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New Helbrute and Crimson Slaughter codex apparently coming this week

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>Crimson Slaughter codex

But who wants that?

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Took them long enough

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wtf is Crimson Slaughter?

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You get a codex and you get a codex and you get a codex!

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World Eaters for hipsers.

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The Chaos Warband from Dark Vengeance

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I think I prefer the snap fit model, it has a better pose..

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I look forward to buying up lots of these plasma cannons for conversions.

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I might have liked it too if it hadn't only come with a big set and forced the choice of a multimelta

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Pretty obscure faction. Glad to hear they're still doing supplements for factions and not just single units.

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>Eye of horus
>Clearly nurgle

GW plz

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> what is Black Legion

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>Black legion
>Not black

what madness is this

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A tactic to confuse the enemy

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If they get a supplement, it will be less than a single unit. They will likely just get a way to take X as troops. Or take Y as fast attack instead of heavy support.

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>Crimson Slaughter codex

Goddammit, GW...

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I'm more interested in fluff. I don't know anything about Crimson Slaughter so its good to see lesser known factions get fleshed out.

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I kinda like the FW Chaos Dreadnoughts more.

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Black Legion have some real nice looking shoes.

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> 3.5 Chaos Codex hits
> "Man, Chaos Legions are the tits! I love having 9 sets of rules to tailor my army."
> GW removes all Legions for balance. Still manages to fuck up the balance.
> "Ah well this is shit but at least it's going to be consistent right?"
> Marines 5th Ed drops. Characters provide rules for Chapters.
> "Oh wow, guess they're coming back after all!"
> Chaos 6th drops. No Legions.
> "What the feth? Why do Fists get rules to differentiate them if they're a Codex chapter? Legions were more unique than this"
> Marines 6th drops. All Chapters, all the time.
> Black Legion book.
> "Generic Legion that the Codex is already based on. Good job GW
> Supplements at a Company-level
> Forge World puts out a pdf of even more
> Loyalist dataslates

> Codex: Crimson Slaughter
> Codex: Fuck your Legions, enjoy the ones from the starter box again

I just want to play Thousand Sons and actually use something with the Mark of Tzeentch,

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>Crimson Slaughter Codex

That shit better be a data slate about a Word Bearers splinter group

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The point of the Black Legion supplement was to flesh out their lore and show that they aren't generic.

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Did you look at the Chaos Codex cover?

It has Word Bearers on it.

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Those are Blood Gorgons, douche nozzle.

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>Crimson Slaughter codex




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a) It's a Blood Gorgon
b) It wasn't even new artwork. It was recycled from a Black Library book released the previous year.

In a world where we have rules to differentiate the Imperial Fists 2nd and 3rd Companies, and an entire fucking Codex dedicated to the Legion of the Damned, I don't understand why GW bother releasing sideline shit like this when there are legions (hah!) of Chaos fans screaming for Legion-rules on every 40k forum in existence.


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> talking about special snowflakes
> night lords

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Because it sells better obviously.

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Make shit rules, generate shit sales. Gee fucking whiz, we've got ourselves an economic genius here.

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How are Crimson Slaughter snowflakes? They're pretty standard CSM. They kill Dark Angels and that's it.

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You know whats bullshit? lift the legion rules straight out of the 3.5ed book and its fine, that's literally all they would need top do.

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>It wasn't even new artwork. It was recycled from a Black Library book released the previous year.

I remember people on B&C (or some other 40k forum) saying essentially "Henry Zou is shit, but I'll totally buy the book because it has such an awesome cover", causing ADB to basically lose his mind.

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They should probably dick with it a little to make Iron Warriors not the bestest

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What doesn't cuase ADB to lose his mind?

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Anyway, my favorite thing about Chaos is that its totally legit, safe, and harmless.

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Really you shouldn't be surprised that SM have got a decent amount of stuff, they fucking sell, especially popular Chapters like the Imperial Fists or cool units like the Legion of the Damned which people would like to take but not give up a slot for.

There are also three possible reasons they haven't released individual Traitor Legion supplements. First is the rumored supplement for the Traitor Legions which allow them to take special rules for a price, second is they're planning to do books devoted to each god, third is that they don't want to clash with Forgeworld.

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Who the fuck is the Crimson Slaughter and why do they warrant a codex?

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The warband from Dark Vengeance and because GW feels like it.

Seriously Jervis' article in the last WD is all about how digital is awesome because GW can put out shit now that before would have cost too much money for not enough profit.

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Books about Sevatar killing everything and being hailed by everyone as THE BEST MARINE THAT EVER WAS 10/10 WOULD HERESY WITH.

>> No.30605835


Fuck digital, I like owning books.

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Implying he wasn't the best marine ever

dude fucking surfed on space fighter

in space

into the bridge of a DA ship

thats fuckin awesome

ave dominus nox

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Trees cost money, data is free or at least much cheaper.

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>Paying for pdf

Nigga, whe mah books at?

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Are they gonna give all no-name no renown warband/chapter/faction a codex?

Sept Au'taal codex when?

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I really don't get why people are so worried about IW legion rules in 6th aside from past fears from 3rd. You can already make the rough 3.5 IW list with the main codex + allies. CSM + Guard allies (for bassie) You still have 4 Heavies including a Vindicator, Oblits, Defiler, and a Basilisk. You just take a 120pt tax (Vets+Command Squad) to do so. Instead now you can take a Leman Russ Executioner or Demolisher instead of a bassie.

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>Pathetic chaos turds actually managing to kill glorious loyalist marines.
They are snowflakes alright.

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Where did he say that?

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My point is there were clear winners and losers.

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>no one cares about those other special snowflakes
>give me the special snowflake rules for MY legion RIGHT NOW

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I'm not too sure about his armpit testicles...

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I'm sick of these Chaos Undecided rules, I want my Thousand Sons rules.

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That is true, the IW did get the better end of the 3.5 dex. However, the context of you
statement implied that the 3.5 IW legion rules would be the 'bestest' in the current environment, i.e. 6th ed, which was what >>30605642
was suggesting. I was merely stating that the broad 3.5 IW list, was already possible via the Allies matrix.

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Too bad, Khorne and Nurgle get first dibs. Slaanesh will probably come in third.

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I actually like the DV novel and audio drama.

>based Balthasar

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if I don't get some decent legion rules in this edition, I'm going to fucking drop GW forever. I'm so fucking done

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If Chaos is so great and powerful, why are you still using Imperium gear and weapons?

Chaos: 0
Imperium: 1

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>decent rules
You're playing the wrong game, brah. GW doesn't care about that.

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Because fuck you that's why.

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>four leaked helbrute pictures
>still no Slaaneshi one
Was it 2lewd2print or something?

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>i cant model
>i do not convert
>i miss the whole point of "hobby"

kill yourself, i bet you at best have only primed your army

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According to GW, they're 20% cheaper at the very best.

