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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You got caught up with the scouts from the main army and got some new recruits. Apparently most of the army is being focused elsewhere, so you don't know how much longer you can count on reinforcements from there. It's okay, because it isn't like you counted on them at all in the first place.

You decided to go check out this weird stone circle ruins place that is apparently pretty creepy according to eye witnesses.

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH
>Ability Tree: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP
>Hasn't been updated since last thread, unfortunately.
>I'm the Boss! Points: 1
>CHARACTER point: 1
>This allows you, the player, to force a NPC to join the party!

>You currently have:
>19/24 BtB exp
>8/24 MSiF exp
>8/24 CyRCTHaM exp

The stone circle is a ways away, so you're going to have to be on the field for a bit. You've got:

Whoop, Bokagh, Skedob, Zexur, Mani, Dorle, Bearbreath, Nost, Truz, and Gneb with you. You haven't rolled out with Whoop in a while, so it'll be nice to hang out!

Gneb says he remembers the way, but you're still hiking through enemy territory.

What's the plan, boss?

>Make a looking for trouble check! Hope for critical success. (Roll to find something to muck up!)
>No thank you, I just wanna get there in one piece. (Roll to avoid patrols.)
>Whoa, we forgot someone... (Pick someone else to join)

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Rolled 2

>>No thank you, I just wanna get there in one piece. (Roll to avoid patrols.)

>> No.30736946

Rolled 13

It's time

>Make a looking for trouble check! Hope for critical success. (Roll to find something to muck up!)

>> No.30736970


>Make a looking for trouble check! Hope for critical success. (Roll to find something to muck up!)

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Yeah, just roll after it gets voted for to make the world easier.

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>Make a looking for trouble check! Hope for critical success. (Roll to find something to muck up!)

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Alright, looking for trouble it is! The higher the roll, the more trouble you'll find!

Roll a d100, I'm taking best of three and consulting a RANDOM ENCOUNTER MATRIX

>> No.30737187

Rolled 38


we here to fuck shit up

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>> No.30737248

Rolled 20


>> No.30737249

Rolled 61


>> No.30737261


Alright, writing.

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"Hey, boss, something weird is up ahead," Gneb greets you with some weird news. You've been marching for several hours at this point, and the new guys seem pretty tired already. Oh, right, they aren't used to sunlight.

"What is it this time, Gneb?" You hold yourself back from sighing. He's stopped you several times for all kinds of lame things. 'hey boss look at this crazy tree' 'look boss, wolves' 'boss! look what I found!' And so on and so forth.

"Some kinda metal rock." He responds. You immediately begin ordering the raid to keep moving but he interrupts you, "No seriously! It's like a rock monster metal man!" Oh, well I guess that is different. You head over to check it out.

Miraculously, he is right. It looks like some sort of giant golem that just isn't moving. What the heck is this thing? How old is it? It's partly covered in grass and is in the shade of one of the sparse trees out here on the plain. You contemplate kicking it but decide you'd rather just have Nost kick it for you, but nothing happens. Must just be a piece of scrap.

Suddenly you hear a strange keening sound. The rock monster's hand has a circular disc, and it starts spinning until its a blur. Oh dang, this thing is waking up!

"Hey, Nost, why'd you have to kick it so hard?"

"You're the one who told me to, boss!"

"Whatever, let's just take it out real quick."

>Take it out quick! Dorle, Mani, blow the thing to heck!
>New guys! You're up. Let's see what you're made of. It's okay, if you die we can just have Bearbreath bring you back!
>Wait to see if it is friendly. What is the worst that can happen?

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>>Wait to see if it is friendly. What is the worst that can happen?
No reason to fight

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>Wait to see if it is friendly. What is the worst that can happen?
Salutations, friend!

>> No.30737652

>>Wait to see if it is friendly. What is the worst that can happen?

>> No.30737653

>Wait to see if it is friendly. What is the worst that can happen?

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Alright! I probably shoulda expected that. Writing!

