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My /tg folder is low, so best of tg thread go!
Bumping with what I have

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Here's most of what I have.


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That post is inaccurate. Only the men and mer races can interbreed. Khajiit got too much weird shit with their biology despite having once been elves and argonaians are basically the bioweapon of some sentient dimension-hopping space trees.

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Don't get your facts in my magical realm.

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Are you ready for feels?

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This sounds absolutely wonderful to witness.

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Anyone else here?

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OP still here

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Then I'll dump a bit more before going to bed

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This'll be it from me for the moment.
If the thread's still up next time I come on (Kind of unlikely all said but still) I'll post more.

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I'll be kind and dump something here.

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And I'm done for the night. Later all and hope this lives

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Oh, shit. There's actually a prestige class for this in an obscure book. Wracking my brain trying to remember where.

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There's the templar type of thing from pathfinder. Probably something similar in the scoundrels book.

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Manliest of tears have been shed this day.

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Not a funny one, but I found it very interesting.

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Grey Guard, Complete Scoundrel page 40

It's pretty neat. Gives you leeway with alignment or code-breaking actions, lets you convert Lay On Hands to a damaging melee touch attack or into rounds of the Sickened condition, d10 HD, full BAB, strong Will and Fort saves, lets you smile Chaos in addition to Evil, which eventually ramps up at 9th level to be allowed to smite _anyone_. Like, at all. Only half spellcasting progression, but it's on a Paladin anyways.

Very strong class, as far as melee types go.

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The Shadowbane Inquisitor?

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I was a (minor) player in this

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anyone have that iron giant one? ive been looking for it

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Had a pretty funny fate game recently
Fairly stock standard party though the face man is this "Charmer" nobleman carrying a rapier with etiquette and grace and all that poncy crap. The guy playing him also has a habit of talking out of his ass a bit too long when he's making diplomacy checks so his backstory keeps growing as the story progresses.
At some stage he tries to charm a nobleman to fund our quest by saying he's the greatest duelist in the land and that there's no fight he could possibly lose so the noble's investment is guaranteed. He succeeds, we add it to the list of bullshit about his guy and carry on.
Later he seduces some lady for a key to the house (so we could break in later at night) but the girl's husband finds out and challenges him to a duel.
Now, normally this would be fine, but the player decides it would be a great idea to make a show of it and says that they'll do it in the town square in front of a huge crowd.
We get to the duel, they make their witty cliches and draw swords. Then we realise that he never actually put any points into swordplay of any kind.
On the first roll of the dice the DM says the husband deflected his attack with ease and sliced open Charmer's hand, making him drop his sword. Charmer decides that he simply cannot lose this battle so he triggers his Destiny to help him win the fight. The heavens parted, a shining pillar of light shone down on Charmer's dice, simultaneously blessing his and cursing the DMs. Almost every roll from then on out gave several degrees of success, and with that turn of fate, the noble Charmer we all knew and loved (hated), died.

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>Charmer bends down to pick up his sword, "well, I guess you're actually competent with a sword, perhaps it's time I stopped going so easy on you." He grabs a handful of dirt and flings it into the husbands eyes, blinding him. Seizing the opportunity, Charmer runs up and smacks the husband across the face sending him tumbling backwards into the crowd. The DM notes that people from the local pub has piled out to watch and are cheering loudly. The crowd pushes him back into the fight and straight into another haymaker. The husband swings with his sword but Charmer makes an effortless dodge, giving the husband's backside a sharp boot as he passes.
Now, with the way the rolls have been going, Charmer hasn't spent any fate points and the husband is on a permanent -2 and the stagger from the boot gave him another -1.
So what does charmer do? He taunts the husband and waits for him to turn only to deliver a pelvis crushing kick to the nads, burning all 5 bonus fate points for extra degrees of success, and knocking the husband unconscious.

Also it turns out you can't put points into a skill you didn't use for your destiny scene so he still ended up useless at sword fighting but fucking great at intimidation.

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He also lost the duel. Duels are a proof of honor, not about killing/beating up the other guy. They're about proving the inviolability of one's honor by placing even your life at a lower priority. By fighting dirty, he proved that his honor was NOT as important as showing up the husband, and thus, he is pic related.

