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Confess your deepest darkest /TG/ secrets ITT.

CthulhuTech is my favorite RPG system, I still think the metaplot is shit.

Please forgive me /tg/, cyberpunk and Lovecraft are too cool NOT to mix together.

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I roll stats like a billion times in Baldur's Gate

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I've never played an RPG before but I post on/browse /tg/ daily.


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That's the vast majority of people who post here, nothing to be ashamed of.

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I enjoyed warhammer high and harem knightsOr at least a substantial portion of their content.

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I have stolen over ₤5000 worth of miniatures over the past year alone.

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Alright here goes.

I fucked my GM's mother when I was in college. She was a chubby, out-of-shape woman, but for some reason she completely turned me on. She also gave me his bike, which was cool because it meant I didn't have to use the subway anymore. I regret the sex though because she smelled like menopause and cheap wine. He never found out about the sex or the bike.

They're overrated. /tg/ is a chill place though. Just hanging around, scratching our neckbeards thoughtfully, talking about whether or not kobolds lay eggs.

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I've spent countless hours working on an ERP D&D game in which the players are tasked with defending and increasing production at a holstaurus dairy farm. Freemartin futa, springers needing to breed, heifers needing to get their milk going again, eunuch steers as town-guards, catfolk raiders as the game's goblins who always want to steal the cream, jealous minotaur bull as BBEG... never going to run it for anyone but damn--if it wasn't so pervy I swear it'd be a good game.

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If it's a fantasy game like Dungeons and Dragons I almost always ask to play a lizardman character or a kobold.
I also houserule the halfling race out of games and replace them with kobolds.
Of course this doesn't count for fantasy settings that are explicitly human only, and if the GM says no then I'll make a standard character.

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You're gross.

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#1 I liked Ward before it was okay. I also think, that while he probably is the worst GW writer, /tg/ is vastly overrating over Cruddace.

#2 I reroll damage damage a lot in my RPGs, either to prevent the boss from slaying one of my players, or because I don't think he did enough damage to them.

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>Fucking the mothers of people you know

These are the basic rules of society you're breaking here.

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I really love the endland rpg, because I can force my players to play charakters, who got srsly mental issues like nekrophilia/pedophilia and so on.

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>I reroll damage damage a lot in my RPGs, either to prevent the boss from slaying one of my players, or because I don't think he did enough damage to them.
As long as the two are in balance, you net out to neutral. If you want to equalize damage, just give your monsters larger pools of smaller dice for their damage.

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>#2 I reroll damage damage a lot in my RPGs, either to prevent the boss from slaying one of my players, or because I don't think he did enough damage to them.

That's perfectly acceptable.

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yeah, what a motherfucker!

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I hate my group.

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I would be okay playing this.

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I'm trying to convince my gf to start playing.
The system of my choice is FATE

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What if he's your GM?

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I don't play Magic but I post in custom card threads.
Also, I don't think Deadpool is funny.

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That's perfectly normal.

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Sorry, what I meant to say was >I ate my group.

I killed them and ate them because I was tired of their shit.

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That's perfectly normal.

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Second, I'd play this. Sounds well-developed.

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I always pick factions to play in tabletop games based mostly off their fluff. I hold no hope of winning, but I still try to go for something that's a bit more 'distinct' than most.

I hate Games Workshops and its prices, but I know an FLGS that has tables for both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.

Worst of all, I try to have fun while playing games, and try to get my opponent to have fun too.

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I've been in this hobby for more than ten years, played a variety of games and settings. My most successful campaign, where players got the most involved with their characters and the setting? Dungeons the Dragoning 40K 7th Edition.

I have never played a dedicated caster.

I've allowed myself to be shamed out of running 2 short Quests for /tg/. Regardless of the potential quality of scorn, to quit without trying is the highest cowardice and I feel shame.

I've got a homebrew Space Marine Chapter half-assembled and painted but lost steam once I realized I'd have to figure out terrain. They've been staring at me for the last six months, with their beady, miniature eyes.

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You sound depressed.

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I'm running a completely ad-lib campaign for my players. I prepare nothing up front, and roll stuff in front of them while talking about what I and they would like to see.
It started as a couple of fast dungeon crawls and it became a zombie apocalypse mixed with the awakening of an evil god, while they have to organize a colonization effort to another continent.

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If there was ever a tabletop I could play that catered, or at least included my fetishes/kinks I'd be playing it one-handed. Shame I'm too neckbear to actually interact with people.

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>I've allowed myself to be shamed out of running 2 short Quests for /tg/.

Hey me too. High five brother.

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It's a confessions thread, the subject material tends to be a little dour.

I loved the hell out of that DtD campaign though. It probably helped that I had enough experience to recognize where most of the mechanics and setting details were pulled from.

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I write smut about my players' characters regularly.

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>not filling the board with more quests

It was the right decision.

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>Shame I'm too neckbear to actually interact with people.
If you were socially competent enough to interact with people you wouldn't even consider wanking at the table.

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I've not done a LARP game in a decade.
I've not done a TT RPG game in 17 years,
I last bought a wargaming figure 8-9 years ago,
I last played a GW boardgame at least a decade ago.

and yet I read /tg/ pretty much every other day and contribute in threads.

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What if they were drawn quests with sprites and animated .gifs and COLOR and people enjoyed it?

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What universe is this mechanical thing from?

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>Not eating them alive.
It's like you /want/ to be a scrub.

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I've been playing for six, seven years now, and I've never bought a book. All piracy, all the time. At first I told myself I was just trying before I buy, that I'd support the industry eventually, but at a certain point I realized I had pdfs of enough rule sets that I'd probably never be able to play them in one lifetime, and I really don't give a shit if the industry withers and dies...

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>If you were socially competent enough to interact with people you wouldn't even consider wanking at the table.

I'm dying from laughter.

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It's the Chernov from Pacific Rim.

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/tg/, when is it ever a good time to question the level progression in a campaign, specifically Play-by-Post?

I ask because I'm currently in a campaign that's all about the "you're going to be a BADASS and do AWESOME THINGS!" With long-term goals that range from conquering kingdoms and killing dragons.

Except we're level 1, and after an RL month have not accrued a single point of XP.

Is it a good idea to outright ask the DM if he's got something planned, or we're going to be stuck in the 1-4 range for the next year or two?

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It's just an outlet for people who want to story time with some audience participation, Chief. Given the trouble some of us have finding a group, is it really surprising the format's so popular?

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It could be worse.

I've run two quests and got allot of positive feedback, only to be filled with ennui and abandon them.

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>not turning your group into meatbread
Why do you the "meat" in the name remains unspecified?

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This isn't an advice thread, this is a confession thread!

Sabotage the GM's campaign, cause him to commit suicide, then come back and confess these things to us.

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Despite my constant "grr I am an evil DM" gestures, I really like my players and love it when they succeed

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Good idea!

I have some leftovers in the freezer. I can make up some meatbread and serve it to my new group.

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I wouldn't quite say they're overrated, but they're really only fun if you play them with friends, or people that have awesome creative abilities.

