in the game but fetishes.
Oh, I agree on that much, don't get me wrong. There's a very interesting world, and an incredible looking game here, and it's not SUPER RAPE FETISH FUEL LAND either.

I'm just sick of the equally retarded reaction to this as well, where people reply to those trolls and ignorant idiots with the equally unrealistic "Nuh-uh, this is a wholesome christian game, my uncle works for Poots, so here's a list of things that will NEVER EVER EVER be in KD ever!"

Yeah, you're right. I meant the scribe. Sorry, it's been awhile, and I try to put the game out of mind between updates to help contain my excitement. Sorry for the confusion.

>> No.30777033

>and it's not SUPER RAPE FETISH FUEL LAND either.
Except it is though. That much is clear from even the most casual of glances of the game. What makes you think it ISN'T?

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In every thread, still hype for the game.

>> No.30777056

>its not a fetish game
>I just hate people who say its not a fetish game
I'm getting some mixed messages here.

>> No.30777072

Also in every thread

>> No.30777107

Oh that is great.

I was just about to post that, god damn.

>> No.30777113

He's annoyed by people who make a clearly mature thing appear more wholesome than it actually is.

Kindal like Bronies, but in reverse.

>> No.30777123

It's a dark horror survival game. The fetishy stuff comes mostly from early models, and the cheescake pinup 'bonuses' during the Kickstarter. The actual game won't have much in the way of cheescake, and a lot of the regular minis are pretty fucking sweet looking.

>> No.30777149

>The actual game won't have much in the way of cheescake
See? Another classic example of what I'm talking about, someone repeating something that we now actually know to be completely false in an attempt to make the game look more wholesome, all because people are insecure about the trolling that happens.

>> No.30777160

You sure seem to be asserting that pretty confidently. What evidence do you even have?
One of the fucking STARTING characters is topless.

>> No.30777248

I wasn't saying that at all though.

You started picking a fight (or at least, continued an argument someone else made) over me saying that the Reproduction Table was just a poorly named mechanic. Which it IS. Its one of the LEAST 'fetish shit' parts of the game. We already know how it works for the most part, because Poots himself has told us that much.

We know exactly what the table is for and what it does, and I was replying to someone who was confused by what its name implies, more then what it actually does.

I KNOW that once the game leaves kickstarter, and Poots can fully fund it himself, it will probably get kicked up a few notches, because he won't have to follow any guidelines for content. But he is a decent buisness man who knows what the hell he is doing, and isn't about to shove fetish shit into the core game, reserving that for promo content and addons.

>> No.30777281

I'm so tempted to try and paint my minis in that style/scheme but I'm positive they'd look boring. Monsters would have more color to them, but the humans would be all marbley in color.

I mean they are lost souls in a hellscape, it seems like something they could do.

>> No.30777322

It is a boardgame about wanton murder in a hellscape. Fuck is wholesome about that to begin with?

Sort of like any game where murder is the objective. Murder isn't wholesome.

>> No.30777329

>me saying that the Reproduction Table was just a poorly named mechanic. Which it IS
Why is that? Because you think that it should have a nice, pleasant, more wholesome name like "population growth table" because "reproduction table" has certain implications that might feel a little more unsettling? Yeah, I fucking thought so.

>> No.30777356

In certain relevant cultures, death and violence are considered more wholesome than anything that could even remotely be considered sexual.

You'll probably notice that's the part people actually (pretend to) take offense to.

>> No.30777416

>Belt of Gender Swap

Time for magical realms

>> No.30777497


Alpha, beta, and gamma as fuck

>> No.30777516

If you want wholesome, then you'd best stay away from miniature or board games in general.

>> No.30777540

No. Because its named just for the sake of being ~*~Flavorful~*~ instead of using a name that conveys exactly what the mechanic is for. Which is bad game design.

Take DnD for example. The system has its faults (it has a LOT of them actually), but one of the things it did right was the fucking names made sense.

Fireball: You shoot a ball of fire.
Acid Spray: You spray acid.
Tenser's Floating Disc: A spell that creates a disc, that floats, and was created by a guy named Tenser.
Attack Bonus: The bonus you get on your attack rolls.

