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Role Reversal Edition

>Never actually starting ERP
>Talking about ERP players
>Talking about ERP
>Starting ERP threads

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

1)Go make an account at http://www.f-list.net/. It's anonymous in the sense that nobody will ever see that username.
2)Now go Characters - Create new character. This is your public profile. You can have up to 30 of them.
3)Describe the character you want to play and basic scenarios you want to play them in. Don't have to go into massive detail, be succinct about it.
4)Then go to http://www.f-list.net/chat/, channels button, find /tg/ chat in the private channels list and go there (or paste /join ADH-f4d410127b1463779309 into the default open channel)
5)Chat around, find some people interested in your stuff.

>ERP like a maniac
>Be awesome
>Get help from friendly old hands
>Post contact info

Keep lewd images to a minimum, please.

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Actually, we've decided to stop early this weekend.

Last thread was pretty terrible, so let's just take a break and wait for next week.

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Is there anybody interested in running some kind of Exalted ERP one-on-one/solo game? I love the setting - and even like the system - but I haven't gotten to do any lewds in it yet.

>> No.30587500

I agree.
Catch you next friday!

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The last thread was fine, and nobody agreed to any of that, hates-ERP-guy.

>> No.30587528

I hate the system, but god do I love Exalted, very tempting my dear anon

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Is the guy who bought the Maid RPG book here?

>> No.30587539

If I dropped you an email address/f-list page, would you be interested in having me tempt you some more?

>> No.30587562

Perhaps, dear anon, perhaps....
Though I've no f-list of my own

>> No.30587574

Then here's my address, in the email field.

>> No.30587581

Shota thread?

I prefer realistic shotas who are mature enough not to be whiney to get what they want, or shy and scared. It gets me hot and bothered when a Shota knows enough to know what he wants, and takes it without really understanding the consequences.

For example, one time I played as a servant to a wealthy house, tasked with various things like cooking, and tutoring the boy. The power dynamic made it so I couldn't afford to upset him lest he ask his parents to fire me, so whenever he would touch me or ask me to do something, I had to do it. (but he didn't really understand anything about it was odd. He just figured it was what it was. Panties = destroyed)

Or another example; blackmailed into "babysitting him" for a weekend while his parents were away, being told to wear a slutty maid outfit and service him and his friends who just think it's the coolest thing ever.

I like Shotas, I just wish I could find more good ones. So many of them suck

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You can't stop the Consentually Lewd Train

>> No.30587636

I'm going to spend so many motes on the 1st Dick-Sucking Excellency

>> No.30587692

Oh god mein virgin eyes

>> No.30587693

>that sudden explosion of futa hate towards the end of last thread

Wow, some of you must have had really bad experiences. But it makes me wonder why you'd decide to play with futas in the first place if it's not your fetish.

>> No.30587725

>implying you want that much variance in dick-sucking
>implying you don't want a Sidereal with the 2nd Dick-Sucking Excellency
>laughing Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears

>> No.30587748


A few dickgirls on f-chat are kinda shit/hypocrites and also the gender is absurdly popular so it tends to attract a lot of hate.

Also I have to say as someone who only recently became aware that /tg/ had a presence on F-list I have to say you people are some of the most awkward people when approaching partners. Every single person that's tried to contact me for RP from the room is the spaghetti king and just plain bad at holding conversation.

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>> No.30587793

Not the person you're talking about, but I have a physical copy and the pdf.

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>/tg/ doesn't have any good MILF characters

Might as well trash my shota.

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Honestly after lurking these threads for some time I've come to the conclusion that nobody here has actually played with one. The reason for all this anger is simply penis envy because bitchbreaker profiles are insanely popular and drown in pussy, and we all know how good 4chan is at hating popular things.

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Adventurers. If something is in their way, they will try to kill it. If it has shiny things, they will try to kill it. If something is annoying them, you damn well better believe they will try to kill it.

Gets a bit old after awhile, doesn't it? If you're looking for a change of pace from the old fantasy grind, look no further!

Oria is a fantasy adventuress who couldn't wrestle a kobold if her life depended on it. Have you always wanted to mess around with an adventurer, but were afraid they'd stick a sword in your gut? Never fear, the only thing Oria will get to stick in you is her tongue, and you'll get to stick plenty of things in her! Come hit me up if you're looking for fantasy fun! Creative and well-written partners are a plus, especially if you’re willing to DM/ST for me.

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And there I go forgetting the link.


>> No.30587847

bitchbreaker pls go

>> No.30587858

>someone you've played with before has been begging you to do more for months
>finally sit down to do it
>they stop answering halfway

Something went real bad somewhere.

>> No.30587911

Why is even bitchbreaker a futa thing in the first place?

>> No.30587917

>Implying bitchbreakers are worthwhile at all
Yeah I'll gladly play with the same profile ten, fifteen times or so.

>> No.30587924

They realized that you're pretty boring?

>> No.30587928

I recently came up with this scenario and was wondering if I could potentially find a partner on /tg/.

I am looking someone willing to play a young boy born to rich parents. Spoiled, bratty but also neglected and kinda lonely from having only toys and sitters as company. So one day he makes a wish for a friend but one who is "not too big" because all the big adults end up ignoring him.

So what ends up happening is a young adult goes about his day when he suddenly loses consciousness. He wakes up in the kid's room but everything is gigantic as he himself is barely half the size of a mouse! And that is when the two encounter each other.

So mainly a M/M rp with lots of interaction and lewd scenes as one sees a pet and the other sees a giant brat but eventually has them develop a bond. :3

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You rang?

>> No.30587945


Are they just mad at futa profiles in general or just bitchbreakers? My main profile is a futa and I hate bitchbreakers; they got real fucking boring after a while.

>> No.30587956

I findfutas attractive. Many of them just RP like their gods gift to the universe and everyone should be grateful to fuck their giant cock. It gets old quick and now I'm much more into the whole lesbian thing as a result. Still willing to RP with futa but only if their profile is really good.

>> No.30587967

>Implying that Fateful Dicksucking Excellency is not the best

>> No.30588001

Sounds cute~ but I'm not into the extreme size difference stuff much, good luck to you.

>> No.30588009


I was reading through the book, and there's a note at the beginning that says the game isn't intended to be played with lewd. I kind of laughed.

Anyway, what were you thinking for this?

>> No.30588041

I've come full circle and see now that dating is my true feiths. The anticipation of meeting someone new, getting to know them and finally submitting to them...

