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ITT: Settings you wish there was an RPG for.
>Pic related
Just saw this film recently, and it was fucking awesome. Also,
Never have I been more attracted to a female Sackboy clone with extra badass.

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Either this or Mouse Guard, OP.

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Monsters & Other Childish Things.

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Space Jam.

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Mirror's Edge.

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Bartimaeus Trilogy
Jade Empire
Exile(or Avernum, whatever)

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>Jade Empire
Legends of the Wulin could prolly handle that, with some re-fluffing, as it doesn't really have specific rules for demons/transformation styles.
>day before Bioware was shit nostalgia

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You could probably do Psychonauts with MAOCT and the Candlewick Manor book.

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Monsters and Other Childish things, the main book is about kids and their mons but Candlewick is more a mixture of X-men and a series of unfortunate events.
It handles playing kids with powers (and crippling emotional issues) quite well. The system is ORE which has a whole bunch of spinoff games that are decent

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Ah, thanks

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there's a few others but I'm forgetting

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And I mean a GOOD one, not those shit tier home brews that have been going around

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The short film that it was based off of was 10 times better.

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I wish there was a "real" JJBA RPG.
Like, a homebrew would be fine, I just wish there was a system in place for Jojo antics instead of having to vaguely cobble one together from existing systems, none of which really fit.

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God, I love the old "I FUCKING LOVE PUNCHING" Star Platinum Face.

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Metal Gear Rising. I'd like to roleplay something as crazy as this.

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Or Devil May Cry

Are there systems that could replicate those Platinum/Cuhrayzee games? Exalted?

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shit nigguh I never even thought of that.

So there's the obvious dungeon crawl & loot mechanic, but that doesn't make an RPG...

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I'd say Exalted's probably your best bet, yeah.

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I'd play the shit out of jade empire anything.

Naruto (As shit as the series is, it was set in an interesting world. Cyberpunk child mercenaries seems like a cool concept if a swift path to edgy unique mary sue characters).

Avatar would be another good one. Maybe I just have an eastern fetish. I'll limit it to western works.

Starship troopers.

Forever war (guide your own soldier through the constantly evolving war, telling your own unique story? Hell yeah)


Wheel of Time (I know one exists, but I'm not sure how good it is).

7th Tower.

Animorphs (replay the series with your own team)



Basically every book series of my childhood.

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This. I remember being blown away the first time I saw it at an animation festival at UCLA.

My friend was sleeping with the art director for the feature length film, but I never had the chance to ask him what the hell went wrong.

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JE was definitely during their downfall, but I agree they didn't hit the "shit" level yet. Dragon Age was their last and desperate yet hopeless gasp for air before they hit the shit pool, and they have been drowning in it ever since. Maybe Obsidian will come back and deliver us from their shitty sequels, but we can only dream.

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>Basically every book series of my childhood.
That reminds me:
Percy Jackson.

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There's always Scion for that, though you might want to look up some common house rules to un-fuck the system.

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And possibly remove the whole "Relics are needed for access to Boons!" thing. Although they should provide options for playing as a non-human-related character, because Grover is best character.

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The Dark Crystal

Every Ralph Bakshi movie

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>Cyberpunk child mercenaries


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This. Even in the fucking shitty movies his character was good. Nobody elses was.

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> Dune

Any time there's a desert in my campaigns, I always have a sandworm-based courier/travel system along with "potions" that blow the mind.

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Bleach had a really neat setting even if the show and manga are absolute drivel. Strip out the garbage plot and look at the bare bones of the setting and it actually sounds perfect for an RPG.

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Borderlands 2, that game is awesome

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As much as I love Bordlerlands II It's actually shameful how much I love that game. Especially playing my MANIA / Bloodlust Krieg... SEE THE NUMBERS! TASTE THE VIOLENCE!! I AM A MONSTER NOW AND FOREVER!!! I wouldn't want to play a BL II tabletop because I would probably just play the video game instead.

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Yeah, it's fun because it's nothing but murderhoboing and stealing everyone's shit, combined with interesting NPCs. You couldn't make that work in an RPG - either the murder would get in the way of the NPCs, or the NPCs would get in the way of the murder.

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Perhaps there is some sort of seasoning that must continue to stream?

Also for dune, I just used dark heresy. Rebranded all the imperial names, made lasguns do as cannon damage and crazy shit when they hit shields and gave mentats unnatural int. Using the weirding way gave you unnatural agility for your wp bonus in rounds, then a willpower test to continue at the risk of fatigue. Also no psykers.

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Command and Conquer
Ivalice Alliance
Guns of Icarus
Killing Floor

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I'd love to see a seventh tower game, and Exile/Avernum Would be kick ass. Kinda like darksun though considering the limited resources.

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Wizards actually hard a RPG. I got most of the available books off of eBay a few years ago, but I haven't cracked them open very often. Art is incredibly disappointing, given the source material.

