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SRG thread, go!

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I asked this last thread, but didn't get an answer cause it was auto saging. Question is bellow

>So with my new player who seems to want to roll a TM it looks like my group will consist of a street sam, conjurer shaman, rigger, and her the TM. Between the four players, one spirit, three drones (used to be four but one got shot down this session), and now her sprites, I'm scratching my head trying to run things more smoothly.

>As far as I can think, if I want to challenge them in combat I'm going to have to either throw more goons at them or a smaller amount with better stats. Got any suggestions for running large groups smoothly during combat?

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The threats they face don't necessarily need to be something they can fight and beat. Add in big gamechangers they have to work around, drawing attention back and forth between the large group so that they can get their paydata and make a getaway.

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Don't suppose anyone's got a game starting up, huh?
I picked one up in a gamefinder thread a while ago for my first SR game and the GM dropped off the face of the earth after a single session.

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Something stronger then them that they have to work around? Yea that could work.

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I'm a rooking Shadowrun GM looking to get more experience with the system and running things in general. I don't suppose you might be interested?

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Sure, I'm game
Shoot me some contact info, omae.

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Jony_Mooper on Skype

I have other means of contact, but that seems the most popular of them.

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So where's a good place to find people to play shadowrun with on the web?

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Threads like this are usually pretty good, AFAIK.

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Those poor infected... they just wanted to run some Missions...

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If a spirit is using image link contacts, can they see AR?

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Shadowrun Dragonfall
>Hey this is a cool setting.
>Hey look at those characters haha.
>Doin' some runs with my sis and bros
>Bloodline happens and everthing that goes after that

Suddenly, I felt my love for Shadowrun stronger than ever.

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How do you guys deal with bad role players or even people who just don't bother, had one guy recently who has picked a face like character, but he never says anything he just does everything on dice roll, should the GM penalise him for being shit?

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I'd have liked that one mission where you extract a certain prototype from that minor pharmacorp more if it hadn't had such a sudden shift from stealth and puzzles to "why can't I hold all this Knight Errant."

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Or start giving the other players more Karma.

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If he never really participates and just rolls dice? If it's a person problem (he's shy or bad with words) then continue trying to involve them. That's something that docking some nuyen won't fix. If they're just being lazy, then yes: pull the wool over their eyes, don't give them important information, have the Johnson stop interacting with him.

If someone is absolutely quiet the Johnson probably won't deal with them. They might have made a 'face like character', but a pretty face isn't what the Johnson is hiring unless he needs an escort (and not the gun toting kind).

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Gamefinder threads, and F-list.

No, I'm not joking.

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What kind of fun do you have in an F-list-sourced game, chummer?

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Not that I'd know, but I'd bet they'd bunraku your parlor with all the cyberclank and street samurai adrenalin.

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I don't see why not. They'll need a commlink as well but that should go without saying.

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I found it a lot easier when I just sort of sent the Cyberzombie ahead to kill everything while the rest of the team hid out from behind taking potshots and adequately spaced out.

The cyberzombie can practically solo the place, at least on Normal.

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Tons. There's a group of people who actually discuss mechanics, group dynamics, all that shit. Sure, there's furries, but they don't bring it to the table and a lot of people talk about games and shit.

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According to 4th edition: no.

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Things being planned right now:
The game I got coerced into running, but am actually pretty excited about. Poland adventures!

The one being planned by another person, where everyone's on a DocWagon trauma team. That one's about full up, too.

And two or three more that I'm not too familiar with the specifics of.
Hello, Ms. Dryad.
>Pictured: Probably not things to come.

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well they're new to the genre as a whole but i'm constantly telling him whenever he does stuff wrong, so he knows what he should be doing.

we all know each other so being shy isn't a problem.

On another note, what spells should i take for my Shaman Detective, i'm thinking like Dresden but a shaman.

going with clairvoyance and Detect truth atm, taking heal and the increased initiative spell out to just be decent in combat

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Which edition are you using? Otherwise: you'd take the same spells regardless of tradition, they'd just be fluffed as different actions/appearances. That said:
If 4th edition, and you want to be combat viable you only need stunbolt. Maybe stunball for those "oh no" moments.
If 5th edition, I would seriously look into rituals. Lot of opportunity there.

That said, the analyze spells are your friends.

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So long as you kill the KE riggers first.

That said, wish that Shadowrun Returns had more of a "mission planning" phase, getting maps, passwords, keycards, bribing people, staking out the target, having a hacker on overwatch (NOT A FUCKUP LIKE SAMEDI). I knew that black box would fail at the worst time. Heck I remember Alpha Protocol allowed the player to call in favors and buy info on up coming missions.

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Yeah its 5E, i'll probably just take two different type damaging spells and the rest sensing and stuff

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With cost an increasing concern of military units like those belonging to Ares and Renraku and computerized targeting at such a high level, do extreme-range emplaced artillery units become an option when supplemented by more expensive missiles, strike drones, and aircraft?

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...Huh. I know Spirits can't like, interact REALLY hard with the matrix but this makes my free spirit med student more student-y.

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>having a hacker on overwatch (NOT A FUCKUP LIKE SAMEDI)

Enh, any hacker who's not willing to get close enough to the pointy end of things to at least be in a van outside while the run goes down shouldn't be trusted anyway.

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Baron Samedi/Hakkim is the reason my rigger/decker took that VP of Security job. Well, one of the reasons, first being that only 3 days before my character was starving in some roach motel. But hunting down Samedi comes in a close second.

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Come find out.

/tg/ Shadowrun

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Why not?

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I've never heard of this word before.

What's a plan? Is it that thing the leader of the group does cause I barely listen to that.

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I think that's the thing that's supposed to happen BEFORE I drive the van through a load bearing wall.

It all kinda gets lost in the Deepweed you know?

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>tfw I don't have enough free time to commit to a game

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Come hang out, get to know people. We're discussing the benefits/drawbacks of having a Yakuza princess as a contact/dependent

Who may or may not be a wild technomancer.

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>tfw someone just dropped out of your game due to scheduling reasons
I still say you couldn't stop her from ordering... Things, for 'free' and having them shipped to your house.

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Damn it horseman I want to be a spirit and you have a free spot. If only you were okay with houseruling things!

I honestly think she should have contact 3/2 and be his way of getting Yakuza favors. I mean, living with someone who makes your life easy while he puts up with your shit is the definition of tsundere.

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I wonder if running blades cost essence to use.

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Considering they are not implants, probably not.

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Or devotion to duty.

Anyway, I'd like to get at least one successful game under my belt before I start allowing wacky houserule shenanigans.

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Ok, questions, Shadowrunners, I'm a complete newbie, last week our group (all newbies except the DM who played 2nd edition like, a decade ago) had our first session. Basic recon mission in-and-out of a warehouse controlled by Humanis, Our Decker and Technomancer were noshows, so we had no decking support. Our group was down to Me (the human gunman (of average ability), our face/mage, our troll rigger, and our physical adept (dmpc's character for when other characters don't show, helps bulk up the group).

Anyways, My guy is pretty average, he's not rediculously fantatical at his dice like the face's charisma rolls, or the adepts physical attacks, I roll like... 12-14 dice when shooting my light pistols and smgs. I was able to scout around the area using my bike, and was almost found out because I have no etiquette or con, so I drove off. During the infiltration, I got to taze a shitcurity thug. Thats it. Low-pressure mission, low risk.

How can I be more contributing to the group? Any pointers?

I could post my skills/ratings if you think it would help, but I don't want this to get too ridiculous.

Basically, any pointers for the gunman to be helpful.

I was thinking renting a low-end safehouse (obscure) to bring any captured mcguffins to, instead of our Mr. Johnson provided group Warehouse. That way I can keep interrogation tools and tag burners and such there, so if we do bring something back from a run, we don't have the corps tracing back to our base of operations, we'd have a "VIP Suite" for that sort of thing. Y/N?

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Nah, you just stick them on your leg-stumps.
A good rule of thumb is, if it can be done today, then it doesn't cost essence.

e.g. Tooth Compartments/Data-Storage, Simple Cosmetic Mods, Cranial Bombs, Cyber-safety (implanted security RFID).

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I'm going to be GMing my first Shadowrun game with a few of my buddies and we're all trying the system out for the first time. Any advice/tips?

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You're a corporate-bitch, you might as well shoot yourself in the head

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If the Street Samurai didn't really have much of a role to play, then the mission went really well.

Sadly as a combat based character, until the shit hits the fan you're not going to be the most useful other than to perform simple jobs which don't require tests.

Pissing off a security guard so he doesn't notice the infiltrator making his way.
Carrying the body.
Escaping with the data your infiltrator dropped in a potted plant.
Watching the Mage's body while he's out or the Hacker when he's full VR.

It's not a glorious job, but when you need to resort to Plan B, then you really shine.

Do you have any decent skills other than combat?

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4th or 5th?

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I want to play Shadowrun but i've never played a P&P game. How do I go about playing?

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I'm fine with all of what you said. I don't WANT to be front-and-center for any great deal of time, because, I agree, that means we fucked up. But I still want to be able to contribute a bit during the planning phase. Anyways, here are my skills, after applied karma for last run.

Pistols 6 (spec. Light P)
Automatics 6 (spec. SMGs)
Perception 4 (spec. hearing)
Locksmith 4
Leadership 3
First Aid 3
Pilot Ground Craft 2
Sneaking 2
Long Arms 2
Palming 2 (raised from 1 since last mission)
Etiquette 2 (raised from 0 since last mission)
Armorer 2 (raised from 0 since last mission
Gymnastics, Running, Swimming 3 (GROUP)
Blades, Clubs, Unarmed 2 (GROUP)

Attributes: Body 4, Agil 6, Reac 5, Str 3, Will 5, Log 5, Intu 3, Cha 2

Human btw.
Pic related, it's kinda what I've kitted out my armor/disguise to look like when I'm on the job. Gotta try for the "punk", right?

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Visit a friendly local game store, (FLGS for short), ask the owner if there are any groups that pass through. Also, wouldn't hurt to do an internet search for your town/city. Depending on the size of the town, you might find something.

Other than that, I recommend getting the pdf first, seeing if you like it, then, if you can't find anyone by visiting/searching, ask your friends, see if they'd be interested in starting a group with you.

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Well I could probably get some friends involved but none of us could really be a GM.

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Get the Chummer program, it'll save you a lot of time and effort in character creation.

Consider using karmagen instead of BP, it allows players to specialize while not punishing them for refusing to specialize.

The Matrix rules are by far the hardest and most intimidating part of the game for new players. Make sure you understand them or anyone who plays a hacker will have no fun.

The Magic rules are the most broken part of the game if the GM doesn't know them, make sure you understand them or magic characters will be crazy powerful.

Anything specific you want advice for?
Otherwise I could spend all afternoon posting.

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Sure you can. IMO experience, shadowrun is a bit more intimidating to get into than D&D or other, more simple settings, but DMing is the same no matter what system.

Give people easy, legitimate milk runs as starter missions. Such as: Retrieve corp executive's daughter from a seedy club. Have maybe 1 or two dudes with knives, and the rest bareknuckled thugs. really easy encounter if things go sour, really easy mission if you have anyone who can get into the club without a fight and convince the brat to go home.

Or do a simple delivery mission, pick up package, deliver package, outrun laurel and hardy cops while delivering package, collect paycheck.

I'm the guy from 30726508. And we all spent the entire first session passing around the book and figuring out what to do. It's a learning experience, and as long as your friends are patient and willing to wait as everyone learns, and aren't all "MY IMMERSION", then you'll be fine. I have always been the first guy in our group to start a new system, if we want to start something new, they defer to me. (the exception being this one time) It's tough, but definitely doable. After shadowrun, we're planning on looking at Only War.

You'll be fine, I have faith in you.

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So I'm making a d00d for a 3rd Edition Shadowrun session later today.

He's an Ork Gator Shaman and I was wondering, can a sustaining focus be used as a fetish to learn a limited spell?

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No more advice for my dude to attribute to party planning? Any advice, besides "git gud" is appreciated.

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Well, you seem to have some decent perception skill, locksmith and your infiltration isn't too bad.

I'd say you should try and double as an infiltrator. Get some muscle toner (more if you've already got some) to boost your agility even higher, take some harware skill so you can break maglocks, get a specialization in Sneaking for "Urban".

Buy a Chameleon Suit, or get Chameleon coating for your existing full-body armour.

You've got a surprisingly high logic for a combat character, so getting a specialisation in Armourer for "Firearms" is probably enough spent in that route.

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Not looking for anything specific really. I'm going to do a few "test" missions before I run the actual campaign, was just wondering if there is anything I should look out for.

