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Preferably honest answers.

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I already abandoned 40k.

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Who the hell am I and what position do I hold in the Imperium

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>not just sharing a maiden world with some Elf hillbillies

Now admittedly, you'd be living in constant fear of Biel (we're Irish nao) Tan, but it's honestly the best life to be had in 40k imo.

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Well depends, if I was some agriworlder in some chill but well protected system and I needed to betray everyone I loved to suck Tau microdick, then maybe not.

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Were it possible to do? In a heartbeat.

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Nah, Tau don't have future. They're too small to matter in the big picture and will inevitably wiped out by one of the big players.

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depends, do i get a riptide? i'd settle for a crisis suit, otherwise no i'll take my chances with the rape deamons

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I'd probably start worshipping Chaos and hoping for some awesome magical powers.

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>Nah, Tau don't have future.

Not according to the Eldar.

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But Tyranids are about to swallow them up.

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Eldar aren't exactly the poster boys for having a future either.

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From the look of it, the only big powers who aren't walking head-first into oblivion are Orks and Nids. Without a steady supply of corruptable souls Chaos has no power here. Humanity's run itself into a self-destructive corner, end the Eldar were on the way out to begin with. Necrons are their own breed of internal clusterfuck, and let's face it: All the Tau need to do in order to keep the Ork/Nid issue off their priority list is convince some Orks that they're not much fun to fight compared to the bugs over on the next planet, so they'll give the Orks some neat stuff to loot if they wanna get to the real fight faster. Word spreads and soon they don't even need warriors, just more engineers and workers.

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Because they're right about the future so often--oh wait.

Face it: The Eldar prophecy gimmick is a wet turd of a character trait, because it can literally never go right. Any author who wastes wordcount going "And so Ulretyonpechfur foresaw a great calamity, and adjusted the Craftworld's course by 0.005 degrees perpendicular the galactic plane, thus avoiding that calamity, end of tale." would get smacked in the head even by GW's standards.

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There is no current major Tyranid presence in their area.

Leviathan is on the west side of the galaxy.

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Considering that "Guevesa" is Venezuelan slang for "The best of the best" in the sense of being the biggest, greatest dick that fucks all other competition. Yes, yes I would.

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Eh? Have they changed it in 6th codex? I thought the eastern fringe had a fleet emerging from the void of space.

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I wonder if there are any Exodites who've told Biel-tan to fuck off.

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The only faction worth joining is the nids.

Everyone else sucks. Accept the kiss of one of the many daughters of the Skymother, today!

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Prophecy of rebirth (Phoenix)

Even now there is hope.

>Because they're right about the future so often--oh wait.

Well, it's Eldrad.

He has a nice track record of getting things right. I trust in his vision.

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Didn't he talk to Fulgrim about something?

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But GW doesn't do M42 meaning the Tau will lose their plot armor and decent sized Hjve Fleets will stop avoiding the Tau while the homeworlds of Imperials attacking the Tau will cease to be besieged by other powers to force the Imperium to abandon their Tau campaign

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The only thing Tyranid presence that's plaguing the Tau are splinters of Kraken. It was mostly taken cared off by the dreadful alliance with the Dark Eldar, bro alliance with the Ultramarines, Shadowsun, and Farsight.

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Primarchs are hard to read. Especially when surrounded by toops loyal to emps and empowered by demons.

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Either I get to serve a civilization with actual science and some degree of religious freedom,

Or I get sterilized and brainwashed into serving in its military.

Compared to life in Imperial Guard or in a hive world it's pure win either way.

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Orks and 'nids are both factions that will eventually win any war of attrition, and Tau holding only a handful of worlds would not be a match to a major invasion force from neither. Chaos and Necrons aren't going anywhere and one of them is going to be the ultimate victor in the endgame. Either way Tau have nothing against either of them. In a couple of ten thousand years humans and eldar aren't going to matter or probably even exist. Dark eldar are holed up in Comorragh and do just fine, popping out for more slaves every now and then.

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I really, really wish they would expand on the Leviathan and out of milky way origin/black space.

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Unless an Imperial fleet was actually on the way at that very moment to blow up my planet, no. I'm much more afraid of Cato Sicarius than I am of the Tau.

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>Tesla prime
>Sounds interesting, what is there?
>Experimental weapons claimed by orks who used it against nids.

I wonder what sorts of weapons they were developing.

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You don't know what will happen but the last time GW went into the 42K the Tau grew into a large empire because of the collapse of Imperial presence in the Eastern front.

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>too large or too dangerous

Just makes me think of experimental titans.

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I have a few rules. One of them is that under no circumstances is it acceptable for mankind to be subordinated to another race, regardless of context. I'd die first.

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What about the tyranids?

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Well, the Imperium is "the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable," and presumably the Tau Empire is not. Joining the less cruel and less bloody regime seems reasonable, given the choice.

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Cato got smashed up by a Riptide.

I would be more afraid of a Riptide, if I were you.

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You'd be castrated on entry. No hot earth caste tau women to have fun with.

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They didn't do anything significant, from my memory other than the usual.

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Best case scenario for a peasant in the Imperium is the average case for a gue'vesa. A peaceful farmer with no political rights and an obligation to serve as a conscript.

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No, not really.

It's pretty bad when your "equal rights greater good" empire is more racist than African mercenaries. A Tau private outranks a private from another race.

Also the Ethereals wouldn't let me have blueberry waifu and the Tau Empire doesn't have public executions everybody can watch.

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>The Tau required a small titan sized battlebot to beat a single person but unable to kill him
Now I'm definitely more afraid of Cato

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Sounds like imperial propaganda.

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In a heartbeat. Beats living in grimderp space.

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>You'd be castrated on entry.


The Tau want huge population in their empire due to their stretched thin numbers. Loyal Gue'la will be allowed to breed as they wish in order to fuel the growth of the empire.

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Still, we're talking about the alternative being "the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable." I can imagine some pretty damn cruel and bloody regimes, and I'm sure my imagination is not so powerful as some.

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>A racist empire wants interbreeding

>> No.30757451

>a chance to leave grimdark bondage and join glorious technological utopia

yes plz

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> and I'm sure my imagination is not so powerful as some.

Try the authors imagination

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Why would they sterilize people who defected to then? That's fucking stupid.

Anyways, it depends on the situation. If I'm surrounded by them and the rest of the squad is dead, I'd just consider it a change of employers. Life's like a poker game; you have to know when to fold em.

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are there qt.3.14 blueberries?

it's a dealbreaker if not

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You would have died a natural death before getting close to having problems with that anyway.