>> No.30588046

I call that more of a suggestion than anything. If players don't like a rule, it gets houseruled, right?

Anyway, I was thinking of running a game where the Master is a Navigator on an Imperial merchant ship hauling luxury goods, and is decadent enough to bring her servants with her.
But I'm fine doing other settings, if thats what the players want.

>> No.30588049

That's weird considering Sexy being a type, Perversion being a table of special qualities, and all of the replay examples having lewd in them.

>> No.30588070

PG13 lewd is fine, but the book warns against having outright explicit play

>> No.30588075

If it takes you half a dozen scenes to realize that, sure. Great thinking, anon.

>> No.30588106

Also to consider in the book are stuff like the
[vibrating egg] item
[bondage] costume
optional Seduction rules
and the suggestion that maids get paid for sexual favors for the master.

>> No.30588136


I've rp'd with a futa once and it was fun. It involved a lot of cuddledomming on my part.

I haven't encountered the infamous bitchbreaker futa yet, so maybe I'm lucky?

>> No.30588154

Okay so the book's a little hypocritical. Doesn't matter much for what we're using it for anyway. In any case, thoughts on the Maids in 40k idea? Any takers?

>> No.30588168

You didn't specify "half a dozen", you just said that you've played with them before. Maybe you should write what you mean?

>> No.30588201

Sorry, just wanted to point out that at least to some extent the game has intentions to be played with lewd, which is why I think it's great.

Would jump at any chance to play and I hope there are lewds in some capacity.

>> No.30588231

That's why we're here son. I'll read over the rules today and set up a game tomorrow. All interested drop an email. I assume playing over F-list chat will be fine?

>> No.30588260

>Toothbrush gangbang.jpg
I can't handle this~.

>> No.30588264

Fchat works for me, mind if I send you a note through f-list instead of email?

>> No.30588306

Sure. Drop an note to https://www.f-list.net/c/yvianne/

>> No.30588324

You're not lucky if you're sticking to /tg/ chat. Futas there are pretty good. It's basically two people throwing a bitch fit and trying to rouse everyone else.

>> No.30588331


Whoring out my fleet of giantesses again.

>> No.30588380

>dem casual lewds in /tg/chat

Voyeurism fetish is best fetish.

>> No.30588461

>tfw can't casual lewd in /tg/ chat because no one likes your character type.

>> No.30588488

Can /tg/ help me out? I'm making a sister of battle profile and I'm trying to think of a way to make it pop, make it feel alive, but nothing's really coming to me. I really want to play as a battle sister, but as it stands I'm just having trouble coming up with twists or stand-out things to put in the profile.

https://www.f-list.net/c/sister%20valencia/ for reference.

>> No.30588523

Let's get this out of the way once and for all.

>> No.30588543

-You don't need to tick every box, just the most relevant ones
-Write some example scenarios that you'd like to play out

>> No.30588558

Bumping the scenerio thing. Give some groundwork that can be built upon.

>> No.30588573

>tfw you're into scat
>check the box anyway because you realize you're a sick fuck

>> No.30588577


Anon, you seem to've accidentally mixed a best kink in there.

>> No.30588598

I only put the ones that have been complained about in the past. I personally have nothing against it. I want to see which ones are truly a problem in /tg/'s eyes and which ones are only hated by a minority.

Scat seems to be the only truly hated one.

>> No.30588601


>People actually voting for shota/loli and futa.
>Not Scat and Vore.

>> No.30588604

Actually it's just so we can publicly shame whoever clicks it.

>> No.30588623


>tfw you have a character that makes heavy use of two of those fetishes.

>> No.30588626

Probably because shota/loli is worse than scat and vore?

>> No.30588640


There should be an Other option and a None option.

>> No.30588641

As long as it doesn't involve scat, furry, and/or vore, I think you'll be alright.

>> No.30588645


>> No.30588656

>la fetish that's literally shit
>another fetish that's about fucking eating your partner
>better than small/young characters

This is a joke, right?

>> No.30588661



>> No.30588665

Retake it if you want.

>> No.30588677

Dude, kids. Sexing kids is worse than sexing poop.

>> No.30588681

>almost 50 votes already
>thread slow as fuck

You lurkers must be the same people who click on my profile after I posted an ad but never follow through with a message. Just looking on from afar, getting my hopes up with every anonymous click and bookmark.

>> No.30588692

You are clearly into scat.

>> No.30588704

I never contact people, I just fap to their profiles. Cuts out the messy part of talking to people, you see.

>> No.30588708

loli is a body type.

>> No.30588711

>NTR more hated than Futa and Shota/Loli combined

I'm proud of you, /erpg/

I would be more active if I wasn't currently drowning in pusseh

>> No.30588716

Seeing as you can vote for more than one answer, it's possible that there are maybe 20 people in the thread right now.

>> No.30588719

(a child's body type)

>> No.30588725

Loli/shota =/= kids, anon.

>> No.30588726

Yes, and?

>> No.30588735

>Elves ravishing orcs
Why is this so erotic?

>> No.30588737

>Mostly female characters
>My two male characters never see any light
tfw 6:1 ratio on my profile when it comes to girls vs boys

>> No.30588738

loli/shota means kids, though. Underaged, not-adult. Pre-nubile.

>> No.30588745

Because...it's not rape if it's an elf. So stop screaming, human.

>> No.30588748

I'd do it if you don't make me use the system.

>> No.30588754

Might as well post up my profile. Any suggestions for improving it?

>> No.30588765

Wading into the strawpoll shitstorm to put out another plug for Maid RPG. Planning on using 40k setting, with maids for a Navis Nobilitae

Note if interested. Loli-haters need not apply

>> No.30588770

Somehow dropped Loli/Shota in the second poll.
Last one, I swear.

>> No.30588771

You should try and find some good pictures, that's a big deal for a lot of people. Less so for me, but I still like it.

>> No.30588774

>straight human male with a paltry profile

Oh god, you're really making it horrifyingly difficult on yourself.

>> No.30588779

>straight male
Beyond salvaging.

>> No.30588803

>Shit tier kink

Humor at it's finest

>> No.30588805

I'm fine with futa and similar things. I just want more feminine characters to lewd with

>> No.30588808

Might wanna add Straight Male to that Strawpoll and watch it win

>> No.30588813

All the shotas and lolis that are of age must be figments of my imagination, then.

>wait for it

>> No.30588825

Have you tried making a tulpa?

>> No.30588855

>sexing kids
I wouldn't touch real life kid with 11 ft pole.