You guys convinced me to pick up Dungeon World and I absolutely love it. Got my book, and my party, and some dice. And you have entertainment for years.

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Barely acceptable.
Don't point a gun at something if you're not prepared to pull the trigger.

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I enjoy playing child characters.
That's not my confession.
My confession is that, in any game I play I search through the books and fluff to try and find a way to make a child character who makes sense given the setting. I don't always play them, but I usually have one made.

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You should make it a mission to play all of the characters from The Goonies.

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10/10, would play

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Everytime I run a session of my zombie campaign, I let the players know that not all of the characters will make it out alive. That they should be thinking of new characters in the event that their current character dies. I tell them that it's going to be a harsh gritty unforgiving game full of hard decisions and moral quagmires.

It's four sessions in and not a single PC has died.

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I once killed a PC because I found out that he had complained on /tg/ about having a shit group, when all he would do during sessions was sit on the fringes, refuse to help during anything, and then whined about not being useful.

I admit it felt good to be an evil That DM, but I regret it because he was a good friend, and seemed genuinely upset at losing his character, and didn't come back for a few weeks.

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Once had a 4e game where the Adventurer’s Guild was a prominent and established institution in the campaign city. Had about a half dozen Guild Heads, each with their own interests and politics, and a seventh who was never seen and only voted to break ties. The Seventh was a Drow and kept out of sight to keep from messing with the Guild’s PR, but was responsible for handling the Guild’s spycraft and less legitimate enterprises on the sly. The PC’s, for whatever reason, loved being in the guy’s pocket. He employed them in all manner of backstabbery and backroom politics, while treating them like mushrooms whenever his own agenda came up. They undermined their own Guild’s authority to recover artifacts of incalculable power from the Guild’s labs or vaults, all to put them in specifically in this Drow’s hands.

Really, the guy had enough Plot Artifacts to essentially do anything up to and including creating a demiplane of pleasure only he could get to and retiring forever. I never pulled the trigger on his inevitable betrayal because I couldn’t figure out a payoff big enough to justify it. The Group systematically betrayed everything and everyone who’d ever placed trust in them for nothing, and for a man who considered them little more than very effective tools. He didn’t even pay all that well.

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This is why you need to think things through. You should've forced his hand to become usefull instead of just killing his ass.

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I sometimes hide all the coasters so people become the monsters they so despise.

Please forgive me.

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I have become so good as empathizing with PCs that I actually cry when they go through hard times.

>Playing a game set during a war
>PC finds toddler walking around crying for parents
>He promises that he'll find her parents
>tfw she froze to death overnight while he was asleep

A few of the players and even the GM teared up a little.

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My GM has made me OP and now sessions bore the fuck outta me

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"Anon, you're not playing a bard. By your own admission you can't sing or play an instrument and the only time your recited poetry on open mic night you've turn to spaghetti."

3 of the other players in my group each have at least one sister. And I've gotten blown by all of them. Though sadly, never all three on the same day.

...as of yet.

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can some drawfag whip up a neckbear for us, please?

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I've been losing interest in PnP RPGs because I can only find three types of groups:
1) good game with flaky players
2) groups that want me to hold their hand through the story (whether I'm DM or another player)
and, 3) groups who only want to awkwardly roleplay their wish fulfillment power/sex fantasy

I have actually started to miss my old group of players, even if they were a bunch of goldfish minded magpies, 'cause they atleast invested themselves in the game

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I'm only here for /tgesg/ and a Teen Titans quest.

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from a previous thread

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I love the Golarion setting for Pathfinder but hate Pathfinder

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NOT the direction I was expecting it to go

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to be fair, it would still stymie social interact quite well

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Forgive me Father, for I know I can not.

I have started a /tg/ project and then vanished off the face of the earth. Without explaining to anybody why. I'm sorry to everybody that I made angry or sad for leading them on thinking /tg/ can get shit done. I'm sorry.

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You may as well tell us. Some closure is better than none.

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So you're the average Questfag

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>2004 was a decade ago
fuck, I feel old.
My confession: I always try to play as a holy paladin of LG god.

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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I really want to get into 40k
But I hate painting and assembling minis so I'd just get bluetable or someone to do it
also I did the math and it's cheaper, considering the above, to do cocaine for a decade than to get a full 2000pt army of spess muhreens done up for me

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I can't. At least at this moment. The shame is too much. I will say one thing though; I started it sometime last year.

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I'm almost always a support character because I'm afraid of my character dieing
Regardless of the context, personal skill, or the skill of others, I always find myself becoming a primary negotiator/"leader".

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Nigga, i spent maybe $200 on my Dark Angels, and I've got 3000 points. Get learnt.

I then proceeded to spend three times that amount on Tyranids in the months incoming and the months after the release. And god help me, shitty codex or not, they're still my favorite army that I like playing the most. Well, at least since 5e Dark Eldar where I could alpha-charge people turn 1 with Wyches and kill everything.

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yeah but I wanna buy vehicles and they are fucking expensive

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I have been temp banned somewhere over a hundred times in the last two years.

I had been banned a few times before, but ever since they changed their methods (by ignoring their own policies and deleting/banning on their own personal whims) I get banned 3-5 times a month, usually at stretches of a day or three.

I don't regret anything I've ever said, I've followed the rules as written, and I will adamantly call out the mods for abusing their powers.

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You fucking monster, go fucking kill yourself you stain on humanity.

Confession: I haven't played in years.

>> No.30594978

I write 40k fanfiction on a regular basis.

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True, but even then with a bit of bits-buying, some creativity, and a willingness to do the work, you can get 2-3 vehicles out of one kit.

TFW you spent $100 in casting materials and learning to make an extra Haruspex and save $60, but I used a $10 truck kit and bits to make all my predators.

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can you take some pics and show me this trickery maybe?

>> No.30595033

Nobody does.

>> No.30595075

Give me a few examples please.

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I don't get anime. I spent five years, in earnesty, trying to get it. I watched omnivorously, read manga, did the whole thing. I just fucking despise anime. And every time I get into a discussion where someone claims that I haven't tried or don't get it I just want to show them all of the attempts.

Seriously, probably wasted 1000 hours of my life to try to enjoy this schlock, and do not get it. The style, the tropes, the obsession of the average weeaboo just escapes me. And I look down on others for their enjoyment in the way I look down on people who want to fuck animals or children.

Also, I make money writing erotica under the pen name of two separate female authors, and paid for my car and the down payment of my mortgage through pretend.

>> No.30595113

Sure, gimme a sec. I've only got one and a shitty camera on hand, though.

>> No.30595128

What don't you like anime? I like high concept westernized anime like Cowboy Bebop or Attack on Titan because very fantastical things can happen over an entire series without the typical "ONII~CHAN UGUU!" bullshit that's just plain atrocious.

>> No.30595141

I don't fully see how that's /tg/ related
I'm very much a sore loser and have been trying the last 2 months be be less of one, as It truly hit me early February that I was one.

>> No.30595144

All the characters I've played in a TTRPG so far have felt at least mildly schizophrenic to me. This is probably because I'm still fairly new to roleplaying as well as something of a perfectionist, but I'm too scared to ask the more experienced roleplayers of the group for advice because I just know I'll mess it up somehow or come across as if I'm fishing for compliments.

