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Filename thread?

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Can you imagine that hitting you in the testicles?

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Don't worry, it's not realistic

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I know something good can be given to this one.

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Holy fucking shit! I remember this game! You made this freaky shrieking noise when you died, and I had no god damned idea how to restore mana.

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There's no reason to remember it outside of that one song.

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I was not expecting that. This is some face-melting shit.

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I have no idea what this is.

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Monk throwing a..needle I think, through a pane of glass.

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That's exactly how it goes for my cleric

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The way the starts off is too good. "Oh it's so cute and campy HOOWOWOWWHOLY FUCKING SHIT MAGIC SPEEDLY DEEDLY DEEDLY DEEEE"

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This may just be the best thing I've heard in a long while.

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My next wizard's theme.

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Eh, needs more toad.

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Wrong. Incorrect.
http://youtu.be/GoLhLn9hVkE is the only proper way to make any wizard ever.

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>I am the wizard of nuts and cocks!

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How two barbarian unarmed fighters roll.

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The hell did I just watch?

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>Not a picture of Anshin'in
Still pretty good though.

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what the hell anime is this?

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I'll have you know I saved this image off of here over 7 years ago and never knew the source.

This is a new personal record.

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No match for Kenshiro.

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Mike Jittlov, what the FUCK were you smoking?

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He wasn't smoking anything.

It was speed.

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Seriously though. Swans are filled with hatred for all living things.

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But that line isn't in the video?

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Don't mess with swans man. They are like the mafia of birds, you disrespect them and they make you an example for everyone else to know not to fuck with them.

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i chuckled

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three of those are dudes, can tg guess correctly in under three posts, if not you are stuck here forever.

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I'm already stuck here forever so this doesn't count, but I'll give the people playing a freebie: Santa.

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Upper left, upper right, bottom right?

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choker, mask, and santa.

Back left is a land whale that threw me of at first.

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Pretty sure that's wrong.

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Pretty sure they're all dudes.

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bottom left fo sho'
the one with the facemask

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It isn't. I know these people.

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Mask has a very obvious adams apple dude

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B-but mask is too cute to be a guy!

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>clank intensifies

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>trying to imply you aren't gay

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ruined all the fun

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The thing is I really don't care.

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Come with me
And you'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Grab your wee
And you'll see
It's okay to be totally gay, son

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Then it was already too late for you, you are cursed to never leave this place.

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Can I interject here: Apart from the usual /tg/ jokes it is NOT okay to be gay. If you're gay, you have to hide it or you won't be able to get married and continue your bloodline. And if you don't do that, you might as well be a peasant or a slave.

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>An anime for little girls has better action than most Shounen anime

Crippling depression and then joy

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That's pretty impressive for a kid that age.

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You know what a spermbank is, right?

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>the leader in a broad market is better than most of a smaller market

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Don't be suck a stick in the mud, anon!
We're ALL gay in /tg/!

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You realize men can't get pregnant from sperm, regardless of if they get it from sex or buy it, right?

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Well, unless they're FtM transgenders with some really shonky operational history.

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Not to mention, a bastard doesn't carry on the bloodline anyway.

But how many people even have a bloodline of any note?

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Man or woman, whoever is sitting on Santa's lap is asking for it and I'm looking to give it.

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Continuing your bloodline doesn't mean with someone you know, anon.
Visiting the spermbank on a regular basis is an excellent way to continue the fuck out of your bloodline.

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There's more to your line than genes. While that kind of generosity may improve the general population, it doesn't provide you an heir.

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Seriously, dude, do you even understand the basics of science? Trust me, I'm a Mr. Science Man. I'll have my Dr. Science Man in a few months.

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To what? My castle that I don't have? My family's masonic sword? My dog? My collection of dinosaur toys?

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The heir is made possible by fucking someone of good genetic standing and keeping the baby.

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>you might as well be a peasant or a slave.

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>collection of dinosaur toys
DIBS! I call dibs!

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So build a castle, and forge a sword. Do you want to be worthless in life as well as in death?

