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>Thinking Chaos is "bad"

It's like you don't like love and perfection, chasing your dreams and magic, finding peace with the inevitable and family and... what ever the positive aspect of Khorne is... eh Strength and Martial Prowess

You know you lose all sense of self when you die, unless you're an eldar, but fuck eldar. Why should you care if you feed the emps stupid lamp? Spend it some where worthwhile.

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>Reminder that many (though not all) of the EC are hot bimbos underneath their armor
Why can't MY planet get taken

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Sure is heresy in here.

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Cute, but what is she saying at the end?

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Thinking about getting into the minis, at least for painting for a hobby since the game and it's player base can be hell. What can be said about chaos?

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Lots of detail. Spikes. Skulls. More spikes.

Reaper has cool "evil" characters too if you want cheaper minis to paint.

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>that feel when you say weremoles take on slaanesh
God I wish he'd do more 40k stuff

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Damn, she must be hardcore to make Araghast her bitch

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Chaos may not be "bad", but it's certainly not "good". The powers of Chaos are parasites fed by our emotions. Powerful, yes, but if power is all you respect, you may as well worship the Tyranid Hive Mind.

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NO idea what that actually means though, just a meme, Jack.

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uh oh?

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>doesn't know how the Imperial calendar works
>mark of a true heretic

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But, there's n's at the beginning and the end. Odd.

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So as the acts get more and more depraved, isn't a slaanesh worshiper guaranteed to be "happy"? Worst come to worst you a) Get raped in various ways by hot daemons until your soul is torn apart (heaven for a true patron) or b) You turn to a spawn (meh)

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I love that image

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There is nothing benevolent about Chaos.

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>More spikes

Not anymore

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Chaos is good
Chaos is also bad
Most of the time the bad is dominant

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Fuck you

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Reading the previous csm codex can lead one to believe that chaos represents the freedom denied to the followers of the throne. Like they follow gods that actually reward their dedication in the pursuits they actually choose. The new codex, however makes all of the chaos followers seem lolevil, it makes me sad.

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What's going on in this thread?

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Nurgle is nice guy.

>>Chambers rstwors

Chambers worst? Captcha, no!!

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They aren't really happy cause they're constantly having to push themselves harder and harder to get any kind of stimulation or satisfaction. Not just with sex either, of course.

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Which old codex is this which gives them freedom, I'd really like to know.

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Isn't chaos one of the "big four" contenders to "win" 40k?

Chaos- We got Cadia
Nids- We got Numbers out the Wazoo
Crons- Not bothered by the first two and better tech
And there was a fourth faction but I can't think of it, Tau, Man, Eldar and orks can't be it though

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It's 014.M3 you dumb cunt.

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Shame, you beat me to it.

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Actually it'd take more than just winning Cadia, controlling Cadia and the space around it would only be a start.

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>Not just with sex either, of course.

Yes, it is worth noting that Slaanesh ISN'T just sex, as other aspects like pride, perfection and art are forgotten for it, but sex IS a very big part of it

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Is it wrong of me to describe Slaanesh as the god of Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll?

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>but sex IS a very big part of it

Not really



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>Not anymore
Yeah, which is why half the new sculpts are spiky as a motherfucker.

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Which Chaos God is the edgiest?

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Not to mention drugs, the pleasure of killing, exotic foods and fine wines, fancy silks and other nicities.

I like Tzeentch, personally - even if he's probably not ever going to win with all his plots being so disconnected.

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No, but don't forget other major factors or you'd be too shallow

Most of the gods have interesting depth, save khorne who is mono-minded and kinda boring

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Fuckin buttblasted weebs, holy shit.

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>Love/Sex ISN'T a big part of a god of pleasure hedonism, and joy

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Chaos doesn't have Cadia though, they have a portion of it, but the Imperium is still in control.
Plus the Chaos forces there are stranded having completely lost the war in space

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Khorne because you can't spin him nicely, he's also as metal as it gets

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Yeah look at all that love and sex present in Lucius' story

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I was more thinking that description would be to someone new to the setting, if anything else.

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He is kinda right though. Sure arousal and pleasure/pain are the major parts of it but a Slaanesh woshipper is like a drug addict, always seeking a new high. Sex would become boring very quickly.

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Slaanesh can be thought of as the god of sex, drugs, and rock and roll... taken to extremes.

Many's the would be cultist who's ended up as a sacrifice because he thought buggering a beggar would be enough for the dark Prince.

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>Durf it's not in THIS cannon so it must not be true
The Liber Chaotica says you're a faggot, and it could arguable be considered the highest ranking cannon

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I mean when you think about it the act of sex is much more khornite: its a primitive thing, very bestial in nature

also i can totally imagine a slanessy prince seducing a woman, taking her to the finest eatery to drink wine made from fermented brain stems, from cups made from the mouths of slaves, hen lure her into bed with the sweetest of whisper, get her naked and then...leap away and start painting a picture from pain made of cocaine

thats way more slanessy than just sex

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*highest ranking cannon for Chaos

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I never said love and sex weren't part of Slaanesh, but they are a big a part of him as anything else. Slaanesh is obsession and new experiences, again look at Lucius for example, fell to Slaanesh simply because he became obsessed with becoming the best swordsman ever.

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I have to say that I find chaos the most aesthetically pleasing army.
I just wish that they released a Chaos Renegade army

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Orks are the fourth since they also have numbers out of the wazoo and never stop coming back.