Fuck GW's digital bullshit, I can buy any core RPG rule on .pdf with money to spare for supplements with the amount of cash they ask for ONE digidex.

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Perhaps it used the currently existing Multi-melta + Power Fist or maybe they just chose the more popular legions.


Well they aren't pdfs

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Fact: CSM has the absolute worst oldfags in the world.

If they touch Death Guard/World Eaters/Thousand Sons/Emperor's Children, a million-million assholes will dust themselves off and emerge from basements, covered in pewter shavings and paint flecks, to decry any new fluff or rules designed for their beloved chapters.

Expanding on the brand-new warband is their only option, because you faggots would lose your goddamn minds rushing to be the first to criticize anything involving the ones you actually care about.

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Does GW make daemon primarchs job everytime just to troll them?

>> No.30606407


I just want proper God related rules.

>> No.30606444

Probably. I know that's what I'd do if I were writing a codex.

Maybe have Cortez come back from the dead and break Lelith over his knee in a daring escape from the Dark City. Have her get trapped behind her own defenses or some shit.

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This. Some focus on the original traitor legions for fucks sake, it will sell like daemonette hookers and coke.

>> No.30606481

Are you angry about edgy spess elves or edgy spess elves players? Or both?

>> No.30606492

Only it ended out making thing worst

Now they're Ward's Ultramarines times 40

>> No.30606529

>Fact: CSM has the absolute worst oldfags in the world.

Guess why this is.

>> No.30606544

Good people wouldn't like spiky evul muhreens.

>> No.30606565


Heard you were talking shit about my TS dust marines, m8.

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Crimson Slaughter are a renegade chapter.

>> No.30606613


Really? I didn't know that.

What's the original name of their chapter? Are they successors of anybody famous? Are they Chaos Undivided?

>> No.30606617

The players. Always the players.

I want to see Eldrad knocked back into the webway by Ghazghkull. I want to see Vect knocked off of his throne by the musculus might of Marneus Calgar. I want to see Harlequins thwarted by the Legion of the Damned, Nightspear outsniped by Vindicares. I want to see Drazhar and the Phoenix Lords jobbing to the army of the week like it's a saturday morning cartoon.

Just to hear the colossal amount of butthurt from the obnoxious Eldar players online.

>> No.30606628

Wait, wait.
Aren't you an ork player?

>> No.30606641

>What's the original name of their chapter?

Crimson Sabres.

>Are they successors of anybody famous?

No, so odds are likely they're from Ultramarine stock.

>Are they Chaos Undivided?


I actually think there fluff is pretty cool, and if they are getting a "codex" then I'm not disappointed.

>> No.30606703

Eldar are my favourites and personally I wouldn't give a shit and/or would positively enjoy all of these things. I love the old stereotype of the Space Elves as completely incompetent.

Also I haven't actually read that much fluff, but haven't they done their share of jobbing? The Avatar was famous for it, and Ward invented a named Farseer just so the Necrons and Ultramehreens could capture him and haul him back to Macragge (despite, or more likely because of, the fact that the Eldar actually won the battle report in question, the Ultras HQ guy died, and IIRC the Farseer was the only surviving HQ model).

>> No.30606710


So this supplement could be used for World Eaters and other Khorne stuff?

>> No.30606731

You puds all realize that csm codex lets you field elite units as troops right? That tge marks give out special abilities, most of which are better then the space marines?
Death guard, thousand sons, world eaters, emporers chumps, black legion, and even Iron warriors with all the new mech units.

Stop bitching, there is almost always a chaos player in tournie finals, you could be blood angels players........

>> No.30606753

>but haven't they done their share of jobbing?
as if I could be satisfied with that level of jobbing!

Also the Dark Eldar haven't done nearly enough in comparison to their Craftworld kin. Salamanders make a good effort of putting them to pasture, but it's usually a phyrric victory where the characters get to prance around and do things that aren't simply eating dirt.

>> No.30606766

>using a much older codex to say that people shouldn't complain
This never makes sense, unless you're in a Sisters-style position of waiting forever for a codex that may never come. The Blood Angels player might have a worse codex, but because his codex is old he also has hope.

>> No.30606770

> expecting Goodwin's beloved army to get kicked in fluff

You're silly anon.

>> No.30606780

Who knows? The Crimson Slaughter aren't Berserkers.

>> No.30606783

Eh, but AFAIK Dark Eldar don't achieve anything much either. They always feel pretty irrelevant to the setting.

>> No.30606787

> Nightspear outsniped by Vindicares
Have you missed how he fails both two of major recorded assassination attempts he does?

>> No.30606796


Wow these actually look like ass. Like, worse than fucking centurions.

>> No.30606802

How so?

>> No.30606805


>> No.30606829

>worse than fucking centurions
Let's not say things we can't take back, anon. They're not very exciting-looking, granted, but they're a long way above centurion or dreadknight tier. >>30605265 even has a bit of posing going on so they don't actually seem to be completely static, which is my main issue with the other pictures.

Also >>30605250's barbed flail is pretty sweet.

>> No.30606865

Maybe, but they're not very World Eatery, but they might turn that way in the codex.
In their fluff they're surrounded by poltergeist activity, so that might be something cool to throw into their rules, but that'd probably involve more random tables that would piss a lot of people off.

>> No.30606943

>In their fluff they're surrounded by poltergeist activity, so that might be something cool to throw into their rules, but that'd probably involve more random tables that would piss a lot of people off.

But randomness forges narratives. Now roll to see what your warlord is good at today.

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You're full of shit mate, why do they look bad?

>> No.30607201

>dat plasma cannon
I'm ready for some heresy

>> No.30607438

The first one would have succeeded if that marine didn't intercept the bullet.

The second one was thwarted by the time warping powers of Orikan the Diviner.

>> No.30607450

Forget to say that none of these incidents were his fault.

>> No.30607457


>The first one would have succeeded if Ilic was any good at setting up an ambush

>> No.30607483

Flip that cannon upside down and looks like a lady's privates... with teeth.

>> No.30607532

Exactly. Fuck Abaddon's Fag Legion and the Crimson Slaughter. Give us a supplement and rules for the chaos legions that are awfully represented in the current 6th edition codex.

Rules WE USED TO HAVE. Jesus fuck.

>> No.30607564

>If they touch Death Guard/World Eaters/Thousand Sons/Emperor's Children, a million-million assholes will dust themselves off and emerge from basements, covered in pewter shavings and paint flecks, to decry any new fluff or rules designed for their beloved chapters.

That is complete and utter bullshit. Oldfags have been crying out for MORE rules/fluff for the legions and cult units from their basements for years.

>Still no cult terminators

>> No.30607580

>You can never ambush a Space Marine. Remember that. They expect treachery at every turn, you can only validate their suspicions.

-Farseer Macha

>> No.30607581

I think you need to see a shrink.

>> No.30607587

Hell, if these rules give you options to play as recently-renegade chapters who still have access to (comparatively) recent loyalist gear storm shields and land raider crusaders or whatever, this could actually be a really good thing for chaos.