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Or in terms of contributing in the "planning phase"? That's all up to you as a player rather than your character, planning is generally recon, research and investigation.
You can help in the recon front by using infiltration based skills, perhaps also get some high rating cybereyes, or goggles with all the trimmings.

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Eh, so long as you have a good handle on the rules you should be fine, especially if you're running some practice missions.

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>putting points into Locksmith
Jesus. Did you not take a look at core equipment? Go buy a Rating 6 autopicker for all of 1200Y. Congrats, you now have Locksmith 6 for less than half a point of Karma. Talk to your GM and see if they'll let you reassign the points you put in that skill.

Seriously, putting points into Locksmith in SR4 is worse than putting points into Swimming in Deus Ex...

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My current group Has gotten into a slump when it comes to combat too. Do some brainstorming and think of some challenges that overwhelming force will be completely inappropriate. On our last run we had to do a data steal in a High rise in a AAA zone so there was nothing bigger than an assault rifle. Sometimes you have to take combat out of the equation. On the flipside, using a bunch of puny enemies is good because it will take a group more rounds to mop them up while at the same time the NPCs will eventually get some damage on the team because of the negatives for being shot before acting.

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Chummer's playing 5E Omae.
They migrated the Hardware skill's use with Maglocks over to the "Locksmith" skill.

So it's pretty fucking essential for Infiltrators now.

>> No.30727167

>Put one point in Locksmith

Wow, I have a locksmith 9 that can't ever be taken away.

Fuck you, you shit, and let others have fun.

>> No.30727177


Except Autopicker doesn't help with keypads or maglocks. Both of which we ran into in our first run.

And I'm trying not to be douchy but we're play ing SR5, a rating 6 autopicker is 3000k.

>> No.30727187

>putting points into First Aid
>not being a specialist medic
Gah. Seriously, go read through all of the equipment in at least core. Go buy a Rating 6 Medkit and some supplies for it. Congrats, you now have First Aid 6 for 650Y (i.e. a little over 1/4 of a point of Karma).

>having two skills at 6
I hope you didn't do that at chargen? Because by RAW, you're only allowed one skill at 6, or two at 5 (and the rest no more than 4).

>having all firearm skills
I'm assuming you bought the Firearm skill group up to 2 and then broke the group? Or did your GM not allow that?

>> No.30727195

Negative, according to the rules they only perceive astrally without the -2 regular mages take to perceiving both worlds. There are a few ways to explain why not but the popular ones are A) they don't actually have "eyes" because astral perception is a mental thing or B) if, then manifested, they do have "eyes" that they use then their astral perception is blocked because all barriers block astral sight. Its for the same reason that Mages cant see through windows on the astral plane.

>> No.30727211

Locksmith doesn't help with keypads or maglocks either, smart guy. That's Hardware. Go read pg 263 of core.

Locksmith is literally only for old-style mechanical locks.

Wait, didn't SR5 remove the Locksmith skill entirely?

>> No.30727227

Chummer, using the medkit and logic is fantastic for stabilising people, but not for repairing and kind of trauma.

If he specialises his First Aid into "Combat Wounds" or if that's too specific "Gunshot Wounds", then he has a dice pool of 16 when using First Aid (because of his ridiculous Logic).

That's fantastic.

Also there will be times when you can't carry the full Rating 6 Medkit around with you, and your skill really matters.

>> No.30727234

Fuck, I thought it was the other way around (migrated Locksmith into Hardware). Either way, yeah. It's a much more useful skill in SR5.

>> No.30727236

At our table yon have to be actively involved in a conversation to be able to participate in any social roll. That includes saying what your character would to prompt the roll, like "I think this crack team is worth more than what you're offering" or "No, that's not a panther cannon, I'm just really happy to see you"

>> No.30727238

Did 5E fix the issue with bound spirits of man being able sustain any spell on you or anything else for an entire year, allowing massive abuse that could only be fixed by GM declaring that to be "spirit abuse".

>> No.30727252

Chummer, read the 5e rules, which he is playing.
Maglocks and Keypads got swapped over to the Locksmithing skill.
It's actually a better deal for Infiltrators on the whole.

>> No.30727271


>>pg 263.
>> A black paged story.

??? We're playing 5e. I couldn't find any "Hardware" skill in 5e.

Also, what page, in the 5e manual does it say we can only have 1 starting skill at 6? If we did it wrong, I'd love to know, so I can show the group.

I have a rating 6 medkit, back at our safehouse, always have rating 3 on me (because rating 1-3 fits in pocket).
Also, didn't groupskill my firearms, can't split them during char-gen.

>> No.30727276

Yeah, see my post at >>30727234. I thought they were playing SR5 because >Locksmith, because I thought SR5 had rolled Locksmith into Hardware, not the other way around.

>> No.30727293

"I thought they were playing SR4 because >Locksmith", I mean.

Nah, thought you were playing 4e, not 5. Those posts are valid advice only for 4e.

>> No.30727299

Not in the slightest.

>> No.30727321

>We're playing 5e. I couldn't find any "Hardware" skill in 5e.
It's on page 145.
Don't worry about it though, you can just use Locksmith for most of the stuff you'll need to do.
Let the Hacker worry about the Hardware skill.

>> No.30727333


That guy has the right idea. Grab your favorite element AOE combat spell and Influence and Mind Probe, the detects are good for flavor but your assensing should be good enough to get you through that.

Rituals are pretty cool but without the expansion book they really don't have the oomph they need to shine. Preparations, on the other hand, are incredibly useful of you invest the points in it. Also, Counterspelling(combat) Foci all daylong.

>> No.30727334


s'all good man. You got me reading up a storm and learning more and more, I just appreciate the input.

Also, so apparently, the Sequencer is good for both maglocks (keycards) and keypads (numerical)? Is that right? If so, what good is the maglock passkey I got?

>> No.30727397

Is there anything about churches and religion in the sourcebooks?
I remember reading about Templars doing covert work in Aztlan in a SR2 sourcebook, but that's about it.

>> No.30727430


Using the Sequencer with a keyswipe maglock should require you break the case with an Electronics B&R so you can feed the electrical impulses straight to the guts of the lock. A Maglock Passkey lets you interface with the reader directly via normal input, a la young John Connor.

>> No.30727439

The newbie here.

Not sure, All I know is Catholocism has survived, perhaps even thrived (not sure, I just saw it pop up a few times in the core book of 5e, more so than other religions). Also it is outlawed in Aztlan. Far as I know, most major religions are still thumping along.

>> No.30727472


So the maglock passkey allows me to just swipe and hack, where sequencer I have to tear the console apart? Got it.

>> No.30727488


I also remember the SR3 rulebook mentioning that the pope declared metahumans are human and magic isn't heresy.
I'm most interested in their stance on magic, and possibly Catholic organizations, if there are any.

>> No.30727489

In addition to what other said using First Aid if you use the skill with no skill in it you get a -1 modifier. This, in addition to the condition modifiers for poor conditions makes getting the 2+nets to get any healing done more difficult. When it comes to healing minimizing the negatives is pretty important.

Except in 5th because of the Quick Healer quality, fuck that thing.

>> No.30727528

Yeah this is my take on it personally, also good roleplay can sometimes help bad rolls (but only real good) and good rolls don't mean shit if you say nothing

>> No.30727547

We talking 4e? Because in 4e, the Medkit replaces the user's skill if the user has no skill, meaning you don't take the -1 penalty for being untrained. Also, the poor condition modifier applies whether or not you're trained. And, in fact, not having a medkit at all nets you a -3 penalty even if you are trained.

Also, First Aid is for first responder situations (specifically, in the first 12 hours of being wounded). Past that, it's the purview of Medicine where, once again, First Aid ain't worth shit.

>> No.30727658

Hope 5E will be the final nail in franchise's coffin then!

>> No.30727668


That's... rather extreme... don'cha think?

>> No.30727871

Nothing else will make them developers learn to deliver quiality product.

>> No.30728487


It might teach them to deliver no products at all though.

What's the point in trying if you can't please everybody, right?

>> No.30728537

How about you give them some feedback instead?
You know, game developers are people too.

>> No.30728575

Yeah! The best part is when they don't listen to your feedback. (see the shit Patrick whatshisfaceman and his raging hateboner for the Infected have pulled, or to make an example of another company and game, White Wolf and every time Jon Chung points out how horrificially broken Exalted 2E is.)

>> No.30728636

Shadowrun is already something that is only known to a fraction of a fraction. More people identify the SNES game than the P&P game.

>> No.30728659

Huh. I've never played the P&P or any P&P fpr that matter and know it.

It's been around for a while...

>> No.30728962

It's been around for a while, and should arguably be more popular, but it seems like it isn't. Go on Google Image Search. You'll find mostly shit from Shadowrun SNES and Shadowrun Returns. And the art is mainly the shit scraped together from manuals and a very small pool on DeviantArt.

It's depressingly unknown. As a big cyberpunk guy, depressingly so.

>> No.30728999

Yeah, I was amazingly let down after playing the SNES game, what I found out the "real" Shadowrun was like.

>> No.30729115

Is that Takeshi Kitano?

>> No.30729187 [DELETED] 


>> No.30729300

whats some good skills for a shaman? conjuring is a given, counter spell

gonna try avoiding any conventional weapons, maybe a pistol

>> No.30729794

Yeah, I'm pretty confident in saying it is. Probably not anything official, though.

>> No.30729975

NAN pls go.

>> No.30730066

Hey, teej. New GM here.

What's a good level of karma to build NPCs from? 750? 300? Should I just not worry about it and slap something together?

>> No.30730107

Build important npcs, slap together chumps.

And how much karma you use depends entirely on how powerful you want them.

>> No.30730114

You should build them based on the NPC themselves. Shadowrun isn't a "level" based thing. So whatever you feel the NPC themselves should be stat wise. The book(s) should give you ideas on NPC's using the pregen stat blocks of grunts and such.

>> No.30730399

Alright, cool. That was more or less what I was thinking I'd do.
Which book would be best to start with, there? Core, Runner's Companion?

>> No.30730542

Well, I'm assuming this is for 4th ed so you'd wanna check out the friends and foes section of the core for examples of your average ganger and the average lonestar officer. Then move on over to other books. In the core it covers what a prime runner(Basically a reoccuring NPC) should look like point wise and it'll give examples of where they stand in regards to your players. My suggestion is not to make enemies that are basically the kriptonite of your players characters because it rarely ends well.

>> No.30731034

Sup /tg/? So, I've been working out a character that could potentially be played and works better than just being a Brain-in-a-jar cyborg in terms of cyborging at things.

Using the Ronin Quality selected for cyberware, Genetic Heritage [Adapsin], Restricted Gear [Cyberskull], and an Alphaware cybersuite, one can get 50% off Essence costs for a full body replacement with Rating 2 Wired Reflexes. Sure, you have 1.125 Essence left over and you need to take In Debt to the max levels if you want some left over cash for guns and playthings AND you're probably going to be living like a hobo for a while, but you are essentially a walking tank if you dump some Armor enhancements into each limb.

A might bit cheesy, but all things are a little cheesy in Shadowrun.

>> No.30731423

It's fourth, right. Ok! I've got it open, here. Thanks, m8.

>> No.30731511

Not a problem fellow chummer.

>> No.30731539

Hey /tg/, I feel dumb asking, but I need your help with Chummer.

The character I'm making here has both Genecrafted and Genetic Heritage as Positive Qualities, so I get 40% off of anything that's genetic rather than standard Bioware.
For that reason, if possible, I'd really like to capitalize on this, but... I can't figure out how to actually do it in Chummer.
You can select a generic "Transgenic Alteration" and set a cost, but I can't find anyway to sub-list Bioware under it, nor can I figure out any way to recategorize Bioware as Transgenic.

The only thing related to it I can find via Google is an extremely unhelpful reiteration of the tooltip: http://www.dndjunkie.com/chummer/wiki/Optional-Rules.ashx

Does anyone know how this is supposed to work?

>> No.30731603

Good News fellow Chummers!

I have gotten my much sought after system upgrade.

I am not in full Alpha-ware with Beta-ware eyes

I now have a full 1.23 Essence hole which which to fill with more cyberware.

I was also able to afford a tailored bioware pain editor.

Any suggestions on what kind of cyberware or bioware I should acquire next?

>> No.30731618

"I am not in full" should read
"I am now in full"

>> No.30731625

Game Master question here. How do would a robot effectively cuddle someone or express intimacy. The decker on my team accidentally fucked up the programming for an advanced AI owned by Neonet and after some very funny roleplaying and low rolling is being stalked by her.

