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>1) For non-Imperial Knight armies...you can get up to 3 as a separate detachment. This is a separate detachment from allies and lord of war...which is the new template I am guessing we will see in future codexes...sorry everyone Escalation is standard. Unless of course I looked at that box wrong...

>2) Datasheets. There is a section in the codex, after organization chart, that covers Datasheets. None are mentioned but looks like these will be popping up in books...sorry everyone that don't consider them official, etc...

>3) Ally Matrix:
Battle Brothers: Everyone Else
Allies of Convenience: Eldar,Grey Knights
Desperate Allies: Tau, Dark Eldar
Apocalypse: Orks, Necrons, Chaos Demons, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids

>4) Primary Detachment: 3 - 6 Imperial Knights. 1 is the designated Warlord (roll on Imperial Knight Warlord Trait table...yep Warlord Traits).
>Additionally: Your remaining Imperial Knights in the Primary formation can roll on the Knight Apparent/Knight Seneschal chart. 1 - Knight is -1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 5+ now. 2-5 Your an Imperial Knight. 6 - Knight is +1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 3+ now.

>5) Concerning Warlord Traits: They range up and down from being useful to 'meh'. Examples: +1" to Run/Charge range. +1 to Building Damage Chart. My favorite: Warlord gains It Will Not Die!

>6) Let me stop all the questions now ladies and gentleman. Cannot show pictures. There are no other unit entries for Adeptus Mechanicum or Freeblades. They are not even listed on the ally chart.

B-but m-muh genestealers...

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The only true problem is the range D weapons

and maybe things like the uber C'tan

The Knights aren't broken compare to Titans

So any other Knights other than the two?

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Just the Paladin and Errant, if you're only interested in rules, buy the likely digital version.

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>Apocalypse: Chaos Demons, Chaos Space Marines
So there aren't Chaos renegade Knights, then?

>> No.30509439

If there are - and I believe there will be - it will be a separate kit with their own separate rules.

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That would have convinced me to get back into this damn game. Too bad. My wallet lives to fight another day.

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I bet GW just want Chaos players to buy the Lord of Skulls and not knights.

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I have the WD and Escalation rules so I'm pretty sure I'm good

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Afraik Knights are a specific thing, Chaos have Knight sized robots but they're obviously not feudal dudes.

Knights ain't from HH era really.

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You'd think Knights would be just as susceptible to being corrupted by Chaos in more recent times as anyone else, though. And once they're corrupted it seems reasonable that they might willingly ally with other Chaos-aligned factions.

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>Lore clearly states they predate the HH crusade.
>Not HH era.

I have some bad news, anon

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Not to mention the HH novel 'Mechanicum' opens with a Knight pilot meeting the emperor and having his robo-arthritis cured.

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Knights were in Mechanicum were they not? And though I didn't read it, wasn't Mechanicum a HH-era book?

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>Separate detachment not an ally
>Knights, Wraithknights and Riptides all in the same force

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Paper templates when

These are gonna make a nice addition to my Legio Parchmentum. One warhound and 3-4 knights at 2k.

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Back when they were all epic scale, there were specifically Slaanesh Knights. No idea if they want to bring these back separately or what.

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I'd love to see Slaaneshi Subjugators or something in in same vein but seeing as they've already done the Lord of Skulls I get the feeling they'll stick to Khorne

>> No.30509866

It would be a real shame. Updates on those designs would be pretty glorious. I don't even play 40k at this point, but I've loved seeing them bring back one of my favorite parts of the fluff.

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Play against nidzilla, re-enact Pacific Rim.

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no, in pacific rim at least the kaiju held their own

eldar player btw

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>Tau, Dark Eldar, Knights

All the best factions are Desperate Allies with each other...

>> No.30509960

I guess worst comes to worst you can make a counts as out of several dildos stuck together to get that Slaanesh vibe

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The fuck is that chart.

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Which one

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Am I the only one who feels a little sorry for the impotent little heavy stubber the knights all have?