>> No.30588860

Well, I wanted to give all the other kinks a chance. If I threw in straight male, it'd be no contest.

>> No.30588917

Check it.

>> No.30588948

>Tfw no one thinks inflation is shit tier
Best fetish

>> No.30588961

Depends on the inflation.
Cum inflation best inflation.

>> No.30588975

Le profile.


Tldr:Adventurer looking for a female or futa to whom she will be subservient. Somewhat long term/multi session oriented.

>> No.30588977

I don't mind inflation if it's temporary and harmless.

It doesn't do anything for me, but I don't hate it either.

>> No.30588988

Yes, since the draw in loli/shota is the childlike body. That's the entire thing.

>> No.30588989


Inflation doesn't bother me, but I don't find it all that attractive either. That being said, I'm a growth/shrinking man myself.

>> No.30589005

Dobson please go.

>> No.30589010

Well of course

>> No.30589031

Wow, beat me to it.
Can we lump all of this shit into a category of general deviantart weirdness?

>transformation into inanimate objects, genetalia, blueberries, bolognatized

>> No.30589046

Please no.

>> No.30589049

>cock length: 6"
>cock diameter: 1"

>> No.30589062 [SPOILER] 


>> No.30589110

So I've seen these threads before, scanned them once or twice, but never really been interested, and now I know why.

What I thought these were about were actual groups doing games with erotic content and such In them, not just focusing on the ERP. I've always wanted to play a game where sex and eroticism can exist between players, with no shame or disgust, and yet not overthrow the game as a whole.

I'm sure this makes no sense, but would anyone be interested in such a thing?

>> No.30589114

>no males

>> No.30589118


All I'm hearing right now is


People that cannot differentiate between loli and child, please leave. You have a mental disorder, a fundamental problem where you cannot distinguish fiction and reality. Get help.

>> No.30589128

>tfw ERP just makes you depressed now and you cant bring yourself to even go to F-list

>> No.30589135

>What I thought these were about were actual groups doing games with erotic content and such In them, not just focusing on the ERP.
These threads are for those too. There are at least half a dozen of those games running on /tg/chat (or rather, rooms branched off from it dedicated to the specific campaign) over on F-List.

>> No.30589152

Sorry friend, nothing personal just don't find men attractive.

>> No.30589169

Dude, the reality is that you're fantasizing about childlike bodies. That's what you're saying by liking loli/shota.

>> No.30589170

There's really no point in asking, I've found.

>> No.30589179

Oh! Well, don't I look the fool. My bad.

I'll just shuffle on over there as well. Thanks!

>> No.30589186

Votes are slowing down now.
I think this is it.
In order of most offensive to least:
Scat = Vomiting > Cuckolding > Vore > Furry > Futa > Loli/Shota

>> No.30589192

Whatever helps ya sleep at night, anon.

>> No.30589193


Young mage girl with a penchant for size magic.

>> No.30589199

>More offensive than Furry

I don't know what to think here. That seems bizarre.

>> No.30589208


Seems about right.

>> No.30589239

Beta having been cuckolded/not getting the girl in real life hate the concept. I'm more suprised futa is more offensive than L/S.

>> No.30589241

I don't think the furry fetish itself is that bad. I just don't like some of the RPers that are into it.

>> No.30589245

If it helps, vomiting is considered worse than cheating on someone then eating them

>> No.30589278

Personally, vomit kills my boner like nothing else so I can somewhat sympathize.

>> No.30589284

Agreed, this is bizarre.
I think in the same way that edgier manga kill off main characters and have terrible things happen to parody mainstays where no one ever dies and the bad guy never wins, NTR parodies all of those romances where the totally plain or awkward guy gets the girl of his dreams for no reason.
Racially motivated cuckolding I find distasteful, but emotional-centered scenes about adultery are higher brow than vore or general furry scenes imo.

>> No.30589328

but there's the problem with a poll like this. most of those options have nuances to them. Vore is more than jus omnomnom i eat my partner, but that's what anyone who's voting thinks of. In a poll like this it sorta forces you to think of the worst possible aspect of the fetish.

>> No.30589339

Furry is being attracted to something weird. The general relationship structure is intact, but misaimed.

Cuckolding/NTR is being aroused by the destruction of relationships. It is a fundamental affront to the deep-held beliefs, values, and preferences of all right-minded people. It is an attack on the fundamental component of human, and indeed proto-human, society. Note that the only instinctive disgust more powerful than that triggered by cuckolding is the illness response triggered by human wastes. Hatred of NTR/cuckolding is a feature of the human psyche almost as fundamental as the urge to shun disease vectors.

Truly, it is the worst fetish.

>> No.30589358

>female character
>been trying to find some good corruption/monster play
>All I get are sissyboi furries

Been a bad week for me...

>> No.30589370

>worse than fucking children

>> No.30589400

>It is a fundamental affront to the deep-held beliefs, values, and preferences of all right-minded people.

Except for cultures with polygamy or open relationships that is. That innate revulsion isn't present with people who grew up accepting the concept.

>> No.30589410

What about cumvomit from an overload? Because I love that

>> No.30589411

>NTR is higher brow
Not so sure about that since it's not being used in a way of reversing a cliche, it's being used for S/M purposes. In this case, it's a fetish and not some revolutionary writing trope. It's not parodying the fact that the beta always gets the girl, it's finding pleasure in ruining that beta's relationship and crushing his already fragile ego.

Making a similar comparison, it'd be like saying furry is high brow for adding another layer of depth in character creation by placing symbolism on the appearances of the characters. These features give the reader insight into the personalities and future relationships between characters. It also simultaneously emphasizes the carnal and animalistic aspects of sex and lust.

I can assure you, no furry is thinking about the above aspects when typing out "LOL, I yiff ur butt!"

>> No.30589413

>female character
>been trying to find good dub/non-con scenes
>Itch for public/shotas
>Get nothing but requests for consensual, furries, or people with empty profiles or who can't type intelligently

I feel your pain

>> No.30589416

In loli there is at least the potential for a caring relationship. A fucked up relationship, but good(?) intentions are at least in the realm of possibility. NTR has no such potential. By nature, if there's room for a positive relationship, it's not NTR.

>> No.30589422

Polygamy and open relationships are nothing like NTR. Those kind of relationships inherently welcome multiple partners, while NTR is a total betrayal of a social contract between two people for a monogamous relationship.

