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So I was reading some hentai and got an idea. Pic related.

I want that to be a thing. Basically it behaves as a normal Centaur but has a chance of coming back to life after being killed. The human half is released, unconscious, from the animal half and the animal half attempts to take on a new host; like a PC.

I think I'll treat is as a separate monster; the stats and abilities are below. They're based on the Centaur the Mind Flayer.

Centaur True-Form, Large Magical Beast, Chaotic Evil, CR 4
4d8+6 (26hp), Init +2, AC 13, Speed 50ft
2 hooves +3 (1d6+2), 3 tentacles +3 (1d4)
Blind-Sense, Stun Spores
Fort +3. Ref +6, Will +2

Abilities posted below because they're long and might not fit in this post.

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Stun Spores (Ex): A Centaur True-Form can release spores from its maw in a 30-foot spread. Each creature in the area must make a Fortitude save (DC 12) or they are stunned for 1d4 rounds. Centaur True-Forms are immune to their own stun spores as well as those of other Centaur True-Forms.

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability the Centaur True-Form must hit a small to large creature with its tentacle attack. If it gets a hold, it attaches the tentacle to the opponent's waist or legs. After a successful grab the Centaur True-Form can try to attach its remaining tentacles with a single grapple check. The opponent can escape with a single successful grapple check or escape artist check, but the Centaur True-Form gets a +2 circumstance bonus for every tentacle that was attached at the beginning of the opponent's turn.

Consume (Ex): A Centaur True-Form that begins its turn with all three tentacles attached and successfully maintains its hold on a small to medium humanoid automatically pulls the opponent into its maw. The opponent can escape from the Centaur True-Form's maw with a single successful grapple or escape artist check but the Centaur True-Form gets a +9 circumstance bonus. The opponent may take no other actions while within the Centaur True-Form's maw and is otherwise considered stunned.

Mind Overwrite (Ex): A Centaur True-Form that begins its turn with a small to medium humanoid within its maw deals 2d6+2 Wisdom damage as a free action. This damage can be halved by a successful Will Save (DC 12). Half of all Wisdom damage dealt by the Centaur True-Form is recovered if the Centaur True-Form is defeated.

Fuck I'm 86 characters over the limit if I post all of the abilities here. Should just put them in the OP.

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Parasitic Takeover (Ex): Any small to medium humanoid reduced to 0 Wisdom while within the Centaur True-Form's maw becomes the Centaur True-Form's new host as a free action. The Centaur True-Form may use any attacks the host has but cannot cast its host's spells. In addition the Centaur True-Form recovers 1d8 hit points. If the Centaur True-Form is defeated the host is released and the host recovers 1/4 of their total Wisdom score.

So are there any serious balance issues to this? Anything else that seems incorrect or odd? How can I improve the monster? I'm concerned that the Centaur True-Form will be killed too quickly to make use of its take over abilities, but the ability to disable and kill players in such an odd fashion seems really interesting to me. I've only DM'd once so I'm certain there's a serious flaw somewhere in there but idea just seems too cool to pass up.

If I'm understanding my own writing correctly a Centaur True-Form could take a target into its maw in two turns in optimal conditions if it successfully hits with all three tentacles or succeeds with the free grapple check to attach the other tentacles and then successfully maintains its hold until the next turn. Then a Centaur True-Form could potentially knock a player out by dealing its maximum 14 Wisdom damage the next turn. That means in optimal conditions a Centaur True-Form could gain a host in just 3 turns. Terrifying but that's very unlikely.

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Do they wrap themselves around humans to mate? I mean the genitals are right there

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Possibly. Impregnating a host is one way to reproduce.

I had intended the bonding with the host to be an attempt to gain knowledge though. A Centaur without a host is a mindless parasite that only seeks to bond with a new host, but once a host is taken the Centaur puts the host into a coma like state so the host's conscious mind ceases to function but their memories and knowledge are accessed by the Centaur. The Centaur instinctively uses the host's knowledge to expand its own interests; the primary one being the survival and expansion of the Centaur species.

Perhaps the Centaur could impregnate the host after awhile and release them. The Centaur would revert back to its wild state but it would reproduce in this manner.

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>So I was reading some hentai and got an idea.
This never ends well.