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>Caring about a 10+ year old campaign that will never be referenced ever again.

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What DOES happen to a slaanesh planet?

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orks don't have a win condition against the nids tho

really nobody does

nids win

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>what is all the IA books with the renegade gaurd list
>what is IG allied to chaos
>what are these: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Chaos/CHAOS_RENEGADES?filter_reset=1

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But they are unorganized, and only something stupid huge would bring them together

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Replace "love" with "lust" and then you have it.

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>People still thinking hedonism is just fucking around and mixing coke with your morning coffee.

It was all about restraining your envy and aiming for a simple life with an ascetic, sarcastic and without any illusions view of life. It was almost nihilism before nihilism was even a thing. The exact opposite of what people use it for nowadays.

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Read Tome of Excess and find out.

Seriously, it's pretty damn good.

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Its more along the lines of chaos seems like a much more free way to live set against the domineering imperial way of life. Then again it is a chaos codex so it is bound to be a little slanted. I also went into it without any prior knowledge to the universe so without any of that seeping in, it gave some leeway into how it could be interpreted. Oh this was the codex before the current one, 4th ed?
How would chaos not grant freedom? (aside from all the people they enslave)

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Romantic Love, being a major outlet for joy and obsession is under Slaaneshes relm.

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What happens when a planet is corrupted by Tzeentchian daemons? Does everyone just go insane, or...?

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As Slaanesh's title is the "Prince of Excess," I believe that the fundamental qualities of its worship involve, well, excess.
Eating the most amount of food, of the most expensive qualities, of the most variety
Having the greatest amount of sex, with the greatest assortment of people, enjoying the greatest amount of pleasure
Write the greatest music, with the perfect combination of notes, the perfect shifts, the perfect length, and to train such musicians to give the perfect performance.
Creating the finest piece of art with the finest tools, the finest canvas, the finest paints, and with the finest detail imaginable
To obtain and achieve such limitless excess is simply achievable given the mortal bounds of mankind, and can only be obtained by casting aside the petty rules of morality in order to obtain this goal. But, even if the material can be obtained, there is still the act of the desire, which humankind, as mortals, will never be able to perfect.
In glory to Slaanesh, his/her cultists give praise through their aspirations for perfection in their desires, to shape and get their craft to the point of perfection, no matter how impossible it may be.

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if this pic were true I'd make an EC army so fast

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I don't think shoving poisoned barbed wire throught my urethra is "love and perfection".

I'll stick to praying to the examplar of mankind, thanks

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It become that hang out at the college were all the betas hung out

>> No.30535245

see >>30535159
But replace Excess with Fate

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>I don't think shoving poisoned barbed wire throught my urethra is "love and perfection".

You just have a closed mind and no waifu

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Wait, we're not?

Our Spawn are happy, they're nothing more than tits, orifices, and tentacles that spend all their time pleasuring themselves or others!

Being a NiceDaemonette is suffering...

Now what if we COMBINED THEM ALL!!!

Indeed, too bad so few want to be the best there ever was in anything but murder, rap, or murderrape...

Khorne use to have some depth, but most of that was brushed under the rug for "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!11!!!!one2"

>a god of pleasure hedonism, and joy
So wait, joy IS Slaaneshi?

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I had to look up 'Tome of Fate' instead, but thank you very much. I honestly do like Tzeentch.

>> No.30535325

Hmm, I'm having a flip through, but not seeing anything there that's not in the most recent codex.

>> No.30535328

Fun fact: Windows Media player says I have accessed this image on January 1st, 4501.
I know when the Fall of the Eldar will happen

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So... is it wrong of me to want Chaos to have positive aspects to it?

I mean, take Nurgle for example. He's the god of disease, death, despair, and so forth, but could he not also be of love acceptance? Like a married couple, they love each other, flaws and all, could that not be an aspect of him?

Or Khrone. Yes he's fairly shallow, but could he not also embody honor? Treat all with respect, give no offense when dealing with others, and if one is given seek atonement in some manner, or something.

I guess I just want more than "they're the evilest beings in the universe." Not truly sympathetic, per say, but they could be one side of a coin so to speak.

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>> No.30535375

all in all respects, but the autists on this bored made it painfully clear that Khornes daemons have no honor, lying and cheating because "DA BLOOD THRONE", sadly shallowing out the goods few redeeming aspects

>> No.30535388

You're slipping.

>> No.30535397

Indeed, and Goddess help you if you try to be a NICE Daemonette...

>> No.30535419

Maybe it was just my unclouded perception of the universe, who knows. I just know a different tone came through when reading the new one.

>> No.30535422

This depth, would it by any chance be the legendary Khornate Honour everyone refers to?

Khorne's depth comes from his love of technology. Mixing brass and blood, steel and souls, gears and guts into one unholy whole. The Techmarines of the World Eaters were some of his greatest champions.

>> No.30535430

What? No honor, no redeeming aspects? What about Khorne's militaristic side? Bloodletters marching to war with waving banners and drums, only to break ranks when battle joins? What about their refusal to fight anything not strong enough to fight back - civilians and the like?

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ikr. fucking slut shamers.

friendly reminder from /pol/ that the moral fiber of society is steadily slipping

>> No.30535451

Personally, I just imagine Kharneth as the ultimate Tsundere...

>> No.30535454

Of course, honour has never been a major part of Khorne. And even this notes that Khornate daemons prefer to do things without deception, but will use it when they must.