>> No.30589428

I'm not saying that you fantasize about having sex with children, I'm saying that you fantasize having sex with persons resembling children. (because you find children sexually attractive)

>> No.30589470

>That innate revulsion isn't present with people who grew up accepting the concept.
False equivalency. NTR is not polygamy: it is specifically the destruction of an existing relationship. A polygamous relationship in which all of a person's partners decide that this one person is really just holding them all back, and they should replace them entirely with a different person, leaving the one outside the group and alone, would be NTR.

>> No.30589480

Profile shilling again. Haven't changed anything in a long time, think theres anything I can do to improve it's layout?


>> No.30589497


>> No.30589542

Does it count as NTR if the person being cheated on is a complete scumbag?

>> No.30589555

I'll be sending you a message eventually. Been really busy with real-life stuff.

>> No.30589561

Nah, that's justice porn.

>> No.30589575

No, that would be a rescue fetish. Rescue fetish is about taking people out of bad relationships and into good ones. NTR is about breaking up good or decent relationships with no particular bias as to the quality of the new one. Getting a girl to dump an abusive dick is a rescue; said abusive dick stealing her away from someone is NTR.

>> No.30589615

Well I suppose it's not so bizarre that it ruffles more feathers than furries, but vore is still a bit of a surprise. New topic of discussion?

>> No.30589638 [SPOILER] 

I barely woke up not that long ago, and I have to go somewhere soon.


So I can't work on the profile until later tonight, but the general gist of it is there. I guess she's kind of bi-polar. She could either be sweet and kind as a nun, or be really sadistic and masochistic when dommed/domming. Purple latex space ninja nun who goes on space adventures, but she could also visit high fantasy settings to pick up adventurers to go on those space missions. In space.

>> No.30589658

facehuggers, eh?

>> No.30589665

Well, vore (or at least soft vore) doesn't trigger an actual revulsion instinct. NTR makes the animal, wants-you-to-breed bit of your brain stand up and scream "MATING ODDS IN DANGER, MATE IN DANGER, NO NO NO NO."
Vore generally just results in "Dude, that's really weird." Distaste versus disgust.

>> No.30589680


Facehuggers everywhere.

>> No.30589692

I've got a character who could work with that.
He was originally built toplay with a partner's mindbreak/personality-fuckery/overstimulation fetish, but that's not necessary to the character.

I'm amused that they both have super twinked out sci-fi penetration devices.

>> No.30589776

>one of those profiles that needs two dozens dummy profiles to store icons
I fucking hate coming across this shit when I browse newly created characters.

>> No.30589821


Oh, don't worry. Those people are idiots.

All I have to do is uncheck the "Make this character public" box, and it'll never show up in the Browse New section. Seriously. That's all I had to do to avoid spamming up the thing. Those people who don't are stupid, and assholes.

>> No.30590019

New fetish acquired: Anal bondage.
The submissive partner is trapped in such a way, that they are forced to be penetrated by an object. This can be achieved through leg restraints, spacing, or any other form of bondage.

>> No.30590109

Are they free to move enough to slide it in and out somewhat, or is it just sitting there?

>> No.30590136

They can slide up and down it. The point being that they can't get off of it and they have nothing better than to derive pleasure from it.

>> No.30590207

>tfw no tsundere bully girl who has a crush on you, and tries to hide her feelings for you by terrorizing you.

>> No.30590246

Complete with horrible fetishes that /tg/ hates.

>> No.30590279

This is the most even poll results I've ever seen.

>> No.30590296

People have to have been stuffing the votes; no way it could be that balanced.

>> No.30590307


Somebody apparently chose to vote for all of them exactly seven hundred times.

>> No.30590322

Godspeed, then. There's nothing better than bondage where the person tied up can freely fuck themselves by squirming around, but they can't do anything else.

>> No.30590334

Seeing as it was only about 100 votes an hour ago, I have a feeling someone has been spamming strawpoll. They just wanted to send a message: They're all shit.

>> No.30590344

I find this character a huge turn-on and a huge turn-off at the same time.

It is vexing.

>> No.30590363

I thought the message was they really like Trivial Pursuit.

That's clearly a piece on its way to the center space to get its last question.

>> No.30590385

Even with this added custom kink, I still won't find anyone to play it out with.

>> No.30590407


I'm flexible. Let's talk.

>> No.30590428

>Scat (Maybe)
Damn. You're dedicated.

>> No.30590442

I haven't figured out *why* yet.

>> No.30590487


Mostly I made the character out of a desire to get my urges for ERP with those fetishes out of the way so that I could do more conventional things with proper characters.

It turned out to be far more popular than any of my others.

>> No.30590529

>post ad looking for mature women
>five hundred year old loli vampire demon ghost replies
>yeah thanks, but no kids

Fucking kill me now.

>> No.30590550

I just started, be kind.

>> No.30590573

Are there people spelunking in her vagina in that second image?

Judging from the expression on her face she's somewhere between not minding it and actively liking it.

>> No.30590620

It looks like it. How very odd that I am semi-aroused by it

>> No.30590644

Well, if she likes the feeling of tiny people wandering around in her vagina while she's tied down and unable to do anything about it, it is pretty hot, yes.

>> No.30590661


That is correct.


Give in to the boner.

>> No.30590672

The massive testicles and terrifying fishpenis are a bit of a turn-off, though.

>> No.30590689 [SPOILER] 

But I'm sore from the one I wringed out earlier!
You mean turn-on right?

>> No.30590703


I've left in the option to play as male or female instead of a herm.

>> No.30590735


You don't have to fap anon. In fact, it might be kind of hot to know that you're trying NOT to fap while we play.

>> No.30590768

You damn denialfags

>> No.30590793

Oh hey, frog-babies.

>> No.30590806

>A: Let's have denial session~
>B: No!
>A: I came.
>B: ...

>> No.30590832


>a: Let's have X session~
>B: X
>A: I came.
>B: ...

>> No.30590975

>Not a god tier fetish

>> No.30591010


>Not a god damned dumb fetish

>> No.30591011

Finally, another sane human being!

>> No.30591030

I make a point of not touching myself while I RP at times despite temptation.

This often leaves me squirming in my chair and rubbing my thighs together.

>> No.30591049


>> No.30591099


Tell me more Anon~

>> No.30591115

I'll probably end up sending you a message sometime when my schedule calms down, considering one of my characters pretty much boils down to "decent, but adventurous and incredibly reckless guy does stupid-but-impressive shit for the sake of having good stories to tell later and having lived an exciting life, barely makes it out alive through a mixture of charm, guile, and sheer dumb luck (or his luck finally runs out, and he doesn't)", with a particular focus on trying to bone various types of monstrous female purely on the basis of "I've never had sex with one of those before, I wonder what that would be like".

