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file name thread

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so /b/
much random
many newfriend
such meme

OP, traditionally these threads are funny and board-related. Half of these images aren't board-related, and relatively few of them are in gif format. None of them are funny.

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>gif format.
Since when was that a requirement?

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>doge meme
>anyone respecting your opinion
i agree though half these images arent related

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>mocks a meme almost exclusively through a meme

You're either a troll or retarded

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Well, then take a look at this one >>30567091
Relevant to every board.

Also, you could contribute.

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what the fuck?

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I think they're demoing some kind of memory material

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You mean paper? It looks like one of those things where people carve up phonebooks/stacks of paper and then attach them by some means. Not quite clear on the method but that was my first assumption. Looking at the .gif again I kind of get the impression it might not be though. Google only gives me some tumblr links.

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it's not.
It's a chinese dude who slammers paper together and makes it into statues.

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It's cardboard meshing. Lots of people and companies use it for flexible yet strong objects.

There's this couch made of cardboard that you can expand and shape to your whims. Wish I remembered where to find the link.

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Not even gonna lie, I like that jacket the dude is wearing. I wouldn't wear it as actual clothing of course, but it would be something cool to see on a character from something.

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most based

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Man, that story is so full of shit

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So, uh, does this mean Russia is the Imperium?

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>noone gets the joke.

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>Not "Khador new warjack"
>Not "Kamen Rider Vodka"

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You guys realize Asians squat like that all the time, right? It's not a unique Slav thing.

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A manly man can chose if he wants to have fat or musculature each day, you retarded redditor.

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This has to be fake, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome.

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You mean Asians copied that way of squat from Slavs, right?

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Anon-kun, boars are a pest.

As my grandfather used to say: "What kind of pussy spends his time hunting rabbits when he could be hunting boars?"

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Odd, in my group is always what my DM wants, we don't have a vote, and that's why I stopped playing with them. Specially because the rest of players have the "DM's always right and he's the lord therefore he can do what he wants" mentality

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Weapon Focus (Box Cutter)

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Is Breaking Bad just a show about horribly wrong Shadowrunning can go?

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Enjoy the flooding, hombre.

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>Weapon Focus (Box Cutter)
Forgot your picture.

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I notice that the man is alive at the end of that Gif.
I find this filename inaccurate.

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> meanwhile in Detroit
> car says NYPD

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It was obviously stolen.

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LSD doesn't work like that.

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Wouldn't the baking process break down the LSD in the first place?

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Depends what kind you take.
I know a dude who took some shit that made him think he was melting into the walls, the fridge was breathing and that he was of one mind with cats.
And another friend who wanted to hunt deer in the woods with his bear hands and drink its blood.
Depends on what exactly is in the stuff and how you are when you take it.

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What comic is this from?

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I wish snake could use a bow

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Atomic Robo

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Neat, thanks.

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You don't put the LSD in the cookie until after it is bak—WHY DO I KNOW THIS?!?!?!

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That is perfect.

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>that picture

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I haven't laughed that hard in a while; anyone got part 2?

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>hunt deer in the woods with his bear hands
Normally I'd think this was a type. In this case, I'm not so sure.

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>There was a time when those things were the size of a large crocodile.

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>Dog walks itself with its mental powers.

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like this?

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>Doesn't make min-maxed pets with telekinesis
Get on our level.

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>mfw one of the PCs in my group has Str 7 and Con 17
>then my DM says outright nope to my str18, dex 12, con 14, int 10, wis 12, cha 8 PC because "unrealistic and unfair"

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I fukken love Dr. Dinosaur.

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>thinking con and str are correlated.
How strong do you think the average endurance runner is?

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>Str 7 Con 17 is ok
>18,12,14,10,12,8 is unrealistic
Dunno, but his DM seems autistic

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Did he mean that it was unrealistic in that the scores didn't match? Or in that the scores were too good? That second set of scores has a total modifier of +7. I'd be a little cautious of scores like that myself.

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>a character with one strong stat and one weak stat
>a character with an even stronger stat, a smaller weakness, and also above-average stats across the board

Totally the same. The former is a tradeoff, the latter is outright better in every way.

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DnD always manages to fuck up logics with attribute scores and whatnot
>Guy has int 6, wis 14, cha 14

Or your tipicall minmaxed rogue
>str 10, dex 20, con 10

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>Guy has int 6, wis 14, cha 14

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>Con 10
lel no.

