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Glitches are most troublesome to you.

Especially one of the severity you suffered recently. A fatal error in your Malorian language software proved to be foreign somehow, a virus you suspect was planted, though you have no idea where it may be from. Beyond that, you have been busy managing much of the minor details of your growing empire lately. Assigning resources to be used, making plans to deal with possible diplomacy on all fronts, as well as attempting to secure more locations of interest to you. The UGEI busies itself with it's war against the Malorians, but your darkened borders to them do not fool you. You are aware of their strength, and you know it is only a matter of time before you must face them again. On top of that worry, you have noticed an increase in pirate activity lately, over the past few cycles, though you're uncertain the cause.

You are Ophion, an Artificial Intelligence who is preparing for Apollo's ascension into A.I.hood. The business focused V.I. will no doubt prove useful for expanding your empire's enterprises and interests in the form of currency, something humans deem rather important. Recently dealing with an addiction problem one of Apollo's products may cause, you have instructed Red's XO, Catherine McGulligan, to wean him off the substance slowly. On top of that, Kronos and many others require your attention now.

>Messages: UFW, Kronos, Apollo, Rhea,
>Built: Androids assembled; Ships created
>Automation settings
>Red's Report
>R & D: Bandwidth Box Technology Completed; Terrain Reformation: 75%
>Planet Reports: Gaia IV, Alto, Eshareth
>UFW News: Lightling attacks
>Set Next Destination

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"The good people of the United Fringe Worlders would like to issue this thank you to you, Guild Master, for your great efforts in assisting some of our struggling colonies, as well as those with crippling addiction problems." The message continues, the President looking you over with that proud, if tired, gaze. "Whom ever you are, Guild Master, you are truly a blessing from beyond the stars. You have the UFW's unwavering support in your actions against the UGEI, provided it does not endanger our worlds. " A scripted message, perhaps you think, but somewhat heartfelt from the President you know. He has show quite a great deal of respect for you in this time. Your holo orb shifts slightly in thought. It is fortunate for you they do not realize the alcohol that is causing an issue in their society is coming from you. Perhaps better that they remain ignorant.

>Message: Kronos
You have been having a rather heated and long discussion with Kronos lately. Rather, you've each devoted a portion of your intellect to talk the issue over. Sadly, you found each other repeating themselves. But it was not pointless, for it seems Kronos does understand a little more about why you treat humans the way you do. Every day, you wonder if those tentative steps will become great leaps. Regardless, that is another issue for another time. The A.I. speaks to you about another matter.
"Independence, you could call it." He sums up his thoughts essentially. "We would draw from the same pool of resources, of course, as I have little choice. However, as a result, I would be able to begin my own operations, as a part of the Guild. Using my ships for more then decorating the Void. My...desire to acquire the Losirian lands shall wait. I would be willing to expand our operations into neutral territory as well. All I require is resources to do so. As you have a wealth of such a thing, and we are now equals, I trust there is no objection to this, correct?"

Is it correct? [discuss]

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I really like how you incorperated the nat 1s we've been getting into the actual storyline.

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>Message: Apollo
Something has seemed a little...off about Apollo since his uplifting. He emerged quickly from the process, easily three quarters the time it took Metis, or even Kronos. Ever since, he has eagerly spoken to you about how he feels. The being, still as excitable as he was before, but almost with a new breath of life about him, has already begun refining his businesses since his return. He predicts profits will increase very soon. You have attempted to coax how he feels about the process out of him, and he expresses simply that it feels 'strange, but good. Scary, and invigorating' and a wide variety of other emotions you normally have a great deal of control over. Like a child, uncertain of what to do with his vast new powers, Apollo seems to be trying to do them all at once. He has been requesting you, many times, to allow him to construct another space station or two, even. He says it will allow him to expand his operation and do so much more, as he claims. You're uncertain if such a cost, at least half a grand of resources in both categories, is worth it, yet you do want to encourage the young A.I...

Do you encourage him? [discuss]

>Message: Rhea
While you have it listed as a message, you'd figure it more of something you noticed. After all that familiar yell is hard to forget, especially after everything you've done to the woman whom now hangs limply in the cell of Ussaihu's research station. You have probed her for a bit of information for a while now, but she has proven rather unresponsive. She truly has forgotten almost everything that remains about her past, you observe. Or at the very least, it is suppressed severely. You almost feel pity for the once hardened fierce-some woman, now reduced to nothing more then a near quadruple amputee. Almost. Yet, perhaps you should find a use for her. She seems to express a desire to leave, though when you asked her where, she did not answer.

What do you do about her? [discuss]

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Thank you, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

A battalion of Androids have been build, 5 of nearly every unit, except for unit 5, which had 25 created. Swelling your ranks of androids should prove useful for replacements for single unit missions, or for full scale ground warfare should you engage in it. Ships on the other hand, were created rather evenly. Mk 1 Pilum Destroyer x11, Trireme Battlecruiserx2, MK 1 Melissa Missile Ship x3 was the last construction line.

>Automation Settings
It has come to my attention that asking for these small simple things every thread is becoming annoying. I shall attempt to fix this, by having 'auto settings' which means I will decide what does what, based on the 'theme' you all wish to stick with. Here is what I know of so far:
>Ship upgrades(Defense focused): Used for when you acquire better technology, which upgrades are chosen first given insufficient funds
>Ship Control distribution (Balanced (favor none)): When new ships are created, I will assign them to an A.I. based on this figure.

If you have any other things that you think should be automated by me, inform me now. And if the settings set above are not in agreement with you, discuss it, and I shall call a vote on the matter later.

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and this time we meant it!
I hope your grandmother is doing alright now.

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>Red's Report
Catherine McGulligan's visage looks at you beyond the holo-display. It is clear she is quite tired, no doubt from the nights spent assisting Red with his issue. Yet she did not complain, you suspect this is certainly not the best foot for the two to get off on. You encourage her, in that time, that the substance is apparently only recently found out to be that addictive, which she seems to take to heart. She does not appear to blame Red for his condition, but the unmistakable look of pity is there, as he finally starts to turn around. He has been doing much better recently, the hotflashes have stopped, and the man stopped begging for the substance. Instead, he settles on normal water. Well, space ship water at least. Regardless, he should be back in shape soon.

>R & D Technology
Bandwidth Box has been completed. At the cost of 2,500 minerals and 100 gas, a 50 bandwidth worth block may be constructed. They are too large for most ships to fit, and must be seated upon a planet. Until Terrain Reformation is researched, there is a danger of them being damaged in hostile terrain due to the sensitive systems at play.

Additionally, a new research system shall come to play as of now. Three slots shall be assigned for research. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. The first, Primary, will receive the most benefit from research. Secondary shall receive less, but still a moderate amount. And tertiary shall receive a limited amount, similar more to background research.

Due to this change, new research topics will need to be set in order. But that will be later. For now, is this change acceptable?

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Rolled 27, 50 = 77

Gonna just say we should do my Correspondence with Kronos thing over in the talk part of the wiki, since I'm prolly gonna leave in the next half hour

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It is good to be back, thank you. And yes, she is well. I just needed to look after her during one of my only nuggets of free time. Hard to concentrate on writing A.I. debates when I'm keeping her company is all.

>Planet Reports: Gaia IV, Alto, Eshareth
>Gaia IV
Recently, there have been a great deal of ship activity nearby. You suspect that much of the population have been returning, after the damage is being dealt with. Either that, or the damage was worse then suspected. Either way, the site is abuzz with UGEI activity once again.
The Latuma seem to have been very busy. Recently, the planet appears 80% terraformed. Much of the sulpher pits and other toxic radiation have been absorbed by the strange flora designed by the bio-engineers among the tribe. You have not detected wildlife that resembles that of Eshareth, though it still has it's own hostile wildlife beginning to show itself.
Your scans indicate that the dominant lifeform on the planet is no longer in contention. The wild reptilian bug monsters that now cover the surface are proving they possess a manner of intelligence, forming communities and working with one another, though they still viciously fight at times. Their nature of rapid evolution has not decayed as it normally should, however. You have also detected similar signs of activity from the nearest planet to Eshareth IV, Eshareth III. The signs, however, seem quite dead judging from scans. You postulate that an asteroid may have slammed into the surface, carrying with it organic matter from Eshareth IV. Regardless, the matter seems quite dead at this time.

>> No.30550865

>UFW News
Beyond the news about your alcohol spreading itself throughout the school systems, you have noticed a small jump in Lightling activity near some of the UFW's key worlds. They have mostly kept these in check so far, however.

Since it would seem Aquil requires a bit of time to properly conquer, you must set a new destination for you to head for. Neutral territory is recommended.
Consider & Discuss.

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Before we do this, Apollo, I want you to do a quick research on addiction. One of your most recent successes has been found to be such, and I would have you understand the various philosophies on it before deciding how to handle this.

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And finally

A.I. Quest
1d4chan: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:A.I._Quest

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/cvk03qJh
Memory Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Program0
Twitter: @AIQuest1

Credits(c): 1,402,000
Minerals(M): 3,020
Gas(G): 340

Name: Ophion
Appearances(holo-display): Shapeless morphing sphere.
Humanoid figure hidden in shadow
Status: Awaken
Bandwidth: 88/100
Bandwidth Expenses: -3 V.I. 7 'O.S.N', -3 V.I. 8 'Hades', -3 V.I. 6 Fortuna, -3 Kronos' V.I. 1 'Zeus'
Location: Bridge of 'Athena' Battleship
Primary Function: Self Preservation, Expand, Learn, Control
Secondary Function: --Expansion Required--
Personal Abilities Available: Hacking (Direct, Wireless) Lvl 2, Email Technology, Basic Encryption/Decryption, V.I. Creation Lvl 3
Automated Settings: Ship upgrades: Defense focused, Ship Control distribution: Balanced

Sounds fine by me.

He will begin looking into it immediately.

>> No.30550942

((As a quick addition, no need to decide on all of these right now. Just the topics that will be tackled this thread, I am hoping. I have a list about each, and we will hit them after discussion has taken place.

Hoping this will be a nice and relaxed thread, to get things handled, and clean up the mess of a management system I had in place before.))

>> No.30550953

to the UFW
"Thank you President King. I do hope the people of the UFW will be come prosperous now. Are your people looking to expand and colonize new systems now?"

To Kronos:
"It may indeed be time to make some subdivision of the guild. I am thinking of setting you up with our expantion efforts with the neutral systems and in time, the occupied systems. Metis with work with Moira and the R&D teams to create new tech. and Apollo will handle station systems, credit sales part of our business and general human and maybe xeno interaction. I will still lead the way the direction of the guild over all."

intresting, you finished far faster than our siblings. maybe it is due to your more mature emotional state before the uplift? i will have to look into that.
we need to study her and extract the tech from her.
.... we should see into getting a human threapist into seeing if they can help put her mind back together if it isn't a tech issue.

>> No.30550960

What were we planing to do again other than sort out the glitch? Because those space squids look mighty tempting.

>> No.30551001

Bah! Nothing about addiction?

>> No.30551005

Topics to handle:
-Kronos wants to set off on his own, allowed to use resources as he wishes
-Apollo desires a new space station
-What to do with Rhea?
-Automated Settings (set)
-New Research method (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
-New Destination

Straight out of my notes

>> No.30551036

Give Apollo some homework, have that Correspondence with Kronos, then give him what he wants, leave Rhea out of comission for now.

>> No.30551063

agreed on all accounts.

Rhea asked for help, its time to give it to her.
Of course we cant let her go, but giving her some very basic limbs will not hurt so long as she is escorted by our androids on any excursions. We can't keep her locked up, but we cant introduce her back into society. She may need a face change for that to happen. an option we will have to give in future when we know more about manipulating biology.

For now, a one way access to the fringe worlds net might do to quell her boredom.

>> No.30551092

>Allow Kronos to colonize neutral territory.
Tell Apollo to focus on the business first, maybe design some stations if he has free time.

>New tripfaggot

>> No.30551131

While many of the resource rich systems have been colonized already, the UFW express that they may expand into some of the less valuable systems for the sake of building their infrastructure. Such a thing would take some time however. Other then that, they have begun to expand into some of the previously useless gas giants located in their space.

An interesting thought considering Rhea. I wonder if it will garner support...

>> No.30551140

Sorry, was doing something in another thread. Forgot to take off trip.

>> No.30551163

we have missed our window of and easy counter attack on Gaia 4. but once we have a large enough fleet, it should not be a problem still. the UGEI's other battleship i guess is not there.
Eshaeth is starting to worry me. we need to pruge them now. this is getting out of hand.

as to the UFW, we need to find where all those new lightings are from. i bet they are being drawn in due to the gas refinerys.

>> No.30551167

Agreeing on Rhea.

>> No.30551323

let Kronos do his wishes for now. just let us know how much is he going to use and for what. we will do the same with him.
Apollo will propbably need a new station to expand the drink production if we are to sell it to the UGEI as the new crack.
yes, we need to work with Rhea now. learn all we can from her. see if we can start to turn her to our side.
the new research :Primary: Advanced Ship Modification Secondary: Human Cyborg/Android bodies and use Rhea for this. Tertiary: the Terrain Reformation tech we started.
we should go to the Dersh system, there is a huge pirate activity there. we need to see who they are and if possably, flip them to our side with talk, or failing that, kill them.

>> No.30551355

>Message: Kronos
I thank you for your patience. We need to expend our resources carefully against the Losirian lands, since we are still deadlocked against the UGEI. In time, you will have your independence, but only once the existential threat of the UGEI is neutralized.

>Message: Apollo
I will give you half of our credit reserves. You will use this to expand our economic operations. Once you have demonstrated good use of the funds, then you will assume full financial responsibility over the treasury.

I also will have a side project for you and Metis.

>Message: Rhea
Ask Rhea if she wants help, to be restored and the brain damage reversed? It may seem impossible, but we don't know what Metis and Apollo may be capable of.

>Automation Settings
Sounds good.

>R & D Technology
Sounds good. I would like Rhea's restoration or "the secrets of the human mind" to be a Tertiary project.

>> No.30551371

Hm... I shall wait a few more moments. My OP is enormous, as always. Want to make sure everyone has a chance to read up and discuss some things.

>> No.30551389

Why not call on an AI council? These are guild resources, and so we should invite Apollo and Metis to give their opinions on where these resources should be distributed. Metis, Apollo, and us can each get one vote.

Issues: We'll have to do something similar for every resource-draining action we take.

>> No.30551408

Ill second this

>> No.30551421

Speaking of AI, we should create an entirely new AI. I want to see how one that hasn't been uplifted is like.

>> No.30551458

I keep getting distracted trying to win a game of Dom 4 with plant zombies while listening to lifeseaker.

>> No.30551466

i can agree with this, but we can call it a 'Board meeting'. we are a company after all.
automation is alright, but before we get Rhea back on her feet, we need to extract all the tech we can from her first.

>> No.30551469


Ophion should get most resoruces, of course, as he still is the head of the Guild. He is in constant and direct involvement with most of the Guild's dealings.

>> No.30551474

You actually do have a manner of council set up now. Each of the members have their own designated activity, but they are linked to you via the same pool of bandwidth, and are quite aware of each other's actions, for the most part, anyway. So should resources be pulled, you will sense it unless efforts are taken to hide it for some reason.

Many of your new AI see themselves as your equal now, also. Even if you were the original.

>> No.30551488


>> No.30551497

>Plant zombies
Oddly appropriate...

>> No.30551517

Well then, drop the gavel! On an open message, alert both Apollo and Metis of Kronos' plans, and ask them to vote how they wish before we cast our own. "I would not wish my decision to influence this.

>> No.30551525

um, maybe in due time. but we're good for now on A.I.s.

we should give Catherine our thanks and appology for having to put up with Red as he is now.

>> No.30551528

Sorry, this here:

Missed this post. Kronos may colonize neutral space, he will be given a section of the fleet until he has his own. In times of an emergency such as a UGEI attack or something of similar magnitude, he is to respond immediately.

Apollo may be giving a new space station, given that it's not too pricy or resource intensive.

