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I wrote up this story earlier this evening. However I was writing it up in the post window and there ended up being a lot of spaces between my posts and it was rather messy. The old thread is auto sageing so I'm reposting the story here with a trip so the story can be read without any confusion.

I want to say thank you to all the anons who posted earlier. I was dealt a heavy blow today and a lot of the things you guys said made me laugh and feel better. /tg/ is truly the best board.

The Story

So for the past six months or so I've been with a gaming group. We played A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and Monsterhearts every week. They were a pretty good group, had fun. Sometime there could be disagreements but nothing you wouldn't find in any other group. Then about a month ago this new girl joins our group, and then things start getting weird.

My first indication that something was amiss came during a Monsterhearts session. The party was down in the sewers fighting a Kraken that had been kidnapping teenage girls from the local highschool. In the middle of the battle two miniature versions of the Kraken come up out of the water and attack us. At this point I said "My god! So that's why its been kidnapping teenage girls!"

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I thought this would be a good joke. Its the sort of joke I had made before with this group before and they had found it funny. However they DM turns to me and says "I've warned you about saying stuff like that before. I think its crass, and there are ladies present. If you don't stop I'm going to ask you to leave." Which I found rather strange because he had never said anything to me about my jokes before and usually laughed. I would have talked to him about it after the game but there was this cute girl who had been with the group from the start that I wanted to ask her out and I went to have coffee with her instead. So I just never got around to asking the DM what was up.

So I avoided sex jokes. However during subsequent sessions other people were making sex jokes including the GM and he never said anything to them about it. Which was also quite weird. Anyway we continued to have sessions until last Sunday.

I had never talked to the new girl all that much, so before the game I engaged her in conversation and she seemed nice enough. After the session the group decided to go to a restaurant to get some coffee and something to eat. I ended up sitting across from the new girl and since we had, had a nice conversation before the game I wanted to talk to her some more. She had told me that she was married, so I wasn't looking to date her or anything but I thought I might make a friend. She mentioned that she had been to university, I'm in university and so was interested to know what she studied. She told me Gender Studies.

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Best not fuck it up again OP
Sat through it last time too

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In retrospect as soon as she said Gender Studies I should have probably stopped right there. However up until that point she had stuck me as being nice and reasonable person. I have had bad experiences with Gender Studies majors on the internet, but I figured that was just the internet.

So I asked her what Gender Studies was about to make conversation and she told me it was all about examining gender roles in society and how they work and how they affect people. I said that I was interested in this kind of thing too because I grew up without a dad and so have spent a lot of time wondering how to be a man and what it means to be a man in today's society.

She shook her head and said no Gender Studies is more about deconstructing gender roles because they force people into certain ways of thinking. I responded talking about how I wished there was more of an emphasis on gender roles in society because like I said I don't know what it means to be a man, I don't really feel like an adult even though I'm in my 20s and I wish I had something like a defined gender role to help guide me. Like give me some clue as to what kind of person I want to be cause I have no fucking idea.

Anyway the conversation went like that for awhile. The conversation went from talking about how, no gender roles really were bad, to how she has been combating sexism in the tabletop gaming community for years now. How male gamers give her grief because she is a woman and she hasn't proven her nerd cred. And how at cons she runs workshops to teach DMs how to create female friendly campaigns.

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That was how we got onto the topic of "Doing the Wenches" I had never heard this term before. Its used to describe how "traditional male gamers" (she kept using that term) will stop at an inn and seduce the tavern wenches and have sex with them, even if it has nothing to do with the story. I was confused by this and told her that I do that with my characters all the time. Why is this a bad thing?

It is important at this point to note that I never graphically described sex with the wenches or the elven princesses and what not. When we walk into the tavern I'll just I roll to seduce the barmaid and It fades to black and we all have a good laugh. Like during our Song of Ice and Fire campaign I played a lusty fighter type and after the big tournament when everyone when to stay at the inn I said "Screw that, I've been on the road for weeks, I'm going to stay in the most expensive brothel in the city!"

So she spends the next half hour explaining to me why the practice of "Doing the Wenches" was bad. Primarily because there is no reason to include sex in the campaign when it doesn't have anything to do with the story, and doing so can make female gamers uncomfortable. I didn't get why it would make female gamers uncomfortable. She then asked me how I would feel if she just started having sex for no reason? I told her I wouldn't have any problem with it. And to try and lighten to mood I told her she could seduce all the barmaids she liked.

One of the guys in the group started laughing at this. Then she glared at him, he stopped laughing, and started telling me that actually in all seriousness it is wrong to do that. She turned to the rest of the group and asked all of them at once whether or not "Doing the wenches" was disrespectful to women. They all started nodding and agreeing with her. Those same guys who laughed at all my jokes before she joined and had made the same jokes themselves mind you

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So we all go home, things seem fine. Then this evening I get an email saying that my group has kicked me out.

This requires some explaination. I belong to and met my group on a website that roleplayers in Toronto can use to connect with each other called Toronto Area Gamers (http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Area-Gamers/) . Its a really big part of the roleplaying community where I live there are like 1500 members. Its how I met my group and how we organized games.

So this evening I go on the website to check when the next game is and it says one of the sites mods has banned me. I try to figure which one so I can email them. It doesn't say which mod specifically, however it does say that the girl who joined our group and I had that conversation with is a mod and one of the co-organizers of the site. She seems to be something of a bigwig the Toronto roleplaying community.

The email notifying me of my ban said that the site had received several complains about disruptive behavior and harassment and so I was banned. It also informed me not to try to participate in any events that the site is part of or else "The proper authorities will be notified" I'm not exactly sure what that means but it sounds ominous.

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Sounds like you picked a fight with the wrong person. Sucks to be you.

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So there it is /tg/. Not only have I been kicked from my group but I think I may been blacklisted by a significant chunk of the Toronto roleplaying community. And as if that wasn't enough while I was writing this up an anon posted a screencap of my old group mocking me on the website behind my back.

If there is anything that can be taken away from all this it is this: fuck that SJW cunt, and fuck those balless dicks who I thought were my friends. They deserve the hell that is each other.

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What about the hell that is a painful death?

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I would sue them.

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The End.

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>anon posted a screencap of my old group mocking me on the website behind my back.
well come on then, let us see it.

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Its in the old thread. I think I have to wait for it to autosage before I can post it.

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TL:DR make new friends and keep them

If you can find a gem in the shitsludge that is the internet, hold on to it. When my group gets together to game, There's only two of us locally. The other three join via skype conference. While it's slightly annoying dealing with skype issues and can sometimes impact the immersion, I find that I still have fun each session regardless. It's not the conveyance media that makes tabletop fun, it's the people.

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link to it

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How do I do that?

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Out of curiosity, what about the cute girl you went to have coffee with? If she wasn't in on it, might as well get in touch (and forget about the group).

Also, for those of you missing the additional context on why they're assholes: We found the group in the last thread and based on the messages they posted, they're pretty much dicks.

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No, you save it under a new file name, so you dont get the "Image has already been uploaded" error

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Black magic. Let me link it for you:



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Gender Studies are absolute trash and no self-respecting feminist takes american 3rd Wave feminism seriously.

You want to know why? Because American 3rd Wave feminsm is not about empowering women, of self-confidence, its about being a victim, showing you how much of a victim you and whining to everyone that they have to HELP YOU to stop being a victim.

Absolutely disgusting.

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Or you could link it directly:

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Like this?


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"Roleplaying communities" are always awful. They're always full of petty politics and drama queens. You getting kicked out is the best thing that could happen to you, honestly.

If you want my advice, join or start a game here on /tg/. Play online. Avoid the bullshit.

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Oh Christ, you are fresh off the turnip truck

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The thing that bugs me about gender studies is that the way it's taught means that there is a 'right' way and a 'wrong' way. As opposed to actually studying the effects of society and culture on one's self-identity and gender. It turns it from a study into a gigantic SJW circle jerk

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You say that like /tg/ is any better.