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>worthless in life as well as in death
Welcome to 4chan.

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ya know, aside from china, there really isn't anywhere with peasants anymore. or slaves.

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Building a castle isn't really attainable for most people. A small manor with decent grounds is a much more attainable goal.

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Depends on what you call a peasant, and there's more slaves in Africa and southeast Asia than anywhere else.

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an heir? what the fuck do i need an heir for? im not a fucking duke. im not sure my country has a dukedom. im like 100% certain all officials are elected.

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There's definitely peasants in America. Mexicans work hard for little pay in agricultural and domestic jobs just like medieval peasants, and you could call blacks peasants too, although they often don't do productive legal work.

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I'm planning on becoming a wildlife presenter, so no? I guess?

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>Shounen is a smaller market than magical girls

Huh? True shit?

I ain't even looking for doubles

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dude are you like, a knight or something? people dont build castles anymore, except crazy ass rich people that everyone pretends to like but actually hates. and what would anyone use a sword for? guns exist.

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Yes. Magical girl anime (the normal stuff, not like Madoka) is prime-time TV watched by actual little girls. Shonen is mostly just for nerds.

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Hey, personally I would build a nice country estate and use my gun too, I'm not the one who instantly went to castles and swords.

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>dude are you like, a knight or something?
Verily. Who else but a landowning gentleman of noble birth would have access to such a knowledgable community?

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Saved... Filename and all. That's perfect.

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>the 'chon

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Couldn't agree more.

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What the shit is this awesomeness? I require sauce, now.

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Read the filename.

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>you will never play skeleton king agian

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I did; I was asking for the original video. Searching for "cough syrup fire" and related terms on YouTube and Google give me nothing.

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Its fuckin precure man. Big leagues.

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>Little girls and grown men.

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That's the same kind of "men" that watch MLP.

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The very first one at that, "Futari wa Pretty Cure!"

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it might be from a movie or season 2 of it tho

idk, i only watched season 1.

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That's very true, except PC's wouldn't run away after their rock fails. They'd go get a bigger rock, and if that falied they'd summon SoulShitter, Lord of the 9th realm and Bane of all living things. Then tell him to break the window.

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At least he's wearing a fucking suit and overcoat with the fedora, not cargo pants and a leather jacket.

Still wearing a hat indoors, though.

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Oh god the nightmares. There are somethings that should have never been born.

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>that horrible form

>> No.30494300

Learn to anatomy, ladies and gentlemen have adam's apples.

I do agree with you though, dude looks like a lady looking like a dude.

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>GW 40K research department

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Could've sworn that scene was S1.

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Fucking toebiters

>> No.30494386

Mad me laugh 9/10 One of the best filenames

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>being surprised that magical girls are better than shounen
Seriously? Shounen hasn't been good since like... the '90s, if you're being generous. The standard shounen formula is 1. boring and 2. incredibly easy to screw up for some reason. ANd if you deviate too much, then you're no longer shounen, you're the little girl.

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Well shit, know I know why Michael Gira named his band so.

>> No.30494480

Yeah, this has gotta be the only motherfucker I've seen that's actually dressed appropriately for it.

>> No.30494497


its been awhile

>> No.30494515

The only shounen with any good action is mecha anyways

Dat Gunpla Build Fighters

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Not on my watch.

>> No.30494650

Damn straight.

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>mfw he actually looks classy like that
>mfw it's all ruined by him standing next to the fucking MLP display

motherfuck, the only guy I've ever seen rocking a fedora correctly, and he's got just as big a fedora in his heart as every single other one of the autists

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Dammit, why do the japs get the rad children's TV?

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The only wizard Romo is is the choke wizard, and the party should be contemplating his death.

>> No.30494843

They don't have Samurai Jack.

We win forever.

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Because most kids these days watch shitty live action or play shit on iPads.

Daily reminder that Symbiotic Titan was cancelled.

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The guy who voices Aku is dead and there between fuck and all about the movie.

It's like saying you won a race because you got hit by a truck and flung across the finish line.