>> No.30731646

Depending on how much money you've got, get the best Nanohive you can fit in that essence hole if you don't have one already. Oxyrush alone is cheap and handy as hell. Nothing says 'upgrade' like being able to run flat-out for miles.
There are all sorts of good pieces of Nanoware in Augmentation. Look into them if you haven't already.

>> No.30731686

Well, it's probably not as detrimental to the player as you'd like for comedy's sake, but the most immediately logical robotic way to express affection would be to help him by spoofing his lifestyle up.
If you want it to be a negative, just skip the rolling behind the scenes and make the 'bot really, really bad at it... so the hacker gets into trouble for sloppy hacking that isn't his hacking. Even if he dodges the immediate danger, it'd do some reputational damage and people would never let him live it down.

>> No.30731772

An integrated spellchecker for your commlink.

>> No.30731773

1. Define: Spoofing.
2. It's not really going to be negative because he somehow managed to salvage the shittiest rolling I have ever seen with good Roleplaying and also the best decker wrestling move of all time.
Also be sort of specific, I was forced to GM because our forever GM escaped from the basement we lock him in.
Im pretty clueless really.

>> No.30731866

Unwired p. 84 and 99

Literally just hacking everyone as an extended test to set up your lifestyle without paying for everything by faking payments and otherwise.
It's basically stealing cable as a lifestyle.

>> No.30731911


I already have a Rank 3 Nano Hive which currently supports 2 types.

Implant Medics(R6) and Nanosymbiotes(R3)

As for oxyrush, I already have an internal air tank. I will however consider them simply for the fatigue relief, I do not know how much use that will be. I have full cyberlimbs, torso and skull. I do not tire like I used to.

>> No.30731968

For real. Holy shit thats the best. I can't believe I missed that. I'm totally working that in, but my question is more along the lines of how do I role play an amorous robot. She is just following him around now.

>> No.30731995

Actually, there's no reason the internal tank and Oxyrush wouldn't stack up, since one is a tank and the other is contained in the blood.

Though yeah, the Fatigue relief is the main reason to use it. It's cheap as a nanosystem and reliable. In fact, it's so cheap that it's not a bad nanosystem to use and burn over time. Just inject before you've gotta do some athletics.

Anyway, with that open Nanohive slot, it's good to have. Because it's so cheap you could always just put something else in the 'hive after and let the Oxyrush run down.

>> No.30732009

Think about how someone who's in love with another person but can't express the emotion quite right. Like, a school boy who's got a crush on his class mate. He's going to be jerkish and mean, kind of looking like he's teasing the target of his affection. A young girl will linger around, hovering close and taking an interest in whatever they do. Everything they do.

>> No.30732056

Worth thinking over. I'll keep that in mind thanks

>> No.30732068

Ok I can do that. Thanks for the advice. Im pretty shitty at this whole GMing thing so I need all the help I can get.

>> No.30732101

Actually, wait, why not just get a bigger Nanohive?
There's the anti-toxin, anti-bacterial/viral, and the anti-nano systems
All of those are great.

If not, it might be a decent chance to look into closing the Cyber hole with gene therapy. After that, there are good bio- and genewares anyone can benefit from, like Digestive Expansion+Vegsin to cut lifestyle costs a ton, not to mention the ever-lovely Genetic Optimization.

But seriously, does no-one know how to do this: >>30731539 ?
It's driving me crazy.
I mean, I could theoretically just do all the math out by hand and list those Biomods as Free and just pay it via a generic Transgenic Alteration, but that seems sloppy. I could swear that option implies there's a right way to do this, but I can't find it.
Please help.

>> No.30732224

I love Lifestyle Spoofing
It's especially fun as a Technomancer, because the BP cost of Complex Forms is so cheap you can just start with 6 Spoofing fairly easy and it'll save you a fortune.
And, actually, because of the way it works--you just have to hit that threshold to 'buy' the month--you can theoretically live a normal life for a few months and then live Luxury for once month, if you wanted.

Or, if you're a really good hacker, you could gain 2 months or so of High per month. Especially if you're human and have a decent Edge score to drop on it.
It's an odd way to use Edge, but the economics of it really makes sense. No lifestyle costs? Yes please!

>> No.30732256

As a reward for our decker roleplaying extremely well, he now has a AI to do it for him. Funniest thing is the street sammy is going to leach off him and ruin his apartment. I guarentee it.

>> No.30732333

If that's the case, I'd just give the 'bot as a Contact mechanically. High loyalty, low Connection, a decent Spoof program (2-3 unless the Hacker does normal contact-type missions to upgrade her, or pays out of pocket to hook her up) and basic house guarding potential.

That works well because it leaves someone to watch the homestead, and as a GM if you ever REALLY need to raise the stakes you could damage or destroy his 'bot waifu.
Just remember, if you plan to go that route it has to be big so it feels like a major plot point they'll take revenge for, not just a random smiting. So, later after you've set the character up as really likable, even beloved.

Otherwise, just have her help him spoof the house and serve as a basic housebot who can also kill people sometimes, yandere style. There's real potential there.

Don't forget: Love Can Bloom
Even with robots.

>> No.30732337

Excuse me, sir.
Where did you go?
If my service was unsatisfactory, please note my ID number.

>> No.30732348

I so hate those.

>> No.30732407

Nah, nah
You need to make a yandere bot a little more human so she feels like an ally right up until she goes a bit... er... extreme.

Actually, Mirai Nikki is a master's course in yandere emotional whiplash.
I highly recommend it even if you're not an anime fan. It's fairly accessible and, aside from it's Japanese-ness at points, it has bits that feel fairly Shadowrun in my opinion. Mostly how there's always a plan, then it goes to shit and everyone has to improvise, so they try to be clever... but then it goes even worse, so they just murder everyone as hard as they can and leg it.
Which is basically Shadowrun with most groups.

Also, Yuno is the best Street Samurai.
That absolute loyalty.

>> No.30732430

Shes just stalking him right now and doing stuff for him. The story was she is a prototype AI that Neonet was working on. The decker accidently broke some of her code in a hilariously awful display of rolling, so she is obsessed with him. I was just going to make her a huge burden that worked for Neonet and followed him around, but he followed up bad rolls with excellent roleplaying. Not even joking I decided to turn her into an ally just because I was so impressed. Neonet still owns/commands her so eventually the PCs will have to either have to let her go or do some difficult runs to free her from Neonet. How tough should I make them be? Can't give them a prototype robot for free.

>> No.30732454

By the way I should probably establish this. Shes more of an awkward High schooler who doesn't understand emotions than a yandere Psycho bot.

>> No.30732516

Well that's how it always looks AT FIRST...

Seriously, Mirai Nikki is a master's course in psycho girlfriend.
For whatever an anon's recommendation is worth, I must insist it'd be a good thing to look into.

>> No.30732573

Ill look into it, I just haven't watched Animu in a while. I think the last time was Cowboy Bebop. Honestly though if everyone is telling me that Yandere is the way to go then I might roll with it. What weapon works the best for a psycho robot stalker in your opinion.

>> No.30732615

Just wanted to say that Fate/Zero, ghost in the shell and texhnolyze are good animes.

>> No.30732618

Rail-mounted laser turrets.

>> No.30732651

Going to be hard to carry around. And im pretty sure people will notice if she goes around sticking them places. Maybe she should Velcro them to walls. Pretty classy.

>> No.30732842


Also, I still say that would effectively kill the campaign.

>> No.30732890

For yandere, it's not about a specific weapon
It's about the attitude behind it

Violent weapons like axes, knives, and bare-hands strangling all fit pretty well, of course. You'll see if you watch Mirai Nikki.

>> No.30733050

>Why'd you only get the corners of your lips augmented, mister?

>> No.30733084

He wanted the ability to smooch like a Street Sammy, but he didn't want to give up his ability to whistle.
He compromised.

>> No.30733085

Well, perhaps every combat at my table for our 4e games were more deadly than anything at yours. If a person has a logic over three then it would behoove you to put any extra points for skills you have into things like First Aid. With his Logic of 5 he could also very well be playing the role of frontline medic for his team and having a medkit for the +6 just makes it all the better. But really, this is all just my 2¥.

>> No.30733155


>> No.30733314

Does 4e splatbook shit apply to 5e?

Or should I just stick with 4e until some actual content gets released, the spell list in particular is pretty paltry.

>> No.30733396

>Hes still playing 4e like a scrub.

Move on grognard. move on.

>> No.30733404

>Spell list is paltry.
The one thing pretty much universally agreed about 5e is that it made spells actually balanced. You can port 4e content ok as long as your GM is willing to houserule in things like accuracy, but matrix stuff doesn't translate at all and spells in 4e were crazy unbalanced.

>> No.30733425

If you want perfect class balance, play 4e Dungeons and Dragons.

>> No.30733481

>Because being needlessly unbalanced is a good thing.
Turn to goo and stunball were fucking retarded.

>> No.30733619


I haven't played 4e in quite a while, I was asking because I was considering starting up a game, and I'd prefer to run an edition with more than 1 book worth of content.

Especially since splatbooks and shopping have always been a big part of the draw to shadowrun (at least for me)


I'm not THAT concerned about balance, if a spell/gun/whatever proves to be a major problem I'll usually just houserule it myself.

Even if the spell list is more balanced it's still missing a bunch of my favorites.

>> No.30733624

I tried GMing a 5E Shadowrun game which crashed and burned within a few weeks. My player spent an inordinate time 'planning' and basically seemed to want their hands held for the majority of the adventure.

I really want to try it again, and one of my players has the 4E books so I was wondering if it was a system thing.

How does one GM Shadowrun? How is it really played?

>> No.30733760

I'm still like 80% sure Riggers are unplayable in 5e without filling in gaps on the fly

Also, Technomancers are so much less interesting when they don't have the Unwired options, so more content is badly needed for 5e.

>> No.30733790

The problem there is that you seem to have missed the boat. It's a lot like being a huge fan of oWOD or Traveller now.

Shadowrun was wildly, insanely popular 20 years ago. The death of Nigel Findley, and the overall poor business decisions of FASA helped end that, and left Shadowrun the depressing mess of copyrights that it is today.

That's why the greatest portion of 'new' Shadowrun books are just rehashing and reprinting the earlier material. They don't have a team good enough to write an actual new "Aztlan" or "Shadowtech".

I've been reading a lot of the new stuff since I started following these Generals, and I can't say I'm surprised that it's not a more popular P&P with today's younger players. The rules are bloated, complicated, and work poorly. Meanwhile, the actual setting has been crammed into a corner, and shat upon.

Fuck, the metatypes have a less than one page description. Less than a page. With the shitty thumbnails instead of artwork. Previously, six pages with details. The actual new artwork in the books looks like it was culled from DeviantArt, and how the fuck do you include that many short stories in the rulebook and not use at least one classic SR story?

And the wireless rules, fuck them. It's a poor quality knockoff of CyberGeneration, which at least put the concept into a cyberpunk rpg 15 years ago, and created a branch of Cyberpunk 2020 to do it, rather than shit on the main setting.

>> No.30733860

It isn't a system thing, if you start the game with a big huge involved infiltration they may get nervous about the game.

The first run sets the tone of the game and the stories most people hear about SR is "Oh god you are screwed" and very pessimistic about the runner's ability to survive. The first time I ran SR for my group it kinda devolved into that with the players being super afraid of any uncertainty.

My recommendation? Start your game with an amazingly braindead run. Something so easy it is impossible to screw up. The second time I tried to run for them we just opened with a smash and grab run on a god damned stuffer as a smokescreen operation. Made it clear to them that the run HAD to include the police coming and getting the neighbors attention, and had to be done that night. No real security what so ever, and because it was in the bad part of town only two squad cars showed up. There wasn't a huge amount of room to plan around, so they didn't spend 3 days dickering about what to do.

Then I had the cops smoke the front of the building to get the idea of tactical combat in there, but also made sure the cops were pretty much not a match for the PCs. If anyone popped out of cover you just make sure that guy gets pegged hard to impress the idea that "Tanking" isn't a thing and you got a good tone for SR: Go in, get it done, don't be afraid of the opposition but be smart about it.

The thing is 4e spell list is so unbalanced it ends up being smaller than 5e's if you cut the chaff.

Technomancers in 5e are fucking amazing compared to 4e technomancers who needed outside content.

5e technos basically need the ability to linklock and they are good.

Riggers are a lot worse than they were in 4e, and RCCs suck.

I agree with most of what you said save for the wireless rules, which were mostly poorly handled rather than being a bad idea. That said 5e has been pretty good at taking a lot of bloat out.

>> No.30733887

To be fair oWoD was not a good RPG setting and was clearly oriented around the fiction.

Traveller was fucking awesome and won god damn writing awards for it's fluff.