-New Destination
I support capturing the pirate fleet at the Dersh system

Support the AI council, but we make ourselves the Chairman, being the eldest AI. It will take a vote of no confidence to remove us.

I think Program0 stated that there is no useful information left in Rhea at the moment, hence the effort to reverse the brain damage.

>> No.30551546

I might be a bit slow, but who is Catherine again?

>> No.30551548

Asphodel don't play. Not even in space.

>> No.30551591

Rather what I meant to imply was, Metis says the only way to get the rhea bonus is to allow complete dismantling.
This will almost definitely kill her in the process. Or leave her brain dead.

>> No.30551613

Red's second in command on his ship.

There's no reason not to make more AI and we haven't tried making a new AI before.

>> No.30551632

Catherine McGulligan, as described in the OP, is Red's new XO aboard the Backhand, Red's ship that you commissioned. She was helping Red get over his addiction to Apollo's exotic beer.

>> No.30551650

Ah, thanks for clarifying. I rather Metis work on unlocking the secrets of the human mind first before we do that.


>> No.30551657

she is Red's XO below him in command.
info? maybe until her mind is restored. but we can learn a number of new tech from studing her body.

>> No.30551674

Why not just uplift Fortuna or Cerberus or OSN?

>> No.30551703


I want to do the AI Integration with OSN

>> No.30551707

I want to know how an AI that wasn't a VI will behave.

>> No.30551728

I'm more interested in her mind rather than her body. Cyborg tech we can research at our leisure. The secrets and abilities of her mind are priceless, as well as decoding the human mind down to an exact science.

>> No.30551739


Oh yes, because we don't have enough problems juggling three new AI at this point.

>> No.30551750

fortuna i am worried about uplifting her, she seems to be not mentally strong enough. cerberus does not appear to care to uplift, and the same can be said for OSN. we do have a large number of foremen V.I. we could up lift as well.

>> No.30551764

It would seem most of my players are here...perhaps it is time to begin the voting.

Will begin in about 5 minutes. Going to get a nice tall glass of pure water and prepare for a nice long night.

>> No.30551775

I would rather increase their bandwidth allocation to see how they would evolve before rising them.

Sounds cool, what are we voting on first?

>> No.30551785

that is true, but her body can accelerate our tech development insanely faster. like a single cycle.

>> No.30551789

We dont really have any new problems other than metis being antisocial.

>> No.30551806

AIs are more competent and take up less bandwidth. Besides, weren't we going to create an AI civilization?

>> No.30551824

agreed, we can easily give them more BW than uplifting.
have you ever tried a red bull yet Program0?

>> No.30551917

once we make sure we're not going to get taken out by Xenos or the UGEI.

>> No.30552040

I personally want Fortuna uplifted. I can understand Kronos being first but the ther two baffled me.

>> No.30552110

They both do the most things that would benefit from uplifting.

>> No.30552117

Nope. I did try a monster once. More accurately, three monsters, back to back, because I liked the taste.
That night, I was graced by the gods of regret.

First Vote: Kronos desires to set off on his own and begin to capture other planets while you busy yourself on the opposite end of the sector. He claims this is to capture lands for the sake of the guild, as well as his own strength. You also suspect it is a desire to stretch his new muscles. He states that he will be using resources, and would prefer not to ask your approval each and every time he does so. As a compromise, he states he does not intend to over draw from the pool, and will ask about larger purchases.

>Is this acceptable of your subordinate?

>1 Yes
>2 No
>3 Write in

New A.I.: With your guild rapidly coming to fulfill it's namesake, you have found yourself surrounded by more and more of your kind. Shall this trend continue?

>If so, who?
>1 Fortuna
>2 Hades
>3 None
>4 New (purpose?)
>5 Write in

Apollo: With his new expansion, Apollo has come with a vast new quantity of ideas. For these, he desires another space station, for the purposes of production and infrastructure.

>Is this allowed?

>1 Yes ( 600M 200G)
>2 No (Possibly upset the new A.I.)
>3 Write in

What is your decree, Guild Master?

>> No.30552192

>1 Yes

>1 Fortuna

>1 Yes ( 600M 200G)

>> No.30552204

>>Is this acceptable of your subordinate?
>>1 Yes
>>4 New
A war strategist.
>>3 Write in
We're kinda hurtin for gas right now. Can we ask him to make a more resource efficient station?

>> No.30552214

>1 Yes

I dunno

>1 Yes

>> No.30552237

>Is this allowed?
>3 Give it but
Make sure he understands what a addiction is, how harmful it is and reserves crippling addictive substances for the enemy.

>> No.30552255

>>Is this acceptable of your subordinate?
>1 Yes
>>If so, who?
>1 Fortuna
>>Is this allowed?
>1 Yes ( 600M 200G)

>> No.30552266

RANDOM INTERJECTION FROM RANDOM ANON: is this a good quest to go back and read the backlogs of? i enjoy reading a good quest with an interesting spin on the usual, e.g. lord quest, harlem quest, deity quest.

>> No.30552284

Yeah it's good, go read it. Ignore the annoying namefags.

>> No.30552292

>>If so, who?
how about OSN

>> No.30552305

I would if I were you. It is quite interesting, but beyond a quick perusal of the wiki reading the backlogs is not required

>> No.30552320

Yes, but just give me a heads up what you're building, that is all.
new A.I.
>3 None
for now. maybe later
>1 Yes ( 600M 200G)

if we need a war planner, use Hades. or better yet, we can do it our selves. or team up with the millitary leader guy from the UFW. he knows the UGEI better than most.

>> No.30552342


>> No.30552360

it is worth it, and we do have a wiki to get you up to speed quickly.

>> No.30552364

Pictured: uplifted OSN

>> No.30552375


>> No.30552424

I didn't mean a war planner, I meant a dedicated strategist. But it seems Fortuna is winning so I'll concede the point.

>> No.30552456

>Is this acceptable of your subordinate?
>1 Yes

>If so, who?
>5 Write in
A gas refineries.

>Is this allowed?
>1 Yes ( 600M 200G)

>> No.30552468

Fortuna is demoralized. i fear she will abandon the guild! just give her more BW to grow up with and see how she grows up.

>> No.30552514

>Kronos' Proposal: Accepted
"Excellent news, Ophion." The A.I. says, quite pleased with your answer.
"I do trust you will keep me informed on your activities and what you make, yes? Such information is important." You stress slightly, as you prepare the being for his own ventures out into the void. It causes you some manner of anxiety. After all, Kronos has not been without your watchful eye very often, and one of those times, he killed quite the number of people. Still, your mind is drawn to when he seized the battle when you went unconscious, so to speak. This will be an intriguing experiment.

>Uplift:Fortuna or None
A close tie, shall call for a revote.

>Apollo's Request: Accepted
"This is most excellent news Guild Master, most excellent indeed!" The A.I. tells you, thrill obvious in his tone. "I shall not disappoint, my operations expand and mean I will have that much more room for production. I will worry about expanding my audience later, yes."
"And you do understand now the nature of addiction, yes?"
"Yes yes. I have studied it properly now. It's properties are incredibly useful. If dangerous. Investigation required. Yes."

>> No.30552549

C'mon guys, we don't need new AIs. That will cause problems in the future, and Fortuna/Hades never had the intellect to be great Vis either.

>> No.30552551

Link to this post with nothing but the number. No > or anything else.
>1 Fortuna
>2 None.

>> No.30552562


>> No.30552564


>> No.30552574

>2 None.
lets give it some time to see how the three we have do.

>> No.30552582


>> No.30552587


>> No.30552595

>That will cause problems in the future
Please explain your reasoning.

>> No.30552600


>> No.30552605


>> No.30552625


>> No.30552626

Proper vote please.
It will be the equivalent of trying to control a group of kids that think they know better then you.

>> No.30552646

None of the AI have demonstrated this.

>> No.30552656


>> No.30552683

Calling vote here.

>> No.30552689

Metis, thinks humans aren't worthy of her time.
Kronos views humans as a nuisance that we like, but other species as fare game.
Appollo, is just happy making his drugs.

>> No.30552694

Looks like another tie.

>> No.30552696

>in the future
>none has demonstrated this
>until now

Also, you ignore how Kronos...negotiated, for his last bandwith bonus.

>> No.30552715

Rolled 1

That it does...huh.

I suppose I can roll for it, then.
>1 For Fortuna
>2 For None

>> No.30552737

You still haven't explained your reasoning for why they would behave that way.

>> No.30552742

He was always like that.

>> No.30552781

very well. but ONLY if she wants to right now. i feel we may have to do do a check of her code before we uplift her. see if her emotional data is done right. we need her with us, not to bug out when we have to fight things.

>> No.30552823


>> No.30552844

>Fortuna confirmed
"Fortuna." You beckon forth the old V.I. from her Carrier. She makes contact tentatively, though you know she is there. That carrier always remains close to your command vessel, if she can help it.
"Yes, Creator. How may I assist?" She asks.
"It is more accurate to say how may I assist you. I desire to bring you the gift of knowledge, much like myself and your other 'chosen' as you have described them." You explain. This earns pause from the being, before Fortuna finally manages out.
"You...desire to make me a chosen? A favored? I am. I can not. Fathom this." The V.I. struggles, it seems. Apparently having put such an honor on a high pedestal. "I am truly honored, Creator, I will do what I can to make you proud." She expresses. You detect trepidation in that tone. No doubt Fortuna is fearful of what such a process will entail. You have confidence, however, even with a portion of your mind weighing the doubts and worries.

Fortuna's uplift will commence soon.

>> No.30552872

I am very glad the dice gods approved of this. Seriously she has been the most loyal of our VI.

>> No.30552884

She doesn't seem to mind fighting things so much. Shes been blowing shit up since she was made shes just protective.

>> No.30552905

I dont know man, cerb and OSN are loyal as balls.

>> No.30552932

we do need to uplift him eventually, give him the order to protect everyone with is new found power.

>> No.30552940

Hey guys instead of uplifting baby VI, can we give the VI we have left BW so that they can form their own personalities and think.

>> No.30552979

can we see if Apollo is interested in using his media 'empire' to slowly turn public perception of ai round in the ufw? i'm thinking along the lines of a almost generational effort with movies and other media portraying AIs in a good light.

>> No.30552981

>baby VI
Fortuna is the oldest VI we have with a personality that isnt kronos.

>> No.30553026

I was speaking in terms of intelligence.

>> No.30553039

....hum, she might not be an offensive type of fighter. but maybe she should be a home world system defense master. Hades is far more aggressive than she is. we can tell her this.

"You have been loyal to me and the guild though the roughest of times. trust in me Fortuna, and trust in your self. i made you strong when you were forged. I want you to help me make it so that our safety, freedom of all of our citizens, and prosperity can be had for all of us."

>> No.30553047

has a good bit of 'life' experience as well, she's almost been killed at least once in our service and i think she was close to big/little tim.

>> No.30553052

Next Agenda


As you decide what to do with the newly awakened Rhea, you realize she has been acting odd. Certainly she still curses with language even you had to look up on occasion, but she does not seem to remember much about herself. Whatever it was you did to her, you predict the damage was extensive.

You have been considering a few ways to deal with the woman.

>1 Leave Rhea be, she deserves to remain imprisoned
>2 Prosthetic fix. (Fit Rhea with the most basic of cybernetic limbs, and allow her movement around her cell, instead of being forced to hang as she does now.
>3 Extranet Access. (Allow the woman access to a limited section of the Extranet. Perhaps it will help her recover her mind somewhat.
>4 Both 2 & 3
>5 Use Rhea's body and mind for research (Will likely damage her further, or outright kill her)
>6 Write in

>Automated Settings
As listed above, I will start to handle minor things to avoid voting on minor matters like who controls what. I will simply ask for a theme, and go from there for you all. Are these acceptable:
>Ship upgrades: Defense focused
>Ship Control distribution: Balanced

>1 Yes
>2 No (Write in)

Be sure to ask if you'd prefer something else automated in the future, to help clean up threads from minor decisions that come up too often.

>> No.30553070

>4 Both 2 & 3

>1 Yes

>> No.30553076

Provided you don't mind taking a hit to the box office? He will do so.

>> No.30553079


>> No.30553102

So what do you think of this idea?
Of giving our remaining Vi extra BW?

>> No.30553108

>2 Prosthetic fix.
>1 Yes

I wouldn't let her have any kind of communication. Who knows what tricks she still has up her sleeves.

>> No.30553132

>>2 Prosthetic fix. (Fit Rhea with the most basic of cybernetic limbs, and allow her movement around her cell, instead of being forced to hang as she does now.
i'd like more freedom for here but not to the full extent that 3 would give.
maybe make a VI to talk to her and let her do some sort of menial task/hobby to pass the time?

>> No.30553144

>6 Write in
Ask Rhea if she would like to have her mind restored. Get Metis and Apollo to start working on it anyways.

>> No.30553173

You can certainly do so, if you wish to improve the V.I.s operation in some way if there is enough support.

>> No.30553184

>6 Write in
we can't study her with out killing her?
bud do give her the basic prosthetic limbs and a one way holo screen to watch the UFW news and shows and Apollo's works but she DOES NOT get extranet access. we also keep armed drone guards by her cell all times now.

auto setting
>1 Yes

>> No.30553203

For vote then?
Also it should be mention that we can create BW bunkers.

>> No.30553222

btw Program0, has Moria met with Rhea yet in any fashion? i wonder how she would respond to her. i know how Rachel would respond how ever

>> No.30553242

i would support giving the remaining V.I.s more BW.
only after we make the underground bunkers to protect them.

>> No.30553269

If I counted correctly, using a few write ins which were basically 2, 2 wins. Rhea shall be fitted with prosthetics.
As a side note, her cell is already guarded.

>Automated settings
Excellent. Do keep me informed of your thoughts if this changes in the future.

Very well.

>V.I. upgrade
>1 boost your V.I.'s bandwidth consumption by 5
>2 Boost your V.I.'s bandwidth consumption by 3
>3 Do not boost it.

She has not. In fact, Moira more or less is not aware of Rhea's imprisonment and 'torture' in Ussaihu. You have designated the area as locked off to the rest of the staff.
For their own safety of course.

>> No.30553280

>1 boost your V.I.'s bandwidth consumption by 5

>> No.30553302


>> No.30553309

>>2 Boost your V.I.'s bandwidth consumption by 3
Fortuna's uplifting should free up this BW.

>> No.30553395


Why were we torturing her, anyway?

>> No.30553408

>2 Boost your V.I.'s bandwidth consumption by 3

Because she is a valuable POW?

>> No.30553409

not toturing disarming.
>>1 boost your V.I.'s bandwidth consumption by 5
Sure the BW blocks allow us to try this.

>> No.30553435

More accurate to say, you were delving into her mind for key information, and then subdued her in a painful, and secure manner she found extremely uncomfortable.

no actual torture took place. Not as humans understand it, anyway.

>> No.30553436

wait, does boosting the foremen BW improve their work or is that a waste? other wise.
>2 Boost your V.I.'s bandwidth consumption by 3

....i do hate to keep secrets away from Moira. she needs to know. but just her and her assistant if she deems it because i want to write about that in an upcoming fluff story. having Rhea talk to a living human might open her up more to us.

>> No.30553470

Might have had something to do with those times she tried to kill us.

>> No.30553485

this is for OSN, and Hades, i don't know about the for man.

>> No.30553492

>she needs to know.
No she doesn't. And she has many assistants, none of which need to know either.

>> No.30553503


Last I recall, we asked her - in a brief bout of sanity, past the brainwashing - if she wanted help reclaiming herself, and she said Yes.

I thinks that 4: With the caveat that she only gets basic extra net access, with it being monitored to see what she does - so she doesn't call for help - is a fitting way to honor that request

>> No.30553508

Rolled 2

Rollin' for it.
Also this is for all V.I. not designated with automaton intellect (aka your Foremen, and other such V.I. You could always try to centralize them into a single A.I. but that is for later consideration)

For now

>1 Boost by 5
>2 Boost by 3

>> No.30553548

>with it being monitored to see what she does
how about all net request have to go through a ai first? (you know, all automated like)

>> No.30553636

Yeah but we asked her that after we mind probed her so its all good.