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>> No.30595180

I'm usually an extremely loose interpreter of what is /tg/ related but even I must admit that this post was not in any way /tg/ related.

Talking about the universes or the characters of those universes from the animes would've been /tg/ related. But just flat out saying "DUH ANIME SUCKS COCKS" is not in any way /tg/ related.

>> No.30595198


It's just not in me. I watched Cowboy Bebop. I watched Akira, Record of the Lodoss War, Beserk, Samurai Champloo, and anything that was suggested. I went from comedy, to action, high and low concept. I watched anything I was given for at least 24 hours worth of viewing if material was available. I have a list somewhere of what I tried out, but pretty much anything available in the US around 2004-2009 that was subbed OR dubbed, because again, don't get the difference.

I just don't get it. And you just posted Stock Response #2 to any time I bring it up.

I even like the occasional cartoon series, but fuck. Anime just isn't for me.

>> No.30595216

I'm one of only two DM in my colleges RPG club and Have 60% of the members (12 in total) all playing in the same campaign because I'm to spineless to deny anyone entry. but to offset this I kill huge swaths off them at the beginning of each session so I don't have to deal with the huge number of people.

>> No.30595228

Anime isn't for everyone. You don't need to feel bad about it

>> No.30595260

What's stock response #1?

Also, can you explain WHY even westernized anime turns you off?

>> No.30595315

I know this does absolutely nothing for you, but here's one I did a while back. They're both one half of the old Rhino kit, then some cardboard filling the back and the bottom. There were enough door parts to finish that out the middle, then I borrowed some extra doors from a friend, and the front thorny ram jiggers - He never used them.
The extra sides are more cardboard, plus some extra tracks. and the duplicate side door jiggers. You can tell if you pick them up, but in shitty photos like this and from tabletop distance, they're pretty much the same.

They're red because I played Blood Angels when their codex was good, jumped to Dark Angels when they were cheap, and now am playing 'nids. I sell off my dudes every so often. I am the casual scum, but I swear it's because I prefer the modeling more than actually playing.

Jesus, I have a lot of these. See what you make me confess, anon?

>> No.30595327

Cowboy Bebop. It's anime for people who hate anime.

>> No.30595344

You sound a lot like me.

>> No.30595358

Yeah but what are some elements FROM anime that you detest? I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm being misled.

>> No.30595391


>insert random huffing/gurgling/choked laughter sound

Well, you've just not seen any GOOD anime.

Add a glasses-pushed-up-nose or quick shrug, maybe a wrap arms around front for good measure.

From a strictly aesthetic feel: It just looks cheap and slightly repetitive to me.

I also don't really get Dr. Who or Firefly. Just not for me, but when I mention it in most geek circles I get this look of the niece/nephew trying to comprehend the uncle who is suffering from dementia and just whipped his dick out at a social function.

I also never watched Star Wars but my dad was a huge Kurosawa fan and my mother watched a lot of Indian cinema bootlegs when I was growing up. Combine that with old chopsocky movies, horror, episodic sci-fi from the 60s-80s... Maybe it is some kind of gap generational thing from slightly older parents?

>> No.30595399

>I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm being misled.
>implying I'm the same poster
On an anonymous imageboard, you should probably not assume that successive posts are the same person.

>> No.30595407

Anon, don't fall for it, just state your confession, I mean his "confession" had fuck all to do with /tg/.

>> No.30595412

See, I find this odd, because each of those Anime are different genre, concept, and style. I mean, Anime is a shitty-ass descriptor for a genre, it's like saying Movies or Bollywood or prime-time TV.

Then again, I fucking hate WATCHING anime because it gets on my nerves after a while, but I really like reading Manga. No shitty filler, no shitty voices, and it moves at the pace I can flip the pages. This confuses my anime friends who seem to adore filler arcs and when I say I have no fucking clue who the Bounts are they get upset.

>> No.30595425

I enjoy torturing psychologically my players characters.

>> No.30595473

Don't worry, I consider most movies and media from the last 20 years shitty too. The recent styles of storytelling and dramatic tension turn me the fuck off - Give me another Maltese Falcon, The Thing, fuck, I"m even starting to miss Godzilla movies. And please, stop having your protagonists whine so much. It's not dramatic the thirty bajillionth time around.

>> No.30595497

I feel so bad for you anon. It's okay though, there's some good live action shows out there for you to watch.

>> No.30595508

>I also never watched Star Wars
I'm honestly torn between pity and envy.

>> No.30595544


Why? I only pity him. My adult friend looked at the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time a few months ago and he was infinitely underwhelmed. Star Wars is magical when you're a child, it's harder to penetrate the cynical, cold, adult heart.

>> No.30595574


I honestly watch a good amount of documentaries, read, and a lot of premium channel stuff. Also have developed a recent feel for sports, so a lot of rugby union stuff, boxing, and MMA.

And I'd rather just read a lot of the time. Completed the Western Canon, now going through a list of the top 50 translations of Indian classics my mother found copies of when I did a visit over the holidays and getting some ideas. Getting into Kalki, a Tamil author and kind of a big deal. Interesting stuff.

So good.

>> No.30595590

>my dad was a huge Kurosawa fan
Rashomon or Seven Samurai?
>I really like reading Manga.
Here's my recommendation list
>Vagabond (biography of Miyamoto Musashi)
>Slam Dunk (high school basketball)
>Planetes (blue-collar astronauts collecting orbital junk)
>Bakuman (manga about manga)
>20th Century Boys (conspiracies)
>Onani Master Kurosawa (masturbation addict gets real friends)
>Molester Man (guy gets mistaken for a molester by a pretty girl, asks 2chan for help)
>Shamo (psychopath kills his parents, learns how to fight in prison)
>Old Boy (where have you been if you don't know the plot of this one?)
>Tonari no Seki-kun (some shit-head keeps playing with weird games during class; /tg/'s favorite manga)
>One Punch Man (guy decides to be a superhero, trains at a really low level, becomes so powerful he can kill any enemy in a single hit, gets bored because there's no challenge anymore)

>> No.30595596

>It just looks cheap and slightly repetitive to me.
Well, that's a perfectly valid (and usually accurate) complaint. I dunno. Guess it's just a personal taste deal. Maybe a little bit of culture clash, seeing as your media experience seems to be about 20 years out of sync with popular culture.

He never felt the pain of the prequels. Personally, if I have to choose between something that starts great but ends badly or watching nothing at all, then I'll pick nothing.

>> No.30595623

>He never felt the pain of the prequels.

The prequels were a fucking disappointment but they're not canon as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.30595641

>but they're not canon as far as I'm concerned.
>as far as I'm concerned
>implying your opinion matters

>> No.30595667

>Implying reality is not the domain of the mind

To me, only MY opinion matters.

>> No.30595683

I hate quest threads, builders, and civ threads. All of them make me angry for some reason. Also I unrepentantly troll quest threads that do not include "quest" in the subject line. To date I have probably killed at least a dozen of them.