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Of course. Shax is a nice murderuous raider!

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Mani pulls goggles down over his eyes and reaches into his pack. "Let us handle this, boss," Dorle says as he starts assembling some sort of horrible payload delivery contraption. "We'll blow this heap of scrap to bits!"

"Uh, wait, it hasn't actually attacked us or anything, you know?" You point out. Everyone sorta stops and looks at the thing. It's slowly rumbling as it stands up. Underneath it you can see a cable leading down a small cavern into the earth. What's up down there.

The monstrous metal machine rears back, another appendage sprouting from its midsection with a giant claw, and it lashes out! Though it comes nowhere near anyone. The claws snap and the spinning circle arm is waving wildly around the metal beast.

"What the heck is this thing doing?"

It has three spindly legs which begin shuffling about as its arms move in opposite directions, snapping about and whirring threateningly.

"Hey, boss, is this some sorta dancing thing?"

"Heck if I know."


Ahhh! Some sorta elemental?

"What the heck? That sounded like the rock guy, sorta, right boss?" Gneb looks at you, most people are covering their ears.

"Honored one, I believe that perhaps another member of the Elemental Court resides here," Whoop speaks up for the first time in a while, "If we could get past this erratic guardian..."

>Ask it to take you to its leader. You come in peace!
>Tell it that you are good friends with another rock man, and that you wanna be his friend, too.
>Fine, I'm leaving, I don't wanna play with dumb metal monsters!

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>Tell it that you are good friends with another rock man, and that you wanna be his friend, too.
He seems neat.

>> No.30738088

>Tell it that you are good friends with another rock man, and that you wanna be his friend, too.

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>>Ask it to take you to its leader. You come in peace!
...you know till we are not. then we start choppin with us choppa

>> No.30738123

>Ask it to take you to its leader. You come in peace!

>> No.30738150

>Ask it to take you to its leader. You come in peace!

>> No.30738192

Aww yeah fuckers Oversized Weapon Quest! And I can participate for once! Here is a loli guts I tried to put up last time.

>> No.30738193

Invader Shax, it is! Writing.

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Now how the fuck would you use that weapon with only one leg?

>> No.30738253

only one real arm to don't forget.

>> No.30738267

if we crit fail some combat rolls, maybe we'll find out!

>> No.30738340

But that's Bikko, isn't it?

>> No.30738384

Fuck if I know. Someone said it was a lolli version of guts and I didn't question it.

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You wave your sword at the metal monstrosity. "Take me to your leader!" Oh, maybe you should be less threatening? You put your sword back down, "I, uh, I come in peace?"


Wow, that is just rude, "I wanna talk and see what you're up to, of course. I'm a friendly neighborhood sort, you know." You nod at your own statement. It's true. In your neighborhood, you were probably the nicest person there. "And you're kinda in my neighborhood, I guess?"


"But you've got a cool spindly arm thing here, what's that all about?"

It's made of metal, too! Even though it is so old.

"And you sound like one of these other dudes I've met before. They always had cool stuff for me to do. What about you?"

[...] Though it is clearly not saying anything, the same grainy scratching sound that is heard when an elemental speaks is playing in your head for a momen, [WHAT OTHER DUDES?]

"You know, a fire guy who was talking about ascensions, a rock guy who was looking for another rock and gave me rocks as a reward."


"They were alright."


"Nobody said they were smart."


"I dunno, are you a rock?"


"Nice to meet you, Mr. Rock! So, can I meet you or not?"


The metal thing moves out of the way.


>Who do you bring?

>> No.30738606


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I say Whoop.

>> No.30738628

Whoop of course.

>> No.30738637

>that whole conversation

>> No.30738648

Whoop, he knows these things

>> No.30738668

Fish have a natural affinity for rocks, that's why they're always hanging out together.

>> No.30738694


I try to keep the elementals all distinct from each other while remaining oh so similar

>> No.30738723


Also, writing of course.

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I cant remember but did whoop get a level up earlier?