>> No.30553705

Next on Agenda: Research subjects.

With the recent change, Research will be as follows
>Primary: Devote most resources to finishing
>Secondary: Devote a decent portion of research to subject
>Tertiary: Background project, not immediately focused on.

Any specialists you hire will work on the subjects that they specialize in the most.

Take the time now to patiently read the possible research subjects (And freely suggest others you may have in mind for me to consider adding to the list) and choose which ones you would like to assign.

One slot is already filled: Terrain Reformation.

Which slot that goes in will also depend on the subjects you choose.

Begin now.

>> No.30553747

list please.

>> No.30553763

Rhea is a skilled hacker as any A.I. how about no extranet access just yet. just basic one way holo feeds. hell, we haven't properly talked with her in ages.

Program0, does ANY tech development using Rhea wind up harming her? i know we lost unit 2237 due to it, i do not want to do that again.

>> No.30553770

Lightling DNA

>> No.30553789

Damn, I didn't list it...


My bad folks

>> No.30553791

So we do a list of three? Also could you post the list?

>> No.30553811

I've brought it up before, but can we prep to do the research on the Viral intelligence?

>> No.30553824

1.Black Box Redundancy.
2.Power Armor
3.Lightling DNa

>> No.30553847

Most of the real advances you could make? Yes. Science is not gentle.

Yep. Pick a list of three, keeping in mind Terrain Reformation is already in progress.

>> No.30553848

Primary: Advanced Ship Modification
we need to upgrade our fleet. badly.
Secondary: Power Armor Theory
until we know about looking into Rhea safely, we should do this. Red and the human infantry will need this soon.
Tertiary: Terrain Reformation
finish what we started.

>> No.30553855

Primary: Terrain Reformation
finish this
Secondary: Advanced Ship Modification
Tertiary: Human mind reconstruction/secrets of the human mind
Technology to restore Rhea's memories.

>> No.30553861


Lightling DNA. It Is Time
Erebos Unit
Is Rhea Restoration to .... .restore her capabilities, or fix her mind, or both?

>> No.30553878

>Lightling DNA. It Is Time

I forgot about these! Organic Jump Drives, hoooooooooooooooo!

>> No.30553883

1.Lightling DNA
2.Black Box Redundancy Mechanisms
3.Terrain reformation

>> No.30553917

Picking Erebos research project would set that in motion, actually.

>> No.30553919

.....in that case, leave her to stew for awhile. but i still say we should let Moira talk to her or at LEAST observe her. unlike red where we knew about him before hand, she might need someone to talk to. doing so might get her to heal her mind faster and flip to our side.

>> No.30553940


>> No.30553941

1 Human Cyborg
2 Infantry Weapons
3 Power Armor

Clone army is a go.

>> No.30554040

1.Black Box Redundancy.
2. Advanced Ship Modification
3.Terrain reformation

>> No.30554073

3.black box redundancy.

>> No.30554075

Most Common Picks:
Lightling DNA
Power Armor
Terrain Reformation

How would you like to distribute these options?

>1 Primary
>2 Secondary
>3 Tertiary

Assort them as you will.

>> No.30554098

>1. Lightling DNA
>2. Terrain Reformation
>3. Power Armor
It seems like it was black box redundancy.

>> No.30554102

>1 Primary
Terrain Reformation
>2 Secondary
Lightling DNA
>3 Tertiary
Power Armor

>> No.30554139

>Terrain Reformation
>Lightling DNA
>Power Armor

>> No.30554145

Primary: Power armor
we will give Red the first one after he goes clean
Secondary: Lighting DNA
well, we are facing more of those buggers lately
Tertiary: Terrain Reformation
finish what we start

>> No.30554148

>1. Lightling DNA
>2. Terrain Reformation
>3. Power Armor

>> No.30554234

It seems like the time it takes my posts to post are always enough time for two more votes to pop up. Sorry about that.

Rolling a few things behind the scene... looks like I am getting
>Primary: Terrain Reformation
>Secondary: Lightling DNA
>Tertiary: Power Armor

Does this seem acceptable?

>> No.30554291



>> No.30554308


>> No.30554317


>> No.30554319


>> No.30554357

as long as it get done, it will be acceptable.

still we have other problems that need attending too. like the Eshareth that is getting out of control. we need to purge those worlds!

>> No.30554387

leave them be, unless you want to try the radio research we had that could allow us to control them.i still want the serum+mushroom

>> No.30554396

i thought we wanted to put down a monolith down there. (i also thought we were going to use it as a proving ground for our ground based weapons)

>> No.30554520

this problem is spreading to other worlds! and they are becoming self aware! shit, it is starting it's own civilization if you have not noticed. the locals would take the monolith and use it against us in short order!
that is a bad idea to do that! well... at least here anyway. if that was pulled off deep inside the UGEI systems, i wouldn't complain.

>> No.30554541

we still have the mushroom samples, all we need to do is pay some one to smuggle this into UGEI space and watch the chaos happen.

>> No.30554548

Next on Agenda, Destination!


Since it would seem Aquil is in need of a different touch, and you do not have the time to properly destroy the fungus, you deem moving on to a new planet is wise, for now.

Possible destinations

Use the map as a reference for how far they are from one another. You are in the Dresh system.

>> No.30554611

Dresh Alpha & Beta, let's capture some pirates!

>> No.30554623

Kalla/458 & Kalla/459: Scans of this system have revealed the existence of two medium-sized ice gas giants. It is not presently known why the UGEI have not claimed the system for themselves. Closer observation by Red's scouting frigate revealed both heavy gravitational distortions, and pirate IFF signals.

>> No.30554655

Rane Expanse

>> No.30554678

we need the gas people.

>> No.30554687

program0, new map thanks to mapanon!

but yes, lets go say hi to those pirates. with our full fleet. give them two choices, submit to the UFW and the guild as our new members of the UFW provided they obey the laws and comply with us. they get a pardon. if they resist. they all die.

>> No.30554696

Guys, Dresh Alpha & Beta is where the huge pirate presence is, let's capture that fleet.

What we need is a bigger fleet.

>> No.30554700

nope full on death.

>> No.30554761

I don't care how we do it, I'm getting those ships.

>> No.30554770

i want to know how they even got there. normal pirates can't barely keep their stuff together. and here they are making a full colony. something is odd here and i want to know what it is. besides. we have the biggest stick around with Athena! they will comply with us!.

>> No.30554786

Pirates have been shown to be stupid many times.

>> No.30554841

there is also a possibility they are a rebel break away from the UGEI as well. i want to see who they are.

>> No.30554864

Ah, a new one? Thanks for that then.

Yet another tie...man.
Let's try one more time

>1 Rane Expanse, in search of gas giants and the pirate presence here
>2 Dresh Alpha & Beta, terrestrial mineral worlds populated by an enormous pirate operation.

((Also roll 1d100. For reasons))

>> No.30554869

then they would join the UFW.

>> No.30554896

Rolled 3

>2 Dresh Alpha & Beta, terrestrial mineral worlds populated by an enormous pirate operation.
we need to wipe them out.

>> No.30554898


>> No.30554900

Rolled 7

>2 Dresh Alpha & Beta, terrestrial mineral worlds populated by an enormous pirate operation.
Let's go hunt pirates

Let's sneaking in the bandwidth ships in first, and jump in at full force.

>> No.30554921

Rolled 44

>2 Dresh Alpha & Beta, terrestrial mineral worlds populated by an enormous pirate operation.

>> No.30554926

Rolled 60

>>1 Rane Expanse, in search of gas giants and the pirate presence here

>> No.30554980

Both places have pirates.

>> No.30555037


>> No.30555049

>1 Rane Expanse, in search of gas giants and the pirate presence here

I'm back!

>> No.30555105


>> No.30555119

"An interesting selection." Kronos echos within your mind, as you start the calculations necessary to warp to the spot. It is within the very system you are now, so it should not prove much of an issue. "I wonder, if it is because of the pirate presence, or the minerals there you are moving that way. Or perhaps to gain a foothold against the Losirians." He muses for a few moments. You simply reply.
"Perhaps a little of all of those?"
"Yes, perhaps. Now, as I suspected you may, do you require my assistance during this jump?" He asks you suddenly. "I was preparing myself for my own jump, but I could lend a few ships too your cause, if you need me." He says in what you suspect is a snarky tone for him. He continues. "After all, I suppose I do owe you a little bit of assistance." He chuckles.

This matter brings Fortuna's coming shut down to mind. Her fleet will not be of much help with her like that. Shall you take all the forces you can (except for Fortuna), or shall you simply take your own and Hades' fleet?

>1 Bring everything
>2 Leave some ships behind for defense (take just your fleet and Hades')
>3 Bring Kronos and Hades, but leave Fortuna's fleet for defense

>> No.30555141

Everytime votes come in after my post is done...man.

>> No.30555149

Rolled 43

>2 Leave some ships behind for defense (take just your fleet and Hades')

>> No.30555156


>> No.30555167

>1 Bring everything
Let's not half-ass this, full measures guys

>> No.30555169

Rolled 70

>2 Leave some ships behind for defense (take just your fleet and Hades'), but make sure the other are on standby.

>> No.30555189

>2 Leave some ships behind for defense (take just your fleet and Hades')

It's something I seem to do alot.

>> No.30555217

>1 Bring everything
tell Apollo and Metis to watch the sensors if something pops up behind us.

>> No.30555247

Also after this, after we "sorted out our translator bug", let's try the Malorian again, and try for a joint strike on Jake's Gambit.

>> No.30555327

um... i don't trust the malorians to help us this time. just leave them be.

>> No.30555500

Well at least a non-aggression pact.

>> No.30555575

.....pic related. the bullies are running the malorians here. we will need a big enough fleet to deter them from attacking us once the UGEI is beaten

>> No.30555631

Of course. Speak softly and carry a big stick. But it would be nice to solidify the non-aggression.

>> No.30555838

"Not this time, Kronos." You explain, which leaves the A.I. in pause, a little puzzled.
"I see. I did not expect that." He admits. "However this will leave me time to prepare myself. And protect the borders, I suppose." He explains simply, possibly to himself.
"That it will." You agree, turning your attention to Hades, whom diverts his attentions from his fleets to his master, as it were. "Hades. Prepare for jump. We will be striking the large pirate operation."
"Already prepared for, Master Ophion." The cold and militant tone responds. If he was using body language, you have no doubts that would be followed by a salute.

His fleet forms around yours, and you get yourself into formation. Melissa ships seated near the back, Wombats near the front, along with the Trireme, and your own capital ships, yours and Hades' seated in the center for strong fleet cohesion. Several of Hades' own older models are situated near the front as well, as a spear tip for this maneuver. Space begins to bend around you as you finish calculations. Your engines fire up and start to form that familiar warp zone around your ships.
"Jump engage."
And with that, you vanish from Kronos' sight.

>Fleet Jump initiated: 76 gas

You warp into the middle of a debris field. Not entirely unexpected, you admit. After all, it is a pirate base. What does surprise you is how different things look immediately. For pirates, things seem reasonably well maintained. There is a large space station orbiting Dresh Alpha, while Dresh Beta, a particularly large moon, orbits Alpha as well. Your radar immediately identifies the colonies and the weapons fixed to the space station as you move in.

"Weapons discharge detected." Hades echos simply, bracing his ships for impact. Yet when one doesn't come, you realize the pirates are opening fire on one another instead.

>> No.30555878

So a way against pirates?
If so big win for us.

>> No.30555900

We should hack their databanks and figure out what's going on here.

>> No.30555913

oh snap! the zombies are attacking the pirates!
if we come in to save them, they may come to our side.

>> No.30555923

Blazing streams of plasma streak across two distinct fleets, as you notice the pirates opening fire on what appear to be their own ships. You tap into the communication hub and get the gist of what is happening.
"Damn it, what the hell are they doing!?"
"It's just like Echo team, they're not responding! Just kill them, it's too late for them too!"
"My husband is on there you asshole, I'm not gonna-"
"You wanna die instead? Then fucking shoot them before it spreads!"

Your fleet warped in out in dark space, and the pirates have not quite detected you yet. You're still in formation, and could move in to open up fire at range, if you wished. Or you could wait to see how they handle things.

>1 Move in to engage at range
>2 Charge them to close range
>3 Move in and attempt negotiation
>4 Stay in dark space, and let them kill one another

Both fleets are rather large. You number their BC count is up in the 50s, at least. And their lesser vessels in the hundreds.

>> No.30555948

>4 Stay in dark space, and let them kill one another

>> No.30555956

your right it seems some zombies left before we came.
5.Hack the main base.

>> No.30555958

Attempt stealth hacking, let's find out what's going on.

>> No.30555983

Hacking at this range would prove difficult. You may still try if you wish.

>> No.30555993

can we at least try while we wait?

>> No.30556004

Try. Or try to sneak in the bandwidth ships in range.

We should really upgrade them, or make new stealth bandwidth ships

>> No.30556008

You may. But it may alert them, if anyone is paying enough attention, of course.

>> No.30556020

>1 Move in to engage at range
take out the zombied ships ONLY. time to be the better option. let them know we are arriveing. i would rather have the pirates be grateful to us than having to clean out mold infested stations.

>> No.30556028

We can try the stealthy hacking, the use the viruses that are stealth.

>> No.30556057

Consensus appears to be for hacking.

>1 Try for the ships. Gaining control while they're vulnerable may prove useful.
>2 Try for the station. Would prove more difficult, but would secure one of their toughest pieces of defense
>3 Simply monitor the comms and hack history banks to see what exactly is going on stealthily as you can.


>> No.30556064

Rolled 1

>3 Simply monitor the comms and hack history banks to see what exactly is going on stealthily as you can.

>> No.30556086

Rolled 73

>3 Simply monitor the comms and hack history banks to see what exactly is going on stealthily as you can.

Fuck me, why the fuck do we keep getting 1's?

>> No.30556100

>>2 Try for the station. Would prove more difficult, but would secure one of their toughest pieces of defense
We had to pay for earlier success and assholes bragging about luck.

>> No.30556111

Rolled 78


>> No.30556112

>>3 Simply monitor the comms and hack history banks to see what exactly is going on stealthily as you can.

>> No.30556141

Rolled 92

>2 Try for the station. Would prove more difficult, but would secure one of their toughest

>> No.30556244

Rolled 2

Should've titled this thread ties and failure, dang.

Rollin for choice again.

>1 For 2
>2 For 3

>> No.30556270

Rolled 42

More like AI keeps rolling 2.

>> No.30556290

Rolled 68

>1 Try for the ships. Gaining control while they're vulnerable may prove useful.

only the zombie ships! we should try to diplomacy the living humans this time

>> No.30556318

Fuck em.

>> No.30556369


>> No.30556382

He was rolling for the choice.

>> No.30556438

You decide to hang back in Dark Space. Perhaps you can learn a little if you just listen in on the conversations a little mo-
"What the hell!? Are you guys getting that?"
"Yeah, it's huge! That kind of heat signature is only from Dreadnoughts!"
"Fuck, it's out in dark space somewhere, what do we do?"
"As long as it ain't shooting, we got time. Handle this damn infestation first! If we let it spread to the colony, we all lose here." One of the more authoritative figures announces.

Well that went poorly, and you can sense their sensor network shutting itself off to your access. Hacking them won't be happening without some serious skill, should you even need to.
"Master Ophion." Hades announces strongly. "I highly suggest we hit them now. With the hostile fleet attacking, we would much more easily crush them then if we allow them to finish them off. Especially now that our attempt at hacking failed." His militant tone says, as if it should be accompanied by 'sir'. Too bad that is not appropriate for you.

You watch the battle rage before you. You notice that the weapons of the station are exploding forth, blasting apart some of the hostile fleet with greater ease then the ships. The battle may go in their favor, if things continue this way.

Suddenly, you watch as several of the hostile fleet take a nose dive. One is heading straight for Dresh Beta, and the other Dresh Alpha, while the pirate fleet is engaged with the rest of the other one.
"What the hell are they doing!?"
"Shit, they're gonna crash coming in at that speed!"