>> No.30494893

It's fucking sad, innit? I always maintain the only time you're allowed to wear a fedora without looking like a wannabe neckbearded fedora-tipping redditor is if you've got a full three-piece suit and tie on (the appropriate coat and gloves are a nice bonus), and that shitnozzle goes and ruins it by

a) wearing a hat indoors
b) being literally reddit
c) tryharding at OKCupid (I refuse to believe that's an earnest picture, it's gotta be a troll).

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>> No.30494903

...is that a motherfucking evil clock on cymbals?

>> No.30494905

>The guy who voices Aku

>> No.30494915

With bat wings for the hour and minute hands, yes

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>> No.30494935

I"m awful at remembering names.

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Romo in December may be an unending nightmare, but the rest of the Cowboys are squarely responsible for putting themselves in the situation of having to win in December to get into the playoffs. The dude puts the team on his back, and outside of maybe Dez Bryant he doesn't get any fucking help. And that's not even getting to the defense yet, either.

Thanks, Jerruh. You're sure building a great team for the future here.

>> No.30494969

What the fuck is that. It looks kinda cute but mostly terrifying.

>> No.30495042

The Cowboys had the worst defense in the league last year. #firehomo X--DDDD

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A water bug.

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>> No.30495084

Don't know the name, the closest translation of what I heard they were called "country roach" or "farm roach", or "water roach".
Had one in a jar in the lab of my uni, almost felt compelled to pick up the jar (because it looked dead) but somehow passed the will check after a weird "flashforward" of me picking the jar, the thing moving inside and dropping it, breaking the glass and releasing the bug.
Just right after leaving the jar alone a friend came and picked up the jar, the bug moved and he freaked out almost smashing the jar in pieces.
Felt weird the rest of the afternoon
I think the damm thing is now part of some bug collection in the lab.

Oh, so that's the real name.

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I have never understood how any adult could be afraid of swans or geese or whatever. You are several times bigger than them just run at them or kick them or something.

>> No.30495145

Humans are made to run.

>> No.30495163

You've obviously never dealt with swans or geese before. Because those fuckers are fast, they're aggressive, they have more mass than you think, and they fucking BITE. Look up pictures of swan bites sometimes. They're fucking gruesome, and they aren't afraid to do it.

>> No.30495172

I swan can hurt you and there's nothing to be gained from fighting it.

>> No.30495194

You've never dealt with geese, have you?

The fuckers are very mean and a lot stronger than you think. Being bit hurts like hell.

>> No.30495217

Just because you'd win a fight doesn't mean fighting is the best option.

>> No.30495259

You could post about how you beat up a swan on 4chan. I think that'd be worth fighting one.

>> No.30495264

Because geese are fucking bird piranhas. They're pissed off all the time and when they bite you they never fucking let go. And its not going to be one goose either, they travel in fucking swarms, shitting and biting everything. Fuck geese.

>> No.30495265

I'm not getting in a fight with any of those waterfowl unless I have at least a decent stick but I would certainly prefer a gun.

Also i would rather be ambushing it.

>> No.30495285

I once put a swan in a headlock. I would've made it tap out if the park ranger didn't break up the fight.

>> No.30495295

>I have never understood how any adult could be afraid of botflies or Japanese hornets or whatever. You are several times bigger than them just run at them or kick them or something.
I'd post a pic, but it'd probably fall under gore rules.

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>> No.30495318

>> No.30495319

and animal handling

>> No.30495344

As an anon said in another thread where geese came up, their ultimate weakness is garden shears.

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>> No.30495359

>X-COM A-Team

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>> No.30495570

>Playing Heavy
>Oldest vet is a Heavy named Hector "Moose" Torres
>I sweat every fucking time a rookie dies he panics.

>> No.30495641

I grew up on a farm with geese. You grab the fuck by the neck, and haul it's ass around. If it bites you you'll live. God you people are such girls.

>> No.30495726

Just because I CAN win a fight with a goose does not mean I WANT to get in a fight with one. Why would I go out of my way to feel pain?