>> No.30733959

>They don't add nothing so that's bad
>Allow me to claim that the things that they did add it sucked
>It's not popular anymore

First you need to pick a more consistant bitch speech.

Secondly, Shadowrun is more popular today than 7 years ago.
Thanks to the current video game, the planned next game and the utter absolute success of the fifth edition launch.


Chill out gramps everthing will be fine.

>> No.30734037

I'm not saying 5e technomancers aren't functional. They're awesome in that respect.
They're just less interesting.
I want my Riggermancers with sprited drones.

>> No.30734101

There are some bad things about the new editions.

Most introduced new plot elements like dissonance are never followed up on, but 5e looks to be fixing that.

4e was bloated as shit and ruined a generation of SR gamers, but 5e may fix that if they pull their heads out of their asses.

And a lot of fluff falls by the wayside in books. I like that they are pushing metatypes less as the entirety of your being but they still write very little about them.

However other stuff he said is fucking retarded.

>New artwork in books looks better than old artwork.
Ha! While some 4 and 5e art is terrible it's consistently better than the older stuff.
>Wireless sucks and should not have been added.
You are fucking retarded and clearly have never played a game of 1-3e with a hacker in the party in your god damn fucking life.
>Getting information from SRG.
SRG thinks 4e is a fantastic system despite even the parent company essentially disowning it and multiple writers admitting they didn't even try. Don't listen to SRG.

Riggomancers may be deliberately out because of how they handled technomancers and made them the third matrix archtype rather than an alternate hacker. I see no real way to handle riggomancers well, especially if they would still have machine sprites because that shit would be OP. And in core they are way more interesting than 4e core, and hell even 4e core+unwired.

Only way it might work is if they re-combine decks and RCCs like the comlinks did. Which, frankly, they need to do.

>> No.30734156

>I agree with most of what you said save for the wireless rules, which were mostly poorly handled rather than being a bad idea.

I'd grant that. If they'd been a completely different set of rules, setting changes, major character deaths, and sourcebooks, they could have possibly been better.

Do you not read much?
>the greatest portion of 'new' Shadowrun books are just rehashing and reprinting the earlier material

Nevermind that they're currently only getting the rehashes out at a rate of, what, one a year now?

>Secondly, Shadowrun is more popular today than 7 years ago.

You don't say! It's more popular now than when it was nearly dead and gone for the second time due to incompetent business decisions? And after a video game launch?

>the utter absolute success of the fifth edition launch.
You just have really, really low standards for success. Maybe this year we'll get another book full of equipment from 1996. 'Fixing" the rules in 5e by reverting to more of the classic 1e-3e rules worked well enough, so there's no way they won't be running around in dead man's shoes some more.

>> No.30734248

Oh, I see, you are just fucking retarded and haven't actually played SR before 4 came out.

>> No.30734277

Seriously though, is there anyone here who knows Chummer really well?
I'm still stuck.

>> No.30734327

Shit son.

>Ha! While some 4 and 5e art is terrible it's consistently better than the older stuff.

You worked out how much of the new art is actually recycled old stuff? Because it's a lot. And don't bother trying to tell me that that must be the shitty new art. I own every goddamned Shadowrun book ever published, I know which art is actually new.

>You are fucking retarded and clearly have never played a game of 1-3e with a hacker in the party in your god damn fucking life.

I don't even begin to know how to address this? Show I post affidavits from players I've gamed with since 1991? Certainly, we didn't actually have hackers in our party in 1e-3e. We had deckers. Deckers who used to run the Matrix while we were inside, or more often than not, came in to get access to secured networks.

Shit, we even had wireless tech, even wireless Matrix connections. What we didn't have were Wireless Monofilament Whips. Seems like it would defeat the purpose.

>Getting information from SRG.

Also, no clue what you are on about here. I think you'd best calm down and take your pills.

I'm still a huge fan of Shadowrun and still own every new book too. If you can't back up and take a critical look at your favorite game once in awhile, especially after 23 fucking years, you're some kind of fucking machine.

>> No.30734361

>Low standard for success

Dude they are still on the top ten most sold digital rpg books. After being on top for a year of the charts.

>> No.30734395

Shit bro, I just figured dumbasses like Goodman were shitting on the game because 'muh vision' and shit.

>> No.30734432

>5e wasn't an amazingly successful launch.
By 2014 standards SR5 was one of the most successful launches ever. If you account for the fact RPGs in general are hurting for business SR5 is doing better than it ever has in terms of market share.

>They are only getting rehashes out at a rate of once a year.

Nope. Wrong. SR4e had an amazingly agressive release schedule for an RPG line at the time.

>It is more popular now than it was when it was dying.
Yes, because catalyst got un-retarded. No one is arguing that 4e wasn't trash.

>Completely different set of rules.
It was.
>setting changes
There were.
>Major character deaths.

>Some of it is recycled.

Didn't count it broski. I also know what is recylced and again I say that most of the old stuff is garbage compared to most of the new.

>I totally played with hackers.
No you really didn't if you think 1-3e hacking was remotely conducive to a good tabletop experience. It is impressive how little you know about the editions you champion.

>Getting info from SRG.
You said you developed your opinion watching these threads.

The industry has changed and you are falling behind. You don't understand the scale is changing and don't seem to get that oWoD and SR style RPG books were not conducive to long term success because of how they prioritized the setting over actual play.

I don't think anyone here cares about what you are saying because you clearly have fucking Alzheimer and wish to go back to pure paper printing or some other retarded shit and idolize a golden age that never really existed

>> No.30734473

What are you stuck on?

>> No.30734508

I can't figure out how to actually put this optional rule into practice even after activating it in the options: >>30731539

It's driving me crazy, because going Transgenic on many of my Bioware mods would save me a ton of money.

>> No.30734597

I've asked this before, but never got good answers. I'm looking to set up my players with their own e-mails related to the game, so I need a good domain name for it. The obvious stuff like jackpoint.whatever is usually taken, unfortunately. Suggestions?

>> No.30734641

That's needlessly meta.
If they need ingame emails, tell them ingame by note or just say it
If they're out of game emails, just use the email accounts they already have
Don't clutter the lives of those around you.

>> No.30734691

>Nope. Wrong. SR4e had an amazingly agressive release schedule for an RPG line at the time.

Actually, making fun of 5e there. Calm down. I'm well past being that concerned with when the books come out.

I think we're talking across purposes on the whole Wireless thing. I don't give a shit about the Hacking vs Decking.

I dislike the massively forced integration of it into things were it makes no sense. I dislike the setting reboot to integrate it. I dislike that radio waves in SR are now magical. (And I know they must be magic, otherwise no asshole on earth would make combat implants that turn you into a giant radio beacon in a world where guided missiles, let alone drones, exist.)

>> No.30734785

I still prefer 4e.

>> No.30735031

Right, after playing with it for a while, what I think you need to do is set it to allow biomods to be converted to transgenic, like you've done, then update Chummer. If that doesn't work, let me know. It should give you a checkbox when choosing the mod, that says 'Add as Transgenic'.

>> No.30735041

Playing Online shadowrun with my group right now.

>> No.30735071


>> No.30735388


>> No.30735421

Is there some point to you showing us these generic map layouts?

>> No.30735446

Why not.

>> No.30735460

Because they literally mean nothing, and you're just clogging up the thread.

Hell if you hadn't said they were shadowrun related no-one would even have known from looking at them.

>> No.30735485

you mad omae?

>> No.30735511

Not really, just wondering why you think anyone cares.

>> No.30735558

Yeah, u mad.

>> No.30735625

More like side game. I would never bother with that shit during a game, and out of game I can just talk to them, call them or whatever. It's not hard to hook up an iphone to a mailserver, and it was their idea in the first place.

>> No.30736105

I'm considering trying Shadowrun out again with my group, I'm >>30733624

I'm considering having them do the most of their legwork through email/forum/googledrive, whatever, so that when we meet we get into the action faster, or at least the slower parts of the game are handled already. I figure this might give me more quality prep time.

Is this a good idea at all? What are some things the typical Shadowrun GM does to prepare their game?

>> No.30736808

>What are some things the typical Shadowrun GM does to prepare their game?

That varies. Sometimes I'll run a pre-planned adventure. If you're going that route I recommend Splintered State, it has everything that makes Shadowrun what it is packed in a single book.

Usually I have three types of sessions that breakdown like this:

A legit Shadowrun that compromises actual prep time and legwork with most of the time dedicated to doing that. This isn't too bad to prepare. I'll have a map printed from one of the sprawl site books that usually requires a decker to hack and acquire for the team to use. Other then that I usually write up (with a pen on paper) either a paragraph or a page on the set up, and maybe aftermath, and let the players take it from there. Depending on who they are running against may have to come up with some defenses, but overall this doesn't take too long to prep.

Then there are my adventure runs. These runs are a series of scenes that take the runners from point A to B. This can get a bit railroady at times, but my players seem to not mind (besides they have gone off the rails more than once). This takes the longest time to prep since I would write up dialogue for some characters.

Lastly are my downtime sessions. These are my shortest session and sometimes it leaves me with enough room to fit in another run or something light. There is little to no work required for this. These sessions are dedicated to my players to sandbox however they want. During this time they will also spend their karma and do contact related stuff.

I attached a quick primer of ideas incase your think tank is feeling empty. Some of these might give you the spark you need to make something longer.

>> No.30737067

>In the distant transhumanist cybernetic future, america still uses imperial instead of metric
That's sad.

>> No.30737194

I don't think they do in 5e 'ause everything is in the Metric system in the book for me.

>> No.30737508

What time zone are you? If you will be playing anywhere near 4pm-12pm GMT I will be interested too.

>> No.30737578

Yeah, the imperial system is nonexistent in the SR world. Also "America" doesn't exist, unless you're referring to the CAS/UCAS/CFS/PCC complex as "America".

>> No.30737763

Dude could be talking about those crazy cultists that want to reform the United States of America.

>> No.30738247

>57.F Slow down and drive safely

>> No.30738330

What sort of drone loadout should a specialty rigger start out with in SR4, /tg/?

>> No.30738544

Start with Food Fight. See what the group does. If they're new, tie them into underground gangs first via Brandeen. Basically, with newer players it's better to ease them in the game, give them a decent chance to figure out what they can do first and perhaps at the beginning get away with more than they should. Turn the heat up very slowly, so to say.

If you know the group, though, why not toss some decently equipped mercs at them instead? My current campaign started with a Thunder Corps mercenary ambush on some infobroker trying to hide and their subsequent turning into mincemeat by two OPERATOR TIER OPERATOR runners and their incendiary + gas grenade combos and liberal gunfire, two physadepts where one is basically Raoh that crushed skulls, ribcages and anything inbetween in one hit while other being Toki and simply neutralizing them hard with quick nerve strikes. And in the middle there's a dwarf mage trying to not get shot and/or not die from an asthma attack. Needless to say, this group got some serious runs straight up.

There always need to be some milk runs every once in a while. But after a while, you also need to toss something so powerful at them that they have no choice but to chainsmoke for hours while trying to figure out the best plan to take it on.

>> No.30738682

If you are good at improvisation, a run can be prepared in some 20 minutes thanks to this. Saved my ass last session when three of five players suddenly couldn't show up and I had to scrap my previous idea because there was no way they could get through that alive. I like this generator because it keeps things simple and you can fill in the details yourself.

>> No.30738695

Check out mail.com. They have some pretty stupid domain names.

>> No.30739156

I was wondering that how do the cyber decks look in 5th e and is it like a laptop?
Right now i see them as they are in shadowrun returns.

>> No.30739283

Also how fast does the actual hacking happen and is there anything that can "fix" this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVnCxG1IsXw

>> No.30739312

Ohhhhh yeah, in the fluff. All the crunch is stated in Celsius. And, oddly enough, the only book I could find this after a quick search was the 4e Arsenal book.

>> No.30739368

The pictures in the book depict them as tablets but really you can have them customized any way you want. I had a decker that made his into a functional Keytar. Though, I'm a bigger fan of just getting it implanted because it saves the hassle of having to carry it.

>> No.30739469

So, is the unwritten rule that every run always, ALWAYS, ends up far more complicated or fucked up than anyone planned?

>> No.30739484

Having it implanted on your head kinda reminds me of technomancers, i wonder if there is a decker who want's to be one. Kinda like a elf poser but with technomancer.

>> No.30739905

I didn't watch the video but our table treats it just like regular combat. Turns take about 3 seconds in game time time and we treat all Meatspace/Matrix/Astral the same. Its not to hard to imagine that loading and slinging commands takes about the same amount of time as a chromed up 'sam shooting a gun.