Just kidding, it totally is

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We're better because we're all a bunch of haters here. :-D

No seriously. We don't put up with bullshit so as a community ratio-wise there are a lot more decent players. Those communities that try to be super-welcoming are the ones that run into the crazy types and other dumb shit.

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I don't think she was in on it. I'm going to keep hanging out with just her and see how things go.

I would but I need all the excuses I can get to go outside.

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Fuck you.

Also, since we don't normally use names, ostracization is generally not very effective except in extreme cases like Collette.

>> No.30366490 [DELETED] 

Who's Collette?

>> No.30366495

What, do you need vitamin D or something?

>> No.30366511 [DELETED] 

We don't ostracize people based on names here. We ostracize people based on what they say and how they act for the duration that they continue such behavior on the boards. And that's all that's important anywya.

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shotacon furry tripfag

>> No.30366530

Its more to keep myself from turning into a shut in.

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4chan moderators are real terrorists. We should be at war with them, not "Radical Muslims" We should be at war with these fuckers on the internet that think they can censor people, harass people, y'know... tyrannize people and get away with it.

>> No.30366555 [DELETED] 

He's never used a trip.
10% at best

Dude's a total shotacon, though.

>> No.30366556 [DELETED] 

Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm not actually him.

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Like that Nice Daemonette person?

>> No.30366676 [DELETED] 

How about the gym? It's good for you, and you meet people there.

>> No.30366699 [DELETED] 

Woah now, lets not jump to extremes just yet.

>> No.30366732

Oh good, OP made a new thread

Sorry to hear you're in canookistan OP. If you were around Spokane WA I'd be willing to play with you irl maybe. In any event, you're better off. If those fags could be swayed to kick you by nothing more than a wistful thought of pussy, then they were never your friends to begin with

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Go away /fit/, we don't do excercise here.

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Honestly OP, from all the shit in the last thread it really seems like you were the That Guy in this situation. Not even in the everyone-else-was-That-Guy/Girl way, just flat out you were That Guy.

Somehow a new girl wormed her way into your group and completely turned them against you, to the point of even talking shit about you on a forum where you can't even view it, and talking about it all in such a way that it all sounds long held grievances?

Plus, you feel like you've been blacklisted from a majority of the Toronto roleplaying community... because you've been kicked out of a 'meetup.com' group totaling little over a thousand in a city of two and a half million? And your first impulse is to go and post about it on a messageboard you've never even been on prior to this?

And you even pull the 'But everyone else was doing it too, and I was the only one that got in trouble!' excuse.

>If those fags could be swayed to kick you by nothing more than a wistful thought of pussy, then they were never your friends to begin with
But Anon,
They already had a girl in the group from the beginning though. And according to the OP she's apparently equal with the new chick in looks.

>> No.30366950

Wait, fuck. Shit. OP, you're from Toronto?

I'm in the Younge and Eng area and I'm looking to get a Shadowrun 5 group together.

Email me if you're interested.

>> No.30367038

Try going to a gym? It's good for you, and you meet a lot of people that way too. Seems a much better pick than tabletop gaming if you're looking to be more outgoing.

For tabletop gaming it's better to pick a group that's healthy. Then again you run into all types online that you would immediately say "no thanks" in real person.

>If those fags could be swayed to kick you by nothing more than a wistful thought of pussy
I think they were also swayed by whatever clout she had with the group/website. Apparently she was a co-founder and mod. A lot of "nice" communities have a disgusting amount of sucking up towards moderators, etc.

>> No.30367123

>Try going to a gym? It's good for you, and you meet a lot of people that way too.

How to make friends at the gym
> Walk in
> Go to the free weight area
> Go to the Squat rack/Power rack
> Say hello to everyone
> Do this every time you go
> Conversation will come naturally
> You now have friends at the gym
Make sure you lift weights as well, otherwise you're just distracting the other people there, and you can be a mad cunt

>> No.30367164

fuck, i'm a grill and even I

>gender studies

Cmon, at least lie and say sociology, at least then you could have the veneer of scientific findings and data rather than FEELINGS

Cause you know, sociology is legit, and gender studies is well

>gender studies

>> No.30367272 [DELETED] 

What you should have done is mix it up instead of always DURR HURR I SEDUCE THE BARMAID (i think this is the lowest form of roleplaying, its equivalent to that 8bit theater CAUSE IF THERE'S ANY GIRLS THERE I WANNA DO THEM)

Should have gone. "I roll to seduce.. The bartender."

And then tame that sweet, sweaty, bear ass.

>> No.30367298

What you should have done is mix it up instead of always DURR HURR I SEDUCE THE BARMAID (i think this is the lowest form of roleplaying, its equivalent to that 8bit theater CAUSE IF THERE'S ANY GIRLS THERE I WANNA DO THEM)

Should have gone. "I roll to seduce.. The bartender."

And then tame that sweet, sweaty, man ass.

>> No.30367321

Be this the goblin chinned wench that hath slighted thee so unjustly, minstrel Stonebeard?

>other Meetups
>Feminism Group
shiggy shaggy

>> No.30367417


i think this is the group

>> No.30367432

That face scares me.

>> No.30367441

>sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles.
Jesus Christ Rob what were you doing with a group like this?
>love triangles are okay
>sleeping with npcs is not

>> No.30367451

>White Wolf

>> No.30367460

They're saying some dude named Rodney dropped out due to scheduling issues

But OP is Rob right?

Do you know Rod OP? Maybe he's an ally

>> No.30367478

>Mark Shessel

>> No.30367486

You didn't know how to trip last thread, seeming you never read the site FAQ.

And now you've never even noticed the fact that you are already linking to the post you're replying to when you click 'reply'? And figure out from that?

Have you ever posted on 4chan at ll before tonight, let alone /tg/?

>> No.30367497

he's most definately new.

but thats ok

lets start making in-jokes and using terms he doesn't know

>> No.30367518

I am under the impression gender studies is a subfield of sociology with history and studies and data to work with, and contrary to what people on this site say it is not actually composed entirely of 4 years of passing around the talking stick in a circle.

>> No.30367589

>one of the sites mods
>a mod and one of the co-organizers of the site

wait you're not banned from all of meetup.com are you?

>> No.30367591

No. Gender Studies is Gender Studies, its all about gender identity and stuff

Sociology is a different deal, a sociologist would be more interested in why the 'doing the wenches' is a thing, the driving factors, and isn't going to be pronouncing it as the evil of the patriarchy.

>> No.30367616

>communities" are [...] full of petty politics and drama queens
Yes, that's what happens when a monkeysphere expands beyond just a size of 1.

>> No.30367638

And you know for a fact that gender studies does none of that... how?

>> No.30367640

Hey OP, it's that guy who's trying to get a Shadowrun group together in TO. It occurs to me that if you are indeed new to 4chan you may not realize that a person's name (Ryx in my case) will link to their email address if one is entered.

Seriously bro, I've been starved for players ever since moving back from London. Email me.

>> No.30367668

Because this crazy man-hating bullshit is what gender studies majors DO

>> No.30367965

...Seriously, does no one else suspect that there are factors here that OP isn't mentioning?

If not purposely omitting them, at least being stupid as fuck enough to be oblivious why anyone else has a problem with him?

I mean it's possible it really is all because of one, single incident a week and a half ago caused by an outsider witch who cast an evil spell over all his friends.

But his general thickheadedness and social awkwardness("HEY YOUR MAJOR REMINDS ME about how much it sucks having a single mother!") is making me suspect. I mean.
>I don't get a lot of action in my real life so in my fantasy life I like to play characters who do.

I'm suspicious that he might have been erring on the the 'doing it badly' side of things like >>30362516 said.

Or it could be other issues entirely and this was just the camel's straw.

I'm really curious what those 'several complaints' actually were about.

>> No.30367982

Who is the bigger sexist here? The OP for his wench-jokes, or the crowd of white knights who desperately want to get in the knickers of the two girls in the group. They're going along with it to impress gender study girl and the other cute girl, because they want to shag them. There's no other reason. If gender study girl doesn't know this then she's dumb, if she does know then she's a manipulative bitch, and worse than anyone else there.