In D&D terms he's mostly got high everything, except Wisdom, which is his dump stat. He's very good at coming up with plans, and very bad at figuring out when he's come up with one that, while internally sound, is a really bad plan.

"Prehistoric leviathan woman" definitely qualifies as a memorable encounter, and probably something he should be staying the fuck away from, which of course means he's going to try to romance it and then get out in one piece.

Hopefully he doesn't die.

>> No.30591143


If you're not averse to it, he just might.

>> No.30591158

Well, if you want to talk about it, reach me here:


>> No.30591162

>considering one of my characters pretty much boils down to "decent, but adventurous and incredibly reckless guy does stupid-but-impressive shit for the sake of having good stories to tell later and having lived an exciting life, barely makes it out alive through a mixture of charm, guile, and sheer dumb luck (or his luck finally runs out, and he doesn't)", with a particular focus on trying to bone various types of monstrous female purely on the basis of "I've never had sex with one of those before, I wonder what that would be like".

This makes me laugh considering it's letter-for-letter the exact same as one of my former characters.

>> No.30591192

I'd like him to at least have a chance of successfully romancing it, or at the very least exhausting it enough to sneak away while it's still in a stupor of afterglow.

But then, as ways to die go, "crushed to death by the vaginal walls of a sexy monster woman" is one of the more memorable ones.

Her moaning reaches a crescendo and you realize she is about to climax. Make a reflex save!

>> No.30591222

It's probably not terribly uncommon, no.

It's a decent hook for lewd good times and a fun character.

>> No.30591250

>It's a decent hook for lewd good times

Glad to hear it for you because I couldn't get shit with the character. Hence it being former.

>and a fun character.

Ain't that the truth.

>> No.30591314


There's a chance of that, obviously. Best not to count chickens before they're hatched though.

>> No.30591368



Call me

>> No.30591412

Just posting my favourite hippy girl, just cuz there is never enough delicious hips. Link related.

>> No.30591641

Damn, I've owed you some lewding for months.

>> No.30591662

It's all good, I'm patient.

Though now I want to know who you are

>> No.30591674

Does /erpg/ have any interesting M/M roleplay stories to share?

>> No.30591717


/tg/ had a prom night, and at the last minute I got to go with a cute ferret anthro.

>> No.30591810

Just finished a profile.


Did I miss anything?

>> No.30591904

just that you misspelled 'alcohol'.

Frost giant character is pretty good concept though.

>> No.30591912

A few more custom kinks maybe, but that's mostly personal preference. It just helps flesh out what you want the most out of the character
>Hyper watersports

>> No.30591930

>no description set yet
Why do people do this. It's like furries who paste this furry pride ASCII art of a huge paw all over their profile.

Stop embarrassing yourselves.

>> No.30591942


A few more custom kinks might be nice, but otherwise... I like it.

>> No.30591977

Congratulations, your post is going into the description of my next character's '/tg/' custom kink.

You'll show 'em. You'll show 'em all!

>> No.30592003


Was it fun?

>> No.30592092

This is you. This is what you do. Stop it.

>> No.30592125


We were setting some stuff up way back in August or September or so and then University devoured my life again, as it always does.

Luckily I'm graduating in a couple of months, and will have all kinds of time once that happens.

>> No.30592143

I only do m/m stuff. Unfortunately, most of them involve anthros of some variety. However, I'm planning on making a gay orc tough guy who doesn't mind being the girl once and awhile.

>> No.30592296



>> No.30592347

Ivan, yes, I remember you.

Reach out to me sometime when you've got free time.

>> No.30592363

Alas~ There's no one in the /tg/ for F-list. Are all you guys at work?

>> No.30592364

I haven't seen anyone that's into scat or vore. I've seen plenty of shotas and lolis.

>> No.30592403

>Depressed about RP in general
>Suddenly, an old friend who had ditched the whole scene messages me
>It was two years when we played last
>He's still just as good

I'm so happy

>> No.30592414


There's over a hundred people in the chat room.

>> No.30592489

Ya they talking pokemon strats and shit like that. It's hot.

>> No.30592496

/tg/ is basically a useless secondary channel.
/tg/ chat is what we use.

Then /tg/ also has a bunch of sub-channels. Bottle Room, Brother, Exalted, etc.

>> No.30592519

[16:15 PM][Channel Description] /tg/ away from /tg/

Feel free to hang around.[16:15 PM]Error code 26, Could not locate the requested channel.

Am I doing something wrong then? The only person I see is Daucina

>> No.30592532

Alright. Just as a heads-up, that'll probably be late April or early May.

>> No.30592671

The right channel is /tg/ chat

>> No.30592853

Thank you, Mister Mod man, for getting me where I needed to be!

>> No.30593406

>be a bit of a manwhore for a few years in the ERP game
>have one partner in particular that's stuck with me for the better part of over 2 years now, even during times I was barely up for RP and going through rough personal patches
>had hang ups about some old partners I really enjoyed that vanished on me, put them on a pedestal when I really shouldn't have
>of late finally realize how lucky I am with this one partner.

It took me way too long to be appreciative and grateful for what I have in them. Took too long as-is.

At least thanks to her I never, ever have to use F-List again.

>> No.30593581

I posted once in the last thread and got a couple bookmarks, but is anyone willing to help me experiment with canon characters?


>> No.30593650


>> No.30593676


>> No.30593692

>note sent: x minutes ago
>last online: x +4
Damn, looks like I just missed them

>> No.30593707

God fucking-

>> No.30593738

To easy guys come on.

>> No.30593810


Nope. Don't know enough about your character to feel like I'd be useful at all.

>> No.30593847

Some custom kinks would help. By other canons do you just mean fire emblem ones, or are you looking for crazy crossover sex?

>> No.30593918

I can come up with a few, sure. And really, I'm open to just about anyone, canon or otherwise.

>> No.30594038

Go ahead and hit me up and we'll talk about it.

>> No.30594127

Maybe someone wants to spend some time with me, cuddling and lewding? Its fun!


>> No.30594664

Im new to f-list /tg/ and wondered if any one wanted to do some WoD based lewds, or give me some pointers on my profile.

>> No.30594695

>29 year old vampire
>5 dots in a discipline

Do ho ho, amusing old chap.

>> No.30594722

O, that was meant to just be the age they look, not there full age. Probably should have put that.