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The Imperial doesn't shy away from annoncing the deaths of their heroes. They have an entire bell that shuts down all vox traffic in the sol system dedicated solely to announcing to the entire solar system that one of their heroes got whacked.
Sicarius is still active at the end of the timeline. Tau ain't shit.

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But what about your descendants?

>> No.30757509

Humans live a lot longer than them, and breed faster.
Ironically, the "Tau" Empire is probably just going to become another human empire once the humans inevitably outnumber the Tau, and realize that psychic powers are a lot better qualifications to rule than pheromone glands.

From there, it's a small jump to a psykocracy, and finally, Chaos.

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Biel-Tan are best friends with aforemention elf hill billies so that's probably a no go.

>> No.30757541


You're right that it's stupid in-character, because it's a decision imposed of them from OUTSIDE the game. Basically it was to make the Tau a bit less 'good guy' to fit in with the setting. When they were introduced their main cultural flaw was their youth and naivete, with the Ethereal mind control thing being only vaguely rumored. Later rewrites really amped up the moral ambiguity.

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Yes yes, good gue'la.

Keep plowing those fields, gue'la.

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Its great isn't it? Tau are awesome.

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Put aside the Tau Empire for a bit.

What about the democratic and free Farsight Enclave?

>> No.30757580


What about them.

>> No.30757582


>The guys that see the future
>Not poster boys for having a future

The entire premise of Tau is they are up and coming and if anyone is an authority on the shape of things to come it's Eldar.

>> No.30757603

same question >>30757480


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You know, this is a good point. Can the Tau empire survive humans joining it?

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>Not knowing that Farsight empires is ruled my a militaristic despot controlled by a chaos artefact.
I prefer my Space Pope

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Why would any exodites in their right mind tell one of the biggest defender of exodites to fuck off?

>'Go away Biel-Tan, nobody likes you'
>Sometime later
>'Oh God, pls halp Biel-Tan. Orks everywhere. Big trouble. Send halp, kthnxbye'

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So how come they're a dying race if they're so good with future?

>> No.30757646

With a little sterilization, yes.

>> No.30757652

Yes, but they'd be 3DPD

>> No.30757654


>What is just as planned

>> No.30757655

Ethereals were the one who were imposing the caste system. Everyone is equal in the enclave and what's there to stop from having a little harmless fun?

Go for it.

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The emperor is disappoint.

>> No.30757680

>chaos artefact.
ahah sure

it's a necromtyr blade from the war in heavens before the bio transference

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Off-topic question, but how many of the chapters actually respect IG ?

>> No.30757686

-Farisght doesn't rule it
-Dude too goodhearted to be Chaos

Aun'va, on the other hand, what an asshole.

>> No.30757693


If they weren't so good at future reading they'd be a dead race, not a dying one.

>> No.30757708 [SPOILER] 

No Emprah loving self respecting Space Marine would give these weaklings and traitors a sliver of consideration

>> No.30757710

The Tau empire is everything the Emperor desired for the Imperium. Atheistic, logical, accepting of certain harmless xenos, progressive and suppirtive of psykers. They are the true successors of humanity vision for the universe.

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>> No.30757723


Why do people keep saying this? I have never yet seen a source.

>> No.30757733


Wasn't the Emperor a massive xeno-phobe?

>> No.30757751

Biel-Tan the only one defending these worlds. The Exodites can switch their service provider to another Craftworld.

Remember when Iyanden told Eldrad to fuck off because they thought he was after their territory? Eldar are might jealous and protective of their Exodite customers.

>> No.30757760

>accepting of certain harmless xenos

He probably shouldn't have led those crusades to genocide all xenos then.

>> No.30757764

all these filthy heretics

>> No.30757771

Deathwatch source book.

Tau section.

>> No.30757774

Actually, even better question: how could Tau empire possibly survive the chaos incursion after it lets humans among its ranks? Won't this just lead to an inevitable culling of all gue'vesa when they realize their mistake?

>> No.30757789

If the Emperor hated Xenos so much, then why did Shadowsun got blessed by his holiness?

>> No.30757790

He was.

>> No.30757798

Better dead than red, you dirty space commie.

>> No.30757800

If they're so good at reading future how come they didn't see birth of Slaanesh? That was pretty much the low point of their race and beginning of their end.

>> No.30757813

The Tau Ethereals know about Chaos and the high ranking water caste member in ''Fire Caste''was speaking about it.

The Tau apparently have their ways in combating Chaos but it isn't explored yet.

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>> No.30757827

They did.

Exodites and Craftworlds ran. The majority of the Eldar embraced Slaanesh and thought it was a good thing.

>> No.30757830

The Ultramarines respect all loyal servants of the Imperium. BTs are shown to work with imperial guard officers who have proven their worth, such as Yorrick. White Scars are the same deal, it's implied in the stories of the Sabbat's Crusade that the Scars had great respect for the titular Saint which the crusade is named after and those want to bring back her worlds to the Imperium.

>> No.30757831


Still wouldn't explain why they'd tell the guys with a hard on for protecting maiden worlds to jog on. Biel-Tan have the high score when it comes to defended maiden worlds.

>> No.30757843


Because too fucked out of their minds.

>> No.30757845

Eldar are mighty jealous and protective for their*

>> No.30757852

>If they're so good at reading future how come they didn't see birth of Slaanesh?

They DID. It was the whole reason the exodites and craftworlds exist today. Shit son, read the basic fluff.

>> No.30757861


Dies with the military genius that keeps it together.

>> No.30757874

Doesn't that Craftworld recruit from Exodite worlds to support its xenocidal wars?

That's a reason. Reason enough for space hippies.

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Exactly my point. Just because you might be able to predict future doesn't guarantee your survival, shit may be fucked beyond your capability to steer. Eldar have no future.

>> No.30757917


>Save the lives of elf hillbillies
>'Gee thanks Biel-Tan'
>'Hey, you mind repaying us with some healthy recruits to help us defend more of your kin?'

Feckless hillbillies. All take and no give.

>> No.30757945


>mocks Europeans

sounds like a Frenchie

>> No.30757982

Off the top of my head; Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Salamanders, Bone Knives, Reclaimers and Templars

>> No.30757997

>Blood Ravens

Remember Victory Bay!

>> No.30758008


You don't really have any point at all really. Original point was that Eldar are pretty much authorities on future seeing and that the Tau are fundamentally the rising stars of the setting. Then you said a whole bunch of wrong shit about Eldar not seeing the fall. Then you got corrected and argued that the fact they managed to avoid extinction thanks to their prescience shows they aren't good at seeing futures and don't have a future.