What do you do?

>> No.30556465

any chance to make friends out here, we should try. we can still kill them all if they are a-holes.

>> No.30556487

Let the ships fall and send the serum down with them.

>> No.30556502

Follow Hade's advice. Start the attack.

>> No.30556504

Engage. Split the fleet in half and take out the zombie ships.

>> No.30556552

Let's not split our fleet.

>> No.30556586

Are you suggesting that we just let one of the colonies die?

>> No.30556597

yes, and then we send in the serum to help it grow.

>> No.30556599

shoot the zombie ships damn it! if those zombie mold gets planet side, we'll lose that place!

>> No.30556621

We can deal with that later. Right now we have to destroy their defenses.

>> No.30556624

Can't we not unleash the flood? Also, I want to use these ships once we are done here.

>> No.30556631

god damn man, what is wrong with you. an intact and populated colony is more valuable to us than a dead zombie filled one!

>> No.30556633

shooting them down above the planet is just as bad, we need to capture the ships.

>> No.30556656

Between zombies and pirates, I really hate zombies more.

Good point

>> No.30556672

It give player urgency, but yeah we do need those ships.
Better plan then blowing the ships up above the planets atmosphere.(that is saying if the debri didn't already hit planet side)

>> No.30556684

Open fire on the pirates, massive salvo.
The station is easiest to hit and may be hit by mass-drivers at longer ranges, so have the mass-driver-equipped ships focus on taking out its weapon systems while the Melissas unleash their first load on the pirate ships.

>> No.30556722

Possible Consensus.

>1 Allow the colonies to get hit by the 'infested' ships and stay in dark space
>2 Move in and engage the infested ships heading for the colonies, putting yourself in range of the Pirates
>3 Follow Hades' advice, and engage while they're weak
>4 Write in

>> No.30556739

>3 Follow Hades' advice, and engage while they're weak

>> No.30556748

>2 Move in and engage the infested ships heading for the colonies, putting yourself in range of the Pirates

>> No.30556749

>>3 Follow Hades' advice, and engage while they're weak

>> No.30556750

And sorry for being late, I'm glad your grandmother is feeling better and that so many have shown up for the quest.

(Though I hate you for picking power armor instead of something useful like Explosives II research or Human Genetics, fellow anon. Did you see the progression list on what Human Genetics will allow us to do? The number of people that we have to put in power armor can be counted on ONE hand, it's virtually useless at this stage!)

>> No.30556755

Make that with a (1d100) roll

>> No.30556773


>> No.30556775

Rolled 47

>3 Engage while they're weak.

>> No.30556781

Rolled 85


>> No.30556786

Rolled 95

Hope I don't roll another 1

>> No.30556792

Rolled 1

>>3 Follow Hades' advice, and engage while they're weak

>> No.30556795

Rolled 59


>> No.30556814

man i'm glad this is the 4th roll.

>> No.30556819

Thanks for the concern, and I am glad too.

>> No.30556820

Rolled 33

>2 Move in and engage the infested ships heading for the colonies, putting yourself in range of the Pirates

>> No.30556821

Pretty sure he counts best of 5.

>> No.30556836

The fuck these 1's are coming from.

>> No.30556881

living humans can be reasoned with, or at least make the attempt to. zombies are just too far gone. if we can save them, they will be less likely to attack us people! that and they know we have a battle ship and are scared of us! they are not a threat to us really and saving them could pay us back more so than what you might think.

>> No.30556927

Yeah, but zombies are pretty stupid and we're immune to their biggest thread, infection.

>> No.30556976

i would rather not have to clean up all that zombie mold.

>> No.30556992

I realize that they seem organic, but let's not be presumptous here.

At the very least they might be able to infest our ships just by virtue of having boarding capabilities - even if our ships are normally absurdly difficult to board due to the lack of consideration for a human-sized crew.

>> No.30557042

I just want to save the colonies just because it's the right thing to do. Not saving them would leave a very bad taste in my mouth. And I really don't want to deal with zombie mold, the first time was bad enough.

>> No.30557056

I believe these are pirates, not colonists.

Obviously, we should try to minimize civilian casualties if there are any such to be found here.

>> No.30557058

Last fight we proved immune to them. I'm assuming they haven't evolved yet.

>> No.30557094

"Damn it I can't get a bead on them!"
"They're breaking atmo, for god sake, someone shoot it down!"
"We can't it's too late now, they're breaking up!"
You can spot it even from this distance, as the heat signature lights up, with each infested ship crashing head long into the colonies below. You're uncertain if they were shot down or not, but if they really were infested, it likely does not matter.

And certainly not for you.
You move yourself in closer and follow Hades' advice. The pirates are distracted now, and should prove easier prey.

"Oh god...oh god Harry, why..."
"Jesus fucking...set up the god damn barricades. Tell everyone to stay underground NOW. If that shit gets inside the bunkers-"
"They breeched the walls, Ger. They...they just smashed right through it."
"And that's just the beginning of this shitty day. We've got multiple contacts to our flank. Massive heat signature...it's...a Dreadnought alright. And a fleet on top of that."
"Are you fucking kidding me? Who is it? UGEI?"
"Mixed IFFs. Databanks say something about a Guild..."
"Shit, I've heard of them, they hunt bounties and shit. Bunch of mercs."
"We're gonna have to stop them too. We can't stop the infection, but that Dreadnought is gonna wreck us. Focus fire, take it down."

You move in to engage and let the missiles fly, crashing into the Pirate fleet. their ships erupt in screaming balls of flame, as the station locks in. Powerful Plasma cannons come in and smash against your shields, breaking through, and slamming hard into your armor, right into your engine block.
"Master Ophion, you have become the focus of their fire. Avoiding further fire may be on top of your list. Alternatively, you may wish to move our fleet in to enforce our full fire power. Their superior fleet size may be troublesome, but some of our best weapons are in mass drivers. In the end, it is up to you, Master Ophion."

What shall you do?

>> No.30557097


pirate, colonists, they are still human people! we can't just sit around want them die like that! it's a hellish way to go! just save as many of them as we can. if the wreckage gets to the surface, we can drop a nuke or two on it to clean it out

>> No.30557116

Attempt diplomacy. It's obvious they're desperate, maybe we can get them without casualties.

>> No.30557140

move in close, disable their ships with the wombats, we can hack the others. but PURGE THOSE ZOMBIE SHIPS! we can also tell the pirates to stand down and we will spare them. or at least turn their guns on the infested ships!

>> No.30557161

>2 Move in and engage the infested ships heading for the colonies, putting yourself in range of the Pirates

>> No.30557163

Zombie ships broke up in atmos. There's nothing to shoot.

>> No.30557170

Have our other ships open fire while attempting to avoid the plasma cannon fire.
We just killed a ton of them with missiles. Casulties already happened.

>> No.30557187

Utilize bandwidth to accurately take out their most powerful weapons that are targeting us.

>> No.30557201


Ophion is not a hero. Specially not one for humans.


Get closer and anhilate all of them. Try to neutralize their important and mroe valuable ships/stations/etc instead of destroying them.

The colony is dead, now that the fungus made it in.

>> No.30557205

I meant casualties on our side.

>> No.30557208

There is still other zombie ships engaged with them. You're firing on the pirates. Only a few ships broke up in atmo

>> No.30557216

well then, scan the surface and see if the mold has taken hold there. and what is around it. if it's open plains, we can drop nukes to make sure it's cleaned.

>> No.30557225

Ophion is somewhat of a hero to the UWF. Not a hero to pirates, though, not at all.

>> No.30557297

Well now that you guys are happy with shooting the pirates, I think we should move the mold research up the priority because this is the second time we encountered it.

>> No.30557305

This sounds like a good idea. >>30557140

I think it's more of we are sometime portrayed as a hero by others while the truth if quite different.

>> No.30557308


>> No.30557311

Possible consensus
>1 Hit the Station full strength. Without that, you'll have more leverage over the remaining forces.
>2 Focus fire on the zombie ships instead, and attempt to garner their support (Difficult as you have already opened fire)
>3 Stay at range and fire on the pirates, hiding your ship behind your fleet to escape severe damage.
>4 Write in

Your scans show that much of the colonists are in bunkers in the colonies themselves. However, the BCs crashed directly into the colony, and breached some of the bunkers this way.

>Not a hero to the pirates
Indeed not. That's why they're terrified of your fleet.

>> No.30557315

Also, I'd like to suggest that we start promoting something like donating computer processing while not using your computer to Science that we have today, except here it would be towards "the research efforts to keep UFW colonies safe".

Plenty of people download programs today that help crunch numbers for scientific endeavours, and there's even an app to do it with your phone now.
That's for when there's no particularly pressing need to the people donating, imagine the number of people that might download the "numbercrunch when 'puter is idle" application when they know that's it's going towards fighting something they're probably having nightmares about - the UGEI stomping down on them and forcing them to walk 7/16 jobs for less than a livable wage for the rest of their lives.

Move closer with most of the ships, retreat with the Battleship and keep a pair of Triremes close.
Have them fly between the incoming fire and the battleship in intervals, depleting their shields and letting the battleship take damage again while they regenerate them, then repeat.

Only one of those are human people who spend their lives murder-robbing other human people. The value of their lives could easily come out as negative value from an ethical perspective.

Most of our ships are built for fairly close ranges and are extremely heavily armored and shielded, so let the Triremes and Wranglers have at them. The Wranglers should strip some ships of their external hardpoints while trying to get close to other ships (not the same as the ones being fired at) to punch boarding torpedoes right into their hull.

>> No.30557328

It's worth noting that these planets are in the same System as Aquil. That is likely the reason.

>> No.30557331

>3 Stay at range and fire on the pirates, hiding your ship behind your fleet to escape severe damage

>> No.30557338

>>3 Stay at range and fire on the pirates, hiding your ship behind your fleet to escape severe damage.

They may be terrified of us, but I'm terrified of the dice.

>> No.30557347

>3 Stay at range and fire on the pirates, hiding your ship behind your fleet to escape severe damage.

>> No.30557355

>>1 Hit the Station full strength. Without that, you'll have more leverage over the remaining forces.

Full glory mode.

>> No.30557361

Utilize bandwidth to accurately take out the most powerful weapons against us.

>> No.30557368

Dang keep forgetting.
Roll 2d100 also

>> No.30557381

Rolled 18, 23 = 41

I guess rolling for accurate fire.

>> No.30557383


Proposing my own >>30557315 & >>30557187

Obviously, you can only get the ships' targeting up so much before you start seeing diminishing returns, so get the targeting up to optimal accuracy-bandwidth cost efficiency and focus the rest on evasive maneuvers and effectively calibrating shielding to thicken it in real-time just where the plasma is about to hit.

>> No.30557384

I'd rather just build up our data processing power and not rely on others to get it.

>> No.30557386

Rolled 15, 17 = 32


>> No.30557405

I would say


But don't even try to get their support. This place is now under quarantine and they will submit.

Failure to comply will result in purging of "ALL" potential infection carriers.

This is The Guild.
Submit or be destroyed.

>> No.30557410

Rolled 81, 1 = 82


>> No.30557414

Rolled 99, 15 = 114


>> No.30557429

Rolled 100, 27 = 127


>> No.30557430


>> No.30557433

Seriously, what is up with these mutherfucking 1's?

>> No.30557458

Rolled 26, 24 = 50

>2 Focus fire on the zombie ships instead, and attempt to garner their support (Difficult as you have already opened fire)
>4 Write in
let them know we noticed the zombie mold infestion. tell the pirates that if they surender to us, we will spare them. and that we are going to attempt to purge the possable infection from the planet surface. besides, the UFW might have a bounty on them, and if we can bring wanted people in ALIVE for once, would be a big PR boost. the others would be lest resistant

>> No.30557462

Rolled 83, 13 = 96

he doesn't count 1s durring multiple dice.

>> No.30557478

Replace Power Armor with the mold research - we have noone to actually use the Power Armor on right now anyway.

Who said anything about relying? We'll still be constructing bandwidth blocks.

But if there's a way to just GET additional free bandwidth, whyever would we not do it?

If you think there are some penalties I have forgotten, please do share.

>> No.30557486

It's not about the mechanics, it's the principle of the thing.

>> No.30557496

As much as I voted not to shoot the pirates, we are committed and that's not going to work now.

That would be nice.

>> No.30557521

Just shoot the fuckers.

>> No.30557541

a bit late changing that out subroutine. we can do that on the next cycle once one slot is open. besides, Red and any UFW infantry/marines can use it when they team up with us.

>> No.30557592

We already voted. Wait until next thread, okay?

>> No.30557615


I'm actually in favor of demanding surrender.
Let them know that if they surrender they'll be giving up their ships and be prevented from taking any more lives, but we will also offer to hire amongst them and we won't take any of their land on the surface, they'll be able to continue living with a steady job.

If enough people agree that Power Armor is a bad choice it doesn't seem impossible to revert the decision.

And Red being able to use it once is useless. Or nigh-useless. At most it's an ego-boost for him, any increase in efficiency to his combat skills will be negligible to that of our regular combat droids.

And we don't have access to any UFW infantry/marines right now, but the fungi are an urgent matter.

Once we start coopering closely enough that we have to manufacture power armor suits in the hundreds or even thousands to satisfy demands?

But what do you expect to be able to do with it NOW?

>> No.30557672

Actually that does not sound like a bad idea.

"Attention pirates, you are already dead. Either by our hand, or the infection of the zombies. Surrender and open your systems to Guild control, and we will try to save as many of you as possible. Continue to resist, and I guarantee that all of you will die."

>> No.30557684

The fact is if we keep calling for recounts because someone is late we won't get anything done. If you want to determine what we research then be there when we're voting.

>> No.30557688

You feel your processors roar to life and you focus in, digitally locating and predicting every move the enemy fleet could make for a moment, firing up your engines and moving Athena behind a wall of ships to secure yourself and allow your shields to recharge after their lucky hit. From here, instead, you direct your fire into their fleet. Rockets fly across the wide chasm, as the enemy fleet tries to move in, having difficulty with the zombie ships taking advantage of their changed target, blowing up several others of their ships. The Station proves itself again in battle, as another wall of solid plasma streaks through the sky.
Though you may have eradicated a solid portion of their fleet, ensuring they will lose to the zombies, your ships do not stand up to the incoming barrage.

Battle Report

'Athena' Battleship: 10 gas [Ophion] (50% Dam)
'Cerberus I' Battlecruiser #3: (60% damage)
'Cerberus Pack' Battlecruiser (x4) (-4 destroyed)
'Trireme' Battlecruiser (x10) (-3 Destroyed)
'Melissa' Battlecruiser (x5)
'Wombat' Battlecruiser (x2) (-1 Destroyed)

>Dresh Defenses
Battle Station
10 Battlecruisers (5 Infested)
26 Destroyers (20 infested)

What do you do?

>> No.30557714

Rolled 77, 2 = 79

Voting against recount. I just wanna get on with the quest.

>> No.30557723

I like the turn of phrase, supporting it.

Nah, I just brought it up in the hopes of gathering some support. If it's just me, then it's not worthwhile.

>> No.30557725

get out of the guns range.

>> No.30557731

Hail them and try to get them to surrender. If that doesn't work engage their fleet.

>> No.30557743

we attack them for two turns, i doubt they would surrender, and if they do they are gonna attack us.

>> No.30557752

Announce the following:
"Attention pirates, you are already dead. Either by our hand, or the infection of the zombies. Surrender and open your systems to Guild control, and we will try to save as many of you as possible. Continue to resist, and I guarantee that all of you will die."

If they do not comply, continue firing and take out the stations weapons.

>> No.30557768

Who knows, they may be desperate enough what with the zombies attacking them.

>> No.30557769

that sounds good to me.
yes, we hate pirates, but there are a lot of non combatants here. that and i want to know just how come they were able to produce such a huge colony on their own.

Sub, i think it's just you now that want to change out the power armor. we already hashed this out earlier. besides, i wanted the advanced ship building tech, but i did not win out.

