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Character art thread. OP request, has anyone got a cloaked female that isn't naked?

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Requesting old priests, preferably feeble looking and/or angry.

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A cloak is clothing, so it's pretty impossible to have a cloaked female that IS naked.

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Magic guns? Pff. Bitch pls I got gun Crusaders.

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>We offer you guns
>You don't use them to cast magic

Stay pleb fighters

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The bullets are imbued with magic, the guns are completely ordinary (if finely crafted from durable materials). Do you even fluff?

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No, but mostly because war game fluff is generally awful trash.


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Warmahordes fluff is kinda good tho

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Gun Priests/Clerics also welcomed

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Necromancer Spellslingers. Because if the shotguns and the zombies are on the same team, all the enemy has left is chainsaws, which I'm sure we can incorporate into our organization somehow.

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Iron Kingdoms was originally an RPG setting.

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Spellslingers are the best.

Also, magic guns, magic bullets, who cares?

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Shhh. More spellslingers.

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Better OP?

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Any redheaded males?

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Like a better Arcane Archer.

Wait why the fuck doesn't AA work with crossbows

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Any more of her? That's great!

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>Using bullets
Look at these plebs.

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>that head to hips ratio
Fucking cartoons

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>Wait why the fuck doesn't AA work with crossbows
Because crossbows are water balloons.

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Welcome to Genzoman.

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requesting dwarf with a bandana on his noggin. Pref black hair and beard

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Also, does anyone have any good images of corrupt priests or such?

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That Image reminds me a lot of Nextwave for some reason.

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Artist, here. I could draw a couple simple portraits if anyone wants.

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How about this guy.

Head is covered in Carpace, only Eyes showing, which are red and sinister, Pointy Chin.
On top of his head are small jewels from which strings of shredded skin shoot up, placed in line like a Mohawk, the strings are long and narrow.
The head is supposedly be reminiscent of a legendary desert stalking beast.

Bare chested, and got his Hands replaced with sharp clawed appendages made of the same carapace material his Head is encased in, though in a portrait none of that is important.

Up for it?

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Sure. When you say carapace do you mean a natural carapace that grows on his head or a piece of some animal that he wears like a helmet?

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It's Organic, part of his, it heals and such.

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Could you do a human ranger? He's lean but wears leather armor and a flowing cloak; his face is clean-shaven and he is permanently making bedroom eyes.

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Fuckin radical.

Here's how I did the character, it's the only digital drawing I have of him.

The Character is a real old one that I keep coming back to for some reason, I even did a comic about him as my last high school year project.
I just wanted to see someone else do a take of him, and that looks awesome, not as 90s x-treme as mine though.

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I started, but I got bored quickly. Sorry.

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any chance I could request a hispanic /middle east asian looking wizard? Preferably your generic jolly fat man with a beard.

This seems extremely shallow but whenever I play as wizard I feel bad that i always have to imagine my character as a white person just because a fat brown man wearing a robes, a huge white beard and a pointy hat just seems so ridiculous. I doubt it exists but good art of one would be nice to help me visualize

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>Hispanic/Middle East/Asian
You realize those are very different areas right?

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Crazy Hassan's Discount Familiars. Only mildly retarded!

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i meant middle east asian not middle east / asian

Im afraid that my mothers side is of the Island folk persuasion.

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>not naked
You disgust me

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So do you mean Central Asian, or just Middle Eastern?

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Don't worry, anon. She's naked under her clothes.

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Humans, I tells you, they just don't compare to a good Ferengi woman.

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I think he means the Central part of Eastern Asia.

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this is excellent. I often play my wizard Discworld style and this pulls off the arrogant yet charismatic happy go lucky old man archetype.

I usually imagine them to be on the fat side but this works great.

I can see myself using this if I decide to play a more "srs" type character.

I really appreciate this anon(s)

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Looking for a red robed wizard looking like he's in his mid twenties.

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I was about to make my own.
Im gonna go through the thread and save what I want while I wait for people to request shit from me.

Anything really I have a ton of cool art. Whether Sci Fi or fantasy.

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>dat beard

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the most Powerful Middle Eastern wizard

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Gonna dump my art

please if anyone has any requests I will try to help

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I need all the female Tau I can get.

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I got no Female Tau sorry

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Why would you want a female that isn't naked?

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You can't undress a naked woman.

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You have a point.

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No one wants to request anything?

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Last stands

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Like a dude outnumbered?

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hope this is helping that guy
Last Stand is a bit vague

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Last stand against Monsters?

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Wounded heroes holding the line against hopeless odds
Villains taking as many men with them before being eaten by the beast of defeat
Pictures of men and women giving one last FUCK YOU to their enemies and giving an end that singers will sing of from now till the end of time
You know that sort of thing

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Monsters do qualify
Could be like the Viking of Stanford bridge
Or a cyborg torn in half fighting an army of mutants with a Gatling gun for an arm

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I might have a few

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I think this qualifies?

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Oh yes

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The wolf and the fair hare?

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this is just my Fantasy folder
I might have more

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Fighting Dragons count?


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this guy looks fucked

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hope he has enough Turn Dead spells

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Don't be!
Makes me think of "Bear and the Maiden Fair" from Song of Ice and Fire

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I mean sorry as in "Not sure what you meant."

