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Old thread autodying
Here's our new thread.

Any info about the US Masters? What are you working on? What's a cool build/combo for your army? What build/combo do you despise seeing across from you on the table?

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Here's the spreadsheet for the draws for the US Masters.


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Here is a thread with the results


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Some reason, I had 'Dwarf-crafted' stuck in my head as being +1 to Hit. Still, they are also 2 pts. cheaper, while Quarrellers went up a point. The difference between the two comes down to personally opinion on which you think is better, extra 6" or AP. I prefer the AP, but I can see the benefit of the extra range, especially the extra 3" to short range it adds.

But the point on the ranged weapons not getting AP is true. The rule specifically says the models gains the AP rule, and the AP rule is written to be melee attacks only, unless the weapon has the AP rule, in which case any attacks made with the weapon have the AP rule. Since the Runenoun gives the models the rule, and not weapons they are carrying, they do not get AP on their ranged attacks, only their melee.

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so many nails on the coffin of wfb

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Right now, I'm working on my Dwarves.

I know they're borderline FotM right now, but considering that I people treat me like a WAAC faggot every time I try and play my Ogres, I think that they can't exactly complain if I switch from fatties to shorties,

Anyway, I've got my work cut out for me. I have 28 dwarf warriors, 16 thunderers, my FW daemonslayer, 2 thanes (one FW, and one normal), a runesmith, anvil of doom, 20 hammerers, 20 ironbreakers, two cannons, an organ gun, and a flame cannon that all need painting.

Good god, I'm gonna be thinning paints for the rest of eternity.

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I forgot to mention my FW lord too.

Not painting him until last though. I want as much experience as I can get under my belt before I even THINK about trying to do him justice.

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But all I want to know are the results and the army lists. Neither of which are present there D:/

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Keep it up - set small, achievable hobby goals, and don't become frustrated when you miss one. Maybe join the Dorf online forum and be a part of the monthly challenges?

We are trying to keep the flame alight - please help us.

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Skaven Army List
Queek Headtaker – 215 pnts


Warplock Engineer- 65pnts
Upgrades : Level One Wizard


30 Clanrats- 205pnts
Upgrades: ( Spears -15pnts, Shields -15pnts, Ratling Gun Weapon Team, 55pnts)

30 Clanrats- 205pnts
Upgrades: ( Spears -15pnts, Shields -15pnts, Ratling Gun Weapon Team, 55pnts)

20 Plague Monks-155 pnts
Upgrades: (Standard Bearer,5pnts, Musician, 10pnts, )

6 Plague Censor Bearers- 96pnts


1 Doomwheel- 150pnts


Skaven 1k point list

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Which online forum?

You mean Bugman's, or is it a different one?

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So, the Restless Dead. A Bad Thing?

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Yeah - that one - or maybe the forum at Bad Dice? Anything that has positive reinforcement to help you attain your goals.

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Bamping -

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Hey, Fantasy players, quick question: did White Dwarf identify the author of the Dorf army book, or did it just say 'design team'?

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>bunch of Undead w/o designated Necromancy caster
>starts crumbling the moment you deploy them
Yes, a bad thing.

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Dwarves aren't so hard to paint, about a 3rd of most models is beard.


I think ultimately Quarrellers are better because that extra range can mean an extra turn shooting, and can AP really do more casualties that a full extra turn of shots?
However, a lot of people are still going to use Thunderers on account of the fact that our armies have the old Skull Pass starter set forming their core.

I'm beginning to come around to thinking of the Thunderers as Dwarf Warriors who can shoot, since they can take shield and hand weapons, so they get the improved Parry if they're charged, and they get the +1S if they charge in turn, plus a 1/3 chance of them hating everybody.

Still, I wont know for sure until I get an actual game in.

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Intredasting... so the Nids dex being attributed to the 'design team' was a one-off, I guess.

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AFAIR, Dwarfs says Design Team, but its Vetock in the White Dwarf. Same way it was Cruddace for Nids

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The Tyranid dex needed some serious work and so they had to get more than one dev on it.

Don't listen to /tg/'s conspiracies

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>Special Character under 3000 pts
Maybe it's just local custom, but chances are you'll be given bad eye for that.

get him Scroll or Condenser

drop Spears, parry is more important than fighting in extra ranks. Get Command Group.

get full Command Group

>Censor Banners
don't, the unit sucks

is fine too

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>Special Character under 3000 pts
>>Maybe it's just local custom, but chances are you'll be given bad eye for that.

Is this a thing? I've been playing for years, and I've never seen this

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my LGS has banned special characters outright. When it happened there was apparently a shitstorm because it was a blanket ban for all games and the owner wasn't aware that other games, like warmachine and the like, are centered around certain characters.
Yes he is retarded.

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Except White Dwarf Weekly (or whatever it's going to be called next month) flat out said Cruddace was the writer of that Dex after it came out.

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Yup. Mostly because while WHF in general is reasonably balance, Special Characters are often way off (old Teclis was most prominent example).

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I'd look at Quarrellers the same way. Honestly, basic Warriors and Longbeards don't really seem to have a place in the list, since Thunderers and Quarrellers can do the same thing, but with a gun, and the special units are cheap enough.

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Eh I somewhat get that in my LGS, but not so much anymore.

We ALSO used to get that in our Blood Bowl League, but then we nixed that because we realised that Special Players are a vital part of the Inducements balancing.
On the plus side, that DOES mean that come Year 10 of the League I'll be able to take Ramtut III and Hack Enslash in my returning Necromantic Team.
Although I probably wont because, you know, the Innsmouth Shadows finished with a 2k Team Value.

What do people feel about the new Dwarf Special Characters? Underpriced? Just about right?

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Dark elf player here.
I have a hydra and want a Karybdyss as well. but I am after an alternate model for the latter since the two beasts look so much alike. I'd like a bit more variety.

Anyone know any good sea beast models that might fit the bill?

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Thorgrim and Thorek are. The others seem to be alright. Belegar is a nice durable character that once per game goes from a nice combat boost to a monster. Grimm makes either a Organ Gun or block of ranged troops nasty. Ungrim does what he does best, eat things. And Bugman needs to jump into a unit of his upgraded Rangers and just cause problems for the enemy. He hits hard, his Rangers hit hard, and he has a good chance of making them durable and annoying for your enemy.

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Sorry, meant Thorgrim and Thorek are overpriced.

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Isn't Thorgrim something like 600pts though? You'd need to be running a 2400pt game at the least to even field the guy.

I would like to one day get Ungrim, a box of Dwarf Berzerkers from Avatars of War and just field a big old block of 30+ slayers led by him, with a Vanguard and the Grugni rune that gives a 5++ against shooting. Rolling about the board giving zero fucks.

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600+. And he's just so confused. Plop him down in any other army, he'd be amazing, but in a Dwarf army? A lot of his special rules are boosting his Leadership support abilities in an army that is already covered in that department, and the rest is to boost his combat power and durability, in an army where most characters can do the same for half the cost.

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The newest one, Grimm, is amazing for the price.

