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Okay /tg/, I want to roll a new PC but I am not sure how my friends will react. Right now we have a game with male PCs only, and I want to play what could be described as a sexy female.

So, seeing /tg/ has a bad prude streak, I can imagine my friends would have a similar reaction.

So, what would you think of this as a character portrait and concept of a brown, fit elf fighter with zero concerns for modesty and a thing for tough men?

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Sure, but write Male on your sheet. You are an elf and elves are kinda girly.

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beito da yo

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do whatever you want, but make sure you bring it up beforehand
ps she gets a pass on /tg/ because brown elf musclegirls

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>elves are kinda girly.


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Play whatever you want.

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Tell us more about the character OP. There has to be a justification as for why she looks and acts that way.

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So you're worried about seeming creepy, but choose a portrait wit fairly exposed breasts and no practical armour, and describe her sexual preferences.

There is a difference between prude and feeling like someone is fetish-izing a game in front of you. I play female characters all the time, but sex is generally left out of the equation, just like my male characters, unless it has relevance to the plot.

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Yes, I plan to. I just want to avoid the giggles and offhand comments.


Well, what I have thought was kinda silly but I think it sounds fun. I had the idea she was from a secluded amazon village and she reached the age where she had to go out into the world and find a worthy husband. However, as her village is all women and they don't have much idea of feminine sex appeal she thinks physical strength = attractiveness for both males and females, hence why she has no real concerns about nudity.

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shit, that's kawaii.

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So is there such a thing established in the game world, or are you inventing magical amazon land because it makes you get a stiffy?

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You already know the answer, friend anon. You didn't even need to ask him.

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>So, seeing /tg/ has a bad prude streak,
Fuckin' Hitlermod. I'm sick of this shit. Anything even remotely titillating is 'that guy' this or 'check your privilege' that.

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You guys are getting more originals with that bait thing everyday.

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Wait, no. Don't even say anything. You're a moron and the thread is bait.

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If you were a guy, I would think you were gay and do my best to ignore the fetish erpiness.

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>So is there such a thing established in the game world, or are you inventing (insert absolutely anything not in the book here) because it makes you get a stiffy?
It's just an Amazon you fucking nazi freak. They're everywhere in fiction. It's not like she's evaluating male worthiness by taste-testing their fucking cum.

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How many of your male characters have you described as "sexy"?

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Somewhat related - I've been considering making a female character of my own, because I have the miniature in that pic.

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>ITT: The watchful eyes of the Mormon church

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Prude? Half the threads here are disguised (or blatant) porn threads.

Really, we just hate shit that distracts from the game. Especially when it's creepy fetish insert stuff.

Honestly, there's no reason to play a sexy brown female elf other than to pop a boner.

If it were for RP purposes, then you don't need skimpy clothes and shit

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>and want to actually make use of it for something

Forgot that bit.

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It depends, the only crossplayer I've had was a worthless piece of human trash, but there is no reason you couldn't play a decent female character.

That said, seeing how your pic is retarded and that every descriptor you used was about sex, I doubt she's an interesting enough character. If the rest of the chars in the game are just as shallow, and the game is just a powerfantasy dungeoncrawl, I guess it could still be fine.

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There's a medium between 'prudish' and 'blatant fapbait', OP.

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This thread is glory and honor.

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>Fails Plinkett test on every description
>Useful character

Well, I guess the sheet will get use if you need some liner for a birdcage...

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Doesn't answer the question, but thanks for getting mad.

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>If it were for RP purposes, then you don't need skimpy clothes and shit
Tell that to the Native Americans. Shame-based modesty would not be something you'd find in a tribal society, but I'm sure even stating that indisputable fact is going to get me called a that guy followed by assertions that there's no reason that Amazons wouldn't have the exact same cultural mores as the civilized races, maybe capped with an accusation to gb2/v/ like the cumshot at the end of a porno.

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what's the Plinkett test?

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>implying the question wasn't rhetorical and that you're not mad about being called out for being a ridiculous prude

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So, for the Plinkett test, which I just looked up, what /would/ you describe if you're not describing their name, job, or appearance? That's a bit confusing to me. Is it like personality or something?

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No, actually it wasn't.

If the GM has an amazon land of muscular brown elves in his game, then it makes sense for you to play one.

If you're shoving an amazon land of muscular brown elves in his game (which, by the way, would make his game not a place where they existed until you insisted on playing one), then it's a different matter entirely.

Why are you getting so defense, OP?

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>Tell that to the Native Americans.

Of which there were hundreds of individual tribes, some of which dressed in full primitive clothing before meeting settlers, while others went buck bare depending on their needs.

>Random babbling to justify your fetishization of a game of pretend



A more complex version of the old "play the man, not the uniform" concept that is a good rule of thumb:

>Describe a character without including their name, titles, rank, class, race, job, physical/social traits, or other characters in the work. Is this something interesting to you?