You shouldn't HAVE to explain a mechanic by going "Well, its CALLED this, but its really more like THIS." If you ever have to do that, you should almost always use the name of what it actually does.Doing otherwise bloats the rules, makes it more difficult to explain to others, and doesn't actually add anything to the game.

Kingdom Death in particular, looks like its going to be pretty fucking rules heavy, and if you can cut down the explanation needed for a mechanic just by changing its name, you should PROBABLY FUCKING DO THAT. Especially because with how magical realm the game already is, that name specifically just gives the wrong impression to people looking to play the game. It has nothing to do with how wholesome it is. This is not a family game. Not even fucking CLOSE. It has to do with the kind of message a mechanic conveys with its name.

>> No.30777551

Someone needs to zoom in and enhance these, stat.

>> No.30777567

You have been watching too much CSI, anon.
That's not a thing you can actually do in real life.

>> No.30777575

>Rulebook Thumbnails
>I am super duper anti-spoilers. So I apologize that you cannot read anything and this is a total tease, but here is a sample of some of the spreads that grace the rulebook! The rulebook... got really big! lol

Poots is a worse cocktease than... the queen of strippers I think. He knows we want the goods, but he'll lead us on... for months, even years.

>> No.30777578

>In certain relevant cultures
Specifically, the puritan parts of the US (most of it, that is).

>> No.30777598

>No. Because its named just for the sake of being ~*~Flavorful~*~ instead of using a name that conveys exactly what the mechanic is for. Which is bad game design.
Well English is my native language, so I know that a human being reproducing (or failing to!) results in a population change.

> Especially because with how magical realm the game already is, that name specifically just gives the wrong impression to people looking to play the game.
>But I'm totally not insecure about the nature of the game!

Besides, you're making further assumptions that suggest that you know the full extent of game-related tables, and their EXACT purpose. You don't, by your own admission of not being a playtester.

>> No.30777617

It's like sex and violence is a loaded subject!

>> No.30777690

How about you do some actually research?

>> No.30777723


That last picture looks like something from Berserk's Eclipse.

>> No.30777755

That is communist propaganda. It's nothing like berserk!

>> No.30777778


Yeah, but you grow the population by, you know, having sex. This game already has people being cut in half by horrible monsters, and absolutely grotesque themes. This seems a minor quibble.

>> No.30777798


Man, that guy looks cool. I bet he has a lot of...guts.

>> No.30777842

He has a lot of chinese takeout

I'm sad they didn't keep the snarling expression

>> No.30777845

You're huge, that means you have huge guts!

>> No.30777909


Oh shit, the lawyers are at the door!

>> No.30777953

Love the look of this game. Hate the anti-fetishfags that make it so we can't have good threads.

Really, how can they even browse /tg/ and still function?

>> No.30777975

Hey, listen!

>> No.30778004

Yeah, fuck those guys. If they don't like a thread, they should just hide it and stick to whatever other slightly-less fetishy game they enjoy.

>> No.30778056


And a phoenix with someone trying to crawl out of its anus.

>> No.30778091

I know nothing about Kingdom Death, posting from the front page.
I assumed this "phoenix" eats people and poops 'em out all helathy and new, but probably evil or something.

>> No.30778107


That would be a horrifying twist on a phoenix's connection to resurrection.

Also probably someone's feitsh.

>> No.30778212

Would the phoenix smell bad inside?
I mean, there's no real digested matter. It's just a bunch of naked people in a big wet squishy tube.

Also, if it resurrects you, would you have your memories?

>> No.30778291

Probably. The major difference between resurrection and reincarnation (typically) is just memory. With resurrection, you keep them, while with reincarnation, you don't.

>> No.30778799

Can't wait till I get my poop-monster.

>> No.30778919

Or the Flower Knight

>> No.30779003

For people wondering why magnetizing these minis will be so difficult:
'A Strange Spot' is a regular sized card. Not a jumbo promo card or anything like that. Normal, average, dominion sized card.