Can give BS5 to nearby Artillery, plus Re-roll Hits, including bounces and stuff. Can make Crossbows/Handguns increase their range by 2D6". Plus the other thing I can't remember right now. Plus he can Entrench any artillery piece, putting it in Hard Cover as long as it stays still. Which is boss. All for 165 points, and he has a Multiple Shot (4) S5 gun. He is pretty amazing.

Still, as I said, you can make amazing Lords/Heroes.

Think he's less than 600.

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Some builds for you guys:

Lord M:3|WS:7|:BS:4|S:4|T:5|W:3|I:4|A:4|Ld:10

Lord: 145 points
+Great Weapon: 6 points
+Shield: 3 points
+Shieldbearers: 40 points (+2 Wounds, +2 AS)
+Rune of Iron (Level 2): 45 points (+1W +1T)
+Rune of Fortitude (Level 1): 35 points (+1T)
+Rune of Warding (Level 3) 45 points (4++)

So, after all that, your stats are now:

Lord M:3|WS:7|:BS:4|S:6|T:7|W:6|I:4|A:4|Ld:10
1+ Armour Save, 4++ Ward Save.

That's pretty sexy. However, there is an alternative. Instead of 4++ Ward Save, get:

Rune of Cleaving (Level 2): 35 points
Rune of Striking (Level 1): 10 points

So you become:

Lord M:3|WS:8|:BS:4|S:5|T:7|W:6|I:4|A:4|Ld:10
1+ Armour Save, Armour Penetration

Replace Rune of Cleaving (Level 2) with Rune of Cleaving (Level 1) and Rune of Striking (Level 1) with Rune of Striking (Level 2). Get Armour Penetration, +1WS and Re-Roll Failed To Hits.

How about a Daemon Slayer:

Master Rune of Smiting: 60 Points
Rune of Cleaving (Level 2): 35 points
Rune of Striking (Level 2): 35 points

What does this give you?

Lord M:3|WS:7|:BS:3|S:4|T:5|W:3|I:5|A:4|Ld:10

Now, the Master Rune of Smiting gives you Multiple Wounds (D6). Which is pretty sweet. Against Lords and Monsters, you're doing D6 Wounds. However, if you check Daemon Slayer's special rules, he has Dragon Slayer, which is Multiple Wounds (D3) against Monsters. So, against Monsters, your Daemon Slayer does D6+D3 Wounds. So, potentially, each successful wound can end up causing 9 wounds. That's a potential 36 wounds per phase against Monsters. 24 Wounds against everything else.

Now, with Rune of Cleaving, you're doing it at Strength 5 and with Armour Penetration. So slightly more likely to get those wounds in.

However, Rune of Striking gives you +1WS (so you're WS8) and Re-roll Failed To Hits. Which SHOULD apply to Deathblow special rule, where you make a single attack when you die.

>> No.30430494


Didn't we already talk about this?

Don't give the DaeSlayer two runes of Cleaving, just give him one Rune of Might. The stuff you'll probably actually need it for will then bump you up to Str8 (10 on the charge) and that comes with a -4 or -6 to your armour save anyway. No need for AP or +1S.

>> No.30430497

The other thing is to allow a unit to re-roll any missed To Hit rolls. And his gun is Multiple Shots (2D3). Only 18" though, but yeah, he's great. Letting a S6 Organ Gun hit on a 2+/3+ is great. He also adds a couple of S6 attacks to a unit in combat if he joins it. Honestly, if he's in combat, you did something wrong, but still.

>> No.30430519

Now, there is another Daemon Slayer option, but I doubt it works.

Master Rune of Smiting: 60 points
Rune of Might (Level 2): 45 points (I think)

Now, against normals, you'll be doing Multiple Wounds (D6). Against Monsters you'll be doing Multiple Wounds (D6) + Multiple Wounds (D3). However, x2 Runes of Might give you Double Your Strength against Units of Toughness 5+... But also gives you Multiple Wounds (D3) against Toughness 5+.

So, against most Monsters, you'll be doing Multiple Wounds D6+D3+D3... Potentially 12 wounds. That's a potential 48 wounds if everything hits and goes through... Now, since Daemon Slayers are S4 base, that's S8 each hit... But since they have Resolute, on the turn they charge, they get +1S... So, if you charge a Monster, you're going to be doing 4 Strength 10 attacks, with D6+D3+D3 wounds. At WS7. Against Lords, you'll be doing D6+D3. Plus, as I said, Deathblow will give you a single attack, potentially doing 12 wounds.

Another build for the Lord is:
Lord: 145 points
+Shield: 3 points
+Shieldbearers: 40 points
+Rune of Iron (Level 3): 60 points (I think)
+Rune of Warding (Level 3): 60 points (I think)

So, you now have:

1+ Armour Save, 4++ Ward Save, 5++++ Regeneration Save.

Can give it a Great Weapon for +2S... But my book seems to have gone, my health carer must have moved it... So, can't double check. I think I had 10 points or so left over, which I put in +2I runes (leaving out Great Weapon, obviously, can't rune those).

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A question: what if I put a runesmith in the same unit as the lord will he get the AP from the smith?

>> No.30430553

Yeah, I moved that into another comment.

The AP and +1S was more for Rank and File. Since no Rank and File is T5+... Specials and Rares, yeah, but nothing else. You'll need that extra Strength and AP to cut through the hordes or you can lose by CR.

Another fun build is:
x1 Runesmith/Runelord
x1 Thane with Banner Rune of Battle (Level 3)
x40 Ironbreakers

You now have a 3+/6++ unit, which can all attack, so 40 attacks at S4, with Armour Piercing. Plus, Magic Resistance (1) or (2) to help keep it alive from that.

Also, if you put a Runesmith/Runelord into a unit of Quarellers, they should get Armour Piercing for both Range and Melee. The rules specially say the unit gets Armour Piercing, not Armour Piercing for Melee only. That means you can now shoot at 30" S4 with Armour Piercing. Thus making Thunderers obsolete, sure, you gotta pay 80 points for the Runesmith, but throw Grimm in and you can potentially make it 42" range.

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>Rune of Might (Level 2): 45 points (I think)

Nope. 60 points.

So the only way to field that would be on a Dwarf Lord.

A single rune is only 25 points though, so that leaves you 15pts left for, I dunno, something like a +1 WS or +1 Initiative rune. Doing D6+D3 wounds is fine.

You want to know real dickery? Put Ungrim in the unit as well and give them the Heirloom Banner that allows them to reroll wound dice.
You'd need a LOT of slayers to get that combo up the board and into combat, but it'd be hilarious if you managed it.

Yeah because he's part of the unit as well.

>> No.30430561

Yes, he will. Everything will.

But I didn't mention that because that means you're making your unit more of a target with two Lord/Heroes in. But, yeah, throw him in and you don't need the Runes of Cleaving. Which can go on other things.

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Oh yeah, I missed this:

>1+ Armour Save, 4++ Ward Save, 5++++ Regeneration Save.

You can't use both Ward and Regen saves anymore, you have to choose which one to use, and there are no scenarios where a Regen save works better than a Ward save*

*IIRC anyway. I wouldn't be suprised if Elves have some bullshit weapon that ignores Ward saves or something.

