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Who have this?¿

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I think it might only be the ipad version that's out yet for some reason. I looked at the BL page about an hour ago and it still said preorder.

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Thanks for your answer men

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Even though the button says preorder you can still buy the ebook - it works as normal.

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Incubator node
Synaptic Swarm
Skyblight Swarm
Living Artillery node
Endless Swarm

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Download link?

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I'm liking the artillery node. I usually take all those units anyway. Now they don't take up slots and I get reroll scatter and pinning on top.

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2nd this

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3rd this

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>Dat Skyblight Swarm.
Tyranids are far from shit with that.

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I think tyranids are fun now
We have more playable stuff now

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Bump'in with prays to the PDF Gods of 4Chan...

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Glorious, simply glorious.

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Is there a way to turn .epubs into .pdfs or .mobi?

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free online converters bro

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I want to hold your hands right now

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Thanks for the download link, my nid playing buddy will be pleased to see this.

Any chance somebody has the new Imperial Knight book as a download yet?

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This made my day, thanks a lot friends!
Time to carry the Nids to VICTORYYYYYYYYY

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Tyranid PDF.

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a mix bag but this one does seem good

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I have a question, guys. There is a formation composed of 3 termagaunts broods and 1 tervigon. Also, for every unit of 30 or more termagaunts, you can include a tervigon as a troop option instead of a HQ option. Could I make one of those 3 termagaunts broods a 30 gaunts unit, and make the tervigon a troop unit, gaining the option to score?

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"scuttling swarm" is a rule of the codex, not of the units
I'd say no then

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It's on the dataslate. In the description of thos termagaunts.

But anyway, who cares? I can roll 3 flyrants, 2 harpies, 1 crone, 3 units of 20 scoring gargoyles, 1 tervigon, 30 termagaunts, and still have 105 points left for a couple of venontropes or some shit like that.

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So essentially, GW is no longer releasing full codexs, but rather shitty ones that are only good when you add the supplements?

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To make sure, I checked. Tervigon doesn't have the rule; and, while it's in the termagant entry, it isn't listed as a special rule. It's divided from the entry as a stand-alone.

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Anyone got the Vanguard one?

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Only for shit armies.

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Then we can declare that it's a mediocre formation, can't we?

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Unless you've filled your FOC troops with hormies, I don't think it'll see much use.

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the tervigon doesn't need to have that rule
it must be somewhere in the army list of the detachment, thing that is as he>>30586969 said
I must correct myself
it can be done

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anyone have the previous dataslates, the one with lictors and shit?

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Disregard >>30587081, I suck cocks.

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Well it's a newer thing, for all we know the Nids will be the norm: shitty release, followed by strong supplements.

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>strong supplements
>implying these things will not be the only supplement our "shitty army without character" will ever gey

I've bad news for you anon

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cheers anon!

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> At the same time, Corbulo faced the towering form of the Tyranid Prime. His chainsword sang as it met the creature’s boneswords in a shower of sparks. The Prime hacked down again and again, blades moving faster than the eye could follow as the might of the Hive Mind flowed through it. Still Corbulo held his ground, his guard unbroken. Finally, with a savage lunge, the Sanguinary Priest plunged his blade up inside his enemy’s guard to punch through the soft flesh of its throat. Corbulo roared, his face and shoulders sprayed with alien ichor as the chainsword burst from the back of the Tyranid Prime’s head. Finally, twitching, the creature slumped dead.

Even in own fluff nids still job.

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does someone know if the old version of the tyrant is cool enough?
i found a modified 3rd edition flyrant on ebay in good conditions for cheap, might use it instead of the new one

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if you like it, its cool enough. Duh.

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i mean if it's not a clusterfuckj like tomb scorpions

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Why not? If it's not a total train wreck and you like the mini, there's no reason not to use it.

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it's this

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It's an official model converted with GW bits, so even people who give a fuck about all that will definitionally have to be okay with it.

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So now the question is: Is Skyblight and Living Artillery enough to be Tier 2?

