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>I was able to pick up the upcoming White Dwarf Weekly no. 5, and thought you'd like to hear some of this in advance.

>The Freeblades mentioned as mercenaries do not appear to be something that anyone can ally with. According to WD, the Freeblades have cast aside their houses and heraldry, but continue their loyalty to the Imperium of Man, "even until death."

>This last bit was in a section explaining the 'Marks of Fealty." These are the badges you can see above the knight's head. So far, I've noted three; an Aquila, he AdMech icon, and this last, the Laurels Fidelis. This last one is a skull enwreathed with a laurel.

>As these are the three armies that have been purported to make up the Imperial Knight codex, I'm not really seeing anything, fluffwise, that lets Chaos or any Xenos armies take these as allies. Well, I suppose if they can be allied to Guard who then are used as Renegade Guard... I don't know.

>There's a bunch of really neat articles in this issue. The Companion book appears to be just that, a companion for the Knight Codex. The article states that it contains heraldry and history, expanded fluff, for the IK release. Kind of a bummer, really. It lists the 7 major Houses of the Knight Worlds, and 7 famous Freeblades are described.

>The Codex is mentioned also. Of note are "knightly ranks" in a primary detachment. My assumption would be these ranks are for the various Knight Barons, Knight Seneschals, Knight Wardens, etc...

>This assumption is backed up by the battle described between two of the WD staff, Chaos and DA with IK allies. There were 5 knights with different "ranks" with the DA force. Interestingly, but maybe not an indicator, there were no knights on Chaos' side...just two Lords of Skulls.



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The tears of chaos are delicious, very very delicious.

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Honestly CSM should get one as they have DarkMech and Chaos titans anyway.

The Tyranid one you could see coming a mile away. Only a retard would think it would even be possible, and even if it were, it'd be a rules mistake quickly FAQ'd.

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Let the tears of the filthy xenos flow

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>>The Freeblades mentioned as mercenaries do not appear to be something that anyone can ally with. According to WD, the Freeblades have cast aside their houses and heraldry, but continue their loyalty to the Imperium of Man, "even until death."

Here's the relevant text, for all you TL;DR xenos

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Now hold on, are the xenos even capable of tear production?

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I have had a chance to skim through my advanced copy of Codex: Imperial Knight. Here are the highlights:
1) For non-Imperial Knight armies...you can get up to 3 as a separate detachment. This is a separate detachment from allies and lord of war...which is the new template I am guessing we will see in future codexes...sorry everyone Escalation is standard. Unless of course I looked at that box wrong...

2) Datasheets. There is a section in the codex, after organization chart, that covers Datasheets. None are mentioned but looks like these will be popping up in books...sorry everyone that don't consider them official, etc...

3) Ally Matrix:
Battle Brothers: Everyone Else
Allies of Convenience: Eldar,Grey Knights
Desperate Allies: Tau, Dark Eldar
Apocalypse: Orks, Necrons, Chaos Demons, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids

4) Primary Detachment: 3 - 6 Imperial Knights. 1 is the designated Warlord (roll on Imperial Knight Warlord Trait table...yep Warlord Traits).
Additionally: Your remaining Imperial Knights in the Primary formation can roll on the Knight Apparent/Knight Seneschal chart. 1 - Knight is -1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 5+ now. 2-5 Your an Imperial Knight. 6 - Knight is +1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 3+ now.

5) Concerning Warlord Traits: They range up and down from being useful to 'meh'. Examples: +1" to Run/Charge range. +1 to Building Damage Chart. My favorite: Warlord gains It Will Not Die!

6) Let me stop all the questions now ladies and gentleman. Cannot show pictures. There are no other unit entries for Adeptus Mechanicum or Freeblades. They are not even listed on the ally chart.

7) The Companion Guide is amazingly beautiful for coffee table style books. Its a big book, lots of pretty pictures, etc. It does not contain rules but for collectors its a nice buy. Average guy might not buy it but dedicated collectors will want to order it. I recommend ordering it in a Games Workshop, ship to the store for safety and protection of the book.