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Darn. I swear I had worked it out correctly... I need to find the book but it's gone missing...

Oh well. I still like my 1+/4++/5++++ Lord with T6 and 6W.

I'd like to see the Slayer Unit. It'd be fun.

Ironbreakers with AP is pretty solid too, you could give them the Rune of Stocism to make them Stubborn as well.

Also, x3 Flame Cannons with Rune of Penetrating for S5/S6 flaming goodness. Sure, it might be higher Strength than Salamanders and sure, it might do D3 Wounds... But you can only have 3 Flame Cannons, you can have 3 units of as many Salamanders as you like. 3, 5, 10... Throw Walk Through Worlds on them and burn everything to death! Lizzies ftw!

>> No.30430592

>and there are no scenarios where a Regen save works better than a Ward save*
When in btb with model carrying The Other Tricksters Shard?
But yeah, they are very rare.

>> No.30430608

Thought so. I was wanting for somebody to confirm it.

So, I'd forget that and go back to the T7 Lord with 1+/4++. Enjoy trying to hack away 6 wounds.

Or, drop the Rune of Fortitude and get Rune of Might for Lord/Monster killing... Or Rune of Cleaving (Level 2) for AP and +1S for cutting through RnF. Or Rune of Striking (Level 2) to re-roll... But you lose the +2S from Great Weapon.

Dwarfs are always fun to build. Shame I have my Lizzies to finish, which doesn't include the new models!

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Hi all, I'd appreciate some help with improving my 1000 points VC list:

Vampire- barded nightmare, heavy armour, charmed shield, sword of striking.
Necromancer-level 2, dragonbane gem.

10 zombies.
21 Ghouls- ghast. (7x3)

24 Grave Guard- standard, champion great weapons. (6x4)
7 knights- barding, lances, standard.


Vamp goes with Black Knights, Necro with Zombies. Both will have Lore of Vampires.

>> No.30430624

Oh and the Lizardmen have a 100 point weapon that ignores Armour AND Ward Saves. Throw an Oldblood on a Carnosaur or Cold One, give it Shield + Light Armour, charge nearest Lord and dish out 5 Strength 5 attacks with 1+ Armour Save. Plus your Skink Priest might manage to cast +1S +1T on your way there... Then it comes down to Weapon Skill and Toughness.

>> No.30430656

>10 zombies.
minimal unit size is 20

>> No.30430689

drop the spears on both clanrats and the censor bearers all together. get the lock to lvl 2 and a dispell scroll.

myself i dont use champions on clanrats since i feel they do nothing. either bump up the plague monks as much as you can and one clanrat unit.

at this point level it should be mandatory to have a bsb. it does wonders for skaven.

>> No.30430734

>myself i dont use champions on clanrats since i feel they do nothing.
They're useful when unit gets charged by lone mounted character.
Chamption Challenges and gets killed by character (usually with overkill of 2 or 3 wounds), mount is stuck in challenge until the next round so doesn't get to do any attacks/stomps and you still win by static CR with your ranks.

>> No.30430910

never thought about it like that. i always try to save points. then again i use truckloads of slaves.

im always fiddling with my lists and try to make them better without making them gamey since i just play with my close friends. and on that subject how do i get rid of cold one knights? doomwheel? wlc?

>> No.30431462

So I have two Oldish armies I can bring out and bulk up to around 1,500 points.

Mono Khorne or Dwarves?

>> No.30431581

Is there still a rule that prevents the total number of special units below 3000 points?

>> No.30431953

Ah, so it's the same deal, then.

>> No.30432096


Hmmm. Well, Dwarves are the new hotness, but WoC are always pretty solid, although Mono-Khorne is probably the weakest Mono to run as overall.

>> No.30432174



the knights only have one wound and your shooting attack, impact hits, and grind attack should take them down easily enough

>> No.30432194

Mono Khorne doesn't work very well because you're giving up magic and get nothing in return.

Dwarves should work fine (depending on what models you have).

Max 3x of the same unit (unless armybook specifiically sets different limit).
Max 50% of your total points.
Other than that, go wild.

>> No.30432225

is it just me, or are iron breakers still useless?

>> No.30432235

The Battle for Skull pass set, enough money for that $100 Dwarf box thing.

Already got the new book because damn it was sexy as hell.

>> No.30432276


I dunno, I think a 5++ with easy access to Stubborn carries a lot of weight.

>> No.30432328

>Dragon and Daemon slayers have their own special rules

>Troll and Giant slayers dont

oh come on! I suggest the following!

Troll Slayer (All slayers): Regeneration and Scaly Skin saves taken against wounds by slayers are reduced by -1.

Giant Slayers (Giant, Dragon, and Daemon slayers): Against models with the Large Target rule, slayers gain +1 To Hit

>> No.30432397


Technically, Trollslayers bring the Slayer, Deathblow, Unbreakable and Slayer Axes rules to the party.

It's Giant Slayers that don't have anything. How about Rerolls to wound Monsters?

>> No.30432774

taking both in either case. skryre has all the cool tools. besides the hellpit just looks terrible.

>> No.30433585

Except they don't, you fucking ignoramus. Show me a rule that says Undead crumble unless you have a wizard on the table. There is no such rule.

>> No.30433633

Get a Biollante action figure. He's a big sloppy weed monster with a bunch of bitey mouths. I have one that's roughly the size of a 40k monster.

>> No.30433838


It is just you, in an army where MMU play is built in having a stubborn anvil with a 3+/5++ is absolutely amazing.

They move forward, absorb the charge, don't break, counter charger with any unit with GWs - win.

>> No.30433883

Hi guys, 3rd iteration of this list here. I'm not too pleased with it because I did end up filling my core with a single horde of Quarrelers (the realization that a unit of 5 dark riders killed on average 4 dwarfs a turn devastated me)

And with that in mind, my hammerer squads are pretty much useless, as are my irondrakes, but they were the whole point of the army.

I'm sure this army would crush the Tomb Kings I normally play against but would fold to pretty much anything else

>> No.30433911

and this list...
Runelord (Shield, Spellbreaking, 2xWarding, 2xIron, Stone )

Thane (BSB, 3x Battle, Shield)
Runesmith (Spellbreaking, shield, Stone)

38 Quarrellers (Great Weapons, Shields, Full Command)->Runesmith join

23 Hammerers (Full Command, Strollaz, Slowness)->Runelord, Thane join
10 Hammerers (Standard, Valaya)

10 Irondrakes (full command, TROLLHAMMER TORPEDO, Strollaz)
10 Irondrakes (full command, TROLLHAMMER TORPEDO, Strollaz, Sanctuary)
5 Rangers

>> No.30433970


>Lord M:3|WS:7|:BS:4|S:6|T:7|W:6|I:4|A:4|Ld:10
1+ Armour Save, 4++ Ward Save.

My great unclean one just shat his pants, again.

Fuck me thats one tough Dwarf, I love it.

>> No.30434031

I just really don't get how a random dorf is tougher than a 375 points base model. It just seems like GW should make daemons actually worth their points. I mean come on, for 375 I expect my dudes from the god of not dying to be tougher than a 145 point dorf.