>> No.30595695

Good, they're a fucking disease.

>> No.30595720

The Phantom Menace was a strangely-titled 30 OVA on podracing. The Clone Wars was an hour-long tech demo for large-scale battle CGI. That's both of the prequels and that's all there is to them. This is objective fact.

>> No.30595744

I hate 40k fanboys, sure I get that some people enjoy it, but fuck if they aren't some of the shittiest apologists for shit fluff and shit crunch this side of 3.Finder faggots.

>> No.30595748


But I do watch plenty of current television, I was discussing my formative viewing period to try to find something that makes me just not care about anime in any form.

>> No.30595792

>I hate quest threads, builders, and civ threads. All of them make me angry for some reason.
Personally I don't see what the big deal is. I don't particularly like quests, outside of maybe two that were decent archival reads, and I don't participate in any, but I don't think it's a big issue.

>Also I unrepentantly troll quest threads that do not include "quest" in the subject line.
This however is perfectly fine. Liking something I don't like is one thing, but it's common courtesy to let us hide it. If they refuse to comply with convention, then they can fuck right off.

>> No.30595938

Western live-action TV has a wider, more dynamic audience, so it goes through development cycles and theme phases more quickly. Anime has a smaller, more rigid audience mostly located in a tradition-bound nation, so they tend to me more formulaic. You just don't particularly care for their formula or artstyle, which are both perfectly valid opinions to hold, especially after having watched a considerable amount.

>> No.30596100

That actually sounds rather fun.

>> No.30596164

The fluff and crunch are both AWFUL. I'm a rabid fanboy and even I can admit this.

It's just so fun though!

>> No.30596357

I want to fuck Gropey
He knows and does enough to be an arrogant asshole... But he's hot and has confidence.
It makes me feel dirty.

>> No.30596486

I actually used to collect the banning messages, because it served as proof of their blatant disregard for their own rules.

But, once I hit fifty, I just realized it was sad.

I mean, I love /tg/. I love you guys.
But holy fuck do I hate the mods here.

>> No.30596544

>inb4 ban

post more examples

>> No.30596599

That reminds of the ban I caught for calling out a meme that the mods were trying to force, that shit with the fake Kromgol character sheets.

>> No.30596660

Was there ever an actually good Doctor Who RPG? I've looked at a few extensively but they don't seem worth learning.

Doctor Who = Star Trek + Hitchhikers Guide + Twilight Zone + MacGuyver.

Despite being the greatest show in the universe, it's also the worst.

Why couldn't Moffat have been the one to regenerate?

sometimes I lie awake at night worrying that he's gonna cross it over with Sherlock

You know he would

>> No.30596689

You too?

I wish to call you brother.

>> No.30596707

He would too. Just imagine the tumblr girls going apeshit over a guest appearance by Benadryl Crunderdunder.

>> No.30596748

I just feel personally insulted at his writing and seeing my favourite show turned quickly into something I hate. When do I say enough is enough?

I need a hug /tg/

Favourite stuff turning to shit stories? New codexes, editions, spinoffs, etc

>> No.30596804

>Favourite stuff turning to shit?
ME3. 'nuff said.

>> No.30596835

I didnt play the series but even I felt that one

>> No.30596857

Please post more.

>> No.30596880

You should be ashamed. Are you a ca/tg/irl?

>> No.30596913

>/tg/ confessions Anonymous 03/02/14(Sun)13:44 UTC-6 No.30589

Despite all my attempts at GMing (and I am forever GM). The best campaign I ever ran was a completely improv Star Wars game where I didn't even bother to learn the rules of the force (Since I thought the rules were stupid).

In short, everyone started out in a bar on Courosant, and it became Grandtheft Auto - Star Wars edition.

I am usually a rule whore, and a simulationalist. I am still trying to learn the balance between imrpov and preparation. I have been gming for about a decade now.

>> No.30597003

I lost my handful of ban pics when my hard drive shot craps. The fucker that banned me for Kromgol doubled up the ban. He hit me for three days and and the at 12:01am of the day I was unbanned I was re-banned for another 3 days. He did it as two 3 day bans so I could not appeal them. I actually talked to m00t in IRC about that and that mod did get a rebuke for it as I had no post in the logs at that time.

>> No.30597040

>handful of images

>lost them all
>except this one

>> No.30597104

Those are two different people.
Learn to read you fucking moron.

>> No.30597226

He's probably the Zelda RPG fag.

>> No.30597376

I have a hard time focusing on one single idea for a game for a long period of time. I just get bored. Yet I am Forever GM because noone runs anything I want to play really. Most stuff around here is 40k (which I have no interest in) and d20 variants (mostly Pathfinder and 3.5) which I have no interest in playing.

>> No.30597449

Story time, motherfucker

>> No.30597538

Not that guy (I haven't been banned in several years) but I have a couple that I saved from other people. Mostly because they were funny.

>> No.30597592

It's only a matter of time until you find friends to play traditional games with and have fun

>> No.30597617

I like your style, anon.

>> No.30597637

I don't like standard fantasy or sci-fi. I like post-apocalypse without mutations

>> No.30597660

>pterodactyl porn
I know that movie

>> No.30597661

I forgot a modifier on purpose so a party member would perma die. I did it because he ate the last brownie.

>> No.30597714


>> No.30597768

I got banned once cause I said "mah nigga" to an anon I agreed with. That kind of sucked.

>> No.30597799

That sucks so hardcore.

>> No.30597822

I have no idea whether this one is real, and there's basically no way for anyone to know for sure. Unfalsifiability is magic.

>> No.30597837

What an asshole mod.

>> No.30597856

To be honest that CP thread probably didn't go past 30 post before OP was banned, tracked by the FBI, and prison raped/

>> No.30597997

I have an unresolved distaste for most of the people I know outside the internet that claim to be "nerds" or "geeks". Especially when they ask me to explain something, then have their eyes glaze over as I try and explain something past a sentence or two.

I printed out all the stuff to try and play classic battletech a few years ago, found someone who'd be willing to try it, then got depressed one day over something and just chucked it all.
Which is good, because after trying that simulation of the game on my shit-top, it would have been agony to do all that shit by hand.

I read through the GURPS basic rulebook like, 8 times, and have never used any of the information in it. I probably never will.

I'm still trying to get over feeling like I'm bothering someone if I just try and send them a message out of the blue.

The only meaningful RPing, and only "tabletop RPG" experience, I've ever participated in was pony-related, because I knew some people into that kind of thing and they wanted me to try it. T'was all over irc, not face to face thankfully.
I had fun. Never thought I'd pretend to be a shapeshifter pretending to be a 12 year old, give my party trust issues, have a horrible identity crisis, then get mindraped by a shadow monster.

>> No.30598055

i got kicked out of a gaming group because i kept eating bits of paper(kind of a fetish) and it freaked people out.

>> No.30598060

Just recently got my first ban for discussing, in detail, my first masturbation experience. Wholly deserved, and I thought it was pretty funny too.

