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Can we have a weapon art thread?

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I'll post my impractical weapon collection, although it's mighty small.

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Been inbreeding a bit too heavily have we?

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>Not inbreeding
But it's so fun!

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>inbincible blade
>nameless bictory
>pain of godness


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>dynusty ancint sword

s-such power

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It's like I'm on a BR private server for an MMO.

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Funnily enough these are Lineage 2 swords.

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>Dynusty Shield

[Glowing Intensifies]

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>Dynusty Piste

What the fuck is a piste?

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Glowing means +1!

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I believe it means "Noodles" in Pakistani.

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>those file names

More please.

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That looks like the Claimh Solais

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post the rest

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Is there more of this?

I have a thing for impractical weaponry. Especially if it looks more retarded than cool.

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Is it bad that I find keyblades to be one of my favorite weapons?

Right up there with gauntlets/grieves and hammers?

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That picture gave me cancer

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I'll just leave this here...

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Spring steel, modderpocker.

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All I'm thinking is that it curls into the shape of the snake, but wouldn't that make it flimsy as all hell?

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spring steel is basically just used for stage swords

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Reel em in.

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>those last two on the right

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>from left to right

>not bad
>pretty cool
>I like it
>Dat euphoric EDGE

It was doing so good too.

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Why feathers on the blade? is the sword supposed to tickle people to death?

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Well what a shit wea-
>reads filename


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So is it some fancy staff that just looks like a sword, or is it like that spear catalyst in Dark Souls, that you can cast magic with but also has a usable but not preferred melee attack?

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>1st on the left
>Curves outwards
>Edge on the backside of the curve
I know that there are some forward-curving swords, but how the fuck are you supposed to even use that thing

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Are you not familiar with it?

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Thrust downwards against any sword-wielding opponent, hope they parry so it crushes them with their weight, otherwise HAVE FUN LOSING HALF OF YOUR TORSO BECAUSE THEY STRUCK YOU WHILE YOU WERE RAISING THIS PIECE OF SHIT OVER YOUR HEAD, ASSHOLE.

It's insanely shitty unless you're just "fighting" peasants who can't strike back. Also known as a ceremonial or sacrificial weapon.

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>Didn't have it in my folders
>"Oh I'll just go through her dA real quick and pick it up"


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What didst thou see, brave sir?

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The fuck kind of "keyblade" is this?!

I honestly thought it was some shitty sword till I read the description.

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>It can't be that bad
>Front page has an updated version of her damn OC
>2006+8 and still at it

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The emo-razor. Slits your wrist as you strike.

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It was made by a crazed hambeast...who knows what she was thinking, though I'd guess it was chocolate and yaoi.


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Swords are for fags.

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>stainless steel
So it's actually a kitchen knife.

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You read that wrong. It's Stanless, not stainless.

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>Stans across the internet sigh in relief that they are not a part of this fiasco of a "weapon"

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>practical weapons
Not on my watch!

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>seduction of vanity
That is the most vain name for a weapon I have ever fucking seen.

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What sort of madman would wield such a weapon?

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You can wear it as a belt.

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What a wonderful little war knife. Look at that red finish and glistening steel.

Oh, and it even has little lantern boxes on it!

Adorable, 10/10 would happily wear around town.

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What kind of crazed psychopath would wear a sword as a belt?

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One who has been dieting.

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All these weapons are looking far too practical.

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>Impractical? Yes.
>Awesome? FUCK YES.

Not to be confused with the gun axe, of course.

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>A rare rapier with spiral blades. It is the weapon of choice of the stone gargoyles in Latria. It is meant to inflict pain and cause bleeding rather than deal damage, which provides a glimpse into the insanity of the Old Monk.

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Not QUITE, but close, no?

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That's not impractical. It'll make a nice draw cut.

Well, that explains... something. And raises many more questions!

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>A unique sword with a rippled blade.

>So named because of it's [sic] shape resembling a flame, the blade is made for rending flesh and forces the letting of large amounts of blood. It is known especially as a weapon that easily causes mortal wounds.

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That is not a flamberge, though I could see how you would think so. A flamberge is actually shaped out with a wavy edge, while that particular blade is meerly sharpened on a reversing bevel.