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I'd say it's going fucking fantastically so far. This is the most interesting Centaur I've ever heard of. I mean Centaurs always seemed really lame to me before but now it seems interesting in both concept and combat wise.

Just imagine the players' horror as the Centaur releases the human half, revealing a tentacled hole and forcing the nearest player inside.

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I like the way your mind works, OP.

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This NEVER ends well.

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Is that The Thing?


Oh okay then. I've never seen that but it seems interesting. Is it similar to my idea? Should I watch it or read about it and see if there are any ideas which can be added on to my Centaur? Or are you just posting a reaction image?

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Why? Are you just trying to be funny or are you seriously suggesting a flaw in my Centaur?

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>revealing a tentacled hole
Revealing an NPC's tentacled hole isn't a good idea either. The only time I've ever heard it doing well was Dark Heresy. And by "going well" I mean a PC died to Slaanesh.
>and forcing the nearest player inside.
This NEVER ends well.

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>a tentacled hole
You mean the centaur's mouth, or do you mean the hole of the host creature, which had been tentacled?
Because I've read this manga too.

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Not him, but maybe he's sounding a Magical Ream (tm) alert, and maybe your players would be really mad if they lose a character that way. Maybe for a horror based game.

Also, you should make some rules in case the thing gets attacked by the rest of the party, maybe some assistance or whatever happens if the tentacles get severed. And never run them in a pack or your party will quit then and there

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Ooh I like it. It's not really a pure centaur though; its more of a half undead centaur. It'd be better if the bones were replaced with a chitinous growth. Maybe that could be a new kind of centaur. It could be a stronger and more armored version maybe the leader of a pack. The chitin would provide armor for the host and the centaur itself.

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This was a good read, I really hope you don't use it though, unless all your players are onboard with the magical realm.

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That's the evolved form of OP.

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Not everything is a pokemon.

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>maybe your players would be really mad if they lose a character that way

Players will always be mad over losing control of their characters. Personally, I'd rather use the intelligent item rules for such "merged" creatures - give them a specific "purpose" and the PC an (increasingly difficult, should they choose to resist) way to assert their will on the joint organism after symbiosis.

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I know this hentai.
OP has good taste.

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And why is a tentacled hole bad? My players are big into Lovecraft type things so slimy creepy tentacles are quite appropriate. Forcing a player inside creates panic and makes the players realize the real fight has begun. It's not like it's difficult to escape either; the player has at least 5 chances to escape (Centaur's grapple, player's grapple/escape, Centaur's grapple, player's grapple/escape, player's grapple/escape) and the Centaur will be under attack at the same time from other players.

The gaping hole in the centaur.

A explanation would be helpful.

They have plenty of chances to escape and the other players can save them even if that fails. It should be a fairly easy fight really. Multiple ones would be a serious problem though; I'll probably add a rule that tentacles can be severed or something.

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I remember a quest on bay12 where someone used that. Was a great quest too until it became about the demon lord and his waifus.

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I really fuckin' like this one.

>> No.30646400

it was linked earlier today

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Tentacles are one thing. A hole that you shove players into is another.

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It has a -somewhat- similar concept. The Thing is more carnivore than parasite, but it integrates beings it consumes, adopting their shape, appearance, attitudes, memories, etc, helping it blend into its surroundings. The original is worth a watch. Ignore the 2011 remake.

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I already have it saved, but thanks anyway.

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That's true; it would be lame to be the odd man out stuck in a centaur. And I forgot that one of my players is playing as a horse so that creates so issues... but at the same time players hate being killed or knocked unconscious too. This is actually nicer than those since you can resist I would think.

Not if its level appropriate.

Thanks brah.

I'm going to have to look into this guy's work.

Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with the term "magical realm" and a quick google search didn't reveal anything. I'm fairly new to D&D so I apologize; could you elaborate or link me to where I can read about what you're referring too.

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We should probably start a compendium for all the weird sexual parasites /tg/ has statted.

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>I'm going to have to look into this guy's work.
He does lewd better than creepy.

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If someone has the link handy it would be courteous to post it here anyway, there is, after all, plenty of centaur stuff you'd have to search through on exhentai. On which note
Post a page here and I can get a link. Exlinks doesn't work on OP for some reason.

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No one has mentioned the nuckelavee yet. I'm disappointed /tg/.