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tyrant 165
-wings 35
-quad devourers 30
-electroshock grubs 10

tyrant 165
-wings 35
-quad devourers 30
-electroshock grubs 10

termagant brood 40
termagant brood 40

hive crone 155
hive crone 155

harpy 135

tyrant 165
-wings 35
-quad devourers 30
-electroshock grubs 10

hive crone 155

harpy 135
harpy 135

gargoyles brood 60
gargoyles brood 60
gargoyles brood 60

TOT: 1850pts

it's definitely croissant tier

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I bought a slew of Gargoyles and modeled my Tyrant with wings back when rumors stipulated that Hive Tyrant biomorphs would effect FOC. There is not a face that contains the unbridled joy I have from this dataslate.

I also bought the new Exorcine and have some old 4th edition Biovores. Next week's TL tournament is gonna be fun

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Love this dataslate, especially considering my soon to be list already had the 3 Warriors, 3 biovores and an exocrine.

On a side note, would this make for a good color scheme? thinking of basing my nids off these guys.

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Gold, or any metallics for that matter, on Nids? I doubt it'll work...

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Metallics work on nids. There are all those metallic beetles after all.

Fluffwise nids use metals in their carapace too.

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I could also just substitute the gold with a yellow or bone color

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Nahhh, go with the gold, man. Make some sick looking scarab bastards.

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Was kinda hoping there would be a carnifex one.

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Maybe the next one will have something, who knows...
Some formation involving Screamer-Killer would be wonderful
>inb4 there is one already

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>> No.30594890

Hopefully. It just seemed after deathleapers assassin brood something like "Old One Eyes Shit wreckers" is an obvious choice.

Though personally at the moment I'll be betting the last supplement is focused kn rippers, pyrovores and haruspexs since each seems to be based on a phase of tyranid invasions (with consumption being the last)

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Why is it that WoW Old God Insects get my dick rock hard?

Thank fucking god they brought back Ahn'Qiraj.

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I'm the same. And dammit I want too change my nid colour scheme now.

But I probably won't I already got done painting 70 gaunts no way I'm doing them all again

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One quick question while I wait for the dataslate to come down. And this is a question that I must know the answer to.


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...The new dataslate doesn't have genestealers. The first one did though. Answer: Ehh..?

>> No.30596889

I could fap to it, but it won't be REALLY good unless you get some support - Biovores, harpies, etc.

I still think that you should be able to take IG or something with Genestealer cults. Still, take a custom Hive Tyrant done up like a Broodlord Tyrant on a flying limo and you're good.

>> No.30597120

This you could go stealer heavy. But you would want more than just only Genestealers. Way I'd do it is to take both the straler formations and then 2 more broods as your regular troops then infiltrate all 10 units right on your opponents doorstep. Most armies are going to have a lot of trouble killing 10 seperate targets in the 1 turn they have before assailt happens.

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Wait can someone explain to me how these books work? Are they like the old chapter approveds?

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Specific conditions for their use will be described in the relevant Dataslate, but in general terms, yes.

You get the Dataslate, the Dataslate will include certain "formations", which are a combination of different units. In order to field the formation you need to meet the minimum requirements for the units within it.

The excellent thing about these Tyranid dataslates is that (like all dataslates AFAIK) the formations exist outside of the usual force organisation chart, which means eg. you take that Living Artillery Node formation, none of your Heavy Support slots are used up.

Other than that, the dataslate is as legal for use in games as any other officially released ruleset, so opponents shouldn't have a problem with them. Chapter Approved was always with your opponent's permission I think.

>> No.30602245

As far as I am aware chapter approved army lists were always generally legal, but things like vehicles/monstrous creatures made with the vehicle design rules required permission from the opponent.

Speaking of chapter approved, digital download would be the perfect way to release revamped vehicle design rules.

>> No.30602577


Honestly the option probably doesn't exist because rightly Genestealers wouldn't have access to a lot of shit in the IG codex. Control of the PDF is as far as Genestealers go and they don't normally have Valkyries, Vendettas, 10 variations on the Leman Russ, etc just laying around.

>> No.30602821

The PDF of a planet can potentially have the same equipment as guard. Theres also the potential for stealer infected PDF units to be recruited into the guard.

The old gene cult army list had acess too russes and stuff too.

>> No.30602864

Are they for apocalyps stuff? To me it feels like GW is merging the two, which really hurts small games like 1000 points. If you take something like a Wraithknight in that you kinda already won. Same thing with flyers. I really wish they included more rules about flyer restrictions.