>> No.30510591

It has a very important job to do. Don't think of it as a gun think of it as ablative armor for the real gun.

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>Mech-size pile bunkers will never get the love they deserve.


>> No.30510889


Think of it as an open slot for Forge World to stick something good there.

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Ah, good point. Its more the image of the knight striding though the enemy tearing shit up with its CC weapon and melting down tanks while the little stubber flails around

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>getting any love

This. Enjoy your 888pts. "not-Knight".

>Knights ain't from HH era really.

Neither is the Admech and half of them defected with Chaos. Not to forget all the other forces since HH that have skipped and joined the dark side.

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The reason why Chaos didn't get these is because they are giving it a new aesthetic. Imperial stuff but with spikes and crayon scribbles is all right for Traitor Guard, not so much for anything else.

Seriously, if they make Chaos Knights they're going to in all likelihood follow the pattern of the Heldrake and Helbrute and have the pilot fused into the Knight.

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>implying FW won't make Chaos Knight conversion kits

>> No.30511781

>Desperate Allies: Tau, Dark Eldar
>Dark Eldar


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I thought we could make an army imperial knights or freeblades or that other type. Waiting for more solid rumours

>> No.30511812

What are infantry from Knight Worlds like? Are they suitably knightly too?

>> No.30511837


Freeblades are just a fluff thing, there are no special rules for them or anything.

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Well there goes my PMC army lead by my Dark eldar Archon called Monsoon

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Dark Eldar can be very mercenary at times - some Kabals will quite happily loan their forces out to anyone who's willing to pay them. Of course, Dark Eldar being who they are, they're likely to turn on their employer if they sense weakness or outright abandon the fight if they think it's going badly, so they're even less trusted than other aliens.

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>> No.30512021

if they ever make a knight lancer, that's what they'll be armed with

also going by epic all Knights should have a visor mounted shock lance (basically a pile bunker), but GW omitted them for the stubbers, probably to give them some versatility since they already have the D+stomp

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That's true. There was a story about exactly that happening in an old 3rd ed WD.

Still, a DE/Knight army reeks of snowflake.

>> No.30512070

It depends on the details really

>> No.30512124

The stubbers are to let the knight declare a charge against something other than what they fire the main gun at. If it takes two battlecanon shots and still merits melee, a knight is not the right man for the job.

>> No.30512147

>not knowing of the tau unlikely ally incident


>> No.30512162

Your memes end here.jpg

>> No.30512486

Muh robots

>> No.30512615

>everyone is excited over these new knights
>i'm just disinterested

idk why, but i'm not digging these giant robots. then again i do play chaos and i've spent enough on 40k this month

>> No.30513381

so Chaos will either be forced to do with the lord of skulls, or they get some technorganic hybrid daemon knight

>> No.30514669

They're nice and all, but not interested. Mainly because I got super-heavies for my armies and these things are so fucking random I have no idea how they'll play out in a couple of years. They're super-heavies, but not LoW, they're allies, but don't take ally slots, etc. Too many variables.

>> No.30515433

They're just the latest in a long line of 40k jumping the shark.

>> No.30515896

According to WD apparently your Warlord automatically becomes a Seneschal. (WS5 BS5 3++ Ion Shield)

>> No.30516228

bright stallions when

>> No.30516453

>Chaos Space Marines can't ally with them
>Eldar can


>> No.30516792


It was pretty much stated when the Knights were first talked about that they would basically only be for Imperial armies.

People listen to bullshit and get Chaos, Ork, Necron, and even Tyranid conversions in their head and ultimately only end up disappointed.

>> No.30517280

I hope the arms are interchangable

>> No.30517333

Well, those peasants aren't going to mow down themselves, now are they?

>> No.30517360


>> No.30517391

damn that's cool

>> No.30518360

It's just retarded that Tau and Eldar get MORE big robots, while Orks with their affinity to stompas and gargants get jack shit and Chaos knights, which are so a thing, are also a no-no, because how else will GW sell those stompa and lord of skull kits?

