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If a CSM lets people step over him and women get taken by more assertive men, does he belong in Beta Legion?

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dunno, do you belong in the faggot legion for this shit thread?

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>implying CSM post on /tg/

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>implying CSMs have anything better to do between black crusades than post on /tg/
>implying half the Death Guard isn't wasting time on 4chan at any given moment

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I image 4chan is for CSM.
Regular SM use Reddit.

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don't you dare turn the alpha legion into followers of Fedorion.

I don't want cultists in trilbys, meme hsirts & jean shorts telling the slaaneshis "m'lady" until they realize they have penies and yell out "fucking sjw tranny faggots"

I don't want Alpharius having
>tfw no gf

I don't want Alpha Marines woeing about being friendzone by the imperium

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Thank the Dark Gods chaos rapes, and rapes hard
And daemon wifes

Fedorahood is for corpse worshipers

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No, he belongs in your juvenile interpretation of psychology.

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No, he belongs in the Alpha Legion.

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"Everybody knows that Chaos can't do shit other than suck dick. You know who worships that shit? Gay niggas! That's who. What I'm really trying to say is that, the Emperor's the bomb, nigga. That is the true shit. You know?" - Saint C-Wizzy talking about his faith in the Emperor

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Fedorion pursues perfect betahood. He has been a virgin for 2,981 years and will become a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh once he hits 3,000.

Slaanesh has been testing Fedorion by sending him daemonettes every day but Fedorion always manages to turn them off or have them fuck some other guy.

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>not Betarius

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Is the Fedorion Legion the 1st Atheist Legion?
>My power doesn't come from some imaginary entropic unreasoning entity, but from the euphoric use of my own intelligence.

Kind of sounds like what would happen if Pertarabo and Magnus combined their Legions.

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But chaos deities provably exist?

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>worshipping a dead turk on a toilet

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That's no reason to believe in them. It only encourages them.

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One of the reasons why Magnus fell so hard was because he refused to give the warp entities enough credit.
Even now in his Demon Prince form, part of him still thinks the Chaos Gods aren't "real".
Like a Priest who thinks Christianity is BS, but uses the influence of being a "holy man" to his own benefit.

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Actually, the Emperor was the Ultimate Fedora Tipper. Read The Last Church.

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What does Magnus do as a daemon prince?

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Hikkikomori, lets Rubrick and the others "run the legion".
Then every few decades he gets a really big aspie melt down and seeks revenge on the Imperium.
He has been reduced to nothing more then a mass shooter planner.

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Does he play video games, read manga, and watch anime?

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Pretty much.
He is one of, if not the most powerful pysker in the galaxy.
Just imagine the kind of gaming rig his mind is.
The blazing fast connection he gets.
The backlog of unread books he collected, and still acquires.
Tzeentchian demons probably seek him out for games of strategy.

He was never the warrior type, always viewed battle as a game, a scholarly temperament.
Now that he doesn't get orders to wage war, he rarely does.

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What color scheme?

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All black, with flame pattern. Perhaps khaki on the thighs to mimic cargo shorts.

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>All black, with flame pattern
l-legion of the damned?

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Also white at the bottom to represent socks in sandals.

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and pit stains under pauldrons

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Clip-on tie conceals force field. Very dapper.

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in the grim present of /tg/ there is only shitposting

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>Then every few decades he gets a really big aspie melt down and seeks revenge on the Imperium.
mfw when

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>40k thread that doesn't devolve into "40k sucks" about the crunch or someone being an asspie about the fluff

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I recognize the picture that is based on.

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he should have a power claw

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