>> No.30535456

Mortal interference and bloodshed is the realm of Khorne. Some may take honor, and others the berserker.
But he cannot stand the weak.

>> No.30535466

Worship Nurgle. Because misery loves company.

>> No.30535477

>What about their refusal to fight anything not strong enough to fight back - civilians and the like?
That has never existed, even in Realms of Chaos, you shit nigger.

>> No.30535498

>kharn the betrayer

somehow i get the feeling honor isn't important to Khorne. Honor would get in the way of murder. Of war. Of shedding blood, of crushing bone. Khorne out of all the chaos gods wants to see only one thing, endless and glorious war, a never ending slaughter.

>> No.30535505

And now you know why Kharneth is pissed off all the time...

>> No.30535506

He also has the second best girls

>> No.30535525

>What about their refusal to fight anything not strong enough to fight back
Again the Autistics rooted that out, sorry man. Khorne is for the spergs.

>> No.30535532

The Lexicanium says on the Khorne page, "Khorne is said to have inherited a martial nobility and honour, and considers the weak and helpless to be unworthy of his wrath."

>> No.30535558

To be completely fair, he is called that for burning his own dudes when they stopped fighting (honoring khorne), not a self imposed title.

>> No.30535560

It also says [Needs Citation].

>> No.30535567

Got an actual page source for that?

>> No.30535570

In theory (and logic) you SHOULD be right
Sadly in execution this is seldom shown. Still in head cannon I see it that way, and gw does encourage fannon

>> No.30535578

Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it does.

>> No.30535582

Dude, the 'Nids ARE the Orks win condition. An ever changing, never dwindling supply of things to fight? The only way to make them better would be if you could loot their stuff!

>> No.30535587

the advantage of nurgle girls over slaneeshi daemonettes is that when you catch something from nurgle girls it's not a problem

>> No.30535605

Except even the orks can't stop da nids

that was the whole point of Kyptmann diverting Leviathan to Octarius, to SLOW IT DOWN

>> No.30535618

Yes but Slaaneshi girls tend to look like this when in incognito

>> No.30535630

>when you catch something from nurgle girls
The only thing you would catch from Slaaneshi girls would be cocaine.

>> No.30535651

Chaos girls a shit

The best girls are the emperor's girls

Moeagare heretics.

>> No.30535671


>The best girls are the emperor's girls who get corrupted and turned into Chaos girls


>> No.30535675

...Why not have all three?

>> No.30535692

I'm sorry my busty futa daemon was too busy making an edible cocaine-injected painting for me to eat while I get a blowjob.

What can you're nuns do?

>> No.30535704

burn heretics like you

>> No.30535717


>Demonette turns into glorious emperor with gigantic pulsating oiled dick and mighty shiny pauldrons.

Why hasn't chaos done it yet ?!

>> No.30535746

That takes all the fun out of it.

>> No.30535747

They call him the Anathema. Why do you think they don't turn into him?

>> No.30535748

I like the cut of your jib.

>> No.30535757

Let's jump ahead an edition. See what the 2nd Edition Chaos Codex says.

>> No.30535759

I really hope Alpha legion is in EC

>> No.30535770

>women in service to Khorne

>skimpy whore outfits


>> No.30535775

I gotta admit, I like the girls that can rock the flak armor. Slaanesh's got nothin' on me.

>> No.30535803


Because metal album covers look like that, that's why.

>> No.30535806

So wait, it's only some of his warriors that think that "martial pride" is a thing?
Because that's interesting.

>> No.30535811 [SPOILER] 

Because even monsters want to be pretty
Look at slaanesh

>> No.30535827

Because some people don't have time to put on proper armor. There are people to kill, skulls to take, blood to be bled.

>> No.30535829

Hey, let's take a look at the third edition while we're at it. "Honour may give these men strength on the field of battle, but against Khorne it will prove their undoing."

Put simply, if you want honourable foes, go find the Necrons.

>> No.30535848

Yeah, it's actually:
The feudal lords were too busy killing themselves to stop and think what god they did the killing for.

>> No.30535857

See. I'd get it if they were Slaaneshi sisters

but they're Khornate. Don't make no sense.

>> No.30535877

Yes, exactly.

People may be honourable and serve Khorne. They may end up in his warbands for the noblest of reasons.

But Khorne himself is nothing less than the drumming heartbeat you feel when all reason is gone, when it's no longer about honour, about protecting your loved ones, or faith, reason or duty. When it all comes down to one question.

You, or him?

>> No.30535887

this guy

this guy gets it

Its why the greatest champions of Khorne just slaughter everything nearby

>> No.30535915

That is nonsensical. SoB have power armor as standard issue, and not using it after converting would be just idiotic since their battlefield effectiveness would plummet. Those "Sisters of Corruption" would change their minds pretty quickly after being on the receiving end of a bolter round. The guy who drew that picture must've been some kind of retard.

>> No.30535942

i thought we DID worship the great hive?

>> No.30535960

The blood must flow, full armor is an affront to this concept.

>> No.30535967

not really, he just pretends to be one.

>> No.30535968


Just a guy that like boobs I guess.

>> No.30535976

Well, they obviously went in for the old "unit Chaos Mutation" tables from Realm of Chaos, and ended up with having armoured skin, better than their Power Armour.

Why isn't it obvious, since the mutation would make them have brass plates grow on their skin?

They also got Illusion of Normalcy.