It doesn't always have to be that way It's all up to how much your GM wants to mess with you. I'm personally a big fan of giving my group a straightforward milk run every third game or so just so they don't get into the habit of shooting the Johnson after they get their cred.

Kinda yes kinda no. Implanting your hardware has been a viable option since 4e. With how the fluff is shaping up I cant really see people wanting to be a Technomancer what with all the hatred, fear, persecution and bounties on them but the 6th world takes all types. Now, a TM wanting to look normal is another thing, I built a TM that had an obvious scar from a messy "deck implantation".

>> No.30739935

Aren't decks kinda big to be implanted? Along with hot considering the cpus and cooling? Where would they put it?

>> No.30740129

P452 SR 5th
"Cyberdeck: Simply put, you’ve got a deck in your body. This is a very convenient for ther hacker on the go and is often sported by G-men and military deckers"

There's a lot of ways you can play it out. Classic is just stuffing it in your skull next to your datajack but really you can have it anywhere. It also has a capacity rating so you could pop it into a cyberlimb. I just took a quick look but I remember reading somewhere that it's installed in a way that you can get to it easily for repairs and that you don't suffer any negatives when it takes damage.

>> No.30740187

Man. 5th ed cyberdecks must be tiny.

>> No.30740188

That's actually a great idea (the implant scar)

Well i should learn how to make characters anyways.

>> No.30740718

Shadowrun in general's pretty bad at establishing exact sizes for a lot of equipment, but 5e decks seem to be somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet.

>> No.30740783

I'd say more tablet in size, since part of the point was that something bigger and more powerful than a commlink was needed.

>> No.30741008

Seriously? Commlinks and cyberdecks are the most clearly sized object in all of SR.

>> No.30741081


Chung can go eat all the dicks. He doesn't just point things out, he screams and then takes a shit on everyone. He's as bad as fucking Trollman.

>> No.30741160

I lean towards the "toaster" style implants, where the headware is more like a slot to fit a stripped down deck / link.

Considering you only need a hardware test for repairs, requiring surgery to fix your deck seems a bit odd.

>> No.30741255


And what, exactly, is wrong with Quick Healer?

>> No.30741383

I have a couple questions before I head off to go take a shower. All of them are for 5e.

What sort of skills does a technomancer need, exatly? I've not really played a matrix-based character, so I am not too sure.

Are the only complex forms the ones listed in the core book, or can a technomancer make ones similar/functionally identical to other things like programs and shit? (Namely Spoof, Exploit and all that)

What, exactly, can a technomancer do? They can't do much in the meat world I believe, and they should run from cybercombat (not too clear on what that covers) as they can die from it.

I've got roughly 40 karma to work with before the game starts for qualities and other stuff. I'm debating spending 10 for that sweet 20k so I don't start with only 6k nuyen, is this a good idea?

Any other tips and information you guys could give would be amazing.

>> No.30741747

Are you playing 5e? You sound like you're coming from 4e, where complex forms essentially are programs. 5e programs are small bonuses, and TMs currently only gain them through Echoes.

TMs in 5e use roughly the same skillset as a decker, (because they can perform the same matrix actions) but their complex forms live on the Software skill.

It's possible to make a 5e cybercombat TM, (Elf, 8 Cha) but they're more or less glass cannons, and taking matrix damage will cut you short. (translates directly to actual damage, as you don't have a matrix damage track)

>> No.30741931

>It's possible to make a 5e cybercombat TM, (Elf, 8 Cha) but they're more or less glass cannons, and taking matrix damage will cut you short. (translates directly to actual damage, as you don't have a matrix damage track)

Ouch, are TMs actually worth playing in 5e?

>> No.30741951

True. It's mainly drones where things start getting a bit murky.

>> No.30741961

Hey, how many implants are there that can directly reduce damage received like Platelet Factories or a Trauma Damper? I'm trying to put together a Drug Samurai build, and I want to reduce the damage taken from coming down as much as possible.

>> No.30742016

They can do some pretty serious stuff in the matrix, but they're hard to build well, and doubly so if you don't know what you're doing. I'd suggest making a decker to start off with instead, tbh.

>> No.30742029

Howabout some solid advice for a greenhorn GM for 5th ed?

>> No.30742116

Arsenal gives more or less clear sizes for the various drone classes in 4th.

I don't think there are any that reduce damage from withdrawal.

>> No.30742118

Size of a tablet computer, or two decks of cards next to each other.

It's a fucking copout.

>> No.30742163

I am playing 5e, yes. I've only recently got into shadowrun as a whole, and the fact that I sound that way is probably kuz I read some tips online, but none seemed to translate properly. And if that's the case, which CMs do you suggest I take? I've got two at the moment, and can get more.

So get my Software to it's max, and ask the Decker in the group for which skills would be useful?

I'm a bit hesitant on going with something like that, as I've not really done anything in the Matrix...ever. I have a Decker in the party at the moment, if that aids in anything

>> No.30742203

You know playing cards have a standard size, right?

>> No.30742255

It's like 3 karma for a bonus +2 to any healing tests on or by you. Slightly more expensive than a single specialisation, and it affects Physical and Stun Healing over time as well as all First Aid, Medicine, and Magical Healing spells performed on or by you.

OP as shit, especially considering it's gone effectively from 40 karma to 3.

>> No.30742277

>I don't think there are any that reduce damage from withdrawal.
A trauma damper and platelet factories definitely do.

Well, they do in 4e, at any rate, which is the edition I'm playing in.

So, are there any other implants that flatly reduce damage instead of increasing soak?

>> No.30742317

Da, I also know they say it's a rough size.
I didn't miss 3E decks when the removed them in 4E, but if you're going to bring them back you mas as well go whole hog with Skateboard sized keytars.

Not this Hackpack BS

>> No.30742352

Can they still be installed as headware?

>> No.30742386


>> No.30742399

Is there any magic in Shadowrun that can permanently change someone's shape or the form of their body? Give someone a new face or a sex change or some shit? Or are cosmetic surgeries the only real option for that?

>> No.30742404

Serious question

Does Aztechnolgy do anything BUT blood magic and terrible evil rituals that will end the world? Why haven't the corporate council nuked them out of existance?

>> No.30742448


Since magic in shadowrun is detailed as tied to your life-force and the definition of -you-, I don't think any such magic except for corrupting magic would work.

Considering getting a regular sex change or cosmetic surgery will permanently lower your essence and your tie to the magical world. There are illusions of course.

>> No.30742528

I think you could do close to that with some adept stuff, or quickening metamagic to hold some spell.

>> No.30742552

What's a skilljack? 4ed bro here.

>> No.30742591

Long story short: skills in your head

>> No.30742599

Aztechnology does a fuck ton of non-evil. The problem is that we never hear about it because we're shadowrunners. In fact, they're so prevelant in everyone's life that If you ask the average man on the street who the 'best' corporation is, morally speaking, he's going to say Aztechnolgy. People just don't know about the horrible blood rituals, despite people being baught and sold as chattel in azlat.

>> No.30742631

Remember in The Matrix, when they literally installed some stuff into Neo's brain and he then knew kung fu? That's what it is.

>> No.30742693

1. Yes, they've got at least some interests in pretty much every area of consumer goods out there, and are one of the worlds major food suppliers, though they mainly focus on packaged junkfood with lots of chemicals sold cheap, rather than the more organic fare Horizon's started offering.

2. The one time Aztech approached what the CC considered out of line, they gave them a serious warning. They've since played ball by corporate standards.

>> No.30742700

That definitely makes sense. Sadly, it doesn't help me solve the current predicament.

Unfortunately, for this, close isn't good enough. For identity-burning and 'get the fuck out of dodge' reasons, I need to make a change comparable to a 'moderate modification' or higher - in cosmetic surgery terms - on a mage for whom even a .1 essence loss means losing an entire point of Magic. And it needs to be properly permanent, not just until you remove the illusion commitment from the focus, or whatever.

That's why I'm hoping there's some kind of magical option for permanently giving someone, say, dark skin, a hook nose, and different-shaped eyes and lips.

>> No.30742712


Isn't that already covered by skillwires?

>> No.30742720

Pretty sure you need both to make it effective.

>> No.30742824

Oh, you're one of those.

>> No.30742833

Making a mage in Dragonfall and I'm trying to decide between mixing in Charisma/Spirit Summoning for some spirits, or Quickness/Ranged Combat for guns. Spirits seem alright, but it seems like a micro-managing pain to make sure they always are in my Creator circle by the end of a turn. A few points into SS for the Mother totem and a sturdy gun just seems easier all around.

Any input?

>> No.30742876

Skilljacks provide the chip port and treat all related software asknowledge skills. Skillwires translate activesofts to physical movement.

>> No.30742881

Why? What was wrong with how 4th did it? You load them via your commlink or your datajack. That just seems needlessly complicated, like if you could do everything on your computer with USB but then one day everyone just decides that for this one specific thing and only for this one specific thing we're going back this archaic format. Don't like it? Well too bad we already updated the software to only be compatible with this formerly obsolete method of input.

>> No.30742899


A skilljack is headware for knowledge and language skills, a skillwire is bodyware that lets you use active skills.

It's the difference between knowing about kung fu and actually knowing kung fu.

>> No.30742905

You consider ensuring that a single additional character is within three squares of you to be a "micro-managing pain"?

Creator Totem is insanely good, since you can happily give your spirit 4AP per round without fearing it breaking free, and in the late game when you have 3AP, you can have two spirits and still have enough AP for the occasional spell and to recast your Creator Totem.

>> No.30742952

Not sure if it's still a thing in 5th but 4th introduced biosculpting in augmentation which is pretty much what you are looking for.

>> No.30742996

So could you prank someone with a skilljack by inserting vast knowledge about some weird, disturbing shit like dwarf-on-troll scat porn (you know there has to be a ton of it out there in the SR world)? Because that would be hilarious.

More importantly, wouldn't an implant like that make it relatively easy to implant forged memories without the victim realizing it?

>> No.30743017


Aztechnolgy HR department, please leave Shadowlands.

>> No.30743036

That's actually what I'm referencing. It comes with an Essence cost, which is exactly what I'm not looking for. I'm trying to find an option that lets my mage permanently change his appearance without losing Essence or, by extension, Magic.

>> No.30743046

I consider it a pain for a few reasons. First, spirits are expensive as hell if you buy totems. And if you don't then most of the spawning points are on the enemy's side of an encounter. On top of that, half the spirits from summon points seemed to be melee from what I remember of Dietrich's summonings. If all spirits could just sit on a Leyline with me and nuke things then no problem, but having to have a spirit run across a room, attack once, and rush back is just tedious for little profit. Also most encounters are too short for a spirit to matter.

Not trying to be a dick, I'd love for you to prove me wrong about them. I love spirits in the tabletop game and am trying and failing to convince myself to use them here. I just can't see too many bright sides.

>> No.30743077

>More importantly, wouldn't an implant like that make it relatively easy to implant forged memories without the victim realizing it?
Skillsofts don't 'feel' like real memories. It's raw information that you just sort of... know, but know that it isn't real memories or real skills. That's why, among other things, Edge doesn't work as well with them.

To implant fake memories that feel like real memories in someone, you need a personafix.

>> No.30743088

Only major biosculpting costs essence, changing a person's face enough to give the corp kill teams chasing him the slip does not.

>> No.30743102

Air spirits are ranged and have multiple spells, same with water spirits I believe.

Most other spirits have ranged spells which refresh every round anyway.

You do have to pick your moments for spirits though, since as you said, they are expensive as fuck, but the benefits of having a 4AP per round spirit buddy in some of the hardest fights in the game can't be overstated.

>> No.30743115


Oh nooes, you heal faster.

It mostly helps to comp for the neg-pools that heavy cyber gets you from magic, it's really not that game-breaking.

>> No.30743126


The best you can do is use a really good mask then, I guess. Mages are powerful and this is one of their huge weaknesses. Either eat the magic cost or find another solution, chummer.

Or sustain an illusion on yourself permanently. Maybe you can do something fancy with artificing on that regard. Like a face-illusion that can be kept going for a while on its own.

>> No.30743209

...no, check again. Moderate costs .1, Severe costs .3-.5. Minor - which doesn't cost anything - is insufficient, and that .1 is as good as 1 as far as losing Magic is concerned. Moderate is what you need for an actual new face, for example.

Sustaining an illusion like that would make them permanently light up like a torch to astral perception. Honestly, that would be less-beneficial than no illusion at all, as far as trying to burn an identity and go undercover are concerned.

And I am trying to find another solution - some method of making Moderate or greater changes without eating Magic loss.

>> No.30743323


But literally putting disturbing images into their heads would still work, right?
Even if the victim knows he's never actually seen them with his own eyes, it's still gross.