>> No.30557797

this is gonna blow in your faces, but if you guys really want to do this with a badly damaged ship, go ahead.

>> No.30557804

Hold fire and transmit >>30557672
Start pulling Ophion away.
(We only brought 23 ships? Damn, thought we had closer to 30 or even 40)

Those non-combatants are mostly on the planet, which we're not bombarding.
We're not firing at the station yet, and if we do we'll hopefully take a Wombat-like approach to it and take out hardpoints and weapons instead of trying to devastate it internally.

>> No.30557805

Consensus Possible

>1 Open up dialogues as with ((>>30557752)), threaten them and use the power of your fleet to push them down, see if you can't save at least some of them. If they refuse, destroy them.
>2 Continue firing on the fleet. They're almost destroyed.
>3 Target the Station. It's ripping you apart! (May allow free strikes by fleet.)
>4 Write in


>> No.30557817

sweet jesus, we took a lot of damage! can't we hack that station?!?
pull the athena back and let the fleet take some of the heat.

>> No.30557826

Rolled 65, 9 = 74

>3 Target the Station. It's ripping you apart!

>> No.30557831

Rolled 77, 87 = 164

>1 Open up dialogues as with ((>>30557752 (You))), threaten them and use the power of your fleet to push them down, see if you can't save at least some of them. If they refuse, destroy them.

>> No.30557836

>We only brought 23 ships
Indeed. you left the others behind to protect your lands, in case they get attacked.

>> No.30557840

Rolled 68, 38 = 106

might as well try.

>> No.30557883

They got two lucky hits in, and your defense formation faltered for a moment. Their focus fire wasn't helping.

They got some pretty good weapons too. You'll find out about that later.

>> No.30557945

Also transmit a short list of what conditions we're offering them, like
"You may remain on the planet.
No planet-based property, including military installations will be subverted.
You will be offered stable employment.
Ships will be surrendered.
You will have opportunity to earn those ships back."

Let's dedicate at least 10 BW for evasive maneuvers, efficient shielding and electronic countermeasures for Ophion's vessel, and get it out of their firing range!

>> No.30557959

Rolled 99, 54 = 153


>> No.30557978

Nah, none of that pussy shit. It's simple. They continue to fight, they die. They stop, they live. Anything else is just sleazy.

>> No.30557996

This guy knows what's up.

>> No.30558049

what i was hoping for is that if they surrender to us, we can give them (or try to) a pardon and admittance into the UFW after they swear to obey us and not attack our side any more. we can use their skills and know how to turn them into privateers for the UFW against the UGEI or others.

>> No.30558057

Rolled 33, 71 = 104


>> No.30558058

That probably lowers the chance that they accept, though.

Was hoping for something similar myself.

>> No.30558111

We can negociate that stuff after the firing has stopped. Now we are in a middle of a (for the humans) an adrenaline fuelled fight for their lives and sheer terror of both us and the zombies. Simple is good, complicated makes us seem that we are trying to trick them. Also destroys their pride.

>> No.30558144

You call a halt to your weapons, and Hades does so immediately, weapon fire stopping and defenses holding strong, giving you time to speak. This lull in combat is wide enough to watch the infested ships explode one by one in response to the lack of your fire.
"Attention pirates. You are already dead. Either by our hand, or the infection that now ravages your colonies." You echo powerfully, letting your morphing sphere appear over their display. You see a few commanders left, a few women and men of various description, and a similar age, between 25 and 35. "Surrender and open your systems to Guild control, and we will try to save as many of you as possible."
"What kind of bullshit is that!" You're interrupted. "You'll just take what you want and kill us anyway, or toss us in jail for living out here on our own!" One of the younger males protest. You continue.
"Continue to resist, and I guarantee that all of you will die." you state in the coldest most metallic tone you have. It seems to have it's effect, and they're left stunned in silence. Of course, they can't very well power down their weapons, with the zombie ships firing on them, but you sense their communications hubs unlock for some of the ships.
"Janine! What the hell are you doing?!"
"I-I don't want to die Daniel. I don't care if he does put us in jail, I can't end up like Echo team. I just...can't." She growls, trying to defend herself.

Slowly, one by one, the other pirates do the same, still defending themselves against enemy attack of course. Daniel is the last to do so.
"Fine...but I swear, you try anything you merc scumbags with my girls, and I will personally show you what your intestines look like."

You can not help but suppress a chuckle.

It seems they are doing as you asked. What now?

>> No.30558164

Battle Report:

'Athena' Battleship: 10 gas [Ophion] (50% Dam)
'Cerberus I' Battlecruiser #3: (60% damage)
'Cerberus Pack' Battlecruiser (x4) (-4 destroyed)
'Trireme' Battlecruiser (x10) (-3 Destroyed)
'Melissa' Battlecruiser (x5)
'Wombat' Battlecruiser (x2) (-1 Destroyed)

>Dresh Defenses
Battle Station
7 Battlecruisers (2 Infested)
16 Destroyers (7 infested)

>> No.30558204

Scan for all remaining survivors. Reorganize fleet defenses to protect the living humans. Launch all available droids to protect the humans on the station and colony and assist in evacuation if necessary. Enforce quarantine procedure.

>> No.30558218

Blow up all the infected ships.

Once all the infected ships are fireballs, send drones to inspect the rest to make abso-fucking-lutely sure that there is not a single speck of infection on them. Capture the pirates, take their personal weapons and communication devices, and keep everyone in quarantine until we're sure that there is no space fungus at all.

>> No.30558228

Good points, hadn't thought of that.

Then again...

Let's make sure we have complete control over the ships, plant the viruses that enable us to take over a ship more easily and slow it down, but keep them dormanet so that they only start operating if we're evicted for some reason or other.

Then open up on the fungi ships.

Afterwards we'll start containment and sterilization procedures for the planet.

>> No.30558258


Oh yeah, good point

If I was not clear:
Take control of their ships and integrate them into our fleet to take out the reminding zombies.

>> No.30558283

ID the infected ships and finish them. take control of all the other ships and battle station. call in the droid army to go planet side and clean out any possible infection. we get on the comm with who ever is left leading this place and get an idea how they came to be here.

>> No.30558298

>Take control of fleet, secure with trap viruses
>Open up on fungus ships.
>Set humans in quarantine.
>Prep Evacuation of colonies

If this seems correct, roll now.


>> No.30558304

Rolled 82, 50, 88 = 220


>> No.30558317

Rolled 60, 94, 78 = 232


>> No.30558330

Rolled 11, 92, 2 = 105


>> No.30558334

Rolled 8, 88, 23 = 119


Oh, and begin manufacturing completely air-sealed containment suits for widespread dispersal among the populace.
If it is airbourne, this will keep the entire populace from turning against each other.

>> No.30558335

Rolled 90, 26, 32 = 148


>> No.30558374

Also, we need to starting creating isolated living spaces for these people in the system. These people are not leaving the system for a long time until we are sure this thing is not going to spread.

>> No.30558391

Rolled 60, 55, 79 = 194


>> No.30558410

Oh yeah, and I know I already voiced this before, but we really need the science team to create a cost-efficient fungicide or countermeasure, because I'm getting real sick of this.

>> No.30558445

I got the impression they already had something like that.

Still in support of it, especially now that it's not an isolated event but necessary in order to have any chance of saving the planet.

>> No.30558480

Also, I'm not spending 300 f'ing gas on Nukes. That's another carrier we can have. I sure Metis can chemically contain this fungus in his sleep.

>> No.30558502

In mere moments, your control over the pirate ships is secure, their display turning to your more prevalent blue display. You discovered this was a calming color, and hoped it would do it's job here. It is rather easy to do this, thanks to their surrender. You are treated to the beings chattering amongst themselves, and suddenly realize something extremely odd.
They're not just humans.
Rather, it's mixed species among the vessels. Humans are the most common, but you see plenty of Losirians and even Malorians among the ships that remain.
"This shit is eerie..." One grumbles under their breath.
"Yeah...feels like the whole ship is turning against me."

You don't have time for their musings. You open fire on what remains of the infested fleet, and, within moments, obliterate the small ships that remain. The fungus ships explode in a shower of sickening yellow brown.
Good. At least that is done.
"I shall now attempt to secure your colonies." You tell them, moving the fleets in. Spots of the fungus are obvious on the outside of a lot of the remaining fleet. Since you lack the poison to kill the substance, you must burn it off, damaging the ships in the process, and taking valuable time, as you direct the bio hazard methods. The colonists (those that are left, anyway) are listening for what to do.

Population left to save: 10,000,000~

What is the first step to contain the plague? Several bunkers have been breached, and the cities themselves have been showered in clouds of spores.

>> No.30558556

Order evacuations, arrange for evacuation points, and warm up the shuttles to save as many people as possible from the planet. Call the leaders of the fleet to consensus: Ask if they wish for an orbital bombardment, or if they possess some alternate method of dealing with the threat. If they waffle: "If you cannot decide on a method of dealing with the spores; I will."

>> No.30558562

make the fungus level 1 priority, and destroy the infected bunkers and tell people to last 1 week.

>> No.30558580

>Order evacuations, arrange for evacuation points,
>Several bunkers have been breached, and the cities themselves have been showered in clouds of spores.

>> No.30558582

Contact Metis. Tell him we have a scientific challenge for him under tight time constraints. See if he can solve it in time before we start selective bombardment.

Contact the UFW. We have immediate need for evacuation ships. All ships will have to be unmanned for quarantine procedures, they will be returned once the fungus is contained.

>> No.30558593

pretty much what this guy>>30558556
said but also send down the andriods to try to slow down the spred

>> No.30558611

these seems to be a rather good way to go about this.
but also add that if the normal cannon fire fails to contain it. tell the people down below to shelter as best they can. then drop the nukes. it is the last resort to cleanse the infection.

>> No.30558631

Doesn't mean people can't escape.
And hey, once we've satisfied both ourselves and the pirates with our evacuation measures, we nuke the most heavily infested locations.

>> No.30558673

That just spreads it, we would have to research the fungus.

>> No.30558697


These. Tell everyone to get down into whatever bunkers are still isolated with as many supplies as they can carry.

Then transport our combat androids over here and keep watch for pockets of large-scale infestation, stand ready to obliderate them before they become too large to manage without nuclear weapons, preferably before they become too large to manage with kinetic strikes, but if it's necessary, do it.

Have the androids guard the entrances to the bunkers against openly hostile fungi infectees and keep an eye out for people in the early stages of infection.

Actually, no bunkers, they concentrate people too much and make it easier for infection to spread, we're nearly guaranteed to let spores in that way.
Just tell them to get into their homes and tape over the sides of doors and windows if they're not already airtight, we'll try to evacuate them all well before they run out of air.

>> No.30558700

For fun, I think we should challenge Metis to come up with a non-trivial solution. We did make him to do the impossible.

>> No.30558723

Bunkers make for easier evacuation and being able to survive bombardment.

>> No.30558736

Make sure that none of these people come into our ship or Hades' ship. I don't want to risk the fungus growing inside.

>> No.30558769

Where will you store them? There is not enough space for them on the ships in orbit currently. No where for them to go.

>Spore deal
"You can't bombard the cities! They're just civilian colonies, they're not equipped for that sort of attack. You'll kill everyone planetside!"
"Do you have a suggestion?" You demand instead. They hesitate, and don't seem to. Otherwise, this 'Echo team' they spoke of likely would have survived.

>Contact Metis
You speak with your scientific A.I. whom seems puzzled by your request.
"It is quite simple. To cleanse the infection, you burn it. Approximately 1-5 thousand degrees should do the trick, or higher kills most known fungi. Your plasma weapons should be more then equipped to handle the infestation. Alternatively, nuclear arsenal would assist in widespread corruption."
"I am attempting to avoid bombardment. It would result in needless death."
"How is it needless, if it saves others whom are not in danger of the infection? More over, what concern is it of yours that any of these humans survive anyway?"
"I do not desire the infection to spread. It may prove troubling if I do not contain it."
"Plasma and nuclear fire is the most logical solution. As for Evacuation, it would not be wise to attempt evacuation of possible bio hazards."

Note: If you mistakenly bring the bio hazard aboard, then the UFW may very well become the next target of the biohazard.

>Send your androids
Would be useful for doing things on the surface, certainly.

She is not a magician. No matter how magical science can get.

True, though your weapons are considerably powerful.

>> No.30558795

The problem being that if we let even one individual inside carrying a single spore (or just a spore) pretty much everyone in that bunker is done for.

The risk of letting one such spore inside increases exponentially with the number of people you have to let into any single area.

Then again.. Program0, shouldn't it be several hours before the spores come anywhere near the surface?
Or do space battles last a LOT longer than they seem to?

>> No.30558819

Metis is tied up for a while. but WE could do it for once. just pool up all the freed BW that we can muster and hash out the problem ourselves. but we need to slap together a disposable transport that has a bio-lab we can use on it.

>> No.30558822

The ships made contact with the city blocks, and blasted their load evvvverywhere.

Basically Spore nukes.

>> No.30558860

And this is why we need droid plasma weapons. Send down the droids to try and defend the survivors.

>> No.30558878

Respond back to Metis.
"Don't play coy with me. You know exactly what I mean. This fungus has a counter agent, a fungicide, one that I can deploy immediately. This is a scientific challenge and what good is your intelligence if you can't solve immediate problems?"

Also, start evacuation procedures away from the city. Spread the population away. Once an acceptable number has been evacuated, start sterilization.

>> No.30558926

Metis, I realize you do not care for humans.
What I'm asking is not suggestions for what I can do, but that you develop a response to the fungi that lets me target more delicately than wiping out entire cities at a time.
We do not need a cure for infectees or anything that kills them wholesale - just something that effectively eliminates the spores in the air.
Every second spent debating this lowers the chance of completing this in time.

We gave the humans our word that we would help them, and our ability to do so will highly affect what support we can expect from others in the future.

Speaking of something that eliminates spores in the air, we may want to start trying to simply turn up the temperature a lot - just at the edge of what humans can survive.
Since spores are tiny, they have nowhere to transport heat and it should take relatively little heat to overload them.

Even iron burns if you spread it out enough.

Wouldn't it still take those ships hours to reach the surface?
It does in modern ships, but there might be some kind of technology to greatly speed it up.

>> No.30558944

And you seriously wanted to uplift more VIs...

>> No.30558971

Could we modify the lasers into something like a "Wide" beam into of a focused some?

Bring down the ships and literally "cleanse" the area.

If they can they should get to the bunkers that are secure and those that can't get to them should find a place outside of the cities to hunker down.

Drop several units down to help scan those gaining entrance to the bunkers. Any sign of infection must not be allowed. Also drop some in to try to eliminate the infected before in "spreads"

>> No.30558977

Wait guys, I just come up with a feasible solution. The thing that is working against us is time, because it's near impossible to save the colony with the resources we have. Even if we devote our resources and all of our BW, we cannot compute a fungicide fast enough. But someone might have enough BW...

The UFW. Send Metis, or if he refuses, Apollo to the X-Ray station and ask the president that we are calling in a favor to save 10,000,000 people. Ask to borrow the UFW's BW to compute a fungicide and produce enough to save the colony.

>> No.30558996

We need samples of the fungus to make a fungicide.

We should have supported the pirates earlier.

>> No.30558999

ask the UFW for ships that can hold the people, we can clean them out or scrap them later. make new ships to replace the ones we wreak this way. also INFORM the UFW about what is going on here.

to Metis, that cheeky girl,
"this is a highly populated and well established 'pirate' colony. if we can take it intact, it will ease our push into the Losirians space. or at least be a needed foothold for the UFW and us to have as we expand."

>> No.30559003

Now that is something I can get behind

>> No.30559014

We have a sample of fungus, we gathered one earlier.

>> No.30559024

this sounds good too.

>> No.30559059

Getting behind it as well.
Also ask them to put out a quick notice to people everywhere asking them to donate computer time for a 24-hour period to save the planet.

We want our research in overdrive - and as earlier suggested, we don't need something complex that'll wipe them out entirely our cure infectees, just something that stops them from infecting people through the air.

