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I really need some DCoK art work, so I'll post what I have and then move into general imperial guard stuff. Please contribute with DCoK!

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Heehee, you nee D'Cok!

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>pistol grip
>"operator" rifle handling


Kriegers are WWI in space, son. Their lasguns are even a special model with wood furnishings, traditional grip and stock, and that fire more powerful shots more slowly (in fluff) just to emphasize this.

Holding a rifle as in that pic would be met with "wtf is you doin' boy?" looks from everyone in the time period from which DK draw all their inspiration.

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Nah, it's canon that the Death Corps here will execute Commissars for cowardice. Granted, the DCK definition of cowardice is NOT always charging foreword and dieing in battle.

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The Administratum isn't exactly known for its reliability. I'm sure there's a few DKoK regiments out there with the wrong lasguns, just as I'm sure there's a bunch of Cadians wondering why their new ones don't have a full-auto setting.

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And that's me. Not much, but I hope it's useful.

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However Commissars are also attached to them in order to stop them from stupidly charging defended positions when it won't accomplish anything, and might shoot them for doing so, or a regular DK officer for ordering it.

And as loyal-to-the-stupid as DK are (no offense to DK fans), it's probably much more likely that the Commissar would be the one doing the executing. But yeah it's a weird arrangement all around.

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Yes, but by the looks of it, that's also a DKoK commissar or commander, like in >>30410931
That and he's not using a lasgun, so it looks more like a spy or something cleaning up a witness.

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Thanks, OP here.

Does anyone have the concept art ones from the forge world books?

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I don't know, that lasgun looks quite nice.

The pistol grip makes it look a bit like a space FN FAL or a CETME C.

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At least he has trigger discipline.

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Thumb over bore is "operator" handling.

Holding close to the magwell has always been pants on head. The off hand being further out allows for more control in a dynamic enviornment.

>Art of the Tactical Bolter

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A quick google search turns up a lot of shit, Op.

But I understand you wanted to have a krieg thread.

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