>> No.30779045

>'A Strange Spot' is a regular sized card. Not a jumbo promo card or anything like that. Normal, average, dominion sized card.
I'm pretty sure that it's a larger sized card, the firefighter cards in flash point come to mind. Equipment cards are just shorter regular-sized cards, to the best of my knowledge.

>> No.30779138

That "Belt of Gender Swap" cardis probably the same width as an MTG card though.

>> No.30779234

With that and the one card that comes with the buxom speaker figure I think that there might call for some Chinese-printed extra copies of year cards and overly expensive event cards

>> No.30779273

Have they made a griffon for this yet? I want to see their horrific take on it.

>> No.30779285

You could say it's a trigger warning.

>> No.30779331

I am definitely naming my bard/jester survivor Carlos.

>> No.30779359

how big are the human minis then?

>> No.30779401

Actually, it IS a jumbo card. The gear cards are about the same width as a normal card, while that one is shown to be about twice the width of the gear card next to it.

I'm more interested in how its actually supposed to be USED. Because this lands right in the center of my magical realm, and I need it in my game.

>> No.30779425

They look about infinity sized. Better proportioned and slightly shorter than GW.

>> No.30779447

Those ARE the human minis.

>> No.30779496

Hope you do.

>> No.30779527

yeah but the other guy said the Strange Spot card is domino sized, dominoes coming in a lot of different sizes i had trouble imagining the size of the things in the picture
this is what i always thought
looking forward to buying the game
>at the beginning of each lantern year play Ping Pong Circulate from the Kill La Kill OST

>> No.30779553

Dominion. Not Domino. They mean the cards are eurogame sized, not playing card sized.

>> No.30779564

Wait according to the first vid you sculpt your mini according to what he wears. How do you separate the parts later ?

>> No.30779581

I bet that Beetle is able to roll.

Also I like Flower Knight. Ain't he a fabulous guy?

>> No.30779604

Magnetas, or more likely you don't .

>> No.30779642

You don't unless you magnetize.
I'm thinking of either of the following:
- making them all wear the full suit of armour
- just make people as I play
- design the most interesting looking miniatures out of all the stuff
- Try to build miniatures based upon which gear works the best together with those small boxes on the gear cards.

I'm leaning towards the last two options.

That said, I'd really like my models to lose limbs and shit where appropriate but it seems infeasible.

>> No.30779645

SOME of the cards are. I remember lamenting how many sleeves I'd need to buy when poots confirmed that.

I'm pretty sure those particular cards are oversized, though.

>> No.30779647

You don't. The game doesn't use WYSIWYG. Its just peoples OCD wanting to have everything look like it 'should'.

What a lot of people are planning to do, is make 1 male and 1 female of each full set, and then take the remaining sets, and hold on to them, using them to build the gearsets of their favorite survivors after they die, and then just use them as proxies. Mechanically, your mini doesn't matter. Just shows where you are standing. Your actual gear is shown by what cards you have.

Alternatively, you could just make some forged copies to use.

>> No.30779709

The just revealed promo card is oversized.
The settlement events, innovations, AI cards and hit locations are dominion sized.
Resource cards are playing card sized, as are set bonuses. I think challenge scenarios will be as well?
Gear cards are square. That ones kinda obvious.

Don't quote me on that though. Thats just what I'm seeing comparing screenshots. Its pretty hard to tell, but I THINK thats where everything falls.

>> No.30779726


>> No.30779742

There's been a lot of different types of card, along with non-final stuff, but if memory serves me correctly, Poots's reply when I asked about sleeves suggested that most of the game's cards would be euro, and that there would be a LOT.

Even then, I don't think everything was final. The point is that while the minis are small, they aren't quite THAT small.

>> No.30779785


Taken from the KS comments section:
>"Well, assuming that's standard dominion card size (59x91mm) then yep, I think that's about right.
The card is roughly 2 minis on their side wide (32mm minis, 59mm card) and about 3 tall (again 32mm minis, 91mm card). Dominion cards aren't exactly small. ;)"


>"There are three sizes of cards:
Equipment are 2" x 2"
Location are 4" x 8"
Eveything else (AI, Hit Location, Event, Resource, Innovation) is 2.25" x 3.5" (fit in dominion sleeves)"

>> No.30779843

Well shit.
>my hands when

>> No.30779852

I dunno, I just don't see that event card being standard dominion size.

