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ERP thread?

My last encounter related, when sessions go wrong.

>so many That Guys

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isn't this just the nature of this activity? I feel like the people who are lonely enough to do it in the first place are all the exact type to pull this shit

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>I had hoped to show that I could conceal the dark side of me

Boy, what a strange motherfucker.

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Christ, what a clingy bitch.

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>Show that I could be more than just a fucking cyber thrill.

Yeah, no. I don't think anyone goes to f-list looking for a real-life long term relationship. And anyone looking for that on there is a complete fucking moron asking for disappointment and rejection.

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Ahahahaha. Phew.

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what is this shit?

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>I really think you formed that idea on your own.
10/10 response I am dying here

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Looks like an interjection used to express exhaustion from all that laughter to me, anon.

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It wasn't even his "darkness" that scared me away really, just his clingyness. He sent a photo though and it reminded me of Kili from The Hobbit movies. Except... fat.

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Wow. Tell me he had Dom in his profile, and that he was just playing the part to the bitter end.

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>I don't know why they kicked me off of OKcupid. Oh well, Time for f-list!

What were they expecting? Honestly.

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>sent a photo

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Is it considered weird if I erp while in a real life relationship?

I'm very happy with my girlfriend, the sex is great, but I'm also a creepy pervert who likes roleplaying out scenarios.

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Well, you pretty much handled that about as well as any human being could have been expected to.

You must have the patience of a saint. I can't even imagine not openly mocking or berating that guy for being an idiot.

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>sent a photo

Jesus fuck, you couldn't have gotten out of that shit any quicker.

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Weird as in strange or bizarre? Not really.
Weird as in considered socially unacceptable? Yes.

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>Weird as in considered socially unacceptable? Yes

That's erp as a whole though, innit?

She knows about it and doesn't mind.

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>She knows about it and doesn't mind.
That's significantly better then.

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Not as unusual as you might think, anon. Very similar situation to you.

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>She knows about it and doesn't mind.
Doesn't mind as in doesn't mind, or says "she doesn't mind?"

Some women are bizarre creatures quick to sour a relationship with lies. They can often get the strange idea that being forthcoming with their grievances and working to a compromise will be more damaging to a relationship than sweeping annoyance and jealously under the rug until it ferments into a smelly mildew of distrust and despondence.

Though I don't mean to generalize, not all women are like this and it could be just as likely she veritably doesn't mind it. Just uh, listen to her face and not her words is all.

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I've RP'd with a couple of girl partners. Their respective SO's haven't actually minded. The wife of one of my partners is ok with it as long as she gets to know all the juicy details, for instance.

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Once when starting ERP in a new place I asked my partner what his character looked like.

He sent me a selfie.

I still ERPed with the clingy bastard for ages. I really was a pushover for a long time.

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>Doesn't mind as in doesn't mind, or says "she doesn't mind?"

As in she actively reads the logs later then we fuck.

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Come on, I thought we agreed on the weekends.

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Thread starter is obviously a newfighter.

Just wait for it to slide off.

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>some women

Replace that with "some people" and you'd be accurate. People in general can be reticent about being honest with their hangups, while still being angry because "you should know" or whatever.

I've known both men and women that do this, about equally.

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For fuck's sake, you negro, stop bumping the fucking thread and let it fucking die. This thread is pining for the fjords. It is no more, It has ceased to be, it is bereft of life, it rests in peace, it is beyond the veil, it has passed away, it is in eternal slumber, it has transcended mortal woes, it has entered into the kingdom of heaven. IT! IS! A! DEAD! THREAD!
Now stop FUCKING bumping it.

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>Go online to have pretend-sex
>Be surprised that there are lots of That Guys

You really have absolutely nobody but yourself to blame.

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>He sent a photo
Post it.

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My wife's sister had her marriage break up over that. I'd be careful if I were you.

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Let me break this down for you, son. This is a weekday ERP thread. Absolutely no good will come of it, because the main ERP crowd isn't here. Best case scenario, it dies fast. Worst case scenario, it becomes a shitheap of trolling and bullshit. I'm going to assume you aren't a troll, because if you are, this is a really weak and sad trolling attempt. If somehow you're a well-meaning newfriend, then just let the thread die, because bumping it every two minutes like this makes you come across like a recent escapee from /v/, and you're making these threads worse for literally everyone. Please stop and just let it die.

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I think you've gotten the wrong guy. I came here for a that guy story and stuck around for the story around it, though I did not notice how old the post was.

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If your girlfriend knows about it and is genuinely okay with it, then yes, it's okay.

If not, then no.

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Can't, I didn't save it.

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The same applies to you regardless. This thread will not produce anything of interest or worth, and should be allowed to die in peace before the trolls descend.

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Degenerates pls go

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ERP as in with other people, or with your significant other?

If it's the prior, nigga cut it out. Shit's selfish.

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/pol/ack, pls go back to your containment board.

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I'll go back to /pol/ once you shits go back to /d/

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>ERP belongs on /d/
Oh sweet summer child. I usually hold back on this, but I really cannot make this thread any worse. Fact is, no, it does not, because /tg/ is vanilla as fuck and /d/ is 95% dickgirls by weight. No one in these threads wants to go to /d/ because it'd be nothing but futa all the fucking time, and no one but /d/ wants that. It also doesn't belong on /soc/, because it's not about real life hookups. Same goes for pretty much every board, either the culture is completely unsuitable or the point is missed. /tg/, whether you like it or not, is pervy, likes some sexy stuff, and is roleplay oriented. You are an idiot, you are a blight, and you should gb2/pol/. I sincerely doubt my words have made a spit of difference to anyone, so have a nice day. Fuckwit.

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You bretty fukn mad bro

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Apparently his girlfriend reads the logs later and they use it to get all hot and bothered for sex with each other.

I don't think he's neglecting his SO in favour of strangers on the internet.

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Not really, no. I've actually been holding in that rant for a long time and feel much better now that I've said it. Thank you for the opportunity. Candyass.

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Not him but this isn't your board. And the only thing more annoying than ERP posters are people who think they're some kind of authority or speak for the rest of us.

You don't, and your unwarranted sense of self importance is what makes anons like me bump threads just to spite you. /tg/ is best when the trolls descend on threads and change topics, and if you've been here for any length of time you would know that.

So by all means, YOU get the fuck out.

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No seriously, people who literally cannot stop themselves from ending every paragraph in a snippy insult are by every metric and definition mad as fuck. So yes friend, you mad. You real mad

I mean, I knew I was gunna mildly annoy you, but I'm not sure I was ready for this level of mad. Goddamn

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>posting about your social life makes you /d/

I agree with your internal point(posting about your social life when it`s clearly not main topic), but calling people degenerate is not going to help anything. Go read about Nietzsche, he had right idea about morality(no such pointless things as good vs. bad, degenerate vs. [insert social behavior you dislike]) or Consequentialism and then come back calling people degenerate.

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Nietzsche was a delusional pedophile.

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Tons of people do. It was such a pervasive problem with F-list that they had to bring it to the attention of everyone after legal problems.

In the first two years of ERPing, I had FOUR people share IRL pictures with me, one of whom actually offered to pay for plane tickets so I could go fuck them. Two others were very eager to transition to camshows and away from ERP. Interestingly, one of those people is a big name on Hentaifoundry and tumblr now(I'll even give you a hint: World of Warcraft pictures and fiction!).

I ended up having phone sex with another girl I met through non-ERP that eventually evolved into ERP.

I know a girl on F-List who seriously makes a living moving from ERP partner to ERP partner, having sex with them for real for a few months, getting gifts, having her bills paid, and taking advantage of free rent before moving on....and I joke around with friends about how she is probably actually a black widow killer.

This is just an issue with ERP and BDSM ERP specifically.

