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Taking requests and what not.

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I'd love some realistic foot-soldiers, if you have any.

Any race is fine.

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Sure, any preferred time period?

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/r/ing middle-aged bearded red-heads. Like pic related, for example, but not a photograph.

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Cowboy, Staff in one hand, revolver in the other. Staring down…something, I don't know. It's off-screen anywidget

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Requesting a picture I saw on one of these threads about a week ago. It was a Roman-style mech-suit looking deal. Done in gray coloring, I think.

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posting my Last golem from the last thread

please any requests?

You have any Monks that are not Kung Fu chinese monks?
Have some examples I already posted


I had some in another thread but that got deleted

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Probably a bit too specific, but...

Got any fantasy dwarves wearing gas masks?

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Sorry but I don't actually have any red heads.

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I'm not OP but this is the closest thing I have to what you want

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Not really- I'm cool with whatever you've got.

My antiquities folder is a little bare though, so if you've got barbarians and hoplites and legionnaires that'd be great

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Elf Monk work?

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I need modern art ver' bad; guys and gals in suits in particular.

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No problem, love antiquity

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All of my bearded redheads seem to be barbarians/in fur for some reason.

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Any Race is fine I just like guys that look to be Boxers or Wrestlers
I will post more examples

I love this Muay Thai Monk
Imagine in DnD a village of skinny bad ass that just train kickboxing all day listening to this

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those are the only examples of what I mean I think

anyone have any requests?

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Bar fighting priest because why not?

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And this is my last one

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Was hoping for more Fantasy stuff but this is pretty awesome

great idea for a WOD game

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Hmmm no dwarf pics like that but I have this

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Chinese antiquity!

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Ooh, that's awesome as well, thanks.

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shit like this is awesome thank you!
any more?

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My pleasure anon. Sadly the last of my antiquity pics, also no more monks. Any other requests?

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My monk folder's a bit devoid of non-Chinese style monks, but I'll see what else I've got

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>Medieval weight training
top lel
Please post as much as you got

Please I would be happy to return the favor
is there anything you want?

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thats some Koei shit right?

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I don't need any pictures, no, but feel free to fill other's requests if you can

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I require post-human fantasy alchemists!

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well please
anyone in this thread need anything?

I may have a FEW
not a lot

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Lancers in heavy armor. Dragoons.

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Probably, definitely seems like Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Dumping a few mage/magus pictures until I get some more requests.

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That one I can do!

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And I think this is my last pugilist

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Any amount greater than zero shall do nicely.

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Bit of fantasy stuff

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Anyone have some tribal looking casters? Preferably female but I can do with some good shamans and shit.

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Christ man sorry
I have Wizards more then Alchemists
Cant help ya

anyone else got a request?

Koei Art has always been cool

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Sift through this one

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Too Modern but thank you for the effort

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these are all great, thank you.

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Last of my dragoon pics so I'm gonna continue with knights who by all rights SHOULD be on horses.

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Got any medieval average-looking paladins? As in, no wings or glowing holyfire swords or the like?

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No more requests?

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got any .. elven wizards and monks?

>> No.30593532

Got a couple

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I got ya
Christian Crusaders work?

Orc Hunters or Rangers?

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Bow-adin work?

Nothing that wasn't posted in the last thread, sorry.

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damn thats a shame

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Do you happen to have any non-human sumo type characters?

If not do you have anybody with non-organic wings/gliders?

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Last non-shiny paladin I got.

>> No.30593675

Got any Spear weilding Female Halflings? Preferably of the scale mail wearing type?

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Got any tired dudes
or guys after a fight?

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Wait, got one more with the best Paladin of all.

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I could use a Thayan wizard. Being a dark skinned (fuck canon, they're egyptian) and bald wizard. Plus points for tattooed scalps.

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Closest I got, might be tired might be praying.

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>Saving Crusaders in my Fantasy Folder
suck it christfags

Cheers anyway

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Last I'm dumping for now, gotta get some food. Might be back later.

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I need girls!
Girls with electric guitars!
Preferably blonde with black sharp-looking guitars, but I"m not actually that picky.