>> No.30779862

Just out of curiosity, the extra monsters from the kickstarter will be available as expansion packs, right? I had enough money to buy the game, but not much else in way of extras, but now that it's been a year I can finally swing some money for the extra bosses.

>> No.30779892

Those are some big meaty claws!

>> No.30779919

Slenderman and The Lonely Tree MIGHT not be. Other then that, yes. All expansions are planned for sale after the game is shipped.

Adam even specifically asked that people not buy as many expansions if they could help it, cause they WOULD be offered later, and the game was already getting so overfunded that it would be hard to deliver everything on time.

Which is exactly what happened. This kickstarter, while EXTREMELY well handled compared to others, is pretty much the exact reason you don't want stretch goals like that. I'd point to Hex as a good example of how to do it. Stretch goals are just "Things we will prioritize in getting into the game after release."

>> No.30779922

I should also mention that, on my monitor, it's actually larger than a dominion card. The text is nearly illegible because it's so small at that size. Absolutely oversized.

>> No.30779925

>Is busy halfway through decapitating someone with a rusted box-cutter and attempting to drink lukewarm blood from her still twitching heart pumping to her exposed artery.

>Her shirt gets a tear exposing no bra

"Oh.. oh Yahweh!! How indecent!" -vomits-

"This game is for perverts and magical realm neckbeards.."

I honestly love the concern trolling and insecure defense. This game will be awesome even without any of that.

>> No.30779942

Guts, is it you?

>> No.30779995

I think the stretch goals were one of the only GOOD uses of the thing.
"Okay, the game is funded enough that we can produce it. If we keep going, we can potentially fund something else that we can produce". Absolutely perfect use of the idea.

>> No.30780116

For those wondering about the size of the minis... pic related.

>> No.30780178

alright, I chuckled

>> No.30780761

I just realized that the belt of gender swap may be him appealing to /tg/.

>> No.30781084

Sure they have the funding to do that, but they don't have the TIME. Each expansions added more time needed to playtest everything, which is whats been delaying the game so long.

The proper solution, imo, is to offer the expansions, but not directly. Instead, people could buy 'coupons' (at the kickstarter price) to let them get the expansions when they got released.

That would let the game still get shipped on time, the game would still raise the same amount of money, that money could still go towards the same product, but it also prevents delays.

>> No.30781365

>> No.30781379

Man, all these child-bearing hips. At least people seem to be well-fed in the grimdark of the dark horror world.

>> No.30781451

'We' don't know, but 'we' think that humans are pretty much willed into existance by the Scribe, as modeled here,
and are used as food for the monsters.

>> No.30781566

Every time I see this posted here it gets more and more retarded. This thing is going to crash and burn so hard. I doubt many FLGSes will touch this with a regulation 10' pole.

>> No.30781606

Good thing hes not trying to sell them there?

>> No.30781632

>implying it wouldn't be a rollicking success just with online sales

This isn't 1994. I'd be hard pressed to find a LGS that sold any miniatures outside of GW, a few Reaper models, and WWII minis.

>> No.30781729

God i love the art style of this. it's like this perfect combination of Dark Souls and Berzerk (and occasionally HIPS)

I remember there being some kind of art book, or at least a shit ton of concept art someone dumped once, but i lost the hard drive i had that saved to.

Any way of getting my hands on that stuff again?

>> No.30781785

Mine has tons. They have big sections for Reaper, GW, Warmahordes, WWII/Flames of Warand then a bunch of smaller sections for Battletech and other small games. I talked to the owner last week and he kickstarted the Robotech Tactics game and is getting half a dozen starter sets of it. And because the shop supports them, all of those games have communities that have events at the shop. The last Battletech event there drew 20 people, a respectable amount for a Warhammer/Warmahordes game.

Capcha: iaSemen days, fitting for this game.