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The axemaker was drunk.

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I prefer "inspired by alcohol".

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That one is actually pretty cool.

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I have a love of Indian weapons in general.

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BTW, i'll take dump requests on styles or types of weapons if anyone has them.

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Continue with Indian

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This thread is lacking in blunt weapons.

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>Well-used old bronze battle axe with a
long hilt and a crescent-shaped blade.

>One of the blessed weapons of the Way of
White. The Crescent Axe is bequeathed to
cleric warriors who have proven their faith.

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I'm pretty sure these swords are all African.

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Will do.

Will do next.

All of them except the khopesh to the right. That is a modern repro made in Pakistan, which is weird because the others are all authentic.

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So is there a specific term, or would i just be an Indiaboo?

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I can't think of a clever name like ouiboo

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Line art of that would make a really cool flag

>> No.30406578


i wonder if our weapons look as strange to them

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Apparently my post was deleted so I say it again

I can't think of a clever name like ouiboo

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Fucking captcha. Anyone else having issues with it lately?

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that's pretty operator

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That is already the used as a symbol for both the Sikh religion, and the Indian martial art, Ghatka.

Pic related: A sword and two daggers, over a chakram.

I've discussed that with my Ghatka bros. It boils down to "there is only so many ways to kill a man".

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Based India.

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forgot my damn pic.

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but they're the ones with all the wacky swords and poleaxe designs

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To be fair Angel Halo can't kill anything, it just seals their power
And its' backstory is WAY more Edgy than how it looks
But then that's part of the joke
"I want to be a Hero of Great Justice"...."Why do I need to use an evil sword made of melted down angels?"

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Is that intentional

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He's the last grandmaster of Ghatka in the Europe, a decorated military veteran, a supposedly a very nice guy.

Thankyou, that will do.


And we're don't have wacky swords and polearms?

Ten clenched fists, stacked ontop of each other. Its no weirder than measuring using a kings foot.

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>confirmed peasant/burgher scum or mercenary

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Those were surplus angels I'm sure.

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i'll take a break from Curryboo weapons wank, and switch to blunt weapons for a bit.

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no, all european weapons are completely sensible

>> No.30406875


Do China after

What I'm I looking at

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I don't have much chinese. And you're looking at a padded war-hat with multiple chakrams (sharpened throwing disks) on it.

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May I do a little China too?

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there is no such word

no one wants to be a fucking dot Indian


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Help yourself. I got almost nothing.

Dude, medieval and ancient India is awesome. Modern India blows.

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Of course

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I have to ask, what is the point of the open ring on the pommel?

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Killing folk. You've swung the blade, right, but have an opening to smash a fucker's face with the pommel. Clearly that blade has space for two hands. Thrust, crack, swing down as necessary. It's like you guys don't think about killing people.

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Then why not a solid ball?

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Doesn't a little curryboo post videos on youtube making fun of a cartoon about a children's card game?

>> No.30406999


My favorite is the one that's basically a sharpened, flat shovel.

Actually, I think the metal-cactus-on-a-stick is better.


Counterweight? Just something to loop a sash through?

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Chinese dao are worktools first and foremost, and a peasant tool/weapon. Its a cleaver/axe/machette/sword, and the ring pommel is held on with only the handle wrap. This allows the user to change the weight depending on the use of the weapon.

A lighter or lack of ring would make the weapon more tip heavy, and better for butching animals and chopping wood/bamboo. A heavier ring would being the point of balance down, and make it a better weapon.

Fun-fact: The occupying government during the boxer rebellion actually outlawed pommel rings of certain weights to keep daos from being used as weapons: The rebels got around this by using two or three lighter weight rings.

>> No.30407015

Storage and transport.
They also like to attach colorful swag ribbons there.
It's said thos ribbons could even help in battle distracting enemy, but I really doubt it.

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Shit, nigga, I don't know. Less metal, not necessary (it's not like the bridge of the nose or the chin is going to break that), Eastern warfare didn't develop much plate. My guesses.

Or maybe they just hung the fucker on a hook when they were done with it.