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>And I forgot that one of my players is playing as a horse so that creates so issues...

Didn't you read that Foglio comic about the sexually transmitted centaur curse?

>> No.30646530

And why is a hole that players get shoved into bad?

Sounds really interesting. I love shit like that but never touched The Thing for some reason. I have trouble appreciating some older movies but if its a good concept I'll give it a go.

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it came to mind, but...this thread.
the magical realm denial is terminal, or OP is shockingly good at being obtuse

>> No.30646573

>Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with the term "magical realm"
You're not new to D&D, you're new to the internet, or especially /tg/. Here you go: http://gunshowcomic.com/471
and forcing the nearest player inside.

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No. I don't read many comics.

Who said it's sexual? It's not going to rape anyone; just violate them from the waist down in an attempt to brainwash them with slimy tentacles.

>> No.30646619

>Not if its level appropriate.
OP as in oprening post/original poster, bro. It's relating that centaur to the original one posted.
>I'm unfamiliar with the term "magical realm"
I guess we should have assumed you were new based on your attitude. It's a literary reference, so to speak. It refers to fetishism forced on the players by the DM.

>> No.30646621

>Who said it's sexual?

>> No.30646646

>And why is a hole that players get shoved into bad?
Because your players don't want to be a part of your unbirthing fetish.

>> No.30646647

>just violate them from the waist down in an attempt to brainwash them with slimy tentacles.

Isn't that the definition of rape?

>> No.30646649

Only because I like your creativity and to avoid you later headaches.
Magical Realm (tm) is when a DM, GM, ST, Narrator or equivalent heavily pushes a certain feature into the games he plays. That feature tends to be heavily recognised as fetish material, mostly one associated with the DM's own tastes.
>Parasyte creature that attacks the party and might kill them via unconventional damage
Not magical realm
>Parasyte creature that attacks the party, stuns at first turn, binds with tentacles, mindbreaks the PC and turns it into a meat puppet
Getting there boy

That said, the creature it's not bad by itself, but how it might be used

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Its miserably magical realmy and as alway OP is a fag.

>> No.30646663 [SPOILER] 

One page, to go!
This is the most sfw page in the set, but it might still rile some mods, so I spoilered it all the same.

>> No.30646671

>Who said it's sexual?
Well, anyone that read the original work. Also, anyone that notices you're ramming people into a gaping hole. The tentacles going into orifices of the host is pretty obviously sexual too.

>> No.30646678

Oh that thing. Yeah I've seen that but always try to bury it in my memory. I honestly thought I had removed anything lewd about this monster but now that I though about the whole waist stuck inside a hot hole full of tentacles I can see how that's pretty weird. Maybe there's a better way to desexualize it.

>> No.30646684

>> No.30646712

This is some good body horror shit.

Shame this realm is too magical for regular use.

>> No.30646723

You've never seen The Thing?

Dude, it's a must-watch.

>> No.30646731

My script wasn't picking it up, but I've figured it out. It's at http://exhentai.org/g/615865/e531215cc9/ but it's been expunged, apparently because of idiots not realizing it's English and thinking it was a duplicate upload.

>> No.30646742

If you still want it, I'll be on /d/ in a couple of hours. I could dump it in a thread.

>> No.30646750

I think if you put knives in there instead of tentacles, and just have one or two tentacles for the dragging and placing of the subject, it would be less sexualized.

Gore always desexualizes stuff, unless people are into gore, and then you kick them out of your game for being deviants.

>> No.30646755


>[Phil Foglio] XXXenophile Collection 05

Don't say I never did anything for you.

And yes, this is the guy who illustrated Magic cards.

>> No.30646757

That's my whole dilemma. Me and my group love body horror and parasites and slimy tentacles so it seems to fit perfectly. The combat seems interesting too plus it puts a new spin on the classic centaur. It'd be a memorable experience... but on the other hand it's pretty lewd once you start considering just how it all works.

>> No.30646786

The expunged upload is still accessible. And I wasn't personally going to fap to it again now. But it's an annoyance since the expunged copy will eventually disappear, and there's really no damn reason why it should. You'd be doing a greater service to everyone if you re-upped it to ExHentai so it can be properly archived and accessible, otherwise I'll do it myself when I get a moment.

