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How can I make my games more inviting to trans*, POC, and transPOC players while limiting the role of straight white men's influence and intimidation?

Pic unrelated

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I'm.....confused as to what exactly you're asking here.

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I want my games to be more friendly to disadvantaged and marginalized minority players. How do I do that?

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Okay everybody, I think this is a clear example of either bait or an SJW. Sage in the email field.

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what does "POC" mean?

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Don't play

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well invite them to your games is step one step to is i guess cowboy adventures because everything Hollywood has ever produced on the era is a lie

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I want to be amused and this "bait-thread" is potentially amusing

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People Overeating Candy

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well, start by figuring out what you are doing wrong, and then fix that.

Because, honestly, this is not a problem any of us have ever had. Maybe something is wrong with you? Have you checked your privelige lately?

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Well it's your world so you can make it play however you want. Players can be whatever, that's the magic of PnP gaming. I'd say just have the world be fairly accepting of whatever is marginalized and avoid making too big a deal out of it.

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"People of Color" I think.

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Player(s) on Cocaine

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Person Of Color. I still have no idea what a transPOC is, though; is that like a white person who wants to be black, or a latino who wants to be asian?

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hahahaha, that is amusing
I am amused
thank you

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"person of color" which is the modern way of saying colored folk. you know polite but ultimately demeaning, as it marks them as separate and therefore lesser than human .

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That seems too racist to be a SJW thing

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While I know this is bait the answer is pretty simple:

Don't do anything at all that you normally wouldn't. Treat the players with respect and make a fun game. An interesting campaign and taking an active interest in the pcs is infinitely more appealing than focusing solely on politically correct stuff, because when all said and done, players are players and are looking for something fun, regardless of sex, orientation, gender identity, race, etc etc.

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>implying this isnt bait

just be as considerate of their characters as you would be of them, and just generally bring a lot of diversity to the table in terms of race options, sex, npcs etc

also fantasy realms aren't automatically patriarchal so thats a non issue

bottom line is, just dont base your fantasy societies on our current western society

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Pan Oceanic Cetaceans.

he wants to invite more dolphins and orcas.

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>That seems too racist to be a SJW thing
Oho. If they didn't invent POC, they definitely popularized it.
It's a designation that lumps all non-white people in a single category that designates white people as special and different.

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i assume it means a transgender oriented person who is also "POC"

i guess its some sort of holy badge among SJW's? although ive heard people say in all seriousness they feel they should have been born black but they are white so maybe its that

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>gaming with dolphins and orcas

No way I'm making that mistake again.

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people of color. Another fancy way of saying "black person" or "african american" or if your 4chan "nigger."

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SJW is about exonerating the disenfranchised. The more labels you can attach to your identity that other people believe, the more exoneration you feel, and the more you can be a complete asshole to others with no consequences.

So it makes sense that people with no labels would seek to apply them anyways.

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And suddenly divers cross the ocean when I come near.

I want to be judged by the content of my character, not the color of my fin.

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no it's a thing. usually it's super-weaboos though.

Fuck knows how.

SJW culture is horribly racist at its centre though.

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By asking those people if they want to play. Never shoehorn your players into an ideology or experience, especially if you're considering making a weird world where all the troubles those people experience are gone. Most people just want to be treated as normal.

Just work with what their characters have to bring to the table.

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Isn't "people of colour" a racist term?

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Yep. Like all things from SJW, they are horribly biased at their core.

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Just play games using Furre! No one's weird when they're playing a furry.

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By acting like a decent human being.

Literally the same as you hopefully do anyway. You do not need to change your behaviour to accommodate people unless either you, or they, are asshats. Or they're disabled, I guess.

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No, but 'coloured people' is.

You figure it out.

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i have traveled to five nearby bigger cities, most minority people playing /tg/ are either Asian or Mex, so they actually get along fabulously with Greater Imperialist Scum...love those guys!

SJW usually too hipster to /tg/, unless grrl-pack is formed.

As for Afrogamer: Blacks suffer from cultural enforcement: if they are allowed to be niggaz, they go to /v/, passing /tg/. if they are allowed a more personalized chance to be individuals...they usually prefer not to be seen as POC and actually do what white guys do: they ignore their 'color' ancestry, except maybe very localized lore / any irish/german/specific euro said human might have. they play the game, and they adapt the ideals of the fantasy culture they have chosen for X game.
like anyone.