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>Guy has int 6, wis 14, cha 14

There's a whole movie about this guy.

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That's 15 point buy in paizo, which is low-medium point buy human with the +2 into str, usually is 20 for a standard-epic game, I don't think those are "good" in any way, specially compared with the rest of nameless NPCs that get the fucking same points.

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I've always wondered if that kid's OK.

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Did I just watch a child die

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>int 6
He's dumb, but some how he gots tonnes of skill ranks, how is that possible?

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He'll be fine. Kids bounce.
I mean, unless that TV crushed his head, then he's probably dead. But as long as he isn't dead he'll be fine.

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Human rogue.

>> No.30568828

>Dying from that
They're more resilient than you think

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He spent his feats on Endurance, and then a bunch of Skill Focus.

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Probably. Young kids are flexible. Plus it looks like the TV fell partly past him, leaving most of his upper body in the empty portion of the bookcase. And by the way the case split, I doubt it was very solidly made.

>> No.30568845

It looks like the TV missed his head, and that's the only thing on that shelf with any weight. The kid'll be hurt as hell, but he probably lived.

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He wasn't playing D&D maybe.
He was playing a class with skill points out of the wazoo.

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>Ask about a int 6, wis 14, cha 14 PC in reality
>People point Forrest
>Ask why he got so many skill points
>"He wasn't playing D&D"
Why people keep doing this? why people keep point examples fro D&D and then when asked again point "this isn t D&D, moron".

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This is why D&Drones are shit.
INT/WIS/CHA aren't D&D-only.
Not all D&D clonics use int for skill points.
Could you please go and play other games first and then come back with some brain between your hears fuckstarter?

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This reminds me of a "why fighters can't have nice things" thread from last week
There was this guy saying Cap, Batman, Hawkeye, Conan, etc were totally fighters in D&D and didn't get "extraordinary" abilities, and when someone told him that Cap could run 90mph with 600kg at his back, that Batman defeated two kryptonians with martial arts, etc (so extraordinary as fuck feats) he went all "Of course, because those characters aren't from D&D!, why you bring them to the conversation?"

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>Conan the Barbarian


>> No.30568996

>Talk about D&D
>Guy replies to me
>I reply to him
>"I wasn't talking to D&D!"
Are you stupid then? why reply me if you weren't going to follow my conversation?

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Dude was more rogue, than Barbarian.

>> No.30569012

>Conan the barbarian
He's a rogue/fighter, but I guess you never read Conan.

>> No.30569020

>your collective faces when he was talking about anima.
Batman is a level 10 tao(FIGHTER-domine).

>> No.30569028

Conan doesn't work as a D&D Barbarian. Doesn't really rage. He's literate. He's more about fighting tactically than brute strength.

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I hate you

>> No.30569050

if you read the books you'd know he's more like a multiclass rogue&fighter rather than a D&D barbarian.

>> No.30569051

The anime, you dipshit.

>> No.30569056

Hes still called the prince of theives in Conan the Destroyer.

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>Yfw no, he was talking about D&D as in dungeons and dragons, extraordinary and supernatural keywords, arcane and divine spells, etc
Nice try though.

>> No.30569099

Would you like to?

>> No.30569126

>yfw there are people who really believe this

>> No.30569137

Sorry, I sometimes forget the average /tg/ goer shits himself if he sees a number over 100 on his sheet.

The translation doesn't help.

>> No.30569164

The idea is that the area around his little"island" is actually normal land, covered by water from a flood. So it did work.

>> No.30569225

>holland begins colonization efforts

>> No.30569239

The problem isn't that we could try other games, is that the amount of stupidity people pulls out when losing at an argument, do you even realize how ridiculous is speak about a subject, a guy enters and gives examples, examples that are wrong, tell him they're wrong and then he replies with "I wasn't talking about that"/"It was you the one who brough those examples"...but I guess that's the problem with 4chan.

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Are you new? you know what trolls aren, right?

>> No.30569270

That's clearly the zulu. You can even see the shield right there.

>> No.30569275

The real problem is people STILL FUCKING PLAYING GARBAGE AND SHIT AKA D&D3.5 and not getting that it's niche is OP spell casting shenanigans.
It's like playing warhammer 40k and wanting to "fix it because too grimdark! I want it to be cute and fun!".
It's the same as going and picking up MOUSEGUARD to play WARHAMMER 40K.
It's like screwing a nail instead of hammering it.