Most of you are too young to know this, but back in the 90's, there was a big controversy over a few BDSM-themed ERP rooms based around Gor, wherein some people were slowly groomed to give their IRL information and were then guided into meetings so that they could have their fantasy slave lifestyle become real.....and were then promptly thrown into real slavery and sex trafficking.

If you notice, many people on F-List also want their IC and OOC to blend. Most people have a VERY small filter between character and self.

So beware!

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And his ideas of moral relativism and slave morality where bases for nazi philosophy to grow on. Moral nihilism is the way to go.

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The F-list contingent is very large, and suggests that most of /tg/ is not vanilla as fuck.

Either way, maybe ERP threads -should- go somewhere else. This is borderline /tg/ at best.

....at least it's better than quest threads.

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That's funny, drawing on Nietzsche led me to the opposite conclusion. You realise he saw the death of God as a tragedy and that ERPing with strangers on the internet is characteristic of the last man, right?

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>Either way, maybe ERP threads -should- go somewhere else. This is borderline /tg/ at best.
>....at least it's better than quest threads.
There's one ERP thread at a time when they're going on, and it's very easy to ignore. It's not like it's devouring the board or poisoning the wider board culture.

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I say this simply because there have been successful ERP threads on /d/, and a few other boards have occasionally hosted roleplay meetup threads that were moderately successful.

I agree that the ERP thread is not out of place on /tg/. But it's also not a single solitary thread all the time.

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I merely agree with him on moral nihilism,not with his ideas of super men and ideas about god.

>> No.30776112 [DELETED] 

The only time I can remember it not being a single thread were a couple of incidents where people who hate ERP threads deliberately spammed the board with them in an attempt to get them banned entirely.

>> No.30776178 [DELETED] 

That's funny too, I agree with him about everything but moral nihilism, and I'm a Christian.

>> No.30776200 [DELETED] 

And a few times where two or more anons are trying to make a new thread at once, resulting in up to three or four threads for a brief period until the anons settle on a proper thread.

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I find that funny too, as it is contradictory on subject of value of man. As christian you should accept that all men are created equal, and that god makes the final judgement on subject at hand. and there is that whole thing about preying in closet and keeping your religion to yourself (matthew 6-6.)too along with selling your worldly possessions, but I`m not going to go there.

Personally I find that whether does or dosen`t exist it is irrelevant to me, as my brain decomposes, my ability to feel,memorize and to think goes with it, same with my personality,memories and everything that makes me myself.

But what ever floats your boat, I think that we are getting bit off topic here.

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You don't think the philosophical question of whether or not ERP threads ought to exist is on topic for an ERP thread? That's a shame, it might have been a worthwhile conversation.

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>..at least it's better than quest threads.
You hate good writing, creativity and interaction

>> No.30776608 [DELETED] 

>Either way, maybe ERP threads -should- go somewhere else.

> but it's my opini-
Still bait.

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>but I'm not sure I was ready for this level of mad
Don't post self-entitled biullshit if you're not ready for criticism.

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Would your significant other be pissed off if they found out you were engaging in whatever sexual activity? Then it's cheating.

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I'm crying

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>>Go online to have pretend-sex
>>Be surprised that there are lots of That Guys
>You really have absolutely nobody but yourself to blame.

Utter nonsense. Sure, there are a lot of people ho only think about their own gratification. But there are also people who respect others. as in real life.

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Worst so far was rping with a girl who did no caps no punctuation 10 words max who wanted me to join her IRL polygamist husbands in story driven rp. I said no. Then she asked if I wanted to have sex with her child (she made a fur profile for her irl 2 year old daughter). I said no. She asked if I wanted to fuck her cat form instead. I said maybe.

>> No.30777703

>She asked if I wanted to fuck her cat form instead. I said maybe.

Worst, or best?

>> No.30777738

>Then she asked if I wanted to have sex with her child (she made a fur profile for her irl 2 year old daughter).
Oh god, what?

>> No.30777765

Please tell me you called the cops

>> No.30777871

>Frame ERP as co-writing a saucy romance novel and everyone's okay with it and more girls want IN on it

You have stumbled upon a secret my friend

>> No.30777885

If you think of ERP as a way of fucking your partner and not as the two of you collaborating to write smutty fiction to begin with, you're already doing it wrong.

>> No.30777922

Hey, as much as I like ERP, it's a bit early in the week to have one. Wait until at least Friday for the regulars to show up.

>> No.30777941

We're not really discussing ERP in general (like in the ERP generals) so much as clingy partners and when it is and is not acceptable to ERP with someone who has an SO.

It's more specific discussion than the weekend threads.

>> No.30777956

I think of ERP as

More partners = more experiences. Everyone being cool with it also makes it a neat social experience as well.

He has his significant other for the sex

A cat is fine too

>> No.30777959


But the regulars are shit.

>> No.30778052

Any general that persists long enough to start having regulars becomes shit.

>> No.30778356

Like, all the regulars are only even popular because they're girls(or pretend to be girls) and so everyone worships them and plays with them because pussy drought.

It's the same shitty dynamics that lets really awful people rise to popularity and get moderatorship in rooms and collapses communities based around their cult of personality/vagina. Except now the vaginas are pretend, too.

.....Y'all niggas ain't fooling anyone.
Also everyone in ERP seems to be hyper/pol/ and like 17.

>> No.30778449

Nah, a lot of people do it because it's fun and you can do things you couldn't in real life. A healthy fantasy life is healthy.

I know a couple on F-list that ERP with each other and others.

>> No.30778485

Not true. There is a recurring general thread on /tg/ that has decent, quality regulars, and hasn't become shit.

>> No.30778509


>> No.30778530

Ya, really.

You just have to like WW2 miniature games. The namefag regulars there, are for the most part all pretty bro-tier.

>> No.30779011

Am I the only one who not only want to do naughty things, but also wants to do some adventure?

My travelling orc have troubles to do some breeding adventure.

>> No.30779033

No. I'd like that as well.

>> No.30779040

Can I get a thread name? I kind of want to go take a look now.

>> No.30779056

All of the ERPs I've set up so far involve adventure, usually followed by heading into town to sell loot, spin tales, and bang each other's brains out.

And then it's off on another adventure.

>> No.30779067

I want that, but I feel like I'd be bad at it outside the framework of an actual game. Without some third party to play the NPCs, I feel like things don't have as much meaning.

Which puts me in this weird spot where on F-list I just wanna do one shot scenes, but I also want there to be a lead up to the sex, which means it takes forever. But I don't want to just skip to the sex. But I don't want to have more involved RP.

It's annoying, and one reason I rarely do anything.

>> No.30779069

Oh, thankfully.

Sometimes when I start a roleplay about orcs and breeding it stops being about adventure and became a story about a couple having mini orcs.

Is this how it feels to be married?

>> No.30779371

Did anyone suffer this? You start a really kinky and interesting roleplay, then suddenly your nephews or nieces come to visit, leaving you with a raging boner.

>> No.30779428

>then suddenly your nephews or nieces come to visit, leaving you with a raging boner.
I'm hoping that's not what left you with the boner.

>> No.30779485

>Start a kinky and engaging roleplay
>Getting into it
>Getting to the good bit
>Mom calls
Even worse if it's an incest scene

>> No.30779534

None of my relatives is that much of a tease, so no.

>> No.30779926

So, /erpg/, quick question. Is it better to give okay quality responses in a timely manner or aim for a higher standard, even if it takes you a lot longer to get your writing to that stage?

>> No.30779945

Depends on what your partner likes better.

Usually the former, though, depending on how long "a lot longer" is.

>> No.30780184


You sure about that Gor thing? I can't find anything online about it.

>> No.30780277

Anything over 10 minutes feels a bit slow but can be nice if you are also playing a game or something like that in the meantime.