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I would like to build a character based on this image, in pathfinder, what would be the best way to do that? Fighters are a tad weak, but could other classes do it adequately? I suppose Paladin would be ok, but I wouldnt like to be constrained by the lawful good alignement, unless that doesnt exist in pathfinder

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Tired doesnt have to be physically tired
could also be
>Ive seen some shit
kind of tired
also its hard to find low key Paladins

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Travelling Paladins is always fun too

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awesome man

>> No.30593943

I only have these two images, and neither of them are quite what I want.

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>> No.30594004

this works for the tired look as well as Paladin

>> No.30594005

If my character has armor that is oozing shadows and has black feathered demon wings and a glowing magical weapon, all completely by accident (I'm playing a good guy), should I get bonuses to my intimidate checks?

>> No.30594042


Well is that a bonus thats on the actual armor?
if not discuss with your GM

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>> No.30594125

/r/ing explorers. Not necessarily any class, but characters who look prepared to be the first to explore some ruin or dugneon

>> No.30594150


I will be happy to post some if the guy looking for Paladins wants me to stop

>> No.30594165

Got any good crossbowmen pics?

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Thanks a whole bunch for the paladin pics- I got enough now <3

>> No.30594251

Neat looking skeletons would be nice.

I'm going to play as a skeleton paladin, who's unaware he's a skeleton soon.

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human druids puhleez!

>> No.30594277

>> No.30594287

eh fuck Paladins
gonna post explorers

I would have posted them all but I try to help everyone I can

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>the fuck am I reading?

>> No.30594333

Medieval? What was that characters name again...

>> No.30594369

I guess no one has any pictures of girls with guitars?
I'm playing a warlock who uses an enchanted guitar, so I would really find them handy.

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Hunters can be Adventurers right?

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I think Magic Arrows are a bit overkill when hunting Elk

>> No.30594614


Have you seen the size of the elk out here?! It might as well be dire.

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>> No.30594665


You got a point
but wouldnt magic damage the meat and pelt?
Is magic contagious at all or maybe change the taste?

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>> No.30594706


It just tingles a little with each bite. No biggie.

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>> No.30594755


that cant be safe

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Requesting some trolls.

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>> No.30594820

Anyone have some exotic mount art?

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>> No.30595041

But, my dear man, for a WoD game you use THIS

>> No.30595080

Sweet! A culture I'm conceiving at the moment has their cavalry mounted on bipedal dragons not unlike the one in this picture.
I wonder why it's called a dragoon though. Dragoons were named after the weapon they used, a small wheellock fireweapon.

>> No.30595111


>Not using your True Faith as a catholic priest to repel devil spawn

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>> No.30595270


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>> No.30595368

Look a bit like Tommy Lee Jones.

>> No.30595378

Dwarven archers are awesome. I have no idea why dwarves always have to suck in ranged combat.
I think crossbows would be most fitting.

>> No.30595432


Or guns
depending on what kinda game your playing

>> No.30595464


It is the short, stocky and underground thing. Really unfortunate unless your setting makes them nomads like halflings.

>> No.30595584

Thats all of my Low Key adventurers
any other requests?

>> No.30595618

Being short isn't necessarily bad in ranged combat, since you're harder to hit for your opponent.
Even if they live underground, dwarves are seen on the surface and in combat often enough. So why shouldn't they use and become proficient with bows, crossbows and powder weapons?
You could argue that dwarves probably have bad eyesight, but that is not necessarily so - for example, Warcraft 3 even had dwarf sharpshooters.

>> No.30595627

I have a few

>> No.30595662


>> No.30595676


You are more likely to see close combat in caves and underground. Too much risk for arrows over that kind of terrain. Being short is a hindrance for bows. You cannot see your target.

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>> No.30595752

Something a little more vibrant

>> No.30595791

Three for the price of one, even

>> No.30595801

Yes, that's true. I just wanted to say that I see no reason for dwarves not using ranged weapons when fighting on the surface. Doing that underground would make very little sense though, except if it's a really big cave.

>> No.30595822

Let me know when to stop or if you have another request.