>> No.30607615

>But who wants that?

noone, everyone wants legion rules.

>inb4 there are no legions
>inb4 imperialplayers telling chaosplayers they should be well satisfied

>> No.30607631 [SPOILER] 


Tell that to the Sons of Orar.

>> No.30607632

Go home Macha, this has been done many times.

>> No.30607633

>An ambush! Foul xenos!
- Gabriel Angelos

>> No.30607636

>storm shields and land raider crusaders or whatever,

It wont, it will be some shitty warlord traits, some wargear and a character or two, and maybe they can use extra many helbrutes, jipiee!

>> No.30607638

>implying there is such a thing as ladies' privates without teeth

>> No.30607722

>people honestly want the Legion rules back
>people want the Night Lords to be the Raptor Legion and the Alpha Legion to be the Infiltrate Legion
I give up, /tg/

>> No.30607763

Fuck yeah! Been wishing for some Crimson Slaughter love for a while now, but I never expected this! Psyched as fuck now, can't wait to finally bring my CS army into its own.

>> No.30607815

>inb4 imperialplayers telling chaosplayers they should be well satisfied

Those faggots need to rip out all the pages on chapter tactics and the 53 pages of fluff for all the different codex chapters and successor chapters before they act like we should be satisfied with the ONE PARAGRAPH PER LEGION bullshit we got in the last codex.

>> No.30607821


pretty gud

>> No.30607830

Fuck off. You'll take what you get and like it. Chaos scum.

>> No.30607836

>implying the differences between Imperial Fist companies is greater than the difference between the Legions

Then give up, faggot. We don't need you.

>mfw this faggot

>> No.30607857

>people want Night Lords to be the Night Vision + Stealth, Extra Fast Attack Slot, NO DAEMONS ALLOWED Legion

Fixed that for you.

Alpha Legion had pretty boring rules, I agree with that. They were still "the mysterious legion" with pretty much no fluff at that point though. Abnett's "Legion" kind of turned them into a parody of themselves, but at least it gives them more to work with, rule-wise than just "infiltrate + cultists".

>> No.30607877

Hey, I'm not saying that what we've got right now is acceptable, or that the Imperial Fist supplement needed to exist. But the idea of "YOU'RE PLAYING IRON WARRIORS, THUS YOU MUST PLAY EXACTLY THIS WAY" is kind of... idiotic. I just think that the Chaos book needs a massive overhaul to give us the ability to make our armies close to how we want them; like that rumored Long War supplement, but with more options.

>> No.30607896

B-but my Night Lords warband has daemons...
Also, Krieg Acerbus.

>> No.30607940

>I want my thousand Sons rules.

Just take them as troops and sorcerers, thats literally the Thousand Sons in a nutshell.

>> No.30607950

>new helbrutes
>no worthy new chaos units

alright tg im a tad disappointed, time to play up supervillian and flood the local gw with all my ap3 flamers to make the loyalists marine players there feel my wrath... that is if i had heldrakes or time to play

>oh sweet emperor anon came with his heldrakes again. mah cover saves. mah dead aegis line, mah sweet burnt ass and mah emprah

>> No.30607957

The 3.5 Legion rules let you take daemon princes, possessed (as they're just daemonified marines) and furies (Night Lords capture them for shits and giggles).

It was stuff like having bloodthirsters and nurglings running around that the restrictions were there to prevent.

>> No.30607959

So basically.

You want to be the Space Marine Codex but better?

>> No.30607966

The Sentinels of Terra was utter balls
The Iyanden was utter balls
The Black Legion was utter balls
The Clan Raw-Can was utter balls
The LoTD was utter balls
The Crimson Slaughter will be balls

And GW is the one squeezing them.

As long as retards buy there crap there will be more useless shit and nobody gets anything they actually need.

>> No.30607980

This is your typical chaos mareen faglord.

He gets butthurt his evil marines are not getting everything under the sun so he acts out like a retarded child.

As a Chaos Daemons player I'll just say shut the fuck you edgy retarded mongoloids.

>> No.30607988

>I just think that the Chaos book needs a massive overhaul to give us the ability to make our armies close to how we want them

That's what everyone's asking for. Legion rules comparable to the chapter tactics the loyalists just got or those found in the Horus Heresy books.

And getting rid of the Champions of Chaos rule for the non-religious legions like Night Lords and Alpha Legion. Fuck that rule.

>> No.30608001


Hey, asshole.

We are getting new Havocs and Chosen too. Suck it up and stay dry.

>> No.30608004


I've liked the supplements. More fluff and rules is always welcome. Still haven't bought any of them mind you.

>> No.30608033

>You want to be the Space Marine Codex but better?

Where the fuck did you get "but better" from that? 53 pages of chapter fluff compared to 2 pages of legion fluff is an absolute joke. Similar treatment is all that's being asked.

>> No.30608047

You know what? I say no. Fuck Legion rules.

The Major point of the Chaos Legions is they're scattered, they still use the tactics their Legions have been moulded in, but they don't follow a rigid combat doctrine.

They're packs of Howling madmen prowling reality to vent their fustrations, not elite disciplined armies that follow dogma and creed.

Legion tactics would just make Chaos MORE like The Loyalist and less their own thing.

My mistake, I thought you were talking about a Legion tactics rule so you basically have everything a Marine army has, but with better choices everywhere

>> No.30608051


sorry tg my cold is getting to me, i'll go back to bed now. new havocs and chosen do sound nice

>> No.30608061

> "Wow, you seen this new 3.5 book? We get Legions! Badass, Chaos Marines are fucking cool. And check these sweet Veteran Skills and Daemonic Gifts"
> "N-No, not really. And this books a bit shit. I just wanted the Legions. Why are Plague Marines and Daemon Princes so cheap?
> "Hey, 5th-Ed Marines have Chapter Tactics! Maybe Legions are on the way back in?!
> No, you aren't listening. We want Legions. We will pay you for Legion rules.
> "It's a nice thought but you've just taken the generic Legion the book already represents. It's also a bit shit and plays in exactly the same way as it's parent book. We wanted literally any other Legion, that's all.
> "No I want fucking World Eaters, Thousand Sons and Alpha-"

It's absolutely incredible how nearly every CSM wishlist has 'Legions' at the very top in sparkly letters and yet GW is apparently oblivious to it. They are quite clearly capable of doing so as well, as demonstrated in Chapter Tactics and Black Legion, but it's unbelievable that they can remain so ignorant to a cash-cow like that.

>> No.30608068

Damn straight they do, New Chosen are rumoured to be shway as fuck.

>> No.30608085

Every CSM wishlist is "We want the supremely broken 3.5 chaos book"

As an Oldguard Marine player, I was using that list to run my units.

but see >>30608047
as a decent reason.

You can't just have every new toy the Marines have but spiky. hence why you got pretty cool zoids.

