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RT group wants to turn a space hulk into a casino, how should we go about this?

do tau make good compulsive gamblers?

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hookers and black jack, make it so

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Okay but like...who are we marketing to? Xenos? Other rogue trader families? The aristocracy?

From a logistical standpoint, what are the big questions?

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Is it really called a vogina? I've been calling it a vagina all these years.

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Market to the crews of ships, sell booze and smokes, get an under-the-table deal with a pimp or whorehouse

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Hopefully turn all the native wildlife into things you can shoot in a safari, and exploration of ancient shit.Besides that, blackjack and hookers.

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First of all, gambling is heresy.

Second, gambling is heresy.

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yeah but do rogue traders care?

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No, not really.

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First things first, you need to make the bloody hulk actually secure. That would mean clearing it out, deck by deck. It is recommended however that you leave some of the lower decks partially cleared, and completely separate from the rest of the hulk. This will serve as your Exotic Zoo zone, so long as you have the manpower that wont piss their pants at the sight of a chained genestealer.

After clearing the hulk, you now have the monumental task of furnishing your casino. So secure, posh, and enough counter-cheating methods to make Eldrad cautious. That means cameras, armored servitors, employed psykers, hell Assassinorum people if you can afford it.

There's also the concern of chain of supplies, a casino will consume a shiton of tabac, wine, women, and high-class goods. And you will need a steady and secure trade source to get this. Recommend having multiple suppliers.

Then comes the personnel. They will have to be loyal to the bone to you and the casino only. Recommend raising hive children into personnel. Can be trained, will have familial loyalty, and cheaper to maintain in the long run. It doesnt hurt to have an executioner killing any sorry sod that cheats you of course. They would have to be trained in both human and xeno communications, if what op wants is a galactic casino.

This includes the girls. You must have good stock of every female and male creature you can get your hands on. They will have to be able to please a myriad variety of hosts.

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>keeping a genestealer

Sounds like more trouble than it's worth,
all it needs to do is infect one person.

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>no it's not

>no it's not

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Don't Space Hulks generally jump randomly through the warp, causing corruption to all but the holiest of men, and increasing the chances of genestealers or Chaos forces attacking you?

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How are they going to keep the rest of the imperium away? A space hulk that isn't hurtling through the warp and safe enough to set up shop in is safe enough that they're going to want to break the thing apart for salvage.

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Pretty much. You'd have to sweep the entire thing and fully disable the warp drives of all the component wrecks that make up the Hulk to prevent it from randomly taking a vacation to Warpland, all while being attacked by whatever nasties are living in the damn thing.

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>First things first, you need to make the bloody hulk actually secure...... This will serve as your Exotic Zoo zone, so long as you have the manpower that wont piss their pants at the sight of a chained genestealer.
Yes on the securing. As for the genestealer, I don't have to explain why that is a terrible idea. I think a better tweak is to import exotic big game animals from feral worlds.

>There's also the concern of chain of supplies.
>Don't Space Hulks generally jump randomly through the warp?
I think these two points go hand-in-hand. The fact that the Space Hulk jumps randomly can be a huge asset. You can re-supply all over the Imperium of Man, and you can get exotic goods to boot.

>Then comes the personnel. + girls
This is a fluff thing and could serve as a really cool story arc by itself. Travel the vast expanse of space and try to recruit people, and whores, to join your mad casino project.

>How are they going to keep the rest of the imperium away?
They don't. Mars sends it's tech-priests just as they are always present wherever technolgy is present.

As an added way to tie EVERYTHING together, and gain the Imperiums blessing, AND make everything doubly safe, you treat this massive space hulk as a Space Marine chapter's homeworld. You can also have the added bonus of having a section be a dedicated hive world area where slaves and IG are raised with complete loyalty to the casino hulk. There was also talk of preventing cheating. I think the way you solve this, and guarantee that the Rogue Traders in charge make all the money, is to make the casino itself a sort of flea-market style casino. The RT has their own "premium casino" of course, but then they rent out space to other independent casino-owners. This puts the responsibility of anti-theft on individuals, rather than the RT and Casino Hulk as a whole, which saves on resources, manpower, and effort.

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Well, will the patrons be safe from Chaos influence while in the warp?

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Also, I forgot to add that the possiblity of the Casino Hulk paying a tithe could also be a factor in keeping the IoM from intervening too much, although I feel like the fact that it caters to nobility, and allows Adeptus Mechanicus and Space Marines to walk around undisturbed, would keep the IoM pretty satisfied.

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Tau don't gamble because they are commies who hate freedom and fun.

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>The fact that the Space Hulk jumps randomly can be a huge asset.

And by "huge asset", we mean, "Potentially kills, mutates, or turns to Chaos everything on the hulk. Each and every unannounced time it jumps."

...okay, so that's actually a terribly awful thing. If you want to use a Space Hulk as a long term base of operations and you don't have Fucking Space Magic, you want to nail it down in one place.

Besides, your clientele needs to be able to actually show up. A wandering casino is quite romantic, but really sucks as a steady business.

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>Im gonna buy my own ship! With Blackjack and hookers....actually forget the ship.

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I'll refer you to the rest of my post. I did note that Space Marines would be included in that idea.

I think it's implied that a Gellar Field Device would be installed on the Space Hulk during the "securing" step that >>30719174
mentioned. Also it's just implied in general as life on a Space Hulk is impossible without such measures.

As for the :jumping all over the place not being profitable" thing you mentioned, I tend to disagree. However, if it IS something your Rogue Traders are concerned about, you can throw some Navigators on board and call it a day.

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