>> No.30646818

if you've ever seen the original The Thing, it assimilates creatures by wrapping them up in slimy tentacles and dissolving them

it played up the horrifying angle while downplaying the sexual angle

if you want your tentacle centaur to work, you gotta downplay the magical realm aspect

>> No.30646876

Screencapped the first few posts.

>> No.30646883


Why is the girl it is chasing after naked?

>> No.30646893

Obviously I was realizing at that moment that it was pretty lewd and said that as a joke.

That's a start. Claws or something is a lot less sexual. Maybe the host would be killed shortly after the battle but their body would be controlled via the central nervous system or some shit.

I was intending for the tentacles to be more like spines that inject a chemical into the host's bloodstream; not going up their butt.

That's also a way to think of it. Dissolving isn't quite what I want though. I think the host being dead will do a lot to help. Maybe the centaur uses a chemical to keep the body from rotting as fast; especially the brain and nervous system. The rotting corpses could be used as incubation for their young and devoured as the young centaurs mature.

>> No.30646916

because he's into this shit just as much as OP

>> No.30646941

Oh great. Just what I need; a record of my silliness so people can laugh at me. But it's an anonymous site so whatever. Really glad I posted it here first though; this could've gotten really weird. And still can if I don't find a way to tone down the sexual aspects.

>> No.30647004

Okay, how about a tentacle that digs into the skin in order to reach the spine to go to the brain? Fort save?

This will make it less sexualized, but creepy as shit.

>> No.30647029

Could this concept be applied to any form of "human upper half, bestial lower half" monsterboy/monstergirl?

For example, could there possibly be a fish that seeks out a human host, creating a merboy/mermaid?

>> No.30647043

Yeah, honestly this strikes me as LESS creepy.

>> No.30647087


Man, it's a really cool concept and it seems like it could be an interesting fight. The Alien series invoked a lot of sexual imagery, and nobody calls magical realm on that. I'm grateful for being provided with something that seems fun and original.

>> No.30647099


Trust me on this: you've done well presenting your idea, all things considered.

You could have asked for something much, MUCH wierder.

>> No.30647100

>I was cranking it to some porn and that's when I decided I really need to subject my players to my sexual deviance
OP is a tremendous faggot

>> No.30647115

All he did was recreate headcrabs, except with the added benefit of centaur futacocks.

>> No.30647132

I have never been able to figure out how to get onto this.

>> No.30647135

That's what I was originally going for actually; either that or a chemical injected into the bloodstream.

I like the idea of it being a Will save though. As the host's conscious mind (aka awareness and willpower) dim it's more difficult to resist. It's as if the host is actually fading away. I could switch it to Constitution damage instead of Wisdom though. I think I might do that to reinforce the "tentacles digging into your brain" rather than "tentacles turning you into a meat puppet".

Probably, but I don't want to overdo it. One parasitic centaur is freaky and different but every monster turning out to be a parasite is silly.

Less creepy isn't what I'm looking for. Unless you mean less sexual.

>> No.30647151

>Less creepy isn't what I'm looking for

Sorry bro, these are less creepy than regular centaurs.

>> No.30647154

What was the thread title/number? I want to look it up.

For science of course.

>> No.30647162

>It's not really a pure centaur though;
Because OP's fetish faggotry is "pure"?

>> No.30647168

Why are parasitic mers less creepy than parasitic centaurs?

>> No.30647181

Well thanks I guess. Still if you're a famous monster designer for a movie no one cares if they think you're a freak. Hell if anything it enhances your reputation.

I've used this site long enough to see some of the weird shit that people post, just not /tg/'s weird shit. A lesson learned though.

>> No.30647187


Feel free to rate it and handle tags, if you're into this kind of thing. Also, does anyone know how to properly list it as English language? I can't find the setting.


>> No.30647193

They're not. Parasitic taurs/mers strike me as less creepy than the regular ones.

>> No.30647201 [DELETED] 

Not really, that comic was shit tier. Futa is always shit tier, except for the one singular exception.

And as OP has proved by his insistence to force his players to become fapfodder for his shit tier fantasies, OP is shit tier as well. A shit tier DM with shit tier tastes, but more importantly, a shit tier friend.