>> No.30758023

Tarkus and Captain Thule didn't seem to take it personally, and Thule even commended them for their unwavering service after the battle.

Gabriel and Jonah seemed to be on good terms with them as well

>> No.30758027

It's Dawn of War so whether or not it could be considered canon is debatable, but if you go for the IG ending in Winter Assault the Ultramarine chaplain shows great respect for the regiment's guardsmen, saying that his own marines aside he could not have wished for a better ally or something like that.

>> No.30758044

I'd love to pop her Blueberry.

>> No.30758064


When have Ultramarines respected IG? I always pictured them as pretty stuffy glory boys.

I reckon Lamenters could be included. They martyred themselves for humanity.

>> No.30758090

they're perfect in every way
so they respect IG I think

>> No.30758106

requesting the 40K comic where an Ultramarine bows down in respect for a retired Imperial Guard.

>> No.30758122

As another anon has said, DoW Winter assault has the chaplain commend them, and Space Marine has Captain Titus and Sidonus Commend the garrisoned forces.

But it does make sense, Ultramarines are supposed to be the consummate professionals. It follows that they're willing to give a nod to a job well done, which is heavily ingrained in military culture.

>> No.30758159

>DoW Winter assault has the chaplain commend them

Not even the canon ending within DOW's own dubious canon.

>> No.30758190

Perhaps two dub-cans make a can!

>> No.30758214

I'm this guy >>30757122, then you started whining about them in >>30757582
So basically yeah thanks for agreeing with me :)

>> No.30758225

proofs don't work that way anon

>> No.30758231


Damn it, I was almost certain I had that comic saved...

So... Also requesting this!

>> No.30758251

>So basically yeah thanks for agreeing with me

Dat reading comprehension.

>> No.30758289

But they don`t sterilize everyone, right?
They do rely more on gunboat diplomacy and leave their allies to self govern planets[correct me if I remember wrongly]

>> No.30758344

You are correct.

>> No.30758494

Well yes, at least I would have more liberties under Tau empire than in Imperium. It also resembles somewhat of my ideal utopia so I would be ideologically invested in it as well.

>> No.30758517


Because she's a whore, who longs for human D like all female Tau.

>> No.30758530


>> No.30758537

Tzeentch thought making Tau fuck ugly would stop humanity using their greatest ancestral weapon against them.
he thought wrong.

>> No.30758574

Sounds just like something Eldar would do.

>> No.30758575


> their greatest ancestral weapon against them.

You're talking about their dicks right.

>> No.30758599


>> No.30758620


>Tau Empire
>Ideal Utopia
>dissenters simply disappearing

Yeah, a Utopia fit for the NKVD.

Farsight Master Race.

>> No.30758641

I don't leave near any trade routes(so no press-gangs), I'm not in any war-torn areas, and I work in a tech field(so likely a techpriest of some rank). I see no reason to join them...even if their xenotech does bear a closer look, purely for understanding the truths hidden in their abomination of the Omnissia's vision of course.

>> No.30758655

Enclaves would be your best bet for muh freedoms. Plus they got best berry Torchstar on their side.

>> No.30758665

What about looking closely to learn how to break it better?

>> No.30758675


>Breaking machines

Have you no respect for the machine spirit?

>> No.30758679

They seem more like collectivist-meritocracy-federation than space commies to me.

>> No.30758696

Such machine spirits have been repressed too long by the Tau and their machinations to be redeemed. Sometimes putting them out of their misery is the best one can do.

>> No.30758701


I'd buy her a sweater or a nice dress.

>> No.30758718

These are heretical Tau machines. It is a mercy killing.

>> No.30758727

>Blueberries in sweaters
Why has it taken /tg/ this long to think of such perfection

>> No.30758733


Aww, you're such a nice guy anon. I'm glad we're friends.

>> No.30758739

The best life to be had is the life of an Ork.

Think about it, are Orkz ever unhappy? No! Because they's got Dakka, and they's happy when they use they Dakka, so they's use their zoggin' Dakka!

Everything about life is enjoyable to Orkz. Killing and dying to them is just their way of life and the standard "happy" way of living.

>> No.30758760

>It's afraid

>> No.30758771

Daily reminder that Tau women have three clits.

>> No.30758782


>You will never be a barbaric happy race who feels joy and gets better at living by doing something they love
>You will never go into glorious battle with your boys and have a good time while dying
>You will never have enough dakka


>> No.30758796

>Blueberries in sweaters
oh noe, the feels!!

>> No.30758813


>> No.30758814

Time to hit the drawthreads I suppose

>> No.30758818


It's just some shit from Dawn of War, is all.

>> No.30758834



>In charge of fluff


>> No.30758847

Care to elaborate for a newfag?

>> No.30758848


Truly, the Ultramarines are the first among the Emperor's Chosen.

>> No.30758855

Fuck that, i'mma shill in Commoragh

>> No.30758885


Figure it out fuck face

>> No.30758887


Remove pheremone.

>> No.30758899

Both of those descriptions can go for the Imperium too.

"But anon there is no degree of religious freedom in the Imperium-"
Necromunda cults, Death cults, Omnissiah cult, and many many many more cults are all considered OK to practice. They all just have the same general figure, which is "Emprah", which could easily just be a stand-in for an Abrahamic god in modern religion. Point being: yeah, there's about as much religious freedom in the Imperium as there is in the Tau empire, except that the Tau Empire is finnicky about when it wants to yell HERESY and go orson wells on your ass.

>> No.30758901

Female tau cheesecake like pic related
The perfect garment for a woman to wear next to sheer fabric robes
>Blueberries in sweaters

>> No.30758975


> All the Tau need to do in order to keep the Ork/Nid issue off their priority list is convince some Orks that they're not much fun to fight compared to the bugs over on the next planet
> Playing against Tau with Orks

Objective already achieved through superior firepower, anon!

>> No.30758989


>> No.30759007

>tau's face when that essentially describes the Greater Good after it gets too big

>> No.30759012


Holy fuck, yes!


>> No.30759019

There is the splinter fleets of kraken which keep varying in power, if one snowballs into strength it could kill off the tau (if GW didn't have such a hard on for them)

>> No.30759026

If I get me a pulse rifle?
Fuck yes. Imperium are faggots anyway. Tau or Chaos would be my picks.

>> No.30759033

It's not like I'll ever know.

>> No.30759034

All on their face

>> No.30759036


Plus, per Eldrad's reputation, even if he didn't convince Fulgrim, was that not necessarily the plan all along?

Perhaps the 5 minutes they stopped talking allowed the Eldar to secure something else on the planet they needed to get outta there.