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We'll find out after they read this

Anyway I've got an idea to make a Freeblade to work with my Rogue Trader (if rules wont allow I'll just say in fluff he's a Freeblade)

Thinking of names, so far I've only thought of ripping off GoT and calling it the Titan's Bastard

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Any reasoning behind GK being AoC?

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- Orks
- Necrons
- Chaos Daemons
- Chaos Space Marines
- Tyranids


- Tau
- Dark Eldar


- Eldar
- Grey Knights

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CSM should get nothing. Nothing at all. Their choice to play spikey marines, they shouldn't complain if the non-pointy stuff is going to people who actually play interesting armies.

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GK don't play well with Imperial armies, just look at their normal ally matrix. Same reason protagonists who are soldiers in movies never like FBI agents and other suits and spooks types.

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Spiky titans are a thing bro.

Guess spiky titans work but knight titans are too independent and chivalrous to be spiky, or last long in the Warp.

>tfw all chaos knights eventually succumb to their battle lust and become the Khorne superheavy

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My Iron Warriors weep softly.

Time to go 30k!

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>Apocalypse: Orks, Necrons, Chaos Demons, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids
I bet you the price on one that the Ork players are alrady going "looting it anyway!"

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Then it'd just be a tiny stompa, wouldn't it?

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I'll be making a Slaaneshi one anyways. I can't really see fielding one anywhere but Apocalypse in general, and even if not I can probably convince my local playgroup to edit the allies table for them.

This all assumes that there won't be a Chaos Knight codex coming in a few months afterwarsds

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Mega dread

>> No.30518362


>Mega-Dread armament is Ripper Claw and Killlannon. They are AV13 walkers with a 5++ save.

Wow, that actually works perfectly. Can't wait to see some conversions.

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Don't cry, heretic, you can always get one and use Lord of Shits rules for it.

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"look asshole, someone needs to buy this damn lord of skulls we made"

-GW design team, when asked why anyone would bother with the piece of shit lord of skulls model when they could just run chaos knights.

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Why there's all of this hate for the Lord of Skulls.
I know it is retarded, but it is retarded in the funny way.

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>winged reaver
oh fuck

>> No.30521648

>slap chainsaw and cannon on more robotic arms
>give it reasonable ways to feed its weapons
>use the covered face

done, fixed

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That's fine- I need giant robots to fight my giant robots. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Seems the first wave of IK have sold out. The website is showing dispatch to be one to two weeks.
So unless you're pre-ordered one, you have to go to a GW store or wait.

Either way you're going to have a bad time.

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It probably had something to do with the fact that Daemon Knights look way different.

Daemon Knights will be released soon.

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>tyranid knights released never

>> No.30521804

>- Eldar

Am I the only one here who is fucking sick of Eldar getting all of the cool shit? They won the 6th edition codex lottery, have amazing alliance options, can take Inquisitors and now they can get Knights.

They've been nothing but an overpowered, cancerous tumor on 40k since 2nd edition.

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Cruddace is going to write their 7th edition codex

>> No.30521933

he'll buff them even more just to spite the nids

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>Can ally with taudar
>Yet not chaos
Seriously, GW, fuck you.

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This is one of the reasons the allies chart is bullshit. Chaos have a flimsy excuse to use them, but its still a greater excuse than Tau/DE/Eldar can make.

Either make it available to every army and let fluff players deal with their own fluff, or else get rid of the fucking thing

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OP's picture, are those "full sized" miniatures (yes) or epic sized?

>> No.30522403

>implying we actually want the crude, clunking great heaps of metal the monkeigh call 'knights'


Also the ally rules are based on long-established fluff, and the geedubya writers care about that far more than balance .

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Look full-sized to me. The Epic Warhounds and Reavers look cooler, IMO. Leaner and meaner.

