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>Bag of holding placed in between Cleavage for smuggling

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>What's in this backpack this chick has crammed between her tits?
>Just ignore it, the DM already OKed it.
A bag of holding is not a small bag, it's just WAY bigger on the inside.

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>Magnificent Mansion cast on bag, scaled to hafling size
>concript a bunch of halfings and gnomes to live in the bag on the condition they fight on you.
>commense to though wee folk at enemies.

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>commence* to throw* wee folk at enemies.
that was bugging me.

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Not unless it's under a dress or set of Armour.

You could squeeze it in if the cleavage was right enough.

Hell, if you were fat you could pull it off, and have your own personal rescue team in multiple bags hidden under your fat ripples.

>Fat BBEG falls off cliff to his doom
>Is recused by instant net from his bags
>Hazmat recuse force comes out (his rolls shoot toxic spores) and revive him and bring him to safety

It's almost onepiece villain tier.

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Why not just teleport if you want to smuggle?

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Who knows, counter measures against security are expensive and variant.

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Its also foldable

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What if you made shitloads of bag's of holding and Folded them unto each other to make some sort of bag katana?

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Why not just give the bag of holding to a summoned Earth Elemental, and have it travel under the city walls if you want to smuggle things?

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There could be complications, like Fomorians, drow, secret lairs belonging to undead, lost tombs, or perhaps an underground security force.

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would be underpowered in d20

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Because earth glide only allows the elemental not items inside it. Or at least by the dm's i've talked to and it made sense. (totally wish it'd work).

You.... you can stay. Though I imagine it'd be terrible.

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Why couldn't you just turn yourself invisible and fly over the city walls if you wanted to smuggle?

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anime figure that shit out literally decades ago

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All kinds of security mang.

I mean you could have a muscle mad jail wizard obsessed with building the ultimate prison

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Clearly the cleavage bag has caught every one's attention.

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The cleavage bag was just a decoy!

The real bag was hidden in her hat the whole time!

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Wouldn't that make the user flat chested?

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The bags are flat and are made to cup the breasts that rest on the outside of them, and can be filled accordingly to act as pads

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Why wouldn't you just give the bag to a druid and have him shapechange into a harmless animal if you wanted to smuggle?

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What if a transsexual girl wears it? Nothing to loose, lots to win.

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>implying that isn't my fetish

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The hat was just a decoy!

The real bag was hiding her dick

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>Muscle Girl who wears clothing made out of Magic bags and bags of holding bent to fit her figure as a large dress bag collage

>Bag of Holding underwear and bra

>Sells random items to the PC

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Why wouldn't you just cast silent still Dominate Person to make the guard let you pass if you wanted to smuggle things?

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is that a problem?

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>posting only a single gaurd

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Why wouldn't you just Dominate the guard captain if you wanted to smuggle things into the city?

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>lots to win.
I want trapfaggots to leave.

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>not having golem guard captains

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Why wouldn't you just polymorph yourself into a Mimic if you wanted to smuggle things into the city?

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Because mimics are 2koweii

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Of course, this thread devolves into what usually gets discussed in the ERP generals. Not saying that it should be done there, but that it shouldn't be done at all

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If you wanted to smuggle why not just cast that wizard spell that lets you store things on the astral plane, and retrieve them once you're in the city?

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gotta get into the city first to get at that captain

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Because Demi Liches are thieving cunts

>The Mcguffin is gone
>Calling card says I have to pay Gagbarx the unliving 500,0000gp if I want it back or enter his magical realm to retrieve it.

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All my cities are built on anti-magic zones due to the populations general distrust of unregistered wizards.

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>this thread devolves into what usually gets discussed in the ERP generals
It fucking started with titbags, brochacho, where the fuck did you expect this thread to go?

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>implying i don't have the ERP thread open in another tab

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Scissor Lizard Wizards
Familiars that not only spell cast on their own, but also can jack people up with their scissors!

Alternatively, Sorcerer Shear Salamanders.

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Why not just cast Polymorph Any Object on illegal goods and turn them into harmless things if you wanted to smuggle?

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Anticontraband wizards, dude.

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Why not just contact the city's Thieves Guild member if you wanted to smuggle things?

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because i want the whole shipment to make it through

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Well you just need a custom tailored small bag. And big tittays.

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Bitch, please.

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Wouldn't that make a bag of holding either vomit it contents when you enter or lock up?

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are you implying the katana is underpowered in d20
cause if you are I have some bad news for you

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Why not portable holes instead? Solves the problem of the bag simply, you can alter the opening as you need to, it collapses as needed. Also, if you figure out how to change the color of the void the holes connect to, you could also make a clown in a polka dot costume cause your PCs to shit themselves in terror. Or make them bigger than normal and wear holes in reality as a dress.

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What would sex be like with someone who has shoved a bag of holding in whichever hole you're using?

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considering /tg/s dick size, you probably wouldn't be able to tel the difference.

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Use this for exotic sex shows. "Tonight, at the red-light district, Tasha the Impure takes Hill Giant cock in one hole and two huge Owlbear cocks in the other!"

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Never change /tg/

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Okay, get this: how about PANTS of holding? The leg ends and waist band all open up into a vast void, allowing you to be comfortable no matter what size you are, or how well endowed.

Best still: make them sweat pants with elastic bands!

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Presumably, you could do all your toileting in them without making them any less comfortable.

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>how about PANTS of holding?
Been done.