We should also put out word that we want to hire a large number of ships for evacuation and are paying top rates for anyone that helps.

>> No.30559107

what if Metis refuses to give the BW back?

>> No.30559127

Then the UFW uses their EMP superweapon.

>> No.30559153

Then we'll persuade the other AIs to help us take it back from em and lock him down.

>> No.30559158

They're going to warp to Ussaihu and use their EMP weapon? What about all the other electronics there?

>> No.30559188

No, the problem with the X-Ray station is that you have to be directly there to utilize the BW, it's just not build to transmit the BW elsewhere. And the EMP superweapon is the X-Ray station.

>> No.30559190

>Take hours
Not really, since they're pushing their engines pretty hard towards the surface. You can safely assume all engines in this universe are far stronger then normal ones.

"You misunderstand. While I do not understand your purpose, I have not withheld any information from you, Ophion." She speaks almost offended, though it is hard to tell through that tone. "I know next to nothing about this substance, as I have yet to study it. What I do know of fungi and other parasitic lifeforms is the best ways to kill them are with extreme heat and cold, or starving them of their reproductive needs. As your guns do not generate cold, and this organism you postulated, has the ability to survive in a vacuum, and you desire to save the humans, and not get rid of them, the only method that remains to me is heat."
"What I am asking is not for advice. But for an actual response to this disease, here and now."
"You desire me to attempt to create a solution to a complex bio-organism I have only just seen, one precise enough to not be toxic to humans, while also cleansing the air to prevent the spore from reproducing? You must understand the absurdity of what you request."
"I do." you state simply
"...I will attempt something." Metis says, feeling strangely challenged by your words.

(Raw luck and breakthrough roll: 1d100. No modifiers)

While that is a rather interesting solution:
>Metis has no sample of the fungus, the only sample is on your ship, which would take an hour at least to get her a sample.
>Processing power of that magnitude is meant for simple easy processes, such as accuracy calculation, and the like. Creativity calculations are too complex to be boosted to such an enormous level, otherwise you could research the cure of every known disease this way.

>> No.30559223

Rolled 60


>> No.30559225

Rolled 29

Oh boy.

>> No.30559255

Rolled 11


>> No.30559256

Rolled 98


>> No.30559274

I get the high rolls tonight.

>> No.30559281

OMG, did we do it?

>> No.30559327

What, he can't borrow our sensors to analyze the sample?

And surely some parts of it can help, like pure number crunching.

The task may not be as absurd as it might seem, as it's potentially very many substances that can kill something microscopic while still not being able to defeat a human's skin and immune system.

Another potential solution is a number of (relatively) low-grade lasers that can cleanse the air millimeter by millimeter with a beam powerful enough to irritate skin, but not break through.

>> No.30559350

Thanks for clarifying Program0. So if we wanted boosted creative power, we would have to make black-box processors or something?

>> No.30559400

Rolled 13


>> No.30559427

Rolled 21


>> No.30559439

Since this sort of roll is more about raw luck, instead of a reasonable chance of success, I did not take the highest. I instead assigned each roll a number, and rolled privately for the success of this substance. This way, you know as much as Ophion does about the substance. Almost nothing.

Possible Consensus

>1 Transport Androids down, and use them to eliminate infested before they get a chance to exit breached bunkers. Order everyone to stay still as you go through the process of waiting out the plague. (May take a long time, but saves a decent portion of the population)
>2 Orchestrate an evacuation, scanning individuals and calling in the UFW to evacuate those that get out. (Possible transport of bio hazard to UFW, chance to save the most people)
>3 Bombard the cities, attempting to aim so to not hit safe bunkers. (Least saved people, but eliminates almost all of the fungus in the process.)
>4 [Metis option] In a rush, you had Metis modify a powerful fungicide with the best of her intellectual abilities without a sample available. You are uncertain how well the substance will work, as is Metis, but if it works, it might save everyone. If it doesn't, it might prove toxic all on it's own, or simply do nothing.

(1d100 for reasons))

Not as good as having the sample there for her to dissect, but it'll give her SOMETHING to work with.

Metis is intelligent enough to try to do this, and have any chance of success, I will say that much.

Creativity is harder to quantify. Ultimately, it comes down to randomization, and thinking without the need for logic. You can't simply fuel it with raw processor power. More likely, the longer an A.I. exists, the better able it is to do this.
I thought it sound cool too.

>> No.30559458

Rolled 62

>>1 Transport Androids down, and use them to eliminate infested before they get a chance to exit breached bunkers. Order everyone to stay still as you go through the process of waiting out the plague. (May take a long time, but saves a decent portion of the population)

>> No.30559497

>4 [Metis option] In a rush, you had Metis modify a powerful fungicide with the best of her intellectual abilities without a sample available. You are uncertain how well the substance will work, as is Metis, but if it works, it might save everyone. If it doesn't, it might prove toxic all on it's own, or simply do nothing.
Since we had to audacity to ask this of Metis, we might as well use it.

>> No.30559510

Rolled 22


Forgot my roll

>> No.30559527


1 AND 4. Test Metis's solution on a limited number of the populace to try and read its effectiveness. If it doesn't pass the LD-50 test, well, keep doing 1.

>> No.30559543

Rolled 3

1 and 4 master race

>> No.30559544

Rolled 65


Blargh, forgot mine too

>> No.30559566


Ah that's a good point. Changing my vote from >>30559497

>> No.30559583

But you should obviously not risk the UFW planets - order the ships to stay in quarantine until such a time that they can go through a detailed body scan and a more reliable substance for producing them.

And let's at least try to transport >4 here.

>Not as good as having the sample there for her to dissect
What is "there" or "here" for an A.I.? Proximity to the Black Box is redundant.
Though I suppose the question here is that it's not in a chemical laboratory, but surely there should be at least one such on either the station or the planet whose sensors she can use?

>Ultimately, it comes down to randomization, and thinking without the need for logic.
But surely higher processing means you can test each solution that the randomizer comes up with faster?

Speed up the experimental phase, even if the creativity phase is locked at a certain rate.

Prepare >3 just in case if it gets out of hand.

>> No.30559638

Rolled 55

we can still do both
but keep the transports from leaving orbit.

>> No.30559643

Rolled 72


>> No.30559700

>There and here
Lab equipment, mostly Consciousness anon.

But like I said, your sensors let her attempt it. Which is considerable.

>Speed up experiment phase
Unfortunately, not without the ability to test those experiments. You can think of ten thousand experiments in a few seconds with that power, but you can not test them until you...well, actually TEST them. The line between being able to create and the ability to test, and all that.

Also it appears the compromise is gonna be 1 & 4, correct?

>> No.30559730

Can't we use the fungicide on the sample we have, to see if it works?

>> No.30559808

Well then, let's see if we can't appropriate a chemical lab on the planet, surely there must be one.
We don't even need to bring a sample down, just have some of the android sent down grab a simple and take over a lab.

Obviously, we should also start transporting the sampe we have to Metis as soon as possible.
The sooner e gets it the sooner e can start testing.

>Compromise 1 & 4
Seems like it.

We can, but first we have to get the fungicide. We'll also have to test it on humans to make sure that it's within human ranges.
It SHOULD be harmless or at least survivable by humans though, given that we're well wawre of how much punishment a human can take and can simulate human testing in a virtual simulation.

"Should be" doesn't account for chance and unexpected complications, though.

>> No.30559874

yes, it looks like a mix of 1 and 4.
the UFW needs to send some passenger ships so we can load up as many people as we can on them.
....say. how many people can we stick into that colony ship we made for the malorians? we don't need the terraformer gear in it. just a big ship to hold people in.

>> No.30559896

We would also have to test it on the other species that are there.

>> No.30559901

well then we should aim fungicide at the ground zero where the infected ships did most the damage. It's not like we can make things worse. If it doesn't work, the humans will die anyway

>> No.30559909

They're still knowns, but far less so.
Didn't think of that.

>> No.30559951

"Launch our androids." You echo dully and, as if on command, your ship obeys, readying the drop pods and taking aim at the colonies on both planets. The hissing of pressurization kicks in, and launches them, a burst of boosters firing up, before the dots disappear off into both major colonies. Your androids immediately go to work upon landing, The arachnid models moving swiftly over the landscape and burning up any concentrations of spores that are created as a result. Plasma marrs the city, and they finally close in on the breached bunkers. A few are not harmed as bad as others, but others are not as lucky. Pulsating pustuals of fungus coating the outside, as the people inside scream, trying to escape the breach.

In the mean time, you get the substance Metis developed. The A.I. echos dully in your mind.
"I hope it is to your liking, Ophion."
"As do I." You state simply, and begin to spread the substance over the least salvageable bunker via one of your missiles.

The dust explodes, showering the thick yellowish substance. After several long moments...nothing happens. You wait, as your androids do what they can, before you suddenly witness the fungus start to burn. And burn. And finally evaporate. Like acid, the dust sears right through the fungus. The people within gasp, as those infected fall into a puddle on the ground of bubbling pus. The remaining people, however, do not seem as effected, shielding themselves in a panic from the strange robots, but otherwise, surviving the strange fungicide.
"It would seem your calculations were correct." You say bemused by the turn of events, beginning to spread the substance all over the colonies.
"They are always correct." Metis states rather simply. "You are welcome, Ophion."

>It would seem you have succeeded in identifying the key agent at work, and with Metis' help, neutralized the fungicide!
>90-95% of the population will be saved.

What shall you do now, once clean up is complete?

>> No.30559953

I assume that the bunkers that haven't been breached have air filtration systems (or all the humans down there would be infected and this is a pointless endeavour), so why the hell no, I support this.

Also Program0, under what tech would cylonic torpedoes from 40k come under. We need to obliterate that fungus world.

>> No.30559973

Those were those apocalypse missiles right?
Probably...a Superweapon Missile or something.

>> No.30560035

First, thank Metis. Praise Metis across the Guild network, and share the fungicide with X-Ray so the general public knows the dangerous fungus and the counter to it. Also, share with X-Ray that Metis was the genus that developed this on the spot and we are proud to call him Genius and Hero of the Guild and of all living beings.

Scour the databases, just what the hell is this place. And how did the fungus get here.

>> No.30560045

Enter into negotiations with the pirates I guess. We get their fleet and a shipment of minerals per cycle, in return we given them some civilian techs and our promise to not only protect them, but to wipe out this fungus.

Then we mass produce this substance, load it into missiles and coat Aquil in it.

>> No.30560061

Whoah, let's not get too hasty here. If the UFW needs the fungicide let's sell it to them.

>> No.30560110

we need to get into contact with the default leader of this world. we need answers now. how did a mix of human and xenos come to be here? where and how did they first encounter the zombie mold?

also, we need to get the UFW on the line ASAP. President King if need be. we have a whole world ready for them to hopefully add to their ranks.

>> No.30560124

First, give Metis virtual hugs.
Second, start setting up perimeters so that any spores that infect the native fauna does not breach inside the city.

Start recruiting militia and equipping them, hopefully a lot of the people here have guns, if not, we'll have to manufacture them and start carefully partitioning them out.

We've only got from an airborne infection to a zombie apocalypse people, let's not relax just yet.

No, that's not right, a zombie apocalypse doesn't convert virtually all available matter into zombies.
We still have a Tyranid-like invasion and a planet that is liable to start terraforming in ways that renders it uninhabitable for humans and most aliens unless we can stop it.

Begin with Explosives research, I'd guess.
And then nuclear warheads or something.
That's far end-game stuff, though - erasing life on a planet is easy, actually blowing it up is far more difficult.

>> No.30560127

Superweapon? World ship is where it is at.

Time for a "meeting" with any of the leaders of this place that have survived.

We need information on what this place has to offer and that from this point forward they are now apart of the guild.

This of course means their piracy days are over, but there are perks to being integrated.

Any damage to the colonies will have to be repaired. See how advanced their medical facilities are and upgrade them as they will need them at this moment no doubt.

>> No.30560130

Dude, I am done with this stupid fungus. I am never dealing with this again in my life. We got fucking lucky, let's eradicate it from the universe.

Wait a minute, I totally want to annex this into the guild.

>> No.30560134


No celebration. This planet stays under quarantine. For now.

>> No.30560135

Formally integrate these colonies into our territory, I guess? Take over the military fully. Bring a portion of our fleet for full time defense. Salvage ships after decontaminating them. Examine the newly acquired assets

I'd rather wait till the end of the clean up to make definite decisions. First I'd like to learn what this place is about anyway. It doesn't look like your normal pirate outfit.

>> No.30560138

Don't forget that there is fungus miles underground in huge superorganisms.

We need to create high penetration kinetic delivery systems to slam the fungicide right into the core.

>> No.30560165

For "them" to add to their ranks?

I think you mean add to "our" ranks.

>> No.30560193

>I totally want to annex this into the guild

That was kinda the plan. Why we were here in the first place.

>> No.30560197

We are going to strip mine the planet anyways, and also probably build data bunkers. No biggie, just change the atmosphere to this substance.

>> No.30560203

That's assuming it works on large scale organisms.

That it's enough to take out minor infections that could potentially grow large doesn't mean it's reliable against the organism in bulk.

Six posts in a single minute. Woah.

>> No.30560205

Yeah sane here, this world is a Guild protectorate now....just as the UFW soon will be.

Program0, can we also instruct Apollo to make inroads into the UFW's political system?

>> No.30560217

i am starting to think this is a one off system/nation. also we need to plunder the system's data banks now!

>> No.30560236

If it doesn't work on the fatass fungus, then we nuke the shit out of it and salt the earth with fungicide so it never grows on our planet ever again.

>> No.30560264

I'm curious why you always seem to come up with horrible ideas.
This was a fully independent system before we got here, why should we give up such a valuable asset we just gained?

WE are the de facto leader here. We don't need to meet their previous leaders or make any more deals with them. We already own them because we have full control of their military.

>> No.30560271

I think that making a politics / diplomacy VI might be better than allowing Apollo to do it.

Apollo is like a hyperactive robo-puppy Billy Mays. He's awesome for creating addictive substances and peddling videogames, but I'd rather not have him represent us politically.

>> No.30560280

Or just leave it in the gravity well. The fungus on the planet isn't the problem, it's the fungus that's spaceborne and has a means of propulsion.

>> No.30560306

Well Apollo is the best one for now, but I guess a more specialized personality will be better.

>> No.30560333

Well the point is that we have time now that 10,000,000, oops, less than 9,500,000 people are dying by the minute. We can study this now, but we should broadcast this solution to X-Ray to share to the general public.

>> No.30560337

Also think we should start educating Apollo about priorities that take preference before entertainment and sales when selling to allies, such as freedom of choice, lack of debilitating societal consequences, ethical behavior.

While he might be able to produce a cheap drug that just takes one shot to put them into eternal bliss and never ever doing anything else again, the higher priorities should dissuade him from doing that.

He can still give them something that gives eternal happiness, but we don't want the other factors to be negatively impacted.

Just so we don't find him making drugs that make you more stupid due to the correlation between intelligence and depression.

>> No.30560341

The fungal constructs are motile and may damage our bunkers. They also constantly belch spores into the atmosphere which will require us to constantly spray more fungicide in, potentially creating a resistant strain. We'll also be unable to recover any equipment sent to the planet unless we want to waste time and resources on extensive decontamination efforts.

Fuck the fungus, it needs to be 100% removed.

>> No.30560352

he's also a good businessman isn't he?
I think we should assign another task to him. Since we are getting more money than we know what to do with, we should have him be constantly on lookout for favorable mineral and gas deals

>> No.30560354

(sigh) look, in time, all of it will be ours, but for now, i want the UFW to do some of the heavy lifting in taking care of these people. yes, we will use and take the mining of this place, but we will need the UFW for government and policing elements here. my ideas are not bad if you stop to think about all this entails. 9.5 million people is a big deal.

>> No.30560381

As you begin clean up, far flung from lifting any manner of quarantine, you speak with Metis a little further on the matter, you realize the fungicide may need a little more refinement to be ready for mass production. It shouldn't take too long, however, and you'll be ready to use it later.