>> No.30518495

> tfw you will never have rules for the Megagargant

>> No.30518577

Well, the Knight and the Khornemower have the same size, so... conversions?

As for the vulgar 888pts cost, I can't help you.

>> No.30518680

I... am okay with this.

But I would like it now and not, say, four years from now.

>tfw it's been a year and a half and we STILL don't have a standard Helbrute model

>> No.30518698

>Orks getting updated rules

>> No.30518813

I hope this is fake because that 'roll dice to make your knights good/shit' thing is stupid as hell.

Plus, after all the semi-official talk about how any faction can take them, that allies matrix would cause some raaaaaaaage.

>> No.30518831

why is the sword backward, there is no way it can use it

>> No.30518843

soon poppet, soon

>> No.30518939

If you want to run a knight with CSM couldn't you just run a minimum IG force, max the CSM allies, and take a knight allied with the IG? knights don't occupy a slot on the FO chart so this would work.

>> No.30518983

3 flyers and a Stompa.

>> No.30518992

they count as allies

>> No.30519042

I'm just waiting for the IG so I can finish my traitor guard + Iron Warriors mech list.

>> No.30519056

pretty sure they don't take up the ally slot on the FO chart though.

>> No.30519081

...they count as alies? so yes, hey take up the allies slot. why would you think other wise numb nuts

>> No.30519082

Because, like the Inquisition codex, you can't put in the Knight detachment if one of the detachment in the army holds a Come The Apocalypse spot in the Knight's ally matrix.

In other words, it's the reason you don't see IG/Daemons hanging out with Inquisitor Quixos and his merry band of daemonhosts.

>> No.30519094

yeah, i know, thats not what i was implying. i was mearly pointing out they work as normal allies

>> No.30519097

Codex: Inquisition.

>> No.30519127

...which specifically states thats its a bizzaro exception, where as all the news about the knight says they act as allies

>> No.30519135

I believe either the next WD or the codex info that was leaked stated that knights are not part of the FO chart. no need to get lippy either you little faggot, its just a conversation.

>> No.30519159

lippy? are you fucking serious, calling someone numb nuts is hardly lippy
you being a massive faggot and an utter wanker, is being a bit lippy

>> No.30519171

So it takes up an Ally slot. But even if you hit the 2k point mark and double up, your allied detachment must all be compatible in the matrix. You can't pack in Imperial Guard, Knights, and Chaos Marines in the same army since CSM are Come the Apocalypse for Knights.

>> No.30519197

I feel kinda sorry for chaosfags.
Those things are 2nd tier allies with my army but I wouldn't ever want to include them into the list.

>> No.30519198

you're a huge pussy irl aren't you.

>> No.30519222

Saw one of the rumor threads state they were Inquisitor style allies.

Both allies need to be from the same codex.

>> No.30519228

which is real annoying. unless the rumors of FW making a chaos knight appear at some point

>> No.30519237


It's coming, likely during the last two weeks of March, possibly with a Cultist/Plague zombie kit.

>> No.30519238

haha and you are the 5 times boxing champion of your region. you don't know shit about me

>> No.30519242

>Additionally: Your remaining Imperial Knights in the Primary formation can roll on the Knight Apparent/Knight Seneschal chart. 1 - Knight is -1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 5+ now. 2-5 Your an Imperial Knight. 6 - Knight is +1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 3+ now.

>> No.30519258


>> No.30519270

I'm actually hoping that they'll give more info on the various Knight Houses and add the other Knight Patterns in the future. Pic. related, wouldn't you a Baron Knight?

I'd like to see Chaos players to roll out Chaos Knight Titans, as well get some variety. So far, there is the Slaaneshi House Devine and the Knights of Slaanesh, but Chaos Undivided and single god devoted Knight Houses would be welcomed so very much.