>> No.30602914

No for normal games.
GW aren't really metging the two. They've just given the option to take a superheavy ore often than the rare apoc game. But 1500 is still normal game size.

>> No.30602981

suddenly my purchase of a bunch of flamers of tzeentch will be worth it

>> No.30602985

Does anyone have the codex?

>> No.30603000


There is potential, but still I'm sure that Vendettas and Valkyries fall under the control of the Imperial Navy.

Also a large amount of the PDF would have to be infected since only the best are recruited into the Guard, you also have to wonder how effective or what the point would really be. The Genestealers infect PDFs has a means of weakening a planet's defenses and only make themselves known when a Hive Fleet is inbound.

>> No.30603517

My personal view is that literally nothing in this dataslates are worth taking


too much chaff.

>> No.30603523

In those circumstances (low points games) there are quite a few normal units like the Wraithknight that can skew the balance in a player's favour, simply because the average opposing army at such low levels wouldn't usually have enough to deal with it effectively. Taking a Wraithknight at 1000pts is a lot like taking a Land Raider or Tesseract Ark, the opponent won't have much that can scratch that kind of defense.

In those cases, I'd encourage you to talk to your opponent and explain why fielding one of those units would make the game less enjoyable for everyone. Unless they didn't bring any other models but the bare minimum required, they should be able to field something else instead.

>> No.30603580

Wraithknights and riptides are for faggots anyways

this edition sucks balls. 5th edition sucked balls. When a normal part of the FOC has become game ruining whats even the point

>> No.30604492

Eh if they wqrn you ahead of time so you can skew your own list in response its fine IMO.

>> No.30604728

Can anon provide legion of the damned & imperial knights as well?
If so, Omnissiah be blessed!

>> No.30604757

Knights aren't out yet.

>> No.30604790

dear anons posting links thank you very much.

i don't have ipad or iphone so this is the only way i can get this stuff on my android tablet.

Is there somewhere i could go that has almost all if not all of these stored?

>> No.30604940

hahahahahha 65 LotD in 1850, fuck all of you.

>> No.30604945

So what exactly is so good about this slate that causes you guys to wank over it so much?

>> No.30604976


hope that this could give nids at least a decent edge.

hope that this could bring up new fun fluff

hope to fight the grim darkness that is 40k balance

>> No.30604989

I kinda agree. When reading it and seeing everyone cream themselves I just don't see why.

>> No.30605015

That list annoys me greatly.
However I'm sure it could work.

>> No.30605023

But what exactly is standing out to you guys?

Is it really a competitive slate?

The rules I'm reading seem kinda underwhelming compared to the other things you find in this game.

Maybe there's some crazy combo I'm missing?

>> No.30605051

Do Necrons have any Data Slates or is this a new codex kinda thing?

>> No.30605070

No slates, but fall of damnos

>> No.30605071

no you're seeing it right; there's nothing ground breaking, innovative, or anything like tau/eldar/heldrake/shield eternal. mostly the additional troops will help nids since nothing else will.

it's a boring underpowered release and all the nid stuff will be like it. it's the balance that some want.

only 6th books get dataslates anon, check back in a few years when they get an update

>> No.30605076

Also, that forgeworld thing

>> No.30605077

Only 6e dexes get Dataslates and supplements


However, the Necrons did get the Dark Harvest ''supplement'' list from FW.

>> No.30605095

Damn, I wouldn't mind something that made Lychguard not so meh.

>> No.30605119

Well "meh" for their ponts cost that is.

>> No.30605130

This slate does not help the nids fro shit, stop thinking it does. Its shit just like the 1st one

>> No.30605153

well, never say never. it could happen the way things have been going with GW lately. If you love Lychgaurd so much, have you tried running them with Obyron?

>> No.30605158

I haven't run them yet but from what I see from their stats and their points cost is it worth it?

What does he do for them?

>> No.30605187

He's can teleport them across the board to get into melee range. He's also pretty dang good at melee himself as well.

>> No.30605206


It gives better tools to deal with objective grabbing, and those tools are ES. You'd have to be a retard not to see the use in that.

Groundbreaking? No, but certainly much better than the last one.