>> No.30407040

but why a ring? Europe mostly had ball or disk shaped pommels from what I've seen.
That makes some sense I guess.
Seems silly to tie your sword to your sash, or are you using sash in a different context to belt?

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Is that a really big sword or a really small guy?

>> No.30407059

Cactus is actually awesome weapon, but unwieldy as fuck.

>> No.30407061

Also: Best Chinese weapon: The bronze-age dagger-axe.

because 1: its easy to attach a ring with just wrapped cloth or cord, 2: Its easier to stack multiple on and 3: You can use the ring to hang it from a hook outside the door to your hut, as not to bring a tool used to butcher pigs and kill men into the home.

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>two far-left images

for what reason are the daggers dick-shaped? there is no reason for a dagger to be rounded and sloped like a dick

>> No.30407100

Why are samurai girls so great?

No seriously I could watch that gif for an hour.

>> No.30407104

Makes sense. thanks man

Guess I can chuck out what I think is a bardiche.

Not sure why the filename is why it is.

>> No.30407114

I would assume it's a symbol of virility, or a good luck charm to ensure you make lots of babies.

>> No.30407132

Wound profile and material strength. The leaf shaped blade, as seen used bu almost every culture at one point or another made nasty wounds, and the thicker bronze around the points made them stronger.

That is indeed a bardiche.

>> No.30407150

My heart wasn't ready for this.

>> No.30407160

>This greataxe is a veritable mass of iron. Its weight sends foes flying, but makes it difficult to handle without inhuman strength.

>Any miss makes one very vulnerable, as each swing requires the full force of the body.


>This larger type of greatsword is normally wielded with two hands due to its weight.
>This highly flexible greatsword can be used to attack in swings or thrusts.

>> No.30407161

Pffft. They don't got shit on Europe love of weaponized cocks.

Sorry for the old pic.

>> No.30407164


Also found a shieldgun sitting on my hardrive

>> No.30407172

Did someone say impractical weapons?

I'm no Gropey, but have a wristbreaker.

>> No.30407189

reminds me of TF2's shortsop

>> No.30407194

>> No.30407200

Do you have an in-game shot of this?
Do you hold both the handles at once, or what?

>> No.30407204

>The fastest way to separate skin from bone.

>> No.30407233

That is not even close to a greatsword. That is a bastard sword, or hand and a half sword which can be used in a single or twohanded grip. Greatswords are much longer, both in blade and handle, and exclusively used in two hands like a polearm.

Won't break your wrist, that is a deterrent projector: A glorified paintball gun, shooting under charged shells of pepperballs.

>> No.30407238

Fun fact: pepperbox style mechanisms would sometimes misfire, igniting all the charges at once.
Less bad than if it happened in an automatic, but hell for your shoulder.

>> No.30407260

Oh Gropey, why must you break my heart with your corrections?
I just wanted it to be a shotgun pistol, is that so much to ask?
I suppose I'll just have to settle for a Colt.

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Solid steel "assassin's bow". A hand-held crossbow, made out of soldi steel, which broke down into three parts, and had an internal windlass to draw the incredibly stiff cable.

Because shot gun pistols are real, and readily available. Look up the Taurus Judge, among other pistols.

>> No.30407290


No, those would be Ultra Greatswords.

Or Very Large Swords, depending on which version you're playing.

>> No.30407309

Taurus Judge
The first two chambers are "This general area". The last three are "fuck you in particular".


>> No.30407323

Oh dear how fast I'd rip most of that fucking clutter outta my service rifle, should I have to use that in the conscription. That gun looks like it'll get stuck in every fucking thing.

>> No.30407326

Forgot pic.

>> No.30407346

You want something that will hurt your hand? They make derringers that can fire .45-70 Government.

Too bad Taurus Judges are shit.

>> No.30407348

You call that tactical?
This is tactical.

>> No.30407367

>Too bad Taurus Judges are shit.
Taurus in general is shit. Its a demonstration of applied concept, no an endorsement for the weapon.

Pleb. Pic related.

>> No.30407369

You call that tactical? Where are the rails, the polymer stocks, the flash suppressors, 5-point sling mounts, canted sights, flashlights, bayonets, and operational dragon dildo mounts?