>> No.30519271

well if they are,then shit is cash, other wise i guess its back to 2000pt double FOC

>> No.30519281

I know that you're unecessarily hostile when disagreeing with someone on the internet. which tells me you're either depressed and angry, or an ineffectual pussy.

>> No.30519292

hardly unnecessarily hostile, but sure, if it makes you happy anon, you can think i am Satan online and naught but a weeny mouse IRL

>> No.30519303

But in Pacific Rim the Kaiju were actually dangerous

>> No.30519326

Oh you.

>> No.30519371

jesus christ. These things really will shitfuck the average tyranid list to hell won't they

>> No.30519387


>> No.30519570

In Pacific Rim the Jaegers hardly ever used their guns.

>> No.30519581

And the few times where they did the Kaiju basically went LOL THATS CYUTE

>> No.30519602

Exactly like Knights vs Bio-titans, then.
Str D melee, Str 8-9 ranged.

>> No.30519622

Except str 8-9 ap3 range will fuck up most of our so called biotitans because they have like 3+ saves and t6.

Unless you're talking about Heirodules but i'm pretty sure Lysander can singlehandedly murder a scythed Heirodule.

And when we get into the real 'bio-titans' points cost they're a total joke compared to other superheavies, no fucking access to str D

>> No.30519631

Then only let the knights use the heavy stubber.

>> No.30519644

.. the nids still probably close if the knight closes to CC

>> No.30519804

Wait, you can take these things AND allies? So I can do aircav guard with artillery support, backed up by stretched asshole chickens and giant robots?

>> No.30520044

could someone enlight me about the str d fuckery
seems to be impossible to take a knight down with 10 company vets that all have melterbombs or 10 terminators with chainfists

>> No.30520254

Re the ally shenanigans, the way I understand the rule is that anyone can take a formation of 1-3 Knights. However, a full Knight army would be bound by the Allies chart (and only the army would get scoring Knights, Knight warlord and traits, etc.)

>> No.30520288

>Allies of Convenience: Eldar
>Desperate Allies: Tau


It should be the other way around.

>> No.30520368

IIRC some knights hang out with Eldar exodites. They have a shared interest in riding about the place in big machines (or on dinosaurs), questin', and and being too chivalrous for this shit.

>> No.30520407

>You'd think Knights would be just as susceptible to being corrupted by Chaos in more recent times as anyone else

They are, but Chaos uses them for their original purpose: farming implements.

>> No.30520968

My issue with all these big models is that for each new release, boots on the ground are worth less.

Not much good to begin with, but infantry has always been a tax to get the good stuff, typically heavy support. Now it's not restricted to heavy support and so you're not anymore forced to take units that are less good.

It's like pic related except the infantry is in the background.

>> No.30521004

Eldar are knightly, tau aren't.

>> No.30521476

>6 - Knight is +1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 3+ now.
That's awesome

>> No.30524138

It looks cool as fuck, and a real BMG would be a serious threat to anything.

>> No.30524210

It does feel like a particularly half-assed way of adding some variety to knight armies. Would have been cool if they'd held back until they had two kits with two weapon options each, although that is a lot of work for the designers and they probably just wanted to make some money.

>> No.30524307

Maybe like pre Crusade Caliban, unaugmented human knights (cavalry on huge warhorses) with rudimentary power armour, bolters and lances. But that would be far too awesome.

>> No.30524384

Hoards of unwashed servitor-peasants, of course.

>> No.30524500

Yeah I wouldn't speak too soon anon.

>> No.30527802

The lack of Chaos renegade Knights is such a dick move from GWs. Way to kick Chaos when it's already writhing in the gutter

>No Chaos Knights
>Expecting anyone to give a shit about the paraplegia Lord of Shit, much less desire to field or buy one
>Having us wait even more months for a slightly different Chaos Knight variant, if it even exists

On top of waiting for the possible Khorne/Nurgle suppliments, which will undoubtably suck shit because Khorne isn't allowed to be good anymore.