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Fuck, I can't English at this hour.

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Sorry, post apocalyptic maybe. The setting is a hodgepodge of technlology, though there are signs that there was quite a lot of it at some point in the past.

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That movie sucked, though.

The short film was so much better.

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VeloCITY. Just tone down the wacky.

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pokemon tabletop united is pretty good

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I was going to suggest two things, but there were mentioned in the first two posts.

Seriously op (and other people), shop around before you say "Wish this had an RPG" because they likely have one that fits PERFECTLY.

I vote engine heart.

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The Edge Chronicles.

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Am I seriously the only one who had never heard of the short and then really liked the full-length film?

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You and I had the best childhoods in this thread, anon.

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No, I'm with you. I remember enjoying the movie but thinking it was way too short.

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I think it's just because I'm British. There wasn't any big fuss over the short over here. Also, everyone had it in there heads that animated doll-people = for kids while robots in a post-apocalyptic wasteland draining people's souls = for adults. Therefore, they probably weren't sure how to market it over here so they just didn't build up any hype whatsoever.

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Undertown gutter snipes, goblin ragamuffins, a disgraced shryke, a troll, and a woodbear make up a party. So many possibilities.

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And no, the one that costs 200 fucking dollars doesn't count.

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And then they all go off and be Sky Pirates.

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The Prince of Nothing (pre-Kellhus). Might get a little magical realm-y between the sranc and skin-spies though.

Anyone ever done Book of the New Sun? It's been awhile since I read them, but the setting seems pretty adaptable.

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>9 used from $193.95

>Original price: $200.00

What in the great mother of fuck is this?

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MouseGuard has an RPG

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There is burning sands which is dune in all but name

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An awesome prayer is conflict with us
Keep your dignity

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My brothers!
Seriously I'm amazed I haven't stumbled into a homebrew for this yet. May have to try and write one up, my players would love the setting.

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In theory, any mildly cyberpunk system would do. Runners would be Solos (I'm going from 2020 and Edgerunner here). I even tried playing one a few months ago.

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You know what I liked about that film? It had a setting that could still be explored. What I hate is a good movie with no potential for a sequel, because then I just feel unsatisfied because I want more and can't get more. It's like comparing being teased during sex, but knowing that sex will happen, to somebody giving you a blowjob and then just walking out when you're just about to climax.

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Shin Megami Tensei
Shadow Hearts
Ar tonelico

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Oh man.



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But oh ho! We have made one. Still untested though. Trying to convince my group that playing as fabulous muscle-bound gentlemen (and some ladies) battling the forces of evil with the power of BREATHING, SUNLIGHT, POSING, and PUNCHGHOSTS is a good idea... Well, that's proving a lot more difficult than I had hoped for.

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>Shin Megami Tensei

>> No.30391960

>Bartimaeus Trilogy

I would play and DM this so hard you don't even know.

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Command & Conquer
Jak & Daxter

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There's some homebrew for 3.5 and 4e. 3.5 is a really shitty writeup. It treats you like a monk, so in 3.5 style it makes goddamn sure that you have a million skill checks to roll before you make an attack for 1d8.

4e is less insane, but it's also got some non-sensical powers needs a bit of tweaking to be any good. Like the fact that the Bloodbender paragon path waits until 20 to give you legitimate bloodbending (Not even moving guys around until then.)

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> Nanoha
You don´t know how happy this would make me.
´actually tried to write it myself two years ago
More than 80 pages of sparse chrunch and made up, canon-twisting fluff
It´s a 3.x hack, using psionic mechnics for magic.
It´s made all by myself, who never had any never had any practical experience playing any real structured, (as opposed to freeform) RPG, so all my sytem knowledge comes from reading the SRD and some pirated splats, and lurking the GitP forums

That´s sad , isn´t it?

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After a cursory lookover this makes me think It might run Fate or other games set in the Nasuverse fairly well?
The lettered ranks are already there, just swap out the attributes for str/end agi/magic/luck/ptantasm/, builld class skills and NPs the same way as stands, make your magic style (as in Shirou´s projection, Tosaka familly jewelcraftt) and your servant´s identity a Core trait,

Your motivation and tactics are Significant, as Is a Servant´s fame , against which you could roll Luck or another appropriate skill (like Endurance for Berserker ) to gain a temporary bonus to your other skils, but this runs a risk of revealing your identity, Wich gives those who know a Significant spwcifially to counter you

And the really gonzo stuff like Rin´s uber powerful gems and Avalon are Rare traits.

Finally, noble phanthasm and really powerful things may be abe to singificantly debuff people by forcing them to burn a rank (Gaebolg burning End, anyone?) but again with a possibilty of reavaling your identity.

Just throwing ideas out there, how does this sound?

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Chronicles of Bridei

Deltora Quest

Avatar TLA

I also like the anons asking for Animorphs and Bartimeus Trilogy.