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>Bag of Holding to put party members in when they don't show up to play

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In my games. whenever a player doesn't show up, their character has diarrhea and can't go adventuring that day.
I'm not sure how this became a tradition, but it be like it be.

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I never got the whole "Let's have this character keep her phone in her cleavage!" thing.
I mean, wouldn't the phone get covered in sweat? Or slip out? Not to mention that it doesn't seem the least bit sexy. In fact, it calls into question what ELSE is in there, like discarded snacks.

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Its a thing women actually do, though.

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In my group, they're passed out drunk with d10 whores.

>> No.30392563

Plenty of actual real-life people keep their phones in their cleavage. In outfits that lack pockets it's pretty convenient.

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Bwuh? Well, I guess I stand corrected. According to a brief google search it's like having a kangaroo pouch but not needing a kid in there.

The more you know.

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D&D 4e had one ritual called "Self-Holding Bag" that basically let you fold a Bag of Holding inside out and store it inside of itself. For the duration of the effect you can pull the bag literally out of thin air and then restore the bag whenever you want.

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Kangaroos don't need joeys in their pouches, either.

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>Standard Illusionist ritual

>> No.30393526

>be flat chested Rogue.
>hide two bags of holding in blouse or leather armor
>shenanigans ensue

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>get in a fight
>enemy stabs you in the "breasts"
Game over, man.

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>stabbing a lady in the breasts

>> No.30394257

Center mass is an attractive target. Breasts are a large portion of center mass.

>> No.30394271

>stabbing a lady in the breasts

>> No.30394272

>Placed killer animals inside


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IIRC, slicing open a big of holding doesn't cause everything to spill out, it just makes them irretrievable.

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Just make mini bags of holding, and nest them like non-euclidean semi-reverse nesting dolls by lining each one with the one a few sizes larger.

>> No.30395434


Why not use Shrink Item on them to turn the McGuffin into a patch on your robe/hat/bra?

>> No.30396131

>Nesting extradimensional storage spaces

This does not tend to end well.

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Secretly place a miniature bag of holding in the snatch of a slutty girl you can't stand.
Laugh as she freaks out because she suddenly sucks at sex.
Then weep as she makes millions doing stage shows where she shoves large, prickly, or otherwise impossible stuff in her twat

>> No.30396444

Even assuming you can pull off the epic sleight of hand to get such a thing in place well enough to achieve the desired effect, the game would be up once that time of the month rolls around and her flow gets blocked off.

At the absolute latest, assuming she doesn't somehow notice it herself by the feel of it.

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get on my level
>Full body bag of holding

>> No.30396579

>wait for her next show
>roll up a portable hole around the minotaur/horse/dragon's dick
>girl is sucked into the astral plane
>claim it was divine punishment for her indecent actions
>make millions selling chastity belts

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Why not use Shrink Item on the city and just step over the walls?

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>Not just playing a halfling woman with 'Childlike' and taking whatever you want wherever you want

She carries a fucking great-sword for crying out loud. "Oh this? Papas a smithy from the town over, he wanted me to deliver it to the knight who ordered it. You can't take it!"

Then spring attack.

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I like it!

>> No.30397551 [SPOILER] 

Mimics are indeed kowai.

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>Put a Bag of Holding over the Avatar/Demilich/BBEG/whatever
>Puncture bag
>All your problems are now solved
Looks like grappling just got a lot more attractive!

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No no, you just stick two bags of holding together, one facing each direction. She'll be really freaked out when she feels like shit but isn't bleeding.

>> No.30398002

Waaaaaay too kind for people who don't show.

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If the clown has a black and white (or ay black and ____) colour scheme, you don't even need to change the colour of the hole. Or make the holes glowing red/orange. Since the holes are filled with fire. From the fire plane. And spew great geysers and flame throwers from fucking everything.

Actually, part of a strip tease in the "impact" of what you see. So imagine a thin cloaked woman taking off her cloak wearing nothing but belly-dancer clothes with a huge pair of D20s.

Been wondering if it is possible to make a playable mimic.
Not the box with teeth kind, more like a person living in a Magnificent Mansion like in >>30389930 with the exit up a ladder, out a treasure chest/coffin/barrel/etc.
The person is "sealed" in the box (sort of by invisible dungaree straps. They can get out to waist height, maybe even force themselves out up to the knees, but they'll be throw back down the ladder. They'd be awful at anything physical (needing someone to carry said box or they just hobble along or drag the box as they crawl), but a comfy subterranean style cottage with a either a apothecary or magic library would be useful. Health would apply to the box as well, and if it got destroyed, the portal is sealed trapping the person, or the pocket dimension implodes and the person gets spaghettified.

>> No.30398226

it would be funnier if it was the cursed version from the dmg


>> No.30398239

bump. Any other brilliant ideas anyone has pulled of during a campaign, or stuff you want to pull?

Kinda want to pull a plague doctor disguise, bluff the overworked mercs/guards/bandits/etc have an awful disease ("Tiredness? sore eyes? difficulty to breath unless specifically concentrating on it? Tounge uncomfortable in mouth?") and clear out the whole area by having them run to a non-existant camp for victims.

Pretty de-railing though.

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I've seen her around...where is the source?

>> No.30398400

Boku no Semen Destroyer Dickbitches XIV

>> No.30398659

you have my thanks anon

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Who says you're trying to smuggle? The ability to carry all of your gear in a discreet manner is useful in all kinds of situations.

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She's everyone's favorite rapist mastubator elf from Finland, RK 95 tp, aka Sako, from Upotte.

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Requesting this thread for archive

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