Blacks suffer, not from prejudice in gaming, but the fact that liberal media that claims to liberate them has actually shoehorned them into a --very useless-- stereotype which is paraded as 'black culture'...

SJW just need to shut up, as most SJW aren't also POC. they're part of the problem mentioned above instead. They suck at defending blacks, and should stick to anti-white-male assault, their known forte...

what 'POC' really need is a chance to not be pegged as part of a gorrila hive mind, thank you.

BKotJ says thank you.


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As a handicapped person, this made me lol much harder than it should have.

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I also find it stupid and kind of funny. Language tends to simplify phrases. And "person of colour" simplifies to "coloured". Within a decade.

The alternative is being called an acronym. And if that's not demeaning, I don't know what is.

>cision demeso
Careful, captcha. Don't fall for it.

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presumably you already know people in those groups so why not ask them directly? you're bound to get better answers than asking us

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You make it a game of "See how many apples you can stuff up my ass"

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These are also the kinds of people who will assume something done that somehow negatively affected a black person was definitely done by a white person. Case in point

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Hey /tg/:

I want to make my gaming group more comfortable with rape. How should I go about doing this?

Is fondling them under the table a good way to ease them into it?

Ideally, I'd like it to be not related to or cued off of what is happening in-game because then it would be fairly predictable. I want to instill the sense that at any moment, they can be bent over the table and raped. Hopefully this will create a lot of tension during our sessions.

What would you do?

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The best part is that these people have no idea what they're talking about at any time.
Look at Frozen. They bitched that there were no indigenous POCs in the movie. Everyone replied "yes, there were, they're Sami, indigenous Scandinavians". SJWs fire back: "Well where were they? The entire main cast is white!"
Then the Samis spoke up: "Hi, we're the Sami and we're white as paper"

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>Bait thread even /pol/ would reject.
>But quests are killing /tg/ gais.

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Are you saying that anti-racism may be code for anti-white?

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oh look it's /pol/

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I'm going to show you the validity of my argument.

And by validity, I mean rigidity.

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You're king of the jews? The Rastafarians were right!

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I'm saying that Tumblr and SJW are anti-white-cis-hetero-males.
The best thing about that? A tie between the following
>made of mostly white people
>tumblr worships shows headed by white-cis-hetero-males: Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who

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SJWs are racists.

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>Brent McQuarters
I love that surname, so much. So very very much.

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Make some good characters. Roll for ethnicity and/or gender. Re-assign a few if they don't fit certain specificities for that character's role/backstory. Doesn't work for everything, but unless it's in a specific setting or region I do it for most of my characters. Usually works out okay.

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It's like he's never heard of the game "SJW or Stormfront?".

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SJWs are arseholes. Racism is just the particular manifestation of that.

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Tumblr hates Sherlock

I just watched a panel where they brought out the director and had an open panel for questioning.

The NUMBER TWO QUESTION -- I SHIT YOU NOT -- "How do you respond to CLAIMS ON THE INTERNET that you made Irene Adler a weak character because she's just a damsel for Sherlock to save."

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5 seconds on wikipedia would have explained "people of color" to you

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>hirariousu rafta!

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>SJWs post about body acceptance and the need to love every womyn for her unique form
>Post hundreds of images like pic related

If I'm supposed to think Lena Dunham is attractive then you all better get ready to start sucking Andy Richter off two at a time.

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So isn't that... racist? In their search for social justice, they become the very things they claim to despise?

>> No.30526788

That should've been obvious from the start.

You can't stop marginalization by marginalizing. It's like stopping war by raising an army to fight.

>> No.30526810

Body acceptance isn't about wanting to fuck people you're not attracted to, it's about not treating them with disgust or derision based on their looks.

i.e., just because someone is a big fat fuck doesn't mean you can't be decent to them.

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Seriously though, what does KotJ mean? I have no clue and the internet isn't helping.

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They called World War I "The War to End All Wars"...

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The term POC was specifically chosen because unlike "non-white" it DOESN'T automatically compare them to white people.

Not that anyone in this thread actually cares about understanding what they hate.

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But their purview is always sexual.

"I should be getting more action! It's just fat-shaming culture that's preventing men/women from knowing my flabby love!"

>> No.30526864

I don't know.

But I know that if you're keeping niggers as chattel and referring to them as "niggers" it doesn't work.