>> No.30608106

The fluff and rules is why I'm so pissed, sure I'd love to know more about the force I play as well as get a little extra kick with rules that suit the fluff. Take the sentinels pdf for an example, finally a book that should have made the IF less about being yellow smurfs and more unique, but took them and turned them into yellow Black templars (because Matt Ward), frankly I just wish they leave the fluff alone and concentrate solely on adding REAL equipment that I would use in game

>One day I'll have IF sternguard who can re-roll 1s with their special ammo.

>> No.30608121

Fuck everything. GIVE US LEGIONS, GW.

>> No.30608131

the chaos dreadnought has been waiting for a resculpt for a very long time. Plastic (chaos) heavy weapons is also a thing that's not been around since 2nd edition.

Fixing the core miniatures is more important to me than getting plastic thousand sons or legion rules for iron warriors.

>> No.30608134


GW here, can confirm we have a warehouse full of Legion supplements

We just dont want to give them too you

>> No.30608142


B-but TS are dust people, anon-kun.

>> No.30608145

Has anyone ever gone ahead and created their own dataslates for their armies?
If not why doesn't /tg unite and create them ourselves.
Unite. Unite. Unite.

>> No.30608159


How are they Black Templars? And why they hell would you be bothered about not having a generic reroll of 1s ability. Every second faction has some variation of that. It's hardly interesting.

>> No.30608166

Long War Supplement
Fixes everything for you.

Instead of being a huge universal rule for the entire army, you buy skills for units.

You want Iron Warriors seigers? Take the right skills. So on and so forth.

They're individualists by nature, World eaters, Emperors Child, 1k sons and Death Guard just take their chosen cult.

>> No.30608184

>One day I'll have IF sternguard who can re-roll 1s with their special ammo.
I honestly do not get that decision. Why exclude this option? Because it would make C:SM too powerful?

>> No.30608185

>why doesn't /tg unite and create them ourselves
/tg/ is fucking horrible at making custom rules

>> No.30608192

I know this is 40k but all I can think of is house steiner.

>> No.30608197

Thanks, anonbro. That's the point I was trying to make but failing because I am the very definition of spaghetti.

>> No.30608210


It's sad how little imagination /tg/ has with special rules. All their suggestions are always just stat boosts or giving them something back they had before.

>> No.30608215

>non-religious legions
>implying every single night lord/alpha legionnaire doesn't worship chaos
See, this is the kind of shit that means that I don't want Legion Rules.

>> No.30608231

I think that was just Faeit spewing garbage, anon. That said, I would like to have that... with more options, as part of the Codex itself.

>> No.30608232

No, I mean they're just bad, bad rules. It's like the custom card threads.

>> No.30608236



Even Farsight is a lazy fucking phone in. The nigger is in the normal codex and it's NOT Codex: Kroot which would have actually been creative and allowed for new models / fluff, etc etc

Crimson Slaughter will suck shit through a straw, GW's track record with suppliments let alone Chaos is so low i dare say anyone expecting good things from this is a massive liar/Troll

>> No.30608245

>Every CSM wishlist is "We want the supremely broken 3.5 chaos book"

Iron Warriors were the only broken legion.

>> No.30608246

Sure, we'd all like supplements as part of the codexes themselves.

It's pretty obvious this is the writers forced to write things between codexes for money, but it's not like they're hard to get hold of for free.

>> No.30608256

And Legions being downright better no matter what you picked right?

>> No.30608266

Crimson Slaughter is full codex priced, so it's going to be a full codex.

>> No.30608281

>you can't shoot my deamon prince slaanesh power
>gaze upon my beautiful prince loyalists and prepare your anal cavities for plundering

>> No.30608285

>Long War Supplement
>Instead of being a huge universal rule for the entire army, you buy skills for units.

That would fix absolutely every problem I have with the current "take marines if you enjoy losing" codex, but until it actually gets confirmed by GW, I can only assume its online wishlisting so as not to get my hopes up.

>> No.30608286

>Crimson Slaughter is full codex priced, so it's going to be a full codex
Oh Good Lord I just laughed my entire face off.

>> No.30608296

>Crimson Slaughter is full codex priced
[citation welcome]

>> No.30608304

I dont know what kind of assholes you play with, but I play IW and even in THAT edition, Id never would use 9 obliterators and 4 predators or vindicatros or something. Just like today, if someone cames in our game with zillions of some shit, like drakes, riptides and what not because he wants to overkill so bad, he wont play because he doesnt understand fun. The worst thing about this game, or shit like magic, is the people who only builds to win and dont actually play. Congratulations, you had fun doing the list? Go home, make another, have fun that way. We play for fun and its no fun to play chess with 10 queens. If you have power needies, be THAT DM or work as supervisor in some fast food place, but leave us.

>> No.30608306


>> No.30608331

No - the Eye of the Gods or whatever it's called rules are garbage - but I don't want it to be "everyone always has it except Night Lords and Alpha Legion, who never have it".

>> No.30608338


>> No.30608342

inb4 Codex: Betrayers of Pain

>> No.30608343

>Crimson Slaughter is full codex priced, so it's going to be a full codex.

You poor deluded fool, anon. GW prices have absolutely no reflection on content.

>> No.30608348

The problem with the 3.5 dex is even if you went with your most fluffy build of fluffiness ever you still prettymuch stomped everyone because it was so good.

3.5 Chaos dex was the 7th edition Daemon Dex

>> No.30608349


>Trying to win ruins the fun

I'll never understand this attitude. Having a healthy attitude towards competitiveness adds to the fun, it doesn't ruin it. Are you so butthurt over losing you won't play anyone that isn't purposefully gimping his list and making dumb decisions that conform to your arbitrary ruling of what is and isn't fun? You don't have to be good at the game, you can be casual as you like, just don't moan at the players that take pleasure from actually playing the game.

>> No.30608365

The 3.5 chaos dex was bringing a Nuke to a fistfight Anon

>> No.30608366


>Bleak Brotherhood

>> No.30608387

It does though.
>Codex Spess Mahrines
>A lot
>Codex Eldar
>Not so much
>Codex Inquisition
>It's fucking nothing
>Codex Legion of the Damned
>Even less

>> No.30608405


Yeah really. If it had been any existing legion, it would have been better

>> No.30608425


Jesus Christ, it won't be the ONLY chaos supplement ever. It doesn't bar Thousand Sons or Death Guard from ever happening. 2 supplements is more than some factions have got.

>> No.30608432

I'm not sure why we're arguing then. If it was retconned to be non-mandatory (or a paid upgrade like gifts of mutation) then I would have no problem with it. As it is, the rule makes no sense for a lot of characters (why is Ahriman duelling the Avatar for the glory of Tzeentch, who he hates? Why is Fabius? Why is my fedora-tipping Night Lord atheist edgelord?) and a sizable majority of the members of the non-monogod legions.

Admittedly, this has a lot to do with the 6th edition challenge rules themselves being absolute trash.

