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got a dm. got 2 players. just need 2 or 3 more players

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[email protected]

and while im at it, i might as well post random 40k pics that float around /tg/ while drinking apple pie schnapps

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What's wrong with Blood Ravens?

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Their nickname is "Bloody Magpies"

Cause they steal everything.

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In one of the vidyas, a ton of their special wargear was "gifted" to them by other Imperial factions. Most of whom have absolutely no record of that ever happening. Including a few things that would NEVER have been willingly given to them.

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Isn't that techno-heresy or something?

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nah, it's just plain old theft.

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they steal shit. also descended from Thousand Sons

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i wish my bed was full of whore when i wake up

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[email protected]

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got one dm, 3 players. just need 2 more.

it will be after 10pm standard mountain time. black crusade or rogue trader.

it will be done over IRC

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Sorry, what time zone is that? I'm interested and it sounds like a good time if it's near mine.

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Oh hey, it's this thread again.

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not pst but the one over. I'm central time. but the DM is in colorado

yes. i need 2 more players

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Uhm, could work. What days?

And how many applicants do you have?

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so far. the dm is all days after 10 for him. one player is always green light. and the other player is in singapore so its 1pm for him. so yea. for me its 9pm

seems to be super open schedule

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I'll send you an email, Thursdays and weekends would work for me.

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[email protected]
or [email protected]

either one works.

and if you channel dead crazy people in game. all the better

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Is there more to this?

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nope. i looked. i did find that mildly amusing that the guy's at relic had to ask if space marines can make babies and GW confirmed it. but only human babies come out, which tend to be low risk for space marine canidates

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msg me at [email protected] so ready to die for emperor/chaos

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>[email protected]
message sent mang

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I nostalgia'd

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i really love the attention to detail. along with that sandwich

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Guy from earlier, email sent.

>no pulp fiction reference on the shin pad texts
I am disappoint.

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what do you want? me to go back in time 30 internet years and go "hey, i know its 2007, but im from 08, we should add pulp fiction"?

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More disappointed in the artists inability to make references that appeal to me, a person he had no idea would ever read it and has never met, than in you.

Also, you're from 08? I thought it was 2014...

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ive been on this site a loooooong time. along with the others. 7chan. 99chan. zerochan. 420chan, 711chan.....ive been all over the interbutts

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I was on 4chan for at least a couple of years before I knew any of those existed...

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i lurked until late 09. my favorite was wutchan. god i loved wutchan. it had a built in IRC client and video player. the admins would find all the fucked up videos they could. one was this crazy canadian guy in a super trashy 1 bedroom apartment and he would cook the most god awful food while carefully explaining how the world is out to get you. like meter maids setting up meters next to park cars

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I've heard it's based off a Chick Tract but I've never seen the original. Could someone please post it?

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There is, but it's fairly rage inducing (for me at least.)

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so many pages

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And that's just chapter 1.

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i see why it is rage inducing. every other page is just "why dont they just let her die?"

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