>> No.30647227

>The Alien series invoked a lot of sexual imagery

Yeah but you didn't see the alien start raping Ripley with its tail. It wasn't outright sexual, sticking with analogs (facehugging = rape; chestbursting = childbirth; slimy alien head = giant black penis).

The centaur jamming its tentacles inside a vagina is outright sexual.

>> No.30647247

>Futa is always shit tier

Agreed. Every time a fa/tg/uy trying to get his fap on, women be bustin out penises.

>> No.30647279

Seeing we're both just stating our opinions, I cannot in good conscience object to what your saying. However, it's really not something to get upset over. There's no accounting for taste after all. What's good taste to me isn't going to be for everyone.

>> No.30647300

You can't argue how shitty of a person OP is for forcing his fetishes on his players, though. That's just indisputable fact.

Futa is still shit tier, though

>> No.30647305

>Futa is always shit tier
>Find nice comic
>Wow this one appeals to one of my niche fetisHoly shit where'd that dick come from
every time /tg/, every time

>> No.30647325

>already at 28% expunge petition because the system automatically detects a duplicate and people don't bother to look and see that the duplicate isn't there
Why are ExHentai users idiots?

>> No.30647331

I literally edited a dick out of a comic before just so I could fap to it.

Rationalized it as Photoshop practice.

>> No.30647345 [DELETED] 

There are more exceptions than that one

But that one is still probably the best exception

>> No.30647366

and yet these remain unlinked

>> No.30647383

There are actually more exceptions than that one

But that one is still probably the best exception

>> No.30647386

Sorry bro, all my spoons are dirty at the moment.

>> No.30647447

Looks to me like he's trying to make it a legitimate threat rather than just a part of his magical realm. If it goes to that end though, then it's his players who'll sort him out or leave him behind. Either way, you need not worry. Leave him to his devices and his fate.

And on the subject of your spoiler. That's a fetish. They're all shit save to those who have them, yours and mine included. Asides, it wasn't the dick that made me like that comic if you're wonderin'. But you're probably not.

>> No.30647468

Is that a 2hu?

>> No.30647488

>cute little shotas with fishtails wrapped around their groin
>less creepy than busty women with horse bodies wrapped around their groin

Well the is hotter, I'll give you that

>> No.30647539


It's a weird doujin

>> No.30647541

if said futa is so good can you [/spoiler]link me so i may sample it?[/spoiler]

>> No.30647552

That was the whole idea. I never mentioned tentacle rape or futa cocks or anything like that; at the most I suggested vore by consuming part of an individual and mind control which is common outside of porn.

The picture I posted became my base and everything else about the comic was thrown aside. I thought that was obvious because it's just fucked up to force your fetishes on people but apparently DMs doing such things is a problem on here; which is something I was unaware of.

That's why I was confused as to what you people were talking about as for being bad to take ideas from hentai; I honestly thought I had removed anything sexual so I'm really glad people pointed out that it still was in many ways.

>> No.30647557

I keep saying that what I meant was, parasitic taur/mers strike me as less freaky as non-parasitic ones.

>> No.30647574

>hatin on symbionts
You're almost as big of a faggot as the OP. Not quite, though, since you haven't gone full Whizzard yet like he has.

>> No.30647597

In what kind of bizarro universe is saying the symbiotic kind is LESS freaky a kind of "hating on?"

>> No.30647602

>I don't understand why you guys wouldn't want to roleplay my porn for me
Are you for real right now?

>> No.30647616

You said that only the parasites appeal to you, you goddamn racist.

>> No.30647648


>tfw that Japanese bird father-daughter incest and egg laying comic

>> No.30647653

The alternative being the creatures that are just 'normal' centaurs.

Presumably in the context of hentai the term "parasite" shouldn't be taken to mean only "creatures harmful to the host" if that's what you're getting.

>> No.30647692

>Futa is always shit tier, except for the one singular exception.
I feel like there should be more exceptions than that, but I can't think of any.

>> No.30647698

Well, seein' as how you've got some stuff together to work on your monster, and this thread is pretty much starting to cave in around you what with some gettin' the wrong idea, I'd say you call it now and work on it more in your own time.

>> No.30647715


>> No.30647716

>Hey guys, Japanese porn just gave me a GREAT idea!
Said no one intelligent ever

>> No.30647739

The wonders of javascript.

>> No.30647742

I'm pretty sure that's how Einstein came up theory of relativity.