>> No.30780425


This was in 1998, before like, things like this would be immortalized in online news.

I was only on the periphery of this stuff, otherwise I would be able to tell you more. I didn't travel in BDSM/Gor circles, but people I knew did.

>> No.30780480


Oh wait, I found some stuff!

....oh god, that dude was the Slavemaster serial killer. Convicted in 2003.

>> No.30780523



Here's an old page that has some stuff. And it offers a good peek into the mind of a lot of ERPers.

Even on F-List, a lot of this "I am only roleplaying to find IRL subs/doms" is a very common thing. Like I said before, this was so bad, and F-List was getting in trouble for it, that they had to basically rule that giving out info is against the rules.

>> No.30780572


If only that were the worst thing that could happen. I once was sent a video of a man fapping while crying out my characters name.

>> No.30780579

Hey ERP thread.

Just checking to see if anyone has a copypasta. It's about a thrallherd that accidentally caught a drow priestess as a thrall. I just want to see how other people handled that situation. TY if you can help

>> No.30780629


Ancientfag here. This happened to me with said WoW artist/writer. I didn't even realize that it was a dude.

....I shamefully valued that ERP so much I responded in kind, and was promptly rejected a month later for being "Too vanilla" because I did not want to play twin bishounen catboys getting ballbusted by a muscle dickgirl orc

Ah, the errors of our youth!

>> No.30780749


I see. Mine occurred on the second instance of a very casual meeting. This person felt so comfortable with how we were getting along in that time that he figured it would be a good idea to send him a video he had made after talking to a partner for two days.

He tried to backtrack, beg for forgiveness, and all sorts of other shit when I promptly told him to get lost and put him in my ignore list, going so far as to approach me with other characters (the best of which was just a genderswapped version of the original).

On the flip side, I've met a partner that I get along extremely well with in OOC situations, and we've been going over ways to improve our writing and generally crank out better smut as a result of that.

>> No.30780839


Finding a good long-term partner is really nice. I had someone I roleplayed with for like five years, but after we basically concluded our storyline, we couldn't make the magic happen again and went our separate ways.

>> No.30780867

I've never seen a F-list /tg/ profile that mentions IRL.

>> No.30780932

How did you manage to keep things interest, if I may ask?

>> No.30780971

>World of Warcraft pictures and fiction!).
Shia? Ackanime, drgraevling, sienna?
... I think those are all I can name on demand.

>> No.30780993


That's because people from post-00's backgrounds don't have the same kind of really thin barrier between IC and OOC that people who gamed seriously in the 90's before D&D3e came out.

Every roleplayer I know above age 35-40(~a decade older than me) is MUCH different, and they have always been more cultish/willing to blend that shit up.

My honest assessment is that Dark Dungeons was totally true, and that your average roleplayer of that era really WAS like BLACKLEAF, NOOOO!!!!!!!!!

The local WoD group in my area is composed of people mostly in their 30's and above, who go around drinking blood and having group sex while pretending to be vampires.

People from a /tg/ background here belong to the 'new school', basically. Said new school is generally good about IC/OOC separation. But that only applies to people who actually enter ERP through roleplaying games. Which is a very small minority of ERPers these days. Which is why things like celebrity RP and bimbofication and shit are much more common.

>> No.30780996

I think you're misremembering. Nothing accidental about it.

>> No.30780999

I ain't trying to fool anyone, I just don't advertise that I'm a dude either. I'm also not trying to get popular either, I can only ERP with so many people at once.

>> No.30781032

GTFO, rthat kind of diarrhea is confined to weekends for very good reasons.

>> No.30781039


Thanks friend!

>> No.30781061

>The local WoD group in my area is composed of people mostly in their 30's and above, who go around drinking blood and having group sex while pretending to be vampires.

I think that's less a result of their age and more that they play WoD.

>> No.30781078

>Local WoD Group goes around drinking blood and having group sex

If by WoD you mean the LARP that goes on, that is just WoD LARP, attracts the worst sort of people.

>> No.30781097

Vampire does...

>> No.30781152

I didn't believe the stories, but I met a hardcore Vampire LARP goer late last year. They're crazy, and I'm used to dealing with fringe gaming whackjobs.

>> No.30781197


I bring that one up only because they are in their mid to late 30's and have been playing the same characters for more than a decade.

I also know of some folks who got married a few years after their characters got involved in BDSM roleplay and that evolved into an IRL sub/dom relationship, and had a separate "kinky" wedding after the church one in which they invited a lot of their chatroom friends, and everyone spunked on the bride, and their parents found out and there was big drama everywhere because pictures ended up being taken and posted.

90's era nerds are WIERD, man. Like drug-fueled orgies in mainstream, business-oriented hacker conventions wierd.


Adding a larger cast. Involving drama. Changing up characters every now and then. Gently bringing in slightly different fetish material. Being boring people also helps! We were sexually compatible, as our ERP went(both super-vanilla), loved story, and had no problem with a roleplay that quickly became one-on-one "Playing house" with an expanding family. Also I didn't mind satisfying her fetish(Impregnation), and she didn't make it gross for me with bullshit mindbreak ahegao crap.

Most of our roleplay eventually ended up just being story, with very little sex.

>> No.30781230


By the way, if any of you guys have ever been to #blkdragon*inn , you might know those kinky wedding folks if they're still around, but that was more than a decade ago.

>> No.30781235

I dumped my girlfriend over that, the feeling of not being enough for someone can tear a person apart.

>> No.30781314

>everyone spunked on the bride
To be fair that does sound pretty hot, but I'm not sure if I'd want to be friends with such people.

>> No.30781359



I think it was Graevling.

I was peripherally involved with a bunch of different artists who were involved in paysites and amateur stuff.

Like, what was the name of that artist who drew that "Business Trolls fuck an elf pet that they hide from their boss repeatedly" comic? I've played with them, too.

>> No.30781366


Sounds like a story there. Wanna tell us how you failed to live up to her standards?

>> No.30781435

By getting a job and getting myself too deep in sports
I worked in morning, Worked out in evenings, passed night with her, Monday to Friday it was boxing, weekends it was Swimming
I discovered her lil ERP fling once i paid vacations for her, after a good fuck, i heard her typing while i was half asleep, i pretended to be asleep and read everything, is it wrong that i got jealous because she was rping the same character we rp'd when we started being a couple? felt like a strange undeserved ntr...
There's more if you want to know and weren't simply trying to insult me.

>> No.30781486

Is it bad form to make a profile for a character you play or have played in a non erp game?

>> No.30781487

If they know and do not mind, truly don't mind not just kind of brushing it off and being weirded out and unable to discuss it, not bad at all. If both partners are not okay with it, stahp.

>> No.30781494

Sounds pretty deserved to me

>> No.30781497

Every try, I don't know, talking to her about it? Telling her you know, asking her to stop, asking her why she's ERPing in the first place?

>> No.30781518


I think that guy was trying more to hear a story on what awful fetishes she had that you weren't fulfilling.

Relationships suck, man. I feel for you. Some people have different ideas about what is hurtful and what isn't.


It was definitely wierd for me to find ERP versions of certain people I was STILL PLAYING WITH's profiles during my AdEva days.


>> No.30781542


Posting this again for posterity sake.

>> No.30781584


That's nothing. Let me find the profile of the dude who was playing sentient socks.

"No, they're not meant to be worn, that hurts! The socks are supposed to fuck you!"