>> No.30522456

They are 40k scale models from Forgeworld.
They don't make epic shit any more, which is a shame, because I could have really used the Hydra Batteries for details on my flyers' bases.

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>caring about fluff

>> No.30522487

>Detachment not allies
I'm just waiting for the Imp Knight, Wraithknight and Riptide combos

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Well, 'far more than balance' is true. It doesn't have to be a lot.

>> No.30522497

Never saw titans on bases before, but yeah, epic titans looks nice too! And are like somewhat affordable

>> No.30522525

So, is there going to be a massive shitstorm over the ally rules? The GW facebook page said anyone can take Knights- although I can't see the post now, which seems... suspicious. I can imagine at least some Chaos players excitedly buying Knights...

>> No.30522565

Fuck you.

Nobody loves you. You will never have anything in your life that will give you meaning. You will die fat an alone, with nothing to console you but your neckbeard.

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Beetleback Warlords R best. Although this was clearly before drilling gun barrels had been invented.

>> No.30522580

Yes, anyone can take knights. In Apocalypse.
That being said, the ally chart has always been retarded, and sure won't stop me from converting a a Chaos or Ork looted knight anyways.

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Word is FW will be making a Chaos kit (along with some other weapons), so there's that. No idea when we'll see it though.

>> No.30522719

Don't worry. They'll probably come out with Slaanesh daemon knights soon enough.

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>Apocalypse: Orks, Necrons, Chaos Demons, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids


>> No.30522802

The cheese will be absolutely devastating, I can tell. So, where would that combination rank up compared to cheese lists of the past, like Fish of Fury?

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>me gob when Oi' loot it fer a Stompa
Yer move 'umie.

>> No.30522936

It is?

>> No.30522965

Oh yea, whenever they get to the Mechanicum civil war I bet we'll get lots of goodies.

I've been disappointed by the recent mechanicum units though. The techthralls are way too expensive for only 5, and the myrmidons only have one of each weapon, so have dun buying three sets to field even one unit.

>> No.30523019

Mechanicum is a niche faction, the dosh is in space marines and space marine accessories. Can't waste time on sculpts only a few people will buy.

>> No.30523020

Model looks nice nontheless

>> No.30523175

>>Being this dense

>> No.30523205

Do Xenos really give a shit? For WAAC shit I'm thinking Eldar / Tau would pass anyway

>> No.30523236

I mean, as someone that gets eldar shit, I'd like to see Eldar knights down the line, I like to see the spectrum of 40k factions get model releases (non-human fortifications would be cool, for example). As for fielding this stuff though, I don't really care.

>> No.30523244

Well, they are better than stompas.

But that's not saying much.

>> No.30523294

Do Stompa's get any D weapons in Escalation? I know the Kustom ones had a billion options from Forgeworld but I doubt many made the cut

also fuck Capcha today, so many numbers

>> No.30523579

Their CCW is D.

>> No.30523688

I just wish the myrmidons at least came with 3 of each weapons.
But I guess this is what Zanchui is for.
Didn't FW release a list of their stuff that counts as Lords of War though? I would have assumed the kustoms were a part of that.

>> No.30523762


It's obvious the chaos robits will be released later.

>> No.30523782

Yep, just checked it, the kustom stompa is a lord of war.

Oi wots dis, a Knight? You wanna 'ave some fisticuffs m8? Let's see if you can tank 14 D close combat attacks on the charge from a 400 points stompa. And of course, I'll be having 9 mekboys in it so good luck whittling off those hull points.

>> No.30523858

Oh yeah, seems 90% of the 40k superheavies made the cut in the PDF

Custom Stompa can have a truly stupid amount of dakka with 18 *D6 S6 shots, two S10 7' blasts , 3 D6 S9 shots and a S7 36 diameter blast ..

With 4 hullpoints. Fug.

>> No.30523895

Fuck, probably should multiply structure points by 3 so 12 Hull Points, correct?

