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Oh boy, is it time for another old /tg/ 40k OCs thread? I think it is!

I'll start by dumping the comic that was quite successful last time

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Damn that uploading time limit

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This doesnt have a happy ending. Please tell me there is a 'good end' edit?

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Happy ending!

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Feel like dumping some Angry Marines now. For after the Marines? Gee, I don't know, what do you want to see? I got more comics, pinups, silly stuff

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Can you recognize them all?

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Chapter master Leonidas... and...

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I'm not actually sure the guy with the two power fist is supposed to be inspired by something

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What do you want next? I got about ... One or two Angry Marines

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Anyone here?

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He looks like he's from some eighties kung fu movie.

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Guess it's time for some classic 40k girls then

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go on...

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Leonidas, Guile from Streetfighter after forcing down too many slurpees, Pool's Closed Habbo Hotel guy, and, er...

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Did anyone manage to find that picture I was looking for last time?

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Oh geeze, what's with the slowdown? Did 4chan died for a few minutes to anyone else?

Time for some Chem-Chan anyway



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Lesbo fight. Gonna post one last babe pic and I will go back to dumping comics

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I think the kid on that picture is supposed to be Lil' E. The Emperor reincarnated as a kid, and that is having a nice cool youth before he can be big enough to save humanity.

Not really a /tg/ OC, but whatever, cool comic

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Venom Callidus

Anyone still here?

Please respond

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still here, enjoying the images.

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Okay, I'll start dumping a cool Ork Kommando comic. It's not mine, and hopefully it will please /tg/



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Oh boy, old school Stormtroopers

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Not the end yet!

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The end!

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Suddenly, sado-masochist Space Marines

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This pleases my orky side.

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From the days of 2nd ed...

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But there's already a Cata-chan

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>canon since 6th Edition

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The space hillbilly shtick sucks compared to this

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What's the matter, can't handle a strong catgirl that does not need any man?

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Take a look at the year in the lower left corner.

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This comic always seems horrible, a child selling out his father, but then you notice the tattoo and suddenly its completely justified and the kids a hero

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alt version

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It was justified by the bloody stupid placement of the tattoo. Back of your neck, really? Why not just plaster it on your face you fucking pleb?

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You hear a scratching at your door one day as if someone is trying to pick your lock.

When you go out to investigate the door flies open Cultist Chan stumbles through

As far as you can tell she is unarmed

your plan of action /tg/ be honest

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>Why not just plaster it on your face you fucking pleb?
Considering that's what they do most of the time, the tatoo on the neck is incredibly subtle by chaos standards.

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/tg/s mindhive, how I missed you

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How does she smell?

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Pray to the Emprah
Hope the Inquisition arrives soon

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I change her diaper.

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>Neck tattoo

I never noticed that before anon. I'm now incredibly cheered up.

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Bow down to the greatest of the Grey Sensei!

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depends on how heretical you are, if you are a true loyal citizen of mankind, she will smell like rotting meat and that gunk that leaks out of garbage bags

If you are corrupted by the thoughts of the ruinous powers (which you are on /tg/ so high probability of that) she'll smell like the best parts of a female locker room

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Totally worth it.

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She seems like a genuinely fun person to hang around with, so I'll probably offer her a drink and ... Well, ask her if she knows about tabletop gaming, since vidya are probably too nerdy for someone with such skin-showing clothes. Then again she doesn't seems too smart either.

>> No.30394867

She isn't.

Plus I'm pretty sure she'll do most anything if you assure her it's heretical.

>> No.30394874

vidya is too nerdy, but tabletop isn't? I think you got that backwards anon

>> No.30394876

I'd offer to run her a game of F.A.T.A.L.

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Yell at her to follow me, I blast heavy metal music way too loud and drive way to fast to the nearest all you can eat buffet, to which we spend the next hour stuffing our faces and sticking our fingers in the food.
Then we visit a bunch of conspiracy nuts and they entertain her for a few hours
Then I call up some sword n board guys to get on their armor and we have a nice little tourney. maybe throw in some boxing.

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But Anon, she's already mastered that system!