To keep this on-topic enough to avoid a second ban, I doubt this is uncommon, but I love the ideas of my games more than the games themselves, most of the time. "This enemy will be so cool to fight!" "Oh man, that's a fantastic subplot," stuff like that.

Also I account for player agency, and avoid railroading these days, but I'm scared to try player-driven stories. Mostly because I don't trust their ability to drive a plot without me.

>> No.30598118

That makes no sense to me. Its not even that weird.

>> No.30598324

They probably thought you were some sort of sex pervert.

>> No.30598333

a paper eating fetish isn't weird? its not especially gross, but it is definately weird.

Also, practicing your fetish in front of people is also REALLY weird.

>> No.30598386

I included monstergirls in my games. I played them off non-sexually.

I GM'd a game for my friends that doesn't use any rules except for roll some dice and based on the result, I make up the next event.

I have participated in ERP. I am not sorry. The GM was very good and we had a nice balance between basic gaming and sexy times. Too bad he disappeared.

I flaked on a group once. Granted it was more of a murderhobo game and not even a fun murderhobo game.

There were a couple times where I metagamed.qq

>> No.30598396

he was likely jerking off while eating

>> No.30598506

Okay, fine I'll concede that it is weird. But enough to freak people out? They must not have liked him very much for one reason or another, cus being the weird guy who eats paper is not a kickable offense, in my opinion.

>> No.30598674

He described it as a fetish, not a habit or an idiosynchrocy. A fetish.

That means he was being sexual while eating the paper. No matter how he tried to hide it, arousal shows in your body language, eyes, breathing, everything.

He may as hell have been jerking off under the table.

>> No.30598705

I don't get it either. Unless they knew it was a fetish thing, or he started gnawing on someone else's rulebook.

>> No.30598796

I find Human men fucking female Dragons extremely hot. Never let it into my games though. Any sites with this kind of sickfuckery?

>> No.30598869

none that I know of. But I feel the same

>> No.30598941


>Playing a human fighter with charisma 14, highest in party, aww yeah
>Find and underground ruined city
>has a hidden temple, Half silver dragon enchantress is hiding out
>she hasn't left in years and is very pent up
>I can tell from her body language she wants the D, so I give her the eyes
>she gets flustered and invites the party to dinner, and to stay the night
>drags me off seperately when everyone else goes to bed, she has been in human form the whole time, but has told me she is a half dragon
>ask her if she can keep the tail and scales
>this, apparently, is a very good idea to her
>roll for amazing sex, leave this dragon a quivering puddle of scaly pleasure
>next week when we get the group back together, DM makes everyone but me roll 4 listen checks
>party immediately knows my night went well
>also, new plot hooks

was a good session

>> No.30599054

>see this post
>look at the poster of Tali above my monitor
>cry a little

>> No.30599100

sounds like you could get an online game running if you wanted to
why not?

>> No.30599276

>replaying ME3
>assault Cerberus base
>kill that obnoxious Kai Length fucktard. Only Renegade action throughout whole three game run.
>Waifu comes to meet me in my quarters before return to Earth.
>switch off console at the end of the scene

...and then Shepherd and his comrades saved the galaxy from the Reaper threat, with the help of all the varied races whose differences he helped work through.
The End.

>> No.30599542

Wait, what actually happens?

>> No.30599672

Shepherd dies. The relays are all destroyed, and either the reapers are destroyed or Shepherd 'melds' with them and gets them to leave. Your shipmates all get stranded on some planet, which likely means that Tali and Garrus starve due to a lack of dextro-amino food.

>> No.30599693

Don't forget the kid/god/whateverthefuckheis

>> No.30599726

So no more lightspeed? Suddenly, galaxy wide commerce is just gone, with no way of restoring it in the foreseeable future, and the two best characters in the game die?

Good end.

>> No.30599729

Okay here goes
I don't even play tabletops anymore, haven't for years, I stay for the world buildingand the lizardman threads

>> No.30599837

Oh yeah, forgot about that bit.

I mean, Shepherd spends 3 games finding solutions to problems that work for *everyone*, but at the last, this projection of the citadel (or whatever the fuck it is) tells Shep he can choose exactly one choice out of three shit options, all of which fuck over the galaxy in various ways.

And then hundreds of years later, 'the Shepherd' is a legend to people living on a planet illustrated by a desktop background.
10/10 GOTY.

>> No.30599854

When I DM, I always make encounters with the requirement that they be very likely to kill/injure the party so that they have to actually think rather than murderhobo

>> No.30599911

Shit End. You've spent three games trying to get people to work out their problems, and finding solutions to problems to help everyone, yet at the end, you get, at best, a victory that dicks over everyone. Not to mention all of the unresolved plot lines to do with "dark energy".

>> No.30599982

I think that somebody up top decided to rush the writers because that was top drawer mystery, I really wanted to see where that went.

My confession: I play more =I=28mm than I do any other /tg/ related material

>> No.30600018

Go on...

Oh dear gods, what did I just ask

>> No.30600081

>and the lizardman threads
Ma nigga

>> No.30600140

Seconded, Lizard/snake people master race

>> No.30600198

Hell yes

>> No.30600245

I have only ever played with a group that /tg/ would consider the worst kind of that guys, some choice quotes from the games:
"I rape the corpse with my 7 dicks"
"My Wizard isn't wearing armor, does that mean he's naked?"
"My Wizard's name is Wizturd"
And you know what? It wasn't some great RP but I still managed to have fun with my friends

>> No.30600322

Sounds like a fun party anon, I couldn't do it every time but one or two sessions now and then I'd be down for a game like that.

>> No.30600468

It can be exhausting with 8 players playing MM1 4e and a small group of peeps that won't shut the fuck up about LoL but otherwise it's pretty good. I'm planning a smaller game using a different system and different players so I might finally have a good RP going

>> No.30600482

ERP isn't /tg/ related no matter how much people piss and moan about it.

Last week I canceled a game I was GMing from my phone so I could play golf.

>> No.30600507

Your friends are all terrible.

>> No.30600568

>my Wizard is called "Wizturd"
Fucking lost it

>> No.30600575

Yeah, they are. But they're to only people I know even remotely interested in /tg/ apart from a super pretentious Vampire LARP in my city.

>> No.30600738

Mods have ruled quest threads go on /tg/, common courtesy or not, they're board-related and they have no more obligation to put "quest" in the title for easy filtering than deckbuilding threads, army list threads, or anything else do.

If you're trolling quest threads because you don't like the way they're titled, you're the one violating the rules, not them.

>> No.30601156


>> No.30601181

>I'm mad because I am too dumb to understand the catalog

>> No.30601346

QTDF please go and stay go
I've read a quest or two but the board has become saturated with shitty /a/ and /d/ themed shit. NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT LOLI MONSTERGIRL QUEST 567

>> No.30601399


I personally liked Rashomon myself.

>> No.30601452

I am affiliated with zero quests but anti-quest people are the dumbest pieces of shit.

>don't like quests

>don't like literally any other subject
>quietly ignore and don't talk about it

How do you justify this bullshit? It's dumb. Stop.

