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Hi /tg/, I'm fairly new to this game of 40k and my army is Chaos Space Marines. Any tips on how to effectively play well with them? I usually play against my friends who use Ultramarines and Grey Knights, and I usually have a hard time when facing these armies. What is considered the right play style, and what advantages do I as a CSM player have to take advantage of? Advice is welcomed.

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Don't use any Khorne units.

Don't use Chaos Space Marines for troops.

That's about it to avoid being super terrible. If you want to min/max use Heldrakes/S or N marked bikers, oblits, plague marines, cultists, typhus and zombies, combi terminators, maybe some of the HS fiends. DPs are okay too but daemons do them better.

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Also forgot to add there's no "right" or "wrong" way to play the army, the most important thing is to have fun. If your opponents aren't too serious about winning the games and building unbeatable armies, you should be able to play whatever you want.

Khorne armies are actually pretty fun if you're not being wiped off the board by the opponent.

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>Chaos Space Marines
>against Ultramarines and Grey Knights

Heldrake with Baleflamer
Heldrake with Baleflamer
Heldrake with Baleflamer

Ally with Black Legion

Heldrake with Baleflamer

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What if the GK player plays Draigowing (hue).

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Then he's not going to win anyway and there should be no problem.

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Heldrake 2x

3x3 Nurgle Obliterators


Plague Zombie troops

Either a Nurgle Bikelord with a Nurgle Spawn/Biker bodyguard, or a Flying Daemon Prince with Black Mace for your second HQ.

Have fun never losing to Marine armies ever.

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Unfortunately beating marine armies is not a very good goal to have. Beating Eldar, Tau, Screamers, and White Scars is.

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Not sure what Draigowing actually is, but he uses draigo with Paladin squads while using some type of psyker unit that drops pie plates all over the field. I have a really hard time bringing them down even with multiple units of plague marines with plasma, oblits using lascannons and bringing a land raider which is my only other heavy option I own. It seems like I just have the shooting capacity as other armies that my friends play, and that CSM seem to favor assault. The hard part is getting to the assault without losing half my army or more in the process.

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Shoot him with Obliterators.

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in b4

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He said he plays against Ultramarines and Grey Knights.

Also CSM without allies (usually AS allies, since having them as primary is retarded to begin with) auto-lose to those armies when they're played competently, so the best advice there is "don't play CSM".

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>Not sure what Draigowing actually is
>but he uses draigo with Paladin squads

That's Draigowing.

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CSM do favor assault but not really because like 99% of armies in the game assault is just too difficult to pull off since shooting opponents are too strong.

Marine armies in general do not have much shooting power because their units cost so much and don't come with very many guns.

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LR is kind of wasted in CSM if u aren't using huron or ahrimahn for the auto infiltrate warlord trait. i really enjoy a havoc squad with autocannons in an aegis, they work well against my friend's GKs. rhinos do wonders

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So are CSM really at that bad of a disadvantage?

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They've got a few good units, and a whole lot of really, REALLY bad ones.

As a standalone army they're low-tier if they don't follow the monobuild, and even then they'll still lose the majority of the time against opponents who know the build and have Heldrake-proofed their armies.

They work best as allies so they can just splash the good stuff and leave out the crap

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Who are they best to be allied with?

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