>> No.30434070


Do you read the background at all? Dwarf Lords have fought Greater Demons many times and very often win that battle - Dwarf Lords are heroes of the ages.

From a game stand point - a GUO has access to magic and is much faster than a Dwarf lord which is a huge bonus. It isn't as though the GUO has no advantages compared to the Dwarf Lord.

>> No.30434108

Just don't get the point of a giant monster if everyone and their mother can kill it with ease.

>against dorfs
U wot m8?

>> No.30434118

>I just really don't get how a random dorf is tougher than a 375 points base model

Well... for a start that's about a 320pt model as well and you get Magic User levels so that's probably why.

Also, I still think you have more wounds and a higher Toughness than his strength. Also, that build is using a 2handed Weapon and strikes last, so you'd get your poisoned attacks in first, which kind of negates that T score on every six you roll.

Plus haven't you got 4+++ regen?

>> No.30434123


First, how many points are you shooting for?

Why a Runelord over another Runesmith, he provides almost no advantage for a much steeper cost.

Why the 3x battle for hammerers, they don't get much of a bonus from FIR since they don't get their full compliment of attacks. Grungi is almost a must since you have no Ward otherwise.

>38 Quarrelers
I guess this works - I'd honestly suggest breaking down the whole list for a more versatile MMU stye of play but I doubt you're interested in changing the whole thing.

>23 Hammerers
I'd consider dropping to 19 and going 7x3 as opposed to 6x4. These guys hit like a two ton truck and if you take Grungi will have some survivability against shooting.

>10 Hammerers
I hope you get a building to hide in - you need to find points to add bodies here or else forgo Valaya becuase this is just free points.

Looks good, I love Iron Drakes - I prefer slowness as a general rule but I can see the potential for Vanguard.

>> No.30434138


You haven't read the new Dwarf book have you? Anti-magic is no longer a strong suite for dwarfs. I'm not happy about it but it is what it is.

>> No.30434166

Daemons all have a 5++ now

>> No.30434180


Yeah, I know that, but doesn't the Great Unclean One get Regeneration?

>> No.30434218

2400 points.

Runelord is mostly to try to retain whatever fluff of my old army I could, which is a desperate, desperate affair and probably not ever worth it.

3x Battle because when I included that as the unit to base my list around, T4 with Heavy Armour seemed A LOT harder than I thought it was (and then I learned that 5 dark riders kill 4 dwarfs a turn...), so clinging to the hammerers is probably another no-hope situation, since I can't spare the points to bulk them up and even with Grungni they're going to drop to nothing very quick.
Although, I could combine the two units, give the Thane Grungni + Strollaz + Slowness, and give the Hammerers Valaya...?

My original list was 4 units of 15 GW warriors, and then it was 2 units of 15 GW warriors and 2 units of 10 Quarrellers with GW&Shield, and now it's just a horde of Quarrellers
At what point is MMU worth it when a third or so of your unit is being killed per turn by minimal units of dark riders?

see above about Thane

At least... at least I got the Drakes right...

>> No.30434243

I wish

Only units with different than just 5++ are BT (have 5+ armor) DP(can get 4+ armor), Bloodletters(6+ armor), Flesh Hounds(6+ armor), Bloodcrushers(give the riding bloodletter +2 armor bringing it to 4+)

>> No.30434299


MMU is usually 15+ models per unit. It is how you protect yourself against things like Dark Riders and Reavers.

Here is my MMU 2500 list (if you'd like an idea of what it can look like).

Thane - BSB, MRoGrungni, 2x Slowness, Shield

Runesmith - RoSpell Breaking, RoStone, Shield
Runesmith - Spell Breaking x2, Stone, Shield

2x - 20x Quarrellers - Mus., St., Great Weapons, Shields

18x Hammerers - Mus., St., MRoGroth One-Eye

23x Ironbreakers - FC, Cinderblast Bombs


Cannon - RoForging

15x Irondrakes - FC, Cinderblast Bombs, 2x Slowness

Flame Cannon - RoPenetrating

2500 points. All units within 12" of the Hammerers are Stubborn, I have enough shooting to force you to move into me, flame cannons and drakes hurt fast cav badly and quickly so I can eliminate your chaf. The Gyrocopter can also block or steam gun chaff. All of my units are tarpits thanks to Groth and 3 of my 5 are Great Weapon Equipped hammers that hurt very badly on the return swing.

>> No.30434310

As a note, do Cinderblast bombs allow a Stand and Shoot? No, because they're Stonethrowers, right?
My main purpose for them was to get that sweet, sweet short range SnS, but if they don't allow that I'll probably just drop them.

This is my current "Revision 4" list. it has 84pts to spare before 2400 and if I drop Cinderblasts, I get 114, would could fit like a gyrocopter or something

Runelord (Shield, Spellbreaking, 2xWarding, 2xIron, Stone )

Thane (BSB, Grungni, Strollaz, Slowness, Shield)
Runesmith (Spellbreaking, shield, Stone)

38 Quarrellers (Great Weapons, Shields, Full Command)->Runesmith join

33 Hammerers (Full Command, Valaya)->Runelord, Thane join

10 Irondrakes (full command, TROLLHAMMER TORPEDO, Strollaz)
10 Irondrakes (full command, TROLLHAMMER TORPEDO, Strollaz, Sanctuary)
5 Rangers

>> No.30434312


Beasts have regen naturally, Locus can given PBears regen as well. Additionally you can magic up some regen via lore of nurgle as well.

>> No.30434347


Cinderblast allowing a SnS is very contentious atm. There are several threads on several website debating that issue. That said regardless of weather or not it can SnS it will still provide a short range SnS for your Iron Drakes thanks to the wording of the rule. It says you resolve your SnS at the max range of the shortest range weapon in the unit, the weapon itself doesn't have to be able to SnS for this to trigger.

>> No.30434444

You should think so but no.

As a Daemon player I gotta be honest, I wish the Greaters were a little harder to kill since our only magic defense at all is putting down the 75 point tax on the already 375 point beast to boost him to level 4 because Ward thought that Scrolls weren't something an army would need against the spells he himself wrote.

Meaning that there is a 5-6 wound model worth atleast 450 points and thats before giving him gifts with nothing to save him save a 5++.

Gee, I wonder what every warmarchine is going to be targeting.

Rant aside, that is one bitching Dwarf lord and I love he can get so damn unkillable!

>> No.30436261

Does anyone know where I can get good recasts of the GW Blood Knights? $90 is ridiculous for 5 models, but then, the GW Blood Knights look REALLY GOOD. I mean, they're fucking amazing. I've thought about buying Brettonian Knights and converting them, but for the aforementioned reason I don't want to.

>> No.30436560

dorf dorf dorf dorf

203-Runelord: Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone, Shield
131-Thane: BSB, Rune of Stoicism, Great Weapon
75-Master Engineer: Rune of Stone
330-Dwarf Warriors (30): Full Command, Great Weapons
290-Quarrelers (20): Full Command, Shields
310-Hammerers (20): Full Command
310-Iron Breakers (20): Full Command
125-Cannon: Rune of Burning
100-Gyrocopter: Vanguard
120-Grudge Thrower: Rune of Penetrating


>> No.30436585


>> No.30436636


Why do you have Stoicism on your BSB and not on a unit banner?

