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Terranis holds. Have you earned your place there /tg/?

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Bumping with Regentropfen

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Best fanfic series I've ever read.

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I'm not one for that knd of stuff, but by god it nearly brought a tear to my eye a few times.

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Ditto. My friends don't understand why I like krieg so much. I've told them to read the fanfics, but they wont.

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Indeed. I always liked them because of their balls-to-wall grimdarkness, but after reading the fanfics they've become my favourite thing in 40k.

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Are you me?

By the way, any more good Krieg music?

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I hope not, otherwise this makes this thread even more tragic. No more music as of yet, but I'm looking.

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I'd use some German Marching songs, but those are too cheery.

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Internet's currently too slow to listen, but this could be good
There's also a HMKids theme if you like heavy metal, haven't listened to it myself though

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This is actually pretty good.

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Not extremely Krieg-y but it is quite good. I really like the piano piece though

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>marching to music
>giving your life for the sins of your fathers to music
>martyring yourself to the Immortal Emperor to music

Do you even Krieg?

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I am aware that marching music isn't a krieg thing. That is why I was looking for Kreig thematic music, not kreig marching music.

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I never really liked them, but I am willing to try. Can you guys recommend any good fics?

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>wasting time at his computer
>not jumping aboard the next ship to a new fresh hell in which he can find redemption
You disappoint me Anon model 3058 #8863

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Read this, followed by the spin-offs. I don't think there's much of them in the Black Library, the only one that comes to mind is Dead Men Walking

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Which is sad. I think I've read just about everything that mentions Kreig, and that is without trying very hard.

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Knew I was forgetting something

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For some reason I especially like the ending where the world becomes the imperial equivalent of a chaos world. Chaos boyz take a stroll and they be dead.

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Other than that, there's just the stuff by Forgeworld.
It was the lads on the walls when the Hive Mind was talking that killed me.

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Im going to have to reread these now. Its been a while.

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This brings back memories. I actually remember the writefags and drawfags creating this awesome series. It went from cute/funny to tear jerker/fuckawesome really fast.

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Could somebody give me a link to these Krieg fics?

Cause anything that involves DKOK and FUKKEN CHOPIN is worth a read.>>30587830
My fellow Ethiope.

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Krieg is probably the Grimdarkest thing in 40k. For kriegers they really is Only War.

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