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It was when I grew up and I was told why it was by a lovely Jamaican gent who ran the local cafe.

Now it's apparently flipped again.

I've got a friend who went to a University group talk set up by the resident Marxists and it's apparently about separating marginalized groups from whites to unite them or something. It's to do with the whole movement right now, the push is apparently to make White-Men the acceptable target and push for as many law changes as possible before the inevitable backlash. It's all a bit dodgy if you ask me, and I think the goal of justice has gotten a bit lost in their own hatred and bitterness. Along with pushing their economic goals.

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>1 bait thread
>75 quest threads at all hours


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At the same time it kinda fails because it still assumes "non-color" aka:white to be the default.
In my opinion in a worse way than simply saying non-white does.

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I was under the impression that everyone on Tumblr that isn't a total psychopath loved Sherlock

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Kaiju on the Jaeger

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>it DOESN'T automatically compare them to white people.

But it's so childish. It's term that's specifically designed to be exclusive but is touted as something inclusive.

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I just had an image of Militant Knight Dolphins.

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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>guys, don't objectify others, everyone is beautiful on the inside!
>post alpha male panty tsunami makers in an obvious objectification

Sure thing broski.

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Except it DOES compare them to white people. Contrasting "white people" and "people of color" is a comparison, because you're implying white people have no color. That's a comparison.
Except it's always sexual.
>So isn't that... racist? In their search for social justice, they become the very things they claim to despise?
They're not out for social justice.
If they were, they'd take a leaf out of actual activists' books.
PROTIP: MLK didn't call white people scum.
One of my favorite blogs is Nazifest. They have their own game: take a Sinfest comic about feminism (which is easy, they've been all about feminism for years now) and try to make the least amount of edits possible to turn the feminists into Nazis.
They worship the white-cis-hetero-males who lead the shows. Pardon me - what a distinction!
they continue to watch either way

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I'm confused, there are people on Tumblr who AREN'T total psychopaths?

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>mother always called black people 'coloured people'
>always thought it was stupid and nobody did this
>people calling them POC now
Do black people really care about being called black? I've done it a few times before and its never offended anyone

To be honest if someone did say they were offended about being called black I would probably tell them to grow up

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Epic bait anon, epic for the win.

>> No.30526949

>Not that anyone in this thread actually cares about understanding what they hate.
Why would i give a fuck about understanding people who hate me because of my skin colour and sex?

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Partial psychopaths and sociopaths, anon.

>> No.30526968

I always assumed it was acceptable because of the NAACP.

It seems the list of acceptable nomenclature for discussing black people gets shorter every day.

>> No.30526979

>I still have no idea what a transPOC is
Its like when youre white but you can say nigger because youre transnigger, meaning youre black on the inside.

>> No.30526984

Non-white directly implies white as the standard. POC isn't ideal but it's probably the better of the two.

In any case it's hard to say the term is racist against minorities when it was radical minorities themselves who pushed the term as a better alternative to non-white.

Second-hand anecdotes are pretty meaningless, and what your friend alleges to have heard runs contrary to everything I've heard.

>> No.30526989

Oh, so Quentin Tarantino.

>> No.30526999

Right 75 quest threads at all hours.
>Implying 90% of the shit that isn't quest threads or generals aren't just bait threads.

>> No.30527008

Starting a thread where you pretend to be a shitposting idiot isn't a joke, it's just being a shitposting idiot.

>I just dropped a turd in the punchbowl.
>You should be happy because I did it as a joke.
>It's a real turd and all, but I did it to be funny.
>Why are you mad? I'm helping you have a good time.

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There's a clear chart available

>Living black hooligan: youth
>Dead black hooligan: aspiring rap star/producer
>Black trying to better themselves: Uncle Tom
>Black wallowing in hatred: People of Color.
>99.9% of the population: Blacks.

>> No.30527037

It's a descriptive term. It's exclusive because American society is still exclusive in many ways.

>> No.30527053

>Non-white directly implies white as the standard

But that's bullshit.

If I have a box of crayons and I ask someone to find the "non-green" colors, am I secretly implying that green is the standard by which all the other colors should be measured?

No, I'm saying find the colors that aren't fucking green.

People are oversensitive about this. "Non-black" doesn't imply black is the standard. "Non-Hispanic" doesn't imply Hispanic is the standard.