>> No.30523974

Oh man, what a great idea! Like they are little flak emplacements on the ground far below, right? brb taking apart the six Epic Hydras I have in storage.

>> No.30523993

Vanilla Stompa has 12 in escalation so yea. And really, if you make a klawstompa as suggested in >>30523782 you would have lots of chances to recover any lost hull points anyways. Only problem of course, is in order to get 9 mekboys you'd need to stick three units of burnas/lootas in it, so there goes your special slots. Join a big mek to one of them and that's 10 potential hull points recovered though.

>> No.30524016

Man, I love that idea. I saw a diorama or something once with a stormboy and jetpack marine fighting above a epic rhino, was really cool.

>> No.30524046

Since when are stompas 400pts? I swear they were around 600 minimum

>> No.30524067

>anyone can take knights. In Apocalypse
They didn't say Apocalypse, though. I'm predicting some raaaaaaaaage.

>> No.30524119

Imperial Armour Volume 8
Lets you build a Kustom Stomper with a bare min cost of 400

Actually yeah the Klawstomper is pretty awesome, and assaults 12' for only 25 points more. Throwing destroyed vehicles aside? Now that's kinda cinematic

>> No.30524243

if you want a nigh unkillable stompa, get the special character one. Buzzgob's kustom stompa. Number 1 it's 400 points for a big mek's stompa, so it comes with d6 powerfields. Number 2 it comes equipped with Buzzgob, who has to stay inside it at all times, but that's fine cause he's a big mek with 2 grot oilers. Number 3 it's your warlord and your lord of war, his warlord trait is he makes all deff dreads and mega-dreads within 6" scoring and denial. Number 4 if you take it with the dread mob army, the dread mob makes burnas elites and lootas heavy slot, so you can fit 3 burna squads in there for 9 repairs, plus buzzgob, plus another big mek with a KFF, and still have room for all the lootas you need. AND with him costing 440 points less than a normal big mek's stompa, he's gonna have enough backup to really shine.

>> No.30524272

Yea, Orks can take lots of nice guns on much cheaper platforms than a Stompa, and with their movement and access to super cheap D CCWs, I'd much rather field them as that.
And in the worst case scenario, they're a great distraction and damage soak. And definitely more bang 4 buck than a knight.

>> No.30524304

Wow, how did I even miss that. Guess I better get to building my stompa soon. And get lots of magnets.

>> No.30524368

Because they're a 'secret' organization no one knows exists? And so, only show up most of the time to ally with people, instead of all the time?

>> No.30524398

the only problem with that stompa is it's load out. They nerfed the lifta-droppa to hell (it only works on vehicles with 4 hp or less, and you need to roll to hit, but if it does hit that vehicle is automatically exploded), and the gaze of mork is more of an "I hope this works" sort of weapon. Besides that it still has a str D CCW, or you can switch that out for a deff-kannon for 50 pts and put a deff-kannon in the belly for another 100, if you want some good dakka. It also has 3 big shootas, which are pretty much the same as the heavy stubbers, and it can get 3 supa-rokkits at 20 pts a pop, they aren't barrage, but they are unlimited range str 8 AP 3 large blasts, so they can take out most things like dev squads or pathfinders/suits that are hiding out to come at your stompa.

>> No.30524526

Now, if only you could take it as a HQ and keep the LoW slot open for a klawstompa, that would be ace.

>> No.30524593

it's your Warlord of war, which means it gives up 7 Victory points when destroyed. But good luck, if you build it right it has 11 repair rolls with 2 minimum rerolls, D6 powerfields, and a 5+ cover save on it all.

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>> No.30527791


Detachments still observe ally matrix

>> No.30527846

>hank hill

>> No.30527872


Eldar knights are wraithknights idiot

>> No.30527982

Wraithknights are a pretty big adaptation from the original idea of Eldar Knights (specifically in the wraith aspect). It's not crazy to think that the original ones could make a comeback at some point.