>> No.30647745


Ye? Fuk off, kunt.

Ye, innit

>> No.30647746

LSD is not Japanese porn, though it's easy to confuse the two.

>> No.30647752

That ship has sailed. It's already been discussed. slowpoke.png

Yeah I just wanted to see if anyone was going to point out anything more I had missed but it appears to have devolved into arguments over which fetishes are most shit and >implying nonsense.

I definitely got some constructive help with my idea. I'll probably ditch the idea entirely since anyway I try to desexualize isn't strong enough and it still feels weird. It probably always will since the idea came from hentai in the first place, at least in my mind.

The combat style of parasitic takeover isn't one I'll totally discard though; maybe some sort of insect that burrows into the host's skin or some nonsense could be used since other than mind control there's no way you could interpret that as sexual unless you were a real freak and at that point half of the actual Monster Manual is fetish fuel.

Thanks for all the feedback both positive and negative. I really appreciate it.

>> No.30647753

Saya no Uta was very important for making my Halloween game.

Meat, meat far as you can fucking see.

>> No.30647759

Ye ye

>> No.30647769

and hear and smell and taste and feel.

>> No.30647770

>p-please don't point out how retarded I am
Nah, I'd rather point out how retarded you are

>> No.30647774


I don't understand.

>> No.30647784

Saya no Uta is just a shit tier rendition of a Lovecraft tale

>> No.30647790

Not everything with nudity to it is porn. Anyone who fapped to Saya no Uta would have to be very depraved indeed.

>> No.30647804

>a Lovecraft tale
It's a lot like mythos, but it uses that stuff decidedly differently than Lovecraft did.
>shit tier rendition
It makes very effective use of sound design, if nothing else.

>> No.30647805

I don't find it overly sexual. I mean, aberrations are generally conceived as being pretty fucking horrifying and quasi-sexual. They usually evoke images of deformity, rape, and mutation. The centaur thing is unfortunate implications: the creature, but it isn't, say, as bad as an outright futa monster.

And I did have an implied futa monster once; a daemon princess of Slaanesh who had a mega spiked codpiece that had tons of decapitated heads impaled on it. Nobody thought this remotely odd.

>> No.30647858

>Anyone who fapped to Saya no Uta would have to be very depraved indeed.
Y-yeah, nobody could fap to that...

>> No.30647868

Futa monsters are a normal part of the setting when it's slaanesh, though. You revile and kill them.

>> No.30647871

Honestly, I found the sex scenes to be the less horrific element. The actual rape parts were bad, but the consensual sex was refreshingly wholesome. Mostly too wholesome to be fappable.

>> No.30647881

I dunno, there was that one scene that was kinda hot.

>> No.30647894

Oh yeah. By futa monsters, I meant ones that like, have it come up. I have had creatures that were implied or known to have female secondary sexual characteristics, and both male and female sexual characteristics, and there have never really been fucks given or the perception that its abnormal -- or rather, as we're talking about chaos beasties, aberrations, mutants, and so forth, what was in their pants was not something relevant.

>> No.30647916

>ones that like, have it come up.
I think if you worship Slaanesh, it's always up. They have built in demon viagra coursing through their veins at all times.

>> No.30647927

>chaos beasties, aberrations, mutants, and so forth
>wearing pants

>> No.30647938

And more importantly, these were more sexualized than OP was thinking.

Hell, people play VtM and VtR, and that's WAY more sexualized than what OP is thinking.

>> No.30647985

They often wear power pants.

Maybe, maybe not, but they usually show up to fight, not fuck.

>> No.30648024

Have this champ.

>> No.30648047

To be honest vampires in general are always sexualized, not as bad as succubi/incubi but almost there.

Actually I think the zombie centaur creature is a less sexualized form of the OP one, instead doing CON damage or something. I'd actually use those because there's less "fleshy" parts and zombie chimeras sound interesting

>> No.30648176

Yeah. Its an in your face, very uncomfortable, kind of RP. But groups tend to handle it without a hitch.

They can handle something that has maybe 1% the sexual element of vampires.

>> No.30648260

Would making this monster a drider instead of centaur help in making it less magical realm and more creepy. There is far less spider fuckers than horse fuckers (at least I hope so) and spiders have enough limbs to replace the host without using tentacles, and could lock them in place with spikes and claws.