>> No.30594760

>Vicissitude *****
>Looks completely human

>> No.30594859

Awww. You shouldn't have. I sure hope you had fun. You certainly made the night fun for me.

>> No.30594940


Clean your typos and proofread, holy hell. I can't tell if you're ESL or trying to write the way you'd say things aloud and making a bunch of spelling mistakes along the way.

Seriously, I can understand botching 'Tzimisce' if you're not used to writing the damned word over and over, but "the useal suspects"? "put uppity pray in there place"? It looks like you don't give a shit about your profile's appearance, which inclines people to not give a shit about it in turn.

>> No.30595195


>Brown sugar shotas should even be on that list.

>> No.30595249

Ahahaha, Jesus Christ. You motherfuckers think adultery is more offensive than pedophilia. I don't even know what to say to that.

>> No.30595343


i don't care about anime little girls being molested personally

if you do you need to learn to separate reality and fiction

>> No.30595379

Then why do you care about fictional cheating? By that metric, that whole poll is banal and pointless.

>> No.30595409


Fetishes =/= real life

I like cuckholding only because I'm a dom and like to be the 'stealer', it arouses me. As does banging qt shota boys. I would never do either in real life.

Would totally dom an of age qt submissive effeminate male in real life though.

>> No.30595434

I don't care if you're into shota or loli. I just think it's hilarious that, when asked, that many people would say that they're offended by adultery, and NOT by shota/loli.

>> No.30595475


i think adultery is fine

i find cuckcolding/ntr the most beta fetish ever though. reveling in emotional trauma is really fucking weird

>> No.30595478

>>29 year old vampire
>>5 dots in a discipline
You totally can if you focus on that one exclusively.

>> No.30595504

With loli/shota IN PORN, it's generally assumed that they're mentally mature enough for sex, know enough about it to not have it be wrong, and want and enjoy it.

If it isn't, I know that I'll personally outright refuse to do anything with them, and even if they /are/ willing and everything, I can't stand it if the person tries to make them too cute/childlike. It kills any arousal and makes me want to get the kid the hell out, RP or not. It feels wrong, and I've stopped scenes where that happened before.

>> No.30595520


Split it into "Cute lolis/shota getting raped" and "Horny little shits who can't keep their cocks out of/pussies empty of adults" and you'll probably have it narrowed down a bit. I think nonconsenting children is about a hundred times more objectionable in rp.

>> No.30595666

>nonconsenting children
Hey, I'm pretty sure the "con" part in "shotacon" stands for "consensual".

>> No.30595701

No, it stands for "complex".

Japs cannot into n/m differentiation.

>> No.30595705


... It's actually short for complex.

>> No.30596398


It stands for that now!


>> No.30597007

Would advise including some info on what sort of lewding you're after with this character and what her sexual proclivities are. You've got a very large favourites list, and the customs only give a little bit of direction.

>> No.30597237

Let's shill this shit again. Confident, haughty, and dominant prettyboy into affectionate roughness and pet play.


>> No.30597271


I tend to hate doing that, I feel that it shoehorns people into only offering a set of things instead of "hay, we might be compatible for "X"

>> No.30597273

>Crossdressing prettyboy
>Straight and dominant
...Huh. Well, good luck!

>> No.30597336

I guess? Option paralysis is a problem at the other end. Some direction is nice. I'd suggest giving some examples and then saying something like "I'm also up for W, X, Y, and Z".

>> No.30597341

I offer a few plot ideas (pic related) and some RP hooks in my profile, and I think it's helped me so far. I also enjoy it when I find the same in someone's profile.

>> No.30597358

It's quite a niche market, but surprisingly popular with a handful of people.

>> No.30597378


Frankly I think the elf is already plot heavy enough.


>> No.30597433

Oh, well that's good to hear.

>> No.30597501

I want to typefuck it, I just can't figure out how I want to go about doing it.

>> No.30597692


Plot heavy elf says, "Just go for it!"

>> No.30597755

I mean, I know 4chan hates furries because 4chan has always hated furries, but F-List was founded as a fucking furry ERP site.

>> No.30597872

Nobody cares. I fucking hate furries and definitely don't mind using the resources they provided to sex other non-furry people. Worked pretty damn well the last two years!

>> No.30597917

we should exchange steam ID's
>what you're into
>when you're available

>> No.30597919

Nobody cares. Furries are a passe target anyway.

>> No.30597935

Thanks for sharing that twice.

>> No.30597955


>> No.30597964

Eat shit, retard.

>> No.30597971

Nice fail there bro.

>> No.30597989

fail at what, dipshit, we're two different people

>> No.30597999

I voted Scat as the worst fetish actually, but thanks for the offer.

>> No.30598038

Does anybody here play a good Shota character? I'm kind of disappointed that just about all the ones I find either are submissive, bratty, or bad roleplayers. I love the idea of shotas, but so many of the players are just bad.

>> No.30598061


Sure, I've got like 10.

>> No.30598070


I know a few, but they are far and few between.

>> No.30598373

Anyone around here into hirsute or scents? Nothing too extreme, or is it a lost cause looking around?

>> No.30598490

I'm into Domination and i'm almost always available.

>> No.30598520


So what exactly is a good shota roleplayer in your mind?

>> No.30598629


Green text from earlier in the thread

>I prefer realistic shotas who are mature enough not to be whiney to get what they want, or shy and scared. It gets me hot and bothered when a Shota knows enough to know what he wants, and takes it without really understanding the consequences.
>For example, one time I played as a servant to a wealthy house, tasked with various things like cooking, and tutoring the boy. The power dynamic made it so I couldn't afford to upset him lest he ask his parents to fire me, so whenever he would touch me or ask me to do something, I had to do it. (but he didn't really understand anything about it was odd. He just figured it was what it was. Panties = destroyed)
>Or another example; blackmailed into "babysitting him" for a weekend while his parents were away, being told to wear a slutty maid outfit and service him and his friends who just think it's the coolest thing ever.

But in general, just having a somewhat realistic personality. Like, I'm a sub, so I'm not going to enjoy dealing with super shy partners. On the other hand, really pushy/bratty characters are annoying for different reasons.

>> No.30598818

So...practically every shota RPer out there?

Like seriously, I see more of those "they're so horny they rape and fuck without realizing the consequences" or "they blackmail babysitters/maids/neighbors" than I have any submissive or curious types.

In fact, if one more pompous little rich boy PM's me with a blackmail setup I'll fucking murder them.

>> No.30598905


Weird. I get nothing but "you like Shotas? Would you be interested in doing something consensual? Oh, and he would be shy, so you would need to be dominant."