>> No.30739038

The comedic nature is just right

>> No.30739060

Nah, that was one of the other fishguys.

Took a level in cleric. Whatever that means.

>> No.30739096

He can do some healing I think.

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"Hey, Whoop, you're with me I guess."

"Of course, honored one." The weird bulging eye fish guy bows and follows you as you approach the giant metal spinny monster. You half expect it to snap down and just maul you as you get right to the entrance, but it just keeps the erratic movement up as you start to descend.

You can barely fight your sword into the tight cavern, and Whoop is slightly stumped as you climb down the naturally formed stairs. Finally you reach the main chamber. Like the earth elemental you met last, it is a dull, cave that echoes with strange noises. There is slight movment all around you, but it isn't earthen in nature. Chains and spikes shuffle about purposely.

"So, the fire guy I was talking to was talkin' bout how he was pretty low ranked or whatever. Do you have a rank and/or does it matter to you?"


This guy seems a little touchy.


"Uh, you got anything you want me to do? A trial or anything? Last two guys had some pretty handy stuff for me."


"Are you sure? Cause I can get all kinds of stuff done. I'm pretty good at quests."

Whoop nods his head, "She is an excellent quest doer, Marshal of the Realm." Whoa, does Whoop actually know this guy? "This one has witnessed this honorable goblin perform many feats of valor.

>> No.30739259


"This one does." Whoop bows.


"Uh, I was heading there anyway, so I'll accept." Sweet, two for one deal. You're so good at side quests.


"Why wouldn't I? It looked interesting and now I got even more of a reason to do this. Now, what's in it for me?"


"I already have the coolest possible sword."



>Anything to ask it before you leave?
>Let's get outta here before it changes its mind!

>> No.30739294

>Anything to ask it before you leave?

"What's your name Mr. Elemental? I'm Shax Bonemurder!"

>> No.30739296

>Let's get outta here before it changes its mind!

>> No.30739316

>>Anything to ask it before you leave?
What is down the other tunnels, then leave.

>> No.30739328

Go with this.

>> No.30739421


Alright, writing.

>> No.30739727

"Anyway, I can't help but realize that I never introduced myself. Hey! I'm Shax Bonemurder, what's your name?"


That was pretty hard to hear. "Did you say your name or... sneeze? Do elementals sneeze?" You look at Whoop and whisper, "Hey is it rude to ask elementals if they sneeze?" He shakes his head. Okay, good.


"Oh, well, you have a lot of caverns down here. What do they all lead to? It can't just all be chains and spikes."


You don't really want to call them that, either. You chat a bit longer until the elemental is clearly overtly uncomfortable with the conversation. And then you chat a bit more. Whoop pulls you away shortly after that, however.

Your party is interested in what you saw down there, but were pretty underwhelmed by the results. Regardless, you give them a synopsis of what happened down there as you head to the ancient ampitheatre.

It takes a day and a half to reach it. This place is far from camp, but it isn't a huge issue. You check around the door for some kind of entrance, but fail to find one.

Time to find a way in!

>Just go around searching for one.
>This will take too long, lets blow a hole in the wall.
>Knock on the wall and ask if anyone is home.

>> No.30739772

>Knock on the wall and ask if anyone is home.

>> No.30739774

>Knock on the wall and ask if anyone is home.
Gotta check

>> No.30739825

>Knock on the wall and ask if anyone is home.

We may as well be polite, if politeness doesn't work we can start chopping things with our sword.

>> No.30739844

>>Just go around searching for one.

>> No.30739926


It never hurts to be polite! Writng.

>> No.30740486

You lean the sword against the wall and knock on it quickly. "Hey! Is anyone home?" The stone wall slides down quickly with a whisper of stone against stone.

"Yes, what is it?" A disembodied voice seems to call out. Through the fifteen feet or so of solid stone (you were never gonna be able to blow that up!) is a floating skull. It has glowing gems in its eyesockets of different colors, and its teeth sparkle with similar gemstones. "What brings you here?"