>> No.30605207


>> No.30605217

>mfw he's right and i can't argue against it

why must you hurt me like this anon? there goes my bit of hope

>> No.30605229

Damn straight, this asshat at my FLGS was boasting for about a week about his 3 wraithknight list at 1250pts, so I asked him to put up or shut up.

Dude wasn't expecting nothin' but Outflanking Kroot Warriors with sniper rounds.

He doesn't talk shit anymore.

>> No.30605253


Your doing God's work, anon.

>> No.30605314

its shit. Every formation comes with so much worthless shit that you should never use them.

Even the ones that look like they might be good? They're shitty.

Incubator node: Seems ok, until you notice the MUST. Have fun re-rolling into OUT OF LARVA because 1s are no longer possible. You'll spawn more termagants in the short term but longterm you are TOTALLY FUCKED for spawning more units. You must re-roll ANY ones, even re-rolled ones.

Synapic Swarm: 3 warrior broods and a tyranid prime. Overcosted prime, and warriors are shit.

Skyblight is KINDA ok? But the points cost is pretty absurd, its like upwards of 700 points. Doable? Not great. This is the only one that might be ok.

Living Artillery so 100 points tax of warriors to take another exocrine and another biovore brood. Eh.

Endless swarm: Hormagants and warriors please go and stay go


here's the thing about the two 'eh' ones on Skyblight and living artillery, nid lists aren't exactly bursting with wiggile room, some lists are only taking 2 heavy support choices, because taking tervigons for midline durable synapse is so important, so living artillery just really isn't worth the points tax most of the time because you usually have whatever you want in the HS, you probably can't even fit a 3rd exocrine in, yet alone a points tax of 100 pts of warriors to get one and a biovore brood. Its like... The formations are just so goddamn expensive.

Maybe skyblight will prove me wrong.

I am the bringer of truth. Truth hurts

>> No.30605405

Looks fun!

Eh... Forgive my ignorance but, can these be used in normal games?
All the blending of rules these last few months have warped my understanding of 40k beyond what I can keep up with.

>> No.30605432

Warriors would've been shit if not for synapse. I hate the codex as much as the next guy but you have to see they're at least trying to throw a bone at us.

>> No.30605440

Warriors are still shit.

They are literally too shit to be played

>> No.30605448

>You must re-roll ANY ones, even re-rolled ones.
stop being bad you can never reroll a reroll.

>Skyblight is KINDA ok? But the points cost is pretty absurd
Wait you weren't taking a flyrant and 2 other FMCs anyway? you have just been given flying hormaganuts that score better, and 3 more FA slots.

>Living Artillery so 100 points tax of warriors to take another exocrine and another biovore brood.
the issue here is that exorcrines are stupid short and are never a good choice, I have more a problem with them than 3 warriors.

>> No.30605465

>at least trying to throw a bone at us.
A bone that was missing from your meal.
That costs extra.
And is still undercooked.

>> No.30605486

>mfw i'm out of will to defend nids

well then, i'm gonna go to sleep now because i'm depressed and stuff.

>> No.30605621

Well you're wrong a couple points, but I see where you're coming from.

>Incubator node: ... You must re-roll ANY ones, even re-rolled ones.
BRB, you can never reroll rerolled dice. Also people have done the math, yes there is an increase in stoppage, but at the same time, its not an incredibly large boost. And evens out the curve for the total number of gants spawned.

>Skyblight: its like upwards of 700 points. Doable? Not great. This is the only one that might be ok.
Yes, it gets expensive, but these are choices you want to be taking anyway. The option of a 3rd flyrant is astoundingly good, and the fact that you get SUPER SCORING respawning gargoyles is nothing to laugh at.

>Living Artillery: so 100 points tax of warriors to take another exocrine and another biovore brood. Eh.

Yeah warriors are crap, but hey, rerolling scatter on biovores is solid, and you misread. Its 3 biovore BROODS. Its 4 heavy support choices in one formation.

The other two are solid crap though.

>> No.30605744

The digital releases are done in .mobi and epub formats for android and ereaders too.

>> No.30605761

There's nothing huge but 2 or 3 of the formations are of units people tend to take anyway. Now they get an extra rule and don't use up FOC slots

>> No.30605821

>9 FMCs at 1850.