>> No.30599034

The staggering amount of people bitching about consensual scenes seriously has me laughing and/or outright flabberghasted (that spelled right? Fuck if I know).

Literally all the random pitches I get on Kagura are rape/blackmail oriented. To me it seems like consent and romance are rarer than water in the Sahara, regardless of the gender of the character I'm on.

I think this thread has some kind of bizarre bizarro field for every poster.

>> No.30599082

Honestly I think that flist allows for tremendous amounts of variation in what people experience. Like two americans commenting on the weather

>> No.30599097


I can kinda understand consensual shota being a bit harder to find. Some people may just think it is weird that someone so young could be consenting to something they should arguably know little about.

My favorite scenes usually involve the shota being a bit focused of certain things (like a my character's bust) because of a love of softness. Of course, it goes from there.

>> No.30599184

The other problem is that people consider shotas to be 14 and below. I honestly would never RP with a character below 14 because it's just...not my style and I prefer characters who understand what's going down and wanting it.

That said when people try to baby my 14 year old male chara and treat him like a naive toddler it irks me, because 14 year olds most definitely understand and are aware of sex.

>> No.30599265


>> No.30599294


>> No.30599321

Then don't call your 14 year old a shota? There's a certain amount of childishness and naivete associated with the term and the concept.

>> No.30599347

Maybe your profile isn't explicit enough. No, having a correctly sorted kink list isn't explicit. You've got to mention it in your description as well. I've never had problems again after I restructured my profile to specifically mention, in full sentences, what I enjoy happening during RP. Got nothing but consensual scenes since then. No romance, though. Fuck that lovey-dovey shit.

>> No.30599588

No, not really. Like, I've had this debate with a friend before and brought up (as bad of an example as it is) the Evangelion characters. They're 13 years old, and I certainly wouldn't consider Asuka a loli, or Shinji a shota. 14 is more 'young teenager' to me.

Of course, I've also heard people say shota and loli are simply aesthetic classifications and not age ones, but I honestly have no idea, myself.

>> No.30599704

>tfw I realized I'm developing an Ageplay fetish.

Stop the ride, I wanna get off.

>> No.30599742

Too late, chief.

>> No.30599910

Lolis and Shotas are olev anon, don't fight it, accept it.

>> No.30599925


You. Message the plot elf up there. Now.

>> No.30600066

I'm lazy can I get a link?
I have to go to sleep soon... I have work tomorrow

>> No.30600130


But I had one rule.

I keep slipping farther and farther into weird fetishes. I just don't even know anymore. Like I am legitimately scared that I've become a horrible, depraved person.

>> No.30600185

There is nothing depraved about wanting to cuddle with kids anon.

>> No.30600287

if it stays in RP, it's totally fine. I'm a completely hetero male and have no interest in any guys I see, yet I still pursue prettyboys on both male and female characters, and regularly enjoy sucking dick via text.

Fantasies =/= reality, yo.

>> No.30600305




You can message her too.

>> No.30600408 [SPOILER] 

Kay I'll send you a message in a bit. probably tomorrow after work..

>> No.30600526

Made my first male profile, not sure what else to add. I know males are held to a higher standard than females, so I hope I can make it good.


>> No.30601069 [SPOILER] 

>create profile
>no notes
>refine profile based on /erpg/ advice
>get some of dat sweet erp
>until around halfway through each scene, when IRL supposedly causes each partner to disconnect
>never see them around again, so either unlucky as fuck or terrible at erp

>> No.30601147

I see you've met some poofers.
Welcome, welcome to the glorious world of erp!

>> No.30601162

post your profile

>> No.30601255

I had to tell one of my partners to give fair warning before poofing, they agreed to but I haven't gone back to RPing with them yet.

mostly 'cause I had more interesting offers that day.

>> No.30601464

I just have a zero tolerance for poofers. Defriend 'em, block 'em. Eventually you end up with a friends list of reliable people.

For my own part if I log in at like 10 pm and know I have to go to sleep at 1 am because oh-god-its-Monday-tomorrow, I tell my partner I'm good for 3 hours. Some folks prefer to wait until we have more time, others are happy to do a quickie or stop and pick-up next time.

>> No.30601564

>I just have a zero tolerance for poofers.
Mom got into a car accident? Sorry, you never get to talk to me again.

>> No.30601589

generally my attitude towards poofers as well. If I might log off I warn before hand and if I have to bail I tell someone when I'm doing it. I'm more than happy to forgive someone for leaving even after getting my hopes up if they give me an excuse.

>> No.30601650

Because most of the people in these threads who complains about poofers were playing with a partner whose Mom died, right?

More likely they finished jerking off, or decided to prioritize something else in their life. So they get the permanent boot.

>> No.30601766

Knight Lyra here
When someone poofs they should at least send you a note or post in the thread if something is ruining your life.
It's the nice thing to do.

and no I'm not going back to playing lyra, I'm too buys preventing my IRL friend from becoming an hero

>> No.30601789

Goo luck with that, man

>> No.30602169


>> No.30602212

Hey, we talked the other night. I just want you to know my best friend who had long since ditched ERP and RP in general came back yesterday evening. Thanks for chatting with me.

>> No.30602216

>6.7 in length
>2.2 in diameter.
That's practically a fucking coke can, yo.

>> No.30602250

A little short, but that girth's my fetish

>> No.30602292

>we talked the other night.
wait wat?
I haven't been on F-chat with lyra ever.
I think you are thinking of someone else.
That is nice to hear though.

>> No.30602301 [DELETED] 

You were on as loli civ.

>> No.30602313

Shhhhhhhhh don't let people know my alt accounts

>> No.30602808

Hey don't you love when this happens

>Random stranger PM: Hi.

What a lead! But how about this one?

>Random stranger PM: Hi.
>Random stranger PM 2 minutes later: ?

Don't you love this one?

>> No.30602842

>say hi back

>> No.30602863


I love these ones the most:

>Random stranger PM: o.o *pokes you* y-you're so pretty! *blushes*

>> No.30602876

What's worse? No response back? Or:
>Random stranger PM: Hi.
>Random stranger PM 2 minutes later: ?
>You: Hi.
>Random stranger PM: How are you?

>> No.30602934

Can we all just agree that cold opens are the worst? How the fuck are you supposed to respond to that?

Good opening:
>Hi! I like your profile because of [features or kinks], and your [other feature] really caught my eye. I'd be really interested in [scene or idea] if you're up for it, or other polite and non-presumptuous offer.