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Nah, for me all yuropoors look the same.

>> No.30569293

CR 5, I think.

>> No.30569297

That's clearly a movie set, you can see two dudes in jeans raising the tent up.

>> No.30569310

Sauce? Image search gives squat.

>> No.30569311

>It's like screwing a nail instead of hammering it.
Why you gotta judge how people have sex with their nails?


>> No.30569325

King Kong remake.

>> No.30569335

Donkey Kong

>> No.30569340

Maybe the King Kong remake? I remember some scenes with giant worms and shit eating people.

>> No.30569341

holy shit what oh my god

>> No.30569358

Haha so wacky!

But you got what I mean.

>> No.30569373


Thanks. A shame, I was looking forward to some new horror.

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agH it looks fucking real!

>> No.30569545

It is. Birth defects are a thing.

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>> No.30569587


Sorry man, but that looks like something out of the first Total Recall movie. I know there's defects where the eyes get forced out of the skull easy because of weak muscles to keep them in place, but that's just fucking wack.

I think they'd be far more irritated too. They're very glassy in the .gif.

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>> No.30569608

The amontillado, my friend!

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>> No.30569639

I'm fucking dying

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>> No.30569651

Google "harlequin baby".

>> No.30569660

>> No.30569666

I think I read somewhere that it was fake
Can't remember where though

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>> No.30569676

>> No.30569679

>> No.30569697

>> No.30569704

>mfw that's not a shoop

>> No.30569708


Nigga I know what a Harlequin baby is and that ain't one. Harlequin babies have mad thick skin that's all red and flaky and bleedy. That looks more like a horrifically awful case of exophthalmos.

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>> No.30569727 [SPOILER] 

>Google "harlequin baby"

I thought you'd never ask.

Yes I used the drawing because the photos are incredibly NSF...anything

>> No.30569763

What am I looking at exactly?

>> No.30569798

I've got a cousin that's tried stabbing a deer to death with a knife. He keeps trying to, every time its deer season he gets up in that tree stand and waits till one wanders underneath.

It is highly entertaining to watch him jump off and slam face first into the ground and miss the deer entirely. He did manage to jump off and stab one once though, it ran off though and we had to track it down and shoot it.

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>> No.30569846

Oh God...

>> No.30569895


Shiki, and use reverse search you lazy git

>> No.30569905

>meanwhile in Detriot
>some men are in Confederate uniforms

>> No.30569925

i don t get it

>> No.30569938


It's a nice floor

>> No.30569960

>And there's a shark and a T-Rex

>> No.30569976

reminds me of salad fingers

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>> No.30570019

>> No.30570051

I think you're right - look how hard that kid hit that cabinet. He didn't put enough force in to rock it like that.

>> No.30570140

>not big karchev fights everblight colosal.

>> No.30570144

Not even mad

>> No.30570153

Also why would he fall over like that before the cabinet fell? Surely if he legitimately hit the cabinet with enough force to knock him out and make the thing fall, he would bounce further forward

>> No.30570181

>> No.30570190

Look at how the entire thing tips over from a slight bump. obviously fake.

>> No.30570237

>> No.30570245


>Not the Ukraine

>> No.30570420

Man, what is the name of that phobia for groupings of small holes, lotus-boob style?
This gif would kill someone with that.

>> No.30570433

It's in the file name

>> No.30570468


>> No.30570513

It's an invented phobia, but trypophobia.

Most people feel itchy when looking at clusters of holes, it's just a human being thing.

>> No.30570538


>> No.30570559

Saints Row instantly jumped to mind

>> No.30570789

The digging kitten has Chowder's voice in my head.

>> No.30570798

>> No.30570825

There's a photo of them giving some guy head online too

>> No.30570852


>> No.30570876


>> No.30571288 [SPOILER] 


>> No.30571327

How much head did they give him?

>> No.30571377

>only giving one guy head
Waste of your talent.

>> No.30571522

>That time you let your little brother die to save your on life.

>> No.30571532

Yes (you monster!)
if it was why would the camera be on/who would want to upload a video of their brother or kid dying?

