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Can some one stat him for Black Crusade for me? 500xp to spend

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I'm more interested in seeing his boner-giving minion stated for anal circumference

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Give us a little more information. Are you gonna play as Dranon, the professional?

Are you just stating him as an npc by using a level 1 chaos marine stats and adding 500xp extra to flush out some skills?

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as a PC
Cultist included as a Minion

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>Not knowing Cultist-chan

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It was a refferance to a troll/fap fic where she gets rkt

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I have to wonder what Cultist's stats would look like if she were granted ability and power in proportion to her faith.

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Greater than Gork and Mork

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Shit. I had ideas for just npc. I usually gm rogue trader so I'm not quite sure on the different nuances of Black Crusade.

Since he is usually seen with close combat weapons, I'd say go with that and make him a melee tank type. Also later on you can have him "devoted" to Slannesh mechanically, but in reality he is just receiving unwanted attention.

Let me check the pdf for black crusade and I'll try to see if I can help a bit more. As long as you just RP him right, you shouldn't have to worry to much about the stats. Plus since your just starting you can always just level up into the proper thing you should have been if you mess up at the start with the stats.

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Considering you could just kill her to get her to re-spawn I suppose you could with out losing tightness, but it would be a pain to wait for her to be the age you want

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Going to bed but bumping with one last CC as thanks

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>Scrolling through this thread
>Picking my nose
>Unashamed cuz it's like 2:30 AM
>Click on this picture
>Holy fack
>How did she
>What the fak

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Okay after skimming the pdf for 20 min here are my suggestions on what to take.

My suggestion is for class, pick champion. For starting advances I'd go with disturbing voice maybe to match Dranon's damn scary visage. Then for prides pick either fortitude or Martial prowess as those seem to fit better. For disgrace I'd pick Wrath as Dranon always gets a raw deal from the universe. It's not clear what modivates Dranon so I have no idea what to pick for the modivation chart. As for alignment advance, I'd start of unaligned, as word bearers don't favor to any one god.I'd then pick a few advances like abidexterous, counter attack and other melee skills to play up the only implied way Dranon fights. I'd also go for double team so you could get help from minions such as cultist chan in a fight.

That's all I can figure out right now. Don't forget to speak with the voice of a chain smoker! Also I'd talk to your GM about cultist chan and the whole eternal respawn to troll Dranon thing just in case he doesn't know and might get butthurt about it or something.

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>cultist chan and the whole eternal respawn
No problem with that, when your minion dies, you don't lose the talent and just have to wait some time until you replace her. In cultist-chan's case, she'll simply respawn after some time, which is the same mechanics-wise.

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>asking to stat a character when you have almost no discretionary points

Just pick word bearer dark apostle

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This. Especially considering that he appears to be one of the Champs from Dawn of War(Most likely Dark Crusade). So yeah, eventual Plasma Pistol/Power Sword Combo, generally unaligned. Bonus points for threatening to strip the flesh from their bones at least once per game.

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