>> No.30495785

>> No.30495811

Because it is a good pain

>> No.30495819

I feel the warp overtaking me!

>> No.30495822

Well, if we're going this route.

>> No.30495835

Too retarded to make this into a gif with a funny filename, but if it were a gif, the filename would be:

>nat 20 ride, nat 20 profession (automechanic), nat 20 perform.gif


>> No.30495853

>implying you have to be /pol/ to have a problem with that

>> No.30495874

In real life you'd have to get in water too deep to stand, and even then they'd probably try to chase you but drown.

>> No.30495891

>> No.30495919

The tire changing and the performance were nothing special, only the drive was. And to do it that long would be a continuous check, so not a nat 20 either but most likely taking ten with a big skill modifier.

>> No.30495923

Come on, a MtF child with jewish lesbian parents?
That's a real life overdose of /pol/ bait

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>> No.30495935

>not just having a laugh


Enjoy the comedy, m8.

>> No.30495941

How does the car stay like this?

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>> No.30496099

It's /o/, but I think it speaks a language that crosses boards.

>> No.30496213

>> No.30496228

So? It can be rebuilt. It's not like there's no parts for it or no schematics.

Agonising over this is like agonising over somebody playing a no-proxy legacy deck with no sleeves.

>> No.30496230

I don't get it.

>> No.30496259

It's a early model Ferrari. Probably less than 50 of its kind, if not single digits.

And it's buried in sand.

>> No.30496264

I'm going to guess Corvette ravaged by a hurricane.

I dunno, the chassis looks pretty fucked, it might not be salvagable

>> No.30496283

Oh, it will be salvaged. It's worth more than any restoration could possibly cost.

But it's still a multi-million dollar work of art laid low like that.

>> No.30496301

The one in the back left. That chain on the coat. I know that chain.

>> No.30496496


This is the right way to make a wizard

>> No.30496595

I disagree


>> No.30496607

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

>> No.30496655


>> No.30496675

These seem pretty compatible with each other.

>> No.30496688


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>> No.30497249

>> No.30497282

>> No.30497395

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>> No.30497941

I remember that thread.

>> No.30497977

Too fucking perfect. My PCs were a retard band like that too.

>Hick farmer that had his son stolen in the night
>Librarian that accidentally saw some cultists doing their thing
>Barber that cut a doppelganger's hair a little too short and saw some shit
>Rich Englishman that loved the hunt, turns out an animal he was tracking was a Ghoul

>> No.30498192

>Daily reminder that Symbiotic Titan was cancelled.
Fuck you I'm crying now.

>> No.30498224

>God you people are such girls.
Yes. And?

I'll never be the little girl, but if I pretend hard enough...

>> No.30498236

>> No.30498276

>> No.30498299

>> No.30498308

>> No.30498506

no fuck you. I grew up with scobie ducks, and these motherfuckers aren't even actual geese. When the two of our hatchlings came of age, they killed their father and raped their mother to death, after killing their siblings. They attacked everything and everyone that came into their plot of land. I don't care if you or me or anyone can just grab that by the neck and be done with it; you don't fuck with that kind of crazy. I have been chased down entire city blocks by irate swans because I got too close to their nests. A Starbucks by my old apartments actually had to call someone to deal with one after it took residence in a nearby pond because it was biting the shit out of people. Yes, you may be able to fight a goose, but it will never be worth it. Do not mess with waterfowl.

>> No.30498519

>> No.30498520

Puss puss puss pussy!

>> No.30498533

What if you have a shotgun loaded with buckshot?

>> No.30498588

What is that theme music?

>> No.30498601

Looks like a beach, chances are it's been drowned in salt water, if that's the case it's dead.

>> No.30498803

>> No.30498821

>> No.30498834

>> No.30498857

>> No.30498858

>> No.30498872

>> No.30498881

>> No.30498932

>> No.30498944

>> No.30498958

>> No.30498976

>> No.30498984

>not teleporting your dudes to the secluded weapons rooms to take them down one by one
Which only leaves you with a stalemate, unable to kill the mothership, while it has no way to kill you.