>> No.30781805

>>for a non-Warhammer/Warmahordes game
fixt. I need to stop talking on the phone and typing at the same time.

>> No.30781978

Yeah, I'm here. Give me half an hour and an updated version should be zipped and uploaded to mediafire.

>> No.30781985

Good for you? Those all sound like established mainstream war games to me. My point was simply that this product's success won't be decided by how much retail shelf space it gets. It's an expensive as fuck boutique board game for people who actively seek out such things.

The pinup models are pretty cheesy, but most of the monsters are a breath of fresh air in a hobby that's still dominated by aesthetics from the 60's and 70's.

I know nothing about the board game, I just want the models.

>Does anyone else notice that 4chan/internet fetishists have created a backlash against grotesque/erotic art?

This stuff is goofy and tame compared to HR Giger and the like (y'know, the oscar award winning artist who made a career out of drawing fuck monsters since the 1950's?)

>> No.30782148

You kick ass, bro.

>> No.30782201

Mediafire not so much. It goes from saying 1 to 1.5 hours till it's done. Damn, I hate 10 mbit up speed.

>> No.30782521

So based

>> No.30782624

Any /k/ommandos around? If you must hunt pic related, what would you use? The biggest weapon you can use is something that can be portable by a crew of three.

>> No.30782718

>any .50BMG rifle
>any decent AA gun mounted on a technical

Pretty easy

>> No.30782747

You can break down and carry an AA gun with a crew of three?

>> No.30782789

>mounted on a technical

Portable as fuck

>> No.30782823

Yeah sure, but portable by a crew of three, not a crew of technical. Unless you happen to have an autobot on your side.

>> No.30782871

About 15-20 minutes now. Subject to change due to internet gods.

>> No.30782918


You can only make babies in accordance with the number of women you have. So if a whole bunch of women die on a hunting trip....

"Well Frank, it's time to bite the bullet. Put on the belt, I hope it can expand greatly as you will be wearing it for ten months at least."

>Reduce a burly man into a smoking hot baby-factory for the good of the village.


>> No.30782943

Do you hate fun? Why can't I blast giant zombie stag while slaloming around on the back of a toyota pickup with a machinegun bolted to the bed?

If I have to change my answer, I'll go for some kind of rotary grenade launcher with 40mm HEAT grenades. That nigga looks like he needs some explosives.

>> No.30782985

Well, the ERP thread is that way
if you want to play it out.
>Do you hate fun?
The rules must always be adheared to!

>> No.30783049

Dont send all of your women out on a hunting trip ya dingus. If your not going to leave them all at home, at least dont take them all at once!

>> No.30783107

Im fairly certain its just "As long as you have at least 2 villagers"

>> No.30783138

And here is the new and updated Kingdom Death rar

>> No.30783148


Is this one of those bedroom/paintroom models, or is this a model meant to be seen by others?

>> No.30783170

Those are the pinups, yes. And if you want to show them to people or not is up to you.

>> No.30783171

>The rules must always be adheared to!
That's what nazi said. See where it got them.

>> No.30783239

A romp through entire europe, and a jolly good ride it was, yes!

>> No.30783560

Poots, the sneaky fucker, has stuff. Stuff that I want.

>> No.30783961

>> No.30784076

Goodnight, sweet /tg/. Forgive me for I have sinned. I bought the eight pinups.

>> No.30784327

I appreciate it. I've been meaning to show this to some friends, but it's hard to get them to look at it seriously when all google yields is the mountains of pinups.

>> No.30784672

You will share the playable content with us. Resistance is futile.

>> No.30784765

Yeah, if /tg/'s reaction is anything to go by, those pinup figures are creating a lot of (for lack of a better word) brand confusion--lots of people think it's Guro ERP: The Boardgame.

Which is a shame; I separate the cheesecake models from the Bosch-esque madness in the game minis, but I get sick of hearing OMG MAGICAL REALM SICK WHY CANT THEY JUST MAKE NICE MINIS LIKE MUH SPESS MUHREEENS

>> No.30785756

>lost two survivors due to a botched roll on the "intimacy table"
It's not that kind of game they said.