>> No.30781598

I did it, we talked a lot, and i told her i was creeped out because the dude took things too OOC, then she said that in all honestly, the guy was like 17, still in highschool, obese and obsessed with Assasin creed'.
Thing is that i think that i stopped doing "nerdy" stuff with her, like going to cons, playing League or stuff like that, because i had to work, train, and if it wasn't that, it was time i spent with her, Eventually, i told her that her e-fling was damaging me and that would end destroying our relationship because shit simply hurted, and i couldn't avoid it, worst of all? not even fetishes, it was a vanilla as fuck boring relationship, e-kids and everything, and the dude called her 24/7 and stuff.
So what did i do, i ask her "Well, if it isn't something bad and if it is something normal, then it's ok that i send your RP logs to the dude's girlfriend?" (yeah he had one)
And so i did, with.... colorful results.

>> No.30781648

A sneaky erp thread?
I like it.

>> No.30781671


But my suit IS meant to be worn :[

>> No.30781709


So they were just gaiafagging it up? Sucks bro.

Hey, on a completely different note, how hot was your ex? x/10, you know?

>> No.30781725

>Even on F-List, a lot of this "I am only roleplaying to find IRL subs/doms" is a very common thing. Like I said before, this was so bad, and F-List was getting in trouble for it, that they had to basically rule that giving out info is against the rules.
God, fuck this.

I get it, sometimes blurring lines can be fun and all, but when you start acting like we've got an actual relationships beyond being two people who do RP-porn, we have a problem. I'm not looking for a RL partner. I'm looking for fun.

>> No.30781761

Chubby, glasses, i think a 6/10, the emotional investment was heavy, we were childhood friends and had a crush on eachother since we know eachother
I still can't forget her face when she finally udnerstood that she traded 10+ years of friendship+love for a gaiafag love.

Now imagine how that affected my self esteem.
At the same time i had to deal with daddy issues and more stuff, so it was a pretty bad year for me

>> No.30781819

I feel like there's a whole 'nother side to this story. And that this guy isn't quite the victim he paints himself to be.

>> No.30782140

Typical profile whoring.

Handsome Straight Elf whose better than you

Sad Paladin Waifu

Sexy witch mistress

>> No.30782338

>Weekday ERP thread.

>> No.30782386


Guess I'll hold off then.

>> No.30782537 [SPOILER] 

>Sneaky ERP Weekday?
>Sneaky indeed.

>> No.30782591

I remember bookmarking someone recently whose primary fetish seemed to be living suits.

Would it be bad form to post their profile?

>> No.30782610

How do you get non ERP on that site? Everyone I've ever talked to about my pokemon idea wants to put weird deviant sex in it.

>> No.30782637

You advertise on a non-ERP thread and/or site.

>> No.30782716

Oh hey, its this thread again.

>ERP now and then
>/tg/ has never steered my wrong before
>theres no ERP it just looks like a bunch of horny 12 year olds pretending to be suave by going to a bar and then acting out their anime's

I mean really? I just cant imagine anyone from /tg/ on there.

>> No.30782830

Cherrypick people from the threads, set up one on one.

>> No.30782835


It's not so bad, it just so happens that F-List is a site inhabited by a large portion of special people and 'That Guys'. There are some nice people there, you just need to be persistent.

>> No.30783112

>somehow missed the channel with 100+ /tg/ members

>> No.30783188

>Too shy to start most of the time
>When I CAN try to start, I don't know what to do
>Afraid I'll approach wrong (doesn't help that half the userbase asks for hello and the other half hates it with a passion)
>Afraid I'll pace it wrong to get to the sex
>Afraid I'll pace the sex wrong
>Afraid I'll put down something stupid
>Afraid I'll type too fast
>Afraid my character profile is too sparse
>Afraid of adding useless info to profile that will turn people away
>The one time I tried I got blown off instantly because one of their friends logged on.
>The only offers I've had otherwise are from someone who wants to mutilate me and a joke character


>> No.30783312

>The one time I tried I got blown off instantly because one of their friends logged on.

That sounds like a dick move rather than the norm

>> No.30783333

True, but say that to my already shattered confidence.

>> No.30783399

Protip: not all of them are actually from /tg/. /tg/ chat got into the "most popular channels" list and has seen an influx of other users.

On the plus side, we're slowly corrupting them into being tabletop gamers themselves.

>> No.30783419

If you run a straight female character that doesn't go in for any of the more unrealistic kinks, I would have no problem being a test run for you. Honestly, you'd be doing me a favour at this stage. I find it so damn hard finding even the right kind of rp partner.

>> No.30783425

There's a Free Form Roleplay general that pops up sometimes, you could use that. Basically the same concept only with no lewd.

>> No.30783435

Chin up, it gets better. Just start with a generic "Hey, I like your profile, would you be interested in an RP focused on <common kink>?" This is just inviting them to look at your profile.
And post it here, unlinked if you must, to get feedback.

>> No.30783460

Hey /erpg/, is it considered mean to get a partner who loves cheating and NTR to roleplay a scene where they go behind the back of another partner that you're not too fond of?

>> No.30783481


Are you retarded or something?

>> No.30783522

Actually I would rather not

I'm a furfag with more than a couple weird kinks. 2embarassed

I think a big problem is that I'm 50% no list and only 10% fave/ok list.

>> No.30783555

One step for you, then, is cutting down that no list. If you have a kink that encompasses another, or several others, just use that one. Even if it's all shit I don't like too, when I see a giant list of "no"s. my immediate thought is a hassle of a player who focuses on the negative too much. I don't like OOC banter with those people and I certainly don't like playing with them. So make sure you're not selling yourself as one. Honestly, if you can't throw some false bravado into your online life and just roll with the punches, then you're pretty fucked.

>> No.30783608


Tempted to play with you, but I'd be afraid of slipping into lustful cocktease mode. Kind of a hard thing to shake with my pokemon characters.

>> No.30783713

That REALLY depends.

You have to know how they feel about that person, and just how personal it is.

>> No.30783743

If you're talking about the irc channel it's a crock of shit. Mymagicalrealm or whatever?

Emoticons everywhere, stupid emotes everywhere like *mrow* and *huggles*, clique as fuck where people never even bother to talk to you if you're not in their friend circle unless you force conversation down their throats, terrible grammar and spelling in general and worst off 90% of the chat was about league of legends / World of Warcraft.

It might be better now, but in the short time I spent their about a year ago it was a literal cesspool. Kind of like these threads.

>> No.30783828

>That feel when you've always been wanting to ERP with a gardevoir
>Too lazy to make a pokemon character

I wonder if my bangaa is enough....

>> No.30783869

That's outright spiteful.

>> No.30783882


Shit, I'm getting a public/private key gen error whenever I try to go to f-list. I can't get on to log in.

>> No.30783892

>talking about Flist
>bringing up IRC

You are a very stupid person

>> No.30783898

>Admiral Ackbar

>> No.30784584

Not retarded, just aroused. Similar hit to mental functioning though.
I wouldn't tell the cheating lover who the other person was, just that it was another person. Essentially just carrying over the characters and the continuity.
I'm not doing it to be mean, just because I think the partner might like it.

>> No.30784902

I've ERPed with my real life partner, so no.

>> No.30785050

Lurk in the canon characters channel. There's surprisingly a lot of people in there who like nonsexual RP.

On that note, anyone else RP canons? These are two of my mains, Ranmaru from SW and Taki from Soulcalibur

>> No.30785070


#Fantasy on F-List is surprisingly full of tons of non-ERP. That's where I usually lurk, since I'm not into ERP at all.

>> No.30785106

>Not into ERP
>Goes on F-list

>> No.30785110 [DELETED] 

The regular RP general is here:


It's about to fall off the last page, though. If I don't finish the content for this bump in time I'll have to remake it.

>> No.30785127


They deserve a break. They're old. Besides, the jokes you learned in high school and college never really lose all their humor. Part of being a nerd is growing comfortable with lameness.

You'd think people interested in schlocky and gross fetish RP would be cool with a little obsolete humor every now and then.