>> No.30648384

>Could this concept be applied to any form of "human upper half, bestial lower half" monsterboy/monstergirl?
See related links, and yes.


>> No.30648395


>> No.30648409

So wait, i don't get it
It's just a horse version of a mindflayer
If made correctly, there's no reason to assume it's a fetish thing

>> No.30648569



Why does it need to insert a phallus into the victim's vagina?

>> No.30648591

because it also impregnates her. it seems the second image of each of those isn't up there, but she's pregnant in those.

>> No.30648597

Easier to inject/infect with chemicals/pheromones/bacteria maybe?

>> No.30648603

Nothing could ever make this a good idea. If OP wanted to make some anonymous online account to some fetish forum with this, it would be fine. If my DM came to the session and had us fight this, I'd walk out and I doubt a single player would stay.

>> No.30648625

You've got two orifices down there, and it's not enough just to grab onto something's sides. The more contact area you have the better, of course it's going to try to plug itself into every orifice it can to parasite itself.

>> No.30648626


I already read that.

Got anything that has less human features?

Eh, m8?

>> No.30648631

>Place pic related in the Underdark pre-Agent and anti-venom
>Que inevitable Mind Flayer Irony Scene as he eats one's brain after it quotes as such
>The properties of a Drider and the Elderitch appearance and mannerisms of an Illithid coupled with the alien attitudes, personality and culture of an outsider
>Takes control of a few driders and starts is own Hive

Marvel's Old 90's Eddie vengeance Venom in the Underdark

God I'd read the shit out of that.

>> No.30648819

Man, I just read that the other day, and for some reason I never caught on that they were birds. I thought they were really weirdly drawn lizards or dragons or some shit.

>> No.30649069


Because it was uploaded half a year ago.

>> No.30649127

>This gallery has been removed, and is unavailable.

That's... ok. I don't get it, why are some galleries not public? AND duplicate galleries not hidden get expunged so only a select circle of people can actually see those comics?

>> No.30649167

Fun fact: google can link you to the hidden galleries

>> No.30649192

what planet are you from? I'm pretty sure google does not link to any of this shit anymore, its like they've taken all complex porn searching off their database as a big fuck you to net nuetrality and being a decent search engine that isn't run by corporate shit stains.

>> No.30649229

This was on g.e before, and i found it by reverse searching one of the pics
Trying to bring it up with the site's search was useless, it wasn't listed

>> No.30649301

>mad as fuck

>> No.30649310

So... I google the name of the artist and "english" on exhentai, to try and pick up a link to a hidden gallery that may or may not exist, and even if it DOES exist, I get >This gallery has been removed, and is unavailable

and can't read it anyway?

That's not very helpful!

>> No.30649462

Do you have an e-hentai account?

>> No.30649600

Yes. It's how I get to exhentai without all that cookie nonsense.

>> No.30649646

I have no idea why you can't read it. Go to the forums, maybe?

>> No.30649747

Huh. Ok, I'll go ask, I guess. Thanks for the suggestion.

>> No.30649765

Doesn't work for me either. Tell us of your progress!

>> No.30649801

not exactly a true form. In the story, that horse thing is a experiment created by some mage looking to increase soldiers' manuverability

>> No.30649831

... Well there is that one where panty and stocking use their underwear to grow dicks and fuck the demon sisters.

>> No.30649834

>he got an idea

He's not trying to present a strict adaptation of the manga, he's trying to present an idea.

>> No.30650332

The last few times I tried that It still didn't work, with the latest Firefox. So I don't expect it now to be working with the Aurora Build. And I don't want to have to install some extensions/Add-ons just to visit one fucking page.
So far my experience with exhentai

>> No.30650542

It doesn't have anything to do with the manga; just the idea a centaur's lower half being a parasite that consumes humanoids was maintained as explained above.

>> No.30651161

"Anon you are not allowed to use the swallow whole ability from the monster manual because internet fetishes"

>> No.30653234

Clear your cache, make an e-hentai.org account, log in, go to exhentai.

>> No.30653265

If you're using Firefox/Google Chrome, you can download an addon called ExHentai Easy to help you get past the "Sad Panda" issue.