>> No.30436663

No wonder slayers didnt get official plastic models yet

they're still fucking useless, especially with the buffs to Hammerers and Ironbreakers

>> No.30436700

There might be an Escalation league starting here in the summer, so I'll be bringing out my Empire again. My 500 point list tends to be:

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armour, Barded War Horse, Shield

8-9 IC Knights with banner and musician

3 Demigryph knights
I don't have the book with me so I can't remember if I get to bring 8 or 9 knights, and maybe I must drop the shield or something on my WP, but it's around 500 and it wrecks most stuff.

For 1000 points I want to add archers, a Steam Tank and a wizard.

>> No.30436708


Slayers aren't useless so much as they require a baby sitter BSB with Grungni. Small units of 5 to 10 as redirectors, or unbreakable speed bumps isn't a bad build.

>> No.30436733


Looks very solid, if a tad bit power game-y for 500. However if your goal is to wreck shop then you've got a good look.

>> No.30436741

B-brettonians w-when?

>> No.30436773

HE Dragon Princes are pretty Blood Knightey. Just swap the heads for things that aren't big dildos.

>> No.30436850


Yeah, that's just asking for the front rank to prioritise your BSB.

The BSB is for Vanguard runes if you need them.

>> No.30436970


For example, I've got a game with my Dwarfs against some guys Lizzies in two weeks, and I know he's got both a Carnodon and the Venusaur thing.
So, I've taken a Dragonslayer with 2 Runes of Might and small block of 9 Slayers and then given them Vanguard. If nothing else, it will attract attention away from other Vanguarding units.

Ideal situation: They actually manage to charge either the Oldblood Carnosaur (who I would not be suprised to see the Blade of Realities on) or the Venusaur. At which point the Dragonslayer should munch either (probably dying to do so admittedly), nevermind the rest of the Slayers.

>> No.30436982

Soon folded into Empire.

>> No.30437001

The current rumour is November.

Lady willing, the majority of metal and fine cast models being taken off of GW means the Bretonnian line is due for an update soon.

>> No.30437006


The fact that you called it a Vensaur makes my day. But yes this is a very valid use of Slayers.

>> No.30437029

Yeah, you haven't read the battle scroll. They don't crumble, they just have standard Undead rules.

>> No.30437159

Queek Headtaker is a good SC but too expensive for what he does- UNLESS you also take his special Stormvermin. If you're not also taking them then he doesn't belong in your list

>> No.30437180


Many thanks.

>> No.30437196

Only 3 WHF books this year? (assuming Woodies mid-summer). With the trend in recent years I'd expect 4 and wouldn't be too surprised if GW pushed 5 or 6.

>> No.30437241

>Dwarves aren't so hard to paint, about a 3rd of most models is beard.
It's funny because it's true

That's stupid. Whether or not you agree that special characters unbalance a game it's not right for the shop owner to ban them. What if two players want to include a duel between SCs? What if the characters are their favorite part of the hobby? It should be left to a gentleman's agreement whether or not to include them in an army

>> No.30437331

Well, woodies are due earlier (maybe May or April or someshit), and I've heard we may be getting 9th edition sometime during the summer.

Source: my ass

>> No.30437352

I'm starting dwarves right now. I'd like to buy only new models (so no warriors and miners, but yes to warmachines since they're pretty essential)

How would you build as a 1000 points list with that in mind?
I'll start with 1000 since I want to paint them before playing.

>> No.30437359


There are tons of rumors floating around about 9th, possibly 7th 40k so who knows. Dwarfs got their redo so I am content for the time being.

>> No.30437401


Longbeards for core since they're the only core choice that fit your criteria. Probably a unit of 20-25.

Hammerers are excellent as a hammer unit. I'd consider 18ish.

Toss in some Iron Drakes for shooting. 10 to 15 will do.

Add in warmachines to taste, grab a runesmith and a BSB and you're all set.

>> No.30437435

Well, if we go by the usual cycle of things, this years would be WHF 9th (it's gonna be 5 years since 8th).
But there might be surprise 40k corebook instead (mostly to incorporate Escalation and Fortifications into the core game) instead.
Or both.

Not that I care, got like 100 Dark Elven bodies to assemble and paint, that's gonna last me for a while. Not to mention 2 Mordheim warbands.

>> No.30437437

Thanks! I'll probably go with your suggestion.
My doubt is: Ironbreakers anvil and Longbeards hammer (2hw) or Longbeard ancils (shields) and Hammerers hammers?

>> No.30437465


>> No.30437471

>I'd like to buy only new models (so no warriors and miners, but yes to warmachines since they're pretty essentia
No Quarellers/Thunderers either? They are the same age as Warriors if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.30437473

It sounds like including Grimm in a unit of Thunderers makes them superior to Quarrelers in every way

>enough money for that $100 Dwarf box thing
Oh, you mean the battalion box? Yeah, this new release means they raised it to $165 USD

>> No.30437478


First Longbeards cannot get 2HWs, only Great Weapons so if they're going to be your hammer go with Great Weapons.

Personally I'd go Longbeard anvil, toss in RoStoicism to make sure they stay stubborn. Then go Hammerers hammer with whatever runic banners you like.

>> No.30437493

Hammerers hammer for sure, 2A makes a difference.

>> No.30437526


Grimm in a unit of Thunderers soes make them better than Quarrelers however that is a 165 point increase to get there and could potentially fail (either Grimm rolls a 1 or you could roll 5 or less for the boosted range for your Thunderers). Just for clarity Grimm is worth 11 Great Weapon Quarrelers.

>> No.30437541

>>enough money for that $100 Dwarf box thing
>Oh, you mean the battalion box? Yeah, this new release means they raised it to $165 USD

With a bit of luck you might be able to get the old one for the old price at a retailer.

>> No.30437572

eBay, my friend.

>> No.30437588

If its anything like the last few, its more expensive, but better value. Unless you have limited funds, it works out better

>> No.30437590

I'm kind of bored, so I made some rules for the special White Dwarf model geedubs made with the funny shieldbearers

>> No.30437626

said WD model

>> No.30437647


The new one comes with more models as I recall. The previous box came with 48 models + 1 Warmachine. That box was 105. Additionally the models in that box's total cost was 130 (2 warriors, 1 ranged, 1 WM).

The new box comes with 51 models +2 warmachines and is 165. The cost of the models in this box is 191 (actually a bit more given that it is 20 warriors and ranged troops, boxes are normally 16). So The deal is very good.

>> No.30437839


Do you think we'll get an Ogre Mercenary Battle Scroll at some point?

>> No.30437871


I think we'll get full fledged ally rules in 9th.

>> No.30437928


Do you know for sure if those are of decent quality? Sometimes these Chinese miniatures are pretty bad.

>> No.30438030

But Anon, White Dwarf already has rules.