That could also be useful for mental torture, if you're especially nasty.

>> No.30743376

Well then I'm afraid your only option is geneware, which is both expensive and time consuming.

>> No.30743401

"A character with the Quick Healer quality receives a +2 dice pool modifier to all Healing Tests made on/for/by her, including magical healing"

It's that interpretation of on/for/by - I have quick healer, you have quick healer so when I first aid you it gets +4. This all depends on your interpretation of First Aid tests as they pertain to "Healing Tests", though. Our table calls any test to restore boxes of any kind "Healing tests".

>> No.30743423

Or just get old-fashioned make-up, and hope nobody messes it up or touches it. Although I guess anyone who looked at you in astral space would still spot that it's fake instantly.

>> No.30743519

...all of that costs Essence too. In fact, it costs even more Essence than comparable cosmetic surgery.

This isn't for a one-time disguise. This is for burning an identity and starting fresh with an appearance that can't be recognized by scanners, tracked back to you, falter when you lose focus, get washed off, or light up like a christmas tree to astral perception.

Basically, I want something that does something comparable to cosmetic surgery, but without an Essence cost. Magically, ideally, but not strictly necessary. If it costs Essence, or if it isn't permanent, it's a non-option for this particular problem.

>> No.30743551


And if he's playing in SR5/2075, Genewere is much, much harder to come by.

But Im sure you can find some unlicensed streetdok that MIGHT be crazy enough to run nanomachines. If you dare.

>> No.30743552

>It's that interpretation of on/for/by - I have quick healer, you have quick healer so when I first aid you it gets +4. This all depends on your interpretation of First Aid tests as they pertain to "Healing Tests", though. Our table calls any test to restore boxes of any kind "Healing tests".
Your table is wrong. A 'healing test' is the test rolled by a character to see how much they heal from rest. A 'first aid' test is the test rolled by a character to see how much damage they fix through first aid.

And even if that wasn't a case, using RAW instead of RAI in this situation is just stupid.

>> No.30743658

Well you're fucked then, that's the price you pay for playing a magically active individual.

>> No.30743689

Your best bet is probably to talk to your GM.
You could probably find some obscure use of magic which is capable of changing your face.
Or you could have some biosculpting. What you seem to want seems to be between Minor and Moderate levels, so more than "nip and tuck" and less than "change ethnicity / extensive face changes".

A few minor biosculptings would probably be able to change your face enough that face recognition software wouldn't be able to recognise you.

Also die your hair, change your hairstyle and potential wear some coloured contacts.

>> No.30743721


Oh. Well, no. There's nothing without an essence cost.

So, there's no fix for you, sorry.

Downside of the mojo-biz, chummer.

>> No.30743726

And by "find some obscure use of magic" I of course mean houserule it.

>> No.30743733

Could also fake your death.

>> No.30743788

Pestilence can blind or Confuse (turn to your side) targets.

But if you want an OP build go mage and cast these spells yourself. Spirits are like lesser more versatile mages. Like rigger-bots are basically less flexible (fewer gun and item options) versions of samurai.

The game seems designed so most of the content expects a Decker PC to complete the team. It's a surprising turn-around since in Returns if you ever needed a Decker you were given one.

>> No.30743816

In 5E you do illegal things in the matrix by putting marks on stuff, and there are two main ways to do this. You can take the Brute Force which uses the cybercombat skill, or you can use the Hack on the Fly action which uses the hacking skill.

For a lot of reasons, technos probably want to specialize in the sleazy, stealthy kind of hacking. For one, you don't really want to be in cybercombat and succeeding on attack actions like brute force will usually alert IC. Also, you're just good at it. If you mainly focus on raising Logic, Intuition (which determines your sleaze), and the hacking skill you'll be very good at the Hack on the Fly and Spoof Command actions, and also the Logic + Sleaze test to avoid being spotted when you're running silent.

And this is all without ever investing in resonance. When you bring complex forms into the mix you'll need to also focus on your software skill, but you can do cool things like raise your Sleaze attribute even higher, lower your overwatch score, or stop it from raising over time.

Against some hosts you can also use the diffusion complex form to just tank their data processing, and since that's the limit on matrix perception tests they'll become literally incapable of spotting you.

>> No.30743818

Wouldn't work... Probably.
SIN records of deceased individuals are kept on record, and corps generally don't trust any "recorded" confirmations of death.

What I might advise is to hire a nova-hot Hacker to wipe your identity from all but the most IC'y corp records. Them move to somewhere new.

>> No.30743852

>Could also fake your death.
That's the reason a face-change is necessary, chummer. Walking around with a dead man's face is a sure-fire way to get some spooks or corporate agents asking questions.

>> No.30744001

You know, or get people to call in a magical corp murder-team in order to wipe out the Master Shedim which has taken over the body of that poor deceased man.

>> No.30744004

It still includes magical healing which covers the Heal spell as well as its alchemical preparations.

Lets not get into a RAW v RAI fight here, those are no-win and nothing productive ever comes of them. Agreeing to disagree is a perfectly viable option.

>> No.30744045

There's no essence-friendly permanent way to do it. There are temporary options to keep applying, or one could ask their GM how many zero essence cost surgeries it would take to fool facial recog.

>> No.30744074

>or one could ask their GM how many zero essence cost surgeries it would take to fool facial recog
The answer is 'none.' They either add up to Moderate, and cost .1 essence, or they're insufficient.

>> No.30744116

Actually, so long as you follow this section from the Augmentation book, you should be alright.

Of course, that's easy to see past, so it's probably a good idea to get that illusion focus and some extended masking.

>> No.30744163

This. I believe the [Race] Poser negative qualities include changes like this in the cost to take them.

>> No.30744230

Yeah, however if you just want to be an Elf fanboy/girl without the modifications then that's also fine...

And actually more socially acceptable.

>> No.30744314

Alright, so I should adjust my intuition to be around a 4 or 5 if it's not already there, upgrade the Hacking on the Fly skill to be near-maxed (whatever that it), as well as keepp software high up?

>> No.30744332

And the ruling I've already been given is that it takes at least a Moderate change, and that anything else doesn't reliably fool facial recognition or - in general - the ability for people to recognize you. The description for Moderate changes are right on that same page.

Specifically, it says that Moderate can make 'your face look like someone's who roughly has the same head shape.'

Which is why Minor, rather than Moderate, is insufficient. But Moderate comes with a .1 Essence cost - which is a deal-breaker for this particular Awakened character. In-character, they're more than willing to change/discard their current form, but utterly unwilling to go chopping up bits of their spirit.

Which is, you know, understandable.

So, I'm trying to track down something that lets you physically alter someone's appearance without an Essence cost. It needs to be capable of - at bare minimum - Moderate changes. Anything else isn't an option at all because the character in question would rather eat a bullet than eat some Essence loss - and they will end up eating one if a permanent appearance-change method isn't found.

>> No.30744391

>2. The one time Aztech approached what the CC considered out of line, they gave them a serious warning. They've since played ball by corporate standards.

I want to know more.

>> No.30744401

Haven't really been keeping an eye on Shadowrun much. Is it similar to Diablo 2 or Planescape Torment in any way besides slight visuals? I want to give this game a go.

>> No.30744445

You mean Shadowrun Returns? It's XCOM: Enemy Unknown during the battles and Fallout 2 during free-roam.

>> No.30744470

Then your only option is physical mask and a sustaining focus.

>> No.30744488

You need to either:
a) Work with your GM to create a magical alternative, I would suggest some form of baby-eating ritual followed by swimming in a pool of virgin blood.
b) Permanently sustain a Force 6 (with 6 hits) illusion spell on yourself so you can fool Drones into accepting your illusory face.
c) Get a fantastic Hacker to remove all traces of you from their systems.
d) Suck it up and live with the consequences of your actions.
e) Pull off the biggest baddest run to can to convince everyone you're just not worth the hastle to hunt down, i.e. pull a Kane

>> No.30744503

Which lights them up like a christmas tree to astral sight, which means it isn't a real disguise, which means it's a non-option.

>> No.30744535


Then tell them to suck off a shotgun.

We're telling you, there's NO WAY.

>> No.30744557

Aztechnoloy was pulling some dirty tactics, stealing copyrighted information, changing the font and selling it themselves.
Stealing everything they could from other corps and selling it at a fraction of the price from their sweatshops, and without any of the tax.

The Corporate Court doesn't like anyone dipping their dick in their martinis so they gave an Omega Order, which basically meant the other corps could go to town on Aztechnology with no fear of reprisal or lawsuits.

>> No.30744577

My party's mage seems to give zero fucks, but then he's had that setup since chargen so none of the other party members(or the people we shoot at)know what he really looks like.

>> No.30744590

Get the Masking Metamagic, and the Extended Masking Metamagic.

It lets you conceal active foci and spells with your masking.

>> No.30744595

Thanks. What book was this in?

>> No.30744625


Basicly, they nationized everything in Azland...including all the other Corp's shit.

It may or may not have been an Omega order issue on them. Either way, it was every single non Azzy corp in the Court getting together, and planning a raid on Aztech property.

>> No.30744635

It's described pretty well in the 2e Aztlan book.

>> No.30744668

Sounds great though.

>> No.30744672

Anybody know when Run & Gun is expected to come out/Has it come out?

>> No.30744804

It's definitely pretty fun if you're into XCOM and the classic Fallout games.

Its main campaign is pretty short, though.

>> No.30745195

>Revitalization is a recent breakthrough that repairs Essence loss derived from invasive implantation. Universal Omnitech is trying to keep the mechanism a secret, though geneticists have speculated that the effect is achieved by performing somekind of “genetic feng shui.” (Augmentation, p. 88)
>So, in short, yes, it is possible to restore Essence loss after removing the implant, but it's difficult and expensive, not to mention time consuming (.1 Essence a month, and 20k per month, plus a hefty start-up fee). That said, it might be more readily available in 5th Edition.
As always, having enough money solves all problems.

>> No.30745240

Does that fix the Essence loss from Biosculpting? Biosculpting is, mechanically, an implant, so wouldn't you need to 'remove' the change first?

>> No.30745254

Not really. Any essence loss causes magic loss. Essence restoration does not restore magic.

>> No.30745285

How do I use preparations and summoning best? Increased reflex potions?

>> No.30745437

Might want to get the Dragonfall DLC, it's a lot better than the default campaign.

>> No.30745499

Are we ignoring that when you remove 'ware, the 'hole' it leaves can be filled with other mods without reducing your essence any more? Or is that not a thing anymore?

>> No.30745532

...what does that have to do with anything?

>> No.30745590

>In 2044, the Aztlan government nationalized all corporate assets in their country except for those that belonged to Aztechnology. Essentially they took control of these companies and gave them, lock stock and barrel to the Big A. The Corporate Court was understandably upset, and ordered the Big A to stop... But they didn't. Four year later in 2048, the Corporate Court began Operation: RECIPROCITY. The corporate court led several strikes against Azlan property. This forced Azlan (and the Big A) to sign the Veracruz Settlement which; forced Azlan (and the Big A) to repay the corporations for lost assets and opened the doors to foreign corporation (though only indirectly through Aztlan majority shareholdings).

>> No.30745697

How misserable/drony lives do Wageslaves live, anyway? In Dragonfall, I got the impression they never had any free time, slaved away day and night. Heck, in that one particular run, they noted that the wageslaves had a 5 minute underground monorail directly from their housing complex to office. From bed to cubicle in 5 minutes!

Wageslaves make up the larger part of the population, so I would imagine the corps want them to have disposable income as well as some free time so they can consume their products. Free will and consumer responsibility is not on the agenda, of course.

>> No.30745828

Yeah, but keeping them placid is.

>> No.30745895

I imagine it's a lot like They Live. Work 8 hours. Sleep 8 hours. Play 8 hours. All on schedule.

And by "play", They mean enjoy corporate food, buy corporate products, watch corporate trideo, and be deeply envious of your corporate superiors who can afford a higher tier of corporate comforts.

>> No.30745930

And they're not allowed to remember to post their pictures.

>> No.30745931

That depends greatly on corporation.
Some consider their menial works little more than biological drones and treat them like utter shit.

Others like Horizon indoctrinate them into believing that they are the single shining beacon of goodness and purity within the world, structuring their offices to "maximise metahuman interaction".

>> No.30745946

It's basically like real life.

You work a shitty office job for eight hours to earn enough money to have eight hours of downtime with corporate entertainment, goods, and services, and paying off the debts that keep you shackled to that life for fear of defaulting.

It's just the world but with more neon and dirt.

>> No.30745955

That was Aztechnology wageslaves, Aztechnology is the COBRA/HYDRA GM goto for cartoonish super villainy in Shadowrun.