Man it'd be one trick pony but god DAMN

>> No.30605868

the most onetrickiest pony ever

>go up against necron airforce list


>> No.30605902

Eh. FMCs aren't forced to start in reserve so you could pit your whole 1850 points against their small army to try wipe them out before reserves to trigger an autowin.

>> No.30605928

might be worth a shot but feels unlikely

Too bad we'll still get pasted by riptides with skyfire. Fuckin 6e.

>> No.30605941

can these be used in normal games?

>> No.30605967


>> No.30605985

Isn't FNP the usual choice for rip tides though?

>> No.30605993

depends on how wise the Tau player is. If you're running triptides you should be running one skyfire unless you enjoy your army getting pasted by fliers.

>> No.30606522

>big game hunter kroot

...i bet they talk like the kids who play black ops. why is this so amusing to me?

>> No.30606625

>Too bad we'll still get pasted by riptides with skyfire. Fuckin 6e.
>implying he can fuck up 9 FMCs in one turn
>implying 6 psychic powers + swooping 5+ covers won't make them unstoppable

flying swarm is kill
flying swarm is destroy
flying swarm is death

>> No.30607571

I had them talking like stereotypical Australian big game hunters

> Strewth that's a big 'un ay Shazza
> Too roight Rozzo he's a big fucker an' no mistake
> Noice
> Noice.

>> No.30607823

crickey, look at the size of that tyranid

>> No.30608119

I don't think people realise how good scoring gargoyles are.

Half of the reason why Elfdar are so good is Jetbike troops

>> No.30608196

Eldar Jetbike can move 48" a turn. Gargoyle move 18 at most if they roll 6 on run.

>> No.30608225

Still doesn't stop them from being supremely mobile and pretty cheap scoring units.

You can pop guardian jetbikes down rather easily due to low unit amounts.

A big ass flock of gargoyles will suffer less via attrition

>> No.30608233


Jetbikes don't have special rules where they take objectives despite contestation.

>> No.30608240

You're much better off just getting a pair of missilesides. Hell, even without skyfire they're about as good as a riptide in AA.

>> No.30608261

so i didn't read it wrong, don't think that rule has come up before. they can take objectives that are held. so could they steal away a relic?

>> No.30608305

>its shit. Every formation comes with so much worthless shit that you should never use them.

No, and you are either terrible at this game.

>Incubator node: Seems ok, until you notice the MUST. Have fun re-rolling into OUT OF LARVA because 1s are no longer possible.

No re-rolling the re-rolls. Get gud.

>Synapic Swarm: 3 warrior broods and a tyranid prime. Overcosted prime, and warriors are shit.

The problem with the Prime is not so much its price (which is a problem nonetheless) but that you have to pass on a Flyrant to take one. Now you no longer have to. Still subpar because of the 3 Warriors brood tax.

>Skyblight is KINDA ok? But the points cost is pretty absurd, its like upwards of 700 points. Doable? Not great. This is the only one that might be ok.

That you do not see how crazy good the Skyblight is tells me everything I know about what kind of player you are. 700pts is expensive, yes, but not when you get all those goddamn gifts. 3rd Flyrant, 3 other FMC of which at least 2 you wanted anyways, and 3 non-FOC respawnable goyles brood that can win the objective race simply by being chosen. This last part is almost stupid good since it can wins you the objective game without having to outplay your opponent.

>Living Artillery so 100 points tax of warriors to take another exocrine and another biovore brood. Eh.

3 biovore broods, and amongst all the hidden taxes in the Nid codex, this is not by far the worse one.

>Endless swarm: Hormagants and warriors please go and stay go

ES hormagants. While I'm not gonna go out of my way to defend this one, by choosing it, you invest 320 scoring pts and can expect to have it act as 500-600 scoring pts instead.

>because taking tervigons for midline durable synapse is so important

You should be able to play one tervigon without any problems, I dont see how that cuts so much into your budget.

>> No.30608423

This right here is what makes them crazy good. If there is a unit on the object they can just fly up and assault. Their blinding venom should make so they last until the end of the game and if they don't just deep strike them back onto the field.

>> No.30608485


But anon, if we give Tyranids a fair consideration we won't be able to bandwagon about how victimized we are by GW and how terrible Cruddace is.

>> No.30608504

Do we know who wrote this suppliment?

>> No.30608505

One thing that bug me. Formation units are outside the FoC. Doesn't that means that Horma and Terma you take with those are not troops and so they can't score? Or I am missing something?