Kharn the betrayer turning into a chaos spawn after overkilling a guard sergeant is also pretty fucking idiotic.

>> No.30608440

>you can be casual as you like, just don't moan at the players that take pleasure from actually playing the game
That's fine if casuals play against casuals and competitives against competitives. It becomes less fun when your casual fluffy army has to face an ultra-competitive one, because there will be very little chance of winning.

>> No.30608443

Apocalypse Company look like a shitty Legion of the Damned tribute warband.

>> No.30608468

>Codex knights
>rules for exactly one model

>> No.30608475

>mah fedora-tipping Night Lord atheist edgelord

...can i get a picture of that?

>> No.30608478

>GW Proudly presents Codex OC DO NOT STEAL: The legion

So it's based upon the dark vengeance. Perhaps that one lord with the name will be a real named character...With a shit helmet, a sword, and a plasma pistol.

I suppose the 6 chosen will be his bodyguards with fixed weargear Farsight style, i ....guess..?

God it's going to be so bland, we know nothing of it yet and I'm already over it

>> No.30608490

Whoa whoa whoa. Stop right there. It's two models.

>> No.30608495

It's going to have the exact same TWO PAGES OF RULES content as the £30 Black Legion, Iyanden and Farsight supplements.

>> No.30608508


Death Shadows master race

>> No.30608518

Stupid name aside, that looks good. Another marine to add to my "Chaos Deathwatch".

>> No.30608531

Have you got the one with the marine from the Spooky Skeletons warband?

>> No.30608558

>So it's based upon the dark vengeance. Perhaps that one lord with the name will be a real named character...With a shit helmet, a sword, and a plasma pistol.
>With a shit helmet
>shit helmet

The guy has more swag than pretty much any other character that isn't Fabius Bile or Sammael.

>> No.30608579


You know, it really speaks volumes to how much GW cares about these guys when they cant even get the names matching
Apocalypse Company are Bleak Brotherhood in the old codex

That and using "Knights of Blood" as both Chaos and Blood Angels

>> No.30608583

No, its you who dont understand. Trying to win is the fun. Having it easy because the designers are idiots or you have more money, istnt fun. Difficult games are fun. Press B to win isnt fun. It has no merit, no purpouse, there is no pride, no honor to your skills. Its nothing but LEL I PWNED YOU. Its for 12 years old. In my group there is a dude that is a brilliant commander. I prefer to draw against him with a regular army than to win with 4 baledrakes. Not only the game itself is more fun and I get to actually think, but its an achievement, and the other is just the thing that was suposed to happen.

>> No.30608585

Eaten by Behemoth Tyranids in less than an hour. That's what you get for daring to even consider attacking the realm of the spiritual liege.

>> No.30608605

>More swag than a pirate who's massive metal pimp hand is also a flamethrower

>> No.30608615


>> No.30608654

Aaaaand there we go.
Look at that fucker. He's like a Halloween skeleton suit with the colors inverted.

>> No.30608701

>Having it easy because the designers are idiots or you have more money, istnt fun. Difficult games are fun. Press B to win isnt fun. It has no merit, no purpouse, there is no pride, no honor to your skills. Its nothing but LEL I PWNED YOU. Its for 12 years old.

Great. Go win FoB or any Vegas tourney and make easy money then.

>> No.30608705

More importantly, just who is this unknown chaos marine in the dark green power armour and black robes??? What chapter could he have possibly originally hailed from??

So mysterious!!!

Gavdex confirmed for best dex.

>> No.30608731

>extensice use of drop pods
Oh GW fuck yourself with a steel cactus.

>> No.30608733

>Steel brethren
>Extensive use of transports and drop pods
>transports and drop pods
>drop pods
>drop pods
>drop pods

Fuck you, Gav, you colossal fucking faggot.

>> No.30608745

Anon is very obviously talking about playing a competitive list against a casual one, anon. Competitive vs. competitive is fine as long as both players know that's what they're doing and are fine with all the model-buying stuff it entails.

>> No.30608793


Which would be a fair point if that's what was said. Instead the original point was that he'd never bring 9 oblits, 4 preds or 4 drakes because that would be too good and complained generally about "people who only builds to win and dont actually play".

>> No.30608854

Eh, fair enough. Looks like >>30608304 was talking specifically about his group, but yeah, calling competitive players assholes doesn't help competitive-casual relations.

>> No.30608893

Can wait to get one to use in D20 though, I admit it:

Helbrutes are a gruesomely deformed version of the Space Marine Dreadnought.

These hulking monstrosities are Dreadnoughts whose suits have been hideously corrupted by the powers of Chaos and are now consumed by maddening rage. It is considered a great misfortune to be emtombed within a Hellbrute, and over time the flesh of the injured body will meld with the metal of the machine it inhabits. This only fuels the maddening rage that Helbrutes display in battle, occasionally attacking their allies as much as the enemy.

The insanity also often has effects on the Helbrute's mode of attack, making its movements erratic and difficult to predict.

Despite this, Helbrutes are useful in that they can be armed with a wide range of weaponry, for both ranged and melee combat. These include either one or two vicious close combat weapons or ranges weapons in the form of twin-linked versions of autocannons, lascannons, heavy bolters or individual Multi-meltas or Plasma cannons.

Type: Walker
Defense: 21
Flat-footed Defense: 17
Hardness: 40
Hit Dice: 6d10 (60 hp)
Initiative Modifier: +6
Class Bonus: +7
Dex/Str Modifier: +6/+12*
Attack Bonus: +8/+3

Size: Huge (-2 size)
Top Speed (pc-scale): 60 ft. (12 sq.)
Top Speed (wm-scale): 50 ft. (1 sq.)
Height: 20 feet
Weight: 3 tons
Crew: 1 (ace +12)
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 0 lb.
Base Purchase DC: 55

*The Helbrute has a Strength score of 34 (+12). This replaces whatever Strength score the pilot may have once had.

Attack: Venerable Assault Cannon (+3 mastercraft) +16/+11 ranged (3d12/DRP 3/Turbo)


Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon (+3 mastercraft) +23/+18 melee (6d20+12/DRP 5).

Dreadnought Design Specs:

- Armour: Adamantium
- Sights: Scope and lasersight +1 for Assault Cannon.
- Weapons: One scoped/lasersighted assault cannon (range increment 180ft/150ft or 36 squares/3 squares).

>> No.30608905

There's also the bit on the Terminator page where the Black Legion make a massed drop pod landing.

>> No.30608911

>It doesn't bar Thousand Sons

Someone doesn't remember how long Thousand Suns sucked for, without being fixed.


The amount of effort GW puts into their shit is mind-boggling, yet the fans eat it up.

>> No.30608922

Paint him up green and he's Loki

>> No.30608933


In fairness, they *do* have Dreadclaw drop pods, or they could capture loyalist versions.

>> No.30609007

>I think I prefer the snap fit model, it has a better pose.