You look around a bit. Whoop looks visibly shaken, but everyone else is sorta wondering what the big deal is about.

Whoop places a webbed hand on your shoulder. "Honorable one. We should run. Now?" You've never heard him this worried.

"Whoa, hey, where you going? You're the last ones I need. Well. You," The skull seems to magically teleport directly in front of you, "Specifically." You try to back up, but you can't move a muscle for some reason. "So, tell me, what brings you to my house. And let's be honest, now, shall we?"

"Some sorta purple lodestone and idle curiosity," You answered without even being aware your mouth was moving.

>> No.30740524

"Oh. Is that it? That is hardly the stuff of stories. Not like my other guests. Still, come in, come in! I have much for you to do. All of you lot come with her. No dilly dallying, you hear?" You hear your raid shuffling into the structure behind you. Somewhere along the way you grabbed your sword again. "Anyway, I'm having a contest. You're invited. And you will, of course, not refuse my invitation." You've been walking for some time. You're underground now, you think? "The contest is simple! A tournament! You see, I've gathered several people here today that all want something. People are always coming here because they want something. Well, I have half a mind to give it to them. Some of them. One of them. Aren't I so kind?" You're in some sort of banquet hall now. "Anyway! Meet your fellow friends. Drink! Be merry! For tomorrow you probably die."

There are seven main other groups of people. They don't seem to be talking to each other. What's the plan, boss?

>Talk to the horned dude with all the ladies hanging around him.
>Talk to the snake man by himself.
>Talk to the large pink haired woman with the young knight looking guys.
>Talk to the bird man and his two bird friends.
>Talk to the robed figure by itself.
>Talk to the Axe-Girl and her Half-Orc friend.
>Talk to the undead knight who is laying on the table.

>> No.30740576

>Talk to the Axe-Girl and her Half-Orc friend.

Oh hey, it's this chick again

This demilich sounds like a nice chap

>> No.30740604

Well, fuck

>> No.30740608

>>Talk to the snake man by himself.
Poor dude seems lonely.
Also eat as much as possible.

>> No.30740621

I feel like we should leave axe girl until last.

>> No.30740670

>Talk to the robed figure by itself.
I agree, leave Rival for later.

>> No.30740672

Meant to add
>Talk to the horned dude with all the ladies hanging around him.

>> No.30740678

>>Talk to the large pink haired woman with the young knight looking guys.

>> No.30740715

>Talk to the horned dude with all the ladies hanging around him.

>> No.30740737

>Talk to the snake man by himself.
What's the deal with snake-men?

>> No.30740840

>Talk to the Axe-Girl and her Half-Orc friend.
My sword is way cooler than your axe!

>> No.30740870

Three way tie. Sudden vote death!

>> No.30740881

>Talk to the horned dude with ladies hanging around him.

>> No.30740890

>Talk to the horned dude with all the ladies hanging around him.

>> No.30740899


Horned dude it is. Writing.

>> No.30741131

The sounds of a panflute drift through the air lightly as you walk over to the table with the horned guy. He's a pretty guy, you'd admit. Nice round face, big eyes and long eyelashes. Curved goat horns, and a slim yet toned body. He's sitting there, goat legs crossed and sitting on the table when you walk up to him.

"Hey! Horned guy! I'm Shax Bonemurder, what's your name?" You begin eating all the food on his table. Your boys do the same.

"...What'd you call me?" The guy's golden eyes narrow angrily.

"Horned guy?" You ask, through a mouthful of food.

"God dammit. How many times do I have to tell you people? I'm not a guy!" The dude slams the table with one hand. The girls around him titter. Apparently they are unconvinced.

Whoop clears his through with a burble, "Pardon this one, but you are satyr, yes? Those are, typically, all male."

"I'm a fucking satyxis. What is wrong with you people? How can a species be all male? That's insane. How would they breed?" Magic, you'd say, but your mouth is full. "Do you know how many women flock around me every day in the mood for some wild bacchanalia just because they see a goat legged person with a panflute? I don't even know these girls!" They giggle.