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>> No.30595853


Oh for sure. I like the idea of crossbows and gunpowder. Usually my settings hold that only dwarves have it and they keep it secret.

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>> No.30595891


>> No.30595910

Think I'm about spent on trolls

>> No.30595930

Since I had some hardware issues with my main PC (where most of my shit was stored), I decided to create a few minus folders where I could easily store character art until I got my files back. I've wanted to share said folders here for quite a while, but never found the right opportunity. So... here it is. Hope you guys dig it.

Misc.: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/mbs38SrqDewLMo
Modern: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/mVqTsmkY1Y19g
Sci-fi: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/mbxwy7kTTrpKTk
Post Apocalyptic: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/mbmozpNqEPv2vl
Star Wars v1: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/mLssqQekUf5qJ
Star Wars v2: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/mXuoSL1l3YaI1
Steampunk: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/m2pSCDWw1j74O

BONUS: http://vivisectionist.minus.com/mbtWBfqjLduWx2

>> No.30595946

Anyone have any female brawlers? Preferably ones that look ready for a streetfight.

>> No.30595972

oh shit dude these are bad ass

>> No.30596001

Oh hey, found one more. Hope this was helpful

>> No.30596054


>> No.30596077

These work for you? My collection is a bit lacking in fist fighters.

>> No.30596081

Anyone have anything befitting a hobo wizard? The sort of wizard who can do rogue-type things, as well as shoot lasers?

>> No.30596092

lets see what I got for trolls...

>> No.30596131


This one's perfect, thanks.

>> No.30596134

Something zoomed in, maybe?

>> No.30596173

Glad I could help

Fantasy hobo or space hobo?

>> No.30596175


>> No.30596194

this is a bit more modern
hope you like it

>> No.30596218

is there a way to change the page? Or at the bottem is all the pics you have

again these are awesome

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>> No.30596231



>> No.30596243


>> No.30596259

this one's awesome, thanks!

>> No.30596260


>these women will never take advantage of me sexually

Truly I live in a hell

>> No.30596293

>not going to an MMA gym
I wrestled with my Coaches wife and she kicked my ass
I never would think of her in a sexual way but it was pretty exciting
I really want my qt Martial Arts gf

>> No.30596311


Nigga i can't wrestle or anything like that

I just want a girlfriend who is dominant in bed
is that so wrong

>> No.30596315


>> No.30596329


Could be worse. These guys could be taking advantage of you sexually


>> No.30596332

>i can't wrestle
thats why you learn
its also fun as fuck

>Not wrestling Naked and the loser gets to choose how they fuck

>> No.30596354

So be it

No. No there isn't.

>> No.30596416

Might be the last one I have for this specific request but I'll keep digging.

>> No.30596436


All good bro, I appreciate anything you've got

>> No.30596444

Portraits work?

>> No.30596445

Thanks for the pics dude, good stuff.

>> No.30596495

I'm basically just posting dwarves now.

>> No.30596526


>> No.30596549

Can anyone here draw gnolls?

>> No.30596574

Looks like that's it. Hope you see something that works.

>> No.30596692

Could we have some Functional Military dudes?

Could be Medieval/fantasy
Modern Military
or Sci Fi soldiers

>> No.30596702

Could I get some male Drow art that isn't really common or cliche?

Also this may be hard, but what about Grippli? (Froglok from Everquest).

>> No.30596822

Define cliche.

>> No.30596843


>> No.30596850

Anyone have bounty hunters who take in their targets alive? Loots of manacles nets nonlethal stuff...

>> No.30596870

That's fair to middlin', pardner.

>genera nDosedo

I lol'd

>> No.30596901

Does anyone have brown-skinned female elves?

>> No.30596956

She a blood mage? Love me some blood mages. Dragon Age made then well.

>> No.30597368


> tfw I have a picture of a blonde-haired witch with a black V.
> tfw image limit has been reached.

I just wanted to help out. ;_;

>> No.30597413

How about we get something that looks like it's fresh from a Metal Gear Solid game?

>> No.30597667

Start another Character Image thread m8, I would appreciate it

>> No.30598177


I badly fucked up bridging these two threads together. Turns out I only need two ">"s, not three.

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