>> No.30785956

No one knows if it's Guro ERP yet, it'd make for an awesome LARP.

Only a small percentage of the bitching is honest, the rest is just trying to get the sweet, easy reaction out of fans like we do with any game.

Also, welcome to the 40k board.

>> No.30787114

>no May confirmation date
poots pls

>> No.30787377

Which is why it should be called 'population table'. All that is, from what we have seen of it, is two survivors giving up on the world, and leaving to wander the darkness together.

I'm like 90% sure that is the backstory to Adam and his girlfriend's self insert characters as well.

>> No.30790226

Are you sure about that?

>> No.30791397

>self insert characters
That's pretty much all starting survivors.

>> No.30791819

Not really. The Explorers of Death are literally him and his girlfriend.

>> No.30791928

Yes, and I'm reasonably sure that the other characters are named after their original group.

>> No.30791949

Dare you enter my magical realm?

>> No.30791961

Who the fuck names their kid 'Alistair'?

>> No.30791971

My african-american Gorm!
The royalty of south bronx?

>> No.30792038

So you'll have the two cards before the rest of it is released to share with us?

>> No.30792084

You wot m8?

>> No.30792461

While the game concept looks fun, it's too cheesecake for me to play with anyone. I would definitely change my tune if were just nudity and gore. But no - they're not just primitive or scantily dressed, they have to be weirdly hyper-sexualized in a way that sacrifices realism for what I can only describe as outdated conceptions of what is considered attractive. The whole 60's pin-up / action hero vibe clashes with the underlying themes of desperate survival, loss, mutilation and horror in a way that isn't haunting, disturbing, or engaging. The obviously intentional dissonance designed to provoke emotional reaction is well executed, but flawed in conception.
And it's not just the limited edition special optional pin-up models - this is something that runs through the entire work. All the tits and hips protruding. All the pecs and biceps bulging. The guys are aesthetic as fuark, and the women, by contrast, look like they've lived a life of luxury and have just enough body fat to be considered ideal, forty or fifty years ago. You can try to claim that they're trying to play into the whole barbarian/fantasy trope and subvert it with horror - but this medium isn't a good way of doing that. The barbarian/fantasy trope is wish fulfillment - a good way of exposing and denying common elements of that through horror is a good plan - except that the game is almost entirely mechanical, with what appears to be very little fluff-player interaction to drive the message through. There's not really a chance to establish the tropes the horror elements would dissolve, and when those tropes are dissolved, the mechanical effects take precedence over any flavor, due to the nature of the gameplay.
I think they had a great idea, but the addition of sexuality was poorly handled, and resulted in a confusing and distasteful mess, conceptually.

As a result, I'm really just here for the awesome monster art. Which is pretty fucking awesome.

>> No.30792519

You have the strangest patchwork ability to suspend your disbelief.

>> No.30792565

That could be useful when it comes to hunting. What should we equip this survivanon with?

>> No.30792824

>curvy hips and juicy tits
>outdated conceptions of what is considered attractive
>just enough body fat to be considered ideal, forty or fifty years ago
>forty or fifty years ago
>not 2000 and 14

>> No.30793002

Humanity struggles against monsters. Basic premise. Immediately alerts players to the narrative of the game.
Explorers venture out to gather supplies and fight horrors. Excellent.
Grow your small group of humans by succeeding at the previous step. Great mechanic builds on previous foundations.
Horror, death, and gore are to be expected. Tone of the game established , very doable in context of setting and mechanics.
As for the metaphysics - the gods are trying to wipe out humanity through inhuman abominations. Wow, it's even got a cool mythos attached.
Oh, and nearly all of the humans come straight from Frank Frazetta's illustrations. Wait, what? Why? How does this at all work? Is it for marketing? I mean, sure, some pandering is understandable - but the rest of the game sounds like a gritty horrorfest. This seems (to me, at least) like a completely different direction to take, especially given the rest of the game's (monster and setting) design. Body horror, psychological horror, death, and let's throw in some good old fashioned escapism - you know, soft curvy women (with huge TITS and ASSES) and some mysteriously beardless hunky dudes. It's bad when I have to hunt for a realistically norm-proportioned and/or practically dressed woman (leather thongs and string bikinis?).
Nudity is fine. Primitive clothing is fine. Even everybody-is-attractive is fine (marketing kills realism). But why is it a necessity for the women to be in provocative poses, shapely tits thrust forward, generous ass jutting out?