Sorry OP, you lost out to white knights thinking with their dicks.

>> No.30368056

It's a Drama-thread. That's how they work. You get to hear one version and you can give advice if you want

>> No.30368084

Second. Sorry OP, the story sounds odd and I find the activities described weird, in that it's a perfect encapsulation of things tg normally doesn't like ("So this GENDER STUDIES MAJOR, who is a CUTE GIRL, doesn't like the things I do in my RPG")

Also, there is like, a zillion, billion, trillion miles of difference between "Gender roles in general can sometimes force people to do things they might not actually want to do" and "My lack of a father leaves me with some anxiety as to how to be a proper man, and I wish I had a more absolute way of knowing how to perform the roles expected of me". Existential uncertainity is rough, and I feel for you, but arguing those two points as if they were the same, let alone going back and forth on it, is just... obtuse (Bonus points: "I find sleeping with wenches disrespectful", "Why, I do it all the time?", "It makes me feel uncomfortably dehumanized", "Don't worry, you can sleep with as many wenches as you like!"... yeah, no.)

Bests of luck with stuff, but this seems to be a mix of stuff on you and stuff on them, more than some gynocratic conspiracy to defraud and defame the heroic wench molester.

>> No.30368098

I can just see this blowing up and turning into another of those 'internet bullies from 4chan' things. Let's not do that.

It sounds like OP doesn't have much social tact, honestly. Not that he's a bad guy or anything, but the way he kept going on about not having a dad sounds like he just doesn't know when to...stop.

>> No.30368099

So, basically OP tries forcing his magical realm on players who don't want it, and then it goes badly.

How is there any controversy at all about this?

>> No.30368111

Anyone else think that Rob's "friends" found the thread and are going full defense force?

>> No.30368128

If they do, 4chan has its crew. I'm sure if we convince enough idiots on /b/ that there's a potential SJW bitch out there they'll eat it up.

>> No.30368130

Nigga, you need to do exactly what the guy in the last thread said and press charges. This is Unlawful Discrimination and Slander.

>> No.30368149

It's not slander. The guy, as I mentioned, was being disruptive by trying to press his magical realm. He is 100% in the wrong on this.

>> No.30368175

Slander requires actually saying something untrue about somebody to someone else...

...all we know for sure that they did was ban him from a group on a website.

Also this isn't Britbongland where the burden of proof is on the accused to prove they weren't libelous, this is Canada, which is marginally less stupid. Slander is a higher bar.

>> No.30368178

>press his magical realm
>sleeping with bar tramps
Nigga are you on the crack?

>> No.30368185

>community drama
>bitching about sjw's

>its equivalent to that 8bit theater CAUSE IF THERE'S ANY GIRLS THERE I WANNA DO THEM
>8bit theater


/tg/ - /v/2.0

>> No.30368190

It's a sexual element that other players did not want. I thought it was pretty basic social etiquette that you don't introduce sexual situations that other players are uncomfortable with, and that, in fact, the entire point of the "magical realm" term as being a bad thing was exactly that.

>> No.30368202

The opinion of "it doesn't add to the story, why is it even in the game" is an incredibly stupid thing I wish I never had to say.

It's a fucking PnP RPG we're playing, players have been known for taking a GMs game and twisting it. Yes, sex with the barmaidens was not part of the story, but we're not in a fully written out story. This book is fucking magical, shit appears out of nowhere and it adds onto the story.

I can understand it makes you uncomfortable, but I don't fucking tell you how to roleplay your goddamn character. If I want to roleplay a womanzier, by god will I roleplay a fucking womanizer. If you wanted to roleplay a mass murderer who goes around killing everyone, I'm not going to call you a pyschopath in real life for doing such. It's a fucking game.

I feel really bad for you OP, I honestly do. I also wish there was more I can do, but I'm stuck down here in San Diego. So if you ever come out for comic-con man. Hit up the Game Towne in Old Town, place is baller.

I hope I got my point across.

>> No.30368203

OP made it pretty clear that before this new player showed up, his group was completely okay with that sort of stuff.

>> No.30368227

If OP is being honest about not having received any prior warning, then it's a bit unfair to throw him out like that, even if he really was being a bit creepy. Blacklisting people without at least trying to discuss the issues with them is pretty cowardly.

>> No.30368230

This reminds me of the Dark Tower...

>> No.30368241

...why would they care.

And why would they act like a shadowy cabal manipulating innocent 4chan threads from their fortress of doom instead of... I dunno, explicitly dropping their own, far more embarrassing side of the story on us. (inb4 someone makes one up now and impersonates)

>> No.30368252

And then their sensibilities changed. People aren't static. Even if you think that the rest of the group just wanted sex with the new woman, their reasons are not your business. You don't force sex into situations that other people are uncomfortable with... and it looks like the rest of the group was perfectly happy to accommodate her, so the OP is naturally in the minority and has become a magical realmer.

>> No.30368260

As the OP mentioned, it was all fade to black. Fade to black is nowhere near the magical realm. FTB is a staple thing DMs do in situations where they know stuff can be controversial.

I'll reiterate my point in >>30368202

Roleplay what you want to roleplay. For whatever reason, this feminist feels the need to come in and take away the main reason most people roleplay. Escapism. I'm sorry my monk can run faster than a horse, I'll cripple him so I don't offend the guy in a wheelchair.

>> No.30368268

>So I avoided sex jokes. However during subsequent sessions other people were making sex jokes including the GM and he never said anything to them about it. Which was also quite weird.

>> No.30368278

Your impression is wrong.

Feminist critique has less credibility thank Marxist critique, and that's saying something.

>> No.30368292

It's still sex. Different people will have different comfort levels with sex in games, as literally anyone who's ever entered a thread on /tg/ about the topic will know. Not everyone will even like that.

Sure, uneven enforcement is a problem, but not only does that have nothing to do with the new woman or any other players, but that wasn't actually about the topic of in-game sex.

>> No.30368296

Then they should have the decency to tell him that they changed their mind. He wasn't forcing sex into anything, the sex was already there. The others wanted the sex out, and that's fair enough, but that doesn't mean they get to act pissy when OP continues roleplaying like before because they didn't tell him.

>> No.30368308

People aren't static, and neither are stories in RPGs. There are gray lines between weird and magical realm, I will agree. But fade to black "I want to have sex with x, rolling to seduce" is not one of them.

"I want to have sex with X, let me describe how I have sex with them, and all the different positions I was feeling. Also that the other party members can hear my screams of ecstasy through the walls." - That's fucking magical realm tier/10 kick out now pls

>> No.30368321

I would meet up with them again in person assuming you know where they go and when, especially if you know where one lives and call them out. Don't bother ever talking to the main cunt again, because the only way you can get through to someone like that is beating their teeth out and assfucking them.
But with the others, call them out on it. Don't be antagonistic, just approach them with a "really, bro?" attitude and see if you can still squeeze some sense from them.
If you can't, punch them.

>> No.30368332

Er, they did tell him, and he tried to make more jokes about it. Sure, they should have given him another warning, but really, it's on him for not backing down from making other people aren't comfortable.

The only difference is that more people will be uncomfortable with the latter than the former. The latter might be perfectly appropriate in a game that's been advertised as ERP-y; it's all about context and individual comfort levels. There's no standard list of sexual acts that should always be this comfortable or this uncomfortable in every single game.

>> No.30368333

dude the 8 bit reenactment of d&d is like 10 years old now

>> No.30368336


Your name is Robert

>> No.30368363

>and take away the main reason most people roleplay
it's really more like "my escapism is incompatible with this one aspect of your escapism, stick to what we got in common instead".

which sucks. but isn't really completely terrible.

you're doing this on purpose now aren't you

>> No.30368364

Slower than time itself.