Bad opening:

>> No.30602962


No response back. That means they're too beta to get past a little terse introduction.

At least if they say something afterwards, you can string them along until you find out if what they want even interests you. You're by no means compelled to agree to an RP with someone, so if they're willing to tell you what they want, it (usually) doesn't hurt to listen.

>> No.30602987


What about something in between?

>Hey there, how's it going? I really liked your profile because [reasons], and if you're still looking for something, I have some ideas.

>> No.30603036

I think that falls under the first one: it enters strong with a foundational interest (so the person you're messaging knows what caught your eye in the first place, and thus what to play off of or discuss), it introduces an active element by bringing your own ideas and offers the person something, and finally, it starts the conversation instead of relying on them to do it for you.

The only thing I'd leave out is "how's it going" because that's shallow social pulp and I mean let's be real nobody ever wants to answer that, let alone hear the answer, in an ERP environment.

In short:
>Tell them why you're messaging them instead of just saying "hi"
>Point out common ground
>Have something to talk about
>Bring your own ideas to play off of

>> No.30603163

Ideas for next ERPG?

>ERP General: Nightmare Partners Edition

>> No.30603202

Hot babes edition

They are all fire elementals

>> No.30603204

>How's it going?
>Jerking off. You interested?

>> No.30603211

>Random Stranger: Hi, how's it going?
>You: I'm kinda bummed, my mom just died...
>Random Stranger: Oh, that's too bad. Hey, interested in a snuff scene? Maybe with some incest thrown in?

>> No.30603228

how about a hot double d fingering addition?

>> No.30603232


>> No.30603264

>tfw OOC chat with your partner.
>Mention of what I'm taking in school comes up.
>Partner says "Oh hey, I know a guy at X company. When you get your degree, send me your resume."
>Not sure if serious. If so, never would have expected to get a job from ERP.

>> No.30603514

I'd ask him for some credentials if you plan on actually taking him up on the offer. After all, you'd be giving him YOUR personal info.

Also you will never be able to look each other in the face.

>> No.30603556


Basically what I was thinking. On both counts.

>> No.30603566

They're just trying to find your home address.

>> No.30603582

Guard your kidneys.

>> No.30603711


I can hear someone at the window. What do /tg/?

>> No.30603721

Don't you believe in fairies?

>> No.30603772

It's just the tooth fairy, they probably want directions. Let 'em in.

>> No.30603779


Oh no! I've been abducted and taken to an inter-dimensional rape dungeon!

>> No.30603821

Nobody ever likes watersports. This sucks.

>> No.30603856


I don't mind it, but I'm not really great at it and few people are even interested in doing it enough to make me better at it.

>> No.30603877

I remember years ago I was like "hey watersports, that sounds fun".
Because I thought it was like, underwater sex and stuff.

>> No.30603903


>> No.30603916

I was the same way when I was a teen and just discovering the magic of porn on the internet. I got freaked out and closed it, but I'm pretty sure that's why I like it now.

>> No.30603953


>tfw I used to read GTS stories because the idea of it and the plots themselves fascinated me.

Now of course, I just masturbate... Eh, what're you gonna do, you know?

>> No.30603971

Don't you mean it pisses you off?

>> No.30603972

I don't have it listed as a yes or no, or even a maybe. Mostly because I'm indifferent to it.

I'll do it in an RP, sometimes I'll enjoy it, sometimes it just does nothing for me, but I'll do it for a partner, for sure.

>> No.30603978

>I'm the one who made this post about an hour ago
>MFW this just happened

>> No.30604026

Hey ERPers. This is only somewhat possibly related, but does anyone have that fae/fairy race stat spread that rules for their breast size and how they grew as they aged/leveled?

I need it for... reasons.

>> No.30604030

>> No.30604034


They can smell your blood anon. They know your scent now, and you'll never be rid of them.

>> No.30604083

Well that went a completely different direction than I expected.

>> No.30604091

But he even added a whole smiley!

Also that profile hurt me.

>> No.30604153

Technically it is?

>> No.30604169 [SPOILER] 


>> No.30604208

How come? It seems pretty standard fare, if you ignore the MLP bent.

>> No.30604227

>Special Talent: Writing

Also for some reason he has 'blocking' and 'hating MLP' under No, as if it was something he could control.

>> No.30604330

I keep finding myself wanting to make an innocent-seeming teenage girl with a cuteness obsession and a riding crop who wants her own magic pet pony.

>> No.30604380

It wasn't MLP, but the best scene I ever played was a wide-eyed girl who got sucked into her favorite cartoon thinking it was going to be the adventure she always dreamed of and was then raped by all the characters she was so infatuated with.

>> No.30604394

I remember you. I want to fuck the monster under the bed, but can't bring myself to make a young enough character

>> No.30604399

>MFW my longest-term partner seduced me into several fetishes including shota, pony, ehibitionism, and a few others

>Then stopped playing entirely

>> No.30604407

I have a profile like that.

>> No.30604467


>> No.30604515

The beginning of a bad end

Follow the adventure of four heroes as they set off to fight the Dark Lord...If they can make it that far without raping their fellow heroines that is.

captcha: pleasure piranc

>> No.30604582

Last-minute post to drag people in! Then time for sleep. Hope you all enjoy the fresh meat! A Brown Amazon, a Goblin Girl (Frank Zappa would be proud), and Fran Madaraki.


Also in other news, Imako System was released! I can't wait to watch it!

>> No.30604632

>All these Half in the Bag gifs

Nothing gets me going hot and heavy like Rich Evans

>> No.30604638

More of an emphasis on the magic pony thing anything else. I haven't been using it as much since I've been focused on more /tg/-focused play and getting into the MLP crowd on F-List is a hit-and-miss affair.

>> No.30604655

>Kink: Rich Evans's laugh

>> No.30604679

Rich Evans' laugh and Nonon's nani sore 10 hour mashup.

It'll do SOMETHING to anyone that listens to it.

>> No.30604708

>one in each tab

>> No.30604715

Hey that shark person here, just wanted to say thank you to all the kind anons that helped me set up my character thing a few days ago!

>> No.30604753

'sup /tg/


>> No.30604776

Life is pain.

>> No.30604802



>> No.30604813

>Favorite: Night Court

>> No.30604874

>Just had literally the best and most mature rejection reaction ever
If only all people were like this

>> No.30604926

Share it here.

>> No.30604943

New thread is up. We're like two posts from the bottom, so fuck it.

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