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You also might be thinking of the Greyguard

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>Not Saying "I done told you once you son of a bitch, I'm the best that's ever been!"

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that's both creepy and heart warming. I like it.

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Huh. I've been fascinated by these for a long time, and this is such a simple and obvious explanation I just completely overlooked it.

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Anyone have a greentext from a couple days ago? I know it got capped but I can't find it in my folder. "My dad was that guy"? Or something? It was major feels.

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It was capped. I remember it, but didn't download it. Wait a while. It'll come.

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There's something in my eye...

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Noooow it's in my folder. Thanks anon.

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Nope. Not gonna fuckin cry.

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Rolled 72

Anyone gt the one of the guy who had a similar experience but with a guy dressed as a Knight?

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>years ago
>relate the story of the DM who flips his shit and just wants people to roll dice because he likes the sound
>see it reposted on /tg/ a bunch

I ran into him a few months ago. He's slimmed the fuck down quite a bit, and he'd look a lot better, but he's a massive brony, I'm talking the shirts and shoes and shit. I saw him at a local games store, he was picking up an order of dice. It was the "bag of dice" or whatever from Chessex. Fucking nutjob. He glared at me the whole time. Fucking people are weird man.

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Why the fuck doesn't he just play gurps or something jesus christ

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>A story for another day
Does anyone have part two then?

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8/less than sideways 8

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Gotta go /tg/ if I got time I'll come back later and post more.
Farewell fellow adventurers

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i dont know if this is funny or not

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A thread like this cannot exist without Edgardo and A Guy Called Squid

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A true classic. Read this to a GM of mine. He laughed for a good 10 minutes.

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I'm in tears

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This one makes me giggle.

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I have a few

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>crtl + f
>No Sir Dick Cummington

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Shit, I feel like an idiot right now. What's this referencing?

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Do you even file name, anon?

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with apologies

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You should feel like a bigger idiot for not looking at the file name.

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I'm on my phone

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Fine, it's Outlaw Star.

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Boku no Pico

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Thanks man

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Thank you, friend.

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Save the spoiler below 'til after you've read the text in the image.

Equestria could be a pretty good campaign setting if done right, IMO.

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>How to sneak your fetishes into a game

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Short and sweet. Always makes me giggle for some reason.

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We at /k/ were highly amused when that one happened.

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Any more?

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Why has this not been adapted into an animated series yet? It would be awesome.

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>tfw you want to dick F-22, Su-37, and PAK-FA

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>Luffy is the ultimate Lawful Good character

Holy jesus I fucking see it.

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So this is Raw Spirit... Not bad! Not bad at all!

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More plz

Thanks to all the anons who contributed so far.

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So, is this a legit build? If so, I'm doing this for my next character.

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source of pic??
It's not guren lagann

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Mobile Fighter G Gundam

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Relatively recent one.

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Requesting the Brolaire of Asstora story.

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It's Getter Robo... Armageddon, I think?
This man is lying to you

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I was there for that thread. You missed the posts where they optimized it further.

The longsword is a poor choice, and a... sap or a whip would have been a better choice, if I remember right.

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Here you go.

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I think that a sap was the general consensus but I had already taken the screencap by that point.
Of course, now we need to work out a female rape build.

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An oldie but a goodie.

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Why is this so perfect?

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Because wizards.

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>mfw i read the paladin's lines in aquaman's voice

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I wonder what those nefarious devices were.

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>crotch nuts or chest orbs

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Many thanks.

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Why is /tg/ so good at science?

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Khorne is happy because he exists in a universe of eternal war and carnage.

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Apparently we just hit the image limit. I hope some of these were new for you OP.

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Since there's no chance it actually happened it kinda is

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It does have plenty of magical monsters and creatures. Plus loot and lore. Culture is there... sounds like most of what one would need for a game.

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I fucking hate you. This thread was supposed to 404 with exactly 200 replies and 150 images. You make me sick.

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This would appear inaccurate as, per Skyrim, any race can be Dovahkiin; ergo, Nords can Fuck Anything

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Well then I'll be happy to reply to you.

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Something wrong with people wanting to reply to a thread, anon?

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Nope. Dovakhiin has nothing to do with biology

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