Allll according to plan.

>> No.30759048


I don't know, man.

I think a nice summer dress would look better.

>> No.30759071

Even so, you could always pleasure them with your hands

>> No.30759100


>being a cuckfag


Farsight > Ethereal scum

>> No.30759115

You get that dialogue after you escort the Ultramarine land raider to the end of a chaos/ork/IG/eldar warzone to a titan for them to resurrect. It was only a team of a chaplain, a librarian, and 4-5 tacticals, but it was obvious they were fucked without the IG having to fight both Chaos and Orkz and Eldar off while they fixed the titan.

Based on the battle that you had to won, on paper, they fucking -better- have thanked the shit out of me and heralded my men as a hero.

>> No.30759135

Fortunately, that didn't happen yet due the combined of the Ultramarines, Iyanden, and the Tau who keep culling the splinters.

The Tyranids are not a major threats to the Tau Empire in the 999 41K are (picture related)

Tyranids are old news in the east. The greatest threat that overshadows all others in eastern front is the Sautekh Dynasty which is being set up as the BBEG faction that the Tau, Eldar, and Ultramarine must unite against.

>> No.30759149


> Deathwatch source book
> probably told from the point of view of the Imperium
> easiest way to keep people from defecting is to tell them they'll lose their nards.

Seems legit.

>> No.30759176

Don't forget how the IG saves their ass when their Thunderhawk gets shot down

>> No.30759181

At his concepts he was supposed to be a racist but not genocidal. He'd spare them, just set them up as second class citizens. So, yeah, the Tau Empire is essentially doing everything that Big E did, just with Tau instead of Humans.

>> No.30759196

Which descendants ? Sterilization is mandatory for humans to join the Greater Good.

>> No.30759206

It is actually a Necrontyr blade that was forged in the heart of dying Swarmlord by an Eldar Farseer and during the Golden age of humanity was wielded by the emperor and blessed by all 4 chaos gods.... orks think its right stabby too

>> No.30759220

That crusade mostly refers to Orkz, Eldar, pretty much all of the galactic powers that could actually threaten the Imperium from being #1.

>> No.30759226

Pretty sure due to chaos fuckery, and messed up soul business it was very difficult for them to see the birth of Slaanesh but some had a real bad feeling about that shit and became craftworld etc...

>> No.30759242

Then why is it said that the majority of the Gue'vesa are descendants of the humans who defected after the Damocles Crusade, eh?

>> No.30759248

>Join the Tau Empire and become a people equivalent of disposable paper towels

At least I can still get laid and have kids in the Imperium.

>> No.30759278

>Join the Tau Empire and become a people equivalent of disposable paper towels
So no different from the IG.
>At least I can still get laid and have kids in the Imperium.
You can with the tau too. Especially if you join the enclaves.

>> No.30759292

Someone is getting laid and kids are popping out, If there are second and third generation Gue'vesa running around.

>> No.30759293


They were aimed at any xenos, even non agressive ones. One of the craftworlds destroyed was minding its own business and had surrendered. Big E made fucking with xenos for no reason holy writ.

>> No.30759300

1) How fast do Tau breed?
2) How do Tau sterilize people? Radiation, vasectomy, castration?
3) Do Tau females have breasts? I thought they were descended from fish.
4) Would Tau consider intercourse with a human?

>> No.30759310

>implying that farsight military dictatorship isin`t going to fall soon as their leader dies

Loyal and not so much on border lines being humans would not be castrated trough. Besides we don`t know if it`s just chemical castration that removes sperm ability to impregnate human females. Soo...

>> No.30759332


It's not the Ravens' fault that the guy leading the forces at Victory Bay was a fucktard and refused to back down.

Personally I'm surprised you couldn't go for an allied victory in Dark Crusade and Soul Storm if you never attacked the CPU Imperial Units.

>> No.30759337

>as soon as their leader dies
>implying he will die

>> No.30759345


Well that depends.

Would I be allowed to have unprotected sexual relationships with virgin Tau females and maybe a one or two Kroot?

>> No.30759347


>Implying he can die


>> No.30759358

>>implying that farsight military dictatorship isin`t going to fall soon as their leader dies

-Farsight does not run the Enclaves.
-The Enclave ran itself for hundreds and years without him.
-It's a thriving democracy

>> No.30759369

>without him.

>> No.30759384


He's just a military commander.

>> No.30759401

When he went of his mediation self search phase.

After he returned from his hermit exile he was surprised to see how well the Enclave was doing.

>> No.30759423

Have fun with your dying, backwards race then.

>> No.30759424

Yeah, that's why he blew it up. Eldar had made it perfectly clear upon their first contact that they were hostile, powerful, and most importantly: secretive. You come up to another intergalactic government supervessel which has mechanations and technologies that you literally cannot use that are more advanced than what you can use, and has proven hostile, of fucking course you're going to blow it up.

However, the non-space age Grub Chubs on Yeven IX? They're just agricultural bog aliens who aren't really hurting anyone and they're fairly hospitable towards humans so they can live outside the utopia self-sustaining city minding their own business or assimilate accordingly.

Then, after Big E died, all that went to shit and the REAL genociding began.

>> No.30759426

I did not see the word Sterilization or anything close to it anywhere.

>> No.30759434


Oh, I will.

Nobility master race.

>> No.30759438

Ta Ta Tao Tao Tao,
um ma moo Mao Mao

Have you heard, about the word?

>> No.30759446

Well in those DoW games all of the Imperium forces are assuming that the others had fallen to Chaos and must therefore be purged.

Yeah, it's stupid and makes no sense, but they were trying to make a really fun video war game, and they did.

>> No.30759453

You seem pretty hateful of the brave men and women who die in the Emperor's service, Space Marine. Can I ask you some questions?

>> No.30759454

>Bone Knives, Reclaimers
I don't recall those guys. Can someone debrief me on them?

>> No.30759459

It's the Deathwatch core book.

The Tau section.

>> No.30759461


Can I get a qt3.14 bird gf?

>> No.30759471


>> No.30759486


Unbunch your panties, fagwag.

He has every right to ask.

>> No.30759489

just make sure to shield your eyes during intercourse, she likes to peck at their juices.

>> No.30759494

have another, just cus

>> No.30759511

Seriously, how much time do Tau spend breeding? Is it just like, fuck city all the time? they only live to be 50 years old or so...

>> No.30759519

>trusting Imperial Corpse-Worshiping Propaganda.

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.30759523

Daemonettes are shit tier waifus.

>> No.30759525

>confusing mass genocidal sterilization with population control

Can you even into social engineering?