You manage to gulp down some chicken. "Isn't that something tricky people use to lead children astray? I think I heard that fairy tale." It scared you so much that you freaked out every time you heard any instrument for a while there.

The goat man sighs and places a pretty manicured hand on his forehead. "I serve the Goddess of Song, goblin, I'm just searching for inspiration to my tune. Apparently that demilich thought that was a good enough reason to trap me in this 'hero's gauntlet'. Well, if he provides I'll be grateful."

>Any other questions?
>Moving on to someone else!

>> No.30741192

>>Moving on to someone else!
>Talk to the Axe-Girl and her Half-Orc friend.

I want to be legit friends with her.

>> No.30741194

>>Any other questions?
whats going on here?

>> No.30741214

>talk to the robed guy

>> No.30741222

>>Any other questions?
How do you plan to beat everyone else here with a flute?

>> No.30741229

"wanna join my raiding party if we survive this"
we should ask this to everyone regardless how useful they might look

then go speak with the Axe girl and her orcy friend

>> No.30741290

Sure, let's ask if the horned...chick? will join our raid. Then:
>Talk to the snake-guy.

>> No.30741301

>Hmm, so, hypothetically speaking, if you manage to get out of here, you're going to go out into cold, lonely world all alone and unemployed? I could use someone like you to entertain me boys, mind showing us what you can do with that instrument?

>> No.30741328



>> No.30741377

Hmmm, that doesn't sound like Shax at all. And I'm not talking about the lewd implications here.

>> No.30741477

Alright, writign.

>> No.30741595

>Chief Squeeked
My post was worth posting!

>> No.30741963

You finish wolfing down some food and turn to the Saty...xis? "So, uh, what's going on here, anyway?"

The goatperson looks at you with faintly amused shock. "You didn't get that from the skull's speech earlier? Do you know what a demilich is?"

"Nope." You know liches are undead wizards who are pretty scary.

"They're undead wizards who are pretty scary." Maybe you got them backwards? "Like a lich." Oh. "But way, way, way more scary." You're not sure why, they're just a floating skull. "They're just a floating skull because their master over magic is so complete that they no longer need a body." Oh. "They're nearly pure animate magic. Egotistical, powerful, and insane."

That describes more people you know than the average person, you're willing to bet. "Okay. What does that have to do with what is going on here?"

The satysomething laughs. "Oh, right. We all want something, right? That desire brought us here. This place is legendary. A dungeon that can give you what you want. Who knew it was just a game ran by a demilich? But it seems to pay off, according to rumors. I would have shown up here regardless."

You're a little full, but your boys are still hungry. The table is mostly empty. The goatperson's lady friends are scolding your boys for eating all their food. "Oh. Neat, I guess. Say, if you live you wanna join up with me? I could use a musician."

The satywhatever sighs, "I don't think any more than one of us is going to live. I'm not sure why I would join up with a goblin, though. Who knows what the Grand Muse has in store for me, however?" He/she says with a sad smile.

Well, that was fun.

>Last Two Choices:
>Axe Girl
>Snake Guy
>Which one next?

>> No.30742038

>>Axe Girl

>> No.30742040

>Axe girl

>> No.30742052

>>Snake Guy
How much of a snake guy is he? Does he have legs or does he just have a tail?

>> No.30742057

>Snake Guy

>> No.30742061

>Axe Girl

>> No.30742062

>Axe Girl

>> No.30742077

Axe girl!

>> No.30742124

Looks like you want to ask the axe girl a question! Let's write!

>> No.30742132

she was only shitty cause we got a nat20

>> No.30742232

No you fool! We must befriend her the traditional way.

>> No.30742257

Also, I love how you used a character from Gate for her.

>> No.30742282

>Axe Girl!

>> No.30742287


she isn't like the source material at all I hope that doesn't bother you

>> No.30742306

By stabbing her repeatedly?