>> No.30535984

Really cause it doesn't really seem to be to Khornate bezerkers or bloodthirsters

>> No.30535986

>thinking Khorne girls are hot

Heres a female world eater

>> No.30535990

Genestealer cultist, please. Your meeting is down the hall. This is for Chaos worshipers. Stop bringing us all down

>> No.30536028

Khornate marines beg to differ. Can you find me even one picture of them fighting almost naked? No you can't, so you're wrong. Opinion dismissed.
Boobs are retarded to leave exposed on a battlefield. You are uneducated and slow. Opinion dismissed.
Armored skin isn't better than power armor, you are ignorant of the game mechanics. Opinion dismissed.

Is that the best you can do, /tg/, or will you concede the point to me?

>> No.30536029

wait, windows msdos kernel cannot count past 2038-2039 due to some sort of y2k related shenanigan.

>> No.30536031

hey, hey, some genestealer cults did worship chaos too

>> No.30536038

Ya, well Khorne thinks they're a bunch of pansies for it. Ask anyone.

>> No.30536050

Psst. Genestealer cults are what you get when Genestealer infiltrators turn to Chaos for power.

>> No.30536061


>> No.30536064

Really cause i'm pretty sure Angron wears armor too

>> No.30536068

Chaos is emotions. Negative emotions are a hell of a lot louder in a universe where there is only war.

>> No.30536075

Yeah, that's why Khorne's greatest champion isn't wearing part of his armor.

>> No.30536081

Actually its correct according to the old genestealer cult codex


>> No.30536099

oh wow a gauntlet.

its basically full body armor, he ever wears a helmet

>> No.30536109

>a gauntlet.
His primary arm, you mean.

>> No.30536120

According to his horus heresy model, no such thing as a primary arm

>> No.30536126

Tzeentch girls wear armor. Are you happy, anon?

>> No.30536133

Former Repenta?

>> No.30536147

>not posting superior armored Tzeentch girl

>> No.30536149

Part of his armor ≠ almost naked. Learn to read, or are you claiming that the women in >>30535748 leave only their arms uncovered? Then you're either blind and stupid, and not worth my time in either case.

>> No.30536152

One hand has a sweet-ass named chainaxe once held by a primarch, the other a nondescript plasma pistol.
One of these is the primary weapon, held in the primary arm. The other is a cigar lighter.

>> No.30536154

thats not how repentia work

>> No.30536159

Lies and slander. No doubt imperial propaganda devised by that fully armored twelve year old girl, Guilliman

>> No.30536166

Well, Astartes are all ambidextrous. but he's been using the same arm for his axe for the last ten thousand years.

>> No.30536169

look, I know you're bored so you want to RP an autistic sperglord, but seriously, stop being a fag

>> No.30536173

sex is close to blood, virgins blood when you tear through that cherry. Excessive fucking can lead to bleeding also, period blood.

All mostly related to a woman's sexuality. Also a maybe Khorne like wimmins showing using distraction as another weapon to spill blood.

The Bleeding Sisterhood, a group of Chaos corrupted Sisters of Battle who have a period on the eve and in the aftermath of their battle. During the Battle they are in PMS mode.

>> No.30536181

his HH model has it different from his 40k

we can reasonably assume he swaps hands every thousand years or so

ya know

to keep the murder fresh

>> No.30536197


I know that you can say a girl can get a dusty pussy if she never get laid but it is taking it to a totally different level there.

>> No.30536202

... wat

>> No.30536203

Yeah, you should just stop being a faggot now, thanks.

>> No.30536212


>> No.30536214

Personal insults are the lowest form of debate, since they don't help to prove your point. Don't you have anything to defend your case? Pathetic.

>> No.30536221

well played

>> No.30536230

No no, there's no debating you're an autistic faggot.

>> No.30536238

Being high can lead you down some odd paths.

At least I have a job paying me $23/hour.

>> No.30536249


>> No.30536255

I don't know about him, but I have this.

>> No.30536257

Armoured skin CAN be better than armour, depending on how much they're blessed.

Of course, this probably won't be enough for you, and I'm not sure anything would.

>> No.30536275

And you think there is a debate why exactly?

>> No.30536314

I hate to tell ya this, bud...

>> No.30536326

>can you're nuns
>you're nuns
>What can you are nuns do?

>> No.30536335


>Dat filename

So we have chaos nids now...

>> No.30536348

Yup. Chaos nids were a thing

>> No.30536364

Yes sisters, LET US ALL UNITE!!!

>> No.30536378

> not taking everything you want from Choas and then telling it to fuck off


>> No.30536382

There's nothing to debate really, but /tg/ likes being contrarian.
Heh, first he tries to insult me, then he corrects himself incorrectly. I am most bemused.

>> No.30536390

Fuck putting my penis near chaos girls. I'd prefer to hit this.

>> No.30536404


>> No.30536418

Well, more like being corrupted by it and mercy-killed by your true followers... who then built a temple out of your bones.

>> No.30536420

Did he really do that? I incubi are like, space Jainissaries.

>> No.30536427

>not going with nid girls

>> No.30536478

More like having corrupted flesh, but spirit strong enough to repel taint and then letting his followers to kill him so he can transcend limits of mortal body and become eternal.

>> No.30536482

Let me revise what I said before >>30535675
>Why not have ALL of them?!

...In fact, since I already suggested it here: >>30535284
Why don't we COMBINE THEM ALL!!!

