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Why are the Sisters of Battle online only and still partially metal? I heard someone mention that it is because no one plays them. Why not then? What is wrong with them?

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Eh. They are the least updated, have only metal and their codex was gutted by GKs after they both got their own codex

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First it was only metal then never updated now it is codex was raped by GKs

So they never found enough player base to get the treatment they really should have gotten

Instead we get another marine dex every year to add to the bloated mass that is space marine wank

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They cost an arm and a leg and have a shit tier codex.

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They're still in metal because, according to comments from GW devs, they had issues making plastic Sisters. However, the recent AS codex seems to have sold well, and some GW people allegedly said at Enter the Citadel that they now had the capabilities to make plastic Sisters. So hopefully we'll see plastics one day.

Personally I'm glad the Inquisition got taken out. I much prefer an SoB/Ecclesiarchy codex. Besides, with the Inquisition codex the Sisters can take Inquisition stuff again anyway.

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Almost no one plays them because they're all metal

Also they're kinda the middlechild of the Human races

If you want elite, pick Space Marines, if you want hordes play Guard

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Shit-tier? Nah, it's pretty decent. You can do some effective stuff with it.

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Nobody plays them anon, at least not enough to be buying the miniatures enough for GW to consider doing anything with them. For some reason being normal nuns with guns serving the Church's interests' isn't as much fun as galavanting across the stars running your own "Boys only" clubs arguing over who's Daddy was the stronger.

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The excuse that they couldn't make plastic sisters is such a weak one
If there had been enough push for it from players GW would have done it in their quest for ever more money from their fans

They just didn't care because their only purpose is to be used whenever Ward wants to write more stuff porn to get off on

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who wants to play a bunch of women when you can play as manly men?

same reason people dont make action movies and vidya with women (mostly)

also, you would get labelled as a creep if you show up with a girl army

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That's why, basically.
>So why don't they make plastic minis and new rules.
Because games workshop is retarded.

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It takes time and money to make plastic SOB

Sure, they might sell well, but would they sell as well as a big new stompy Space Marine unit?

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this guy; sisters are a pretty mediocre codex but still better'n Nids.
hardly anyone plays 'em cause they have always been expensive. now it's £8 a figure can't see anyone affording an army!

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Apparently gthat's just how GW works. THe DE also got held back for a while until they were happy with the models. But as for the money, the recent AS codec does seem to have sold well, so that's that supposedm issue addressed right there. Even then, why attempt to make plastics in the first place if they feel there's no reason to?

> hey just didn't care because their only purpose is to be used whenever Ward wants to write more stuff porn to get off on
Oh lol, this again.

Cite one story, other than the Bloodtide, where he's had Sisters get massacred. Meanwhile, he wrote the fluff in the SoB codex, which was pretty good and had them kicking ass. The Bloodtide did treat them prety badly, but I don't get why Ward now gets accused of having some sort of blood-vendetta against the Sisters.

>Nobody plays them anon, at least not enough to be buying the miniatures enough for GW to consider doing anything with them.
Not surprising, considering they're all metal and order-only. Of course fewer people are buying the minis.

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Sister dump? Sister dump.

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This is all well and good, but can Sisters have socks?

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>Not surprising, considering they're all metal and order-only. Of course fewer people are buying the minis.
That's the GW vicious cycle

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I am playing a game of dota right now, so please forgive any delays.

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Wait... didn't we have pretty much this exact thread a few days ago? Ah well, /tg/ loves the nuns, I guess.

May as wel.

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You're doing god's work anon.

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I would absolutely play them if they had (relatively, by GW standards even) affordable plastics, or, shit, maybe even if their metal minis were affordable. I love the Ecclesiarchy fluff and aesthetic, and their rules, while maybe not the *most* competitive (though I think they're underrated; their Priests are pretty batshit insane now), are no turn-off to me at all.

So yeah I guess it's self-fulfilling prophecy that they don't sell because they're too expensive, then GW is hesitant to invest in plastic molds because they don't sell, then they continue to not sell.