>> No.30438118

Not the anon that posted it, but from what I hear /tg/ has been very satisfied with the product from that site. Keep in mind though that it's essentially eBay for China in that it's lots of different sellers under one roof, so quality may vary. Also if you buy that model from that site it's a federal crime

>> No.30438145

welp I'm going to hang myself now thanks to ignorance


oh my

>> No.30438147


Everything I've gotten has been basically GW quality.

>it's a federal crime

Nigguh what are you smoking?

>> No.30438224

Knowingly importing counterfeit goods into the United States is a federal crime. /tg/ has had long discussions about this, we even went into the law codes themselves

>> No.30438312

No, its "illegal" in the sense that customs will confiscate and destroy the item(if they somehow determine it's fake) but you'd as a buyer face no danger from law enforcement.(unless you're mass importing and selling this shit off as real)

>> No.30438388


Are you one of those idiots who thinks people will get arrested for pirating vidya?

>> No.30438408

That's not what the US law code states.

>> No.30438426


Any across-borders crime is a federal crime for the sake of jurisdiction, no matter how minor.

>> No.30438438

I never said you'd get arrested for committing a federal crime, merely that you are indeed committing it. In reality the chances of being caught are astronomically small- but doing it renders you guilty 200% of the time. I leave it up to you if that's something you can accept

>> No.30438445



>> No.30438542


I'm sure if the law enforcement agencies actually gave a fuck they could catch and punish many people buying recasts. The US government is stretched thin right now and has been for some time. They do not have the manpower nor capital to deal with such minoer offences.

>> No.30438555

how useful are skaven jezzails vs tomb kings

and orcs

>> No.30438571


>Goal Posts moved

>> No.30438586

>implying Jezzails aren't fantastic against everything
Really easy to convert too. Cavalry base, two rats from Island of Blood (there are a couple with poses that seem custom-made for this), a Kroot gun, and some plasticard or bit for a shield. Saved yourself a ton of $$$

>> No.30438604


Against Tomb Kings they're fairly useful - they're good at knocking down Heirotitans, Bone Giants, Scorpions, most of their medium sized monsters.

Against OnG it just depends on what they take, they're good at popping mangler squigs or pump wagons but that's about it.

>> No.30438626


Jezzails are a mid tier utility unit. The loss of skirmish prevents them from being super effective. That said with the rise of MCav they've garned more targets to fire at.

>> No.30438678

>that pic
I can never get over how it looks like baldy and the chaos champion are trying, and failing, to either dance battle like old men or have an abortive air guitar rock-off with their weapons

>> No.30438728


I... what?

>> No.30438960


Well he's the only lord I have right now since I didn't get Island of blood and I'm facing two lists of dwarves in a league next week

>> No.30438985


and how about dwarves

>> No.30439027


They're solid at knocking down Gyrocopters and they're fairly good at punching through most regular Dwarfs. Just prioritize the Gryros or else they're going to come steam gun you in the face.

>> No.30439086

I was in the same situation and I just ran him as a regular Warlord. There's no doubt that Queek Headtaker has one of the best models in the line, so if his rules don't fit your army's current needs then just take him as generic. Huge points savings

>> No.30439532



>> No.30439547

2010 was when 8th dropped. That's when I picked up the hobby thanks to two coworkers, one of which had a baby and lost all time to play. [bye, Steven]

>> No.30440049

Just got my new dwarfs army raped on turn one repeatedly by the enemy magic phase. What can I do to stop this? I took the Master rune of Valaya and dispel runes. Can dwarfs even dispel seriously anymore? Am I missing something?

>> No.30440105

The named engineer and bugman are worth the points. The rest are grossly over cost.

>> No.30440124

we already have ally rules, we just need clarification on how having two different armies affects point allocation and a better ally chart. like not being able to ally mortal enemies like HE and DE or Wood Elves and Beastmen.

>> No.30440131


Fluffy wise go ahead

Belegrar Ironhammer will also fuck anything in a challenge

>> No.30440141

>Am I missing something?

getting 2 guaranteed dispel dice from runelords from the previous book

>> No.30440183


Need more info - what were you running, what points, what was your opponent running, what magic got you.

Simply stating you got raped by magic isn't terribly useful in finding a fix for this.

My general suggestions are never leave home without at least 1 double spell eater rune, I prefer 2 with that setup for a better than 50% shot at knocking out purple sun entirely.

>> No.30440204

Looks like they finally shaved the beard then...

>> No.30440324

1/3 army gunline (thunderers, organ gun, cannon, iron drakes)
named engineer
Big scary lord
Battle standard thane
Big block of longbeards
Big block of ironbreakers

For antimagic I had valaya, balance, and dispel runes

First time was death school with purple sun
Second time was little waagh with curse of da bad moon

Both times nothing could be done. Lost around half the army to single spells.

>> No.30440366

2500 points

Orcs and Goblins (Trolls, night goblins, and seige weapons)
High elves (Cavalry, siege, and magic)

>> No.30440367


um why the fuck don't you have an anvil of doom

>> No.30440459

I think I may need one now, It's just really steep to be paying 170 points for a dispel dice.

>> No.30440491


The anvil is awful, be quiet if you haven' read the book.

He IF'd both times and managed to roll I for Bad Moon? That's purely bad luck.

Balance really isn't worth taking given that it is a 50/50 shot. I'd rather spell eater and hopefully knock down purple sun early.

Stop spending points on a big bad lord (they aren't worth it given the low movement value of your army). Take more bodies and more units instead. This means that P. Sun isn't going to get as many points in one go.

Named engineer is also over priced with your list set up, a regular engineer nets you the same bonuses at half the cost. Throw a GW and RoStone on him and call it a day.

Thunderers are inferior to Quarrelers - 30" range is better to reach out and begin causing wounds early. This increases your ability to interact with the game from the first turn. Thunderers look good with Grimm until you realize the points cost.

You need a 2nd runesmith to take another scroll, preferably another eater.

MMU play is better than large block play. You want 5+ units of 18-24 dwarfs. This means your opponent has less of a chance of netting as many points through one big cast.

Skip the Gyrobomber for 2 copters. Use the copters to aggressively hunt mages in bunkers.

That should help.

>> No.30441396

Thanks, any suggestions for things to even out the game? Dwarfs seem to have suffered enormously and the only way I seem to be doing well is with outmaneuvering and placement. The units aren't doing a lot for me without the magic resistance and I would prefer to stay away from a giant gunline if possible.

I'm greatly outnumbered by elves and overpowered by empire. This seems wrong. It seems all I have going for me is my siege weapons.

>> No.30441443

Split your units up. Sadly, Dwarfs have no way of dealing with IF cast spells, so its best to minimize the points lost. And Dwarf units are good enough to not have to rely on huge numbers. Also take some small units for Rangers or Gyrocopters to go mage-hunting.

>> No.30442032

Posted this last thread, one anon said it looked good. Looking for any suggestions/critique anyone else might have before I throw down money on stuff tomorrow.