Do a google image search for "kingdom death" and tell me that the results you get weren't intended to be found erotic. Attached is an image of the basic female survivor, taken directly from the online store.

Uh, yes. Now women's ideal body fat is lower, and has been, since the mid 90's, thanks to heroin chic. Recently there's been a move towards fitness, and "toned" is more acceptable.

>> No.30793065

One of the first pieces of art for the game I was exposed to. Note the huge contrast in tone between this, and later promotional material (see: >>30775990).

>> No.30793153

It's the survivor -pinup-, yes. I'll post a few pics of the armor kits that is actually in the game itself.

>> No.30793166


>> No.30793184

The male version is here

>> No.30793209


>> No.30793220


>> No.30793245


>> No.30793690

I'd buy that after the release, if it wasn't so bloody expensive.
125 dolars for the whole game, without many expansions? Nah, too much for me. I don't think I'd play it often enough to sink that much to it.

>> No.30793912

That's a fair grievance. Though it does come with a lot of minis in the base game. Sadly it isn't 28 mm scale, but the monsters could be used for other games.

>> No.30794300

I know, it's just too expensive for my tastes. I wouldn't mind buying it in smaller chunks, but the whole thing at once? I'd have to rearrange my hobby budget just for one game. And because I have a lot of more stuff to buy (various books, minis for my French fleet in Dystopian Wars, Imperial for Warzone Ressurection, Ariadna in Infinity, some games going out in the next months - Dark Souls 2 for example and some RPG books I want to have in non-pdf format) I can't justify the big purchase of one game. That's just it, it's a pity really, I already have Lion Knight and Flower Knight minis waiting to be painted I bough few months back and I love those minis.

>> No.30794429

Well, it won't go anywhere. It will be right there in the online shop, beckoning to you.

>> No.30794465

This model is so fucking sexy... I need to get it. Damn you Poots and your superb sculptors.

>> No.30794552

Some of the minis are quite nice but the game looks awful, all in all not regretting backing out of backing it.

As for the retail prices on this stuff fuck that, people complain about GW prices but this is a whole extra level of overpriced, I get that its trying to be boutique and clever but realistically it's all been started by people fapping over pinups that have three times the markup they deserve.

>> No.30794580

I don't get what all you sperglords are oing on about
It's a game with tits and ass minis to appeal to neckbeards and sell more. No need to make of it any more or less than there is.
If anyone thinks fetish fuel is not his thang, he's more than welcome to stay away from it. People who are trying to justify it as cognitive dissonance, or delude themselves into thinking that it's jsut a few pin-ups and the game won't have any cheap overdone sexuality, are just insecure manchildren who cna't ecen admit to their own fetishes.

>> No.30794607

Yeah well they also don't take to paint particularly well either, people love the pretty renders, artwork and occasional unpainted model but just look at:

Face is clearly an uneven cast, surface details aren't pronounced enough meaning even extreme edge highlighting with NMM technique doesn't really make it pop.

Faces look derpy as fuck, cloth doesn't work on many of the models as the 'flow' is unnatural making it look like hard edged sheet plastic.

Looks incredibly flat, attempting to do a dark scheme to hide flaws with the model, minor attempts at OSL to add something to actually look at.

Just a mess, faces on the cloth stick out too far to try and add depth, ends up looking silly, it's essentially a ball of cloth with a few lamps and protrusions but of course as its from KD people are praising the fuck out of it.

Lets face it neckbeards just loves some tittys, that's fine I wouldn't deny them that but all the painting threads have shown none of them will be able to make these models look good, apart from maybe one or two exceptions. That combined with the game looking like a hot mess right now means fervent 'no poots is a genius because he does updates rabble rabble' replies are all you're going to get because they've invested too much in a mediocre product.

