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ITT everything reptile man related.

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Oh god, yes.

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in b4 lizardtits

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>Not delaying your entire party by basking in the sun for 4 hours, every day
Can you believe some people do that?

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Only four hours?

Better than wizards.

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I cannot decide whether I prefer jungle/swamp or desert lizardmen. I think its nice to have several related varieties filling such areas.

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What about technologically advanced lizardmen living in arctic or mountainous regions?

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Scary lizardmen are best.

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>not lizardfolk


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What are they saying? I don't know what's going on but I like it anyways

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How is that even slightly 'camp'.

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Do Kobolds count?
They're my favorite

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Kobolds are fucking shit.

Seriously. Dumb weak draconic shit.

Lizardmen/folk are superior.

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I presume reptile women are also acceptable

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Because magical realm.

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Yeah, but no tits.

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>implying non-lizardfolk can see the difference between lizardmen and lizardwomen

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Fuck you kobolds are rad

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>dumb weak draconic shit
But that's what lizardfolk are too, essentially?
Kobolds are just smaller more agile versions

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I recall reading a version of Dragonborn where they were created by dragons as a way to more easily keep order amongst humanoids and go into places dragons were too large for. Does anybody know in which setting this is the case?

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Dragons are smart because they're giant magical creatures. The smaller the dragon gets, the dumber they get.

Meanwhile lizardmen are like fucking meat eating dinosaurs. The smaller they get, the smarter they become.

Besides, kobolds aren't even supposed to be draconic.

They're fucking germanic mythological leprechauns.

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>Not sticking a thumb into their slit to check Steve Irwin style

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>germanic mythological leprechauns
Tell me more, I didn't know about this

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The only problem is that if kobolds are a type of leprechaun what are we supposed to call all these sneaky midget lizard people?

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>Sempai finally noticed me!

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Troodon people.

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>implying they can even hear the difference too

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posting obligatory superior lizardman art

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Scalies = furries. Reported.

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You must be new here.

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Global rule #7.

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He looks like he's telling a joke to the skull on his staff, and he's just so pleased with himself.

>Hey skull.
>Hey skull.
>Why did the lizard student report his friend's absence?
> He was a hall monitor!

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Eleventy hours in a hex editor.

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Fucking saved, anon. Thanks.

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Oh man, didn't know there was a higher res version. MANY THANKS.

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Seems too far fetched.

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you'd think your party would get a carriage or something to strap you to the top of so they can go places

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I made a setting once were lizardmen used to worhship a superior race of wingered and feathered lizardmen, before the Elves butchered them and made the inferior Lizardmen worship them. Elves were above-Tolkien-Elves-Tier and went to conquer the Eastern continent where human lived and the campaign took place. They invaded the first human kingdom with hordes of fanatics lizardmen, before the Orcs in the desert stopped their progression and caused the first elves defeat in the whole invasion. I never could finish the campaign though. It was about finding other representant of the feathered race, because a legend was very similar to this description. They were supposed to find a Coatl in the mountains, passing through the maze like abandoned cities of the extincted Dwarves.

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This will be my next character. A lizardfolk shaman who moonlights as a ventriloquist with his skull staff.

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Would a permanent Daylight on something let you bask indoors?

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Does Daylight create heat, or only illumination?

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Had a setting where the lizardfolk once had an advanced empire of blood and sacrificial magic that were eventually destroyed by everyone else. Centuries passed. The lizardfolk were thought extinct until adventurers traveled to the frozen continent and found whole cities of them. Cities surrounded by perpetual fire fueled by ancient magics to keep them warm. The lizards were terrified that the other races were still hunting their kind down and did their best to stay hidden.

They weren't really a major part of the setting though and were just a minor interesting thing in the background.

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Dunno, what do the rulebooks say daylight does?

And beyond that it's DM's discretion.

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I'm not sure
Apparently "The object touched sheds light as bright as full daylight in a 60-foot radius."