Not to mention not even a sighting of any Traitor guard options. Yeah, let's give every nigger in the galazy access to cool alternate army lists, and completely ignore the most obvious choice Chaos players have been dreaming of for years, fuck that! have some Farsight rules!

And of course let's not forget "It's fucking nothing: The release" in the form of Plastic Chosen/Havoc that we've all had years to convert our own, and a Helbrute you couldn't pay most Chaos players to care about

It's kind of shocking how little they care about the faction, but i'm just glad i have things to look forward to in Guard/Orks at least

>> No.30527840

Awwwww yes

My Sisters are getting some serious backup

>> No.30527876

You're not owed a Chaos Knight.

>> No.30528205

>It's kind of shocking how little they care about the faction
You're getting new models this very month.

Also are you trying to be ironic with that image? You're the faction that got two new codices, a superheavy, plus at least one supplement so far this edition. What did the Orks get?

>> No.30528457

The largest collection of FW models besides IG.

>> No.30530212

> My Sisters are getting some serious backup
Paint it as a white knight.

>> No.30530236


Yeah because thats the fucking same

The Orks havent had their codex updated in fucking god knows how many years, Chaos are living the high life compared to them

>> No.30530261

>The Orks havent had their codex updated in fucking god knows how many years

6 years

>> No.30530278


Wow its been that long?

I still have the fucking WD issue when the last Ork codex was released

>> No.30530481

>The largest collection of FW models besides IG
I think you're forgetting a little something called Endless Variations of Spess Mehreens.

>> No.30531043

>and being too chivalrous for this shit
I guffawed

>> No.30532636


Best way to do that would be to have a force of Nid monstrous creatures, a swarm of the bigguns. Like a game where the monstrous creatures can be taken like troop choices.

But that's probably stupid, but I really wish there could be something akin to it.

>> No.30536921

yeah but its the same chance as
>-1 ws/bs Shield is now 5++
which is fucking awful

>> No.30536934

last time it was literally a decade man

>> No.30537019

its true man.yet still they are one of the more fun armies to play

though they are really starting to feel the mono-build

>> No.30539061

Hey op cam you tell me what colors Hawkshroud is?

>> No.30539152

If you had just had a new codex that was a major disappointment... just like Chaos... just like 'nids, you would feel cheated also.

You don't know how terrible it is to have your hopes cranked up for a new codex and end up just losing options and internal balance. And then you tell yourself, "hang in there, next codex will be better". And then you get a new codex that is the same with a new paintjob.

Chaos players have been begging for scraps for a long time. It's rather pathetic and desperate, but you should see where they're coming from.

>> No.30539225

Not OP but Hawkshroud's colours are in White Dwarf 5, they're Yellow.

>> No.30539284


Yes its bad that GW cant write a legit codex to save their shekels, but saying Chaos is worse off than Orks is retarded

>> No.30539303

oh thanks

and I have that one (just haven't read it)

>> No.30541296

>havent had their codex updated in fucking god knows how many years
look at the careless shit GW tries to sell as "rules" these days. either you have to buy silly out-of-character units to stay in the game or you end up getting steamrolled all day. NOT being updated is a GOOD thing!

>> No.30542157

Yeah I'm kinda curious why they thought that would be a good addition. These things don't even seem disgustingly overpowered, why an in-built handicap was included is beyond me.

>> No.30545486

Forging a narrative.

>> No.30547181

> why is this war walker sniffing my ass
> oh god it's like the world's most awkward puppy
> I'm going to be the laughingstock of the infinity circuit

>> No.30547237

Yeah, it will drop some wounds, but your biotitans will still have plenty of wounds left. Just like the kaiju.

>> No.30547291

Im going down to chinatown and buying some fucking Gundam model kits for this shit

>> No.30547432

But Imperium's owed all the cool shit just because they're the good guys in the fluff? But that's beside the point:

>Eldar can take Imperial Knights
>Chaos Space Marines can't, even though they ACTUALLY FUCKING HAVE THEM

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