>> No.30785163

>You'd think people interested in schlocky and gross fetish RP would be cool with a little obsolete humor every now and then.
Using tentacles to literally fuck a loli's brains out is one thing. Using dead memes? That's a paddling. You've got to have standards in this internet business, son.

>> No.30785301

How does /erpg/ like to work?

>Many one off acquaintances for one-shot ERP?
>A small cadre of dependable and frequent partners?

This weekend, I may set up a poll with a few more options, but consider this a preliminary census.

>> No.30785305


It's still funny to us old folks. *shrug*

>> No.30785610


Men: Small cadre of dependable partners

Women: Many one-off acquaintances

PUA sexual economics shit is in full swing in ERP environments, and then exaggerated.

>> No.30785660

Okay, new freeform RP general:

>> No.30785661

So I have a bit of a problem. There is a campaign I want to restart, this time with far more coherent plot and better understanding of the rules so I can fix the mistakes I made running it last time. I like the old players and I feel obligated to invite them back.

However, this time I want to add lewd elements to the game, and those weren't in there before. I don't know how to get my old group to try it out or if I even should, but if I try to recruit fresh I will feel like I'm going behind their backs.

What do?

>> No.30785707


Drunken Oni girl, looking for love

>> No.30785763

Tell them you're going to do a lewd campaign, and if they want to join, they can. Then look for new people.

Do NOT force them or pressure them into it.

And then this way it doesn't look like you're being sneaky.

>> No.30785765

Post your profile so I can avoid you.

>> No.30785870

But you already know who I am. We were playing just before

>> No.30786304


Ah, ok. I was just worried that they might lynch me for even suggesting, especially since it was a Pokemon mystery dungeon campaign.


Well, to be fair, I have gotten some long-term pokemon rps on f-list that haven't had any lewdness at all, but the former is because the other guy isn't attracted to any of my characters, and the other one I think the player is more interested in cuddles than actual sex, which is fine with me.

>> No.30786366

Well if someone wants to make a sneaky ERP thread:

I'll post my profile.


Looking to set stuff up and all that.


>> No.30786384

>Big-breasted oni who's self conscious about her height
I can lewd to this.

>> No.30786419

>I wouldn't tell the cheating lover who the other person was, just that it was another person. Essentially just carrying over the characters and the continuity.

So let me get this straight. You want your partner to carry all of the continuity over without knowing which roleplay they'd be dealing with?

Your plan is fucking terrible.

>> No.30786661

Every thread you post your profile and every thread you make the same dumb joke. It's like you are trying to be a generic male.

>> No.30786678

>It's like you are trying to be a generic male.

What's funny is that he's getting positive feedback from partners.

>> No.30786694

Not him, but it's about maximizing exposure.

>> No.30786700

He's a pretty decent roleplayer. Almost as if the quality of someone's dumb thread jokes doesn't correlate much to the quality of their roleplay.

>> No.30786726

Generic males are in short supply and ones that are good are invaluable.

>> No.30786732

I say it because almost every time I post my profile I get a PM saying "Yeah, I'd like to RP also, >Makoto >Liking females"

So I just sort of cut it off by saying that initially.

no seriously I have like 10 PMs of the same joke

>> No.30786752

Last time he posted it someone mentioned his avatar.

So it seems people don't read spoilers

>tfw no one will play a free character for you

>> No.30786765

He samefags in the threads to boost his ego.

Also he isnt gay because he uses those pictures. He is gay because he likes cocks.

>> No.30786769

>Generic males are in short supply
Haha. No.

I can just reach into f-chat and pull out a generic everyman.

However, ones of decent quality are.

>> No.30786782

/tg/ I need a hug...
I've been so desperate for a half decent ERP that I tried it with some furry...
[spoilers]He was actually good[/spoilers]

>> No.30786796 [DELETED] 

>180 replies and four hours later, still on the front page

>> No.30786804

>Someone has a decent profile
>Send them a note even if they're a furry
>They seem type well, are smart, and a bit funny
>We start ERPing
>Their responses are the worst thing ever

>> No.30786813

10/10 spoiler tag.
Round of applause

>> No.30786822

>Send someone a Note
>They are Pansexual
>my character is a female
>They send me a note back
>"Sorry, I don't really RP with females
>'But you're pansexual'
>"Yeah, because I like everything but females

>> No.30786848

>actually liking males
>actually not liking females


>> No.30786850


You know what the means, don't you?

It means nothing. You just needed some stress relief, and if people being bothered by furries, but not by the fact that this is an ERP thread, just seems kind of off.

>> No.30786867

>RP with a furry
>They're really good
>Decide to give more a chance
>Can no longer find a good furry

>> No.30786869

>Any gender in no

>> No.30786872

[Fail spoiler tag] After like two and a half weeks of pretty constant searching I finally found someone who typed more than three words per reply.[/Fail spoiler tag]

>> No.30786874 [DELETED] 

yeah, too bad people can't do anything about it when the erpers renge on the the agreement to keep their shit to the weekends, huh

>> No.30786897

>tfw don't say much in the public chat, but end up being complimented on lewdness during private affairs.

>> No.30786901

I see him and all I can think is "Oh it's the new Harumda"

>> No.30786907


Good furries are hard to find, but the gems are real gems. Have one that likes to play carmelita and champagne from sexyfur. My dick, it's seen more use than the metric system.

>> No.30786944

[spoilders]I made a second account because I wanted to be able to sign in without being spammed with notes wondering when I will be online next. I should never have gone outside the /tg/ chat.[/hurrdurrspoilers]

>> No.30786951

I have the best luck with dragons for some reason. Just something odd I have noticed.

>> No.30786968

>Want to RP with a Draeni
>Actually do want it to be futa
>All of them seem to be 12, or hate dudes, or only want to RP someone taking a shit on their cock and then forcing it down their urethra

>> No.30787010


Dragons are the only non-human species I'm attracted to.

It's tough to overlook the terrible-mediocre level players with suitably attractive characters and playable ideas as a result though.

A half-dragon is fine too.

>> No.30787047


>Want to ERP with virtually anyone.
>Actually do want it to be enjoyable.
>All of them seem to be twelve, or clinglords, or want to RP in a world where white men have free reign over murdering and raping asian women in extremely brutal and creative fashions.

>> No.30787088

Non-anthro dragons are My fetish. I guess all those years of DnD with a DM who put our group into really sexual situations wore off on me

>> No.30787100

I started a scene with him. He's too excitable, but pretty good.

I should probably get on and play with him, but I'm trying to get a thirteen year old to eat someone's cum out of my snatch.

>> No.30787119

>Want to ERP with a very specific subsection of the community
>Actually do want it to be arousing.
>All of them seem to type like 12 year olds, or are creeplords, or want to fall in love and have our /characters/ be monogamous.

>> No.30787146

>> No.30787220

This is kinda my fetish.

>> No.30787223

Hey anon, if you're trying to get your creampie eating on (or making someone do it), keep at it bro.

>> No.30787241


>> No.30787253


...13-year-old boy or girl?

>> No.30787254

I hate when people say this. If you play with Male, Female, Trans, and Shemale, Pansexual is fine.
I put myself as Pansexual but fuck Herms.

I mean, I DON'T fuck them. I think they're stupid, and their downstairs is too busy.

>> No.30787290

A thirteen year old boy or a thirteen year old girl?
Because either one would be hot.

>> No.30787306


>> No.30787328

Neither is as good as both. At the same time.

>> No.30787349


>> No.30787354

Even more bonus points for having the boy dressed up as a girl.

>> No.30787394

qt robbot looking for qt gf to have sexes with

>> No.30787418

This, I'm fairly shocked.

>have our /characters/ be monogamous
This shit is cute in an open ongoing public RP. But in private RPs between people who aren't lovers, it's just really creepy and clingy as fuck.