>> No.30608515


Hey, we didn't know who wrote the main codex and that didn't stop us scapegoating before.

>> No.30608540

damn straight, i say we head down to GW now and burn them all as witches over something small, i already got the angry mob here

>> No.30608570


Honestly, this is getting annoying. I'm the first one to agree that we were handed a subpar codex, and that the first dataslate was a dissapointment, but there's a fucking limit to everything. We just got handed something that bumps us from lowest codex to at least middle-tier, and all you can do is shit all over it?

Yeah, fuck you.

>> No.30608588


You might want to re-read the post anon. It's very clearly not serious.

>> No.30608867

Can anyone posy the epub version of the first data slate I'm om my phone

>> No.30609153


The fuck you wasn't aimed at >>30608485
, but at >>30605314 and those like him

>> No.30609187


Oh, my bad.

>> No.30609649

How can 4 flyers that doesn't cost any organization slot + 3 jump infantry that can hold objetives that cannot be negated and that will respawn on reserve (aka Deep Strike) on a 4+ after being destroyed be not good?

>> No.30609856

>You must re-roll ANY ones, even re-rolled ones.
I'm starting to think the Tyranid player bitching is largely due to their inability to think critically.

>> No.30610076

>I'm starting to think the Tyranid player bitching is largely due to their inability to think critically.

In this particular case, yes. I still feel most of the bitching up until now was somewhat warranted.

>> No.30611185

Hope is just the first step on the road to disappointment.

>> No.30612137

So I just re-read and the living artillery says 1 Exocrine, 1 warrior brood, and "3 Biovores". Is this only either 3 broods of 1 or 1 brood of 3 or 3 broods of 1+?

>> No.30612179

I'm guessing it's to your preference. Considerong they do specify that it's a Warrior Brood for instance

>> No.30612192

Yeah but the wording requiring it to be a single brood isn't there either. Could go either way i suppose

>> No.30612222

I'm thinking it's 3 Biovores total, and you distribute them in broods as you please. Because 3 broods of 3 Biovores is like a little too much I'd say

>> No.30615822

You can't Deep Strike re-spawned units.... I think... actually, let me check.

Holy shit, you CAN.

Re-spawned units are placed in Ongoing Reserves. When a unit is placed in reserves, if it has the Deep Strike rule (which all Jump Infantry do) it may elect to go into Deep Strike Reserve.

So yeah. You fly the gargoyles forward, harass the shit out of the enemy, and any who die you drop straight back down onto the objectives. With that dumb ass objective rule, controlling objectives will be damn near impossible for the opponent. It isn't Riptide levels of faggotry, but it might work.

I wonder if you can do the same with the Endless Swarm and Trygon Tunnels.

>> No.30615953

the only problem is the unreliability of respawning

>> No.30616608

With 3 units of 20 Gargoyles the respawn thing is really only a last resort, and they each have a 50% chance of succeeding.

The Endless Swarm and Objective Secured rules actually work really well in our favour, as typically the way to deal with a unit that can come back with a special rule is to whittle the unit down until its numbers are so low it is no longer effective, and then just leaving it.

Now however the opponent can't afford to just leave it since those flappy bastards are overriding everyone else's capture.

>> No.30616662

Gentlemen i believe we have our prayer

the fluff has always suggested that tyrannids are beasts that are highly organized due to a hive mind, yet break whenever said mind dies

the result my friends is that tyranids are now the almighty at objective based games

>> No.30617387

That's been true for a while now.

>> No.30619208

>snipe synapse units
>army runs off objectives and off the board
>try to use synapse bastion
>opponent captures rest of table

>> No.30619782

you say that as if you can just snipe all of an armies synapse easily.

>> No.30619923


Deep Strike makes respawning units MUCH MUCH better, given that they can instantly contest things and shoot shit. Assault respawn units are the worst.

>> No.30620003

>Little nids go to ground on objective
>Don't have to roll for synapse
>New synapse creature shows, little 'nids get Fearless and stand up, can move and charge afterwards

>> No.30620074



>> No.30620102


A Tyranid army can only take so much synapse before they become such a terrible list you don't even need to try to beat them.