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When I explain to people that roleplaying is like doing a theater play, most of them seems impressed and consider it as something culturally interesting

Vidya doesn't really raise the same reaction, at least in my home country

captcha: senslut con

W-well is she?

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>Using that term
>People showing up at cons like pic related
Go ahead, tell me how nerdy culture is excluding females these days, thats on the decline my friend.

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You're putting words in my mouth, Anon. I didn't really intended to mean that

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yeah, cultist isn't very intelligent, she just loves doing anything heretical and chaotic. But she'd probably love vidya and tabletop, she's very child like in nature, but she WILL rip your throat out if Khorne asks her too.

And she'll do it with a smile on her face

I'm a very cleanly person, so I throw a box of chips in the backyard and tell her to go get it. Shoot her in the back of the head while she is opening up the bag of chips before she starts disarranging my book shelf or something.

Pretty sure some cannon has cultist's body dissolve/explode after she dies

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Huh. Cultural differences.


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Yeah, just lots of people show up at cons in very revealing outfits

because a lot of outfits in fiction are very revealing

I just hate the stereotype that in shape and wearing little clothing means you can't be geeky

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I'm sure she loves tabletop roleplaying

>> No.30395103

I like to compare tabletop gaming with improv, that gets most people into it.
It kind of irritates me when people try to explain a game setting by first telling you about their super special awesome character.

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>All chaos Gods
figure it out

>> No.30395178


I just give a quick background on all the races, before making them realise just how amazing Orks are fluff wise. Usually enough to spike interests.

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>Mr. Culexus
>Not posting the other members of his lineup
Seriously, Mr. C has shit art but he turns out quite a bit of story fodder for /tg/

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The only character to "win" CoC

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> implying I don't have a full folder of Mr. Culexus stuff

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Mostly based around a certain psyker I imagine?

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Nah, I don't really like Cuddle. I just like story tiems

>> No.30395439

I quite like his artwork, it's clean, simple and unique. It's not trying to be something it's not like for say, Dobson...

>> No.30395509

I chuckled

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And I have to say he has been getting better with shading

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Raege is a waifu. Most of his characters are.

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Cuddles is basically DMPC done right.
Insightful and well capable of kicking some ass, yet not overshadowing the main cast.

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>> No.30395890

A good DMPC has to do one of two things to not fail spectacularly
A-Be less powerful than the PCs
B-Support the PCs from behind and let them get the first crack at anything

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Raege makes a good Comissar post-trial, pre-trial she is a liability, way too orthodox, even for a comissar

Pretty sure it was cannon that her own men tried to kill her several times

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>No mention of loli daemonette/daemon
proud of you /tg/
you show remarkable restraint/class
allow me to break that

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> Pretty sure it was cannon that her own men tried to kill her several times

What commissar doesn't ?

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Fear not Imperial citizens! we the adeptus sororitas have dealt with this foul Daemon! We have captured him and will now bring it back to our convent for...purging.

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Roger, the Emperor protects

>> No.30396280
File: 554 KB, 689x2727, Heresy_or_Treat_by_Mr_Culexus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Halloween is their favorite time

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That comic is actually adorable

>> No.30396342

Is that a little girl emperah?

I need explanations
>captcha: sagegai posterior
That's heretical captcha!

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See >>30393311

>> No.30396422

Nope little boy emperor, those sisters of battle and their altar boys...
It should be offensive, but somehow its not with older women and younger men

>> No.30396443


>> No.30396457

The Sorita is tripping me up by called them both girls.

>> No.30396475
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>your plan

My plan?? As if i'd plan anything!?

Im loyal to the emperor.

We're talking about a universe where you can get fate paints just by PREYING.

And your praying to a living humanbeing and not some crazy bananas space monster.

I am the most loyal because i have the most simplicity of my needs.

And that need. Is hot catchan booty.

>> No.30396512

she looks like big tittied police girl from Hellsing

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>> No.30396545

Because she unashamedly IS!

>> No.30396584


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Well /tg/ OP here I had fun with this thread, but I gotta go to bed now. I will see if the thread is still alive tomorrow.

> your face when

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>all that I need is hot catachan booty
I salute you sir, for you appreciate the finer things in life

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