>> No.30536490

they don't loot their stuff, they loot them!

>> No.30536496

That way lies madness

>> No.30536619



>> No.30536624

Boss, I'z...

>> No.30536680


>> No.30536719

> EC
> along with the Bloodthirster

>> No.30536731


(Fun fact - that's a Tzeentch marine. Bonus points if you can tell me what warband he's from.)

>> No.30536754


> What about their refusal to fight anything not strong enough to fight back - civilians and the like?

It matters not from where the blood is shed.

You're missing the point about Chaos. Chaos has no redeeming aspects, because it's all about primal urges, about the lack of control, of self-discipline.

The Chaos Gods represent the urges of excess, violence, spite and corruption - accordingly - and the human mind simply can't interpret it without losing themselves.

It's like the World-Eaters, who are the perfect example of Khorne's militaristic side. When they got the Butcher's Nails hammered into their skulls, discipline began to fray and FAST. They just couldn't take it any longer. Any attempt at planning, at strategy, was hamstrung by the fact that everyone would begin to suffer terrible migraines and withdrawal symptoms.

That's why their plans literally became:

> "FUCK IT, let's just KILL THEM ALL!"

...because they've lost all capacity to do anything else. The act of killing becomes everything, and you don't care who you kill. If you worship Khorne, the point will come when you'll murder your own mother just to stop the voices in your head for a *few seconds*.

They literally could not help themselves. Look at Kharn: The noblest warrior of the lot, and he became the most batshit. Hell, the whole battle on the ice planet says it all - It's cold. If you go outside, you're going to die. But if you're here, you can't kill anyone, and you need to kill something, you *have* to kill someone RIGHT NOW-

And then Kharne thinks:

> ...Fuck it. Let's torch this joint.

Just so he can get his fix of murder. That's how far the degeneration goes. It is exactly like the self-destructive spiral of an addict.

>> No.30536808


Yeah, it's like this.

Some people go: "I kill everyone I can see."

Some people go: "I only dedicate the murder of each firstborn son to Khorne, because that's the only sacrifice that's worthy of him."

Others go: "Guys. Guys, no. You have to ritually exsanginuate them. Those are the only kills that *count*."

Khorne does not care.

>> No.30536816

I love CSM armor
They can be Elephants (terminators), Vikings (normal horns), Bunnies (World Eaters), Pharaohs (1k sons) and Kaiser Wilhelm (Death Guard)

>> No.30536862


And if you are bored, you can port in some white armor ala M:tG best New Phyrexia faction.

>> No.30536874


>You're missing the point about Chaos. Chaos has no redeeming aspects

False. Read Realms of Chaos some day, its good for you.

Heroism is just as important a part of Chaos as villainy.

Just because the popular trend in novels is to focus on Chaos as the villains and rewrite the Imperium into noblebright bullshit doesn't change the focus one whit.

Not to mention citing guys who were lobotomized morons before going to Chaos is total nonsense.

>> No.30536899

>free blender at a 20 dollar value
I'm sold, where do I sign?

>> No.30536929

Someone please post that page fro Realms about Khorne for him. I lost mine somewhere.

>> No.30536932


What, you mean like all three pages above? From three different editions?

Face it: The only constant in 40K is that Chaos will *fuck up you*. They are literally so evil, the Imperium looks like shining saints compared to them.

You can't be a Chaos antihero, because turning to Chaos means you get corrupted really, really fast. Then it's a short skip to snorting human bone dust and biting the heads of children on your voyage to blotto junction.

>> No.30536961

>fuck eldar
Well yes of course! Why do you think I signed up with Slaanesh?
Now get me more olive oil! I intend to speedball pure adrenaline and tranquilizers while blasting classical music in one ear, techno rock in the other while choking myself and having an orgy on top of a recreation of many classic works of art while cooking the perfect souffle.

>> No.30536977

>what loyalist believe
Says they DON'T devour souls

How many pskyers does golden boy fry a day?

>> No.30536997


Can you believe that ANYONE doesn't devour souls? If someone tells you that, they're lying. At least the Emperor's straight-up about that.

>> No.30537014

>you will never be fuck buddies to a big EC bimbo

>> No.30537017


The Chaos Lord model behind them is also Crull from Winter Assault since you can just make out his Khornate mace (even though it's a background from Dark Crusade).

>> No.30537056

You, I like you...
Have a free pair of breast!

>> No.30537070

> souffle
It was average until that point, but damn, now you're hedonistic fuck.

>> No.30537119

>I don't think shoving poisoned barbed wire throught my urethra is "love and perfection".
Give it some time, you'll get there

"and to think, I hesitated"

>> No.30537227

Hey, hey! I can do crazy things too!

I'll mutate into a pillar of fire and alchemical concoctions that...no, wait, I'll mutate rapidly into several different shuddering writhing limbs and tentacles that...ah...I'll...I'll set in motion an over the top scheme to slowly convince a...wait...uh...I mean...

Tzeentch is nawt sexy, it seems.

>> No.30537231

Dam son, thats what I call some chaos

>> No.30537268

>Have a free pair of breasts!
Wonderful! Please use your body to shield the cooking area from the excess noise, its a delicate process. Coat yourself in the aforementioned olive oil, you are going to need it for later. Slip n' slide competition into a giant pile of cocaine after the feast.

A good slaaneshi does not half ass things my good anon

>> No.30537272

think about all those tentacles though.