>> No.30620169

>go to ground

50% chance bitch

>> No.30620183

You'd be surprised

Outside of Tervigons most our synapse dies incredibly fast

>> No.30620275

and if you kill a tervigon all the big blob of gants in it's synapse range DIES

>> No.30620286


Tervigons aren't even that sturdy thanks to Riptides, Escalation, and power creep, and they come with the added bonus of being suddenly shittier, expensive, and far more suicidal than their previous version. Sniping synapse and waiting? Fuck that, just kill the Tervigon and watch everything explode.

>> No.30620304

You can only go to ground when you are shot at.

>> No.30620363

its still a lot to try kill quickly. No one just lines them all up in the open at the front of army.

>> No.30620509

eh, zoanthropes are pretty resilient for their points.

Tyrants can take a a decent bit too (either as flyers or with some guards). Warriors are terminator level resilient until someone points a battlecannon at them. Even then its trivial too ensure they have at least a 5+ cover save.
The only synapse I've actually seen die fast in my games is shrikes. With the other i'll normally have them survive till turn 5-6 often the whole game.

>> No.30620523


If you are hiding behind cover, you aren't advancing on objectives or linebreaker.

>> No.30620555

the hunt instinctive behaviour goes too ground on a 1-3.

also people tend to shoot at units holding objectives so you're unlikely too not have that opportunity.

>> No.30620576

you do have other units in the army aside from synapse.

>> No.30620602


18 with dominion. Necessary use of psykers that just FEELS BAD

Synapse sucks dicks right now

>> No.30620646

You can also go to ground on your turn, after movement. It's not a bad idea to run a group of 'gaunts out of synapse range, intentionally send them down to ground for the round, then pick them up on your next turn.

>> No.30620734

There's also the norn crown which tyrants, tervigons and trygons to give +6 too synapse.
Then there's the warlord trait for that rare time you manage a tyrant with 30 inch synapse.

but even 12 inch is a decent distance (unles you play on empty tables with not enough terrain) between using terrain for LoS blocking and your own front line units for cover, you can also chain back stragglers in the squad so the squad still has synapse even if its leading models are 24 inches away from the synapse creature.

>> No.30620774

>actually spending the 40 pts on the norn crown

This is the reasoning cruddace had when he raised the nid prime by 45 points

>> No.30620836

how would the nid prime be if it already had the norn crown included in it's 45point increase

>> No.30620985

i'd use it again.

>> No.30621225


Since it takes up a flyrant spot, Tyranid Prime should have not been increased 45 points, should have the crown rules built in, AND have the option of purchasing a second crown.

Then it'd be auto take maybe.

>> No.30621553

The kids'd call him Johnny Two-Crowns.

>> No.30621571

Gee billy, how come your mum lets you have two crowns?

>> No.30622649

So basically the synapse swarm formation is worth it since none of it takes up slots and not only the prime but all the warriors get 18 inch synapse

>> No.30622701


No it's not worth it because you're paying for a bunch of shitty warriors.

>> No.30622839

Warriors aren't shitty. They're as tough as terminators but cheaper, scoring and provide synapse. They're not amazing but certainly not shit either.

>> No.30622920


Terminators aren't tough and are also shitty.

>> No.30622952


They are listed as Troops under the Dataslate, therefore they are scoring units.

>> No.30622963

Terminators are toughness 4. The thing that makes them survivable are their 2+ and 5++ saves, which warriors don't have.

Do you even play this game?

>> No.30623007

> 2+ save not tough

A huh sure

>> No.30623054

Yeah warriors have a save thats 3 times worse than a termie. But they also have 3 times as many wounds. Against small arms they are exactly as tough as each other. Difference is warriors are weak too S8+ while termies are weak too AP2. Though you see about as much of each these days.

>> No.30623151


There's a reason people take 3++ storm shields and rerollable invulns on their screamers and jetseers.

W1 2+ isn't tough at all. Not for 40+ points.

>> No.30623173


And what happens when they get shot by a single AP2 or AP1 weapon? Or when they take 50+ wounds from 100+ pulse or las shots?

>> No.30623242

Being tough doesn't mean invincible. Sure you can kill a termie with a dozen bolter hits. But when nost infantry xan knly take 2-3 then that means termies are tough.