Runesmith: Great Weapon, Rune of Spellbreaking - 91 pts
Thane: BSB, Shield - 93 pts

15 Quarrellers: Shields - 195 pts
15 Quarrellers: Shields - 195 pts

19 Hammerers: Full Command - 296 pts

Organ Gun: Rune of Burning - 125 pts

Total - 1000 pts

>> No.30442039

not guy u r replying to. The army book does state that ur general has to be a caster with the vamp lore, and ur army has to take instability tests when he dies and every following turn if u dont have another vamp lore caster alive.

>> No.30442139

Hey guys. I'll be honest here. Me and my group of friends have been playing 40k for a long time now and we wanna switch it up with some fantasy now.
Everyone except for me has an army. So i would be up against. WoC,Beastmen,Dwarfs,empire,high elves,khemri,ogre,skaven and lizards. i think that's all.

What would be a good army for me jump in and get wins? Everyone plays super hardcore powergaming stuff. Except for the dwarfs player(i think,never saw him after the codex release)

I have no idea what army is good or not but i want something i can win with or atleast stay competive.

So please help me out here we have a tournament in 2 weeks.

>> No.30442154

thats an army rule not a general undead rule

>> No.30442202

Dark Elves are super strong right now, and were just updated so it's unlikely they'll be nerfed any time soon.

>> No.30442277


>that spelling

You're not texting, faggot, stoo typing like an idiot.

>> No.30442326

From what I can tell, you are supposed to use the army's general, ignoring the restrictions for who can be general for an undead army, for the purposes of crumbling and marching. So the general doesn't have to be a wizard with the Lore of Vampires.

Formation rules specifically mention that they are chosen as if from a Vampire Counts army. They even make mention of crumbling from the death of the general.

>> No.30442375

ive not played warhams in a long time but what do people think of my 1000pts ogre list

-second level....35pts
-iron fist....3pts
-thiefstone....45pts (mag resist 2, randomly selected magic item)

6 ogre bulls....180pts

6 ogre bulls....180pts

12 Gnoblars...30pts

12 Gnoblars...30pts

4 lead belchers....172


my image is my battleline. im debating about taking away the banner and champion in the gnoblers for more gnoblers and swapping the thiefstone for the hellheart.

>> No.30442849


Why even take Gnoblars? Cut those for some Sabretusks.

>> No.30442888

because trappers make everyone in the unit that chargers take a dangerous terrain test and sabretusks dont fit into my pirate ogre fluff

>> No.30442926

Fluff I will concede. Trappers make the front rank take a dangerous terrain test which is worthless given that you'll be surrendering their points so quickly it won't matter.

>> No.30443164

they make a whole unit take a test.
they're only 90pts per unit.
i could put in 3 iron guts instead i suppose or upgrade my butcher or something but i like the gnoblars as a deterrant to a flank charge.

>> No.30443955

Dark Elves, undoubtedly.

>> No.30445271

>Me and my group of friends have been playing 40k for a long time now and we wanna switch it up with some fantasy now. So i would be up against. WoC, Beastmen, Dwarfs, empire, high elves, khemri, ogre, skaven and lizards. i think that's all.
That's like 10 guys! You have 10 friends you just hang out with and play trad games? God, I hate you for your success

>> No.30445699

Guys - Back2Basicc is having a 50% off sale on all MDF trays.

I just bought this

for $80.52 US Shipped FREE.

Hey - There is a 50% off sale at Back2BaseIX.

I got this with free shipping.
Just enter the coupon code 'areyounuts' and click the 'Apply Changes' button during checkout BEFORE making payment.

1 USD equals 1.12 AUD as of this posting.

>> No.30445967

Do you seriously have 400 bottles of paint?

>> No.30446673

No - Only 150 or so

>> No.30446693

Besides - if you don't need all the racks, I am sure there is someone in your gaming group who might want one or would be a nice door prize or something.

>> No.30446947


I split this thing with 2 friends since between us we got all of our bases covered.

>> No.30448350

tomb kings here, so I am venturing back into WHF and was curious on some decent playable lists. I field 2 blocks of 10x10 skele warriors with hw/sh. because fuck yea.

>> No.30448549

>200 skellingtons
>all dat paint
>all dose HW/S

>> No.30448688


What levels roughly? Do you mind playing with SCs?

>> No.30448864

does the new dwarf book have a character that makes it so you can take longbeards only for core?

or that makes hammerers or ironbreakers core?

because I love the new models but they don't gel with the old core unit models at all

>> No.30448876

Daemon Slayer with a pair of runic axes (Master Rune of Smiting + 2 Runes of Cleaving)
Daemon Slayer with a pair of runic axes (Master Rune of Swiftness + 2 Runes of Might)
Runesmith with great weapon and runic talisman (Master Rune of Passage + 2 Runes of Spellbreaking)
30 Slayers + musician and standard bearer with Strollaz' Rune
30 Slayers + musician and standard bearer with Strollaz' Rune + Rune of Sanctuary
30 Longbeards with great weapons, FC with 2 Runes of Slowness
Bolt Thrower

2k list. Guns are dishonourable.

>> No.30448881


Longbeards can be taken as your only core now as per the basic rules in the book.

>> No.30448889

No, but Longbeards are no longer limited to one per army, so you can fill your core with nothing but them.

>> No.30448926



>> No.30448975


gotta love how they're all smiling like they're posing for a photograph

>> No.30448978

>All dat paint
>two bottles of cream colored spray paint and some brownish wash

It works far better than you'd think

>> No.30448983

I love SC's, doing an escalation upto 2500 pts sc's allowed, everyone has bad mouthed tombkings in this edition i need to prove them other wise haha

>> No.30449025


>> No.30449040


Arkhan is nearly a must take in seriously competitive lists. That said I'll just direct you to the Tomb King forum - this is one of the better resources for TK. I'd suggest checking out a lot of what Sleboda runs.


>> No.30449079


Here's a link to a particularly good place to start.


>> No.30449172

Should I start Dark Elves or Empire?

>> No.30449195


just white primer and brown wash does the trick

>> No.30449215


and if you paint the weapons before the wash you're done in like 5 minutes

>> No.30449259

Pick the one you enjoy the looks of; both have interesting and viable builds. Dark Elves are ascendant at the moment. Empire can make an all comers list, but requires a bit more gamesmanship.

>> No.30449273

Which are you more interested in? If the answer is "both" or something like that, lean towards Dark Elves. They are extremely powerful right now.

>> No.30449376

Dark Elves, so all your friends can hate you.

>> No.30449552

Fuck just go to an AC Moore and get a can of Krylon white matte primer, a sepia ink wash and maybe pick up a pot of brown and gunmetal for the weaps and shields and you're done in 4 hours.
Fuck even the bases just need glue and fucking fine sand.

And funny thing is, you'll have a far better looking army than most fucks that spent weeks actually painting.

>> No.30449865

essentially what i did
white spray, brown ink, drybrushed bleached bone over skeleton, drybrushed gold over metal bits and blue on shields etc. was fuck easy to do, especially in batches.