>> No.30787467

>Person fits nearly every kink
>Desired post length: Strong Paragraph: 10-14 sentences.

I just can't do it.

English isn't my first language and there are only so many ways you can describe a dick going in a butt.

It seems like it would take too long, either.

>> No.30787547

I dont understand how some people demand fucktons of text. Sometimes when you are fucking you can only do much, then it turns into useless filler. You should do as much as possible so it stays entertaining, but it just doesnt always work.

>> No.30787548

People who aren't incredibly elitist tend to be lax and let you type at your own pace as long as you're as detailed as you can be and reply to the things in their post that can be replied to.

>> No.30787558

You mean "also."
Just kidding.

>> No.30787579


>only so many ways you can describe a dick going in a but

Oh contraire mon frère.

What's your native tongue? Are you better at describing butt-stuff with it?

>> No.30787592


I approve.

>> No.30787676


I wouldn't say I am particularly that much better at writing smut in French as opposed to English. To be honest I looked up F-List because it seemed like the easiest way to work on becoming fluent.

But in retrospect I looked at the person who wanted Strong Paragraphs' profile again. The kinks were nice, yeah, but the profile was mostly Tool lyrics now that I think about it.

I think it's for the best I kept looking.

>> No.30787694

Ah, you're looking for that certain je ne sais quoi.

>> No.30787879


I like the cut of your jib.

>> No.30787957

Personally I'm looking for that certain putain de cul, sucer du sein, chatte frottement, orgie de folie. I can't wait to see how Google Translate fucked that one up

>> No.30787966

C'est gentil mais vous exagérez.

>> No.30788053

I had him cum inside me and then whispered in his ear that I hoped I got pregnant. He panicked and I said I was teasing but she wasn't teasing~

I was slutting it up today. Time to take a nap.

>> No.30788082

It didn't... Well, I've seem online translators spit out worse.

>> No.30788125

So... is F-list any good? I've been trying to find a new ERP site after my last one proved... frustrating.

>> No.30788150

It can be hit or miss, spearfishing among the threads seems to be fairly well recommended, though.

>> No.30788240

I need your name. For reasons.

>> No.30788290 [DELETED] 

Why are we having an ERP thread on a Tuesday?

These are reserved for weekends only!

>> No.30788322 [DELETED] 

I thought these threads were reserved for days that end in "y".

My mistake. Won't happen again.

>> No.30788333 [DELETED] 

Because some newfriend started one and people refused to let it die.

>> No.30788336 [DELETED] 

News to me. Any particular reason why?

>> No.30788342 [DELETED] 

It's an honest mistake, but /tg/ keeps these threads to weekends to keep trolling to a minimum.

>> No.30788349 [DELETED] 

Because nobody posts in the RP general.

>> No.30788359 [DELETED] 

It started after the 24/7 general period ended and people started going "Do we really need MORE threads?" So to stop thread quality from declining, we made it Fri-Sun (And monday spillover) only.

>> No.30788376 [DELETED] 

Ah yeah, that makes sense. Well, I guess we can let the thread run its course today and then not make one until Friday.

>> No.30788426 [DELETED] 

It's become a general rule of thumb in the ERP community that monday+ threads are shit because
A) none of the regulars visit until well into a thread
B) it attracts trolls like flies to honey
C) they tend to be bitching havens regardless
As neatly evidenced by this very thread.

>> No.30788539 [DELETED] 

Yeah, that's blatantly clear. Then again I saw a lot of that in Sunday's thread as well, but then again that was Sunday.

>> No.30788584

I've been cybering ever since I was like 13 and it's the main reason I got into literature, writing, and became the creative person I am today and have an actual serious career opportunity around my story telling.

I love you ERP. I love you so much.

I still don't get people with vanilla kinks though, seriously, you could be anything.

>> No.30788596 [DELETED] 

There's no such rule. ERP General threads, like any other thread on /tg/, happen whenever someone cares to post one.

>> No.30788617

Did it affect the kind of literature you got into and your writing style? Just vaguely, what kind of career opportunity?

>> No.30788632 [DELETED] 

It's not an actual rule, it's an agreement by the community to limit threads to limit bitching and raise quality. Is that better?

>> No.30788684 [DELETED] 

The /tg/ community makes the threads it wants. An "agreement" isn't an agreement if people have to be told what it is others have agreed to on their behalf.

>> No.30788712

>Did it affect the kind of literature you got into and your writing style?

Not at all, but it just gave me the motivation and the vice to actually practice writing and make a passion of it.

>> No.30788745 [DELETED] 

You sound incredibly damn autistic and/or mad, friendo. As you can see in this very thread, there's a good reason for the agreement.

>> No.30788776

>seriously, you could be anything.
Some people probably want to try out being a person of the opposite gender and engaging in normal consensual heterosexual intercourse, but medical science has yet to make that both temporary and hassle-free

>> No.30788803

Everyone stop arguing and post profiles

>> No.30788828

You know the deal, anon.

You always go first.

>> No.30788876 [DELETED] 

If the threads are like this every weekend, I'm gonna have to browse here more often.

>> No.30788919

They're usually substantially lewder, and people are posting links to there ERP profiles.

>> No.30788927 [DELETED] 

I hope you die.

Seriously. Really wishing it, and not even feeling all that guilty about it.

I won't lie and say that there isn't a twinge of guilt for wishing for the death of a complete stranger just because of a single post they made, but I'm quite certain the world is better off with out you.

Here's hoping your death is painless, at least.

>> No.30788930

But I'm done playing for the night...
I'm the shota boy that was RPing with >>30788053

>> No.30788943



>> No.30788966 [DELETED] 

Here's my profile. I was inspired to make it after seeing a couple on this thread...


It's the first one I think I actually did well. I hope I did well, at least.

>> No.30789014 [DELETED] 


>> No.30789020

Here's my profile. I was inspired to make it after seeing a couple on this thread...


It's the first one I think I actually did well. I hope I did well, at least.

>> No.30789041

I'm going to bed, though.

Maybe this thread will still be going when I wake.

>> No.30789081 [DELETED] 

i hope you die
i hope we both die

>> No.30789144

No pseudopenis? Nice.

>> No.30789150 [DELETED] 



>> No.30789162


>> No.30789172

>That picture.

Yeah, sure.

>> No.30789214

I'm not sure that I follow.

>> No.30789253

That kind of gnoll is gross, anon. Of course no pseudopenis.

>> No.30789282

Ah. Well, I agree.

Shame that I don't have a gnoll character; the only fantasy character that I'm currently running is a genie.

>> No.30789319




>> No.30789342

But anon, I'm not gay. What do?

>> No.30789356

You don't have to be a gnoll. Ria isn't picky.

>> No.30789383

I'm picking up scraps at this point, but as someone alien to this at slightly less than a 2 on the Kinsey scale (who's done phone sex/mutual masturbation):

Being text, do you even give a shit about the actual person behind the character? I imagine for anyone not utterly bisexual there's some reservation or thought about the sex of the other person

>> No.30789392


I am too ugly and fat and fearful to ever have sex. Just let me live out what I will never have quietly without looking down on me.

>> No.30789407

Out of fight, out of mind.

>> No.30789414

You make me sad anon

>> No.30789442


Most people do. I actually don't, but women are less clingy. An actual gay dude will cling like mad which is cool and flattering but its also annoying.

>> No.30789481

>An actual gay dude will cling like mad which is cool and flattering but its also annoying.
As someone who is mad motherfucking gay I can agree this is something SOME gay guys do, but not all of them. Gay guys are alot better about it than chicks are.

>> No.30789484

>mfw utterly bisexual
Who cares? If you could score chicks you probably wouldn't be here. Enjoy your prison gay.

>> No.30789499 [DELETED] 

>kinsey scale

You're brain-fucked.