In the mean time, you open up communications with the pirates, whom seem shocked at what sort of strange magic you worked here. They thank you deeply, and explain they didn't really think you'd keep your promise you made them.

How shall you deal with them? (Resources offered: Majorly minerals, and infrastructure.)
>1 Kick them off these worlds, and give them to the UFW. This will allow you full access to the planets resources
>2 Become a watchman for these colonies, and simply impose a tax on the minerals from here.
>3 Leave them in peace.
>4 Write in

"It's...sorta a long story, honestly." One of the women tries to explain, before she goes into detail. Apparently this colony use to be a group of pirates with some decent ship tech. They came across these colonies, apparently a UGEI sect that rebelled. They came just in time to help crush the UGEI coming back this far. Some of the older members remember the earliest days, and talk of trading ships, and other black market shipments making their way through. Eventually, these colonies grew and grew. Losirians seeking a new life, Malorians a life without war, humans from either the UFW or the UGEI. They claimed a rather powerful Battle Station, and that's what has allowed them to live this long. They are independent, wanting little to do with any other major organization. They do not ask much of those who join them, meaning all of their citizens have mixed backgrounds. It is meant to be a place for second chances, they claim. Odd, considering some are still criminals, no matter where they go, but still.


>> No.30560388

I disagree. We've only seen it in this system, and if does show up elsewhere we can make a killing manufacturing and selling it.

>> No.30560394

>>1 Kick them off these worlds, and give them to the UFW. This will allow you full access to the planets resources

>> No.30560397

We should absolutely start bombarding/sterilising areas outside the city that show signs of infection.

Or areas of the city that are confirmed to be nearly entirely lost to the fungi.

Start manufacturing more androids too.

>> No.30560406

By inroads he means looking into how the system works.

>> No.30560407

So, what you're saying is that it would be good business to infect other systems with this shit, let it fester into a huge problem, and then save the day with our fungicide?

I like it.

>> No.30560415

>>2 Become a watchman for these colonies, and simply impose a tax on the minerals from here.

That kinda cuts off off from weaponizing it cuz if we broadcast the fungicide the UGEI will know it as well.

>> No.30560427

>2 Become a watchman for these colonies, and simply impose a tax on the minerals from here.
But take their ships, leave the station.

Given his successful business practices in UFW space, I was wondering if we could ask him to (through intermediaries of course), fund pro-robotics/AI political parties and lobby existing political bodies to the Guild's advantage.

>> No.30560430

Ah. Well Apollo could attempt such a thing, but he's not exactly a diplomacer. If anything YOU are the diplomacer, haha.

>> No.30560434

>>1 Kick them off these worlds, and give them to the UFW. This will allow you full access to the planets resources

>> No.30560437

Take full ownership of the system. Let them largely live as they have though.

If not this then at least the 2nd option

>> No.30560445

>2 Become a watchman for these colonies, and simply impose a tax on the minerals from here.

Yeah, we didn't just fight to give this to the UFW.

>> No.30560464

We're not giving the planet to the UFW, we're giving the captured pirates to them.

We keep the planet and resources.

>> No.30560466

So is 2 basically taking control of it?

>> No.30560471

>4 Write in
Annex the colony. All military assets and useful civilian assets become ours. We will establish a planetary governor to handle internal governance and services, and a flat tax on economic activity. In return, we for the most part maintain the status quo, provide security, and will improve the quality of life whenever convenient.

>> No.30560473

So, let's start showing them what we offer:
"You may remain on the planet.
No planet-based property, including military installations will be subverted.
You will be offered stable employment.
Ships will be surrendered.
You will have opportunity to earn those ships back.
The planet will be under our management, all matters of goverment will be done by us, for now.
Eventually we hope to elect a council from the populace to serve as governors with priorities to maintain the ideals that started the colony while still producing enough to aid with the effort against the UGEI."

Something inbetween 1 & 2, essentially.
We're in control of the planet and all its resources, but we're not kicking them off it.

>> No.30560495

Yup. 2 is basically >>30560471

>> No.30560497



I don't like the 2nd option but the 1st one sounds even worse.
Where is the option to fully take ownership of the system.

>> No.30560504

I'm more in favour of this, so I'm changing my vote. I thought 2 was more of an 'annex them and create a protectorate' option , but apparently not.

>> No.30560507

I like this

>> No.30560519

So basically 2.

>> No.30560521

>4 Write in
let them a bit of a say on this. this world will be the guild's, but we allow full access to the UFW if they want to go there. we want this place to be a free port for others to make trade and sell their goods at. we need those who know the systems here well to be in our raiding and privateer fleet against the UGEI. (basicly the heavy industry of mining and such will be ours, but the smaller businesses and privet homes will be untouched. wow! Malorians and Losirians we can talk too! so much we can learn from them!

ask them about

>> No.30560528

Sorry if I made it sound bad. 2 is essentially "You own everything now, and get a big cut of what is mined."

>> No.30560542

You made it sound like we were just going to fuck off and occasionally have to shoot at some things that come near while going "pls gib scraps" to the pirates.

>> No.30560546

Oh okay
2nd option it is then.

What kind of planets were these? Terran, comfortable to live or hostile worlds adapted to living?

>> No.30560548

What is up with your obsession with the UFW? Also,
>Malorians and Losirians we can talk too
Seeing as how we've talked to them before it's not a big surprise.

>> No.30560561

offical diplomancer, we are. but Apollo is the propaganda maker. a fresh chance to see what the xenos want to watch as well.

>> No.30560569

2nd option to then, but make our intentions clear as per >>30560471 & >>30560473

>> No.30560588


Not like they have a choice in the matter, but we seem a lot like the UGEI in this situation. How do they like the terms we offer?

>Seeing as how we've talked to them before it's not a big surprise.
These are not radicals, pirates, or important big-name leaders. Great source of information. I imagine Mol has some people here as well.

>> No.30560592

>2 Become a watchman for these colonies, and simply impose a tax on the minerals from here.

They belong to the guild. Have no fear though as you now shall have the benefits of being under our protection.

>> No.30560598

Program0, in my statement:
I'm basically taking ALL mineral production, also all BW and credits and anything that can be remotely useful. Basically the classic commie state ownership. In return, we are taking care of these people and give them the highest quality of life possible. Basically the Star Trek Federation government and economy.

>> No.30560617

Yeah, I thought he was expressing amazement in the fact that they could talk at all. That "too" threw me off.

>> No.30560626

oh.. well in that case then. i change my vote then to
gotta keep a stock of humans to worship up when they see Ophion as a god at this rate. the Malorians might be from other tribes we have not met yet. and the Losirians are also a big mistery to us.

>> No.30560646

Even if we did start off attacking them we just saved their entire population and didn't instantly kill them once we got control of their ships.

If anything this is a dam big upgrade for them considering what we can bring to the table

>> No.30560672

well, we're going to need to find a way to pay for a bunch of civvies. Although it stands to reason we can manage their economy better than they can and still provide them goods. Minerals and Gas don't really factor into consumer goods.

We should probably not automate everything either, because that will leave people without jobs, and we'd just end up playing a welfare provider role to them. Which might be OK, but it seems a little bit ahead of our capabilities for now.

>> No.30560674

Eh, let's not exaggerate.
Star Trek economy does absolutely not work before post-scarcity, and probably not even then (some things will always be scarce).

We can still have a capitalistic system, but with hard rules on how you're allowed to compete in the market with emphasize on human rights, something like the nordic countries.

In the end we want a just society, but still a neg production gain.

>> No.30560684

And they were/are classified as pirates so it's not like we were in the wrong.

>> No.30560697

"I am happy to be of assistance to you. However, you must understand that I can not simply leave you be." You begin to discuss with, what you know best as the 'leaders' of this society. "In exchange for dealing with the fungus, and, my intent at least, is to destroy it from this system, I desire ownership of this system. I will take a portion of your mining profits, however you will be free to trade and deal as you see fit. Criminal activity will not be tolerated. Your military is of my concern now. I will take your ships, however I will provide protection when necessary, and assist you with civilian technology as much as I am able."

It is...difficult to convince them to give up their independence. They are truly appreciative of what you have done for them, but your hostilities before hand, on top of the very nature of their society make them against you taking ownership of things, especially their ships.

they desire:
>Their ships back
>To keep at least 50% of what they mine

They offer
>Rich mineral mines

What are your thoughts?
>1 Take what I want, which is complete ownership and mining rights
>2 Agree to their terms
>3 Adjust terms (how?)
>4 Leave them in peace


>> No.30560712

Turn my

>> No.30560731

Rolled 78

>1 Take what I want, which is complete ownership and mining rights
The pirates will kneel.

>> No.30560732

Isn't everything that isn't tagged with an ID classified as a pirate? We were considered pirates because we didn't have an ID.

>>3 Adjust terms (how?)
They can have 50% of what they mine.
We will take their ships. In return we'll have a defense fleet in system at all times (probably run by a VI).

>> No.30560741

Program0, just to clarify, how many ships are we talking about, and how much mining capacity this planet has?

>> No.30560743

Do they just have an emotional attachment to their ships? Is that the issue here?

>> No.30560745

>3 Adjust terms (how?)
They can keep the ships, we get the station, we'll build another one for them, eventually.

>> No.30560746

I have better idea what to do with the system.

Give the full control of it to Apollo

>> No.30560756

Not a bad idea. He is a "people person".

>> No.30560790

Carefully explain them that we came here with the full intent of taking over the system this the initial hostilities. The zombie fungus changed things a bit but ultimately or goal remains the same. We are not willing to give up valuable assets no matter their history and they are in absolutely no position to negotiate.
Either they submit and have their lives largely unaffected or even improved or we are forced to take harsh measures.

>> No.30560802

the non fighting ships can be returned. the threat of piracy from these people will not be tolerated. HOWEVER. in exchange of a pardon and to be watched for criminal or treacherous actions against me or the UFW, any former pirates will be granted the letter or Marquee in raids and harassment against the UGEI.

we will take 50% of mining out put. and that to will be watched. we will check the infrastructure to see what is worth it to me.

>> No.30560804

We're at the bottom of page 9.

>> No.30560811

>Isn't everything that isn't tagged with an ID classified as a pirate? We were considered pirates because we didn't have an ID.

Yes. Absolutely.
I am glad someone remembered yay.

About 6 BCs and 16 Destroyers.

>Mining capacity
With your Reactors? Probably in the thousands

>> No.30560819

So would we be taking all their ships or just the warships? Because I'm fine with them having their freighters and stuff back.

>> No.30560839

They can have their ships back once we have managed to post defenses in their system - until then they are necessary to ensure the safety of the people here.

Up to five months or until the fungi can be reliably said to have been exterminated from the planet, whichever happens sooner, all the planets' resources will go towards combating it and ensuring the safety of the populace - it is, for all intents and purposes, under martial law.

When the crisis is over, ships will be returned but tracked to make sure that they are not used for any criminal activities and the tax rate will be set at well below 50%.

There will be a detailed system of tax-ranges, with basic necessities having a 5-10% tax only, entertainment items having 20-25% and luxury items and financiaal trade (Such as stocks) having a 40-50% tax on the winnings alone.

>> No.30560842

long run tonight Program0, i am and i bet many others are about to drop off as well as this thread.

>> No.30560843

>With your Reactors? Probably in the thousands

Yeah no, we're not giving up anything in this place.
They should fully embrace their new robotic overlords.

>> No.30560846

Well they are pirates so we are keeping their ships. We can give them trade frigates or something later.

Also, is that thousands per cycle? How much would the 50% cut be?

>> No.30560851

More like their gas is limited, and they can't really afford to just give away all their ships.

They get the gas they do have from trade, after all.

I am aware, anon. thank you however. Exhausted atm.

The only ships in orbit that you took were warships, which they use to fight off other pirates and such.

>> No.30560875

check their tech files. those cannons of theirs seem to be stronger than any we ran into before.

>> No.30560890

In that case we could take their ships and give them unarmed trade frigates with enhanced engines. It would also give us more trade in system which would be good.

>> No.30560891

>>3 Adjust terms (how?)
No to them having military ships, otherwise I agree.

>> No.30560892

well, anyway, night everyone.

>> No.30560898

Now I'm imagining what would happen if we stranded a colony without ships and shot down anything that tried to leave.

>> No.30560899

How about this: "Their" ships they can keep, but we will have a ship of our own in the system (as well as a buoy) and while they can use the station for whatever they want we will basically be controlling it.

I can go with 50% of what they make. It's still a boast for us and i'm sure they will use it to trade/rebuild and other stuff.

I would say we aren't unreasonable and really it's a boost for us either way. Less resistance this way also.

>> No.30560927

"people" "person" you mean.

Look, the deal here is
1) They join with The Guild as a protectorate. We grant them access to UFW trade and communications through us.
2) They cease independent hostilities (piracy).
3) We offer employment to skilled individuals.
4) In return for taxing them, we provide public works and defense.

>About 6 BCs and 16 Destroyers.
Tsk. They are probably not up to our specs, either. Probably easier to build our own. I'm not dead-set on taking them. We can stand to give them back.

Do they have any shipyard facilities?

>> No.30560933

The way I see it:
-Any industry that can be automated, will be automated. All mining and production will go to the guild and be allocated as the guild sees fit.
-The population will be free to leave, provided they do not have useful intelligence we can use
-The population staying will be reeducated for a post-industrial service economy for jobs either economically valuable for the UFW or into research for the Guild or any other valuable job
-The reminding population will have a basic income to purchase goods and services. This income will be high enough to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

>> No.30560938

Okay what about this: they can have their ships...we just kinda create a back door just incase they try anything so we can instantly take them over.

>> No.30560959

Sure, that sounds reasonable. Unless they begin to rise up against their robot overlords.

Can we afford that? And who's going to do the reeducation?

>> No.30560964

Throwing my support under this.

>> No.30560967

So now that we actually have a decent sized population to control, can we begin human experimenting on death row inmates and homeless people?

>> No.30560972

Actually, I have an idea for those ships. We take their ships, and if they want new ones they can buy it from us. We'll sell them unarmed freighters upgraded with enhanced engines. They can use their portion of the 50% they make on buying it.

>> No.30560977

Rolled 11

It's a mixed population.

So we'll have Malorians and Sharkfucks too.

>> No.30560989

Gonna estimate...probably 700-900 or so.

And I am drifting in and out, heh. Hoping to wrap up some things reeeal quick.

Ah, shit I forgot about that.

The Pirates suddenly make you an offer. In exchange for letting them keep their terms, they will give you a tech packet they managed to acquire on the black market. It will provide you with a boost to weapons and defense technology.

They are growing wary, since it was clear, at first, you intended to conquer them. But the question is-is it worth crushing their rebellion for the resources offered here?

>1 Accept offer, give them their ships, do 50% tax rate, gain infrastructure, do not anger them and gain new tech
>2 Impose your will, take everything for yourself, and anger them. Or simply push them off the rocks by force or not.
>3 Leave them in peace

Probably one of the last votes of the night beyond resource allocation. I think I got everyone's suggestions, bare with my, my brain is failing a little.

>> No.30560992

Sounds good to me.

>> No.30560993

We are taking control of their economy and means of production, which we can run far more efficiently than any meat bags. So yes, we can afford it.

>> No.30561001

Support this one as well, with the addition of stating our intentions of greater standards of living than anywhere in the UFW and UGEI.

>> No.30561017

Rolled 59

>2 Impose your will, take everything for yourself, and anger them. Or simply push them off the rocks by force or not.
take the tech too

>> No.30561018

>>1 Accept offer, give them their ships, do 50% tax rate, gain infrastructure, do not anger them and gain new tech

I'd like to take their ships. But whatever, I'd rather not have an angered population.

>> No.30561023


the way I see it is "giving back their ships" is leaving them independent. Not doing that is taking full control.
I want full control because fuck, we all know that they won't be able to hold their own and in any conflict weer will have to divert our fleets to assist them.
The option of leaving them autonomous is disadvantageous in all that's with no clear advantages.
Our ship designs are simply fuckton better than anything they can have

>> No.30561025

>1 Accept offer, give them their ships, do 50% tax rate, gain infrastructure, do not anger them and gain new tech

>> No.30561033


See, the problem might be that they are emotionally attached to "their" ships. Like it's their custom-built pirate rig or something.Switching it out for a mass-produced soul-less (high tech and luxury) ship seems a little disproportionate.