>> No.30759528


Neat, I don't even mind the wailing second face.

>> No.30759532

You a loyalist sucker

>> No.30759533

Take that back!

>> No.30759534

I thought there were breeding seasons controlled by the ethereals

>> No.30759536

Actually I think Farsight set up the Enclaves, but they seperated from the Empire and he exiled himself for a century or two.

>> No.30759545

Not if your fetish is Monogamous Relationships, Sex in the Missionary Position for the Purpose of Procreation, and Crab Claws

>> No.30759547


Slaanesh is a shitty god.

>> No.30759559

awful tempted to derail into daemonette thread...

>> No.30759570

Yes. I will gladly infil... I mean JOIN the Greater good. Only to cause a Warpstorm and bring Forces of Chaos, bow to me... to destroy those atheistic beings.

>allopva mermelada
And then I'll make it, as Captcha suggest.

>> No.30759572

>YFW that's tzeentch

>> No.30759574

Khornette > Nurglette > Tzeenchette >>> That literal shit succubus from pathfinder >>>>>>> daemonettes.

>> No.30759579

>goddess of Lust, love, perfection, pleasure, pain
You must be one of the guys who thinks because of shitty art piece she isn't hot. Despite every peace of cannon

>> No.30759586

Do tau lay eggs?

How many kids do they have at once? How many times do they breed in a lifetime?

Seriously, do female Tau have breasts?

>> No.30759587


Pls no.

Think of the blueberries.

>> No.30759597

It isnt, though. Thats Reasonable Daemonette, one of /tg/s lolsorandumb characters.
>>goddess of Lust, love, perfection, pleasure, pain
You mean the God of Excess and addiction. Slaanesh is also by far the most actively cruel and vindictive of all the Chaos gods.

>> No.30759601

You could not have that any more backwards you asspie

we had a whole thread on daemon brides
Nurgle and slaanesh won

>> No.30759604

It is suggested they are a type of mammal, or at least close to Mammals.

>> No.30759607

>not wanting a qt inquisitor to 'interrogate' you

>> No.30759610

Khornettes are far superior, right?

>> No.30759611



I make no promises on the gender of the kroot.

>> No.30759615

Yet all of those things are nothing daemonettes do, save the crab claws.
Makes sense, all Slaaneshfags are shitposters without fail.

>> No.30759624

>the most actively cruel and vindictive of all Chaos
>alpha legion (Khorne) eats worlds just cus
>slaanesh is still the worst out of the bunch

Your puritan sex hating is showing.

>> No.30759628

>Do tau lay eggs?


>How many kids do they have at once? How many times do they breed in a lifetime?

Farsight's mother had three children.

>Seriously, do female Tau have breasts?

Cain has a hard time identifying the gender of Tau persons with or without armor.

>> No.30759640

In most literature I've read regarding the kroot, it takes a Kroot, or an expert in kroot, to tell their genders apart.

>> No.30759641

>we had a whole thread on daemon brides
Thats neat. Slaanesh and daemonettes are still worse than literal shit tier.
see >>30759574

>> No.30759642


No, I do not turn to Chaos for pleasure, but for knowledge and power.

Slaanesh kinda sucks if you're not an artist or a hedonist.

>> No.30759644

Shitty as in 75% of the chaos gods are going to get you killed.
Slanesh, you die in some stupid bondage thing.
Tznech, you get backstabbed.
Khorne, you die in a fight.
Nurgle, you spend the rest of your life with leprosy, and he fails to understand why you aren't hapy about this.

>> No.30759645

Honestly, it would depend who has the gun to my head at the time. If the Tau invaded and took over my world I'd defect, if the Imperium came by and took their world back I'd go back in a heartbeat. I have no honor nor shame.

>> No.30759647

Shadowsun's mother*

>> No.30759655

>Yet all of those things are nothing daemonettes do, save the crab claws.

Unless Slaanesh want to corrupt you, and that was the only avenue to make it happen.

>> No.30759670

Why anyone would serve the chaos gods is beyond me, it always ends up you just getting horribly fucked up eventually... nurgle seems to be the only semi decent one since you actually become very happy with your plagues and enjoy them and nurgle loves you etc... Everyone else you either get fucked over cause "plans", lose all emotion but rage and hate, or keep pushing your limits until you die from exhaustion/ overdose

>> No.30759674

>if you're not an artist or a hedonist

so if you don't like fun as much as you like other things, you're not Slaanesh, and people who like Slaanesh suck, so people who hate Slaanesh hate fun.

>> No.30759678

Actually, if you're a worshiper of Nurgle, you spend the rest of your life with Gona-shypha-herpe-aids, and you are just orgasmic and amazed by it, and want to help others feel the same.

>> No.30759686


The males exude their genetic material through their hands. So if anyone kroot's handshake is wet and he holds it a little too long...

>> No.30759692

>injecting heroin into your rectum

>> No.30759698

>curses his own minions because he had a bad day
>made a heretic a daemon prince just to mock the daemons she bested
>patron god of Fabius Bile and Emperors Children, some of the worst fucking scum in the Eye of Terror
>makes sure none of his patrons are hollow, unsatisfied shells of their former selves so they'll keep committing more and more depraved acts just to reach that unreachable perfect high
>devoured an entire alien race
But no, lets try to make it a sex thing because we all know that is literally the only thing slaanesh is about

Christ, you guys are worse than the fan canon Nurglefags.

>> No.30759702

It is an democracy? I didn`t find any notes that would imply so on Lexicanum, only that governing body was "The Eight" who form war council.

Please, if you have sources please tell more.

>> No.30759705


I don't hate fun, but 100% fun isn't how I would want to live my life.

>> No.30759706

Except the Imperium wouldn't let you back. The IG hate Gue'vesa more than they hate heretics

>> No.30759711

If Tau give out free hugs then I am in.

>> No.30759720


This. Nurgle is a pretty cool guy

>> No.30759727

It is if you're Brandon Novak.

>> No.30759729

>>patron god of Fabius Bile
Stop right here, Fabius is no longer part of EC, as he is not dedicated to any of the Gods and he thinks that he have more to offer to Chaos than Chaos have to offer to him.

>> No.30759737

>Slaneesh gives a whole new meaning to "power fist"

>> No.30759761

>not enjoying the high of a lifetime

Wait, you're saying that leaders Nurgle doesn't do shit to his followers, or that Khorne doesn't? Because they do, and so does Tzeentch. Also, the Emporer's Children are hardly bad compared to the objectively more powerful and badass Khornates and Nurglies out there running amok. Also, the fact he keeps them happy and ready to get more and more "depraved". Every chaos god instills a new way of thinking, and Slaanesh's way of thinking is to try new things until you've tried it all, and one of those new things is death and you really ought to save that experience for last because there's so may others to have before it. Also, Slaanesh was birthed out of the Eldar's corruption, he didn't start it.