>> No.30450053

very helpful thank you sir

>> No.30450333

Whats so powerful about Dark Elves? Im ordering from based chinaman but Im a bit worried about skinny models being miscasted

>> No.30450531

I have no idea, that's just what people in this thread have been saying so I repeated it

>> No.30450775

Well, for starters, the whole army has ASF and an ability to re-roll 1's on To Wound rolls in combat. And since their elves, their initiative is high enough that they'll be re-rolling to Hit 70% of the time. Throw in Hatred (High Elves), and that bumps it up a bit more.

From there, its really just that they have a lot of areas that they are good in. Good shooting, good magic, monsters, speed, good leadership, the only thing they really aren't good at is defense. But most of the time, they kill you before you can kill them.

>> No.30452375

When did the last battle scroll release? It seems like they're only doing releases for 40k

>> No.30452399

Hey guys I just had a Gotrek and Felix question.

I just finished the last of the William King books and so far I love them but I'm kinda having a hard time getting into OrcSlayer. Anyone else have this problem?

>> No.30452426

Try both feet at once

>> No.30452967

Would an all-animal O&G army be viable?
So wolf and spider riders, boar boys, maybe chariots. Sadly no squigs because fuck finecast. And an arachnorok.

By viable I'm not looking for tournament cheesing standard but I'd like to not get tabled on turn 1.

>> No.30453035

I want to believe!


>> No.30453992

Implying that I am going into this books with reservations about it due to not being written by King and instead being written by a man with whom I have had no past experiences with?

>> No.30454016

So the White Dwarf on top being born aloft by Gotrek Gurnisson and Bugman?

>> No.30454068


Quit yer whinin manling. I've got about 6000 points (as of last book) of assorted Dwarves (some probably unusable) in boxes awaiting some love.

Not only do i need to rebuild a metal Flame Cannon from component parts, but I have 2 old Gyrocopters whose rotors need fixing, and 2 REALLY old Gyrocopters that need stripping of about 15 years of paint.

You'll be fine lad.

>> No.30455368


Chivalry no more, Anon.

>> No.30455511

So is it true that playing OK makes you THAT guy?

>> No.30455542


No. That's Dark Elves.

>> No.30455663

How much can we expect GW to fuck up with the next edition?

>> No.30456243

That's not 40k. He is right, OK makes you THAT guy.

>> No.30456348


A lot, but in new and exciting ways!

Whats that? Matt Ward will write half of the magic lores, Cruddace will write the others? Neat! Whats that? MR removed from the game entirely? Keen! ASF now only breaks tied Initiative scores? Cavalry now cause impact hits if they have spears (1) or Lances (d3)? Sure! Why not?
A new faction of lovecraftian fishmen that create water and swamp terrain and fight atop a giant enemy crab? EXCELSIOR! A new High Elf character that's Teclis and Tyrions magic created lovechild! HOW CAN THIS GO WRONG.



>> No.30456412

>A new faction of lovecraftian fishmen that create water and swamp terrain and fight atop a giant enemy crab?
I hope you're not implying that this isn't an awesome idea and shouldn't totally be implemented ASAP.

>> No.30456440



>> No.30456484

>A new faction of lovecraftian fishmen
I-I love that onii-chan!

>> No.30456555



>> No.30457243

I fucking WISH my ogre characters were that cheap.

>> No.30457383

As a Dwarf player I still wish we'd gotten more in the way of Bound Item like things for the Magic phase.
I also wish that Runepriests and Runelords had a rule that allowed them to dispel as Level 2 and 4 wizards respectively.
That's the one thing thats really missing from our Anti-Magic defences, and it's such an obvious no brainer, and the point cost between the RL and RP is SO different that I can't help but feel that the only reason they DONT is due to a typo or edit error.

>> No.30457457

Guys, did any of you play the new Diskwars?

I just wonder how similar it is to this, if it's just loosely based or pretty much a conversion?

It looks really interesting.

>> No.30457473

It seems like our new anti-magic rules were written by somebody who was told "you need to keep dwarfs largely against magic", but -really- had a stick up their ass about the one time their level 4 wizard couldn't cast Purple Sun because the anvil said "no", or some shit.

I kind of think that GW wasn't expecting Dwarfs to sell as well as they did. The entire affair seems like something they slapped together just to be able to say they did, and not as an actual update to the army itself.

>> No.30457893

So Dwarfs got the Sisters/"Sororitas" treatment, but with new models and an attempt at making a real book?

>> No.30457918

>A new faction of lovecraftian fishmen

>> No.30457925


To be fair, if the Magic phase just plain up didn't exist, Dwarfs would be hella strong.

But it does.

>> No.30458002


Sort of.

No real new units, not many buffs or nerfs that would change our playstyle aside from dispel nerfs, just a bunch of "oh hey, we tweaked the wording on this rule, and lowered the cost! Now stop complaining about not having an update. We have giant monster kits to shoehorned into much more popular armies to make."

And then the dwarf special edition codex sold out less than 24 hours after it went on pre-order. Good job GW. You fucked up again.

>> No.30458025

Fair enough, Dwarfs belong in bro company anyway.
We'll leave Teclis and Tyrion at home if Dorfs give back Aenarion's crown so we can get Finubar a model, sound fair?

>> No.30458072

Ironic. They had those damn Tyranid special editions for forever, to the point I don 't really think they DID manage to sell them.

Meanwhile, SM sales plummet so they release a new $100+ model for them.

Dorfs should have gotten a big model of that airship in the example scenario in the 8th rulebook. Not some tiny dragon leather helicopters.

>> No.30458145


>> No.30458154

>Hey, are the Dorf Book scans with the fluff out yet

>> No.30458257

I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of a centerpiece model, but honestly, as much as I get down on the new book, its not an awful one. It didn't really take anything away from the dwarf arsenal, most things are either got really minor buffs side grades to their rules, or their points lowered.

The biggest disappointment is our "magic" phase changes, namely dispelling and the anvil. It feels like they really wanted to change dwarven dispelling to be more "fun" toward magic based armies, but didn't actually want to put any thought or reason into new mechanics, so they just said "Uh, just halve their dispelling ability" without actually realizing that this effectively makes dwarves, -the- anti-magic army, the worst army for dispelling anything in the game. The anvil is pretty shit too. I feel like they looked at it and said "why should dwarfs get magic that can't be dispelled, while actual magic armies can't?" and, once again, didn't want to put any time and effort into their choices, so just made it learn awful bound spells that you'll never actually manage to cast in the first place.

It just feels like a weird thing I have a hard time understanding the logic behind, unless I look at the new book as purely lip service, just to get a new book out just to pander to an audience they didn't think was large enough to warrant a real codex. Then it makes a little more sense.

>> No.30458329

>tfw you are so burnt out on Warhammer fluff in general that you start reading real history and mythology instead

>> No.30458419

History is like... the real world fluff ....man.

Actually I pretty much stopped buying anything fantasy related a couple of years ago and pretty much everything I read nowadays is history books or an occasional 40k novel that picks my interest.

>> No.30458505

I just got so bored of all the shitty revisions of the fluff in the last 10 years and of other settings too so I just figured I might as well read the real thing.

Humans are much more amazing in history than they are in fantasy and mythology helgs me understand how humans viewed reality back then.

>> No.30458535


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