>> No.30742325

Nah, it's cool.

>> No.30742364

Yes. Also combined magical bombardment if we can pull it off at some point.

>> No.30742465

Well, time to go talk to that axe-girl again. You wonder why she is even over here? You plop down at her table. Her half-orc buddy remains guarded, but he's had his eye on you since you got here. She hadn't noticed you yet apparently, and was eating cheesecake off a plate. "Hey! I'm sorry I knocked you over. I was tryin' to interrogate you. Hopefully you didn't get hurt too bad?"

She puts down her fork, wipes her face with a napkin daintily, and then places it in her lap before pointing at you in shock, "AAAAHHHH! What are you doing here?! Are you going to torment me endlessly?! Go away!"

Woah, talk about ungrateful. All this after you purposefully didn't kill her. "Hey, it isn't my fault. What were we supposed to do, not fight?"

"No, no, no! I'm not talking to a mass murderer over tea!" Harsh words. "I don't care how big your sword is or any of that prophecy stuff!"

"Mistress," The orc says, placing a hand of warning on her arm.

Your boys begin helping themselves to the food. Bearbreath's lynx is curling up on the satyrixis boygirl's table now that it is empty. Some of the ladies are rubbing its fur. You grab a cookie, and eat it. It's so sweet! "What prophecy stuff?"

"Never mind, I won't say a word of it."

"Okay. Why are you here?"

"To get stronger, obviously," She sniffs in disdain, "Sinclair here said that this was a surefire way to get stronger or die trying."

His eyes glitter from under his hood as he turns to face you, "I didn't say it was a good idea, however."

The robed figure gets up and leaves the room.

>Any other questions?
>Talk to someone else?

>> No.30742531

>Any other questions?
Need info on that prophecy.

Also, I want to refute the whole mass murderer thing but it's completely true.

>> No.30742536

>>Any other questions?
Hey if only one person is supposed to come out alive doesn't that mean you will have to fight each other?

>> No.30742578

What prophecy?

>> No.30742589

Suggest cooperation, justified by weapon size.
And we're pretty sure we're not a mass murderer. Its only ever been 1 or 2 at a time.

>> No.30742598

How many people do you have to murder before you are a mass murder? Because most of the people we (personally) killed were in straight up fights and therefore do not count as murder.

>> No.30742608


>> No.30742641

I don't think assaulting farmers and miners counts as a straight up fight.

>> No.30742668

Yeah but that was mostly the boys.

>> No.30742669

We've killed a lot of farmers and townspeople, dude.

What do you think happens on a raid?

>> No.30742670

We assaulted mine GUARDS, they totally don't count.
You can have the farmers though, whatever.

>> No.30742687


>> No.30742743

I dunno how many it takes, thankfully Shax never keeps track of how many people she's killed. Since nobody knows the actual number she can't be a mass murderer.

Goblin logic!

>> No.30742802

I know there was that one guy but he barley counts.

>> No.30742857


I hate you so much.

>2nding this

>> No.30742978

"Hey," you say, reaching for another cookie. This is good stuff. You need to learn how to get more of this stuff, "Seriously. What prophecy stuff?"

She crosses her arms and says nothing.

"C'mon, you can tell me. We both have big weapons." That is probably how these things work, right?

She glowers at you.

"Don't you wanna be buddies? Let's work together and we can get outta here together. Who can stop our big weapons, right?" Combined you got massive weapons, so that is probably unbeatable.

She's gritting her teeth.

"Oh, if only one person can win, then won't you have to beat your half-orc friend here?"

The girl just won't respond. Her associate, however, does, "Only one person is a champion. There are eight champions. Everyone with them are tied to that champion's fate. So, she lives, I live. That simple."

That IS simple! Good news for all your boys, too. Who are looking at you a little nervously. Apparently they've pillaged this table dry as well. Guess it is time to move on? There was that snake guy you saw earlier. Let's talk to him!

You walk over to his table. He's got all sorts of dry animals on table.

