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How do you do your evil paladin /tg/?

Deathknight/Shadow warrior etc, dude with not holy but EVUL powers.

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When you see a puppy, you have the urge to not pet it nor to feel it's soft coat.

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I don't. Alignment-themed characters bug me.

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Selfish, Pompous, and fulfilling my own agenda, all in the name of God

Much like any Paladin or Knight really but with a lot more focus on... me.


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It's all about perspective. Where paladins rely on righteousness and morality. Anti-paladin classes like SK and DK are amoral and hard core pragmatists. They won't hesitate to sacrifice others for the attainment of the goal. Hate and the misery of others might drive them as well.
You need to also decide if the character is actively evil or seen that way from moral or righteous people. An active evil goes out of their way to bring about evil whereas a "pragmatic amoral" evil character doesn't always consider themselves as evil, just doing what needs to be done.

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I've dabbled in the offensive and martial arts of food, and have decided to work for Famine. I pledge myself to her ETERNAL HUNGER.

Every work I perform, every bit of magic I invoke, will be in her name. Food will turn to poison in their mouths, it will choke their throats, eat them from the inside out! I will mobilize the cuisines of the world to kill the human species. Endless armies of tainted meat and starches and vegetables.

I am her holiest knight. No one will ever fall asleep with a full belly ever again.

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dat comic.

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