I like the fleshy toes of the box set version, Looks more daemon-engine-y

I may buy one on ebay, for six bucks take the bottom legs from the box set guy, with the top half of the new one.

>> No.30609013

>Crimson Slaughter Codex

Who the fuck gives a shit about the Crimson Slaughter!? We've been clamoring for Thousand Sons, World Eater, and Death Guard supplements and you give us this shit!?!? Some new sprues (That you already should have given us a long fucking time ago) and a Hellbrute with armpit testicles don't make up for it

>> No.30609042

If we want legion rules so badly, why dont we organize a boycott til it comes out?
Surely ee cant all be mouth breathing mongoloids. Just dont buy anything chaos, or otherwise, til we get at least a paragraph of legit rules. I dont want to play codex spess butt pirates or codex saddest muhreens. Nor do I want to play codex whogivesashitwarband.

>> No.30609067

Hell knows. Scars/Ravenwing have their bikes, Blood Angels/Raven Guard their jump-packs, Salamanders have flamers and meltas, Iron Hands with their tanks. Every army has their special unit that they're MEANT to have. The IF just got lumped with standard bolter marine and centurion devastators.

>> No.30609079

They have one of the coolest ICs though.

>> No.30609101

Legion of the damned was basically copy-pasta of everything they had on them.
Still sold it for £10
And people bought it
also codex: marines was just an update for including centurions and AA tanks nothing else.

>> No.30609104

>The IF just got lumped with standard bolter marine and centurion devastators.

They could have given them siege rules, maybe a plastic Basilisk-like kit only they can have, like tyhe Redeemer or the folamer LR version. Maybe they can have more than one, other Chapters can have only one.

Be cool if they did that more often.

But Chaos has just gotten shafted, with the lack of Legion rules.

>> No.30609114


I'm pretty sure 10th Claw spam drop pods throughout the Night Lords trilogy. That chaos uses them all the time in the fluff yet doesn't get them in the codex is ridiculous.

>> No.30609118


How much more could you have without adding new units entirely? It's a fucking supplement not a main faction. Seriously, I challenge you to come up with more than 3 pages of rules for Thousand Sons.

>> No.30609144

>being this insistent on your right to pay £30 to get some warlord traits, wargear, and maybe a single change to the force organisation chart

>> No.30609156

Are you seriously defending GW selling two pages of rules for £30, the price of an actual (already overpriced) codex?

>> No.30609171


You think you have it bad? Imagine having drop pods and then having them taken away.

>> No.30609195

>"This is not what I expected when Taldeer said sh sent for strippers!"


>> No.30609215

I always use any codex as the base and then slowly and reasonably come up with rules, stats, wargear, etc.

The results are sometimes units that are slightly better, yet overpriced points-wise.

>> No.30609272

GW sitting on Death From the Skies 2: Droptric Podgaloo?

Nids get spores, CSM get dreadclaws, Orks get Roks, Knights get what ever those massive titan drop pods that were mentioned somewhere, etc.

>> No.30609312


2 pages of rules, ten pages of missions and a shit tonne of fluff if we're being honest. Also I just download them rather than whining incessantly like a giant man baby.

>> No.30609328

>Imagine having drop pods and then having them taken away.

Except that's literally what did happen with CSM.

>> No.30609370


Which codex had rules for chaos drop pods?

>> No.30609393

>Also I just download them rather than whining incessantly like a giant man baby.

Why bother defending the pricing if you're just downloading them for free, dipshit?

>> No.30609502

Not that anon, but where did you get the idea that anon was defending anything?

>> No.30609872


Where did I ever defend the price you fuckwit?

>> No.30609933

Because the post was in direct reply to
>Are you seriously defending GW selling two pages of rules for £30, the price of an actual (already overpriced) codex?

>> No.30609944

Is the massive rod up that thing's ass removable? Those abortions have less life to them than the snapfit from Dark Vengeance.

Pic related, GW doesn't care anymore.

>> No.30610044


whats wrong with the wraithguard?

>> No.30610093

>Wraithguard models don't have enough "life".

Whatever. Give me CSM 3.5 with drop pods.

>> No.30610109

Look at the rightmost one. Look at its rightmost arm. Tell me GW cares about quality anymore.

It's not even fucking glued to the hand, ffs!

>> No.30610134


>> No.30610150


>Tiny visual error on the box that hardly anyone would fucking notice
>Official proof GW doesn't care anymore

Fuck me... You are really clutching.

>> No.30610213

Not that guy, but an unfinished or improperly assembled product making it to final packaging art is not a tiny error. Not in a multinational company, anyway. Shit, in most companies they send the commissars down to the promotional department for that kind of crap.

>> No.30610234

>have less life
>are dead
But anon... they're dreadnoughts. They are dead. The same goes for the wraiths!

>> No.30610237

Word Bearers for hipsers.

>> No.30610248

That's funny. I don't think they have quality control anymore. Finecast was horrible when it came out and the codex PDFs I've read all have errors such as Lorgar being the primarch of the "World Bearers", or Coteaz's cyber-eagle not having rules.

>> No.30610260

That was exactly what I said, I guess you are the one who didnt understand it.

>> No.30610351

Is there a PDF for Chaos Space Marines?

I'd like to take a look.

>> No.30610364

Yeah, I'll do my next report in Comic Sans. Pretty sure no one will care.

This "tiny visual error" could have been easily corrected. They could have photoshopped out the faulty model and photoshopped in a copypasted version of the leftmost model. It takes next to no time and they already do it all the time, so why not?

When your in-house propaganda boils down to "fuck every commonly accepted rule up to and including baby-level common sense, we have so much quality we'll make loads of money anyway", you do not make "tiny visual errors". Especially not when not making them is easy and basically free.

>> No.30610500

- Indrick Boreale

>> No.30610693

Games-Workshop, fine quality miniatures.

>> No.30610760

>Yeah, I'll do my next report in Comic Sans. Pretty sure no one will care.

Because that's the same right? Did you even notice that mistake on the box without someone pointing it out to you?

>> No.30610765


>> No.30610852

>Crimson Slaughter codex
Damn it it's the least interesting looking chaos warband from the start kit.

>> No.30610873

> inb4 CS fans shit up every 40K thread with their bragging

>> No.30610901

No, and I wouldn't have notice the Comic Sans either, so it's the same indeed as far as I'm concerned.

Another question for you. Did you ever met someone who, when asked about anything, answered "Who cares?" and, in fact, cared?

>> No.30610921

because Khorne and Nurgle are easy, doesn't take thought or effort to do right

>> No.30611065

>CS fans

Do they even exist?

>> No.30611107

I like them.

>> No.30611126

> Did you ever met someone who, when asked about anything, answered "Who cares?" and, in fact, cared?
Yes... I know a man down the pub who, when asked if he cared for jazz, replies that he does not. But on the nights when the jazz truck drives past, playing its melodies into the streets, he is known to listen out with great intensity and longing. Then the lads and I must duly rough him up for his ongoing deception.