>> No.30368382

Depends on the group.
In any group, without exception, if a new person joins they're at the whim of the rest of the group. They have no say in anything, really, and should mold themselves to the group dynamic, not the other way around.

If said group had been doing things like that, they should continue doing things like that. If new bitch has a problem, they'll speak up like an adult. The main problem with OP's story is they apparently kicked him out, and banned him, for basically nothing.
Made one joke, disagreed minorly once, and bam.
Adults would have a discussion. It wouldn't even be long.

"So anon, bitch1 here has problems with lewd jokes, can we keep them to a minimum?"
"Sure, anon, I'd be happy to accomodate, but if I get a real good opportunity I'm gonna take it."
"That's fine, meet halfway for now and work on it from there."

Not fucking hard. Bunch of beta, gutless faggots who can't have a normal conversation is the only reason this kind of shit happens.

>> No.30368383

For the record, this is a BAD IDEA, and even if OP is a terrible troll and this entire thread is a joke, I just want to reiterate: Do not do this. Do not approach someone who has told you to stay away. Punch no one.

>> No.30368398

It's still sex, IN CHARACTER. There are many things people do IN CHARACTER that others may not like, but they have the ability to realize it's a fucking game, things run differently in this. Video games, movies, books, art. ALL OF THESE HAVE SEX IN THEM. Sex is natural, it happens. All the mediums handle it differently, movies may fade to black, or show the full blown thing (Don Jon, 2013). Books can merely touch on it saying "They had sex!" or something similar. Or they can go full blown and stick it with the rest of them in the erotica genre. Video games with Mass Effect with full blown sex, and GTA with FTB again.

The point is, a character do what a character do, within the rules. Fade to black is like THE thing DMs do with stuff like sex. It makes no sense to tell the character, "NO, YOU CANT HAVE SEX BECAUSE OF META REASONS!".

It's piss-poor, sorry my character has a high charisma, high bluff, and is looking for someone to keep him company in the night because that's just how he is. A dashing rogue.

I can understand you don't "like" hearing about sex, but I'm sorry, what you do and don't like don't run my character.

>> No.30368410

Nigga, that's why I said don't bother with the ho, and that he should approach the other people.

And fuck you, sometimes the best, quickest, most surefire way to get something done is by a punch to the face. Don't be a bitch, men punch things.

>> No.30368418

>and he tried to make more jokes about it

>So I avoided sex jokes. However during subsequent sessions other people were making sex jokes including the GM and he never said anything to them about it. Which was also quite weird.

His only "transgression" was saying that wenching was a perfectly acceptable throwaway character trait, in a discussion outside of the game.

>> No.30368419


>> No.30368426

>but that wasn't actually about the topic of in-game sex
Alright then, fair point. But I'd like you to go back and read the story again. I just did, because often when we start arguing about these sorts of things, we forget details. Here's a summary of the relevant events:

>OP makes indirect reference to the tentacle rape cliche
>GM says "I've warned you about saying stuff like that before. I think its crass, and there are ladies present. If you don't stop I'm going to ask you to leave."
>OP find this strange, because the GM has never actually spoken to him about this - OP complies anyway
This is the important bit: OP complies anyway. He doesn't make a big deal of it, even when
>during subsequent sessions other people were making sex jokes including the GM and he never said anything to them about it
Moving on to the diner. This is where it becomes obvious that OP is tactless, but not ill-meaning:
>he asks what she's studying
>she says Gender Roles
>he doesn't seem to know what it's actually about, and starts talking about his own personal existential problems
>it takes quite a while to educate him about the field, so maybe he's a bit dense
>they get onto the topic of 'Doing the Wenches', and (reasonably) OP doesn't understand why it's a bad thing
>things get a bit tense, so he makes a joke to lighten the mood - this joke could be construed as sexist
>one of the group laughs, but suddenly changes his opinion when the new girl glares at him
>the others follow

>> No.30368441

I agree with this man. I don't understand people who are turned away by sex. It's literally the most popular human activity in history. I blame brainless cunts brainwashed by the US into thinking that there's shame attached to fucking, which is outrageous.

I'm going to play my character how it would make sense for him to be. If he happens to be one who would take advantage of there being a brothel in town, well, he's gonna visit the brothel.

Hell, a good DM would use that for plothooks, quests, and other intrigue. One time, my half-orc bard stayed the night at a brothel, and when he woke up, the hooker's head was chopped off. Led to a 10-session long murder mystery that was awesome and would not have happened if he didn't decide he wanted some pussy.

>> No.30368460


>> No.30368462

So then they finish their meal, continue conversing as normal, go home, and
>things seem fine

Then he gets kicked out and blacklisted.
So in-game, OP made one joke and when the GM told him to quit it, he did so.
And then what? He doesn't understand why 'Doing the Wenches' is wrong (and neither do I, I mean fuck, did they ban combat as well?), so they kick him out?

>> No.30368465

I find this a little dubious when talking about issues of personal comfort levels, but it really doesn't matter because the group apparently had no problems changing, leaving the OP the only holdout.

Was it poorly enforced? Sure. But OP was still in the wrong.

Personally, I have no problem with sex. My characters will often have a lot of it (albeit primarily in romantic relationships if possible). But it's not me who's in the game, it's someone else who doesn't like it. It's no different from other people not wanting you to play a CE serial killer; even if you're quiet about it and don't disrupt the plot of the game, many people will still find that creepy, yo.

Yes. As mentioned prior, trying to force sex into the game where it was no longer wanted.

Congratulations, I'll be sure to request that every game company in the world adds your spiel to their books as the one true way to have fun.

>> No.30368469

You're both terrible.

>> No.30368474

But that's incorrect. Wrong. Factually not in keeping with any measure of truth. Other such statements that imply an incorrect assumption.

To wit; if you join a group, you are not automatically the slave bitch of whoever happened to get their first, nor are you some idle slave to be tossed around at a whim. Sure, you don't get to decide *everything*, because you joined a group, but you are now part of that same group, and basic human decency still applies.

Let's meet half way, and assume that if someone joins a group, they're allowed by that group to be there, and so, some curtesy should be extended and some considerations definitively given, plus, opinions voiced allowed to be heard and not dismissed just because "Ur the new faq, shut up, put up", then work from there (until we reach a point where "Majority always rules" isn't a given)

>> No.30368476

>Hell, a good DM would use that for plothooks, quests, and other intrigue.
Fucking this.
A good DM can and will take any unrelated activity like pooning a lady into unforseen territories.

>> No.30368479

Blame Abrahamic Faiths, which were quite literally anti-fun, and then crushed all the fun-loving faiths. Chalk it all up to one smartass proto-jew a few thousand years ago in a desert shithole.

>> No.30368483

I'm going to guess that it's because the OP came across as intractable. Again, I don't think the enforcement on that was the absolute best, but the OP was still, in this situation, the one in the wrong. And with him bitter and possibly plotting revenge instead of trying to seek some kind of reconciliation and apology, I don't think their decision was far wrong.

>> No.30368500

Oh, sure. I agree. I do martial arts and sword fighting and get my jollies from hitting people with metal maces.

But approaching people who have told you to stay away is still, at all times, a very, very bad idea and punching someone just to punch them, also bad.

Ahem, I believe the colloqiual is:

yo bitch nigga that idea is fucking whack, foh real, you want to land OP in
jail so he can sing the brick building blues for trespas and assault? Fag.

>> No.30368511

I'm going to *assume* (dangerously) that it's the use of nameless disposable interchangeable NPCs as reinforcement of the Main Character's manliness that she found to be a degrading swords-n-sorcery cliche, translated to rpg's now.

Presumably sexual relationships between PCs or between NPCs or seducing part-of-the-story NPCs as part of intrigue and manipulation wouldn't raise the same objections at all, since she specifically mentioned "not even being part of the story' as a part of it.

>> No.30368515

>Yes. As mentioned prior, trying to force sex into the game where it was no longer wanted.