>> No.30407379

Taurus is alright, just gimmicky as hell. The Judge is a pure range showoff piece.

>> No.30407386

But that's faggy little shotgun shells.
I want, in essence, a sawnoff elephant gun.

>> No.30407408

Here you go, sawn off 10 gauge.

>> No.30407436

More sawn. If it won't fit in a coat pocket it's too big.

And that kid is going into care because his dad clearly beats him, look at all these missing teeth.

>> No.30407449


And I just found my Solar Exalts new Reaver Daiklave. Thanks.

>> No.30407454

Pfeifer Zeliska makes a revolver in .600 Nitro Express. Thompson also chambers the Contender in the same caliber, but it's single shot.

>> No.30407469

>30 inch rail

>> No.30407480

Those exist, as last ditch self defense weapons for tiger hunting.
The logic goes ''Guns that break both your wrists upon firing are bad, being mauled to death by a tiger is worse''

>> No.30407680

So what exactly does that do to a tiger?

Cus I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable with anything less than pulping its insides

>> No.30407786

It pulps its insides.
This does the same for wolves and rats.

>> No.30407789


>> No.30407821


step down motherfucker

>> No.30407834

>not slugga
Besides, boltguns are closer in operation to gyrojets.

>> No.30407855

Step up.

Speak of the Devil...

>> No.30407932

keep up grandpa

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>> No.30407960

You know what I like? Shields with the swords sheathed inside the shield itself. It's so compact, so smart, so nice looking

>> No.30407975

That's all the gyrojets.

Or, I just smash your puny tank with my classic.

>> No.30407986

Is there any foe who could survive the onslaught brought about by duel wielding an axe and a mace?

I don't think so.

>> No.30407995

One with a halberd

>> No.30408017

So a fullblade?

>> No.30408142


>> No.30408155

That's actually hollow, the head's welded from plates. See here wulflund _dot kom/weapons/axes-poleweapons/thors-hammer-battle-ready dot html/

>> No.30409018

Blades is it?
Let's get this fucker to the image limit shall we?

>> No.30409028

Tell me I'm not alone in my boner for multiweapons.

>> No.30409058


>> No.30409068

It's pretty much a catalyst, if I had to stat it in D&D it has something along these lines:
-2 to hit and damage.
Can store up to level 2 spells (or 2 level 1)
Can be used to attack and cast a spell stored within as an attack roll.
Counts as +4 for the purposes of determining it's resistance to being broken.
If you play anima you'd realize most magical weapons are never going to be used by players and they'd just make their own, except maybe the wizard that'd want to steal someone's weapons because they're pretty good wizard staffs.

>> No.30409111

>> No.30409750

What\s this swordtype called_

I bought a similar fantasy sword a while back. Turns out it had a nice choppy feel to it.

Also turned out that the pommel was just an insert that's only loosely attached.

On the lookout for something similar yet more practical. And one of my keyboard modifiers is stuck and and I don\t know which. Oh joy.

>> No.30409779 [DELETED] 

That's bagua dao.
It's both. The one I saw irl myself is slightly longer than 3 feets.

>> No.30409800

That's bagua dao.
It's both. The one I saw irl myself is slightly longer than 3 feet.

>> No.30409810

I'd say dao, but I'm no spathologist.

I do however have a picture with a bunch of swords which should all feel similar in balance and heft, being in essence forecurve choppers.

>> No.30409984

It\s a lot like a more shapely ram dao. Thanks!

Anyone have a chart of leaf shape and gladius swords/

>> No.30410017

There's >>30409018 which has a few, but I'm out of blade charts.
Will a polearm one do? No names but I'm sure someone can compile a list.

>> No.30410074

best polearm is missing from that image anon

>> No.30410124

Speaking of dao, the Tiger Soul from Weapons of the Gods will always be one of my favorite fantasy weapon designs.

>> No.30410126

That's just a cheap 27, and not a top right in pic.

>> No.30410279

How did a pepperbox mechanism work?