It happened with Dark Eldar for a while (not so much because of metal models or being expensive, but because they were just ghetto and old), and GW's investment in a reboot there seemed to go fairly well, so I would hope they take that approach to Sisters.

(Then again DE are kind of unpopular yet again but fuck it, I still play them as does one other dude at my LGS.)

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Shut up misogynist

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I love how you can just SEE how much she gets off on purging heresy.

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I have to say, those pink Sisters look absolutely fabulous. I'm not sure why, they just do.

Vicious, but not inescapable. The DE were also in a similar spot, but they had their day eventually.

Have to say, that artwork is really nice. I like the little detail of the holy trinity being in there. 10/10, top codex cover. Would look at again.

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u wot m8? art thou having a bubble?

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Fun fact, Ephrael Stern wasn't always a badass magical Sister.

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because DE are cemented in the lore of 40K, their creation is like integral to the plot what with the fourth Chaos god and what not, Sisters, easily smoothed away and forgotten, don't get me wrong I'm waiting for their reboot so I can start my second army, but not going to waste cash, waiting to see if they die out or get resurrected

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4chan ate my picture.

Or I just forgot it.

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people underestimate the damage output of sisters; having a pink army also helps disguise the fact they can be competitive!

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While they can be under-represented, they're also the armed force of the Ecclesiarchy. That's a pretty impoprtant role in the fluff. If they were to be dropped, they'd more likely become a background faction like the Arbites or something rather than outright forgotten. But I'm doubtful that'll happen, GW just gave them a new codex, and seem to be bent on making more armies rather than dropping any.

Also, Sisters were in RT. They've been around since the start.

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sisters add nothing to the setting

they have the same weapons and equipment as marines, except they are women and weaker

the whole "purge heresy" thing is done by many imperial forces anyway

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A Sister riding an old Immolator.

Ha. I know, right? It's always fun when people underestimate the SoB.

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I'm dropping out of the hobby due to time constraints, so I'm going to be selling off my sisters collection I think.

What do you think the best way to list them on ebay is?

Single models, same numbers as the blister packs, or squad size?

>Pic related, what they are funding

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i ran a Deathcult recently and holy crap they got some damage output!

having been FAQed you can't assault out of a wrecked vehicle i had to drop the Repentia as they just did very little

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Sure they do. They show off the heights of religious fervor better than any other faction in the setting, what with their massively gothic/chutchly aesthetics and Acts of Faith. They also act as the beat-sticks of the Ecclesiarchy, which is a pretty important role.

As for weaker, of course they are, somewhat. They're still humans. But that also fits their niche of being a sort of mid-point between the IG and Guard. They have the equipment, but not the physical enhancments (though their AoFs and SoF let them close the gap in a sense).

And nobody does "purge the heretic" better than the Sisters, you silly lad.

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>some GW people allegedly said at Enter the Citadel that they now had the capabilities to make plastic Sisters
I remember those reports. I don't think there was anything about them now being able to do it, it just mentioned that they'd had problems.

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Single models. With Sisters, people tend to decide on their list first, then bargain hunt for what they need and no more.

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This one reminds me of that weapon you can get in Dead Rising 2. The one where you combine the paddle and the chiansaw.

Damn, I would love a BL novel about Sisters vs Zombies.

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They are online only and metal. Theyd be one of the more popular armies if they actually got updated

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This guy says he heard them say it in a Q&A session.


Remove the bracketed exclamation.

Yeah, I certainly won't say it's definite proof, but it's there.

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this one is probably my favourite SoB fanart


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Between the IG and Marines, I meant!

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Makes sense, thanks

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Ah yes, fair point.

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Allegedly, this was meant to be the cover art of DoW Soulstorm.

The Sisters were pretty great in that game.

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A Boy's Love novel about Sisters and zombies? How would that work?

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Watch yourself, heathen.

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I disagree. In a grim derp setting, the sisters are almost a bright spot. Their total faith is actually rewarded with miracles. They're technically just tools of an increasingly cynical and ineffective church, but damn, they get the whole faith thing.

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Is there any vidya with sisters in them?