It doesn't always work, but it's a good foundation for asking yourself whether it is worth continuing.

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Why not just make your character male.

And have them dress and style themselves like a female.

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>some of which dressed in full primitive clothing before meeting settlers
Strictly by necessity. This is something that only happened with the northern tribes where clothing was required. Indians did not have what anyone would describe as a traditional European notion of modesty, this is not really up for debate.

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What do either of those have to do with my question?

I promise I'll leave this thread without commenting further if you just straight out answer, yes or no, 'is there a land of brown amazon elves in my GM's world that it would make sense for my character to come from?'.

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Replied to the wrong thing.
Wanted this.

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Oh, uh, whoops.

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Except it really is. I do so love watching the fetishization of native culture continuing on. Your noble savage archetype has been refuted, and the fact that you are pushing for sexualized brown elves shows your level of general understanding.

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>how do I google

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Yup. Suppose I describe a character as having a brilliant deductive mind, but who's a bit of an aloof asshole. Condescending to the people around him, including his only real friend. Also has a bit of an inferiority complex regarding his older brother. Occasionally indulges in cocaine, has also been known to smoke a pipe, though he swtiched to cigarettes when they came into vogue. But despite his faults, he still works to help people, and he doesn't hesitate to put himself in the line of fire to do it.

If that descriptions good enough to for you to guess the famous fictional character I'm describing, then that character passess the Plinkett test.

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So its Sherlock Holmes


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>Indians did not have what anyone would describe as a traditional European notion of modesty, this is not really up for debate.
>Except it really is.
This ought to be good. Okay: wow me.

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And could fit, with minor adjustments, into any setting without having to be Sherlock Holmes. It's the nature of the beast.

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I'll just leave this picture from the last thread like this I was in here... He was denying it was fapbait, too.

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Ah, alright. Yeah, I see it now. It was just a little vague in the article I got and provided no further explanation to it.

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Correct. Sherlock Holmes is a character with a complex enough personality and web of relations that he can be identified from a description that doesn't include his name, his profession, or appearance; well, the pipe is kind of an iconic part of his appearance, but not like the Inverness cape or the deerstalker cap...anyway, Sherlock Holmes passes the Plinkett test.

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No he specifically said he wanted to play that as a cleric in that thread

I remember that shit.

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it could be worse anon

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Was the milk restorative?

captcha "ofshock"

I'm of shock

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I think she lactated holy water or some shit

>> No.30463492

I think it was. The idea is that she was a religion's Holy Chalice in human form, so her breastmilk was all kinda magic. Heals the sick, burns the unholy, etc.

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oh my god that's so fetishist it's laughable

>> No.30463555

That reminds me of a gif taken from a hentai where a female ninja decapitates to enemy ninja with her breast milk.

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yeah its pretty magical realm

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This thread makes me feel bad I am using this for my rogue.

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that's the least sexy thing I've heard all day.

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Did Rei just get a racelift?
Then again, she was genetically engineered to have blue hair, see no reason why they couldn't go further.
We're all just lucky Gendo didn't want a waifu that glowed in the dark.

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I think her floppy cow tits would lower her dexterity, or at least give the enemy a better chance to hit.

Or do large damage.

>> No.30463668

you're more confused about the racelift'd rei with a boob window than you are justin beiber?

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>giant floppy cow tits


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You should feel bad...that is an awful piece of art.

This character's nemesis is through this link!


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bitch, Feanor was the essence of girly sass. He got mad over stolen jewelery. If that's not girly, then I don't know what is.

>> No.30463707

A respectable reason if there was ever any.

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>giant floppy cow tits
>cow tits

wat. She has very proportionally sized breasts for her body. They are large, but not huge

>> No.30463726

You SHOULD feel bad for using that. Just...Jesus. You could not scream THIS IS MY FETISH any louder.

>> No.30463728

I didn't recognize him.

>> No.30463743

nigga those are giant floppy cowtits

they're as wide as her fucking waist.

>> No.30463758


what is the fetish there, though? attractive women?

>> No.30463772

Tits larger than her head.

>> No.30463774

That's like saying a jet turbine is a proportionate method of propulsion for a mini cooper.

>> No.30463775

Dude what. A single one is literally the size of her head. Her ass, legs and breasts are massively fat and oversize while the rest is underwear model shaped.

>> No.30463779 [DELETED] 


This is giant cow tits. Not that

>> No.30463783

They're bigger than her head.

Have you seen girls in real life?

>> No.30463825

Fat, pudgy thighs too.

The two are literally one size different. And guess what, the latter is 'SEEK MEDICAL HELP, THIS MAY KILL OR RUIN YOU' tier.

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>> No.30463831

Nigga thats the same damn thing.

>> No.30463839


have you?

