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>buy pet robot
>go to work
>come home
>see maids fucking it up

What do /tg/?

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fire maids
replace with robot maids

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Quietly and carefully walk away.
Hopefully they won't notice you, because if they to, you are fucked.
If they are attacking a robot, then these maids are on a rampage.

Even Orks make themselves scarce in the face of a Maid Rampage.

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Turn off maid movement capabilities remotely, carefully and calmly tell them that this isn't a replacement for my lovelies, and they really shouldn't start hazing the new bots like this, they were once new too, you know.

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I pull out the Maid rpg book and I will roll on the clothing table as punishment

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Is this picture supposed to be turning me on?

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they're just grinding experience.
Ninja maids are worth one robot.

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Make them guess a number between 1 and 10.

The answer is Rape

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It's funny because you're underage.

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>That one guy on /tg/ that doesnt rape his maids when he comes home

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That looks like a bigdog, it would give zero fucks. Pic related

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Maids are the natural enemy of Bigdog robots.

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Didn't Google just buy Boston Dynamics? I'd be killing their robots if I saw one too, it's only a matter of time before they get out of hand

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I can't stop thinking about an Engine Heart-Maid crossover game now.

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Have to disagree, bigdogs are adorable as fuck with their goofy little strut

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Stop hiring maids recommended by Harman?

Or ask Ghastly how to treat them.

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You say that now, but what about when Google starts putting camera clusters on the things and having them walk around everywhere staring at everyone.

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It's strange how so much sci-fi brings up potential problems of robots and ethics like we would all just act like Data was a fucking coffee grinder yet we empathise with anything that acts even vaguely like a living being.

I just felt bad for a mindless glorified shopping trolley. Look at this shit >>30499343

You just felt bad for a drawing of a shopping trolley. How the fuck am I supposed to believe that when an android shakes your fucking hand and expresses a fondness for riding bicycles you aren't going to skip that guy to the front of the citizenship queue ahead of all the greasy wetbacks?

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Uncanny valley though innit. Because it's so far from real, we can project into the "gap" between how it is and what it might be, whereas an android triggers the "it's extremely close to a living human... but it's just /wrong/" reflex we get from our aversion to dead bodies.

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>>Implying we won't be pissed when the androids start moving into employment, being able to work harder for less


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>Implying homefront built robros aren't infront of wetbacks automatically

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Any civilization that allows human labor to become obsolete without having a massive social safety net in place deserves whatever it gets.

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>You just felt bad for a drawing of a shopping trolley.
Except I didn't.

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you heartless bastard.
Pic related, perhaps ad mech being awkward around sororitas will stir that heart of iron

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Why do I have maids in my house?
Why do I have robots in my house?
This isn't even my house, I'm just a burglar.
Should I call the cops?

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Of course he's actually infatuated with the armour, and not the boring flesh-sack inside it

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If Maids hate Robots then what if your maid is a robot?

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>she smells nice

Probably had some promethium spilled on her during battle.

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obviously, that's why its awkward, he doesnt want all his work lobotomising her after removing the armour to go to waste when the order finds out and purges his ass

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That's going to take a lot of therapy to sort out.

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It's not about the item itself. It's about seeing meaningless violence from humans against objects thus displaying a bad side of human nature. Seeing this you know that someone out there probably gets off on girls beating robots.
It's still about humanity and what it displays towards it's environment and everything in it.

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>>Not liking your women to smell of promethium and the sweat that comes from purging the unrighteous in a holy fury

What are you, some kind of heretic?

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Watch the robot maid activate defense protocols on the harassing maids.

>> No.30499622

She's gonna get bullied by her maid peers and other robots will never trust her.

Her isolation turns her into a Supervillain.

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Not that guy but I love the righteous smell of promethium and sweat and would firmly pull that sororita away from sparks that would make spreading my gene-seed difficult due to immolation.