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Andy Hoare, an guy who worked on the Sisters a lot back in older editions, agrees. I recallm reading something by him where he basically says that though from our modern view they're pretty brutal, within the Imperium they're regarded as divine and pure (or something liek that, can't find the source just now). Point is, they stand out from the others.

Also, flamer bike.

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DOW Soulstorm.

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Apart from Soulstorm, they also appeared in an older game, Rites of War:


As for the future, they may make an appearence in the upcoming 40K MMO, Eternal Crusade. A developer noted that they were on the list to be added eventually. However, races being added depends upon the game's success. But hopefully they'll be in. Would bloody love to shoot up heretic scum as a jetpacking dual wielding fanatical space nun.

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Are SoB novices with lasgun a legit thing in the lore?

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I'd play the shit out of that game if I could play a sister.

Too bad all mmos fail

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Why do they all have the same haircut?

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Well, their hair probably shouldn't be any longer.

Not that 40k is the place to argue practicality.

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Nah. Fans just generally like to give them lasguns and carapace or flak in their fan-lore.

There's sort of a precedence for it, Novices don't recieve their power armour until they become full Battle Sisters. Though that's not to say that they couldn't train with bolt-type weapons during their Novicehood. Really, the fluff doesn't give much detail. So make up your own mind, I guess.

They are both a military organisation and a cult.

Also, the bobcut is the true source of their power.

Same, bud. Same.

This one has some promise. They're doing things pretty differently to most devs, being very open with thier fans and releasing very early gamplay footage. I think they also won or nearly won some poll about MMOs people were anticipating.

We'll just have to wait and see. Personally I'll be buying it on day one, even without mah space nuns in it.

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>dem feels
>dat bow

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Because they cost 2-3x as much as every other army, which are already overpriced.


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>you will never whipped by an adeptus sororitas as punishment for being a filthy neckbeard

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Oops, sorry for the delay, dumping caused me to make a terrible decision in dota, so i paused for a bit.

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>dildo terrain in the background.


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a Relic a friend from my gaming group made for me; i'd won 6 games straight "bout time your girls got a dicking" was his theory...
it does vibrate!

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Oh god, that's the funniest thing ever.

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Why are Hospitallers so based, /tg/? By far my favorites of the Sororitas, militant and non-militant orders.

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hence a re-basing so i can continue to use it in game!

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I don't see any Sisters Dialogus pictures...not surprising, but I actually like the non-militant orders as much as the militant ones. They're some of the few professional medical institutions and language translators in the Imperium. Not to mention, they sometimes get transfers from sisters from the Militant Orders, so if things go bad they may know how to use a gun.

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Let's avoid the thread being purged!

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we go purging on!

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So what should a good, competitive sisters army look like these days?

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The Sisters need to get these guys back, dammit.

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Better picture here.

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So I sometimes ask which one of the Major Orders people collect or like the most in these threads, but here's a different spin on it.

You can have a friendly drink with a Sister from one of these Orders... Which Order do you pick?

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3x Exorcists, Priests, Dominion in Rhino with 4x meltagun

i run:

canoness 120
Rosarius, ophelia, power maul

Priest 40
Litanies Of Faith

Battle Conclave 185
+6 (9), 9x Death Cultists, Rhino, extra armour

Sisters 145
heavy flamer, flamer, similcrum, immolator

Sisters 145
heavy flamer, flamer, similcrum, immolator

Sisters 145
heavy flamer, flamer, similcrum, immolator

Seraphim 150
+5 (10)

Dominion 179
+3 (8), 4x Storm Bolter, Power Maul, Rhino

Exorcist 130
storm bolter

Exorcist 130
storm bolter

Exorcist 130
storm bolter


i used Escher for my Battle Conclave; could use Redemptionists for the same?

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>SOB Droppods
me so horny

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Order of the Sacred Rose, I guess.

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Argent Shroud. Quietly hold down the end of the bar together for a good few hours.

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They used to be a thing in the game, even.