>> No.30498985

>> No.30498986

>He misspells grammar
>Not ironically

>> No.30499008


The joke is that the player is playing like shit and blaming the game. He has 2650 scrap and only one shield, and bugger-all evasion.

>> No.30499017

Geese come in swarms. You can beat a goose, sure. Can you beat twenty of them? What about fifty? Those goddamn things are like the Cucco swarm from Zelda in real life.

>> No.30499024

I didn't even notice that. But I have been royally screwed by the game's RNG far too many times to like it anymore.

>> No.30499028

>> No.30499053

>> No.30499075

>> No.30499099

Thanks for bringing the funny.

>> No.30499137

>> No.30499258


>Mekton Zeta

Convince me that this isn't just another mecha system that sucks and is worth reading

>> No.30499576


>> No.30499973

Close, water bugs in general are tiny, this is a Giant Water Bug or Belostomatidae for those who car about scientific names. Depending on region it's known as a great number of things such as toe biters, gator tick, and other such lovely terms. When they bite they inject a really strong digestive acid, which to humans is pretty darn painful but fortunately that's all the damage you really get is the pain and a massive bugbite. I swear I seen them get maybe 5 inches in length. Nasty lil buggers

>> No.30500222

I don't get it.

>> No.30500249

SKR hates martials, and monks especially.

>> No.30500629

Not that guy, but your description is 100% accurate.

>> No.30500662

SKR defends the design choice to make monks and non-bow ranged attacks mechanically inferior to other options, so his worst nightmare is a monk killing him with a throwing weapon.

>> No.30500777

Huh, that's pretty funny. The more you know.

>> No.30500819

shame it is most likely a needle made specifically for throwing and not say a sewing needle or syringe needle. Cause then that's an improvised throwing weapon. All those penalties SKR thinks is justified.

>> No.30500841

Anyone saw the skr's point feats?
Every time you gain a feat you gan 10 points to spend in feats instead.
>natural spell and almost any metamagic costs 5/10
>TWF costs 11/10
>skill focus costs 10/10
That guy is just crazy

>> No.30500851

I found the video it was taken from, which says it's a sewing needle.
Shows this trick being done a couple times in other vids.
So, probably a sewing needle.

>> No.30500859

Anybody can use TWF or skill focus, but only druids can use natural spell, I understand why it should be cheaper.

>> No.30500896

But it's still retarded, because while anybody can use TWF, only a few characters (not even classes) will use it, whereas any sensible druid would get natural spell. The feats also are not balanced according to their "point cost", Skill focus provides, what? A 4 point bonus? Even when you fully complete the TWF chain you're still attacking at a penalty. Just does not make any sense from a design perspective. I'm glad SKR is gone.

>> No.30500919


>> No.30500921

3 point bonus actually.

>> No.30500934

What does +3 to any skill DC even do?

>> No.30500936

I'm the fit wizard and I cast ABS!

>> No.30500951

Only half-elves will ever pick skill bonus

>> No.30500970

Tim Follin is a badass.

>> No.30501087

That just means they almost certainly can't ruin it.

Aku will remain forever the Villain Who Won.

>> No.30501188


>Sapphire Veils of Passion Form

>> No.30501240

Only we saw future Jack looking all wise and pimp. Which shows that even if Jack never returns to the past, Aku never gets the better of him.

>> No.30501252


What animus is this from? It'd be interesting to see how japan's tabletop stuff is different from the wests.

>> No.30501261

>the fat guy in robes
He isn't even trying.

>> No.30501267

I think that one was from Straya. Of course.

>> No.30501270

>almost anyone can use this feat of dubious worth
>but only the class that's already overpowered uses this feat that makes them even more overpowered
>the second should be cheaper

Needless to say I dispute your logic.

>> No.30501295

I always do the oposite, because I suck at making balanced encounters.

>> No.30501329

It's from OreImo, and trust me, you're better off not watching it. Ever. In fact, forget the name. Forget everything about it. Forget it even exists and leave it well alone.