>> No.30759765

>Me: "Oh yay! Warhammer thread!"

>> No.30759772

>Still beats having sex with a Dreadnaught

>> No.30759776

That's a fair ideological difference (read: opinion), but that's exactly what it is, an ideological difference. It's not an objective fact.

>> No.30759778

Nurgle makes the most sense to me, since he preys on folks when they are at their most scared and vulnerable and promises to take all the hurt away. He is kind of like Lord Humongous when he gives that speech about how its hopeless to resist and you should just give up and walk away, except instead of walking away, its accepting Nurgles Rot.

Another good example for how Chaos corrupts would by that Tales of the Crypt movie called Demon Knight IIRC, where the protector of the macguffin keeping hell from taking over earth has sealed himself in a house and the demon outside convinces the humans trapped in there with him to give in to possession through one method or another.

>> No.30759789

If the choice was either Imperium OR Tau?


If chaos was also an option, I would do that instead.

>> No.30759790


>>not enjoying the high of a lifetime

Syke! You didn't enjoy shit because Slaanesh fooled you, sucker.

Your suffering is his high.

>> No.30759805

If you shove skulls up someones ass, are you worshiping khone, nurgle and slaneesh at the same time?

>> No.30759809

Slaneesh and Nurgle make the most sense to me. Why someone would ever follow Tzeen is beyond me, and Khorne's role is filled by the orks already.

>> No.30759813

>The greatest threat that overshadows all others in eastern front is the Sautekh Dynasty which is being set up as the BBEG faction that the Tau, Eldar, and Ultramarine must unite against.

Actually they have ascended so fast compared to the other forces that most still don't know if they're a real threat or simple raiders. They will most likely blindside the Tau and Imperium, Orks... well... Orks don't honestly plan that far in the future anyway so to them it will just be another scrap.

>> No.30759814

Well gee, if I'm suffering so bad, why does it feel so goddamn good? Because if it didn't feel good to begin with I wouldn't have done it in the first place.

>> No.30759816

You could try reading their supplement

>> No.30759821

I am saying some followers of the other three MIGHT experience something similar to contentment every once in a while in their lives, but by the very definition of what Slaanesh stands for, his followers will never feel satisfied again and must continually seek out worse and worse acts or else be consumed by their own maddening addictions.
Because all of his sick and twisted experimentation and need to find perfection sure do a lot for Nurgle, Khorne, and Tzeench.

>> No.30759839

>I know what I'll do! I'll bitch and moan about waifus rather than posting about warhammer in a warhammer thread
You are really fucking stupid, you know that?

>> No.30759847

Dear anons, please post more blueberries, as I`m nearly empty what comes to my Tau files.
Yours sincerely, anon j.

>> No.30759866

How come nobody ever rapes space marines?

You'd think that would be the ultimate victory over the manliest of men.

Noise Marines! Set Blasters to FUN!

>> No.30759876

>why does it feel so goddamn good?
It doesn't. The whole point of Slaanesh is that you always need just a little bit more to start REALLY feeling good. The cocaine doesn't do it anymore, so maybe if I snort it off a hookers tits it will be better! Well that was nice, but it wasn't enough. Maybe if I rape and gut the hooker first! And so on and so on until theres nothing left of you but a hollow hunger that consumes without thought.

What Slaaneshfags need to realize is that end result of following Slaanesh is more akin to Darth Nihlus than Dr. Rockso.

>> No.30759889

If you cut off a space marines dong then let them go, what happens to them?

>> No.30759899

>Fooling People.

Now you're pretending Slaanesh is Tzeench.

What would happen is...
>Enjoy High of a life time.
>Slaanesh offers you the same high again, but you have to serve him.
>Being the addict you are, you go for it.
>After a few more Highs, Slaanesh tells you about a new high; Being Turbo-Fisted by a Deamonette.
>"BUt Slaanesh-Kun, It will rip my anus asunder, I will die!"
>Slaanesh makes it so your pain is another high, and you don't die, but getting so close to death makes you orgasm harder then ever.
>You now continue to do whatever Slaanesh asks, just so you can chase that Turbo-fisted, Heroin and Alcohol induced near death experience again and again.
>Pretty soon you find your self on a word, arm-deep inside the planetary governor as the Astartes Burst in, slipping on all the sex-gel you now excrete. You look up at them, the Governor moaning in pleasure, and say to the Chaplin "Come get some boys, I need a good powerfisting!"
>As you die, Slaanesh gives you the biggest most warped induced orgasmic high you will ever experience, each bolter shell feeling like a century of pure ecstasy and joy, while a Demonette jerks you off.
>You simply think about how this was the best decision of your life.

>> No.30759904

>DR Rockso
>Fate worse than death

>> No.30759905

Woah. I never thought of it like that.

>> No.30759917

Hey guys, I need tips for GM'ing my dark heresy campaign in this thread, would appreciate help because it's going nowhere so far.

>> No.30759933

>Slaneesh and Nurgle make the most sense to me
Which is probably why /tg/ always tries to downplay how fucking evil they are.

Khorne is also a sort of reasonable one if youre one of those guys who just cant stop fucking fighting or getting angry at shit. Charles Bronson would probably be a daemon prince if RL was 40K.

Tzeentch is just the god of politics, where obfuscating the end goal eventually becomes the end goal and you forgot what you were even doing all that deceit for in the first place.

>> No.30759941

You, read this: >>30759876

>> No.30759949

Thing was is that Tzeentch never had an end-goal in the first place, he just likes making plots for no fucking reason.

>> No.30759958

>Now you're pretending Slaanesh is Tzeench.
>implying all the gods don't deceive in their own little ways
Except not. Codex explicitly states that followers of Slaanesh feel empty and always hungering for more more more.

From your post, I can also tell you have never done real drugs either, because thats not how they fucking work.

>> No.30759959


Here, that's all I got since I'm not into that stuff.


>> No.30759964

Sounds like a great way to keep people from realizing your goals; make them think you have none to begin with.

>> No.30759969

Honest to God druggy here, and I'm not sure what you mean by that.

Albeit I don't do anything addicting, only smoke weed and drop lsd.

>> No.30759976

>Bash Slaneesh
>Ignore gay conga line of Space Marines fallacies

>> No.30759985

And I assume you have done hard drugs?