So it is actually creating light, which means that there is some energy that can be absorbed from it. I don't know much about light physics, but I think we can assume that it would be equivalent to the sun at least as far as the visible spectrum is concerned. I'm not sure what percentage of the sun's thermal load is in the visible spectrum rather than other types of radiation, so it's hard to estimate how much energy the light actually transfers at minimum.

If it were up to me, I'd say sure it does, because it says "sheds light" rather than "illuminates" or something, but obviously its open to interpretation.

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Now I want to make a Lizardfolk bard with permanent Daylight cast on the inside of his cloak. He keeps it closed for portable basking and then flares it open for razzle dazzle and daring do.

>Middle of the night.
>Sneaking into the kobold camp to retrieve an artifact.
>Accidentaly wake a sentry.
>Quick use of Bluff and Perform: Striking Poses while my cloak flares dramatically and backlights him with the glare of the sun.
>Kobolds have a new sun god.

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Kobolds are warm-blooded though, I don't think they'd accept a cold-blooded god.

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Maybe we should ask /sci/

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>implying lizardfolk can see the difference either
>bedroom surprises ahoy!

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>the surprise changes very little

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>[hermaphrodite mating noises]

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Bard Tips: Never mate with snailfolk

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>The Sultry Argonian Bard Volume 1 by Ellya Erdain

Act VI, Scene II, continued

Croon-Tail: My lady, I could never perform your request!

Ellya Erdain: Oh? Is it too fast for you?

Croon-Tail: I fear that it may damage my instrument.

Ellya Erdain: Ah, but you seam to handle your instrument so well, my darling.

Croon-Tail: You flatter me, my lady.

Ellya Erdain: Yes, well it is such a large and magnificent piece. May I hold it?

Croon-Tail: Goodness no! The innkeeper would never approve of such a public display.

Ellya Erdain: Then, may I suggest a private performance? Perhaps, away from the noise of the inn where we both may enjoy your tremendous talent.

Croon-Tail: Surely you don't mean for me to accompany you to your room?

Ellya Erdain: Indeed I do, my sweet. Indeed I do.


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>posting fanfiction

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"All fiction is just fan fiction of something else"-Bill Gates

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>it's called original content

OC has been part of this board from the start

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>missing the joke
It's ingame fanfiction of another ingame book.

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Been working on a setting for several years now, I've posted a few things about it on here before. Fairly advanced (roughly even with Halo's UNSC) Heinlein-esque alien species.
Made them lizardfolk because fuck yeah lizardfolk. Trying to make them less furrybait though.

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Please tell me he has tiny adorable t-rex arms.

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>trying to make them less furrybait though

I'm assuming you drew that, that's pretty nice..

Make it such that the armor is based AROUND the lizard folk rather than lizard folk in human-shaped armor. Those helmets, while seemingly fitting, give the notion that those lizards are wearing human stuff(hence the whole furry anthro part). Give them helmets medieval style, where their jawline is covered to an extent. Make their anatomy different than a human - longer arms, thicker legs(or even using that reverse animal leg thing), an arched back, sensitive eyes(an excuse to wear sunglasses and tinted visors). Give them armor fitting to their body and BAM, you got a race of lizardfolk that probably isnt furry shit at first glance.

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Did someone say lizard tits?

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Common misconception. Despite their draconic nature and dragons being warmblooded, kobolds are still coldblooded creatures. Races of the Dragon says so at least, or one of the other 3.5 Dragon books.

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Is that the lizardman version of the car from Diamonds are Forever?

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>Comedia Dell'Largarte

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What would happen if Lifts-Her-Tail and Croon-Tail met? Would a new Daedric Lord of Bad Innuendos come to prominence?

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Dragons with parasols.

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Oh man, what have I done?

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>This thread

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Lizard people are sweet.

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I know, right? I can't stop.

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By the way, what font is that? It looks way better than the one I've been using.

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This is what happens when you want to use a certain word.

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>that little bug dude
Wish I knew what they were saying...

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The pixie.

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the horror

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Jungle for me!