Remember those two wageslaves at that small computer corp before Bloodlines, the programmer who finished work late and wanted to go to a bar and the janitor with her stay at home husband.

The wageslaves in the Renraku Acrology lived pretty well by middle class late 20th century american standards, right up till DEUS happened of course.

So wageslaves run the spectrum from Aztechnology(picture Foxconn with it's suicide nets and welded shut doors) to Horizon (picture Google with it's sofas, lounges and flex hours)

>> No.30745956

I would assume, if the mage has an essence 'hole', getting cosmetic surgery shouldn't make him lose essence.

>> No.30745962

Yeah I'll give it a go for sure. Downloading now actually.

>> No.30745973

Why would he have an essence hole? The problem with cosmetic surgery in the first place is that it would take him from Essence 6 to Essence 5.9.

>> No.30745982

My guess is that the most drone-like wageslaves essentially live in a shoe-box, and the majority of their disposable income is frittered away on a Second Life SR-equivalent when they aren't working.

>> No.30746018


Why would anyone not want to work for Horizon? They sound pretty awesome.

>> No.30746039

>Get invited as a player to a Shadowrun 4e campaign
>Everbody is a newbie but me
>Make a typical (yet fun) Street Samurai Troll
>First combat
>"Wait WHAT how the fuck did you manage to roll so many dice?!"
Nanomachines, son.

>> No.30746110

>that feel when troll girl
>that feel when no guys want to date you
>that feel when 90% dating profiles has NO TROLLS on them

I can only find my husbando in BTL

>> No.30746123

Hey /srg/, how would you calculate quick-draw fire with a hidden gun arm slide? Same as the quick draw holster?

>> No.30746156

A mage could've started with cybereyes (for when you need to draw LoS through 100m of thermal smoke), and could create an essence hole for the surgery by upgrading the ware's level to alpha or beta.

>> No.30746173

Everyone wants to work for Horizon, 100,000 applicants per job posting. Might as well try winning the lottery.

>> No.30746190

>Free will and consumer responsibility is not on the agenda, of course.
Sounds like real life.

>> No.30746256

>not going to the club, omae

>> No.30746257

But they didn't. The issue here is that even .1 Essence loss will cause Magic loss.

>> No.30746266

>tfw your wife gets murdered viciously by technomancers
>tfw you have to work with humanis-scum to protect the innocents by hunting down technomancers
>tfw you find out about dissonance technomancers and that i've killed dozens of innocent men, women and children
>tfw your daughter emerges as a technomancer
>tfw she runs away from home screaming that she hates you forever
>tfw she gets kidnapped by MCT
>tfw you can't find a single clue to her location

And you think you've got feels...

>> No.30746300

Almost done with Tonights Adventure, I'll get the full map file from Esh-Esh when its over.

>> No.30746313

Heal potions and other spells that aren't reliant on Force to be totally useful.

>> No.30746335


It just limits your maximum magic, doesn't it?

I think it's worth far more to aim for magic 5 and take a few essence hits to get some sweet ware. Cybereyes with magnification and thermovision works absolute wonders to get that enormous range on your spells.

>> No.30746360

>It just limits your maximum magic, doesn't it?
It also decreases your current Magic.

This is for a character already in play who needs to permanently change his appearance.

>> No.30746370

Whenever you take essence loss, you also take a corresponding amount of loss from your magic stat.
So a Magic 1 character who loses any more essence loses his magic permanently.

>> No.30746392


That sounds like a real cruel way to punish a way.

Kidnap them and then chrome them with the cheapest fucking ware you can find. Essence loss down to <1, then dump the mage and have him/her cry about not having any magic anymore.

Shit that sounds cruel.

>> No.30746438

Intentionally removing someone's Magic is considered torture by international law in Shadowrun, I believe. So yes, that's a really good method of senseless cruelty. Many mages would sooner commit suicide than permanently lose some or all of their Magic.

>> No.30746469

Even worse, you can hand them over to an NPC with HMHVV.
They probably get addicted to the Essence Drain ability, and they'll slowly spiral down to a fragment of the former self, watching their soul and magic slip out of their fingers as they get more and more of their lifeforce sucked out to feel a monster because they simply can't resist the addiction.

>> No.30746529


implying you wouldn't want a qt vampire chick to drain your life-force slowly

>> No.30746589

in 5e you can spend karma with the quickening metamagic to make a spell permanent

>> No.30746626

This is 4e.

>> No.30746656


I still think stuff like that can be seen astrally though, so an illusion on you would be plenty obvious for any mage.

>> No.30746978

...what? I'm the guy who was asking about all this. It's for a 4e game.

>> No.30747015

Yeah, I misread - There is a Quickening Metamagic in 4e as well that is kinda the same but more costly.

>> No.30747576

Just thought up a idea for a mission the other day.

>fixer contacts everyone in party about a job
>meet at motel near Downtown
>The Mr. Johnson is a Broadway script writer, all he wants to do is watch the team work for inspiration
>Pays the team to do stupid shit, like rob a liquor store, talk shit to gangers
>all the while he's just taking notes saying, "This material is 100% gold, it's gold!"
>after mission, find out it was a fucking musical

>> No.30747649


>> No.30747673

>The musical is popular enough to be turned into a trid
>Suddenly meganuyen, but not for the runners
>For the actors playing their movie dopplegangers

>> No.30747752

>implying it wouldn't turn into Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back situation

I'd pay good nuyen to see this happen.

>> No.30747970

Oh shit. That's pretty awesome.

>> No.30748058

I hear they hooked up with a pornomancer and a really oldschool face on the orders of a freespirit Johnson to escort this newly awakened Christian mage to fight some other spirits once.

>> No.30748106


>> No.30748294

You know there's something wrong with the recommended run rewards when it's more profitable to just sell Deepweed outside a convenience store.

>> No.30748329

That speaks more to how much deepweed (and other gear) sells for than the value of run rewards.

>> No.30748374

Deepweed is kinda a rare form of magical kelp imported from voodoo mages. It's powerful stuff 99% (literally) of the population couldn't ever even think about becoming addicted to. The average guy outside a convince store is pushing to chip-heads, and is probably making only 20 nuyen a sale.

Which isn't exactly fantastic money for a dealer.

>> No.30748379

It's easier, less-felonious, and more-profitable to steal cars and sell them to chopshop contacts than it is to perform runs.

>> No.30748456

Anyone who says this knows nothing about economics or criminal activity.

Assuming you make 10% of the car's new cost (which you wont) on chopping you need to sell over 5 cars a week to make up for one low grade run per person.

Stealing 5 cars a week is a pretty easy way to go to jail. There is a reason most people doing chop-shops are low end thugs and not high end operators. The money isn't good. I would never buy a car in SR though.

>> No.30748555

That's why whenever I can get away with it I take the Biotech Group, a high Intelligence and run my own Street Doc Shop on the side.

What's more, if you've got Rigging 'ware, you don't even need to be at "home" to treat people using your Medical Shop. It makes for great mid-run distractions and side missions.

>> No.30748562

...clearly you don't realize how little runners get paid by default or how much cars in Shadowrun go for.

>> No.30748589

I like to imagine that CalFree now has medical deepweed.

>> No.30748661

Clearly you don't.

Cars on average are about 30k, so 10% is 3k. So you are right, my numbers were a bit off.

At BASE a shadowrunner should be earing 6k per person per run before negotiation hits, so to make up a run's worth of cash for a 5 man team in a week requires you to steal 20 cars.

This is doing the shittiest runs without any negotiaton. Assuming infinite demand the runners will need to steal over 1800 cars to match a runner's team running once a week.

>> No.30748679

The average car costs approximately 14,000 (based off of the Mercury Comet, the Ford Americar's successor).

The base price for fencing an item is 30% of the asking price, consider that if the item is stolen the price decreases by 20% to 10%.
The consider that if you're fencing an item that's part of a currently investigated crime, that an additional 10% off, down to 0%.

Then remember that when you're selling through a contact, he charges a Connection Rating * 5% finder's fee.

So selling a stolen car is 10% of it's value, 1,400.
Then your contact (assume he's rating 3 for a street level fence), takes 15%, making it 1,190.

Oh, and that's for a new car.
Used ones are another -20%, so without a good check, you can never make money off them.

>> No.30748699

It's almost like runners make 6 figure fucking salaries and people who complain are fucking retarded.

>> No.30748726


>> No.30748758

Heh, yeah.
All you need to make a 6 figure salary is 8,333.33 (repeater of course), per month.
That's not even a high lifestyle.

A street doc can make that treating 17 patients a month, that's approx 1 guy every 2 days.

>> No.30748759

Fucking street samurai.

>> No.30748786

1 patient every 2 days would actually probably be extreme for a street doc.

I suspect a lot of people making these complaints never actually learned the value of money and never worked a steady job in their life.

>> No.30748826

To be fair runners make a fuckton more than 8.333.33 repeating per month. They make that in a run if they are awful, which generally would mean once a week. Assuming a week off every month they could easily afford high lifestyle.

>> No.30748858

Also, there are a lot of people who need medical attention who simply can't pay.

As a Street Doc you can rack up a shitload of low connection favours just by stitching your neighbours up "pro bono".

Need to go on a run for the week but need someone to look after your daughter/sister?

That elderly Ork mother who lives a few down is probably more than happy to help seeing as you stitched up her sons when they got mugged by humanis and she couldn't pay.

>> No.30748864

There's also inflation to consider. When a cup of soycaf is 5ny and a soydog is 10ny, while actual chocolate, bread and chicken is listed under high lifestyle then a nuyen isn't on par with the current dollar as far as living costs are concerned.

>> No.30748919

Actually apparently the nuyen is as strong as the dollar. 5 dollars for coffee is something we do now. Soydogs I can't account for, but at the end of the day 12,000 per month is a pretty high end lifestyle in a good suburb. Add 1,200 per wife and kid.

Bang, 3 runs a month is easily enough for a nuclear family in a nice suburb if you are running against trash.

>> No.30748992

I got a couple questions.

First things first: How could I go about making a "druid" type character? I'm assuming an Elf Shaman would be the best option with handle animal skills?

Second off: what suggestions you got for TMs? Build-wise I'm looking at something along the lines of
B 3 A 2 R 2 S 1 W 3 L 5 I 4 C 4 with 6 resonance and 3 edge.

I took priority B for magic/resonance and am looking at Compiling and Registering for my rank 4 skills. For complex forms I'm thinking of Puppeteer and Stitches. Got Priority A for skills of course.
How am I doing so far?

>> No.30749092

>5 dollars for coffee is something we do now.
5, maybe for starbucks styled coffee drinks. Problem is a small cup of coffee in shadowrun costs 50. Soycaf is just soy + water + artificial flavoring. A chicken dinner in shadowrun costs over 1000 while anything made out of soypaste is only 10.

Yes, you can buy things that are synthetic copies of modern equivalents, made with non existent safety standards and cheapest possible materials but if you want something in the quality of the "good old days" it costs 10x as much.

Mercury Comet might be analog to current economy cars in price, but it's entirely made of cheap plastics and wouldn't pass a modern crash test. If you want something that'd allow you to survive a collision you need to look in "luxury" cars.

>> No.30749191

Oh yeah. Quality of life tanked. Coffee being expensive as shit has to due with scarcity, not with buying power.

>> No.30749216

Not that anon, but

>Problem is a small cup of coffee in shadowrun costs 50
[citation needed]

>Soycaf is just soy + water + artificial flavoring
[citation needed]

>A chicken dinner in shadowrun costs over 1000
[citation needed]

>while anything made out of soypaste is only 10
[citation needed]

>made with non existent safety standards and cheapest possible material
[citation needed]

>but if you want something in the quality of the "good old days" it costs 10x as much.
[citation needed]

>it's entirely made of cheap plastics and wouldn't pass a modern crash test.
[citation needed] and, in fact, directly refuted by the text of SR4A core:

>Mercury Comet: This standard sedan is famous for its reliability and economy. Its traditional lines, four doors, an capacious luggage storage has made it the bestselling family car in North America, replacing the Ford Americar.

In addition to the description, the Comet has the same Body rating (10) as a sportscar (Eurocar Westwind 3K) and a cop car (Chrysler-Nissan Patrol 1).

>If you want something that'd allow you to survive a collision you need to look in "luxury" cars
[citation needed]

>> No.30749232


I've recently had one of my players start living in an Aztechnology housing complex (Well, Technically a subsidiary but a very closely tied one).

I had a lot of fun messing with them by having it...not be supervilliany. They've met the daughter of the chief of security who is a nice person and they've gone shopping and clubbing at the attached facilities.