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Also, Sword Art Online.

Series itself went to shit, but god damn that combat system was one sexy piece of work.

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If I intended to /d/M I would love to see a Kenkou Cross pnp.

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Mirror's Edge

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I really liked that move, up until about the end.
There are sooo many hints in the movie of a completely different end-game. It felt like someone cut the ending and stuck a different on one it.

It is like running a campaign and leaving all this information and items around them about how to fix things but the ones that make it to the end of the campaign seem to have forgotten them entirely.

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Wheel of Time's RPG is basically 3.5. Channeling is slightly less OP than D&D, and the Armsman class is actually slightly better than the fighter. More skills and proficiencies, though it oddly it doesn't get a feat at 15th level, even though it gets one at every odd level before and after that and it doesn't get any special abilities at that level.

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Nothing about Shit Art Online was good.

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It would probably be pretty cool to play a League of Legends tabletop game, outside of the league though, exploring Demacia and things.
Not sure though if I'd want to use pregen canon characters or original, player made characters

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That is not the image I posted. That is not the image I posted at all.

Man do I pity the dude who got what I REALLY posted...

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I think that could all work. I realized that the system is rather barebones and can be used towards an assortment of games. However, as I don't know jack about the Nasuverse outside of Tsukihime and Melty Blood, you may want to consult someone else on the matter.

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>ITT: Opinions

>> No.30403911


Codex Alera. Along with more setting specific information.

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fuck yeah forever war is the shit

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Sure, if you want to reject objective fact.

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Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium. Look it up.

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Yes! Default campaign type would be playing an alternative group of Animorphs. There's be plenty of other options though. A group of non-morphing humans who have somehow learned about the invasion without being captured. Andalites fighting the war out in space. Maybe even playing as Yeerks.

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>Bartimaeus Trilogy

Oh my holy fuck yes. Just finished book one, and it's goddamn amazing. The author has a special talent for making the main character sympathetic and funny, and simultaneously frighteningly inhuman. That's a very hard combo to pull off.

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That movie was CREEPY.

>> No.30406482

Could be fun to play as either mage or spirit (or resistant) in that setting, hell,I know I'd play it.

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Are you the same same guy looking for EH players?
Been going through the rules, might be interested.

>> No.30406791

I am so fucking IN
See Above

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>A group of non-morphing humans who have somehow learned about the invasion without being captured

So, Delta Green, except you can actually kill your enemies with mortal weapons?

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>Fire Bomb a Yeerk Pool

>> No.30407642


Your goal in this game is to keep your rank in the sweet spot of comfort and safety. High enough that you have a decent host, but low enough that you don't work directly under Visser Three.

>> No.30407673

But what if you want to get off the desolate rock and gain a sub-visser rank?
Plus working for Visser Three is the fast track.
You either Succeed and get rewards
Or fail and die
He is a simple Yeerk

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You do what you want man, but I'm staying away from that half-Andalite psycho. Guard duty suits me just fine.

Hold on. . . is that a tiger?

>> No.30408044

What did you think the ending would be?

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So, which system is the best to play a badass Witcher, kill monsters and fuck bitches? Or fuck monstergirls, and kill bitches?

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Arcana Evolved/Unearthed.

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Metropolis, Anything exploring this setting would be great.

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I don't know why, but for some reason it seems like Savage Words' Low Life could work for that.

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Been a long time since I saw it now, but I recall Chekhov's Guns all over and hints of puzzle..
Which, if I recall correctly, could have lead to them unlocking the secrets and going on a quest to recover their fallen and breathe life back into them.
Seriously, they had items and hanging shots on all all these points of interest so that we'd remember them when they came up.. and let it hang.
I'd have to see it again to list it all, I remember at the time I saw it in theaters I had intended to see if the release would have deleted scenes or an alternate ending, because that's a lot of work animating and including those items and recording those shots for them to just (warning: actual spoiler)... I forget exactly, what was it, dumping all the lifeforce into the sky instead? I remember sitting there going 'WTF, what about all those things and their friends the hell'.

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(Warning, spoilers contain spoilers.)
Been a long time since I saw it now, but I recall Chekhov's Guns all over and hints of puzzle..
Which, if I recall correctly, could have lead to them unlocking the secrets and going on a quest to recover their fallen and breathe life back into them.
Seriously, they had items and hanging shots on all all these points of interest so that we'd remember them when they came up.. and let it hang.
I'd have to see it again to list it all, I remember at the time I saw it in theaters I had intended to see if the release would have deleted scenes or an alternate ending, because that's a lot of work animating and including those items and recording those shots for them to just ...I forget exactly, what was it, dumping all the lifeforce into the sky instead? and everyone being dead I remember sitting there going 'WTF, what about all those things and their friends the hell'.

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Don't even bring up Broquest man I can't take it anymore.

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