"What isss it, heretic?"

"Hi, my name is Shax, not heretic, what is yours?"

"Ith-onasss, esteemed and humble guardian of his most noble holinesss." His flickering tongue is sorta cute! Too bad he is a gross snake dude. His whole body is wrapped in scales, and he has no legs. He still has two burly arms, but a serpentine face.

"Neat. So what brings you here? I just want a purple rock."

"I search for a holy relic said to reside here. My master informed he desired it. I live to fulfil those desires." Maybe a little too much information.

The undead guy suddenly sits up and shambles off.

>Anything to ask?
>Talk to pink haired lady?
>Talk to bird man.

>> No.30743022

>>Talk to pink haired lady?
She seemed interesting!

>> No.30743029

>Talk to pink haired lady?

>> No.30743072

>Talk to pink haired lady?

>> No.30743141

Dont forget to ask him if he wants to join the raid.

>> No.30743233

Alrighty, writing.

>> No.30743234

>Talk to pink haired lady?
Snake dude seems boring.

>> No.30743248

So I'm thinking if we force fealty out of someone then maybe they get demoted from Champion and we can take them outa the dungeon.

Alternatively, we should force the demilich to join our party.

>> No.30743271


>getting demilich before getting enforced loyalty skill

good luck


Guess who you fight first and thus I didn't want to make much of a backstory for? ha ha ha

It's him.

>> No.30743741

You stare at the snakedude for a bit. he stares back, flat reptillian eyes giving away nothing. You sniff his food. It smells gross. The goblins tentively try it, but don't wolf it down. Whoop enjoys it, however. Whatever! All crazy religious fish guys and snake guys can be friends. You're going to somewhere more interesting. Like... That lady.

She's huge. We're talking eight feet tall, probably. With long pink hair, and bright green eyes. Smooth, pale skin that shows enough that you wanna punch the boys 'cause they are probably staring. She's laughing, a cool ringing sound that reminds you of bells. She has a group of young men around her, fawning all over this lady.

"Hey. I'm Shax," Something about her pisses you off, but you're not sure why. It isn't cause she is pretty, you've seen plenty of pretty girls.

"Hmmm? Oh my, how adorable! Hello, Shax, I love your sword." She flashes a dazzling smile, "My name is Annabelle. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise. So, what do you want?"

"Hmm, that is a good question isn't it?" She lets loose another laugh, this one low and throaty. The boys seem to be transfixed by what that laugh does to her ample chest. "Why, power, I suppose. What else would someone want?"

"I want a purple rock."

"But that rock will give you power right?" She bridges her hands under her chin and rests on them with an amused smile. "I apologize for evasive answer, Shax, but you can forgive me, right?"

You weren't even mad about it till now. You find you grinding your teeth. The boys are wiping their mouths, and eating much more politely. You blame Allonces for all this training. Even now her influence hampers you!

The bird guys finally get done eating their food and squawk their way out of the room.

>Anything to ask?
>Time to head into the next room, you think?

>> No.30743804

>Leave, she is unpleasant. Also, we're totally jel and hatin.

>> No.30743841

So, Shax is secretly angry that she keeps getting imouto-zoned and no one treats her like a lady.

>> No.30743869

>Time to head into the next room, you think?

>> No.30743910

>Time to head into the next room, you think?
Lets just go.

>> No.30744000

Absconding. Writing!

>> No.30744006

Eat something with as little manners as we can manage. Then stomp off to the next room.

>> No.30744480

"What's the matter, Shax?" Annabelle looks concerned, "Aren't you hungry? I think I read somewhere that goblins are always hungry."

"Not anymore." You say, getting up. "Alright, boys! Time to go!" They look a little disappointed as you enter the next room. You're surprised after walking into it that it is a tiny room. With a bed. And only you walked into it? Magic is confusing some times. The demilich floats in.