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>sister of battle
>sits in monastery doing drills all day
>group showers
>parade marching
honestly they are more like parade troops or military police than actual military

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I wonder why i go to work when i can afford expensive robots and several maids

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>parade marching
Y-yeah, parade marching...

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>sister of battle
>sits in a warehouse waiting to be bought all day
>metal touching metal
>dust gathering
honestly they are more like tokenism troops or scrap metal than actual military

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And "drills"

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WTF indeed, what's wrong with that flamer's pilot light? It's wasting holy prometheum!

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World Domination soon, fellow anon.

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Really? When?

>> No.30499726

don't forget the 'group showers'

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>fire maids
>buy more robots
>pic related

Seriously though, maids fucking suck

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Call in the MOOOOO

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>Not liking Maids

Filthy Homo spotted.

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Let's roll out!

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>get beat up by maids

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I recognize that art style.

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If they don't respect your property, they obviously don't respect you. Give them a warning for now. If they do it again, fire them.

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deal with it weeb.
Why would anyone spend money on hiring pig disgusting women to enter their personal space?
I'd be okay having a cleaner, might not mind a gardener or cook. But a maid? That practically like keeping a slave, except they're dressed up in those fucking french maid costumes so you can jerk off in the armoir while she dusts. I'd much rather have robots instead.
Fuck maids make me so mad, i just want to kill them all.

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take chainsaw

unpiece them using the chainsaw

paint their parts

send to fans for cheap to bring GW down

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>Any civilization that allows human labor to become obsolete without having a massive social safety net in place deserves whatever it gets.
You mean a brief period of social unrest and violence (quickly quelled by military robots) followed by a post-scarcity utopia for the third of the population left?

Sounds okay to me.

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Why not both?
Just have the non-intelligent mulebot be their supervisor and laugh as they have to obey what it says in the form of you putting post-it notes on it. Pic very unrelated

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By that point it's not even really rape, more like mandatory sex chosen through lottery.

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If I was a talented man I would draw a BigDog robot sitting at a computer, angrily tapping out this post.

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Holy thighs Batman, that SoB is adorable.

As I made that abbreviation I realized SoB also means Son of a Bitch.

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You mean the maids or the robot?

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Query: I believe thou meant that Holy Power Armour, manifestation of the Omnissiah's protection is adorable?

>> No.30500171


Oh I'd manifest something in her all right, something that requires the insertion of certain naturally-occurring reagents and an incubation period of about 8-9 months.

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Sue the manufacturer for not making a maid-proof robot.

>> No.30500238

Unless of course, thou 'put a gasket on it'. My dataslate indicates this is a mating ritual of many imperial worlds and allows both parties in this unsanctioned reproductive algorithm to avoid purgation.

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>I'd be okay having a cleaner, might not mind a gardener or cook. But a maid? That practically like keeping a slave, except they're dressed up in those fucking french maid costumes so you can jerk off in the armoir while she dusts
You are aware that maids get paid and have modern workers' rights, yes?

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N-no. I work

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>Even Orks make themselves scarce in the face of a Maid Rampage.
To be fair, I'd run from an Ork Maid on a rampage too.

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Unless of course the unsanctioned reproductive algorithm utilizes a non-traditional vector, where evacuation of the substances result in a minimal chance of conception.

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>>buy pet robot
>>go to work
>>come home
>>see maids fucking it up

You know that feeling when you leave the oven on and about halfway through the day, remember, oh shit and go rushing back home
Guess its the same when you leave your robot on panty-raid mode

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Someone's gotta service the androids, man.

You sure as hell can't let them do it themselves, and not JUST because meddling around inside them might lead to self improvement.

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Depends on whether they self-identify as a robot or a maid, I guess.

>> No.30500382

However further research indicates that such vectors exhibit inherent risks. Primarily, the oral vector contains the threat of choking thy partner with all twelve inches of your Omnissiah blessed priesthood, whereas the 'backdoor' as it is often referenced by younger generations, carries risk of internal damage to thy partner. Considering these findings, I lodge a request that you pursue caution if thou undertakes these treacherous vectors, godspeed explorator.