He wasn't actually wenching in the game at the time. They were having a discussion, OUTSIDE OF THE GAME, where he said he didn't see what was so bad about wenching. The horror.

>> No.30368532

>Talking to a woman who admits she's into "GENDER STUDIES" about sex
>Talking to her about gender roles
>Talking to her about anything at all

You sort of brought this on yourself OP. Gender Study students are cunts, and should be avoided like the plague. The best course of action you could have taken would be to have ignored her, and only spoken to her no more than necessary.

>> No.30368538

And just apologizing and agreeing to not do it anymore, like someone actually mature, would have fixed the whole thing.

If it didn't, then fine, I'll call out the group for it... but that's not what happened.

>> No.30368544

Did you even read all of my post? I said they should meet halfway.

>Congratulations, I'll be sure to request that every game company in the world adds your spiel to their books as the one true way to have fun.
Yes, because my point is that characters should be played realistically in terms of what kind of person they are, and that good DM's are a gift from god. In tabletop, this is a global rule of how to have fun.

I don't even know what you're trying to be snarky about, you're making no fucking sense.

>Was it poorly enforced? Sure. But OP was still in the wrong.
And he was in the wrong how? Sure, he could have used more tact towards the end, but the fact remains that the other people acted like fucking children instead of grown-ups. Solving issues by dismissing someone behind their back instead of dealing with it upfront. That outweighs any lack of tact by OP's part by a huge margin.

It's very likely not all of the group wanted OP gone.
Approaching someone who told you to stay away is a better idea than not in most cases, even in completely unrelated things.
>punching someone just to punch them
Sometimes, someone is so hardheaded that all words will bounce off, so you need to crack that head open to get them through. You'd be amazed with a good hook to the cheek would accomplish.
Don't be a woman.

I'm going to assume she's a cunt.
I'm pretty sure I'm spot-on.

>> No.30368545

He didn't actually try to force anything. They were just talking.

That parallel timeline in the old thread where he did was a ruse.

Whatever their actual reason for kicking him out, they did drop the ball on communicating to him, going the all too tempting cowards' route.

>> No.30368550

Three points to this anon, especially once considered with the throw away joke of "Sure, you can seduce wenches too!" apparently being a significant trigger of discontent.

It was the wrong way to handle that situation.

Anyway, to move on for a moment, OP: Don't despair entirely. Toronto is big and that network of Rp'ers is a small, small portion of it. You can find plenty of other people to have fun with.

>> No.30368557

What most people are reacting to is how the feminshit decided to use their power to block them from future opportunity. It's flaunting power in the face of, admittedly, a pretty thick dimwit, but it is still robbing them of any and all potential with the site. Because they don't have the decency to separate life from policy.

If someone is a child molester and wants to join a volunteer group, I won't give a shit if he works in the group, but I'll be damned if I don't make sure that he is put in as horrible position as possible that's out of the public view. But they can still volunteer.

>> No.30368558

If OP had been going after the man ass this wouldn't have been a problem.

Let this be a lesson to you OP, hunt that sweet boypussy, vag is for suckers

>> No.30368574

If he was allowed a warning at the beginning of the session that they didn't want him to act like that, maybe. But the fact that they went behind his back about his behaviour like a group of adolescent whiggers is inexcusable.

>> No.30368586

Make a gay character and purposefully look for twink-like fags in every town.
No one will give you legitimate shit.

>> No.30368597

I'm sorry but I wouldn't want to shag the gender-studies girl. After seeing that pic? Her chin would put my fucking eyes out.

>> No.30368599

You want them to act like the SJW thundercunt they were just screwed over by.

>> No.30368610

The point is that not everyone will find your way of doing things to be comfortable, and that's perfectly fine.

I'd be more inclined to believe that the OP wasn't bad from the start if he was talking more about reconciliation rather than stewing in bitterness.

I'm fairly sure she had no power, just being a player.

>> No.30368612

You're putting apples to oranges here, playing a CE serial killer has multiple reasons to why it shouldn't be played way before the reasoning of "i find it creeply, pls dont do."

I'll bother myself to list a few, as to vent.
>Doesn't go with the story (Party is a LG-NE group of friends/mercs)
>Poor roleplayer ("I cut his throat from ear to ear!", "You didn't even roll...")

Really the list can go on.

We as roleplayers have the ability to escape the current reality we are in. I wish to play a dashing rogue, with high char, and high bluff. I tell the GM I want to have sex with the barmaid.

It's a POOR excuse to say, "Sorry anon, X doesn't like sex, so you can't have any, even though it is not relating to them in any way."

I can't stress it enough, fade to black, fade to black, fade to black. It the best way to put any sort of bad situation like so. There is nothing harmful about a player wanting to roleplay something.

This anon worded it almost perfectly.
>Because they don't have the decency to separate life from policy.

>> No.30368628

i think by power, anon is referring to her possibly being the mod that banned him from the meetup.com group.

>> No.30368630

But anon, I am. I could try not to be a woman, but sexaul reassignment surgery is bloody expensive and takes a long time.

In the mean time, let's you and I have a constructive talk about boundaries and personal space, while seguing nicely into a talk about violence; whether to use it or not. Approaching someone who told you to stay away is a bad idea, and punching people because your words have no effect when you could just walk away is just stupid.

Unless you're some kind of beta chump who needs to constantly reassert his dominance in order to make himself feel big and manly and secure, and push around people at all times, instead of one of those alpha types who can just have a mutually enjoyable conversation without getting their skin in the game.

What I mean to say is, u mad, bro? You sound mad. Violence is not the answer.

>> No.30368632

No, because there would be functionally no difference in how things went down.
>i go to the brothel to bang a hooker
>i go to the pub to diddle a young lad

Plus, gay characters aren't played often. It would be a nice change of pace.

>> No.30368636

SJW thundercunts will never crap on someone hunting man ass. Because fags are their #1 ally

so you know, fuckem

>> No.30368644

White knights look for any vaj they can, even in the fatass emo snowflake group. They will do anything to get it, even slit open their own ballsack, to get it in at least once.

And that is why I've decided to be asexual. It's rather easy. Just hold up random pictures of women and men and slap yourself every time you look at one. Do it for a month. You'll soon hate yourself and human biology in general.
Either that or you'll be able to use pickup lines on any woman in sight, because you are immune to the slaps.

>> No.30368650

i hear SJW thundercunts breathe oxygen, too.

>> No.30368651

If you must, arrange it privately with the GM so that you can have all the sex you want so long as you don't bring it up to other players so that they can be in awe of the might of your cock.

>> No.30368654

Forget this bitch and her orbiters, OP. You'll always have us grognards.

>> No.30368661

Just posting
>a part of the comment you link to
doesn't give much info on what you're saying, anon.

>> No.30368667

>not just going for the boypussy


>> No.30368669

Weak, pathetic excuse for a man who's likely never gotten into a friendly fistfight with a friend.
This is clear from his inability to tell the difference between punching an enemy and punching a friend.

Mind you, I'm making a lot of assumptions on how well OP knows any of these people, but I'm assuming he's made a good connection with at least one of them.
But still fuck you for being a gutless piece of shit that could never respect someone enough to punch them.

>> No.30368675

>apologizing and agreeing to not do it anymore

Dude, what? Why? For having a differing opinion? He should apologize for that? That's not how discussions fucking work, even if it turns out you're wrong you say "Huh, I didn't think about it like that, that's a good point." or something. I don't care if you're the edgiest fedora or the most inbred of fundies, you shouldn't have to apologize for having an opinion that turned out to be wrong.

>> No.30368692

No, for the whole "I should be allowed to keep fucking people" thing that he really shouldn't have been pushing to begin with, because, you know, basic social etiquette about RPG sex.

>> No.30368697

he should have just switched to the boypussy, that would have shut the SJW cunt up

>> No.30368704

I'm saying that they would just act like the SJW they hate. Putting themselves in a position that is easily defendable with cries of inequality, and pissants who will eat that shit up.

