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OK, so the Tyranid box that just came out is a super good deal, I know. But I've heard rumors and whatnot that GW will be releasing tons of new Choas models and some more stuff for the Thousand Sons soon. I've been wanting to create a Sons army, so should I wait on that or stick with buying the Nid box?
More info welcomed!

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>Planning around rumors

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There were some White Dwarf pictures floating around of Chaos Dreds, so I thought that stuff would be coming out pretty soon. Was wondering if anyone had more solid information that's all.

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I wouldn't hold your breath for updated 1kSons. Updated generic Chaos is definite. Its just to what extent that remains to be seen

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I hope we get new plastic Havocs and Chosen.

I have my fingers crossed for a chaos version of the beaky helmet, god specific bits and weapon options.

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Those were part of the Helbrute rumours. Helbrute has surfaced. Just gotta see if the other stuff does too. Something has to fill out the other two weeks after all

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We know that there is a new Helbrute kit coming out, and there were rumours that there were new Havocs and Chosen to be released as well. If they were coming out along with the Helbrute, it's likely we'd have pictures of them already. However, with GW's new release schedule, it's not impossible that they might be released a week or two after the Helbrute.

If you're really worried, I'd wait for the Helbrute to be released, then give it until the end of the month. If there are no new Chaos models released in that time, there probably won't be any for the immediate future.

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Thousand Sons or Tyranids? Do you enjoy losing or something?

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Alright, thank you! I'd just like to be able to play Thousand Sons without selling my kidney.
>trying to play 40k cheap
>playing thousand sons
>playing 40k
There, now that that's out of the way:
I've also got a rough army list for a combo Sons and Khorne Berserkers and was wondering what else I should add.
HQ: Kharn-160pts
Thousans Sons Sorcerer wi/ Mark of Tzneetch and Dark Glory-75 pts
Troops:1 squad of CSMs-75pts
Elites: Khorne Berserksers- 105pts
Thousand Sons squad- 150 pts
Total: 635pts

I'd rather not cheese with just Heldrakes, but one of them might be helpful. Again the issue is money. Heldrakes are hella expensive.

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Nah. I enjoy just playing the game. and my 1000pt Nid amy currently has a 2-1-5 record. Not bad for a beginner.

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I know how you feel OP. I love the Thousand sons, and its sad how shafted they are.

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>tfw no Sorceror Chosen

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I'd start by giving your sorcerer a sigil of corruption and psyker 2 at least, psyker 3 cos it's awesome. Also, Kharn and the Thousand Sons Sorc unlocks the Thousand Sons and Berserkers as troops right? Is there any reason for running a squad of csm?

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I'm still waiting for more unique-looking daemon princes, like the Nurgle deamon prince.

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Mostly I was thinking of using the CSM as more mobile gunners, having them interfere when needed. I'll probably upgrade the Sorcerer's Psychic abilities, but I'm leery of sinking points into a model that will probably get targeted ASAP. Would a suicide squad of Chaos Terminators be a good idea or maybe some Chaos Spawn?

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too bad we couldnt have gotten this kind of dread instead of fleshblobs

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Forgeworld, son.

Wait for the TS Heresy era stuff to be released.

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I really hope they do my legion justice. I kinda want to run a thousand son list that has emperors children who snorted rubric dust be taken over by the rubrics to gain full control of mind and body again. sounds fun in my head and I could use dif troops thinking of calling them the greatful dead.

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> chaos beakie helmets

People don't already do this?

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