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Right guys, quick question for ya'll. I"m taking part in a small local 40k tournament this weekend, and I'm trying to build my army list for IG. I have the whole list built, besides a single 65 point gap. My question is, what should I put there? I've more or less narrowed it down to either Marbo, a Officer of the Fleet and Master of Ordinance combo, or another Heavy Weapons team with an Autocannon. Anybody have any input?

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I ask about IG and post a picture of orks. Oops....

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Can also post a run down of my list if anybody wants it, though I"ll probably be flamed for it not being mechvet....

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Remind me, how much is Inquisitor w/ Servo Skulls?

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I don't play IG but Marbo is more fun. Also posting your list would help

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Looking at my codex right now, don't see anything about inquisitors. Unless you're talking allies, which then I don't own that codex.

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List isn't really anything special.

Company Command Squad, medic, plasma gun, vox, carapace armor with a chimera that's running extra armor and a HK missile.

Two Platoon command squads with a medic, plasma gun, vox, and power weapon, again with an attached chimera with extra armor and HK missile

Four infantry squads with flamers and vox.

One heavy weapons squad with an autocannon.

Three leman russes, bolters, lascannon, and HK missiles.

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Seeing your list will help to actually determine where that 65 pints will be spent the best, because you could either put in a few more Not-Hq choices like priests and such, or you could get more upgrades for your regular dudes.

Also, Mechvets are more difficult to play in the latest edition, and usually it is better to play foot guard. My opinion, anyways.

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Master of Ord/fleet is tried and true, as are autocannons. Marbo is a mixed bag but if things go as planned can easily earn his points and many more back. If your meta is full of WAAC, then the autocannon is the best choice. I can throw in the oddball auto flanking scout sentinel to ruin some vehicle or character's day as a suggestion. Think that runs 50 points. Aren't chimeras 65 points too?

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1500 point tournament by the way, sorry I didn't say so earlier. I have 1436 points as of right now.

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Chimeras are 55 points, but I don't have another chimera model at the moment, and the tourny is WYSIWYG, so we can't proxy.

I was just worried about the Ord/Fleet combo, as I'm not sure how many of their armies will be relying on reserve rolls and flanking. That ordinance barrage is always nice though.

I'm leaning the most towards the autocannons atm....

Also, I have 2000 points of tau I could draw on as allies if anybody as a interesting taugaurd list....

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1: Two teams of Ratling Snipers because laughs were had.
2: An extra platoon squad with upgrades.
3: A brand new caaaar!
4: A sentinel for sniping.

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I didn't even think about that. I could throw in a fifth infantry squad. I don't know if they'd beat out on the autocannons though.....

And what do you mean by a sniping sentinel? With the multilaser or?

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Put a lascannon on that sucker and let him hunt tanks.

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autocannon sentinel, scout rule lets it pop in on another board edge, two S7 shots ought to let you to take out someones rear or side armor

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So autocannons could definitely be a thing.
A fifth infantry squad could also work.
I like the idea of the snipey sentinel, but does my army really need more anti-armor? Shouldn't the three russes cover that?

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You'd think, but you do play guard.

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I'm not sure how I"m supposed to take that lol.

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all those sturmgewehrs.

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Example pic and story:
115 infantry, 2 Lascan Armored sentinels and a FUCKING WARHOUND TITAN vs a squad of scouts, a predator and two shield generators for two turns of shooting.
Two turns later when his air support came in, those fuck ass shields still held against 30 Str 6, 4 Str9 AP2 and 4 STR D hits.
A guard's army has as much chance as shooting someone; 50/50 regardless of gear.

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True that. I think that just swings me a bit more in the autocannon camp, seeing as my four squads will need all the support they can get.

I'm digging the star wars army by the way.

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Scout Chicken with Auto will do ya good. Best of luck to ya and as always; First Rank Second Rank!

Taking the whole thing to an Apoc game over the weekend. 450 infantry. I've brought people along SIMPLY to help me move infantry.

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Thats nuts. One day I want my guard to be that big. I'm wanting a full mech company and a full armored company eventually.

Now I'm stuck again. A scout sentinel with AC is more mobile and sneaky, but a HWS has three ACs, with less mobility. I'm not sure which one I want.....

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Search your feelings....

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I'll have to go with the HWS. My local meta seems to like lots of big things like riptides. My experience is HWS with bring it down kill them like champs. Although I will play around with the snipey sentinel, it seems like an interesting concept. I've never used sentinels but love the model, so I have a few floating around.

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