>> No.30463845

That's a run-of-the-mill fat girl who's been fucked by enough drunk betas to think she's attractive.

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>> No.30463883

Dude what. Unless the perspective is rigged, those are massive compared to her figure. That is not 'regular fat girl', that is most likely excessive implants.

>> No.30463915


No. Tits are about the same size, but JE doesn't have any tattoos.

>> No.30463988 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


Doubt it. Size is similar but hers are saggier.

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Oh, Anon. You're going to be bitterly disappointed when you start dating.

>> No.30464021

Why did I look. Why.
Damnable curiosity. Now my mind is scarred. I will never unsee the fat.

>> No.30464041


Tits are mostly composed of fat, Anon. So a girl with natural tits that big gotta be chubby

>> No.30464065

If a girl has big tits she has either

1. A fair amount of body fat
2. Implants
3. Amazing genetics.

1&2 are far far far far far more common

>> No.30464090

I literally just realized that the spoiler picture reveals a different picture when clicked

jesus fuck I'm retarded

>> No.30464103

There is a difference between 'Yeah she's got fairly big tits.' and 'WHY IS THERE A PICTURE OF TWO BLOBS'

>> No.30464120

so long as you admit it. And you chose a helluva picture to find that out with

>> No.30464127


what... how...I mean... what?

>> No.30464131


>not liking thick women

>> No.30464137

I wish I could still have blissful ignorance. Or have clicked a different picture.


>> No.30464139

I would have called you a moron, but I did the same thing when I started browsing /v/. I assumed the Mario mystery box was a wierd 4chan meme I didn't understand.

>> No.30464146

That's not thick. That's fucking fat.

>> No.30464148


>There is a difference between 'Yeah she's got fairly big tits.' and 'WHY IS THERE A PICTURE OF TWO BLOBS'

she is actually famous for drawing characters with massive tits that match her own massive pair.

>> No.30464161

hello newfriend.

>> No.30464164

I'm not new, I know who she is, I've seen pictures before, but not...not those. Those are more horrifying than any of the others made them look.

>> No.30464165


These are some nice DDs

>> No.30464178

Jesus, 4chan has the absolute worst taste in women. That is not "thick". That is "obese".

>> No.30464180

Here, this exists. Feel better now.

>> No.30464194 [SPOILER] 


More horrifying than this?

this is why DFC is superior

>> No.30464202


>> No.30464212


Also, size doesn't matter as long as the shape is good.

>> No.30464215


at least is superior to furry mexican cow udders

>> No.30464220

Fucking horrible.

>> No.30464222

I've actually been here for a while. I've just never clicked on a spoiler picture for some reason. Hell, I did it by accident just now. Hence my feelings of immense stupidity.

>> No.30464227

I remember my first female character.

Me and my friends, all male, and I was the first to play a woman. A high Charisma Drow warlock.

It was awkward at first, but things eased up, and one player vigorously flirted with me ICly. It helped that I'm kind of a skinny dude.

A sort of lusty triangle started, with the party's half-orc fighter and human cleric both fucking me at different times, and causing friction. I won't lie.. it was hot.

>> No.30464234

Is Plank your ideal girl then?

>> No.30464237


To be fair her tits are natural, so they are not going to be perfectly round seeing how huge they are.

>> No.30464238


It really isn't obese. At all.

You can tell- very obviously- in that picture that her waist is thinner than her chest and her hips. She's heavy, maybe, but still curvy.

>> No.30464257


>> No.30464282

well, it's nothing to be massively ashamed of tbh. feeling a little stupid from time to time helps me manage my pride

>> No.30464312


Not the guy you're replying to, but I know exactly what you mean. I feel uneasy and arrogant when I have too long a streak of being right or winning, so every once and awhile I have to get absolutely crushed, outsmarted, etc.

>> No.30464318

I concur. Don't get me wrong, I think she's right at the dividing line between "voluptuous" and "fat", but I think she's just on the acceptable side.

To >>30464146 and >>30464164, I have a question; how much weight would you say she'd have to lose to look alright? Just out of curiosity, mind you.

>> No.30464327

See, North America and Bongistan are just used to disgustingly obese women at this point in time. What we think of as "normal" or "average" is overweight. Plain and simple. The girl in the photo is obese. Not "morbidly", but she's far beyond just overweight. Where her body deposits her adipose tissue matters less than the overall amount of fat. Yes, she his giant cowtits and muffin tops. No, that does not mean she isn't obese.

>> No.30464336


she's just saved because her boobs are so fucking big. If she had normal sized ones she would be a blob

>> No.30464340

Derp, meant to reply to >>30464146 and >>30464178.

>> No.30464347

I think this is the reason i love playing squishy characters in combat games like pathfinder etc. Makes it fun to know, "yes you're powerful, but yes you can be squished like a bug".

>> No.30464352

>It's not like she's evaluating male worthiness by taste-testing their fucking cum.