>> No.30527066

Except "they" don't hate you, you've just been convinced by reactionary ideologues that they do.

>> No.30527073

okay, i'll tell you:

>Pre-Google internet awesome: circa '96-'98

--in one of the odd online games played back then, we had one of the oddest groups: a black guy who played an SS, A Jewish-player ginger Fire Mage pc, and whitey pollock who'd play a guy armored from top to bottom in black. with gold trim. race was unknown In Character.

BKotJ was several different things:
>Black Knight on the Jew (status meaning engaged fight)
>Blatant Kicking of the Jew
>Black Knight of the Jews (we were later allies of the Jewish Nazi Death Crusade Chaos Coalition) (most common application)
>Bigger Kike Offends the Jew
>Better King of the Jews (refered back to the ginger fire mage)
>Bauhaus, Knight of the Jews (variant of the alliance tag)
or the worst:
> (name), Knight of Total Jewishness

BTW: if you were on that MUDD server and you know what shit i'm talking about, TALK TO ME AARON YOU CUNT!!!! *forever LOLz*

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So the best way of helping a society be more inclusive is inventing ways of making it more exclusive?

>> No.30527137

People aren't crayons. If everyone was treated equally then POC would indeed be a pointless term. But they aren't, and so it exists.

>People are oversensitive about this.
It's funny you say this since so far most of the angry, defensive posts seem to be coming from the other side.

>> No.30527143

Very simple.

Hey I'm black! Cool play the game.

Hey I'm trans! Okay then make your character

Hey I'm a cripple! Okay then make your character

Hey I'm gay/bi/chicken/ninja! Cool make your character.

In short, who gives a damn? Don't coddle somebody as though they are some poor weak fool that needs to be protected from the world. The best way to make somebody feel invited and in place is by treating them like you would anybody else (in my opinion at least). Unless they are a jerk. If they are a jerk then boot them out. Boot all jerks out.

>> No.30527188

As of the writing of this post, there are
>18 quest threads
>20 40k threads
>11 MTG threads
>112 other threads
The reason people think theres more quest threads than anything else is the same reason suptg is now mostly quests: quest threads tend to be constantly active, with new material made each thread. Generals and threads about the same questions don't need to be archived unless they've got something new to so (which they usually don't).
That's why there's all those blogs about white and male privilege, right?
That's why the following are typically captioned on gifs of people laughing
>white tears
>male tears
>cis tears

>> No.30527192

Welcome to SJW. The only way to fight racism and cultural superiority is to have stricter notions of racism and cultural superiority than your opposition.

My favorite game to play on tumblr is to play SJW or Stormfront.

Sometimes its hard to tell the difference, when both sides are arguing for white people to stop experiencing or living black culture.

>> No.30527198

No, because the point of the word isn't to make society more inclusive, it's a descriptor.

To make society more inclusive requires changes in actions and attitudes.

>> No.30527215

We like black. Black is bretty gud.
Wish we could still call ourselves Negros unironically, though. Negro is a top-tier word.

>> No.30527217

>People aren't crayons.

You're ignoring the point, friend. Black people aren't "people of color" either; it's a name invented to build exclusivity and, thereby, identity.

I'm curious; since there's an apparent requirement structure for POC, at what point does its usage become redundant or useless in describing someone?

>> No.30527221


>black people don't get to make characters

I think this is the kinda thing OP and most people want to avoid.

>> No.30527233

>That's why there's all those blogs about white and male privilege, right?
White and male privilege isn't about hating white males.

>> No.30527240

Pronounced with one g or two?
And it's not as good as swarthy

>> No.30527251

That's what it turns into. Tumblr is full of hatred.

>> No.30527257

A marked change in actions and attitudes would be helped immensely by the exclusion of words like "white" or "people of color".

I prefer the Roman system: citizen or non-citizen.

>> No.30527268

*face palm* I was thinking of doing something different for every group I listed. Instead I got lazy on the second attempt and just stuck with it. Also, it is important to point out I promptly followed it up by saying the answer is to just treat them like a human being. No better than anybody else, no worse.

>> No.30527271

>That helicopter shooting one missile.
"I'm helping!"

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File: 766 KB, 600x2644, 1377093511121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like this.

>> No.30527310

Well, I was one word off.

>> No.30527311

>falling for this bait in a bait thread.

>> No.30527314

Actually, they just hate moffat.