>> No.30601485


Except that's not true. I mock smut threads and quest threads but only ever catch bans fighting smut. 30 days worth in the last 3 months.

>> No.30601526

Right, because you like literally every game system that /tg/ discusses. All of them. You don't ignore any thread ever. Ok.

>> No.30601527

That's the first time I've ever talked about quests. Yeah the constant torrent of shit can be grating, we're allowed to have an opinion that isn't "YEAH QUESTS YEAH SO GOOD NOT AT ALL LOW QUALITY FANFIC"

>> No.30601572

Hey guy how about you read the post you quoted. I don't give a shit about quests. I give a shit about you and your dumb inconsistency and your love of shitting up every thread you post in.

I'd ignore you (the normal thing to do with content you don't like) but you show up in good threads to cry about how mad you are about quests.

>> No.30601599

>don't like literally any other subject
>quietly ignore and don't talk about it

are we looking at the same /tg/?

>> No.30601662


>Not filtering systems you don't play to be glorious hugbox masterrace

Like I'm talking to a child.

>> No.30601693

>I am so mad about this that I have to make it invisible or I will have a spergfit

>> No.30601832

I literally said I didn't like quests once. You are acting like a babby that shat their pants because you seem to think I'm some magical traveling shit poster that's that brings quests up in every thread.
>your complaining about complaining and acting smarmy about it.

>> No.30601874

>here's why your behavior is inconsistent
>well u r babby lol

>> No.30601963

I hate both the staple GM of my group and the other backup GM.
I have vast amounts of fun while I myself GM but it takes so much energy that I can't do it every session.
I hate that my boyfriend is a roleplayer and butthurt at one of the other players to the point where he sits at the table sulking, but I can't bring myself to tell him to just not come anymore.

>> No.30602056

Uh-huh, and you've contributed to this thread how? I've posted several confessions in this thread and you're sperging so hard over one comment, so u are babby and you think everyone that doesn't like quests on an anonymous imageboard is the same person
>newfag harder babby

More on the subject, I have a set of pretty pink glittery d10s and they're my favourite

>> No.30602086

>you think everyone that doesn't like quests on an anonymous imageboard is the same person
I don't really give a shit about determining the differences between people who behave identically, sorry.

>> No.30602138

Ok buddy, go have a nap you seem tired.

More contribution: I keep all of my dice in an MLP tin I stole from my niece, because my Cthulhu dice bag broke and I needed a quick replacement.

>> No.30602167


>Have a selective filtering system for a catalog
>Not using it

Again, like a wee baby.

>> No.30602231

Fuck you, you railroading fuck.

>> No.30602254


Are your players hyper-competent or are you a shitty GM?

>> No.30602341

I absolutely hate it when posters put all the users of any particular board under a generality. Even if it's a good thing. "/tg/ gets shit done." "/v/ is shit."

>> No.30602407

I was banned not too long ago when /tg/ became /tumblrg/ for a week because I called some sjw butthurt for saying all men are monsters and women, I mean, womyn are eternal victims. Apparently the mod is a sjw.

>> No.30602410

That's a shitty reality.

>> No.30602486

I've found the /pol/ people on /tg/ that scream SJW! When someone suggests treating women/nignogs/trannies/fegs like actual human beings more grating. It's not SJW to not be okay with actual sexism

>> No.30602520

/pol/ is a containment board that is too big to work.

>> No.30602527

I have all of these wonderful ideas, homebrews and campaigns but nothing to do with them because nofriends and I cannot stand trying to make maps on something like roll20

Help me /tg/

>> No.30602567

Literal nofriends or figurative nofriends meaning no /tg/ friends. Because if figurative, normal people can often be tricked into playing rpgs provided you make it easy.

>> No.30602594

Figurative, I have friends and even some who are online friends that are interested in PnP but I've burned the bridge too much by promising a campaign and then failing to deliver because I cannot make maps and I have no other idea on how to present my world without mountains of text.

>> No.30603042

Stick to bullet points. List six things about each location. Do this fractally; zoom in or out as necessary.

>> No.30603618

Should I tell my father he´s breaking etiquette?

>> No.30603663


Mass Effect hasn't had good writing since Mass Effect 1. ME2 had plot holes from minute one onward, some small, others much larger.

>> No.30603740

>To date I have probably killed at least a dozen of them.

You're doing God's work, son, be proud.

>> No.30603964

i hate D&D but i play with my group just becaouse i like them...

>> No.30603966


Which is fine, and a legitimate cause for concern. The trouble is when various Tumblr rejects come in to disrupt any thread discussing a topic because they don't like the topic being discussed. While a free and open exchange of ideas should be had, the endless bleating of either side is disruptive, and I see far more of the Tumblrshits than I see of /pol/.

>> No.30603985

>While a free and open exchange of ideas should be had, the endless bleating of either side is disruptive, and I see far more of the Tumblrshits than I see of /pol/.
This reeks of "everyone should have free speech, except the people I don't like", which is ironically what you are accusing these so-called "Tumblr rejects" of.

>> No.30604042


Or it could be the fact that shitposting is shitposting whether you support the side or not, and 'gb2/pol/ lel' type posting serves no purpose but pushing the bump limit.

You see the same trite tactics repeated over and over. Sexual dimorphism in fantasy races? Gonna lead into the -4 Str crowd vs. the Strong Independent Womyn Who Don't Need No Stats crowd deciding to drop warm, smooth coils of fresh 'debate' all over it. Cultural norms? Best not mention sexual differentiation in your cultures anon, or you get the same.

What I'm trying to say is that both sides are shit, but over the last 6-12 months I've seen a lot more of one than the other. And this comes from someone who the tumblrites would love to have as an 'ally' because they cannot accept people as anything but labels.

>> No.30604052

>The trouble is when various Tumblr rejects come in to disrupt any thread discussing a topic because they don't like
Yeah it's just the new blood freaking out about how people say nigger here and don't suck mod cock.

Plus the rape thread we have going on is doing pretty well last time I checked.

>> No.30604056

I am a foreverGM and i constantly fiat to player benefit, unless characters are completely fucked.
Doing so is a piece of cake because nobody in my group have ever read a single word the rulebooks because 'nah, GM will explain as we play'

>> No.30604109

That sounds agonizing. Btw, sauce on that pic?

>> No.30604146

I'm fine with gb2 /pol/ posts because they're usually said when people are trying to turn a completely innocuous discussion into a bait thread. The amount of times I've seen threads turn from interesting into "Hitler did nothing wrong Holocaust don't real only feels" is staggering. I've never seen a thread turn into "OMG check ur privilege cishet!"

>> No.30604179

I enjoy running all LotFP modules, even the 5edgy ones like Death Love Doom. Seeing my players react with as much disgust as their characters makes me happy.

>> No.30604205

Found it.

>> No.30604207

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
If I want to filter out quest threads I'd better be able to filter out fucking quest threads.

>> No.30604220


>I've never seen a thread turn into "OMG check ur privilege cishet!"

Must be new, then. /tg/ has occasional really acute attacks of identity politics and the people who practice them.