That's the technical term for being seven layers of retarded mixed with eight stacks of stupid.

Sadly, there's no cure, and you're likely to be stuck believing in 60-year-old+ falsified and debunked studies written by an unstable and unprofessional agenda-pushing non-scholar.

In other words, you are scum, deserve death, and there's no hope for you.

>> No.30789512

Score? Perhaps not. Catch? Every so often. And yeah, it's far easier finding gay partners.

>> No.30789527


Just being honest. But I kinda stopped erping when I gave up on sex and relationships. It had actually been 5 years since I have cybered with anyone. I lost the urge entirely. Which is just as well. I am a far better storyteller and sex now is a hinted and glossed over thing towards more drama in stories instead of a means to an end. I just hang atound erp places to find the occasional nonsexual rp and to bestow my ancient wisdom.

>> No.30789534

Well yes, in that they're another person and deserve respect.

In as far as what their gender is? No. Unless you become friends, there's really no reason to even ask.

>> No.30789539 [DELETED] 


>> No.30789547 [DELETED] 

>I have cybersex with strangers and pretend it has something to do with roleplaying games
>a lot of them are creeps


>> No.30789548

>Get into ERP
>ERP like crazy for weeks, doing multiple sessions and partners a day
>Cock is raw but hurts so good
>Slowly less and less interested
>Eventually stop
>Get back into it one day
>ERP like crazy for weeks, doing multiple sessions and partners a day

repeat forever. I am currently thinking of getting back out of it. I've had fun for 2 weeks, but its taking up so much of my time.

>> No.30789553

I mean prison gay as in you're gay because there's no women. Close your metaphorical eyes and pretend you're with a nice slutty girl.

>> No.30789647 [DELETED] 

>person deserves death for believing outdated research
You honestly want to kill off 98% of the human population, effectively killing the internet, society, and civilization as we know it?

I know we're on 4chan, but either use your head yourself or don't chastise others.

>> No.30789666 [DELETED] 

As a psychologist who in a similar vein realizes how much Freudian shit was bunk, I think you may have a projection problem.

>> No.30789716 [DELETED] 

>that fucking show.
>that fucking album.
the frequency with which I revisit both of those things.
and the intensity with which I relate.
Are probably not healthy.

>> No.30789810 [DELETED] 

If you and your kind are included in that 98%, I think it's a fair trade.

Keep in mind humanities dramatic population boom in the last couple hundred years. Dropping to 2%, or even 1%, wouldn't be as much of a crisis as you'd expect it to be.

Sure, we wouldn't have 3,000 channels on television, but we might actually end up with one or two worth watching.

>> No.30789909 [DELETED] 


>I am a intelligent, enlightened person in a world full of sheep! Why don't normals see the truth!

>> No.30789959 [DELETED] 


>> No.30790009 [DELETED] 

Cry more, you fedora-wearing autist.

U mad? Stop liking things I don't like, lolitrollU, and go buy a Mac.

Did I miss any?

>> No.30790056 [DELETED] 


Welcome to the 98%, shithead.

>> No.30790102 [DELETED] 

2% or 1% would be more comparable to humanity just after agriculture being practiced than humanity "a few hundred years ago". Plus 98% of the worlds population dying would be a horribly traumatic event no matter how it happened.

Now stop being edgy, edgelord.

>> No.30790145 [DELETED] 

He longs to have that hand up his ass again

>> No.30790180 [DELETED] 

He misses his father, you idiot.

>> No.30790259

I'm legit serious when I say I want to get back into RPing, so long as there are multiple people involved no that was not a gangbang joke Though I wouldn't mind.

>> No.30790338

Well, now we're nowhere near the bump limit anymore.

>> No.30790396

I wonder how she tucks it in so well.

>> No.30790454

context behind image? not into erp threads but i'm interested.

>> No.30790470

I knew a girl who ERP'd with me and said the same thing about her husband.
That is, she was going to use the ideas from it for stuff they do.

>> No.30790537

I know this feeling, especially since I ERP on Second Life and as a Dom swim in subs ready to fuck. It just gets so tiring that I eventually switch off completely.

>> No.30790580

>I had him cum inside me and then whispered in his ear that I hoped I got pregnant.

>> No.30790655

>Be competent at ERP
>Every day have to pick and choose between partners because you don't want to disappoint people and you still want to get the RP's you want
>Get overwhelmed, quit for a month or longer, forget most of your ongoing stuff, come back
>Immediately 2-3 of them remember you and talk to even though neither of you remember your scenes
>Always that one desperate person who says they're autistic and imagined up some sort of romance between your characters even though they said little more than a few hellos
>Always that one person who greets you and is usually trying to kiss you or grope you in the next two posts and won't take a hint


>> No.30790900

>Close your metaphorical eyes and pretend you're with a nice slutty girl.
But Anon, when I wear the skirt, I am a girl!

>> No.30790947

Pretty much what these two anons said. I can probably average a paragraph or two per post with more added if I'm setting up the footnotes to add to the backgrounds/setting/NPCs/In character anecdotes to try and get my partner to laugh. So long as my partner doesn't take like 25min+ plus for three tiny lines, we're not heavily tripping over each other in actions and they're putting in details/actions/things to respond to, there isn't really a problem.

>> No.30791020

Who cares? If it's what makes/keeps you happy, great.

F that, NO ONE can be everything to someone. I've been married for 14 years - people always gape at that, and I quickly correct them: that doesn't mean we haven't each been with other people during that time. Sometimes, due to time of the month, time of life, whatever, you have desires the other person can't or doesn't want to play to, and to keep you both happy, it's pragmatic to go elsewhere to fulfill those desires.

>captcha: ansfit Affection

>> No.30791057

>Your wife and goes and fucks other men

>> No.30791237

Some people are cool with open relationships, I'm under the impression

>> No.30791247

>F that, NO ONE can be everything to someone. I've been married for 14 years - people always gape at that, and I quickly correct them: that doesn't mean we haven't each been with other people during that time. Sometimes, due to time of the month, time of life, whatever, you have desires the other person can't or doesn't want to play to, and to keep you both happy, it's pragmatic to go elsewhere to fulfill those desires.
I know the word 'degeneracy' gets thrown around a lot these days, but...

>> No.30791731

>who wants to mutilate me and a joke character

>> No.30791757

But it's still thrown around as a meaningless buzzword to show that people are doing something you wouldn't be comfortable doing yourself

Is that where you were going?

>> No.30791787


>> No.30791992

>have a good time
>bad experience
>shake it off
>second bad experience
>starts eating at you
>start losing it, burn out at the same time
>stop signing in without so much as a warning or alert that you're going on hiatus
>feel so awful that you aren't sure if you even want to go back

I'm sorry.

>> No.30792192

>meaningless buzzword
Nah. This is definitely one of those times where you know it when you see it.

>> No.30792208

Okay, so how do I get these gay roleplayers to let me knock them up in straight RPs then?

>> No.30792268


M-Preg is pretty popular. Go find a gay sub, make him crossdress, and then 'breed' him using magic or a special pill or some shit so he gets knocked up in the butt. It's pretty popular.

As I said- gay roleplay is best roleplay.

>> No.30792352

Unfortunately true.

>> No.30792562

who wants robot cock?

>> No.30792574

But that's not a straight RP. That's a gay RP. I'm asking how to get gay people to do straight RPs.

>> No.30792640

Does it make robot babies?

>> No.30792662


You could be a cuntboy. Or just ask __me___

>> No.30792684

nope, just peeple ones.

>> No.30792760

Baby making robot... Hmmmm...

I'd drop my profile, but I haven't been on flist much and my profiles are sorta old and shitty anyways.