Are you retarded... you have to be.
I am a guy.
I no longer wish to like women.
But I also do not want to push myself over the edge and like men.
How the bloody hell is that being a faggot, AKA someone who wants to bone men.

I'm thinking it's a femanon.

>> No.30368715

>he thinks cute sissy boys are men


>> No.30368734

You're pretty insistent that OP act like a faggot...

No, I believe them to be of the Male gender. They have a dick, they're a guy. They have a vaj, it's a woman. It isn't terribly hard, and if someone wants to say otherwise that just because they have a peen doesn't make them a man is wrong and bullshitting.

>> No.30368737

Holy shit, when did wanting to roleplay become a fucking tabletop secret. I'm not planning on killing another party member with stealth moves. I am just merely roleplaying my character.

I like how you moved to think that me merely stating "I wish to seduce the barmaid" was a giant cry for everyone to look at my huge cock.
Roleplaying my character, my way. I am sorry you are uncomfortable with the situation at hand, but you're going to have to fucking deal with it. This world is not a hugbox to sit and sing loving songs to each other. It never has been or will be.

You have not given a single legitimate reason for me NOT to say "I want to seduce the barmaid" and the GM fades to black. Your only reason is "IT MIGHT HURT PEOPLES FEELINGS!"

I'm getting real tired of going in circles with you anon, I know I will never change your opinion, but please. Can't you at least be understanding and realistic?

>> No.30368741

> you should let your behavior be controlled by irrational folks

Yeah, no. I don't remember society deciding radfem lesbians get to be the arbiters of appropriate sexual innuendo. This isn't some scandanavian shithole where a woman can say you raped her by not letting her cut in line.

>> No.30368751

check your privilege cis-scum

>> No.30368752

First comment in this game. Ouch. Sounds like your group disliked you more than you thought.

>> No.30368762

Can I just personally say that 'I seduce the barmaid' is the lamest form of establishing your character as a womanizer

>> No.30368767

I think that's after he was kicked out, Anon.
Or can you somehow find Part 1?

>> No.30368777

On the point of proving they have a huge cock, I once played a human who banked hookers nightly because he was afraid that the party would find out that he had a tiny cock.
DM used this to blackmail my character and make his addiction to pills worse, eventually spiraling out of control when he near-killed the entire party.

It was pretty fun.

Also, in your case it would be better to make a point by "getting friendly" with the barmaid. Going straight to seducing is lame.

>> No.30368782

Or you could just try to date decent people like a normal person and occasionally get laid.

>> No.30368784

But he wasn't pushing it in the game, he was arguing with a person who said that it's always bad and should never ever be included, even if the rest of the group is okay with it.

>> No.30368787

Didn't you know? Disagreeing with a SJW is raping her, you shitlord.

>> No.30368808

I ROLL TO SEDUCE is like the first warning sign that said player is a retard

>> No.30368809

It's for the sake of arguing, but I do agree with you.

That sounds like a DM, hold them close to your heart. Again, I agree going straight to seducing is lame, but for the sake of the argument.

>> No.30368812

Again, I, personally, have no comfort issues with this whatsoever. This has nothing at all to do with me. I'm just saying that, again, including sexual elements in a game that other people don't want is very skeevy, and the OP was in the minority anyway. And the whole "cry to look at cock" thing was because you somehow felt the need to do this where everyone else was looking, otherwise privacy wouldn't be a problem.

And the argument for the world not being a hugbox also applies perfectly for the OP being kicked out instead of accommodated.

The rest of the group was perfectly fine with not doing it anymore.

>> No.30368818

all PIV is rape, cis-scum

>> No.30368836

America already is.

I think they're saying that there were clues to act upon.

Exhibit A: Group is twirled around bitch's finger
Exhibit B: Bitch doesn't like men and believes agreed preplanned consensual sex after a year marriage for the purpose of having a child is rape.
Exhibit C: C: is a goddamn smiley face so this has no purpose for that reason because I'm bored and sleep deprived.
Exhibit D: Same as C.
Exhibit E: Goddamnit this is kinda funny, same as D and C
Exhibit F: "I seduce the Barmaid," in that form, is liable to anger the bitch and thusly have her get the entire group, which wants both her and the status of being in a group with a co-founder, OOOH, is a kind of silly thing to do.
There were signs.
We aren't going to go over this again, we had a painful-to-read series of picture-dumping in the other thread.

I'm a fucking spammer, and that was painful to read.

>> No.30368844

Radfems hate gays. The pussy monopoly doesn't work on them.

>> No.30368851

It would be a surefire way to get rid of a cunt like that.
So many reasons I don't ever have women in my campaigns.

>> No.30368859

Sounds like your RP group is now made up of Beta SJW following white knights.

If they all agree with this woman. Then you have lost nothing of value.

They will kiss up to her forever hoping she'll one day love them.

>> No.30368863

Act gay OOC, too. Plan out entire sequences OOC where you will speak in innocuous innuendos to other guys. Act indirectly gay IC, too.

Ruin it all by saying I Seduce The Barmaid

>> No.30368865

Radfems hate gays, but they need the gays because the gays are their unwavering support

its perfect you see

>> No.30368869

>The rest of the group was perfectly fine with not doing it anymore.

But he WASN'T doing it! He merely said, IN A DISCUSSION OUTSIDE OF THE GAME, that it isn't a universally bad thing. Do you really not see the distinction?

>> No.30368892

They're also acting like WKs to her because she has pretend-power, which is shown because anon got kicked by the bitch who didn't put personal issues away from professionalism.

>> No.30368894

It was in the context of the game itself and his own character.

It also seems like the rest of the group hated him anyway, judging from the snippets we've gotten from links to the meetup site, so I have a strong feeling that this wasn't the first time and not the first issue they've had with him.

>> No.30368898

Is this you?

>> No.30368918

You sound like a little bitch OP. SJW's are going to be SJWs, there's no reason to engage them and you were fucktarded enough to do so. You deserved everything you got.


Have some stacey kent, cheer the fuck up cunt and move on.

>> No.30368942

Bi here. No they aren't. Feminists have betrayed every "ally" they ever had. They back stabbed the civil rights movement. They did the same to gays in the 80s. They'll no doubt do it again.

>> No.30368955

I really don't want to hate you, you're probably a good person.

I can't speak for all groups, but in mine. The GM would go around the table asking what everyone would be doing if we were in a town or an inn, or just generally without initiation rolls.

There are many things said that made me uncomfortable, as I'm sure I said to others that made them uncomfortable.
The fact of the matter is, this shit happens, it's perfectly fine, there's no need to squelch someone (and furthermore BAN them) because they did something you found uncomfortable.

It's not nice in any sense, it's pushing your agendas on other people, it's rude.

I "felt the need to make sure everyone knew I had a cock", because that's how my character is, that's how I wanted them portrayed. A writer in a book does not leave out details of a character because it might hurt someones feelings.

Roleplaying is a form of storytelling, the players tell the stories of their characters and describe them by the actions they take in the game. My priests usually pray before going to sleep, and pray when they awake. Shit like that, religion makes me uncomfortable, but I shrug this kind of stuff off because I realize to each their own.

I'm not trying to attack you personally. We have our differences, but we'd probably be good friends.
unless you like LoL

>> No.30368957

Soon it will be a war against women, by women, for women, to women, because, well, Womyn

>> No.30368960

I've never punched my friends nor would I desire a punching from them. Words are better than fists. I'm kind of confused. Is this form of communication common to you? For me violence has never been a component of friendship. Not a desirable one anyway, unless it's for sport. Not for communication.

>> No.30368970

Thats true.

>> No.30368976

>I ROLL TO SEDUCE is like the first warning sign that said player is a retard

People, like you, who get upset about this sort of thing are worse, though.

>> No.30368980

I prefer verbal rape.
Have you ever called someone's mother a whore with AIDS who squirted them out in a public toilet?

Because I have.
It's quite delicious.

>> No.30368996

Whoopsie. Didn't mean to link to >>30368976 , tried to link >>30368960 . Sorry about that.

