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I know this gets asked a lot. But whats a good Pokemon tabletop? I guess ive never been too interested but I know some people who would be. Seems pretty cool I suppose.

Something thats easy as shit to pick up preferably, they're knew and im kind of lazy.

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Okay so /tg/ is moving kind of fast tonight.

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PTU or PTA. Neither are easy easy to pick up, though.

Other than that, Monsters and Other Childish Things, I guess. Stay the fuck away from BESM.

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Here's a link for PTU: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Pokemon_Tabletop_United

Download link is at the bottom.

It's a fairly crunchy system, but I wouldn't say it's terribly difficult to learn the basics. There will be a good deal of bookkeeping, but it's hard to avoid that with the whole Pokémon concept anyway - no matter what system you use, you'd end up having to put together multiple stat blocks per PC to account for their Pokémon teams.

I'm one of the devs for PTU, and I'll keep tabs on this thread for a while if you've got any questions. Alternatively, the IRC channel we've got listed on our 1d4chan page is a great place to reach us.

#PokemonTabletop on the Rizon network

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Anyone ever give pokethulu a try? It seems to have a nice system for making custom monsters.

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