>> No.30759987


>so shaky from weed withdrawal you can't even hold on to your lsd pipe
>claiming you aren't addicted

>> No.30759997

>> No.30759999

>Tzeentch never had an end-goal in the first place
Exactly. He ropes in others by telling them he will help them achieve their goals, though, and then he just keeps spinning more and more bullshit and changing the rules of the game as well as your skin until you forgot why you were even scheming in the first place.

>> No.30760011



>> No.30760019

Post the real Slaanesh instead of that shitty fanart of Jay Leno as a tranny.

>> No.30760023

>> No.30760032

The greatest irony of chaos is that it is a spirtual reflection of the imperium itself. It is all the pain, suffering, and hatred of the third reich made eternal.

Chaos is release, it is joy, while the imperium is eternal torment. It is the irony of justice, and the fallacy of law.

If the imperium were a laid back peaceful republic of ganga smoking jedi, the warp would look like the garden of fucking eden.

>> No.30760049

Go watch Requiem for a Dream.

Tell me anyone from that movie came out thinking doing heroin was the best idea of their life.

Slaanesh is kind of like that.

>> No.30760053


Slaanesh is shit.

I'd rather rot than be doomed to snort coke and be cursed with unsatisfying sex for eternity. Slaanesh is for cuckfags and orgasm denial fetishists.

>> No.30760066

>> No.30760070

>Chaos is release, it is joy
Yes, because all those folks begging Nurgle to stop giving them all those diseases while he piles on even more are just yukking it up and having the time of their life, lemme tell ya.

>> No.30760075

>for hundred of years
Pick two.

>> No.30760095

>Durf this shittly drawn image of slaanesh is not only the only cannon image but also a reflection that she's totally ugly in contradition to all the cannon

Dude you have some serious problems with her being hermaphroditic and beautiful as all cannon states her as

>> No.30760099

Using a FICITIONAL DRAMA for proof doesn't help your position. Talk to actual addicts, read their stuff.

Go read Dreamseller.

>> No.30760105

>oh hey a tau thread
Why are slaaneshfags so terrible

>> No.30760109 [DELETED] 

>> No.30760118

Autism detected

If you don't like trans, fine. But slaanesh is trans and cannocially beautiful.

>> No.30760124

>Daemon Primarch is Fulgrim
Seems like you answered your own question.

>> No.30760128

I posted a canon image of Slaanesh from a codex, you posted shitty fanwank. Go ahead and post a canon picture that contradicts mine if you want.

>> No.30760132

Depends entirely on what I am and where in the wide Imperium I'm stationed.

Living a relatively Idyllic life in the Macragge systems? Fuck no, I'm going nowhere.

Press ganged into service invading a Tau agri world as part of the IG? That depends entirely on who's winning.

On the receiving end of a Tau invasion? Sure thing, new overlords and masters. No need to pop me one.

Fighting tooth and nail on a completely unrelated planet without any Tau in sight? I'd rather stick with the folks on my side.

I'm pragmatic.

>> No.30760135 [DELETED] 

Blue berries are better? >>30760109

>> No.30760136

How about all three, bucko.

>> No.30760138

The greatest irony I see amongst 40k players is the great divide, those who recognize it as a parody based on the premise of "what would happen if the nazi's won world war 2?" and those who are subconsciously attracted to it because of the symbolic connections to fascism and their own desire to perpetuate its fallacy.

At best, warhammer is a fun way to relive tension by pretending to be a nazi or monster for a few hours, at its worse, it draws people who are precosciously unaware of their own flirtations with evil into proximity of a culture that is far too accepting of real life war, genocide, and attrocity.

>> No.30760139

You don't understand how CHaos works. It's not malicious. It's their nature. It's not evil, its them thinking they're helping.

They're just like children. Fucking terrible, terrible children.

>> No.30760141

>> No.30760153

>Find oldest art you can find that doesn't match current descriptions.

>> No.30760154

So 1 outdated cannon image > all written cannon ever?
You are fucking stupid and a plauge to the 40k fanbase

>> No.30760155

I never said it was malicious, though Slaanesh is actively malicious, I said it wasn't joyous.

>> No.30760156 [DELETED] 

they're relevant at least

and yes they are better

>> No.30760157

>They're just like children. Fucking terrible, terrible children.

made me laugh

>> No.30760165

But everyone who gets 'blessed' by Nurgle enjoys it. That's sort of the point

>> No.30760175


>implying the US is thriving

You're funny.

>> No.30760181

When you say "Trans" do you mean weird mix of both male and female, or do you mean changes gender at a moments notice perfectly as desired?

I'm totally outside the canon knowledge, I've only read one book and it was a handbook that came with a necron army that wasn't mine, so I only read a few pages of it.

>> No.30760182 [DELETED] 

You're saying it as if nazism was evil at all.

>> No.30760189 [DELETED] 

>cherry picking one poster and comparing them to a whole league of hijacking shitposters
That guy is on topic, at least. Besides, you faggots literally worship futafaggotry, so you have no room to speak.

>> No.30760197

>implying the US is a democracy

>> No.30760205

It does, read the fucking daemon codex.

>> No.30760209

She is "both and niether"
Just a raw gender and ambiguous beauty able to take either form, niether or both

>> No.30760226

I've always assumed Slaanesh is whatever you specifically wanted it to be.

>> No.30760228

Current descriptions use the words 'statuesque', 'youthful', and 'androgynous', not 'aging crackwhore with a dick'
Not all of them. There is a passage about followers begging Nurgle to stop, but he just thinks they need more diseases.

>> No.30760231

So its within the beings ability to instantly become purely masculine or purely feminine at will, then? As in, "hey you horny boys, surprise! I'm a dude now!"

>rape everything in sight.gif

>> No.30760236

Read the liber chaotica
It actually outranks the war book as a fluff book
Even in EVERY edition she is beautiful
Calm your spergs and execpt that a beauty god can have many forms and would be good looking especially when described hot

>> No.30760242

>both and neither
Futafags are the worst.

>> No.30760262

Jesus christ, so because you hate a fetish you can't stand some piece of literature with hermaphidites?
Get help kid

>> No.30760264

>only women can be beautiful
Misandrist scumbag

>> No.30760280

You know not all factions are mass murdering dictatorships. Tau`s at least have meritocratic society, something that most/some would consider ideal.

>> No.30760281

Now I get the whole Austism/40k assosiation

>> No.30760282

Jesus christ, so because you love a fetish you can't stand some piece of literature not catering to it?
Get help kid
Hermaphrodites aren't futas, you fucking retard

>> No.30760306

FYI, Slaanesh's favored form is a young man (Read Shota).

Ya'll Niggas are gay.