I too hate moffat, because of all his pretentious convoluted dr who stuff though.

I also didn't really see adler as weak, just not as much of a sociopath as sherlock.

Though i may have been distracted by the dominatrix thing.

>> No.30527323

In policy? It isn't.
In practice? It is.
Pronounced knee-grow, the way MLK and his contemporaries would have said. Nowadays, the only time I hear is whenever the book of Daniel comes up in black Baptist churches, which is not often
>Now it wasn't just Daniel, it was Daniel and his three friends
>Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah
>but King Nebudchadnezzar gave them new names, Chaldean names
>and ABadNegro
And swarthy's for brown people. Arabs, Persians, Egyptians, Indians.
Then you'd get
>but muh illegals
>why you gotta discriminate against non-citizens

>> No.30527340

Well POC definitely assumes white is the standard.

>> No.30527344

The fun thing about the internet is it allows individuals as much exposure as entire groups. And it's generally the most extreme, fringe elements that get the most exposure.

No it wouldn't. Do you really think the only reason racism still exists is because of uppity SJWs?

>> No.30527346

Considering that happens already, and it's way easier to become a citizen than it is to stop being white or black, I'd call it an improvement.

>> No.30527354


>> No.30527359

When I was like 10, I had a little group of friends in my block. One of them was black. Since he was the only black guy, we called him (my language's equivalent of) nigger. He started it, and I think we were young enough to not even have conceptualized racism correctly.

Isn't that pretty much how it should be? Nobody gave half a fuck that he was black, it was just a joke thing, like how we joked one of the guys had hamster teeth or the other was tall and lanky. Kid stuff.

Didn't go so well once when I was like 14, and tried to call him down from his apartment by yelling HEY NIGGER GET THE FUCK DOWN HERE and someone called the cops. I'd entirely forgotten the word was supposed to be offensive.

>> No.30527406

Yeah, but that's because they're offended that the shows they are obsessed about won't drop everything and cater solely to them. They'll get like that about Frozen in not very long.

>> No.30527411

I've heard swarthy used for every skin colour darker than, say, southern france. From Italians to Ethiopians and everybody in between.

>> No.30527436

But that's abedNEGO, not negro.

>> No.30527506

>Didn't go so well once when I was like 14, and tried to call him down from his apartment by yelling HEY NIGGER GET THE FUCK DOWN HERE and someone called the cops. I'd entirely forgotten the word was supposed to be offensive.


I remembered recently that around the same time for myself we used to sing a song called 'chinky chinky chinaman'

>> No.30527513

Swarthy is relative. It's sort of like how if you have two shades of gray, then introduce a third, much darker shade of gray, one of the shades will seem white to you, and the darkest shade will seem black.

>> No.30527536

What I mean to say is that the preachers would turn Abednego into A Bad Negro as an easy joke.

>> No.30527563

Make everybody triple- or quadruple genderbended, trans and identifying. You'll never know how to address people and will constantly trigger them; guaranteed conflict and drama. Good roleplaying ensured.
Naturally, the BBEG is a straight WASP business-owning family man.

>> No.30527595
File: 895 KB, 2883x3676, Louis_Armstrong_NYWTS_3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But they're not even pronounced similar.
Assuming Louie didn't fuck it up in his song.

>> No.30527648

>it's a name invented to build exclusivity

If your going to hermeneutics all over our faces, you might as well check your claims of intents and your anthropomorphism while your at it.

>> No.30527655

It's not a pronunciation joke, it's a spelling joke. Abednego looks like Abadnegro.

Besides, it's a black preacher talking to a congregation of black churchgoers. They get the joke.

>> No.30527659


I'm Irish and my best friend is Japanese; we got some looks the day we went around calling each other "Nip" and "Mick".

Though sadly as a child I legitimately absorbed enough racism that I distrust blacks. I consciously know that it's bullshit, but it's lile a reflex. Feels bad man.

>> No.30527689

>Though sadly as a child I legitimately absorbed enough racism that I distrust blacks. I consciously know that it's bullshit, but it's lile a reflex. Feels bad man.
You can change if you want to, you know.

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>comm law
>talking about how a law must be able to be understood by the average person
>prof asks how many people know what "hermeneutics" is
>their faces when Im the only one

>> No.30527752

I don't know what any of those words mean.

>> No.30527762


God-tier anon detected.

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