>> No.30611146

Aren't they just the generic warband with a generic paintscheme from the starter box? What's the appeal?

Not even being a dick. I'm actually genuinely curious.

>> No.30611163


What edition is this?

>> No.30611169

If they didn't before, they will soon!

>> No.30611187

I just think their fluff is kinda cool. Paint scheme too.

>> No.30611199


There's some fluff coming this month from BL about them.

>> No.30611251

4th edition codex. The hated Gavdex.

>> No.30611287


>If a faction isn't popular it should never be updated

You're probably the same kinda asshole that would whine when Ultras get too much time in the sun. The entire point of supplements is to flesh out a faction.

>> No.30611482


yeah, but if it's a faction no one asked for, when the main Legions haven't been updated, that's crap.

>> No.30611654

Legions should go die in a hole, they've received tonnes of coverage in the HH series.

>> No.30611713

Bland as fuck chaos factions like the black legion and crimson whatever should be way down on GW's supplement to-do list.

>> No.30611723

Son, you just missed the mark by ten millenia

>> No.30611744

In 40k they are represented by the Chaos Marine codex. You got both proper legions and shattered warbands.

>> No.30611774


>> No.30611776

A pretty legit looking Codex: Khorne front cover surfaced a month ago and there's been a few rumours of Codex: Tzeentch being prepped to tie in with Space Wolves.

Y'all need to chill out about Crimson Slaughter getting a (probably shit) supplement. No-one's forcing you to pirate it.

>> No.30611850

Orks should go die in a hole, they've received tonnes of coverage in the Dawn of War series.

IG should go die in a hole, they've received tonnes of coverage in everything Black Library.

Eldars should go die in a hole, they've received tonnes of coverage in the Path series.

Tau should go die in a hole, they've received tonnes of coverage in Fire Warrior.

Squats should go die in a hole, they've received tonnes of coverage in Warhammer Battle.

You should go die in a hole, you've received tonnes of coverage in this post.

>> No.30611887


>tfw one silly comment got Gav so buttblasted that he wrote that entry

>> No.30612153

As long as Alpha Legion will get Lord Carron with METAL BOXES! rule, I will be satisfied.
On serious note: I want Cult Terminators.

>> No.30612168

We could do chapter tactics, although >>30608047 has a good point. Anyway:
Iron Warriors: Get +1 to their cover save when within fortifications purchased as part of their army, and are immune to Ignores Cover when in such fortifications. And, I dunno, Tank Hunters but for enemy fortifications rather than tanks. Howzat?

>> No.30612269

Tyranids should go die in a hole, they've received tonnes of coverage in Eternal Crusade

>> No.30612316

Also featured in 3 games: DoW2, Chaos Rising and Retribution. That's more than most other factions have received.

>> No.30612333

They're not TT games though.

>> No.30612344

Yeah its too bad DoW2 was pretty bad in my opinion.

Oh well.

>> No.30612587


>it's not snapfit
>this particular configuration is in a pose I do not like
>therefore snapfit is better

What? I mean just think about it? W-what?

>> No.30612904

>GW writers actually engaging with criticism and describing their work and decisions
Wow. Truly a different, better age.

On the other hand, he seems to be either giving lame excuses or radically misunderstanding how a lot of people played the game.

>> No.30613197

sounds good, the IW knows seige, both attack and defence.

>> No.30613283

>The decision was taken, as it was in Warhammer, that such diversity couldn’t be given a proper treatment in just a single volume. Rather than dismiss some of the most entertaining parts of the background (and potential miniatures) as footnotes, it was decided that they should be given books of their own, to delve into their histories and personalities and armies with separate volumes (and, of course, cool new miniatures). I don’t work in the Studio anymore, so I can’t say whether that is still the strategy, or how plans for this are continuing. I can say that a the time we were working on Codex: CSM there was a lot of enthusiasm for the possibilities this approach allowed – new god-specific troop types and war engines, in-depth background of the various Legions and what they’ve been up to, renegade Chapters and warbands that had dedicated themselves to one god. Bear in mind that a lot of the variant armies people associate with the old Codex were not in fact from the Codex, but from the Index Astartes articles, which themselves made up two extra volumes (if one dismisses all of that Loyalist stuff!). As a lot of those tweaks and variants weren’t in Codex: CSM, the possibility of extra Codexes addresses that issue in a way that would be far more satisfying than a few pages in a White Dwarf. I hope that it is still the intent of GW to go down this route at some stage, I think there’s immense scope for some exciting and unique armies out there.

That sounds a hell of a lot like what they're doing with the 6th Edition Codex + Supplements model.

>> No.30613344

What's next?

>> No.30613472


GW, already in the future.

>> No.30613562

How to good rules for CSM:

Iron Warriors: use C:SM /w Siege Masters (IF)/Machine Empathy (IH) tactics
Alpha Legion: use C:SM /w strike from the shadows (RG)/ fight on the move (WS) tactics
Night Lords: use C:BA, winged deliverance (RG) instead of red thrist
Word Bearers: use C:DA (greenwing) /w C:CD allies
Black Legion: enjoy your supplement
Death Guard: C:CSM should work
Emperor's Children: use C:SM /w BT tactics
World Eaters: use C:BA without jump packs (no DOA, red thirst all the time)
Thousand Sons: use C:GK/LotD allies (rubrics)

>> No.30613585


>> No.30613671

>OK, with the last list I have more confirmations that this is happening, and exactly what is a repackage and what is not. The red items are repackaged items with the new boxes, while the Helbrute and CSM Attack Force are new items. Codex Crimson Slaughter is a splash release, but is coming in a full hardback and of course there is a limited edition version. It appears the old CSM Battleforce is being replaced by this new CSM Attack Force.

>> No.30613743

They really are innovative, I really respect that.

>> No.30614214

Death Guard and Emperor's Children work perfectly fine with the chaos 'dex because they have decent marks and decent cult troops. World Eaters and Thousand Sons are fine but overpriced.

Word Bearers: CSM with Daemon allies. Spam Apostles and cultists
Iron Warriors: CSM with IG allies. Spam warpsmith, tanks and dino bots.

Alpha Legion and Night Lords are the only ones who don't really gel too well with the base codex. Night Lords using Raven Guard tactics, drop pods and Shadow Captain Shrike is a pretty good fit. Alpha Legion would be... Ultramarines, I guess? Just for the flexible combat tactics.

>> No.30614291

While your champion may be from a not-so-religious chapter and may not challenge to win the favor of the gods, he probably will challenge so the other 9 blokes behind him don't see him as a disposable faggot who won't even stand his ground...

>> No.30614334

Why are the bikers getting a rebox? They are already in the new style right?

>> No.30614560



Only things which come to mind is they changed the biker's color scheme (Not likely), add sergeant/champion options (Less likely), or stores simply weren't stocking them/were getting white boxes.