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Why does the fact she's with a bunch of gnarly lizard dudes make HER more sexually attractive?
I mean if I was into lizards in that way then I could understand it... But I don't fancy them, just her... More so because she's with the lizards.


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I want this dude to protect me from bullies at school.

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Don't worry, anon.

It's not gay if it's a lizard.

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"Give us your lunch money, nerd!"

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>with a gun
Kind of overdoing it there, kiddos.

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Guns are for suckers, use it or scram tough guy. I only drop my dimes in the face of blades and cudgels.

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I feel like I'd being stalked by naughty Girls and Lizard thoughts now.

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Why do lizardfolk dislike other races? Because they are selfish. Lizardfolk and mammals could be such great friends, the reptiles offering their supporting strength during the day while the mammals share their wonderful body heat during the cold, lonely nights. Instead they call the reptiles primitive and brutish, say they smell of rotting sewage and corpses. Make the poor lizardfolk live in the dank, cold swamp. Selfish mammals.

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Same anon as >>30451711
Drew this one more recently, experimenting with digital art. Same reptilian alien race, just with power armor. I do love me some power armor.

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I'm sure a species with a tail would fine a way to implement it tactically rather than just leave it hanging. Maybe an ammo belt guide or throw on a camera/sensor package on the end there for helmet feed.

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So everyone gets their own lizardfolk to help with daily chores in exchange for cuddles? I could get behind that. If they smell, we can just bathe them right? some nice scented soaps, make them smell like cinnamon or vanilla.

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>If they smell, we can just bathe with them right?


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>the lizardfolk and humans have started to get along better
>they even live in the same cities now
>the lizardfolk have a special fondness for humans because of their natural body warmth
>lizardfolk are very friendly with humans and will use any chance they can get to be close to them for warmth
>they always greet humans with a hug and it's not uncommon for them to consciously or unconsciously wrap their tails around a humans leg when sitting together
>although, there are still some bad eggs in the clutch
>there are lizardfolk who non-consensually cuddle with the warmblooded humans
>humans getting grabbed and pulled into dark alleys to be held and cuddled against their will
>"Go ahead, call the guards. They can't uncuddle you."

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>Have a lizardfolk roomie
>Constantly waking up half way through night with a lizardfolk cuddling me for warmth
>It's a thorny scale variety, can't even enjoy the cuddles
>chip in a couple hundred to help him get an extra large heat lamp to solve both our problems
>The heat lamp gives off too much light and a loud hum, still can't get sleep.

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>a thorny scale variety, can't even enjoy the cuddles
You obviously aren't trying hard enough.

>> No.30466821

Heat mats and thermal blankets are cheaper.

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>lizardfolk have taken a great liking to human fashion
>mainly thick sweaters made of warm materiel
>turtleneck sweaters are even especially liked
>lizardfolk find the name to be rather fitting and funny
>you walk around outside during Fall and see a 8ft tall muscle bound lizardfolk wearing a big fluffy pink turtleneck sweater

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I need more cute lizards

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Hey this is probably late and you'll never read this, but you should check out Harry Turtledove's WorldWar series, which deals with a reptilian alien invasion circa 1942

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>> No.30467938

is that even good for it?

>> No.30467946

that lizard is under so much stress

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>> No.30467970

This is no coincidence I know this lizard from EQ1.

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>mfw when running a 4E custom setting in my game, making up a few kingdoms and such for every race people have an intrest in.
>Bored with Dragonborn and trying to twist them to some unique role
>Decide to roll with honor
>Basically the holy roman empire, but with more honor, more justice and QUESTING.
>Ruled by an Elder Platinum Dragon.
>Metallic dragons scatter hordes stolen from evil dragons into the wilderness, causing young generations to quest for minor riches and artifacts for fun.
>Players all roll Dragonborn teenagers all on these minor quests
>Game becomes scooby doo with hilarious lighthearted results.

it was funny as hell.


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>Das it mane

>> No.30468020


>Rather envious of Human hair and it's sylting customisation qualities, many Lizards, especially rowdy lizard youths have taken to wearing wings glued to their heads and adopting rebellious counter-cultures.