>> No.30410405

It's like a revolver but every chamber has a barrel as well.
Early version were no different to other guns apart from the pepperbox mechanism, meaning they worked with pans of gunpowder igniting the charge in the chamber.
Sometimes a spark would travel from one pan to another, and all the chambers would go off at once.

>> No.30410442

So... did it have a separate flint and pan for each barrel, then?

>> No.30410453

Once this was discovered of course, someone had the bright idea to turn it into a feature.
Hence, volleyguns. For when a single barrel of buckshot won't cut it.

>> No.30410479

Do want Dynusty ancint Sword

>> No.30410482

dat perfectly curved and useful kopesh
>hook to pull at sheilds
>not the best at stabbing but it can if it needs to
>blocks in a position that can create an easy slashback

i love kopesh

>> No.30410498

Separate pan and charge which you move to the flint when you want to use them.
Pic is a revolver but the flint mechanism would work on a pepperbox.

>> No.30410510

Two handed weapon, or do you grab in between the two handles?

>> No.30410541

Anyone know if there was ever a historical hybrid longsword/rapier or bastard sword/rapier? I.e. a blade almost as narrow as a rapier, but not quite; straight, double-edged; primarily for thrusting but capable of serious cuts; with a cross guard.

I know there was a sword-rapier that was pretty much just a heavier rapier, but AFAIK they all had basket hilts and were often shorter than "real" rapiers.

Anyway that would be my dream sword, but I have never been able to find one.

>> No.30410542

And obviously, once they have the volleygun someone realises that shooting everything into one guy is a bad idea.
Much better to shoot everything into everyone, right?

Behold, the duckfoot.
Crowd control for a more civilized age.

>> No.30410622

The estoc.
It's a rapier for plate mail instead of for flesh.

>> No.30410641

Estoc or Montante.
Estocs are pretty much like the blade in pic but huge, almost blunt on the edges but very stiff.
Montante are more like the classic rapier, mostly flat and a bit cutty to boot. They look like anorexic greatswords.

>> No.30411403

>> No.30411857

Oh gods, that Khopesh is so pretty.

>> No.30412126

fucking crazyass abbos

>> No.30415063

Need more impractical weapons.

>> No.30415229


>> No.30415260

>> No.30415839


>> No.30415957

Pakistand doesn't even get noodles, man. Islam is no fun.

>> No.30416205

>> No.30416281

>> No.30416301

Oh shit, I just noticed that it's been Gropey posting these. How're you holding up, man?

>> No.30416334

holy crap, looking at the thumbbnail I seirously thought those were just different versions of Soul Calibur. beautiful.

>> No.30416476

Isn't that true for all countries, Gropey?

>> No.30416546

At least I got the joke, anon.

>> No.30417034

This sword looks familiar...

>> No.30417056

I like them, but prefer shields with a row of throwing darts tucked in the back. Conveniant short-to-mid-ranged fire support, all on medieval tech.

>> No.30417086

That is sexy as hell. The slingstaff is the little brother to this badass.

>> No.30417143


>> No.30417243

Neat sword. Heeresgeschichtliche Museum?

>> No.30418757

That is a musket rest/warhammer/sword, anon.

>> No.30419046

Best bronze weapon, bar none.

>> No.30419543

Rolled , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , = 0

What was even the point of the Flame-burger?
I could could understand if the curves occurred at a lot lessened interval to put the point of contact on a single curve for cutting power, but that's not happening with this shitty design.
Not to mention it's as thin as a rapier.

>> No.30419707

>Not to mention it's as thin as a rapier.

It is a rapier.

Anyway, I suspect it's mostly for looks. It may also change how the sword behaves in the bind, which should be an advantage for the guy who's used to it, ie the guy with the flamberge blade on his sword.

Cutting performance is mentioned at times, though I kinda doubt it. But maybe someone back then thought it would cut better, regardless of whether it actually did. I've also heard superstition regarding infection (guaranteed to happen) mentioned, as well as various beliefs regarding how well such a would would close up/heal. Once again I doubt there will be much difference all said and done, but someone might have thought there would be one.

And of course, with the great degree of variations seen in how these wavy blades are shaped (I've seen one sword which had a straight edge when seen in profile, but which had a wavy edge when seen edge-on), what kind of swords we see them on, and the fact that a decent number of different people must have been involved, it's entirely possible that there isn't one single answer that's correct here, and instead we jump between the options above, sometimes combining multiple ones.