>> No.30368997

>I "felt the need to make sure everyone knew I had a cock", because that's how my character is, that's how I wanted them portrayed. A writer in a book does not leave out details of a character because it might hurt someones feelings.

Just popping into the conversation to add that some people aren't really roleplaying. They're people who don't bother moderating their behaviour to make other people feel at ease. I ain't excusing anyone else by saying that.

>> No.30369003

Remember how black women felt so mistreated by feminism they created their own thing called 'womanism' that white people never hear about

>> No.30369008

>ASOIAF without sex

>> No.30369018

Magical Castration?

>> No.30369019

If you're uncomfortable but don't want to say so, that's your right and I won't contravene that. But some people have different thresholds of what's acceptable, and I don't think we should deny those and say they're not okay just because we want to push our experiences onto them.

And not everything has to be played out for it to be a part of your character. I assume, for instance, that you don't roleplay using chamber pots and such.

>> No.30369037

But not with barmaids!

There is only brutal knight/squire rape for barmaids.

>> No.30369040

There's a difference between using a pissbucket and saying you roll to seduce. One is in their face, the other is potentially spilling in their face.

>> No.30369042

I'd like to hear the argument for this. It gets tossed around a bit from people without an actual context being applied.

>> No.30369054

I read that as brutal knight/squirrel rape.


>> No.30369057

Actually, I do, and the DM has listed foods according to 'hardness'. If we eat too much hard food, like cheese, we risk constipation. Not desirable.

>> No.30369058

I'd like to see pics of the woman.

>> No.30369065

What? I don't give a shit about trying to seduce people, you know, with actual roleplaying

but I ROLL TO SEDUCE isn't roleplayin, its rollplaying, and thats not my pot of tea

>> No.30369073

Because you clearly cannot comprehend values outside of your own.
In my values, if someone does something to me like what happened in OP, just getting banned and exiled without a proper conversation or anything, I would be far more insulted than anything else.
However, if I go far over the line, like start molesting the one bitch, I would be insulted if no one punched me.

Say, she pepper sprayed me, or someone choked me from behind, that would be cowardly and offensive.
But if someone punched me in the jaw, that's all good.

Not the best example, but you should get the point.

>> No.30369074

Womanism's basically black women saying feminism is important but being black is sometimes more important. They disagreed on some of the issues that white feminists were on about and so called it inherently racist.

>> No.30369075

She has a chin that could kill a man. It's all weird and lopsided too.

>> No.30369085

You know what, faggots? I've just about had it with your shit. If I was OP I'd go full online fucking crusade against the group, the organisation, everything. I fucking despise such faggots.

One of the words I despise most in english vocabulary is "uncomfortable". When someone says he/she is "uncomfortable" with something I mostly smile at them - psychoticly. Because all this political correctness makes me want to vomit, eat the shit, regurgitate and vomit it again all over the fucking person saying something is "uncomfortable".

P&P games are all about freedom. ALL. ABOUT. FUCKING. FREEDOM. In game. If PC wants to get a baby, suck its shit and entrails via babys asshole, I do not mind. (just roll high enough STR check) His alignment should go to CE and potential paladin should eventually hunt him down, but thats it. Fucking (imaginary) wenches? Yes. Burning down orphanages? Yes. Having a son forced to eat parts of his own mother while repeating: "I am a good girl"? Fuck yes. You can do anything you want in my game, there will be no OOC consequences.

Fuck this western world and mass mental castration.

Fucking West.

>> No.30369100

Jesus mother of god no wonder she's such a cunt.

>> No.30369102

How do you know for sure these are the right pics?

>> No.30369113

>If you're uncomfortable but don't want to say so, that's your right

>But some people have different thresholds of what's acceptable

>I don't think we should deny those and say they're not okay just because we want to push our experiences onto them.

Okay, but we shouldn't just ACCEPT them and change the way we play our games and characters to fit the feelings of everyone. We'd spend so much time making and changing rules.

>> No.30369120

I don't care for people who shout WRONGFUN at others. Sorry.

>> No.30369127

I should be able to graphically describe the brutal rape of the young princess by my 6INT minotaur if I want to, dammit.

>> No.30369130

Yeah. I think you're taking a really simplistic point of view on this. Especially with reducing the vast array of feminist stances to one.

>> No.30369135

If you disagree with that, that's fine, but OP's group apparently did not.

>> No.30369142

I hit enter before I could type this last part, but

>And not everything has to be played out for it to be a part of your character. I assume, for instance, that you don't roleplay using chamber pots and such.

No, not everything needs to be roleplayed out, mundane tasks like taking a shit and what not don't, but sex isn't a mundane task. By no means am I saying go ahead and magical realm it up, I'm still pushing the fade to black.

>that you don't roleplay using chamber pots and such.

I actually do, just for a John Travolta in Pulp Fiction kind of story, hopefully my GM will catch on one day..

>> No.30369150

Talking about an instance in 1969 where feminism went against the gays.

This isn't rocket science, it was providing but one out of numerous instance where it happened.
So, fuck off, do your own research.

>> No.30369153

FTB is pretty fucking standard for sexual activities, it's literally gold standard, time fucking immemorial, de facto. You CAN and are allowed to disagree with the practice but you will be considered to be wrong by the vast majority. FTB already is a compromise between the extreme ends of puritans and deviants, there is no need to compromise FTB. If you get offended by FTB actions, fine, be offended, then fucking deal with it. Just because you don't like the idea that my dwarf character spent a lovely night with a succubus in FTB, doesn't mean I should in any way stop doing it in the future. You have the right to be offended, but not the right to demand others to be offended by it aswell, only manipulative controlfreaks think they have right to make others be offended about same things.
FTB is already the drawn line on the ground, there is literally no reason to start moving it about.
If you get offended by FTB, killing, looting the dead, undeads, interracial relationships, magic and science fiction, maybe you're in the wrong place, maybe you shouldn't be the one playing P&P games that have those elements.
If my character has sex with someone, deal with it, I'm not explicitly describing the action while licking my lips and looking at the players, I am already making the decent thing.

>> No.30369157

That's a man.

>> No.30369166

>We played A Song of Ice and Fire RPG

I've been trying to get a straight answer from /tg/ for a while now, but how is the ASOIF system?

I'm thinking of running it soon so that's why I'm asking

>> No.30369169

Already replied to the first part.

I also think that sex is a pretty mundane task if it has nothing to do with the plot. It's just what you do in free time. Would you roleplay out, say, playing Solitaire if that's what you're into?

>> No.30369180

Completely ignoring OP's particular case, I still remember the 90's and women just starting to get into gaming. Most were fat goths but that was more than most nerds ever saw.

This was a big issue back then as now. A lot of cutting out sex from games is a compromise made in that era. It's just safer to not bring up sex in a game, it easily offends people.

I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. The sex angle really didn't improve things much, it was a throwaway line most of the time that mostly came down to, "I get to enjoy feeling cool and powerful."

Getting to be an object of affection for women is indeed something most straight men want. But showing it in this way isn't important.

The whole point of much of this is just getting to feel big and powerful.

Hell, I still remember the Satanism controversies in the 80's. Back then a lot of us were social outcasts. We were ALL that guy to society. We put up with each other because no one else would. But even so, weird sexual stuff was not tolerated at all back then. "I bang the barmaids" is about as far as most preteen virgins ever got in the before-the-internet-era to sexual stuff.

But this is a different era and people aren't just aping Conan the Barbarian and LoTR. I don't think it's just women that have changed things, it's all of us. We used to put up with That Guy and the stinkfats because we were all social outcasts and they were all we could hang out with. Now we don't have to.

So if you join a group that doesn't want anyone banging the barmaids - so what? That's not the point of the game. It's not even really a sacrifice.

It's easiest to just cut out all mention of sex from a game - even fade to black, and leave it at that. That's what I do in my games.

>> No.30369188

You're right that not everything has to be played out, only the defining parts. The parts that demonstrate who your character is. Arguably, how your character expels his waste can be defining, but I don't know many people who define their characters that way.