>> No.30537296

The Hellraiser series is basically what happens when a handful Slaanesh daemons show up in our world

>> No.30537358

You see, this is why Tzeenchians never get anywhere, you're too busy making plans to think about where you're GOING with them...

Now me, I offered Excess-Anon a free pair of awesome tits, but that's just a lead to sell him on a tentacle vagina or two...
By the time I'm done, she'll either be a loyal Daughter of Peace or a puddle of Pleasure Flesh, and everybody wins!

>> No.30537452

>Tentacle vagina or two
Okay, but after the feast, there is a slip n' slide competition, the slip n' slide leads to a pile of cocaine saturated pillows, then after that we watch a bunch of corgis play on a trampoline because they are just so darn cute.

>> No.30537461

What are those pauldrons connected too?

>> No.30537476

Fucking gross....

>> No.30537482


>> No.30537539

Aye aye!

Indeed, tentacles are awesome.

Excellent, I'll get my dog costumes!

>> No.30537544

W-well, what do you Slaaneshis do all day besides corrupt people and just...go on about boobs!? At least we're busy with our grand plans and...yeah, they're really cool and awesome!

And you know, anyone can be a pawn of Tzeentch! Servants of the Changer of Ways could get lots of cool things! In the bedroom department as well as other departments!

...Yeah, they all jealous.

>> No.30537624 [SPOILER] 

>Dog costume
If you want to join the Corki's it won't be a costume, you will be transformed into a Corki and live out the rest of your days as such. Mind you though, no one touches the Corki's oh we could, and the fact that we could is all we need.

Slaaneshi's spend their down time perfecting a chosen art or science, to the point that many of them produce mind boggling works of art or feats of engineering that cause people to go dizzy just looking at them, or cooking something so decadent and perfect that all other foods taste bland and torturous by comparison.

>> No.30537689

This right here, think of both of the Scientists from pacific rim, The mathmatician is a Tzeench cultist, the biologist is a Slaanesh cultist, both of them have intellectual pursuits, the Slaanesh one is however the one obsessed with pushing the limits of his science where the mathmatician is constantly making predictions base on his.

Both are brilliant in their own right, but have different approaches

>> No.30537707

....I still totally made a good decision! This was not a gigantic mistake that has totally ruined my life and my chances of success! I am going to be successful in many different things and be respected by my peers!


>> No.30537713

Ok, one, boobs are awesome!

Two, orgies followed by nap cuddling!

...I meant costumes to put ON the Corgis, but I'm fine with not touching them.

>> No.30537766


>literally so evil

Chaos is neither good nor evil. Chaos primarily consists of hard-bitten desperadoes on the run from the law, and are going to... act like hard-bitten desperadoes. The Legions were genocidal brain eating, acid-spewing mutants in service to Hitler-Stalin (or rather, Yuri-Mengelle) BEFORE they spent 10,000 years stewing over their 'defeat' (hard to call it a defeat when your side is mostly alive and their side is mostly dead, but whatever).

The Imperium is the bloodiest and most cruel regime imaginable. I'm not even touching whether its possible to be nicer as a Chaotic than as the Imperium, when the Imperium's worse to humans than Dark Eldar are to each other (and as far as how they act to aliens, the jury's out on whether torture is worse than genocide).

>> No.30537872

>Costumes on the corgis
Brilliant idea!

>> No.30537879

Get ready to pay child support for your 900,000,000,000 new kids.

>> No.30537925

...Nap cuddling does sound really nice...Slaanesh and Tzeentch are kiiiiinda friends, right?

>> No.30538001


...Why wouldn't I be around to train my hordes of offspring in the ways of life?

Oh come here you big bag of dumpy dust!
You need a hug!

>> No.30538129

This is probably part of the plan...

>> No.30538156


>> No.30538219

Seriously, no one is praising Khorne in here? All we have are whimpy nerds and pansy daemonettes?

Let me tell you why Khorne is the best - he's never going to backstab you. Tzeentch will abandon you the moment you're not useful, Slaanesh will let you orgy yourself into obvivion. All Khorne wants you to do is kill shit. As long as you do that, you'll do great. The more you kill, the more pleased Khorne is with you! No bending over backwards for plans and stupid schemes and trying to get some drugs! And each kill is as good as the next one! It doesn't get dull like a Slaaneshi marine, who has to figure out how to make everything more fun each time.

>> No.30538266

I'd rather just sit on my ass and watch you guys fall apart on your own. I know it's coming, so why worry?

>> No.30538324

Can you be so sure of that?

>> No.30538387

Ooooh, I can totally make you fall apart first, rotbag! I'll show you how Khorne fights!

Fool! That is naught more than a cunning disguise to lure the foolish closer to spill MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

>> No.30538423


I see you have several fighting types in your parties...



>> No.30538627


>> No.30538879

I need some advice.
I want to run a chaos marine army, mostly Alpha Legion themed, using the Black Legion supplement. Huron Blackheart's Warlord trait lets you give d3 units "Infiltrate" which would allow me to make chosen units, at least a few of them, fairly useful. The thing is, I'm not too concerned with making a WAAC sort of list, but I'd like my army to not be entirely shit. I prefer running fluffy lists, but getting steamrolled every game would get old pretty quickly, right?

I want to run a primarily infantry-based list, using Huron as my warlord, chosen as troops, bikers, and havocs armed with special weapons.
I'd be trying to put as many bodies on the field as possible, but I'm fairly convinced that the points costs of those units would hurt my chances to do that.