>> No.30604295

I want to give players a challenge. But, thing is, i fiat on subconscious level, trying not to overdo.
Which result in underdo.
Players don't mind, as after that i'm sually try to present a situation as "If you try to fight blindly, you will surely die"
But i just feel it's kinda dickish and also railroad (althrough my group don't mind rails, unless they are too blatant).
Feels like a battle between brain and heart.

>> No.30604344

Yeah, until /tg/ starts looking like RPGnet I don't think we'd have an SJW problem.

>> No.30604379

Yes, but not so much that you fiat to player benefit. The fact that they haven't ever read the rules. But then again as a player I cannot imagine not reading and being as familiar with the rules as possible. Because I like knowing exactly what I am able to do.

But honestly as long as you and your players are having fun then the rest doesn't matter.

>> No.30604400


And that is the issue. If you don't pick the weeds when they come you have nothing left but weeds. Careful maintenance must be kept orelse we will become shit.

>> No.30604413

I just dream of playing because it was my childhood. And I stopped buying stuff.

>> No.30604415


By the time it looks like RPGnet it's too late and there can be no non-sanctioned discussion, whatever the hell that ends up being for /tg/.

Fortunately the structure of 4chan makes it hard for SJWs to really get a foothold anywhere on the site: No posting score, karma, upvotes, or much of anything to differentiate posters from each other. Trips are about all people can do, and that just outs the SJW in a sea of anonymity. God knows how many tumblrites applied for janitor positions, though. That's one way they can affect the discourse on this site.

>> No.30604417

It's actually boku wa tomodachi, but you shouldn't watch it because it's absolute garbage.

On topic: I will read a game manual, get totally obsessed with the idea of running the game, plan out plot hooks and ideas and hype my friends up about it.I will then find a different game to do the same thing with. I do this on a 2 week cycle, and have been for months now.

>> No.30604431

>Using maps
Just do it over G+ hangouts. We theatre of the mind now.

>> No.30604502

Not that guy, but my system is such a mess of house rules and unconsolidated mechanics that it's starting to look like AD&D.

Never fiat though. Fiat is babies.
I blame-shift to the dice.
Rolling in front of the players means it's not my fault when they die.

>> No.30604526

> Please forgive me /tg/, cyberpunk and Lovecraft are too cool NOT to mix together.

Two ENTIRELY different purposes, mate.

I like nice, smooth Chocolate.
And I like taking a nice, smooth shit.
But I don't like taking a shit on the chocolate I'm going to eat...

>> No.30604545

Its both actually. First line of the wikipedia page
>Haganai (はがない?), short for Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (僕は友達が少ない?, literally "I Don't Have Many Friends")
But thank you for the heads up.

On topic: Are you me? Seriously, its like I am only interested in a game for as long as it takes for me to get a solid understanding of the rules and what I can do with the setting

>> No.30604608

Almost all my characters are either cat anthros or catboys.

>> No.30604629

I hate Magic the Gathering. Every thread about it must be clearly marked, so I may filter it, or I will reportspam it.

That's you right now. That is what you sound like. Jeezus Christ.

>> No.30604668

Except for the fact that Magic the Gathering is on-topic.

>> No.30604678

Get fucked. So are quests. Your opinion of them is irrelevant.

>> No.30604687

"Time to trawl /tg/ and get in on some discussions about things I'm interested in"
That Guy thread

"Man I sure wish there was some proven and effective way of only seeing the things I'm interested in seeing. Perhaps somebody should invent some sort of filter so I can avoid the topics I'm never going to be interested in seeing"

>> No.30604704


M:tg threads ARE clearly marked. I hide anything with a picture of a magic card in the op. Problem solved.

>> No.30604712

I am almost stealing True Detective scene for scene for my players and they are eating up and haven't broken off my spiral yet.

>> No.30604722

It's board relevant material. Not liking the board material means you should find another board, or bitch at moot to make another if there's actually enough material to populate one, not that an entire subpopulation of the board is required to censor themselves for your convenience.

>> No.30604740


>Quests are found across half a dozen boards
>Questfags demand a questboard
>Told to go to /tg/
>Half of /tg/ now Questfaggotry
>b.b.but this is /tg/ related!!

No, we got stuck with it because no one wanted to make a /quest/.

>> No.30604743

They don't have to censor themselves. They are allowed to be here and that it fine.
I would just like to be able to filter the board so that I only see things that are relevant to my interests.

>> No.30604834

They don't have to censor themselves, just put the word "quest" in the title so it can be filtered, or better yet take a few creative writing classes so quests stop being shit.

>> No.30604838

You're stuck with them because they are at the very core of games: a communal narrative. Until there's /quest/, quests belong here. Not out of containment, but because _they belong here by definition_. Saying otherwise is like bitching on /v/ for FPS getting too much coverage on the board and wanting to ban them in response.

Which is fair in a general sense, but the reaction of one slipping through the filter for whatever reason is >>30595683 , which is bannable shitposting that shouldn't be tolerated anywhere. And yet all the responses to it praise his infantile temper tantrums.

>> No.30604861

He's a twat, but so is the guy screencapped in >>30601156.

>> No.30604879

Sure, but nobody's defending him, either. An asshole is an asshole, unless he's ruining other peoples' fun that some people agree to hate. Then he's a hero.

>> No.30604881

Quest people stay in quest, everyone else posts in regular threads.
It's natural that the people who hate quests are here rather than in quest threads.

>> No.30604922

not that anon, but I post in quests constantly and I participate all over the board. And I know a good number of anons who do so as well, so I really don't know what you're talking about.

Not to forget, most people outside of quests don't namefag, so how the hell can you tell in any way that quest people stay in quest?

>> No.30604937

I made the assumption because four people responded to the "haha fuck quests" guy supporting him, and one didn't.

>> No.30604970

Not trying to be an asshole, but that is an incredibly extensive assumption on very little to support it.

>> No.30605043

A game that I am playtesting now will seem incredibly unbalanced when it hits shelves if players approach it the same way as previous versions. I'm also not sure if the devs have heard my feedback either.

>> No.30605060

I'd play this, it sounds fucking hilarious.

>> No.30605075

I same here, except I do actually play [spoilers]freeform forum RPGs[/spoilers]

>> No.30606518


>> No.30607693

it was this. the dm and group were a bunch of weirdo's anyway. i'd pissed off the dm in the past by trailing mud through his house and he is a cleanliness freak. were're not allowed to play at his house because of it. the paladin of the group likes to hurt cats, he's got those dead thousand yard stare eyes and when you make a joke about him being a psycho he just stares. the other player is a adhd nutjob who exposes himself to get attention. he carries around a matchbox filled with chalk so he can scrawl profanity on any surface nearby. he once smeared shit(His own) on a mcdonalds toilet wall cos they got his order wrong. i got kicked cos i'd sit there and tear edges off the dm's notepads. he did warn to be fair to him.

>> No.30607784

Had an affair with my DM's wife.

>> No.30608401

>erotic roleplaying
aaand you killed my boner.
Seriously, this is a dealbreaker for me

>> No.30608539

I made a female Drow character with a black trenchcoat with an inside lining that was red and patterned like a spider web, and a katana named Ashram that looks like the HF Muramasa. I did this as a troll character to piss off a DM who fucked with my friends in a campus game, to give him something to direct his ire at.