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>> No.30468024

>giving a cold blooded thing something freezing to eat
No. That is not good for it. Not absolutely awful, it'll recover just fine. Not good for it, though.

That's a beardie? What morph? Looks more like a tegu with that tail. If it was a tegu I'd be able to think it's not under too much stress, since they are the one lizard that shows traditional affection.

>> No.30468029

what if we have lizards that get feather-hair or something?

>> No.30468052

I was more thinking of the dairy products and all that jazz.

But I agree with you that it looks like a Tegu

>> No.30468072

They simply adopt the counter cultures and hair styles.

Mohawks and Pompadors with leather jackets.

>> No.30468077

Like Lizardman from the newest soul calibur? sounds cool to me

>> No.30468093

>> No.30468116

I like how Lizardman basically became Lizard Moses in those games and got a pretty nice ending for himself.

>> No.30468122

Never played soul calibur, I was thinking Argonians

>> No.30468142

I was expecting him to faceplant headfirst on the glass
That's pretty impressive

>> No.30468145

Let me introduce to you from the outback the last of its kind:

A real dinosaur, that starts with 3 eyes.

>> No.30468161

Imagine this, but as Lizardmen.

Also how would they react to human emotions? Would they be attracted to huggable personalities?

Would they themselves be cold or welcoming of others?

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>> No.30468189

>got a lady lizard friend from down under into that sort of thing.
>has gotten peacock feather peircings in her frill, covering the enter frill.
>Was excited to show me
>I laughed and complimented what a manly bird she looked like
>She mixed ground flies with my hamburger meat as revenge.

>> No.30468224

this is lizardman

>> No.30468229

>Would they themselves be cold
Well, they aren't exactly warm-blooded...

>> No.30468280

Yes, but as a sentient creature, would this make them attracted to warm blooded friends?

Would a Lizardman be a hugger? Seeing as the absorbing of body heat as a nice feeling?

Would even the most battle scarred and rough of Lizard men warriors embrace their Human man at arms as a sign of respect?

>> No.30468317

Stealing their warm, like cats do.

>> No.30468371

But it's not really stealing is it? It's like sharing.

>> No.30468378

>Lizardmen hogging a blacksmith's work area because it's close to the fire
>Lizardmen laying on top of people's horses in the sun
>Lizardmen just lying in an inconvenient place in the street and refusing to move

I love the idea. Lizardmen should act more like cats.

>> No.30468409


>> No.30468502

>cats and lizards

>> No.30468708

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

>> No.30468716

>> No.30468726

Too far? I say alchemy hasn't gone far enough!

>> No.30468740

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum...

>> No.30468800

That looks like an alligator lizard.

So I fully believe this image.

>> No.30468825


>> No.30469400

aren't black bears huge cowards?

>> No.30469419

They're scavengers, so kinda.

>> No.30469472

explains a lot really

also we're severely lacking in lizards here

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>> No.30469561


>> No.30469596

>this comic

I always love this one.

>> No.30469597


>> No.30469629


>> No.30469859

Who is this guy?

>> No.30469981

The font is called Tomson Talks. It's freely available.


It's like how the pretty girl gets a friend who's heavier or less attractive to sit by her, so she looks better by comparison.

>> No.30474024

>> No.30474144

Oh my goodness those skeletons are adorable.
If I ever become a necromancer, all the skeletons I have will be that adorable.

>> No.30474393

they're humorous

>> No.30474444

skeleton bard

>> No.30475096

>not wanting delicious lizardpecs instead

>> No.30475109

always good.

>> No.30475170

also good

>> No.30475591

Behold, content.

>> No.30475608

>mfw not so subtle bulge

>> No.30475639

>> No.30475881

>> No.30475941

D'aww, tiny butler lizard is the cutest!

>> No.30475993

That's pathetic.

>> No.30476012

dem scars

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>> No.30476055

>> No.30476067

Apparently as long as it's not eating a lot it'll be okay, if it does eat to much it'll just have diarrhea or something.