>> No.30528050

It.. Its ok Dunbine.. I'll find a use for you someday

>> No.30528146

Well, it's a good thing I didn't invest in one of these then, because I thought it could look nice alongside my small chaos warband. Of course, I probably wouldn't buy it from GW anyway, I'd wait a few months for it to show up on eBay or buy it from chinaman/zhanchui if need be.

>> No.30529902

Old eldar knight:
>wraithbone construct
>another eldar's soul put into the body of the knight

New eldar knight:
>wraithbone construct
>another eldar's soul put into the body of the knight

Couldn't be further apart.

>> No.30530125


You can loot it all you want but you know deep down that it will never be a true Knight

>> No.30530204

>all this loyalist scum wankery
Who gives a shit about your shitty walkers, we have daemons.

>> No.30530253

Goodwin said WKs are already direct reference to exodite knights though.

>> No.30530264



Call me when you get something impressive

>> No.30530295

Chivalry, man.
Without chivalry knights are nothing.

>> No.30530474


How about Chaos Space Marines that ACTUALLY FUCKING HAVE THEM!?!?!?

>> No.30530524

>another eldar's soul put into the body of the knight
>Old eldar knight
Source? I remember them just being mechs.

>> No.30530662


Just because you can ally Imperial Guard because GW knows it doesn't really pay to make separate Traitor Guard, doesn't mean you get everything Imperial.

CSM has a new aesthetic and any Knight they get is going to be as different from the Imperial version as the Helbrute is from the Dreadnought

>> No.30530797

Eh, As a chaos player I'm totally cool with this. I'm just waiting for that new fucking Marine/Chosen kit that I had given up on until I saw the goddamn helbrute leaks.

soo, Ima take a wild leap here and say that the new issue says nothing about that?

>> No.30530930


His point was that they were plenty heretical in 30K, so it's a bit silly that they've managed to completely disappear in the 41st millennium.

I don't get why GW doesn't give them to Chaos. That's a big chunk of sales right there, Chaos loves its giant deathbots and they'd fit right in.

Not that I won't play one with my chaos, mind you. Just shame the local awkward neckbeards into 'being cool' about it. Spergs in a barrel.

>> No.30531091


Looked up the new hellbrute. Looks very nice.

What I'd love is if they'd put out rules for the Lord of Skulls that were balanced for escalation, not apocalypse. I don't have room for an 888 point rock, but if they had ~400 point rules for the motherfucker I'd consider it.

Looks like my bipedal defiler is just a bipedal defiler after all.

Although, if I played an imperial guard army with the bare minimum army and then took my Chaos as allies, I could maybe get the Knight in that way.

>> No.30533421


They'll probably be out the last two weeks of March or so, already seen Helbrutes and possibly Plague Zombies.


If they are from the Horus Heresy they should be warped to fuck and back, possibly with more antiquated weaponry. This is the new CSM aesthetic, notice the fusion of flesh and machine.

>> No.30533462

haha the top claw on the wing on the right is broken. I laught at your imperfect model.

>> No.30538815

>Everything is busted and rusty
This is a problem now?

>> No.30539648

>Chaos anything

It's already imperfect from the get go since you didn't buy superior loyalist version.

Best Chaos is un-Chaosified Loyalist-look alike renegades.

>> No.30542689

I truly pity you, anon. It must be awful to be this bad at trolling, yet incapable of simply NOT posting.

I like the *idea* of 40k knights, but like the idea it's OUR game - not GW's - even better. Anyone who pays the outrageous fortune GW asks is welcome to use these things in my games, no matter what faction they play. Better thee than me, though.

>> No.30543458

I've always wondered, how would a Reaver titan look if the head was on top and the carapace weapons was mounted to the chest Striker Eureka style.

>> No.30543481

how have no pictures of this leaked? We had knight scans like....3 days before the video.

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