But I don't miss them. Too Space Marine. A cool SoB version of it would be drop-churches. Miniature churches that deploy from orbit with Sisters in them. Instead of having weapons, they could provide buffs for nearby Sisters.

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thats gorgeous

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A question for you /tg/, since we're on the subject of sisters -

The Order of the Blue Robe is one of the few minor Orders Militant with an actual picture of their colors...on an Exorcist. Any idea what colors on an actual sister might be?

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If go with this. Argent Shroud are cool, but I'd want to talk a bit. Also Sacred Rose are the most reasonable ones, so they'd be easier to get along with.

>> No.30416396

That's what GW think women look like? Look like cadian in drags

>> No.30416423

Probably blue armor with beige cloth since most orders have main color = armor, accent = cloth

>> No.30416439

Just going off of their tank's colours, if guess blue armour and cream robes. Though the name "blue robe" would make me think it's the other way around.

>> No.30416445

>> No.30416461

this is the blue robe color scheme

>> No.30416494

They are soldiers in 40K's battlefields, they're not going to look too great.

Though GW's Sisters have gotten less ugly over the years. Compare that to the AS codex cover artwork:

>> No.30416585

But they all have the same face

>> No.30416642

Anybody know when Taobao might start restocking battle sisters troops again?

>> No.30416650

You weren't meant to see that.

I'm sorry, but the Sisterhood needs you to lie down on the floor, face down. It will be a quick end if you do not resist.

>> No.30416702

Thanks a lot! I like more minor orders and chapters and such. Not to mention, this means they're one of the few sisters Orders that have colors besides red, white, and black.

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>> No.30416800

Personally I want to make a sister order that has silver armor, red cloth, brass other shit.

Should look neat

>> No.30416864

Hey, it sounds like yours would work too. I just like supporting the little orders, you know?

>> No.30416887

i just wanna play up the knightly aspect they put off

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>> No.30417134

40k greased lightning?

>> No.30417225

>those expressions of disapproval on the other marines
every time

>> No.30417285

I like how the other Sisters and Marines are various shades of disgusted and outraged.

>> No.30417299

They're just jealous because only the Blood Angel is getting some.

Also, that is a space wolf in the bottommost left, right? And why does the Dark Angel have a ponytail...?

>> No.30417342

The Codex Astartes does not support this action...

>> No.30417416

Because newbies don't even know they exist, and oldies know how little support they get.

It's a shame too, Idk about a whole army, but I'd certainly bring an allied detachment of crazed fanatical super space nuns if it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg.

>> No.30417443

Because newbies don't even know they exist, and oldies know how little support they get.

It's a shame too, Idk about a whole army, but I'd certainly bring an allied detachment of crazed fanatical super space nuns if it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg.

>> No.30417528

It actually does. There's a section at the back that covers these sorts of actions. Sadly, a Daemon of smut stole them from most copies. The Dark Angels have one of the few remaining copies containing this section, hidden deep within The Rock. Even deeper than The Lion.

>> No.30417665

Is there anything deeper than that tome...?

>> No.30417743

A gay nightclub. Just like the IRL one that used to be in Nottingham which was also called The Rock. The nightclub inspired the 40K The Rock, as many GW devs went there to unwind and find inspiration.

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>> No.30418113


This picture summates my feelings for rowboat girlyman, his ideas of structuring the Legions, and all who carry his accursed gene seed.

>> No.30418206

Does Chinaman recast Sisters in plastic?

I really love the aesthetic of the Ecclesiarchy, so I'd probably go into 40k just for plastic Sisters.

>> No.30418210

Right. That picture basically sums up what Roboute and his reforms were all about.

>> No.30418305

He said he would consider it. Don't know if he delivered.

>> No.30418368

Ah, okay. I guess my best bet would be to either buy a Sisters army off eBay or GW and recast myself then.

>> No.30419235

>people putting stock in what some chink said
He'd probably say that to any request

>> No.30419428

ANY request? ;)

>> No.30419709


HIs legacy engaging in gay orgies?

Or cute adepta-kuns with Inquistion barrette swinging an eviscerator. Blood and purityu seals filling the air? Because if rowboat was about that, maybe I have him misunderstood.