Though i wonder why it'd eat it, considering that they don't really have that many taste buds to begin with.

>> No.30476134

Everytime I see this I think it's wearing something risque, like lingerie or a french maid deal but it never is.

>> No.30476164

Maid you say?

>> No.30476176

I came across this one recently
it's quite nice

>> No.30476195

>your lizardman boyfriend has always had trouble with human foods
>but grapes are the worst for him
>you have to chew them for him
>but you don't mind, really...

>> No.30476210

Me too. It's the position, really.

>> No.30476324

>> No.30476396

I think I keep thinking it has a feather duster or something.

>> No.30476644

>> No.30476658 [SPOILER] 

>everything reptile man related

>> No.30476673

Good lords these threads really make me realize what a faggot I am, deep inside.

A-at least for lizardkin that might look brutish but really are kinda gentle and kind.

>> No.30476686 [SPOILER] 


>> No.30476688

>no genitals

>> No.30476700

I don't like guys 90% of the time
I don't usually like muscles
Hell, I don't even have any particular attraction to dfc

But I would cuddle the fuck out of those scaly abs

>> No.30476704

>Extra large
More like feral dragon related, b-but point taken.
If you know what I mean AHUEAUHEAUHAEU

And somehow, the thread turned into "LET'S SEE HOW LEWD WE CAN GET WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING NSFW", boy that sure have never happened before!

>> No.30476716

>individual bulges for dick and ball(s)
clearly it needs a loincloth. I love loincloths.
Loincloths are great for characters. All of 'em. No exceptions.

>> No.30476743

Its obviously the saurian pelvic ridge, pfft

>> No.30476760

I don't have a general preference for either sex (HEY TUMBLR WHAT PRONOUNS SHOULD I USE) but lizardkin are just... Yes. All of the yes, and it frustrates me a bit how I can't explain why.

Loincloths all the fucking way! Fuck, why can't we bring loincloths back into modern fashion. Obscure band t-shirts? Fucking casual, check out my limited edition obscure band loincloth.

>> No.30476849

/tg/ - totally gay

Also do deathclaws count? I mean their sentience is questionable depending on the game but they are mutant chameleons pretty much

>> No.30476879

We prefer to call it "flexible" I think.

They're big brutish monster-like beings that can be sentient and kind if you're lucky - I'd say they count, they're very lizard-like imo.

Picture related, you'll never be the little girl to a big lizardman, or even his best bro.

>> No.30476895

Deathclaws count if you look at the sex mods people made for New Vegas.

>> No.30476898

Are you me, anon? Guys do nothing for me, but I'd snuggle a big burly lizardman to help him warm up in a heartbeat. I have no idea why I feel these feels?

>> No.30476902

Guess I'll throw out some stuff then
I've got censored images if that's what you're looking for

>> No.30476944

I-I... What.

Fucking hell I actually need to go see this, despite knowing it's gonna be horribly awkward

We are legion. If lizardlike aliens ever attempt to subdue our planet, it is our job to snuggle their hatred away and take us on a journey through space. Or die trying, if you're into that.

Content is content, I'm starting to get a lot of duplicate messages already.

>> No.30476957

I'm probably going to pick at random from my images

and hopefully not accidentally grab one of my non-censored images

>> No.30476959

They can knock up female characters in one of the mods as well.

>> No.30476977

that reminds me

>> No.30476981

That just makes me wonder why you'd have censored images when you've already got uncensored ones.

>> No.30476984

Go on...
Perhaps starting a paralel thread on /d/ would suit this occassion?

>> No.30476988

That'd be a shame now wouldn't it?

>> No.30476990

Time to give people a new fetish.

>> No.30477002

>using "sex" as a noun in reference to genitals
that's an instant bonerkill
like really who says that besides very sheltered amish women

>> No.30477017

I'm a lazy fuck and this shit is just on my desktop
Too close to beastiality/furry for me to risk a ban

Also I dont' have the originals and don't really care to find them.
eh better than endless use of pussy and so on.

