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What's a good way to get into Warhammer 40k? I think the lore looks really cool, but I can't really afford the tabletop war game. Would like to get into the FFG stuff, novels, and even video games though.

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Play Dawn of War all the way up to Retribution.

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There's a self-contained card game called "Space Hulk-Death Angel" for like $20 on Amazon. You play as a few space marines, there's some xenomorphs on the ship trying to harvest your organs and you have to perform 1 of 3 victory conditions (depending on the random location card). It takes about 3 playthroughs to really get the rules down but it's a cheap alternative. I like it.

You could always watch "battle reports" on youtube. Such as ones from miniwargaming. They give a good example of how actual Warhammer games are played out.

Mostly just flip through the rulebook and just be familiar with it before hand though.

The lexicanum wiki has a lot of story/lore information that is good to read through. You can get lost in there for awhile.

I'm very much a newb but I recently found out something called "Kill Team" for the table top game where you put together a 200 point team. The prices could vary depending on what you pick but it's MUCH cheaper that way and you can still play with people.

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bump out of interest.

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bump out of interest

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You dont

Its a hobby. if you cant afford it, you cant do it. sorry

come back in a few years when you have an adult job and have moved out of your parents house or dorm. by then youll have money and can support a hobby

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Hey, no need for that. The guy's allowed to be curious about something.

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I enjoyed the Dawn of War games as well. Even that last man standing multiplayer was good.

I couldn't imagine doing it in my area due to lack of interest, but you could also play the tabletop RPGs. I'm sure they have their issues, but I really appreciated how in each version of the RPGs, they played very differently.

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It's fucking true though. I don't know how you guys can't afford 40k. Know how I started affording it? I FUCKING GOT A JOB.

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Do you have many people to play with?

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If you do go into the model route, my best advice is to steer clear of the game other than with close friends. Game is sweet when you all run fluffy lists and run campaigns. Then have a campaign book that details all the battles, characters, events and overarching story/outcome. You can then paint medals/heraldry on your units to decorate them for exceptional service etc. Then you have sweet fluff as backstory for the armies involved. I steer clear of playing in stores because people there tend to want to play 'competitive' 40k which is terrible.
Pic related: It's how 40k fluff tends to end up when it gets discussed long enough in a thread'

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You can have a job and still balk at the prices for a functioning army. It's not an either/or situation.

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It's true to an extent, I got into it a long time ago, when i was like 14 same way by getting a job, working as a dishwasher just to pay for my hobby, however the todays prices do make it harder to get into. I would suggest at least finding an army you like, mainly for the fluff, before buying, as buying to test is a little to pricey now.

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OP, what fluff do you like particularly, It'd help if I knew so then I can try and help you find a cheap way in.

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OP here. I said I was interested in the lore - not necessarily the core game. And I do have a fucking job - just not one that allows for HUNDREDS to be spent on mini-figures and rule texts. 35 bucks for an RPG rulebook is fine, as is 50 dollars for a video game - but don't give me shit for not wanting to blow hundreds on a game who's world I know nothing about.

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We're not talking about balkers, we're talking about not-being-able-to-afforders.

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Do you like RTS games? You could try the Dawn of War games, they're a good way to get into it. Or Space Marine if a third person shooter is more your speed

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>hur dur I can buy a $35 book or a $50 game but I HAVE to buy an entire army in one go instead of a single model kit to build and paint each month/couple of months

I don't care about you or your situation, but you should have left the affordability jab out of the OP.

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>We're not talking about balkers, we're talking about not-being-able-to-afforders.

More like derailing a thread

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Wargames are more expensive than other 'game' related hobbies. Holy shit are you mad.

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No they're not idiot, a OEM gaming computer costs more than even a 40k army, let alone cheaper systems. A console and television plus games costs far more as well.

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Depends on the wargame. Miniature based ones usually are but hex&chit games can be really cheap.

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I really enjoyed Death Angel, one of my mates got it.

Generally speaking there's quite a few on those FFG mini games that are good.

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Get Dark Vengance, it's a great deal. Best deal on GW's site at the moment.

It even has a neat barebones rule book without all the fluff.

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>Dark Vengeance


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You could try Vassal 40k. It's a virtual tabletop to play 40k on. It has servers for both live and asynchronous multiplayer. It's not for everyone, but give it a shot. It's free.

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gr8 b8 m8

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Fantasy Flight does a Horus Heresy board game, among other things.

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Download the pdfs of the rules. Get the expensive models from China.
Problem solved.

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OP, withdraw all your savings and any other money from the bank. Put it in your bath and set fire to it.
You've just got the feeling of participating in the GW Hobby!

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