My other plan would be to run a Slaaneshi army, also using the BL supplement. I love Noise Marines and the BL book has a daemon weapon that gives the user +1 Initiative, which I feel would make a slaaneshi lord useful (total of Initiative 7) with the current horde of Eldar at my shop (6 players, at current count).

So, which should I go with? Chosen swarm let by Huron, or massed Noise Marines with custom lord?

>> No.30539057

Well, fellow anons, I must go. I hope this thread survives until tomorrow...

>> No.30539141

> Cuddle.
> Lie in the spring-sun and watch the clouds.
> Have a long term stable relationship with.
> Eskimo kisses.

>> No.30539184

Close. It's 014.M3

>> No.30539253

> Genestealers.boner

Last time you saw them you guys fixed bayonets, charged a greater daemon of khorne with like 20 guys, lost 2 and killed it.
Why are you afraid of them again?

>> No.30539264

You CAN get all of that with Slaanesh
Just few people ask for it

>> No.30539467

That's because wisdom, patience, contendedness, trust and love all goes out the window for gratification and lewdness the second you go to Slaneesh.
That's kinda the whole deal with it. The four ruinous powers are the abyss that stares back at you. They're the pit at the bottom of the chasm of Nietzsche’s übermensch allegory. They are everything that you should put behind you in order to be a good human.

Fuck them and everything they stand for. (Or in slaneesh's case, lay for.)

>> No.30539596

>They are everything that you should put behind you in order to be a good human.
Yes, that's right. Be a good human, an obediant human. Die for an empire that considers you nothing but chaff.

Or... embrace your passions, and walk with Chaos. The road is wide and gentle and all find what they truly seek.

>> No.30539709

> Imperium considers you nothing but chaff
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The Imperium doesn't consider you as anything at all.
However, The Emperor protects, peace be upon him.

>> No.30539725

Nonsense! You want those? Just pinch my bottom three times!


>> No.30539826

>I'm going to move around real fast like this!

>> No.30540125

Yes, yes, the Emperor protects, a lovely, empty little platitude.

Open your eyes and realize that you do not need the protection of a rotting husk, because Chaos EMPOWERS; it turns slaves into masters, dreams into reality.

Chaos exalts humanity, The Imperium would have you bury it to serve their ends.

>> No.30540188

>because Chaos EMPOWERS; it turns slaves into masters
Chaos turns masters into slaves!

Burn heretics!!!

>> No.30540381

>Chaos exalts humanity, The Imperium would have you bury it to serve their ends.

I wonder if Chaosfags actually believe this. Imperium enslaves to ensure humanity survives. They're upfront about this. Chaos pretends to give you mastery then enslaves you.

>> No.30540420

Oracles of Change.

>> No.30540444

Don't forget the helmet topknots the Black Legion is so fond of.

Though some of the more savage loyalists actually have those. White Scars, for one.

>> No.30540638

>the jury's out on whether torture is worse than genocide
But the Imperium does both to aliens.

>> No.30540677

I'm not sure if your idea of "hot" is the same as mine.

>> No.30540699


Ask Huron Blackheart, I doubt being in constant pain is a good deal.

Speaking of Huron, why would a dude who was so pissed about Chaos forces killing his men accept a deal from the Chaos gods?

>> No.30540719

The Imperium is said to grind the hope and faith from its citizens (That's why the Zombie Plague is so dangerous).

Chaos restores hope and faith to humanity.

This makes them better by default.

>> No.30540737

>I doubt being in constant pain is a good deal.

How is this the fault of Chaos? His injuries are the cause of his pain.

>Speaking of Huron, why would a dude who was so pissed about Chaos forces killing his men accept a deal from the Chaos gods?

Revenge and to reclaim what was taken from him.

>> No.30540790


Can't the Ruinous Powers heal and mend flesh? I'm pretty sure they have that ability.

>Revenge and to reclaim what was taken from him.

Dude probably has like just a handful of dudes in his Warband. I doubt he could reclaim my grandmother's flat, let alone an entire sector. Some deal, I think death would be the preferable alternative for me.

>> No.30540814

Chaos turns slaves into slaves to another master.

>> No.30540816

>Can't the Ruinous Powers heal and mend flesh? I'm pretty sure they have that ability.

His Warpsmith doctor is working on it. There is another option but I doubt he desires it.

>Dude probably has like just a handful of dudes in his Warband.

Are you trolling?

>> No.30540823

>some drooling freak that gets off on shitty music and stabbing people repeatedly
no thanks filth

>> No.30540830

Nurgle is in no way a nice guy. He's a petty asshole who is said to be a nice guy, and stupid people fall for it.

>> No.30540872


He has less than 200 marines under his command.

>> No.30540888

More like some tens of thousands.

>> No.30540902

Have you read anything about Huron beyond the Bedab war?

Dude rules the entire Maelstrom where he forged a dark empire. His Warbrand grew extremely and now it's at Legion strength. Huron now is only second to power to Abaddon himself.

How could you not know this?

>> No.30540939


Well shit, he has a legion.

I doubt he would be happy even if he reclaimed his old worlds and got revenge.

>> No.30540963 [DELETED] 

> not choosing the most bro God

>> No.30540979


That's from the 6th Edition rulebook, right?

>> No.30540982

> not choosing the most bro God

>> No.30540998


And from his WotDM ebook

>> No.30541010

inb4 'someone' tells you Ceggers is evil for sending his servants to kill the "Last Hope".