>> No.30653363

Yeah because we're paying so much attention to the mythological roots of the centaur in this thread.

>> No.30653438

>The Alien series invoked a lot of sexual imagery, and nobody calls magical realm on that
Bullshit that's like half the horror involved

>> No.30653605

>anyone that unironically posts 'magical realm'

The faggotest. Nigh OP levels of faggotry. We got maybe two weeks of actual, definitive mileage out of the phrase. Now it's just all magical realm this, magical realm that. Wait, did anon just touch their keyboard? Must be a magical realm.

>> No.30653703

Oh man i read that one once and have never been able to remember the name and find it again. What was it?

>> No.30653746


>> No.30653755

Sad but true.

>> No.30653784

Nevermind, i'm stupid.

>> No.30654219

I would say this is a situation where it fits, given that OP is literally trying to force players to undergo a scenario he finds sexually arousing and literally just finished fapping to before he posted it on /tg/

>> No.30654234

>Phil Foglio, maker of Dragon Magazine's "What's New" and the most famous cartoonist in the history of RPGs
>that guy who did some magic cards

Oh, sweet summer child.

>> No.30654297

He's mediocre and forgettable at best.

>the most famous cartoonist in the history of RPGs
Lurking on the fringes (cartooning) of a peripheral part (art) of a fringe activity (RPGing) for a long time doesn't really qualify one as "famous".

It's like being the biggest fish in a goldfish bowl.

>> No.30654374

Nice job moving those goalposts. Now how about we bring them back: He didn't say Phil was well known outside the RPG community. He said he's the most famous cartoonist associated with RPGs. Which he is.

>> No.30654461

What a tsundere elf. She wants the D too for sure.

>> No.30654489

Tile patterns?

>> No.30654533

>> No.30654547

>he's the most famous cartoonist associated with RPGs
It's not even true. Maybe he was "the most famous cartoonist associated with RPGs" in the pre-internet era, but there are several RPG-related webcomics that are more widely recognized than he is, notably The Order of the Stick.

>> No.30655511

OP here. How does this sound?

It really isn't too far from what I already had but other than a single tentacle (see Mind Flayers in the MM) and being somewhat vore-esque (see Swallow Hole ability in the MM) I believe it has had anything sexual removed from it. Unless I missed something it doesn't seem any more sexual than half of the things in the Monster Manual.

The human half is dead. Death is not immediate but occurs within a few hours of bonding with the centaur (this is so players who get pulled in aren't fucked over like they are with Mind Flayers). The brain and body are rotting but very slowly due to a chemical that preserves them created by the centaur. From the waist down most of the body is little more than a skeleton.

Blade like tendrils dig up through the flesh (note I didn't say orifices) and tap into the nervous system or some shit and controls the host's upper body. The centaur also gains access to the host's memories and knowledge but due to rotting in the brain they lose knowledge over time, reverting back to their berserk state and eventually having to find a new host. These blades also keep the the host's body in place.

The leftover corpse is mostly dissolved and rotten.

The centaur uses a tentacle of some sort to pull potential hosts into the maw. The tentacle's sole purpose is to pull potential hosts inside and it will retreat into the centaur's main body after a host has been secured.

Bonding with a live host is not necessary and is generally only attempted when hooves fail to subdue potential hosts.

Constitution damage is dealt instead of Wisdom and Fortitude saves are made instead of Will.

>> No.30655567

Just call yourself the Whizzard and get it over with.

>> No.30655585

Oh and it should be noted I only used a tentacle because I can't imagine how the pincers or something would work. Maybe if they had some way to slide out of the maw and cut into the target like a claw.

>> No.30655600

Sounds better, might use it if only to freak out my players.

>> No.30655836

I don't see how its anymore sexual than The Flood or some shit.

>> No.30655961

The flood don't stick a tentacle up your bunghole and then use you as a vessel for their centaur futacock.

>> No.30656091

Neither does this.

>> No.30656254

I'll admit I liked it better when it kept the host alive, made it more horrific that way. The original incarnation seemed fine as long as you don't focus on the magical realm bullshit. But if you are worried do what you want.

>> No.30656263

Still fukken awsome tho

>> No.30656270

I would like this

>> No.30656549


Personally, I'd do it as a Lamia/Naga type thing, rather than mermaids.

Their prey's easier to catch, see.

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