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Is there any major source of info about Mars from the 40k universe? Supposedly under the surface are unimaginable horrors unlike anything ever seen.

It sounds like an awesome backdrop for a book or something, but the only thing I've ever found was a comic a while back that covered an arbites and mechanicus expedition that accidentally covered an ancient AI.

Surely someone has written a book right? Mechanicum covers Horus heresy apparently, would it still be a good thing to read if I want to get an idea for what Mars is like "now" in the 41st millennium?

I would love to read about an expedition going under the surface to look for lost technology.

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They made a video game about the depths of Mars many years ago:


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Mechanicum is pretty in depth about the 30k era structure, culture and life of mars. Its pretty awesome.
And it dives headfirst into the fact that the Void Dragon is indeed trapped beneath mars, and likely IS the Omnissiah and the reason for the mechanical cult. That shit is scary.

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Will it make sense to a guy just picking up that book alone out of the series? I really don't care for the Horus Heresy, I just want to read about the Mechanicus

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Priests/Lords of Mars are pretty good books, theyre not exactly about Mars but about a ruined Magos leading an expedition to try to save his career.

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Yeah its pretty self contained. All you really need to know that Horus is being a dick elsewhere and wants other people to be dicks with him. And the emperor's actions are usually described without referring to the emperor. The series is annoyingly catty with stuff referring to emps.
Like "An immense man with a beautiful face and golden armor came here and blessed some dudes and convinced us he was the Omnisiah."

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Most HH books are pretty standalone as long as they're not a direct sequel, Mechanicum specifically can definitely just be picked up

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Cool I'll look into it

This is relevant to my interests too. I'll look and see if I can find them somewhere.

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