Because people forget that for every blood magic Aztechnology project works on, they have a hundred 'We sell food' ones.

>> No.30749295

>[citation needed] and, in fact, directly refuted by the text of SR4A core:
>reliability and economy
I'm not seeing safety.

>> No.30749298

I would like to know where this info is located in 5e. We may be siding with Aztechnology, and DM says that would make us seem evil as fuck to non-shadowrunners...but if what you say is true, I don't see why.

>> No.30749325

That doesnt make sense, Non-Shadowrunners love Az Tech, Az Tech feeds the world.

Shadowrunners know Az has a bad rep, It think you have that backwards.

>> No.30749354

Their words were something along the lines of, if we sided with them "That would make things harder for you when dealing with shadowrunners and non-shadowrunners alike."

>> No.30749399

Personally I'm thinking they got it wrong, or were just tired or something. I'd just like to be prepared to, in character, be confused at the disdain from random dudes on the street since Az Tech is generally considered a good guy.

>> No.30749413

Well, AZ tech "stuffs" the world, not feeds, with "near food substitutes", not actual food. It's not like Aztech has to try particularly hard to hide their questionable ethics considering the descriptions in Food Fight. People will eat Soy simulated bbq flavor potato-like-crisps because they don't have much choice.

>> No.30749433

Az is explicitly loved worldwide in every writeup because they make the world's food and have pretty much ended famine with soy based crop. They also own the stuffers, but at the end of the day the soycrap is actually pretty good for you.

>> No.30749523


5e doesn't have a heap of books out so it may be hard to find there be 'Who owns what' hasn't really changed too much from 4e. Lets run through the main things Aztechnology owns.

>Stuffer Shack (Super markets).

Aztechnology owns Stuffer Shack, lets just repeat that.

Think about just how much cash go through a major supermarket chain like Coles or Woolworths every day. Like, in Aus (I'm Aussie, so I know the statistics there better than in yankieville) 3/4 of every dollar spent by the public goes to Coles or Woolworths. That is MASSIVE money...and people like Stuffer Shack. Aztechnology feeds the world

>Trés Chic Cosmetics,Trés Chic Clothing.

Aztechnology owns one of the most popular fashion companies in the world. It's not quite Zoe but it's big and people spend massive amounts of money in their stores every day. Aztechnology clothes the world and they do it with style.

>Natural Vat Technologies (Foodstuff - merely mycroproteine and soy), Marine Technologies (Aquafarming, some ship building)

Again, more food. Aztechnology has massive amounts of it's profits come from feeding the masses.

>Carréfour (Super markets on the European market)

So I hear Aztechology likes food.

>> No.30749553

That's a lot of food. So they are definitely the good guys in the public view, and actively opposing them might not be the best idea ever

>> No.30749587


>That's a lot of food.

I'm not done yet

>Genetique (Biotechnology and nanotechnology research)

Possibly out of buisness in 5e after the Nanotechnology shit. Still, I'll quote what 4e Augmentation had on them:

>Cosmetic renewal, phenotypic alteration, and fertility and contraceptive treatments are what Genetique is known for, as well as transgenic art and everything worth mass marketing. Lesser known are its interests in agribusiness and its breakthroughs in GM crops and pharming.

You want to have a child but your body won't let you? Aztechnology can help you. You want to look 20 again? Aztechnology can help you. You want to...god dammit Aztechnology, MORE food stuff? Ok.

Basically: Aztechnology are known by most people in the shadows, yes, as 'The Blood Magic Corp'. To most people though? They are Fashion, Food and Health and have very good PR about all of that.

I'd be willing to say that the average Aztechnology scientist? Is a pretty decent guy wanting to make the next GM crop breakthrough or design a new type of vertical farm, rather than cackling in his blood magic cyberzombie lab. Not saying they don't exist, just that Aztechnology does a lot outside blood magic.

In my game? The player's mother (They are one of those 'Teen who got mixed up in running' sorts has been hired as a secretary in Trés Chic so they are living in a Trés Chic housing complex and so far hasn't managed to find a single disreputable thing because there is no POINT to doing disreputable things there. Well, more disreputable than 'Hiring runners to sabotage a rival food group' but that's hardly supervillian by shadowrun standards.

>> No.30749604

Based on the Body + Armor rating, a Comet can handle the same kind collision as a Eurocar Westwind 3K. The Comet costs 14k; the Westwind costs 85k.

So unless you can find a citation somewhere that says the Comet is considerably less safe than another vehicle, the statement "it's entirely made of cheap plastics and wouldn't pass a modern crash test" is bullshit (or, at least, is not extraordinary for the Comet, considering the Westwind, Ford Sprial 115ti, and Hyundai Shin-Hyung all have comparable Body+Armor to the Comet, and are all notably more expensive).

>> No.30749636

Gunna bump on this. Namely the TM part, that one is coming up sooner I think. Also planning to spend some karma on taking...maybe Cleaner and Resonance Spike. Gunna get some Machine Spirits and maybe a Crack and Fault. If it's possible tos tart with an Echo, I'll be taking Mind over Machine.

Hot damn. Az Tech doesn't seem so bad, even with the (little that I know of) blood ritual crap. Aside from the whole "my teammates hate az tech" there seems to not really be a reason (from a public standpoint) to side with them

>> No.30749655

AAA megacorps have good PR.

In other news, water: it's wet!

>> No.30749689

>Hot damn. Az Tech doesn't seem so bad, even with the (little that I know of) blood ritual crap. Aside from the whole "my teammates hate az tech" there seems to not really be a reason (from a public standpoint) to side with them

Oh, they are evil. They are just no more evil than a lot of other corps. It's just an evil that tends to creep people out more. I think the major thing to remember with corps?

They are driven by profit. If kicking orphans will give profit? They will put on the orphan kicking boots. However, pointless evil rarely gives profit and appearing openly evil gives terrible PR which results in less profits in the future.

>> No.30749715

I would find it hard-pressed to convice a bunch of people to go against a giant corporation if it wasn't evil. Just mostly from a "public view" standpoint is what I'm trying to get a look over. I've not got much in the way of lore in my head.

>> No.30749716

Your will is too low. That is for resisting fading. Puppeteer is great for Technos, stiches is crap.

Technomancers need attributes in a bad way and need skills a bit less than hackers because not going pure matrix is a bit less realistic for them. That said other than lack of WP you got an OK spread.

Library should be puppeteer, resonance channel, static veil, and either pulse storm, cleaner, resonance spike, or resonance veil depending on what sort of tricks you want to do.

Focus on getting the most millage out of your power usages. For instance, don't puppeteer without edging the roll to avoid massive fading, and if at all possible use sprites to handle tasks rather than doing it yourself. You are NOT a hacker, you are a matrix ghost and while a hacker can out-combat or hack you, only you can hack someone across town a week before the run and not lose your marks.

>> No.30749736

The Eurocar Westwind 3000 comes with Passenger Protection 6. Which happens to be the highest possible rating.

Guess how many other cars come with PP?

>> No.30749756


You aren't understanding how bad bloodmagic is, then.

>> No.30749771

New thread.

>> No.30749773


The fading on Puppeteer is insane at Level + 4. Even if you only expect the device to roll a single hit on its defense you need to thread Puppeteer at level 3 to get a simple action. So you're taking 7 fading against a device that you could've just hacked and spoofed normally.

Stitches, meanwhile, only works on sprites. Granted, since most of the complex forms are pretty bad sprites are kind of your thing as a TM, but I'm still not sure if stitches is really worthwhile.

>> No.30749810

You can install PP6 in a Comet and it'll still be approximately 40k cheaper than a stock Westwind.

>> No.30749850

>Mercury Comet

One of the runners of our current session is a Taxi Cab using a Comet.

He also invested in adding a rocket launcher and a heavy machine gun into it.

I find this hilarious.

>> No.30749866


Or even better - make teamwork tests with your legion of sprites. There is no rule stopping you from using 2 crack sprites to assist in your hacking actions. Sprites are your bread and butter use them every single chance you get and always keep a full stable of bound ones ready.

>> No.30749886

The only viable way to use Puppeteer without killing yourself is to thread it at a rating 1 then use an edge to break the limit and use all your successes. Its still 5 drain but at least you have a better chance of getting your needed nets.

>> No.30749922

Alright. I'm sitting at...C, I believe, for attributes. Whichever nets me 16 to play with. I'm human with d metatype. What would you suggest in terms of proirities as well as moving around my attributes?

And what sort of strategies do you suggest?

What do you suggest, then?

>> No.30750053

Resonance veil is the matrix version of illusion spells. Personal favorite trick is making Spiders/IC think I've jacked out after being spotted to give me a turn or two to finish up on their host.

>> No.30750113

How does one go about doing that? I've got very little in the way of matrix understanding.

THough from my perspective TMs are basically magic rogues for all things tech? Sneaky dickasses?

>> No.30750245

Oh, its just a complex form. You just choose something like "I make it look like I've jacked out"
Target: Device • Duration: S • FV: L – 1
This complex form lets you make the target believe
something has happened in the Matrix. It’s a convincing
illusion if you can succeed in a Software + Resonance
[Level] v. Intuition + Data Processing test. Even if the target
has reason to believe what it’s seeing is fake, it needs
to make a Matrix Perception Test with a threshold equal
to your net hits to see through the illusion.

Magic rogues is a good descriptor, I prefer Matrix Cheaters. In all my 5e TM experience (which is all of about 3 runs) you have to really play up the fact that you're a TM. I mean that you have to rely on sprites as if they were your own body and think of crafty ways to use your Complex forms, like edging a Rating 1 Puppeteer then making a host use the "Invite Mark(3)" command on you. TMs are big risk, big reward so you have to play hardball.

>> No.30750319

Hiring her daughter as a hacker doesn't count as disreputable?

>> No.30750321

Alright. And as an anon(might've been you) said earlier, I need less in the way of a decker for skills...so taking this to mind does aaaa setup like the following work (in terms of priorities)

A: Resonance
B: Skills
C Attributes
D: Metatype
E: Resources

I can move those around as I've got very little working knowledge...I know I need software as high as possivle, and I believe I also need Hacking for Hack on the Fly

>> No.30750410

>edging a Rating 1 Puppeteer then making a host use the "Invite Mark(3)" command on you

Hosts are not devices, and cannot be targeted by Puppeteer. And even if they could, a device's *owner* and not the device itself takes an Invite Mark action, so arguably puppeting that action is about as useful as trying to force a host to jack out.

>> No.30750533

As I TM I found that having higher Attributes was incredibly important as they formed the basis of my matrix being as well as the spine of my skills. You can make up for less skill points with better attributes and in the long run you'll save karma. Also, with skills a bit further down you may want to take a specialization or two in things you're doing to try to do often. [A] Resonance is a good idea just because it will give you that huge advantage right out of the box. Now, the tough thing with Metatype is that Dwarves get that nice bump to willpower but you have to sacrifice a ton to get that so it really comes down to personal choice but to be honest, I only ever play the Master Race, Humans. seeing as how you can use starting karma to get you your basics before the start of game resources D isn't that terrible a choice, there's not too many things you're going to need right away other than some drugs, SIN, Lifestyle, armor and gun (yes, you should invest in a smartlinked gun and 1-2 skill points just in case you need it. agi2+skill1+2smartlink+specialization is 7 dice you can use to help just in case you cant usefully hack.). On metatypes, I would really recommend going human if you have D in metatype. 5 Edge starting is INCREDIBLE and will save your bacon/make you look awesome.

In my humble opinion:

will set you up to crack the matrix spine like a pro

>> No.30750546


Yeah, I'm building a former Aeromexico airline pilot as a rigger, and he's got a positive relationship with the corp. He doesn't know shit about any blood magic shit. He's actually more concerned about the Emergence and what it means for aviation safety; that's the conspiracy shit that keeps him up at night. Why would your average person who interacts with AZT know about all this blood magic shit?

>> No.30750640

Well that's about the most helpful info I've gotten...like ever. New attributes sitting at 3 2 2 2 5 5 4 4 with 5 edge and 6 resonance. Sound good?

In terms of Skills I'm thinking...
Maybe E.Warfare (not sure which skills I need, honestly)

What form of Complex Forms do you suggest?

And should I keep my Resonance Skills at Compile and Register

>> No.30750678

"A complex form with a Device target
can also be used to target a persona"
p252 SR5

So, you could force a Persona to let you have 3 marks then proceed to data spike them into oblivion...or format their device.

On the subject to Puppeteering Hosts, I cant find the specific thread that talked about it so I'll cede that to you, BUT what you can do is mark up a device connected/slaved to a host and do it that way. Slightly roundabout but the outcome is the same.

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