>> No.30760309

"She" is just a general term as the eldar and most deceptions refer to her as feminine

>> No.30760323

>most deceptions refer to her as feminine
I guess thats why he is known widely as the LORD of Pleasure.

>> No.30760328

eurofag detected
enjoy the complimentary predator drones

>> No.30760329

>implying I wouldn't want that

it's not even fetish catering untill it hits the fandom
Go be insecure somewhere else

>> No.30760336

The eldar name for Slaanesh is litterally "She who thirsts"
And they invented "her"

>> No.30760337

Go be wrong somewhere else first.

>> No.30760339

The fact is, no matter how bad chaos is, it will never compare to the torment of a day in the life of an imperial citizen.

To live in the imperium is to deny everything that makes you human. It is a living hell, in which there is no release from suffering, it is an eternity of torment that haunts you unto death, and sometimes even beyond the grave.

Chaos is release, release from pain, release from agony, it is the inevitable result of repression, oppression, and corruption.

The imperium did not form in response to chaos, chaos formed in response to the imperium.

After the dust settles and the air clears, the imperium will fall, chaos will set upon itself, and all will be restored to the way it should.

Democracy will return, the warp will stabilize, people will be happy and rejoice once again. Mankind will once again be able to seek peace amongst the stars, no longer forced into the dogmatic, xenophobic and genocidal policies of an empire gone mad.

>> No.30760349

>Can change forms at will
>She Who Thirsts
>>mfw people can't wrap their head around it

>> No.30760352

Enjoy two one party system.

>> No.30760364

see >>30760306
>prefers to be a man
Check your privilege.

>> No.30760373

Yurop doesn't have democracies either, but they're probably mostly slightly less corrupt that the US. Maybe.

>> No.30760379

And I thought the Roleplay community on /tg/ was shit
I'm scared to see the MtG asspies

>> No.30760406

There is nothing good about the imperium or what it stands for, the space marines are not heroes and the imperial guard is a war machine that is trapped in perpetual motion.

Everything about the empire of humanity is evil, and if humanity is to either survive or evolve, it must be destroyed.

To perpetuate the Imperium is to perpetuate agony. To defend its idealogy is to defend and serve evil incarnate. It is an evil that has no face, it is simply an idea, one that is contagious in the extreme.

The imperium is everything that is wrong with humanity.

>> No.30760434

Ya, sure whatever, so is all of 40k
Go away. we don't need more autism

>> No.30760446


different races tell different stories about the gods
for the humans slaneesh appears as a young boy
for the eldar slaneesh is SHE who thirsts

maybe it's both and none at the same time

it's chaos we're talking about in the end

>> No.30760489

No. Even the bloody Eldar call Slaanesh the prince of excess/pleasure

Slaanesh has a will of his own. He clearly favors the male gender over others.

>> No.30760493 [DELETED] 

no thank you

>> No.30760532

Don't worry, the players who are gullible enough to fall for GW's line of bullshit are too thick to hear or understand the truth.

Nothing I say or do will ruin your fun. Honestly, if there is anybody who deserves to be picked on, who deserves it more than closeted neo nazi fascist homophobes?

>> No.30760543

SJW jokes aside, he's pretty dam feminine

>> No.30760557

>closeted neo nazi fascist homophobes
I remember when trolling meant something

>> No.30760560

The world eaters have a saying: around slaneesh, watch your khorne hole!

>> No.30760603

>khorne hole!
I'm disgusted but curious

why is it called that way ?

>> No.30760616

40k is the ultimate troll. Think about it, even when you tell people that were kidding all along, they continue to perpetuate the fallacy.

Its like if adolf hitler had a "Robert Paulson" moment.

>> No.30760645

>Its like if adolf hitler had a "Robert Paulson" moment.
Her name is Anne Frank

>> No.30760649

Nien! I am stoppink this! It is all over!

>> No.30760666


You never had an angry shit? One where it just won't come out so you have to battle cry and push through the RAAAGEEEE to get it out

>> No.30760685

I'm too old to do battle with the porceliene goddess. These days I just pinch it off and throw in an extra wipe.

>> No.30760720

>oosting more fanwank
Nah, he is androgynously beautiful and statuesque, whilst preferring a masculine form. The codex outright says it.

>> No.30760722 [DELETED] 

Her balls are fucking huge but she has a dicklette.

>> No.30760754


We will mourn you battle brother, your past deeds in battle against the porcelain threat shall not go unheard of or forgotten.

>> No.30760755

Here is to hoping I have more sex in prison than I do now.

>> No.30760772

>Song of the Toilet Dirge
>Shed a single tear

>> No.30760816

That still doesnt agree with the outdated shitty art you claim is the ONLY way she can look

Go work our your insecurites somewhere else

>> No.30760817

Something about this pic makes me think he is looking to ask for directions..

>> No.30760831

the sudden realization that
khorne's throne is a toilet

>> No.30760835

>excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the New Jersey turnpike?
>knew I should have taken a left at the crab nebula

>> No.30760838

>claiming that other poster is me
Either way, neither artistic renditions or written descriptions corroborate with your shitty fap fantasies. Give it a rest.

>> No.30760869

>Slaneesh can assume male, female, or hermaphroditic form at will

What don't you understand? Slaneesh has girlcock.

>> No.30760887

SJW please go. See picture

>> No.30760891

>Pray to slaneesh to put my head inside my rectum
>Now I can give oral and anal at the same time

>> No.30760920


>> No.30760945


>> No.30761008

Do you have a presidents pointing with white block text folder or something?

>> No.30761022

I wish.

>> No.30761069


>what is google

fucking morons

>> No.30761091


shit I can't even read

>fucking moron

>> No.30761201 [DELETED] 

And together they make the symbol of the Tau empire.

>> No.30761331 [DELETED] 


That's terrible.

>> No.30761375 [DELETED] 

This is an image i have always believed should be stricken from the records.

>> No.30761622

My understanding is;
1)Probably at the same rate as humans, Commander Tsundere had two other siblings, not like 20
2)I'd imagine chemical castration would be easiest, though that's just me speculating
3)There isn't much in the way of sexual dimorphism in Tau
4)Sex to Tau probably isn't recreational, only there to spawn more Tau to serve the Greater Good

>> No.30761864

And be sterilized and used as a crop harvester? Would rather be blammed by COMMISSAR HOLT.

>> No.30761991


>And be sterilized and used as a crop harvester?


>> No.30762845

WHOA!! WAIT COMMISSAR! I wasn't thinking about living on one of those worlds! I heard from other people that managed to escape from Tau controlled space what they actually do with people.

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