>> No.30615028

So it is a Black Legion that took to Nurgle. Abby is still a Champion of Nurgle.

>> No.30615094

I feel they are done with Supplements. Too much people saying "those aren't official guys. I know GW says they are official, but I don't think the company that makes the stuff knows what they are talking about so I am going to enforce my own rules on you that you can't argue with because I am one of the only people you know that plays and if I don't play you, then you don't play!"
So, they just call everything Codex: "New Thing"

Pretty bold to say a Codex isn't official.

>> No.30615172

>More Legionfag tears

Bravo, GW.

>> No.30615190

I think the difference is that GW isn't going to upkeep all those things. Previous supplements were basically codexes on their own that just tagged on the side of the parent codex, and they had all those WD lists, etc.

The current supplement and dataslate stuff is just the same codex units with extra rules. If you lose them, they're still usable as regular codex units. They just give you an extra flavor or the ability to take models you already own with your army. I'm more inclined to think people who already have Tau would field the riptide with broadsides dataslate with another army, rather than someone buying those models just for dataslate to use with their army. And inquisitorial codex is more about enabling one to field the old Witch Hunters with Sisters without having to buy a GK codex and use Corteaz.

I doubt the next edition codexes are going to keep those things. We'll get a whole new ones for whole new units.

>> No.30615264


It could also be a reference to the Eye of Terror, there is a Keeper of Secrets in the Tyranid codex that refers to itself and other daemons as "children of the eye", though that could also just be referring to Slaanesh in particular.

>> No.30615345

>not acknowledging the spiritual liege of all CSM
>not despairing over the fact you can never be the Best Legion

A pox upon thee!

>> No.30615853

You're a fucking faggot.

When different Companies of Imperial Fists play differently than two separate Legions of Chaos Space Marines, there's a clear disparity in the rules, and all we want is a competently executed fucking nod to the fact that, while the Legions aren't marching in ordered unison tens of thousands strong, there are clearly warbands in the fluff formed of specific Legions who take their cues from the organization they derive their lineage from.

Go gargle loyalist semen some more. Cunt.

>> No.30615910

Still waiting for this cuntlicking Long War supplement though. And in the meantime we got the FUCKING CRIMSON SLAUGHTER. The fuck horseshit bullshit is this.

>> No.30616045

That's why I came up with a system like Sagas. One of the options is Dirty Fighter. Your Champions (of Chaos) don't have to accept or issue challenges. Further I was trying to come up with some nasty tricks if Dirty Fighters did accept challenges- can use Look Out Sir (dragging a buddy into it), a Rending S4 AP - attack for each model by which your unit outnumbers the enemy unit in assault (backstabbing bystanders), something like that.

>> No.30616317

Chaos Space Marine Attack Force ($205) contents have shown up

>Chaos Terminator Lord -1
>Chaos Terminators - 5
>Chaos Space Marines - 10
>Rhino - 1
>Raptors - 1
>Forgefiend - 1

Around $50 in savings

>> No.30616388

>all these inconsequential loyalist tears over a book that has been defunct for multiple fucking editions

>> No.30616413

>being a pushover little bitch who swallows with resignation whatever shit a company with an expensive product shovels into your face instead of standing up for yourself and demanding a better product

>> No.30616446

Howling madmen? Are you a fucking retard? Last time I checked the Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers among many others have pretty fuckin specific doctrines on how they go about The War Eternal you cocksucking newfag.

>> No.30616509

>Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers
>Not howling mad men

>> No.30616514

I don't like the flesh parts on the arms and legs. Otherwise they look pretty baller.

>> No.30616730

So just reboxes and no new actual models?
Or am I interpreting this wrong?

>> No.30616740

All the stuff I've red about IW got stuff like battle crazed maniacs just twistching to get a piece of the action, dudes rushing into battle with a warhound titan without a helmet, for the glory of the dark gods, dreadnoughts that need to be chained up and guided into battle, all sorts of monstrous fusions of flesh and machine, like all the stuff with the obliterator virus and battle engines that once unchained, turned on their masters.

From WB there's all manner of mutated madmen, ships with a mind of their own killing their own crew for lulz, and sorcerers so twisted and warped you can't tell where their flesh ends and their armour begins.

Yeah, totally reasonable Marines.

>> No.30616807

That's all you got. I'm not impressed. Besides the fact that there are very specific ways certain Legions fight any argument against a Legion supplement is invalid. You probably play Tau anyway you mongoloid sewer dweller.

>> No.30616856

They still use certain distinguishable tactics. Ok so my choice of words wasn't the best I'll agree.

>> No.30616870

the joke
your head.
(not even the guy you were replying to)

>> No.30616881

Besides the Helbrute, I mean.

>> No.30616888

>That's all you got. I'm not impressed.

What about Arkos, possessed Lord of the Alpha Legion who fought Azrael in glorious single combat?
How about Kernax Voldorius, daemon prince and Strikemaster of the Alpha Legion, who slaughtered billions for the glory of the dark gods?

>> No.30616890

Just the new helbrute but yes everything in red is just re-boxing

>> No.30617726


Pretty much, though this is only for this week and doesn't rule out Cultists/Plague Zombies, Chosen, Havocs, Long War supplement, etc.

Honestly the one thing I'm worried about is the Chaos Space Marines, if they're getting reboxed that's a potential sign that they aren't getting new sculpts at all or any time soon and of all the Chaos models they need a makeover in the new aesthetic the most, in my opinion their looks are probably one of the biggest drags on the army.

>> No.30618269

For a second I thought Crimson Slaughter would be World Eaters and Khorne Daemons, but nope, GW decides to dash my hopes once again.

>> No.30619106


That's you, you petulant child.

>> No.30619120

Hellbrutes are gross. Might as well call them fleshnaughts.

>> No.30619127

Good. For the love of anything at all, please leave and. We hate you being here more than you hate GW. That should put things in perspective for you.

>> No.30619158

The rules are great. You know it, they know it. There are some mistakes, but so be it. Every PC game gets patched now and again too. Grow up.

>> No.30619231

Patches? Have you seen the faq? There are certain units that are basically unplayable! They have been criticized sense day one and still nothing has happened. The rules are terrible for 40k. Absolute crap.

>> No.30619450


Henry Zou's not even that bad, and Blood Gorgons was his best of the trilogy.

>> No.30619507

>b&w instead of based color

>> No.30619691


I remember when your entire Codex was just add-ons to the true chosen of the Gods. Everything you are now is what Chaos Marines used to tap as standard. When GW decides to trim Codexes again, it'll be yours subordinated back to where it belongs, under the bootheels of the Legions. Stay unstable, pleb.

>> No.30619864


And that's why his bitch ass will never write another Codex, and why his fuckmate Cavatore fled to Mantic. When AD-B even admitted the Gavdex was shit, that pretty much sank the ship for Thorpe except as a novelist.

>> No.30619893



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