>> No.30477018

ESL people?

>> No.30477019

Do it already, just give us a title name to search for.

S-shit, I think I'm actually blushing. What the fuck was in that sandwich I had, 200mL of Estrogen?


>> No.30477033


wow they made Reptile look like shit.

>> No.30477036


>> No.30477061

I should clarify that it's a male in the first two and female in the rest.

Although the latter is how I play my courier

>> No.30477107

Daaaaaaaaaaaang, that image, holy fuck.

This place is currently about as straight as a rollecoaster.

>> No.30477126

I refuse to believe anyone on this site is 100% straight.

>> No.30477139

The whole "not attracted to dudes but I'd do things to that (monster race) regardless of its gender)" is a weird thing.

At least, for better or worse, it's something that'll never come up IRL so that's one less thing to worry about.

>> No.30477153

inb4 aliens that look like monsters make contact with us in the next week

>> No.30477157

True that.

Oh, don't you say that, who knows what aliens will look like if they ever land here?

>> No.30477163

Well it's certainly not one of those "I'm going to be really mad if I'm wrong" statements.

>> No.30477190

I'm giggling trying to imagine how you'd be all "Oh no, uhm, please stop, don't do that a-ah, everyone else run far away and save yourselves! I'll be the sacrifice, j-just go!"

>> No.30477196

>dem feather
Oh my

>> No.30477209

This is probably my alltime favourite lizardman picture. Shit looks badass as all hell.

unrelated note:
help lizardman thread friends, I'm stuck on whether to play vidya games, draw up a comic for my new characters backstory for my DM (note: I can't really draw) or make some 3D hat for TF2, because hats and maybe money
ultimately I'm doing none of the above and being on 4chan

>> No.30477214

>aliens make contact and land on Earth
>every fa/tg/uy and /co/mrade's face turns into Kirk's face

>> No.30477264

>Despite its name, this spell is not the equivalent of daylight for the purposes of creatures that are damaged or destroyed by bright light.
So I imagine the inverse is true, too.

>> No.30477284

Oh my indeed. Argonians are pretty high on my "PLEASE BE MY HUSBANDO/WAIFU/WHATEVER"-list.

Oh, old proper Warhammer lizardmen are probably what founded my fondness for lizardkin in general. I'd say vidya, tbh.

Heck I'd even skip the initial "i-it's not like I want to o-or anything!" and be at their genitals as quick as possible. Fuck, someone's gotta step up and save humanity, might as well do it like a fucking pro.

>> No.30477294


Comic. Now.

>> No.30477307

It's called taking one for the team, anon.

>> No.30477318 [SPOILER] 

you'd have to wonder how recreational-sex orientated an alien society would be
yes, you're right, it must be done

spoiled because honestly, not sure if leg or penis

>> No.30477322

Or two

depending on if they understand the concept of the splitroast.

>> No.30477323

Jesus fucking christ I swear I can actually feel my ovaries quivering. Or balls or whatever suits your fancy

Get the fuck off my husbando.

>> No.30477342

Dude. Space lizard STDs aren't laughing matter. Who knows what weird things might happen.

>> No.30477365

It might be a pelvis bone or whatever it's called

>> No.30477371

I find this sort of thing intriguing on account of having known women who eat this sort of thing up like its cocaine frosted chocolate.

>> No.30477381

It's the pose, look, and that slightly protruding tongue that do me in. It just looks so delicious...

>> No.30477391

This one is a cutey

>> No.30477392

The monster rape?

>> No.30477399

(it's a penis, though)

(seen several etc.)

>> No.30477411

They dig the rape!
They dig the monster rape!
The monster rape!
It left their jaws agape...

>> No.30477421

wah wha wahhooooo

>> No.30477427


A lot of cuddling hopefully, and casual playful sex galore.

I saw him first, back the fuck up. Unless he's rutting, I might require your uh, "assistance" is that is the case.

I immideately pictured myself turning into a space lizard from some STD I caught getting bukkaked from like 5 of them. Fucking hell internet what have you done to me

>> No.30477433

All women's erotic fic is basically about monster rape.