>> No.30794618

The core game comes with 7 big monsters, 28 human minis, rulebook, enough cards to overload a truck, and a game board for the price of about $200. It's not cheap, certainly not, but GW is still a hell of a lot more expensive at $35-$60 per big mini.

>> No.30794639

>Its bad because people like it
>Detail is bad

I dont even have words.

>> No.30794642

>sex sells only for neacklebeards

Dat edge.

>> No.30794654


>> No.30794675

Please. Sex sells for everyone, but the kind of sexualized imagery aimed specifically at our demographics is ridicolous.

>> No.30794725

At retail there aren't 28 human minis, looks more like 20 to me, and not all the monsters are big, don't forget the actual ones in the core game are only Lion, Phoenix, Antelope, Butcher, Kingsmen, Kings Hand, Watcher, some of those are basically survivor plus in terms of size.

The surface detail comes out poor on a lot of minis, one good phoenix sprue and you think you're vindicated? Once the paint goes on it looks awful, same problem the Malifaux 2.0 plastics have the faces etc look fine on renders but they're too flat once the paint hits them.

Such an eloquent point! But of course agreeing to disagree is completely fine.

>> No.30794771

Sure your opinions are right, and anyone that is hyped for this game needs to be educated and executed, right?

>> No.30794838

First point is a fact not an opinion, second point could be either, I've yet to see an example to prove it wrong but I'd love it if you could show me one, third point was saying that everyone is allowed an opinion, try harder eh, that or learn reading comprehension.

>> No.30794869


Is that a hand coming out of the bird's butt hole?

>> No.30794904


>> No.30796137

Why are the models so fucking expensive?
I just want some qt girls as models ;_;

>> No.30796191

>Why are the models so fucking expensive?
They aren't. 8 models for $80, in nice packaging, with some small extras. Games Workshop would charge more than twice that.

>> No.30796292

Thats true.
Are the models 54mm?

>> No.30796332

They're this:

>> No.30796549

Its actually 200 dollars for the base game.

>> No.30796566

Even with the markup, the game is, model for model, cheaper then GW.

>> No.30796588

It IS really expensive with the markup though. I actually kind of hope Poots doesn't have to charge the full amount that he planned to post-kickstarter. It's already expensive, that will make it even more prohibitively so.

>> No.30796652

A Strange Spot
- Settlement Event
The survivors discover a man-sized patch of darkness on the outskirts of the settlement. Their lanterns flicker and dim as they approach it. Choose a returning survivors...the strange spot and roll 1D10 on the...
D10 ...
1 The survivor slips in, never to return. You are d...
2-6 The survivor emerges from the spot startlingly...Gain the Belt of Gender Swap. Place it in your...
7+ The strange spot disappears. Gain the Belt of Gender swap...put(?) it in your gear grid now. the surge of hormones...body. Gain +1 permanent evasion, accur(acy?)...
Belt of Gender Swap
... ... other
(Belt image, 2 green half boxes one to the right one to the bottom of the card)
While...change to...
So it looks like the results are:
10% - Death
50% - Gain the item.
40% - Gain the item and increased stats.

Yeah, i'd take that risk and jump in to get stuck with having a penis.

>> No.30796692

Well, anyone who regularly paints minis knows to never trust photos. Yes they show you the flaws on the mini, but in reality, those flaws are never noticeable in play. ESPECIALLY not at this games scale.

>> No.30796748

Ya I am looking forward to this with, with my backing and the main-game, it will still be under what I have spent on GW by miles. And if it gets taken out once a month for a session for a few years thats worth it to me. If it gets taken out once a week then that would be awesome.

>> No.30797073

>anyone who regularly paints minis knows to never trust photos

That's one of the silliest things I've heard on /tg/ it could possibly apply where a mini looks too good as it could've been touched up on photoshop to improve it, however when a mini doesn't look great on a photo chances are it doesn't look great in the flesh 99% of the time.

>> No.30797160

>Also probably someone's feitsh.
If it wasn't, it is now.

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