"Oh hey, how are you doing? Did you enjoy your meal? Hahah, I was told everyone enjoyed it already I just gotta ask as a host. Anyway, you oughta rest up. You gotta fight Old Ith-onas tomorrow. Did you know he is the mortal sword of an ancient empire? So humble, too! I set you two up because I thought it would be interesting to see how you guys did against each other. One swordsman against another! Live by the blade and etc. and all that." He floats around you. "Say, I'm a nice guy, I can let you know his secret weakness, but only if you let me eat the soul of one of your minions."

"No thanks."

"Not even mad or astonished at the offer? Neat, you're alright, kid. I wouldn't have told you anyway. Never trust a lich! That is what my master told me. I made him repeat that after I reanimated him, haha. But enough about me. Let's talk about something else. This tournament. You win it, you get your rock. That much is obvious. But you gotta win in style, kid. You do something boring, and I will make your life harder. Got it? Haha, but it isn't all seriousness."

He floats around you some more, the skull bouncing every time laughs.

"Oh, I should mention. I'm keeping it fair. Just you and Ith-onas. I got no time for uneven odds. If that is a problem, you can file a complaint." Where is the complaint box? "And don't worry, I read every single one of them. Now, any questions before we begin?"

>Well, any questions?

>> No.30744548

What is that rock anyway?

>> No.30744549

wow mister, you must be really bored to do this, huh?

>> No.30744575

>>Well, any questions?
Don't you ever miss having hands and stuff?

>> No.30744727

What's it like being a floating skull? Is floating fun?

>> No.30744772

Alright, writing!

>> No.30744802

"What's your name Mr. Skull? Is it fun to float around? How old are you? Why a tournament?

What is that purple rock I'm getting anyways? It sounds important."

>> No.30745264

"Oh, yeah, I got tons!"

"What really"

"I mean, you have gotten so far you don't need a body, right? So you don't have hands. Don't you miss hands? If I didn't have hands I wouldn't have been able to use this sword and gotten the life I have."

"Yeah I don't need your life story ki-"

"So I think hands are pretty important, I mean, it isn't like they are holding you back from being a super magical man or anything right? Doesn't it even help you do other things?"

"I don't think you understand. I'm PURE MAGIC. I can do things that'd blow your mind. Watch this." The demilich completely changes the surrounding a few times. He summons some animals. He launches fireballs everywhere. "Isn't that cool?"

"Yeah but you can't ever snuggle with a cat. Or curl up in a blanket or anything like that."

"Who said I'm lonely? Was it that stupid baelnorn over in the Spires of Kandarken? You tell him that I still haven't gotten a written apology over the whole incident with those minotaurs."

You're not gonna touch that one. "Is floating cool, I mean it has to be pretty cool to make up for the no body."

"It is totally radical." You knew it.

"Hey, you must be pretty bored to do all this, right?"

"I'm not gonna deny it. But I have alternative reasons."

"Oh, what?"

"Like I'm telling you, kid. Let's just say I'm stuck here doing this for a while."

"Oh, sorry. What's your name, mine is Shax."

"Yeah, I know. I'm Achaikos. Nice to meet you."


"So what is that rock?"

"The hell if I know. It's some material from one of those elemental planes that I found and thought was neat so I kept it."

"You lead a hard life don't you?"

"Hahaha, nope."

>> No.30745302

And I'm done for now! Thanks for playing on this, Lazy Sunday night. If everything goes well I can run again pretty soon! Not like tomorrow soon, but pretty soon. Thank you for sitting through an exposition heavy session! I know it probably wasn't that riveting, but I had lots of fun.

As always, you can see when I am running again on twitter. Thank you all and good night! I'll do exp and ability updates next thread to get ready for the TOURNAMENT!

>> No.30745318

Neat. See you then.

>> No.30745410

Thanks you for running, Chief. Always happy when I catch your threads.

>> No.30745416

Thanks for the thread, Chief.

I'm expecting we got a Boss level out of this and some Goblin points. We didn't really do any fighting.

>> No.30745714

thx for running
such good
much advancement
very enjoy

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