Yes, he's in this thread.

>> No.30541078

I wasn't but thanks for bringing it up.

What does he have against Illic? What forbidden knowledge has Illic uncovered? Why do they want to usher in the Rhana Dandra by slaying the one who would delay or outright stop it? Are they jealous? Do they want their path, their hope, to be the only path the Eldar must tread to ''salvation''?

Mysteries in need of answers.

>> No.30541200

Having sex is to Slaanesh what refraining yourself to pee on the baptismal font is to Catholics.

>> No.30541228

Okay, I see Alakazam, Misamigus, Hypno, but what the fuck is that thing in the middle. Golduck?

>> No.30541308

That picture still terrifies me.

>> No.30541358 [SPOILER] 

Then you shouldn't open this.

>> No.30541391

They're great nuns, every month this shit happens though...

>> No.30541416

No one likes Illic.

>> No.30541480


Kor'sarro Khan likes Illic.

>> No.30541548

Okay, correction: no one sane or straight likes Illic.

>> No.30541916

Worshipers usually focus on only 1 thing. And it's extremely fucked up.
Like creating the greatest picture , yet the artist uses a bucket he fills with corpses of victims he killed just as they thought they would have sex with him.
Like trying to create the greatest music , while ending up melting the faces of the listeners , summing demons while you are at it and causing anyone who listens to go into an emotional frenzy and eventually killing everything around him while crying from happiness.
It's perfection this, it's excess that but it ends up fucked up no matter the original intention. That is the way of slaanesh.

>> No.30541990

or being too much of a glutton for comedy or social interaction. Always trying to make their ceiling vista just right. The bricks of a castle not being decorated enough or in an unpleasing patter of polish. Just get pretty creative. like all the forks at the dinner table are marked on the back very subtle for the perfect dinner party

tzeentch cultists tend to be focused on cleanliness and just all around learning. no matter what it is. "Damn, the sorcerer has learned another recipe" "of what?" "something called "parfait and he is cooking up a storm" *lighting*

Khorne worshipers can be politicians dedicated to creating civil unrest. Gang Bangers who enjoy stealing cars violently. Guy's who run blood sport arenas with special channels that go to altars. Hell. it doesn't have to be melee combat. It could be a sniper using hallow point rounds

>> No.30542054


Huron was a dick before Chaos, blowing up that Imperial fleet and all.

He was also an edgy cunt. I mean what kind of asshole calls himself a "tyrant". I hope his dick got incinerated by that melta blast.

>> No.30542183

Maybe he was trying to be ironic.

>> No.30542258


He could have got away with it his Ultramar style empire by not acting like a total dickhead.

What's up with that psychic familiar thing he has?

>> No.30542292


>He could have gotten away with his Ultramar style empire

>> No.30542329

>I mean what kind of asshole calls himself a "tyrant"
Peisistratos? Cypselus? Periander?

>> No.30542345

I must know where this is from and if there's more.

>> No.30542351

It's usually much more bloody and much more fucked up. I doubt Tzeench is any different.
All the examples in the previous post are from the HH books.

>> No.30542420



I heard you were talking shit about my nigga. He built a sewer, employed the poor and sent judges to the countryside to dispense justice.

>> No.30542433

And his title was "tyrant".

>> No.30542481

>Chaos doesn't have Cadia though, they have a portion of it, but the Imperium is still in control.

Chaos had most of Cadia, the Cadians had been pushed back to their final fortress.

>Plus the Chaos forces there are stranded having completely lost the war in space

They lost the space lanes, but had orbital supremacy.

>> No.30542536

Yup, that honourable old Khorne.

>> No.30542581

what about a humble murderer who prides himself on being more humble than others?

i forgot the amish word for it

>> No.30544053


Nostalgia'd hard.

>> No.30544075

And what are YOU doing about that, huh?

He sits there, a dried up corpse, burning thousands of psykers a day just to keep you safe, and you just carry on like its none of your business!

We Daughters of Peace at least are working on a plan to get the Ruler of Terra back on their feet, pic related...

>> No.30544183

Is that from something?

>> No.30545622

Actually you see this in the Iron Warriors Omnibus too! If some guy can create a giant game system to help you out that puts guys against each other and then offer some ships for free, he must have a serious crew to get that much respect.

>> No.30545683

>shell casing


>> No.30545693

They have an initial charge you aspie.

>> No.30546384

How acoustic are you?

>> No.30546763

Is it not amusing my kinsman. How you parade the brands of your masters to show that you are free.

>> No.30546835

On the subject of chaos cultists, what would the following look like...

An introverted/shy Slanneshi cultist.
A Slanneshi cultist whose Thing is scheming and trickery.

An aggressive and violent Tzeentch cultist.
A Tzeentch cultist who prefers spur-of-the-moment quick thinking to long, rigid strategems.

A Khorne follower who limits their rage and violence to arenas that don't involve physical combat.
A Khornate surgeon who causes only nonlethal bloodshed and only while operating. Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, after all.

A Nurglite cultist with germaphobic OCD.
A Nurglite cultist who's antisocial towards his god in the extreme, living with other cultists, but reject Nurgle's gifts. He'd be like the rebellious problem child in Nurgle's proverbial family.

>> No.30549006

>An aggressive and violent Tzeentch cultist.
>A Tzeentch cultist who prefers spur-of-the-moment quick thinking to long, rigid strategems.

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