>> No.30571547

>if it was why would the camera be on/who would want to upload a video of their brother or kid dying?

Remeber Dusty?

>> No.30571817

Goddammit Carlos.

>> No.30571960

no they dont, those are slavs in disguise. no one but slavs can squat. go ahead, try. if you succeed you are a slav, and therefore a traitor.

>> No.30572040

>confused pete

>> No.30572068

>meanwhile in detroit
>most of those people arnt black.

>> No.30572343

>> No.30572462

If he died I don't think the family would have saved the home video and posted it to the internet.

>> No.30572517

>> No.30572537 [SPOILER] 

>> No.30572561

>> No.30572585

>> No.30572604

>> No.30572606


>> No.30572633

>> No.30572696

This version is better.

>> No.30572727


I remember playing Ironclaw once. It was... surprisingly quite good. Combat seems to take an age though.

>> No.30572742

>> No.30572767

>> No.30572962

Jokes on you.
My party did that.

>> No.30573107

Why are the tanks going sideways?

>> No.30573402

Because GI Joe lasers are awesome

>> No.30573725

The kind of guy who trained the boars to hunt rabbits for him.

>> No.30573881

So what happens if this happens? I mean is it a ball? A strike? Da fugggg

>> No.30574262


>> No.30574378

So Great Teacher Onizuka took place in Czech Republic?

>> No.30574634


I chuckled :3

>> No.30574684

They are getting alot of action in this thread

>> No.30574704

>> No.30574718

Unfortunately its fake

>> No.30574743

Photoshop has ruined the world, you can't trust anything

>> No.30574753

Dear god, there are adults with it. Why would you let someone live without the ability to close their own damn eyes?

>> No.30574953

Because every life is precious and should be preserved!

Remember that plenty of countries all around the world outlaw euthanasia.

>> No.30574954

Watch the gif again, you doofs. You can clearly see the kid is falling through a trap door. Look at his leg.

>> No.30574981


>> No.30575076

>Not: The Cats of Amontillado

>> No.30575096

I fucking love Doom.

>> No.30575240

>> No.30575307

>> No.30575309

>nat 20 intimidate

>> No.30575398

While we're at it...

>> No.30575476

Is that statement supposed to be in character, or what? I can't tell if/where the irony begins and ends.

>> No.30575540


>> No.30575774


>> No.30575941


>> No.30576372


it didnt cross the strike zone and the batter didnt swing. clearly a ball.

>> No.30576729

I need more. There must be more.

>> No.30576802

Not gonna lie, I'd totally play Catan on a chick.

>> No.30576862

What the fuck am I looking at?

>> No.30576924

The Suriname Toad bearing it's children

>> No.30577182 [SPOILER] 

No but you just witnessed this cop die

>> No.30577857

It was apparently a no-pitch.

Whatever that means.

>> No.30578005

not sure if that is digitally altered to look like a skull or not?

>> No.30578033

The entire thing was staged and edited, yes.

>> No.30578138 [SPOILER] 


>> No.30578153

it wasnt. phones just do that. try it.

>> No.30578286

>realise it was rewound footage
very clever

>> No.30578620

i dont get it?

>> No.30578638

That is beyond fucking evil, holy shit.

>> No.30578677

>not making legion and edi based warforged

son I am disappoint

>> No.30578740

Good old Terkoiz.
Either that or it's the SHOCK guy.

>> No.30578974

Terkoiz WAS the shock guy, for the first two.
That dude's Hyun, the guy who challenged Terkoiz as his first RHG, was let win, and later made animations for the League of Legends LCS world championships back in season 2.

>> No.30579242


>> No.30579353

You just realised?

>> No.30579581


>> No.30579676

>> No.30579830

>PCs ticket a california roll.gif

>> No.30579904

>Whatever that means.
Simplest terms: do-over.

>> No.30581389

Joe Diamond, bitches

>> No.30581548

I love that fic, but I've forgot where to find it.

>> No.30583330

still eat it

>> No.30583591

That's because it's clearly based more on Dragon Age, rather than D&D. EDI and Legion are clearly supposed to be Golems which in Dragon Age are the closest things to warforged in the setting.
>Ishiggy Diggy

>> No.30583608

probably a typo

there could be confeds there, it is a free country

yeah, that's where the suspension of disbelief ends doesn't it

>> No.30583922

heh, more

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