>> No.30419838

He's a pretty Big Gun...

>> No.30419866

The oxidation makes it look real pretty.

>> No.30420049


>> No.30420161

You ain't seen nothing yet

>> No.30420232

B-b-b-baby, you just ain't seen nothin' yet!

>> No.30420255

We talking about dicks now?

>> No.30420618

I can't believe no one has posted these yet.

>> No.30420641


>> No.30421027


I think /tg/ did the math and the function of the sword would actually apply about 6.5 meters per seconds worth of force to the draw speed and impact of blade...

>> No.30421218


Well these blades are made specifically for throwing.

>> No.30421553

>6.5 meters per seconds worth of force

I really hope science isn't suppsoed to be your strong point.

>> No.30421622

Maybe a bit easier to see. Hopefully.

>> No.30421950

>Cutting performance is mentioned at times, though I kinda doubt it.

Having done test-cuts on a pig using a flamberge, I will say this: The cutting action is impeded from the staggered surface area, but the actual cut itself tends to be ragged and uneven, which in general is useful as it makes healing a bitch, much like the triangular stabbing profile of later smallswords and bayonets.

Also, from practical use (having had fenced against one), its bind and ride are fucking crazy. Trying to ride of the blade is similar to driving over speed bumps, and makes point control much more difficult.

Pic related: Bated/blunted fencing rapier with a flamberge blade (note the rubber blunt). I just wish I could justify the expense.

>> No.30421998

If Africa had put half as much effort into industry as they put into the silly-throwing-weapon business, we'd all be talking malinese right now.

>> No.30422061

It's a shame that you don't get bonafide reconstructions of Chinese poleweapons anymore.

Most of everything out there are stainless steel/waxwood hafted affairs.

>> No.30422100

And as much as I hate posting kung fu props, i just love the look on this one.

>> No.30422127


>> No.30422192

In their antiquity, they were amazingly advanced. The Golden Age of west Africa was Greek ad Mayan-level of science, craft, trade and culture.

Then they collapsed for unknown reasons, and went back to using shells as money and living in mud huts.

>> No.30422960

Oh my god

>> No.30423065

>Collapsed for unknown reasons
Every once in a while, do you just get overwhelmed with the knowledge that there's so much you don't know?

>> No.30423507

Interesting... Katana-like blade and Chinese braodsword-/dahn do-like handle. I personally love the aesthetic of curved blades, even if there are flaws in the design.

>> No.30423904

I find it really interesting that the blade started off straight, then got curved. Not sure why I find it interesting, but I do.

>> No.30424535

Well, there are theories, some better than others. I personally like the "Rome Syndrome" Theory that they got too big and had an infrastructure revolving around outside support and income caused them to be torn apart from the inside.

You have it backwards. The Japs based their swords off of a mixture of Ainu, Korean and Chinese designs. Thiese evolved into the "Japanese" sword that peaked at a period were mounted warriors were the masters of the day, and the calvary saber shape became a cultural image on which future designs were based off of.

They started off both straight AND inwardly curved, back in the Japanese bronze age. Pic related.

>> No.30426454

I do, like how there's still no hard reference for how they used zweihanders or spears. That never fails to amaze me.

>> No.30426988

>6.5 meters per second worth of force

>> No.30427264

We have a better idea than you think, its just not as developed modernly as single handled sword work, as great swords ceased being used altogether on the field some time around the mid 17thC.

Spears and pike were used well into the 19thC, though were slowly phased out. For that matter, there was still practical application, if sparse, of spears and pike in the American civil war, and were slowly phased out.

People are just not as captivated by spear combat, so the manuals of it use are largely ignored.

And then of course, the spear's cousin, the lance, was used all the way up until WWII. Fun Fact: Larry "Bozo the Clown" Harmon was one of the last units of US cavalry mounted on horseback with a lance.... Charging across trenches into machine gun fire. He lost three horses in his career.

Pic is an 18thC guide to spear combat. Specifically spear, not officer's partisan.

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