>> No.30792770

Woke up from my nap freezing and cold. To a PM from YourBigSavior who despite the 2 hour conversation and practically making a character for him on another character (look up therules for logs) still PMed me with
>Hey there, quite the kinky naughty mind you've got. How're you? Don't want to waste yours or my time. I'm just looking for an intelligent, fun, sexy, kinky playmate. Preferably with a love for giving oral or an oral fetish. Either would be great, lol.


Why were you so slow >:I

>> No.30793226


I'd note you, but not only do I not have a suitable fantasy character, I prefer notes to F-Chat. Good luck, I suppose.

>> No.30793335

>dem custom kinks
Fucking UNF

>> No.30794055


Well damn, something similar actually happened to me (together with normal RP as well) as I turned to storytelling, then writing and now scriptwriting and filming.

>> No.30794226

any-wun want sum fuk?
shoot me a note cunts

>> No.30794239

forgot my f-list like a nugget

>> No.30794747

Note me anyway. I'm tempted to try Notes out.

>>30794055 >>30788712 >>30788584
Damnit, I wish I could do that :<
I keep wanting to be a novelist, but I'm always afraid to write outside of (E)RP.

I keep hoping that doing more RP will encourage me to write more of my book, but it never does.

>> No.30794896

Wizard boy looking to recharge mana


>> No.30795517

As long as he knows from the beginning where the ideas are coming from. If she's hiding that shit I don't foresee it ending well.

>> No.30795534

No. I'm not pretend-fucking my partner, my partner and I are writing pornography (that we can then jerk off to or not at our leisure).

I don't care the gender of who directed the porn I watch or wrote the porn I read.

>> No.30795727

I give a shit about them as a person, assuming they want to talk about themselves and be social. Caring about gender? Naaaaaah.

>> No.30795764

>Get to talking with a favorite partner, start sharing things about our selves, chatting each other through a few things
>Get to the subject of our deepest darkest fetishes, the ones we're each kind of ashamed of
>Neither of us recoils in horror, so we put together a scene featuring some of it that we've always wanted to do but had trouble finding non-shit randoms to do it with
>Goes great, cum buckets, lose a bit more sleep than was probably wise, don't care
Times you opened up to a partner and it turned out for the best, /erpg/?

>> No.30795857

So what were the stuff you did, if it was so horrifying?

>> No.30795914

>Hey there, quite the kinky naughty mind you've got. How're you? Don't want to waste yours or my time. I'm just looking for an intelligent, fun, sexy, kinky playmate. Preferably with a love for giving oral or an oral fetish. Either would be great, lol.
I'm becoming convinced that this is the new "ey bby wan sum fuk".

Also, your profile interests me greatly. Why must I be cursed with so many great RPers to pick from and no time to RP with them all!? Why do all these great RPers have 30 characters so I only ever end up playing with the same 3 people pretending to be different ones over and over again?

>> No.30795966

I kind of like roleplaying with guys who unironically play as edgy half-demons and give themselves godmode and go around beating up and raping anyone they want, and anyone who even tries to fight them gets immediately #rekt. The kind that are supposed to be levelheaded and smooth and their character makes these kind of goofy quips that are supposed to be incredibly insulting to the other character.
I dunno, I like playing with those guys. I think it's kind of cute (not in a mean way or anything) they give themselves these super masculine characters. Am I weird?

>> No.30795980


>> No.30796018

Not horrifying, just embarrassing. And to answer the question, canon play, mind control, drastic corruption, gonna-leave-bruises level fucking, screaming oral fetish, a nice dose of S&M, and indulging the internal megolomaniacal supervillain. Nothing too out there, but combined? Hard to find a non-shit random to do it with.

>> No.30796043

>play Sonic the Hedgehog characters (pretty much any of them, and its by far not the only thing I play)
>join "the ride" on /v/
>advertise myself
>one person is so fucking clingy he only addresses me as Rouge and keeps bugging me even when I don't want to play.
>he keeps asking me if I care about him

>> No.30796052

/ignore [charname], or use the right click ignore function. Also, don't use allcaps.

>> No.30796059

I'm sorry, but I can't play one of my charcters anymore because this autistic guy wants to do mpreg and rp a loving family because he doesn't have a good family life and keeps telling me to remember he has autism.

>> No.30796063

oh fuck i'm dying

>> No.30796074

>He keeps asking me if I care about him
You know what you must do, anon.
>"Do you care about me, Rouge?"
>"No. Go fall in a well and die, you pathetic waste of flesh."

>> No.30796075

he's also one of those annoying people you see in every fucking thread asking about "OC bros"

>> No.30796088

Why don't you play as Rouge for him?

>> No.30796089

Just hope he's a troll

>> No.30796090

Tell them to fuck off and die, use the ignore command, and report them for harassment if they try to bypass your ignore, then.

>> No.30796181

What kind of males does F-List like?
Could i be my Half Dragon from Corruption of Champions?

>> No.30796201

>What kind of males does F-List like?
F-list in general, they don't.
>Can I play a half-dragon?
If you make it unique, give it a hook, link it to a few notable kinks, sure. The one thing that will ruin you will be being seen as a betamax, a bitchy dom, or generic. Any of those three will be a death sentence.

>> No.30796204

I did, but now he only refers to me as her and introduces himself in ways like "hey baby" and crap like that

>> No.30796211

I'd have to see what he'd be like

>> No.30796254

>tfw your dick only likes violent, abusive roleplay scenarios but your heart only likes gentle and sweet roleplay scenarios
i don't even know who i am

>> No.30796290

>Not roughly fucking the hell out of your waifu and pushing her around the kitchen floor to sweep the floor with her tits, probably gonna leave bruises in the morning
>Then cuddling and kissing and "love yah" after

>> No.30796294

play with a psychopath who only feels you're being lovely when you're beating her up, then she curls up to you, her warm blood and broken body nuzzling up against you

>> No.30796329

that's completely unappealing to me. consensual sadomasochism is the gayest shit.

>> No.30796338

then you do have a problem.

How about a character who has aloving wife he cuddles and takes care of, but at night, he's some crazy sadist who goes and plows people adhurts them

but he could never do that to his sweetums

>> No.30796346


>> No.30796393

>consensual sadomasochism is the gayest shit.
I know we're supposed to be open to other viewpoints and that there's no such thing as an invalid opinion, but your opinion is objectively wrong, bad, and I hope you catch a suitably painful UTI and feel like you're pissing glass every bathroom break for the rest of your life. Besides, the gayest shit is two men having loving, consensual, healthy sex with each other while respecting each other unconditionally, and then going off to go shop for new short shorts together

>> No.30796451

>screaming oral fetish

>> No.30796465

One time I went along with a guy who was into todcon because I thought it was just too funny. So I roleplayed as a dominant 4 year old for this guy and it ends up, he's sitting on a park bench in the middle of the day and random people are watching as he's eating out this toddler's ass who's standing on his legs yelling at him to lick her butt. It was so ridiculous, I was cracking up.

>> No.30796569

Adventure+ERP is da best. Both by way of fucking after a normal adventure and by spelunking the magicalest of realms.

>> No.30796985 [DELETED] 

I hate the fact that someone went rogue.

>> No.30797346 [DELETED] 

a bloo bloo bloo

>> No.30797549 [DELETED] 

No, you eat shit. ERPers agreed on the weekends, you're violating the agreement. I hope this weekend's ERP threads are trolled into oblivion because of your hubris.

I'll lap up the tears on F-list.

>> No.30798278 [DELETED] 

The agreement was among themselves for thread quality reasons (as after four or more straight days the threads are pretty much nothing but F-List drama, and usually even by Sunday the threads are degenerating fast), not with the rest of /tg/ as a way to spare people's delicate sensibilities.

It's one thread out of the entire board, you can ignore it.

>> No.30798280 [DELETED] 

a bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo

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