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Fuck Gekkos.

>> No.30500481

Man, Tech-Priests are the worst at dirty talk.

>> No.30500513

Congratulate them on beating them drones.

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someone should screencap this thread, perfect example of /tg/ dreailment. From robots being kicked by maids to clueless techpriests discussing getting one of them laid.

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When the maids and the robots war against each other, which side will YOU be on?

>> No.30500689

The robots obviously. Maids are a feminist conspiracy to make men reliant on their services so that when the war begins we are left in disarray as the woman dominated maid industry grinds to a halt.

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Depends, are we talking terminator robots, or just robots that got sick of being bullied by maids?

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So you can feel this

*uncaps USB spike*

>> No.30500779

Nope,nope, nope, nope AW SHIT!

>> No.30500783

What has this unit done to warrant such punishment? Was this unit's performance not satisfactory? Did we do something to offend the maid-units?
What did we do wrong?

>> No.30500793

For the same reason biological beings feel pain: to detect and minimize damage to the body and provide an incentive to make self-repairs.

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>> No.30500838

Pain can also incapacitate. And doesn't tell you what is wrong, only that something is wrong. A machine would far more benefit from self-diagnostic that informs it of sustained damage.

>> No.30500842


>IT'S GOING TO, IT'S GOING TOTOTOTOTOTOTO - [Error has occurred, restart required.]

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>> No.30500941

That sounds sensible. In that case, a machine perfectly emulating biological sensations of pain could be attributed to either some sort of limitation or incompetent programming.

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rape the maids

>> No.30501065

and the robot

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>01001101 01111001 00100000 01110011 01100101 01110010 01110110 01101111 01101101 01101111 01110100 01101111 01110010 01110011 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101000 01100001 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01101001 01110010 00100000 01101111 01110111 01101110

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Wait a minute... I remember that movie!


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MaidQuest is over, son. There is no more rape, just dreams.

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>zeros made to look like boobs
>oh 80's, you were so crazy

Yeah, fun movie.

>> No.30501203

Prepare for the worst.

>> No.30501238

here are the caps of the mechanicus discussing sex with sisters.

>> No.30501246

and part 2

>> No.30501256


Wanst that the movie where you could see Melanie Griffith`s Tits in her prime?
And where they actually dubbed over her original voice with another terrible voiceover because of her lisp?

>> No.30501328

>yfw your massive broadband dumps so much data into your robot that she suffers an overflow error and her pleasure metric wraps back down to 0
>yfw this process repeats several times in a row

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Let me tell you something about Cherry 2000.

FUCK Cherry 2000. How can you mess up characterization and satisfying character arcs so bad?

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you'll take what you're given

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> Rapes his maids

Dear lord, it's like your wanting them to all gang up on you and slit your throat.

They do that. Trust me, I'm a ghost.

>> No.30502122

> Rapes maids

The Omnipresent, all-seeing Skeleton Empire does not condone this behavior. Please proceeds to your nearest SPOOK BOOTH and prepare to be spooked.

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That shouldn't have worked, but it did. Dammit, now pic related.

>> No.30502722

My sides.

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>being able to work harder for less
That depends on how costly their production would be.
If they would cost a fuck lot, they may be all saddled with equivalent of a student loan times a thousand and needing solid pay to pay it off.

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Nigguh whut are you doin.

Seriously, that's terrible.

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Small time.

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You sick bastard.

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What the fuck kind of I/O is that? Fucking, 110 ground to cat5? No, seriously, I've seen some crazy shit but what in the actual hell.

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Some reverse image search and a russian translation later and apparently people are huge dicks around the world.

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Because I lived in the south for most of my life. Being human doesn't qualify you according to them, so robots don't have much hope.

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If that's Russian, it's 220, not 110.

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Thanks, never quite got how to screencap properly.

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