>> No.30477453

>> No.30477463

Why I have the feeling these threads are promoted by AgroAntirrhopus from FurAffinity?

>> No.30477469

I have far too much pornography in this folder
and I don't know why, I don't fap to it or at my computer at all
I think "I like that" and save it and never look at it unless I'm posting it

>> No.30477476

Why do you know individual people from FurAffinity?

Don't you know where you are? Don't you know how /tg/ got started? Quit howling with the enemy, you fucking faggot.

>> No.30477486

I doubt it. /tg/ is just gay enough for this shit to happen

>> No.30477487

Oh good, I'm not the only one.

>> No.30477506

Hey Agro, how goes with those Mechwarrior minis your husband gifted you?

>> No.30477546

Come on man, nobody cares about any individuals from the human toilet that is FA
just post lizards or save'em

>> No.30477553



Liking smut is one thing, but acting like a total faggot and using FA is not okay.

Also furries have a shit sense of humor.

>> No.30477562

this thread
> pic and music related

>> No.30477573

Well 'Taken by the T-rex' was not written for men.

Warhammer lizardmen have always been my favourite.

>> No.30477582

did you just do a barryroll
>this pic
I'd do quests for him

>> No.30477685

OP here, I do not know who the fuck that is. I just like lizardmen and this thread went to places I did not expect.

>> No.30477707


I like this guys art only when he does things with tits.

>> No.30477754

I'd do quests too, and get rewarded with his cold, hard cash.

>> No.30477757

> I just like lizardmen
who doesn't? excluding people of no taste

duplicate file


>> No.30477854

> this thread went to places I did not expect.
That is a filthy lie, anon. You know where you are.

>> No.30477958

>You know where you are.
In spite of what you might believe /tg/ is not /d/-lite. It's /tg/. /d/ stuff belongs on /d/.


>> No.30477992

I think you'll find /tg/ is quite delightful

>> No.30478029

I know. But when people start to share about their magical realm and start to type like t-t-this I know it's time to abandon thread.

>> No.30478048

Damn you people to hell, I am reading GURPS Fantasy and every time the world building chapter mentions magical realms I think of pissy trees as far as the eye can see.

>> No.30478073

Don't blame me, blame the guys who can't keep their fetishes and sexual fantasies to themselves - over a game of D&D of all things...

>> No.30478126

>Be attending an Adventuring school
>New roommate is a lizardfolk shaman wizard
>He's a stranger in these lands but very friendly and willing to please
>Lets me copy his dungeoneering homework
>He smells like raw sewage because of some kind of mold or fugus growing under his scales
>He acts like he doesn't even notice the smell when asked
>Finally have enough and drag him by the tail to the bath house against his will
>Give him a full body scrubdown, takes hours
>Smells like cinnamon now
>Starts treating me different, very unsure and almost embarrassed.
>Suddenly very touchy, feely
>Keep finding him in my bed
>He acts kind of strange when I tell him to gtfo
>Finally ask what the hell
>Turns out that the swamp fungus was his only reminder of home
>I took that away and made him smell like my stuff
>Turns out this is part of their dating rituals, removing their familial scent and replacing it with yours
>Typically followed by cuddling and sex
>tldr: He thinks we're married and that I've been shunning him due to some shame he's committed
>He's trying more and more elaborate ways to get me to sleep with him
>Don't really want a lizardwizard husband but I'm not going to pass dungeoneering without him.

>> No.30478149

>thread is in autosage
we haven't hit image cap yet
quick, post everything

>> No.30478173

Huh, that one looks feminine somehow

>> No.30478215

I'm not really seeing it.
This one however.

>> No.30478239

Last call!
See you next time.

>> No.30479093

I'd never realised this until my partner told me about it. I've been running a private DnD game that's basically "Monster Rape: The Rapening" under her request for like a year now. She has a cowgirl sidekick that is just a genderbent version of me. She hasn't cottoned on yet.

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