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No more fantasy last stand stuff

any other genre you want?

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Sci fi
Or better yet whatever you got
I'm really not that picky, just looking for something inspirational is all

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Shit I might as well go through each folder individually

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Hope comicbook images are ok

though Thor can easily be used as a DnD character

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though idk how you could Spin Captain America

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Paladin of Tyranny.

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Sci Fi folder

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Captain AMERICA.

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But Cap is a super cool guy though

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suicide bombers count?

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time for Space Marines!

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the Deathkorps are the embodiment of Last Stand

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whelp I think thats everything I have man I hoped you got a few worth saving

any other requests?

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Nope I'm good man
Thanks for the pics!

>> No.30561650

any stand out?

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I wonder what the jar does

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I'd imagine some pretty jarring things

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Portable Toilet
He throws it at his enemy to psyche them out

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>Made in New Zealand
as an Australian that is hilarious

>> No.30561915

As impressive as he is, make sure you take note that the rest of the party are on leg.

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>that sword
he might as well be using a Mace

>> No.30561967

Maybe he likes options
>Mmmmmeh maybe today I feel like bludgeoning the guys instead of cutting or stabbin em

>> No.30561974

But theres no sharp edge
even the sides are blunt as fuck

>> No.30561976

It looks kinda lancey though. Might be good for mounted charges

>> No.30561982

As a New Zealander, and head of the Jarate council, this is hilarious

>> No.30562008

Looks like it might be tapering off into a short blade at the end

>> No.30562022

the way fantasy art usually is i doubt it

that pic is cool though

>> No.30562053

Full body armor is super fween

>> No.30562074

keep em coming

>> No.30562081

I don't have a big folder, but I got a handful of em.

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And thats about it.

>> No.30562504

I am back I was away for a while

Cool images guy

again i am perfectly happy with dumping my own stuff if anyone wants?

>> No.30562521

>dat sword
the hell?

fucking love that artist

>> No.30562563

Sorta looks like a Khanda sword methinks.

>> No.30562577

does that even have an edge? it just looks like a Metal Rod used to bash people

>> No.30562698

I need to find an artist for my character. Kobold Bard with a halberd and a saxophone.

>> No.30562704

I dont have any kobolds sorry

any other requests?

>> No.30562806

hobo Dwarf wizard? preferably with a large pointy wizard hat and axe?

>> No.30562813


It does. It's devastating, it's primarily used as a 2-handed sword where you swing with it in wide circles.

>> No.30562854


Closest I have man sorry
anything else?

>where you swing with it in wide circles.

>> No.30562876

not really, most of my characters are ridiculous, dwarf and half orc wizards, kobold bards and halfling/gnome fighters. Wierdest one was a fat mongolian halfling who wielded a spiked chain.

>> No.30562883


Not like that, more like 8-shapes. You use the gravity and momentum to get a good swing in, while not being overly showing.

>> No.30562895

Eh sorry
I would like some pics of those they sound cool

>> No.30563025

Dumping some of my collection

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>> No.30563046

whose that by?

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>> No.30563065

Come on anon it's in the filename ...


>> No.30563078

sorry I am retarded

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>> No.30563095

I looked up the name but I cant find a Deviant art or something?

>> No.30563106


You're welcome.

>> No.30563110

I typed that exact name
fuckin google hates me

>> No.30563136

Uploading more from that artist for you, I like his style.

>> No.30563146

Lauren sounds like a girls name

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>> No.30563156

You must be right. Anyway I love her style

>> No.30563167

There are certainly worse ones out there

>> No.30563168

This art gives me an idea for a card in MTG.

>> No.30563188

Riddick card?

>> No.30563206

Maybe a sorcery saying that your creature can't be intimidated by Black creatures.

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>> No.30563274

any more knights or fighters?

>> No.30563288

There you go.

>> No.30563292

that looks funky

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>> No.30563340

are these still Lauren cause I have been saving them as such

>> No.30563351


>>30563304 This is on the photo.

Next one are from various artists. Can't remember them all though.

>> No.30563358

that picture is radical

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>> No.30563399


>> No.30563405

know who did this?

Also I am making a new folder for each guy
I am not sure if its worth it

>> No.30563423

Artist Name: Tom Edwards


>> No.30563443

thanks a lot

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Hi, /tg/
Requesting witches, especially traditional and young-looking ones. (hat, broom, cat and cauldron are welcome.)

>> No.30565502

Don't try to sneak Sir Hammerlock past us!

>> No.30565605

I am generally a player of warriors and the like. Anyone got any bitchin' wizards? Plus points if they could be taken as Red Wizards of Thay.

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>> No.30566346

Anybody got creepy, scary, or just kinda scummy looking dwarves?

Playing an all dwarf party and we're at about the jackass end of lawful neutral.

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I going to make a pretty specific request and hopefully you can fill as many of them as possible.

For rogue trader, its a SERIOUSLY mutated arch militant male.
He has the demonic (roll of 100) mutation
The mutation that makes him need to eat tons of raw meat but increase his strength immensely
And finally the mutation that makes him size hulking and more toughness and strength
Obv. Very chaos, any help?

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