>> No.30420014

Well, you know how a big theme of 40K is that mankind has forgotten so much? Same's true for this. The Roboute's reforms were actually to make it easier for the Marines to organise gay orgies. Legions of 10,000 Marines just made everything too difficult to organise, so he split them into Chapters of 1000 to make everything more streamlined. But everybody has since forgotten this and nobody takes advantage of his reforms in the intended way. Yet another tragedy in 40K.

>> No.30423188


Hard to organize the lube in sufficient quantities to be dispensed.

Betchers gland precluded spit.

>> No.30425740

I think this is my all time favorite (fan)art of the sisters. The lowly repentia mysteriously being drawn to a secret temple and then: the moment of discovery of the relics that allow her to become a living saint.

>> No.30425875

The 'bob' haircut, the woman in armour being directed by God thing, the obsession with cleansing fire, the fleur-de-lis and the sallet style helmet are all references to the IRL inqusition and medieval war times, specifically Joan of Arc.

Unfortunately, everyone these days sees them and goes "ugh, lady gaga space marines? Why would I play that when I can play special snowflake marine variant 1455602004?"

>> No.30425994

That ork on the bottom left who's convinced everyone he's a marine makes me laugh.

>> No.30426139

That's RT with the Xeno half breeds

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>> No.30427927

>> No.30427975

>> No.30428085

>> No.30429590

Just a thought, why space nuns wear make-up? How does it help to purge the unlean (and stay... pure, ahem)?

>> No.30429832


Coincidentally there have been rumors recently that GW has sent a good bit of it's metal stock to be melted down.

>> No.30430513

Which is evidently not the end of the Sisters, since people have been getting their metal models since then.

That may be Celestine herself. She was a Repentia before becoming the magical angel woman she was today.

>> No.30430524

it helps other imperial factions see them as obviously feminine so that they don't question the legal loophole that allows them to exist.

>> No.30430552

Does the Sisterhood allow transgender women into their covens?

>> No.30430568

Could be tattoos. Even military women are vain creatures, anon.

>> No.30430660

they recruit from the schola progenium, where discipline and formatting are normal practices, no room for trannies.

>> No.30430699

Sisters of Battle purge a Hive that has fallen to Nurgle. Done.

>> No.30431978

Sisters have actually very little stock left.
They ran down years ago and they just do micro-batches now. Practically cast to order.

There isn't a plastic line all ready and just waiting on the metals to be run down, GW doesn't work like that. They don't sit on unreleased stock for more then a few months, half a year at most.
No, any plastic Sisters that may eventuate, from the point of their die being made, would be the better part of a year at most before they get released and this would be timed to an actual codex.
There is no rumours of a codex coming, there is no plastic being sat on awaiting a drop in metal stock.

Sisters are a long way off and they'll remain metal the entire time.
Even when their current moulds break down, they'll just make more from the masters and they'll stay metal all the way till their update.

>> No.30432358

Neither of those people said otherwise. But, one interesting detail:

> There isn't a plastic line all ready and just waiting on the metals to be run down, GW doesn't work like that.
> they get released and this would be timed to an actual codex.
This isn't necessarily the case anymore. With the new release format, model releases are no longer tied to codex releases. Note that Chaos Marines are getting model updates soon, but no new codex. We wouldn't necessarily have to get a new AS codex before we got a few plastic Sisters.

>> No.30432438

>> No.30436093

>That may be Celestine herself.
It is, although the artist appears to have removed all the art piece (and explaination) to focus... more on space marines...


>> No.30436749

>Just like the IRL one that used to be in Nottingham which was also called The Rock
I've been waiting for several years for absolutely anyone to prove this bullshit assertion.

Put up or shut up.

>> No.30437223

but anon you can't stop The Rock

>> No.30437311

I've had FLGS owners be confused when I say i collect sisters. "I've never heard of that army"

>> No.30438167

Aw yeah!

Can't stop The Rock!

I can see how that might appeal to some people. The Sisters are certainly a way to stand out from the crowd, in some places.

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