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Your move /tg/

>> No.30674378

Kill Sauron
Fuck Gabe Newel
Marry Slaanesh

>> No.30674384

Kill Sauron
Fuck Slaanesh
Marry Gaben

>> No.30674385

Fuck, Kill, and Marry in that order.

>> No.30674436

Fuck, kill, marry, left to right. Easiest one I've ever seen.

>> No.30674445

Fuck; Marry; Kill.
I fucked it up didnt i?

>> No.30674459

Kill the one in the middle because I'm tired of that spam.

Fuck Slaanesh.

Marry Gaben and nag him every day to tell Robin to nerf the Demoman because jesus christ sticky launcher is bullshit.

>> No.30674495

>all this Sauron hate

>> No.30674540

>sticky launcher

Fucking what. The Scout exists and you're complaining about the goddamned piss-poor stickies?

>> No.30674558


Oh boy.

>> No.30674562 [DELETED] 

Kill sauron.
Fuck Slaanesh, make himherwhatever resurrect sauron.
Marry Gaben, make him release part 3 of sauron.
Kill sauron.

>> No.30674564

Marry sauron
Fuck (or get fucked by, steam already owns my ass)
Kill slaanesh

>> No.30674574

>tfw no Daemon God wife

>> No.30674580

you really shouldn't, you humongous faggot.
And i mean it in the worst way.
Even lizardfuckers and questfags are better than you.

>> No.30674608

>questfags are better than sauron fans
Dude... too far. Not cool

>> No.30674610

>>30674365 (OP)
Kill sauron.
Fuck Slaanesh, make himherwhatever resurrect sauron.
Kill sauron.
Marry Gaben, make him release part 3 of sauron.
Kill sauron.

>> No.30674625

And i MEAN IT.

>> No.30674629

Fuck, Marry, Kill (it's not like we'd see HL3 in our life times anyways)

>> No.30674646

Last I checked the board is not plauged 24/7 with the 7Xth edition of the same loli-lesbian-adventurer Sauron thread and Sauron general threads, while shouting "There aren't that many Sauron threads"

>> No.30674653

Kill, Fuck, Marry

>> No.30674656

Questfags better than anything?

Damn /tg/...

>> No.30674671

when did weremole draw this? It's not on his DA

>> No.30674675

I agree with muscle wizard. Lolisbians are fine, they don't happen enough. Fucking Sauron gets posted all the damn time.

>> No.30674689


Nice try, heretic.

>> No.30674730

Slaanesh seems like a good wife
Sure she'll cheat, but at least I get a shit load of drugs, razor blades and daemonete cannon-fodder/fucktoys

Plus I can hang out with Doomrider (na na na na) to beat up Bezerkers

>> No.30674772

except the grand majority of quest threads
>referring to a poster by the image and to agree to a specific poster with an old meme
New or samefag

>> No.30674807

Fucking wat. Anon, you need a tune-up. You're clearly malfunctioning.

>> No.30674817

Kill; Mary; fuck
maybe he'll give me a 100$ steam card
think about what that will get me on STEAM SUMMER SALE

>> No.30674904

No, you got the best deal ever.
Fucking the Prince of Pleasures.
Marrying the prettiest dark lord ever. And you'll know the delights of the "true" ring, if you catch my drift.
Killing the cancer machine.

>> No.30674928

Kill Slaanesh, Fuck Sauron, Mary Gaben

>> No.30674954

A chance to have my waifu?
Too easy

>> No.30674997

Kill Slaanesh
Fuck the Monkeigh (Fuck you Taldeer)
Marry the Elf

>> No.30675040

I'm half tempted to make a Sauron Quest just to spite you

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