After playing her I am utterly in love with the character and would run her every time if I could, Vergil quotes and all.

>> No.30608542

Creature and aggro-heavy magic is best magic.

>> No.30608998

I have downloaded and organized hundreds of RPG books that I will never read, let alone play.

>> No.30609058

I like Friendship is Magic, and I'm sorry that its fans are such shitheads.
I also like Homestuck and I don't think those fans are that bad.

>> No.30609923

I've run a short quest once. I mean one thread. Strogg quest. It was a derail and it was retarded.

>> No.30609931


>I hate Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Samurai Champloo, Record of Lodoss War, and Berserk

Well, there's no accounting for shit taste, I suppose.

>> No.30610071

Cthulhu is pretty stupid and I don't see the appeal at all in a game where everyono knows how it's going to end.
Jesus christ please no. And it pervades all manner of other settings/systems, you can't get away from it.

>> No.30610122


I'm fairly confident I will never play a pen and paper game, and this deserves stressing, *that I will enjoy* playing.

Internet gaming with strangers is just so meh for me these days. I've done it for a while now, and it's always the same. Nobody's interested in the game as much as what they're alt tabbing to. Nobody's interested in eachother's characters. Nobody's interested in making the game fun for eachother. The GM isn't interested in making a character-driven game, just belting out whatever plot he had in mind and slowly churning it out over the course of 30 sessions, neverminding how boring each individual session is. The players aren't interested in taking initiative or doing anything romantic or heroic or interesting, just belting out shitty 1-liners, lolsorandum horseshit, or trying to out-grimdark/badass eachother

Games aren't fun, they're just kind of an obligation. You just show up to them and hope something interesting happens. And just as soon as game time's up, they take off again. No talking about the game, no back and forth, just.. see ya next week, folks

I want to play in real life, but I'm not a social animal, so my real life friends are very limited, and I have social anxiety anyway, so my autism quickly makes any encounter with the strangers I inevitably have to put up with to attempt to get that special connection I want, that higher quality gaming experience I crave, all the more impossible and unbearable

This must be what hell is like

>> No.30610177

So you stole about 10 Gameworkshop figures?

>> No.30610225

Try making friends, chatting for a few weeks, then sit down to play. Playing with online friends is necessary to make online gaming work. If you sit down with random shmucks, it will be utterly shit 9 out of 10 times.

>> No.30610268

I wrote the Chris Orksen stories and probably caused the whole Macha/smut.

>> No.30610315

Cultists are pretty rare in Lovecraft's better works.

>> No.30610396

I should say I don't mind Lovecraft, his writing is solid, it's just that most peoples attempt to play in his universe comes off as uninspired at best.

>> No.30610440

I subtly insert my magical realm into everything.

>> No.30610639

i can't play a normal character
if i try to make a regular human guy they'll turn out to be something weird
i know this is a bad thing but i can't help it

>> No.30610714


To date I've probably forgotten to put quest in the title line about three times out of nearly 75 threads. People who often try to 'troll' have very little when I just plain out ignore them.

Just like you can do with the thread! Gosh!

>> No.30610743

I don't like John Blanche's artwork.

>> No.30610890


>> No.30610912



When I played ME2, I was pissed off to the point where I just said "Yea ME is now dead to me."

I haven't played 3, nor do I have any intention to at this point.

>> No.30610926

As long as your character is fun to play and is fun for everyone else than there's no need for them to be "normal".

>> No.30610951

>I don't like John Blanche's artwork.

You're that motherfucker from that one thread aren't you. Fuck you dude.

>> No.30610974

What was wrong for ME2 besides the shitty shooting and clip mechanic?

>> No.30611029


Oh fuck I hope that doesn't come to be. My jaw was literally agap when the RPG.net mods said that backing up one side on a debate can be a bannable offense.

This is why I'm leery about getting into certain kinds of debates. Like here it's the Cod fishery. If you *dare* side with someone, then everyone on the opposite side treats you like the very scum of the Earth. And I don't mean that metaphorically, I mean people will literally lynch you.

>> No.30611071

Did not see that one coming.

>> No.30611111

Fuck you, make Chapter Master already

>> No.30611166

Its ok mate, he does some alright work and when it works its brilliant but a lot of the time...

>wat is perspective
>wat is a colour other than red and black
>wtf is that?

>> No.30611259


Every character aside from Tali or Moderin I hated. I didn't get any of the DLC characters, as I beat the game and lost any interest to play it ever again the first few days.

I enjoyed the open world exploration of planets, that was gone.

I dislike how they dumbed down the customization for level up.

While I like how guns felt different in ME2, I hated that you only got like two or three versions of them.

Without spoiling much, literally everything involving the Reaper's.

>> No.30611315


I don't get Fate.

I read over nearly every Fate system aside from Dresden Files and Stargazer and the only one I remotely tolerated was Strands. Core came out and I felt like it was a downgrade in nearly every regard.

I won't say that people who enjoy the system are wrong. But I ask myself how such a thing can even be enjoyable.

>> No.30611610

>tfw a player makes what is called a "battle ferret" as a mount.
>tfw it's in a setting where we would all qualify as mounts ourselves.
>tfw I planned right from the get go to murder the shit out of the ferret due to the idea being completely stupid for the setting.
>tfw I give a sigh of relief when a dispute with the other players makes him rage quit the game all together.

>> No.30611646

I have a confession then. I'm part of the reason nationbuilders are back, and i don't even have to play.

>> No.30611712

>Not out of containment, but because

Yes out of containment. You fuckers have literally been contained to our board because Moot is too fucking lazy to make /qst/. Your shitty fanfiction should go on /lit/ if absolutely anything, but because most of the settings are mildly rooted in fantasy and they've been made here by tradition because of motherfucking Ruby Quest, BAM THEY'RE TEE GEE LEL.

Fucking questfags.

>> No.30611793

I got banned for asking why sob hats made people so mad when sob kill other imperials so often. I just made a thread with that question and /tg/ took care of the remaining 400 shitposts. Worst part it's the most succesful thread i've ever made.

>> No.30611928

>sob hats made people so mad
What do you mean? Hats? Helmets? Is this a typo?

>> No.30611977


Yeah, getting banned because some spergy mod went mad with power is pretty much par for the course around /tg/

>> No.30611991


>> No.30612216

Oh, okay then.

I thought they only used the blood?

But then I also thought for some reason that Necron Nightmares wore people as hat. But after a bit of confusion I remembered where I had that mental image from.

Also now I have this melody in my head.

>> No.30612464

Marauder Shields Lives! Hope is Alive!


>> No.30612613

This this this this dear god please.

Get your fucking quest asses out of /tg/

>> No.30613411

I own loads of miniatures but I don't play with them.
I just cllect them.

>> No.30613527

That's about everyone who's been in the wargaming hobby for a few years, I guess.

Sometimes when I go through the stuff I hoarded over the years I'm genuinely surprised about the stuff I find.

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