Fuck Kirino.

>> No.30501333

>Hordie fishing for Ironjaw

>> No.30501355


What's wrong with it?

Just saying "don't" actually makes it more enticing than if you detail the problems.

>> No.30501367

It's shit.

>> No.30501378

>Aku never gets the better of him.
Oh, come on. Every other WEEK was Aku getting the better of Jack.

He pretty much just keeps Jack alive because he's got nothing better to do than troll him over and over.

>Oh, put that thing away, Samurai. We all know what’s going to happen. You’ll swing your sword, I’ll fly away, and probably say something like, “I’ll be back, Samurai!” And then I’ll flutter off over the horizon and we won’t see each for… about a week. And then we’ll do the same thing again.
> Your word play will not trick me, villain!

> No Wait! I’ll be back, Samurai - you’ll see! Bwah-ha-ha-ha.

> See what I mean?

>> No.30501387

That's a Drowzee

>> No.30501399

That was a fun episode.

Which one was it?

>> No.30501404


That wouldn't even matter if that ship. The ship's AI takes over the use of weapons when the crew dies. Can't remember if you could actually destroy the weapons though. Think it had some bullshit super cannon too.

>> No.30501442

Jack vs. Aku, IIRC

>> No.30501604

....Remind me what that is.

>> No.30501634

HOLY CRAP! so it is a case of improvised throwing weapon. Man that image now is just a thousand times more impressive.

Oh I can understand that line of thought and it probably should factor in but definitely should NOT be the major factor. I would give most metamagics a 10 or 11, considering how easy it is to get metamagic options in other ways.

If a feat also has a long line of progressions that will also drop the price in my mind. I don't care if it turned out TWF was insanely overpowered at the end of the feat progression it gets less points per feat. Or more points per feat but with less feats. I have never bothered to look through his full feat thing but I get the feeling non fighters would never have enough feat points to get full TWF with his plan.

>> No.30501684

>implying Jack lost
>implying the "Jump Good" episode wasn't the secret hidden Good Ending

>> No.30501693

An elder god, obviously.

Burning Mecury Thiocyanate

This is explosive polymerization of Nitro Aniline. Funny how science looks like Satan sometimes, isn't it?

>> No.30501704

Dude this is a big nostalgia for me. Don't know what you ever heard it referred to as, but for me they were always marketed as magic snakes. Them, those cheap tanks that maybe worked ONE time, the crackers you throw on the ground and bottle rockets formed what I had fun with every single fourth of july when I was a kid.

>> No.30501730

It's about terrible people making terrible decisions involving cute girls. And other than getting context for the various doujins, there's basically no reason to watch it ever.

>> No.30501772

Indeed, it is funny

But I'm guessing it's something not easily available to consumers, then?

Huh. Never encountered those.

>> No.30501813

They're sometimes marketed as "indoor fireworks"


>> No.30501820


>Summon a giant cock

>> No.30502360

>Not flying with the windows down.
You deserve all the fire you get pleb.

>> No.30502415

>> No.30502595

>implying that portal really went back to the past

>> No.30502606

And there was that time Jack fucked Aku.

>> No.30502621

Oh Zone. Is there anything you won't desecrate?

>> No.30502652

yeah, this is how we deform children
and breed the next generation of Bros

>> No.30502673

There is no Samurai Jack Zone flash.
Remember that episode where the green-skinned, black-haired, red-mascared, black-clad sexy chick helped Jack find a time-travel crystal?
Remember the oasis they found and rested in?
Remember the bedroom eyes they gave each other that night?

>> No.30502973

I'm afraid this wasn't Zone. This is quite literal canon.

Aku is ultimate rusemaster

>> No.30505026

Boku no Pico

>> No.30505039

Teleporting in to those weapon slots will kill the dude in there and destroy that particular weapon. You just have to do it 4 times.
Of course that's only phase 1 where that completely destroys its offense. I think you're right about the super cannon, but that's a later phase.

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