>> No.30623314


Most infantry costs 4-8 times cheaper so they have 4-8 times as many wounds. They also score and can be taken in cheaper squads and reserved to be kept safe.

I don't feel like slinging insults but your lack of game knowledge and ignorance makes your posts pointless.

>> No.30623328


Higher model count/cheaper price is also better just by virtue of larger footprint. 5 Terminators won't do much but 40 guardsmen for the same price makes great bubble wrap, tarpits, and conga line material.

>> No.30623341

That's why i was saying warriors aren't crap. Like other infantry theyre termie level resilience while being cheaper and scoring.

>> No.30623515


Except terminators aren't tough and warriors aren't as cheap and numerous as GEQ. Nice try.

>> No.30623760


please tell, I am interested

>> No.30624166

Comparing elite vs horde units always gives wonky results. Most direct comparison is tactical marines. Which are half as good as a warrior and half as good.

>> No.30624202

Nid unit idea

0 combat or psychic ability

AV14 building or a T10 immobile MC in the fortification slot

24" synapse

Points TBT

Some kind of big brain thing

>> No.30624264


Tacticals are also shit. Stop using shit examples to justify another shit unit. Try using Riptides point for point.

>> No.30624275

riptides have a different role though

>> No.30624542

>hur dur role
>hur dur different units

The point we are discussing is whether or not Tyranids are shit and whether or not they are survivable.

All shit is the same once its getting shot at.

>> No.30624670

Riptide probably is a good comparison for warriors actially. It costs about 6 times as much and is about 6 times as resilient (excluding S8)

>> No.30624700

like an av14 bastion that has a synapse unit inside?

>> No.30624716

four squads main detachment, and can ally with legion of the damned. they're explicitly called out on being able to do this

>> No.30624717

Similar to it

no guns at all

>> No.30624736

that's hilarious

eat shit riptides

thren comes the problem of how do you kill anything with the army

at least your dudes will be scorring

>> No.30624814

only the four squad primary detachment is scoring. but then you can get an inq detachment and a knight detachment or whatever other not using the basic allies system detachment

>> No.30624839

that's a shame

why limit a primary detatchment to just 4 units man?

>> No.30624866

because they're elites?

>> No.30624897

I guess

but why stop me at just 40 bodies

you want to sell models

let me take nothing but legionares at any size game

imagine 90 scorring legionares with some toys in a full size game

>> No.30625009

Because GW want too keep at list a semblance of balance.

>> No.30625024

>monthly releases
>weekly releases
>Tyranid codex

You lie.

>> No.30625033

Haven't had the opportunity to use allied units in 40k yet, so I'm a little foggy on the rules for them.

Units in a detachment are still considered the FoC type they're listed as, right? They don't count against your totals, but Troops are still Troops (and thus Scoring in most missions)?

>> No.30625044

Knights are as a whole, nothing special

>> No.30625055

Scorring status depends on who they are allied with

>> No.30625063


The allied FoC is 1 HQ, 0-1 elites, 1-2 troops, 0-1 fast attack, 0-1 heavy support. It's in the main rulebook in the back sections near deployment and stuff like that.

>> No.30625074


Well given that we're talking about Tyranids here...

It's safe to say a Tyranid detachment is only going to be deployed with a Tyranid army.

>> No.30625089

Armies in most cases can not ally with themselves

Space marines are a notable exception to this rule

>> No.30625119


That's for an allied detachment. Formations are pseudo-allies that don't count against your number of detachments, and you can have as many as are allowed by the formation itself, with each formation counting as its own detachment.

That's how I'm reading it, correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.30625130


>> No.30625373

Which is retarted. Not to fanboy, but IG armies are almost always made up of different regiments working together. Way more often than spess muhrins.

Any chance we'll see a genestealer data slate that lets Nids ally with any army? Mebe not daemons or crons, but really...

>> No.30625384

I imagine that if the next ig dex includes rules for other regiments, they will let them ally to them selves

>> No.30625456

Thanks, good anon

>> No.30625491

We've already had the genestealer dataslate.

Though the rumours we've had about genecults is them not getting a supplement until after IG dex because it'll draw units from there.

>> No.30626910

Hell, there are regiments that were created from other regiments.

Fear the day when somebody manages to combine Death Corps of Krieg, Mordian Iron Guards, and Armageddon Steel Legions.

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