An important way to determine dietary health

>> No.30464368

>What we think of as "normal" or "average" is overweight.

That's utterly fucking untrue.

Look at any fashion magazine, Playboy, or beer commercial: the women are thin. The norm is thin. Not exceptionally thin, but not thick and NOTHING like JE.

>> No.30464374


Go on..

>> No.30464376

How tall is she? I'd say at least 50 pounds to be actually "hot" and not just "fuckable", but every part of her body is going to be scarred by stretchmarks.

>> No.30464379

Or those cases where it feels good to be wrong.

>> No.30464381

This thread seems to forget that /tg/ is on 4chan, and 4chan put Togi-chan on the map. This is not an endorsement of this thread, nor a vilification, but merely a fact. /tg/ wouldn't know sexy in an Elven brothel hosted by special pint-sized guest Mz. Lidda.

Why the fuck am I posting this?

>> No.30464389

Fuck of I know. I'd need to be able to see her IRL maybe, get an idea of her actual weight, it's distribution, how tall she is etc.

>> No.30464391

Wait, who the hell thinks fashion mags, Playboy, and beer commercials are the norm? Do you mean "ideal"?

>> No.30464405

eh, start a new thread, pics will be found.

>> No.30464412

Fashion magazines are not "normal". The individuals you see on a day-to-day basis are "normal", and the vast majority are overweight.

Granted, you have to actually leave your basement in order to see them, so maybe Playboy is the norm for you.

>> No.30464414


It's good to know that a smart physical fighter could just grab you and dominate you.


Oh, yeah. The best part is the subconscious element to it. I won't even realize I'm setting myself up for it.. vigorously debating my position, only for me to realize how horribly wrong I am. The look on my face must be ego-stroking to my adversary.

>> No.30464428

fuck you and fuck you for trying to justify your fetish fuel as 'historically accurate.' I don't give a shit if you have a perfectly good reason to justify the fact that your character is nearly naked all the time; you're going to make everyone else uncomfortable. You will be that guy. You are the kind of person who will explain what her tits are doing mid combat. fuck you and fuck your wierd fetish shit you are the reason that your campaign is going to end.

>> No.30464433

No. Fuck that. I've got better things to do. I ain't taking part of that.

>> No.30464434



>> No.30464469

Yup, that is one thing I do like about the combat games/groups, i don't have to get overly attached to characters unless I want to. Death is a viable (and oft entertaining) option.

>> No.30464470

5e barbs actually have a class feature to give them ac if they don't wear armor, so you can go conan style thong without sucking.
Needless to say, mine go around naked, and are perplexed when blue paint is not sold at the clothing store.

>> No.30464484

Make it 60 pounds.

>> No.30464552 [DELETED] 

>mfw this is my current PC

you are all smalltime

>> No.30464560


Yeah. I try to play my casters with low HP too.. like, most pump constitution, but I keep it nice n' low and avoid means to get more HP.

I once, at level 8ish or so, casted flight and attempted to fly up and way from a group of level 3-4 thugs. They had me fully surrounded. I got like.. hit by a bunch of attacks of opportunity. My HP was low enough that they basically just hacked me down. It was just some random fight too. So amusing to die like a bitch.

>> No.30464569


What I meant, maybe if you were literate you would get this Is that NO ONE considers JE's figure to be anywhere close to normal. At all. Unless you live in Missouri, most people aren't as overweight as her.

>> No.30464606

And you can get some seriously fun results. Last session my mystic theurge died in a pitched battle with an enemy sorceror (we both had flight on) above the general melee. Felt badass as we wrecked eachother.

>> No.30464621

>mystic theurge
You were asking for it.

>> No.30464634

shots fired

>> No.30464636

Maybe we'd get your insipid point if you weren't so inarticulate? You ever think of that, you intellectual abortion?

>> No.30464649

The norm is still not "thin", fuckface. It's overweight. And fat chicks like JE are a dime a dozen on any college campus.

>> No.30464654

yeeep. I know. Was playing with a group of mostly nubs as an experienced player and decided to play an underpowered support character.

>> No.30464675

The tits aren't what scares me, it's the "look at this gamer item, I'm datable, right?" that makes me think the chick is really desperate.

>> No.30464710

Because you're a dirty elf-loving bastard.

>> No.30464745


Ooh, insults. How intellectual of you. Do you actually have a counterpoint? Or do you agree? You need to calm the hell down.


Please, tell me what kind of college campuses have women with H cups "a dime a dozen". It'd be fun to visit. Sorry, but that body type is not normal.

>> No.30464829

Any campus in America? Because she's just a fat girl. She has big titties, yes, but they rest on her gut like sacks of wet oatmeal, and look like they dangle pendulously around her fupa when she's not letting them trickle through her sausage fingers like pudding.

Srsly bro find a better waifu.

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