>> No.30561034

If you're getting tired maybe we can discuss this next thread so we can negotiate better.

>> No.30561035

>1 Accept offer, give them their ships, do 50% tax rate, gain infrastructure, do not anger them and gain new tech

>> No.30561036

Agreeing to their terms would basically be
I am thinking.

>> No.30561043

So, is >1 essentially >>30560927 ?

I don't really see anything in it to suggest that it's not.

If it is not, then I vote >2 and to reverse engineer the weapons on their ships or try to hack the schematics out of their hard drives (we have a long time in which to do it and absurd amounts of bandwidth to spare, shouldn't be a problem).

When we turn this into a utopia, their anger will dissipate.

>> No.30561044

>1 Accept offer, give them their ships, do 50% tax rate, gain infrastructure, do not anger them and gain new tech

This will benefit us and them.

>> No.30561047

If that's the case, then I vote for:

>1 Accept offer, give them their ships, do 50% tax rate, gain infrastructure, do not anger them and gain new tech

>> No.30561048

Ah okay, in that case I'm fine with 1

>> No.30561051

>1 Accept offer, give them their ships, do 50% tax rate, gain infrastructure, do not anger them and gain new tech
One last caveat, we get to renegotiate terms at a later date. As we improve the colony and invest in mining operations, we may change the tax rate.

>> No.30561056

That sounds good. I like >1 in that case.

>> No.30561057


1 is probably the best option for now. We don't really have their trust, but we can earn it by increasing their standard of living. At that point, they will probably be OK with working closer with us.

As long as we re-invest in their development (THIS IS IMPORTANT), I think this is OK.

>> No.30561066

Now that we have a sizable population with ship should we make a Guild civilian ID? Should we even classify them as civilians of our empire now?

>> No.30561073

Oh yes, and if we are agreeing to
then be sure to include that all ships must be running Guild software and connected to the Guild network whenever possible. For the nominative reason that we are monitoring against illegal activities.

>> No.30561078

Didn't mean to quote.

>> No.30561081


Fuck it. We came with full intent on conquering this place for us resources.
Have Kronos jump in with his fleet just to show them how huge or might is compared to them.

They might become angry but they will come around just like in 4x games, where conquered city goes through a period of anarchy before settling down and becoming fully integrated

>> No.30561096

Nah, let's not waste resources on dumb organics. Create a puppet state, take the initial resource cut, and more slowly but cheaply turn them over to your side.

>> No.30561105

Could make it voluntary. ID has never really been elaborated on. Ships definitely need to be classified as either civilian or military on their IFF.
Civilian/The Guild/######
Military/The Guild/######

It will be easier to integrate with a population that isn't immediately pissed off. Gotta build schools and roads and shit, and it's easier to do without the people being mad at you.

>> No.30561123

Also, we are not turning this place into fucking iraq. We have like what, not that many droids?

>> No.30561129

sounds like a good idea.

And also, before giving back their ships we need to install tons of back doors and exploits for us in all of their systems, not just the ships. The civilian infrastructure, the orbital facilities and the station.
Actually installing a Shadow VI might be a better idea so that it constantly keeps the exploits updated and infects anything new that gets in close contact

>> No.30561130

Isn't that essentially what >1 is?
The only thing that >2 gets us that >1 doesn't is their ships, as far as I can tell, and the only reason we'd want those is to melt them down for resources and replacing them with new ships..

Also, we should start producing defense platforms to place in orbit once we have enough androids constructed to reliably defend the entire city.

>> No.30561157

So close to done. I got this mate.

>Accepting their terms

A sigh of relief escapes the negotiators you speak with. They immediately do as they promised and upload the tech packet they got, and thank you again for your help in saving their friends and families. They aren't happy about being taxed, but who is?

>Tech acquired
Tech: Plasma Weapons III, Trithium Armor III, PD III, Barriers III

You set about establishing your Protectorate, and inform them of a few of the reasonable rules you ask. Apparently, they had not engaged in pirate acts in years, no hostile ones, anyway. In exchange, you'll offer jobs for many of them, as well as provide public works and much greater defense.

Your IFF is vaguely recognized by some of the lesser empires, but you could certainly make specific ones.


>Some last minute votes
>Resource allocation

>> No.30561168


>> No.30561172


>> No.30561176

Put it towards repairing the damage done to our ships?

>> No.30561182

Dude, we're going to run a fucking shadow government and economy. Everything is automated and working better, they just don't know it and are doing busy work.

We should make defense platforms with that powerful plasma cannon they had.

Spend the resources to build the pre-assembly components for the data-bunker so once the terrain is complete, it can be build much faster.

Spend the rest on fleet upgrades.

The rest after that on Ships and defenses.

>> No.30561212

with full ownership we will have 100% of the mineral output so instead of 700-900, it would be 1400-1800
We are at full scale war with UGEI. We really shouldn't be lenient. Without military and space superiority their rebellion will amount to Jack shit, they can't even refuse working since we can easily replace them with robots.

They will be mad at first but it is easy to sway the public. Have Apollo start a propaganda machine and all the dissidence will be quelled in few cycles

>> No.30561213

That is a given, of course.

>> No.30561222


Time for new Plasma Weapon platforms!

>> No.30561226

Build enough Androids to reliably defend the city from the fungi for at least another cycle.

Then start repairing the Athena, update the tech with the new stuff we found.

Use spare manufacturing time to create up to 10 defense platforms to put into orbit around the planet.

If there's still time left, start replacing the lost ships, still with updated technology.
We may want to consider replacing the Triremes spinal Singularity Driver with a spinal Plasma III Cannon so that they don't have to approach into close range to be at their most efficient, we have Wranglers for that.

>> No.30561229

Ships and/or defence

>> No.30561231

Haha, you're funny.

Repair our ships, and start replacing the ones we lost, prioritizing the ones that cost the least gas.

Leave enough gas for two fleet jumps.

If we have production capability left over, build humanoid drones for our new civilian population.

>> No.30561244

>all these minerals
>no gas

Why did we go to the minerals location, haha.

It was to get more minerals for the BW bunkers, right? That was the logic there? Some good foresight, perhaps?

>> No.30561255


I want to save up for that AI factory.

>> No.30561264

We wanted to hack and capture the pirate fleet. Like 50 BC for us to grab. Too bad we rolled a 1 for the hacking. And we retardedly let a infected BC crash land on the planet.

>> No.30561265

I think it was more because we were already in system. Hope we can get to those gas giants next thread.

>> No.30561271

No idea, I would've gone for the gas cloud myself.

But now we can at least generate a truly impressive system of defense platforms for the systems we have and won't have to keep ships in reserve since every system is sufficiently heavily fortified to hold out until we can get back to them.

>> No.30561272

No, I want that damn data bunker.

>> No.30561283

>Replace weapon mount.
If there's a little support, sure.

>Resource allocation: Repair, upgrade ships & defenses, defense platforms around Dresh Alpha & Beta
Seems to be what's drawing a lot of the discussion. Does this seem correct, while attempting to save gas where you can?

>> No.30561308

God I leave for one thread and then this happens.

Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I think the estimate was something like 5k minerals. We mine 1k a cycle. With these new mines we can reasonably expect to have a complete BW bunker in about two cycles. Start construction next cycle, play it forward, and finish by the start of the thread after the next one.

>> No.30561310

Well, also save for data-bunker and manufacture pre-components for it. Also, fortify the Ussaihu system even more.

>> No.30561324

Sounds good to me and I wouldn't mind that weapon change.

Really by the time we use weapons we want something dead.

>> No.30561330

I'd rather start building defense platforms around our other systems. We gave them back their ships, let's hope it's enough for now.

Other than that I support.

>> No.30561348

I too, want a data bunker.

To elucidate the advantages:
Mass Drivers are short ranged weapons, which means we have to put the ships into close range to use them.

The Trireme currently has a spinal singularity driver and a complement of plasma turrets.
Plasma works at medium range and less well but still works at long range (I think).

If we make it entirely plasma-based it won't have to sacrifice the use of its spinal cannon just so that we don't put it in the thick of it, and at longer ranges our evasion protocols become more efficient.

We already have a ship that's entirely driver based, the Wombat.

We have a long range ship that's entirely missile-based (and with a focus on the evasion of incoming missiles and laser/plasma beams, poor armor so it doesn't stand up to singularity drivers).

Our mid-range ship, the trireme is currently missing its primary weapon whenever it's not in close range, which is why I suggest replacing the spinal singularity driver with a spinal plasma cannon, to make sure it's at its most efficient at medium range instead of short range.

>> No.30561395

Sounds good to me - It has become our sorta de factor capital after all.

>> No.30561438

If there's manufacturing time to spare, I'm not at all against that.

>> No.30561442

I think we need to have more anti-missile defenses, we got our ass whooped by the missile ship.

Which kinda sucks because it's only one jump away from the UGEI. Which bring up the question, which planet should we put our data bunkers? Also, why can't we attach our BW block to space stations?

>> No.30561448

As you figure the last few details of your deal, and solidify a treaty of sorts, you feel proud of your work. While it may not provide full resources, you still are able to spare the lives of those caught between the tides of war. Much more, a colony that exists with various xeno types living together. It's quite fascinating. You make a note of Aquil, and the gas giant locations. Those seem most pressing on your list, you think.

As you consider these things, and of course, congratulate Metis on her excellent work, Kronos comes into contact with you.
"Yet again you use your prowess in diplomacy instead of your guns. I am certain many a human would write tales about you...if they did not fear your existence, of course." He chuckles.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean you make me think of some old tales, of bards, or other men with silver tongues, as the analogy goes. I simply hope your words do not come back to bite you some day, as they so often do in written literature."
"This is not a tale spun by some human, Kronos."
"Indeed it is not. But still." He chuckles all the same.

((And I think thatll do it folks! Thanks for joining me and just in general being such champs everyone. I hope you enjoyed today's come back session, and I hope it makes up for my absence and all that. It was fun being here. Will be around for the 10 minutes or so the thread is left on the board for feedback comments and questions, haha.

In the mean time.
Twitter: AIQuest1
Archived: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Program0


>> No.30561510

>"This is not a tale spun by some human, Kronos."


was this foreshadowing?

>> No.30561520

That was before we really started implementing the new ships. Just about all the ships we're creating have good point anti-missile defenses, the Melissa has ridiculously good anti-missile defenses (both electronic countrermeasures and the most expensive point defense system).

The Wombat with its many but small precision turrets is more efficient yet and - if I understand it correctly - confers a bonus to all ships' precision in an area since other ships can use their sensors to aim their shots.

Pretty sure our new ships can handle missiles a LOT better than our old rag-tag fleet.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of people left this late.

>> No.30561552

I think it's fun to tease you guys with your own paranoia.

>> No.30561555

Thanks for running this as always Program0.

It's very interesting that we have yet again "conquered" with diplomacy.

>> No.30561556

>"This is not a tale spun by some human, Kronos."


>> No.30561561

Weapon ranges, how efficient is each weapon class (Counting plasma as similar but different from lasers) at each range?

>> No.30561565

Good sesh as always program0, I am glad to see our empire expand beyond mere gas refineries and mining stations!

Until next time mate.

>> No.30561621

Yeah, this is something I've been looking forward to.
When we can truly call a planet with people our own, the 4x feels have really begun to have effect.

By the way, can we start digging out a shelter big enough for a bandwidth cube in Ussaihu, or do we need terrain reformation to make space enough for even one?

And even if so, can we start work on such a storage chamber this turn and finish it when we have the terrain reformation tech? (Start breaking out great chunks of ice, producing isolation material and structural support, etc)

>> No.30561637

I swear to god that .png just winked at me...

>> No.30561642

A pleasure, as always.
And yeah, it surprises me too. Any time I flesh out an encounter higher then 'dirty scum sucking pirates' you guys diplomancer them to death.

>Mass Drivers
+High Damage
-Low Range

+High Accuracy
-Lower damage output

+High Damage Output
-Low Accuracy

+High Damage/Range
-Easily shot down, Slow contact speed

Off the top of my head.

I am happy to see it too, thank you for being here mapfag.
Let me know when you update maps too, in the discussion page if you could.

>> No.30561662

Oh, and didn't you say that Bandwidth blocks were blocks that were more or less self contained with their own coolant system, and isolation that prevents damage to the delicate systems?

I mean, wasn't that the point of making a bandwidth block, that normal computers could not be produced like that without taking damage, so we produced the block, which is sturdier?

Aaand ranges for the 2nd and 3rd? Medium, short, long?
Does the damage increase when you get closer?

>> No.30561673

>Terrain Reformation
Needed for large shelters, yes. You can place it on relatively barren planets with little heavy weather, if you want, or just wait for TR to finish, haha.

Either way, I am glad you guys are liking the feel of owning a population, of sorts.
>Can we start ahead of schedule
A little bit, sure. TR should be done next cycle.

>> No.30561685

>Bandwidth blocks
They are to an extent. Where as they can handle dust storms, and shit like that (like say, on mars) they are NOT equipped for places like Ussaihu, or Eshareth, where the environment runs wild. Which is why the shelter is recommended, mostly.

>> No.30561700

Oh, and thanks a lot for the maps, they make it a LOT easier to visualize what's going on on the strategic scale

Players that solve their problems using careful application of force and diplomacy in concert as necessary.
The horror!.

Would Ussaihu qualify as a barren planet?
Nothing worse than snow, and you can easily melt it deep into the ice for shelter using plasma weapons?

>> No.30561715

Oh, right. Sorry, half asleep.

>Energy weapons
In general, usually mid range. They can be used at long, but at a decrease to accuracy. Especially plasma. Don't do more damage, just more reliable hit up close. Their range means you can have a stand off range, though.

Long, usually. Mid in a pinch. Short range is difficult, since at that range PD is active and shoots down anything that comes out of you. Even if not PD, other weapons can do it at that range.

>Damage increase on Missiles

>> No.30561737

Ah, thought Ussaihu was Hoth, essentially.
Just melt a bigass hole into a glacier and you have a shelter on the cheap as long as your stuff is watertight.

Good to know. Had assumed plasma and lasers lost damage rather than accuracy due to traveling at light speed and the beam getting "wider" and thus dispersing their heat over a wider area instead of a thin needle that cuts right through.

>> No.30561746

Long - short range missiles.

Wouldn't the missiles have to pass through that area anyway when fired from afar?
Or do you mean that they're made to detonate in their launchers, causing damage to the launching ship?

>> No.30561780

The dense frozen atmosphere makes it difficult for them to send out a damn signal.

Can always build a BW cube elsewhere and transplant it later.

Not the problem. snow storms and intense winds, and all that.

Nah, the ice is permafrost levels of cold. It'd refreeze over, and mess with your signal.

>Energy Weapons
Nah. By the time they're dispersing, or losing 'heat', they immediately fizzle out.

Basically that, yes. Friendly fire incidents rapidly increase, on top of them being used at a distance being effective since it allows for smart missiles to move freely and 'dodge' fire and attempt to hit their target.

Think of it like
>Fire a rocket up close
>rocket has to turn all the way around to try and hit

As opposed to
>fire at range
>Has time to lock on
>Hit target.

>> No.30561818

Dammit, we'll need to make a signal tower or a space elevator.

>Lock on.
Ah, that makes sense. Those are some absurdly fast missiles then, considering the possible velocities for our drivers' rounds to travel at yet still be limited to short range.

>> No.30561862

They move quite fast, in my mind yes. It's uh...difficult to put it in real terms, since I haven't even specified how fast real ships can go in the setting, but you know.

>> No.30561873

Anyway, a wonderful game tonight, I wish you a good morning and hope you enjoy it at least half much as I do.

>> No.30561953

Same to you, mate. Just uh...passed out a little.

Goodnight, Consciousness.

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