If my character seduces barmaids, it's to demonstrate that he's a lecher or just a lustful pervert. Or maybe he's insecure and wishes to try and demonstrate how masculine he is by seducing women.

>> No.30369190

I roleplay everything possible. Whenever I'm in a session, I keep a mental note of exactly what my character is doing at any given time, and give them realistic needs and desires.
It's a very autistic process, I admit, but at least my characters are realistic.

I mainly use this information for when I'm asked "what is your character doing now?" or something to that extent. Because he may be out back taking a horrendous shit, jamming his thumb up a young bloke's doo-doo hole, searching for his lucky shoelace he dropped, or masturbating vigorously in the cart while watching the sleeping half-orc lady.
What am I supposed to say at these times? "Oh, just stuff" No, that would be far too lazy.

>> No.30369194

Maybe a better analogy is, roleplaying 'going to bed early' but really fapping alone in your room while the rest of the party drinks and is merry.

>> No.30369201

I don't. An anon posted a link to to a profile that's supposedly hers earlier.

OP reads like a bit of a creep to me, but to be entirely honest if that's really what she looks like she loses -20 credibility points for that chin alone. Goddamn that thing is freakish.

>> No.30369203

Why would you add sex in tabletop.

I don't get that

>> No.30369205

>Would you roleplay out, say, playing Solitaire if that's what you're into?

No, I would say "I roll to play Solitaire", and fade to black.
on a side note, my GM has made me take out playing cards, and play him in poker just to win an IC bet. Solitaire is not a mundane task either though, it requires thought and attention. Do you pay attention on the toilet, unless the task at hand required you to do something different from the norm of the task. Such as if you ate taco bell earlier.

I've been arguing this for a while now, and you're probably not the guy I originally started arguing with. I'm saying the group is in the wrong for kicking him out over such a stupid issue, where peoples agendas > the ability to escape in an escapism game

>> No.30369213

Read the thread.

>> No.30369226

According to the screencaps from the last thread, the "evil gurl" isn't even a Gender Studies student.

OP totally is not just a big baby who obviously didn't do anything wrong and isn't presenting a laughably one-sided version of the events that led several other people to agree that he needed to be kicked out of their group.

>> No.30369234

I did

all of it.

It's still pointless stupid to enter sex into tabletop. nothing the OP did was wrong IMO, it's all because people think sex has to be in every fucking medium ever

>> No.30369237

Browsing through her twitter. Seems like she's as big a cunt as OP said she was.

>> No.30369238

I think I'll go do some research as there are a lot of serious allegations that are thrown around. I'll "fuck off" and enlighten myself because as much as every anti-feminist stance I hear is crude, offensive and uneducated I will still make the effort to understand the points that are made.

>> No.30369240

Do you have a foolz link?

>> No.30369249

Agreed. People tend to not handle it well, it doesn't really add that much, lets just be adults and drop it.

>> No.30369250

My point, ultimately, was that it's not a task that has any relevance to the plot, and as such, you don't need to play it with other characters if they for some reason are made uncomfortable by it.

But, to be honest, I don't think there's much point in talking about this anymore until we get the perspective of other people in this dispute, because our information won't be complete, so I'm willing to stop for now.

>> No.30369252

Got linked earlier in this thread too.

look for 'screen shot'

>> No.30369253

>it's all because people think sex has to be in every fucking medium ever
Because sex is fun.
Don't you like fun things?

>> No.30369261

Should sex not be in every medium? Should I avoid adding sex to anything I create, artistically or otherwise?

Just curious.

>> No.30369267

I read the whole thing op and I think you're better off without the cunt and her mangina army.

>> No.30369270

Calling bullshit. Her linkedin doesn't have anything listed, but her pinterest has a "women in games" section that features Anita Sarkeesian, and her twitter has tons of SJW shit posted.

>> No.30369271


>magical realm
>a hentai joke

Stop it, thats not a magical realm

>> No.30369273

You're not even including other characters, merely making a statement about your own.

On that note, you're right, we don't have the full information and OP could very well be a woman hating misogynist. Good debate though.

>> No.30369275


Isn't tabletop about imagination and roleplaying ?

Depends on the medium. sitting around with 4 blokes and talking about how you want to shag that other thing isn't really cool.

I don't know guys, I never added sex in any of my games or played games with those sorts of interaction in them, and shit was fun.

>> No.30369279

> Why should violence be in every medium ever?
> Why should explosions be in every medium ever?
> Why should intrigues be in every medium ever?
> Why should diplomacy be in every medium ever?
Oh gee, I dunno, maybe because it's sort of a thing IRL too?
Unless our characters are all Playmobil or Lego. No sexy time then.

>> No.30369280

>look for 'screen shot'
>only result is your post

Sounds fake.

>> No.30369283

>doing it rong


>> No.30369286

remember when /tg/ managed to take a Chaos Space Marine quest thread on a turn towards eldar waifu simulator and choked unconscious, raped and impregnated the prisoner

>> No.30369288

>Shopping for baby strollers seems more complicated than buying a car. #firsttimemom recommendations for #Toronto shops?

Oh god, someone had sex with that woman?

May we lament the loss of some poor neckbeard's eye, lost during coitus with the woman with that chin.

(To be fair, she doesn't seem totally terrible to me looking through the rest of her twitter. Just a normal vapid tumblerite type.)

>> No.30369289


Yes but sex isn't something you yell about on the top of your lungs or shit around when you're with people.

I dont' go around telling people how I fuck my girlfriend, because it's a personal thing.

But yeah, I guess I do see your point. What's stopping people from putting it in games, nothing.

>> No.30369294

You don't go around telling people how you murder people either, faggot.

>> No.30369299

>Isn't tabletop about imagination and roleplaying ?
And escapism.
What do you think 95% of men here would do if they were suddenly in one of these worlds?
Stick their dick in everything, namely things that don't exist in the real world.

Also, you'd be hard pressed to make a male character that's enjoyable to roleplay with them being aesexual.
It's possible of course, but not nearly as easy to accomplish as an enjoyable character that likes fucking.

>I dont' go around telling people how I fuck my girlfriend, because it's a personal thing.
You're a horrible, horrible person who doesn't have any friends.
Know what friends talk about?

>> No.30369301

Well no shit its in every medium. It's a basic fucking human activity, no pun intended.

Either for procreation or recreation, sex happens. And if you plan on writing a video game, script, book containing humans who reproduce, or even humanoids with similar reproduction methods, you need to have sex.

Sorry anon, you didn't come out of an egg the stork dropped.

>> No.30369302


Well I would if there was no repercussions like Law and shit.

Are you crazy ? I'd kill all the time and brag about it

>> No.30369304

Look at her bitcoin tweets. She's a fucking idiot.

>> No.30369305

>Unless our characters are all Playmobil or Lego. No sexy time then.

>> No.30369308

I meant in the filename.


>> No.30369309

> Isn't tabletop about imagination and roleplaying ?
And what's wrong with imagined roleplayed seduction?

> sitting around with 4 blokes and talking about how you want to shag that other thing isn't really cool.
So? Just because your character does it doesn't mean you have to go into deep details about everything.

> personal
Why can't you just disconnect yourself from your character? He isn't you, you aren't him. Talking about your character (trying to) seducing a lady or boning her in a fade-to-black isn't like screaming in people's ears about how you fuck your girlfriend in the ass and how she loves it very much.

No m8, you don't *need* to.
But avoiding it all costs when it'd make sense or would be logical is beyond dumb.

>> No.30369310

and if there's no repercussions like social stigma would you fuck all the time and brag about it too?

>> No.30369312

Don't you fucking insult solitaire.

>> No.30369318

your cardifu a shit

>> No.30369321

Alright I get it, fair point. Sex is a thing, but I wasn't advocating against it, I didn't understand why people were adamant about having it in their games


Thanks for explaining to an idiot why sex is great

>> No.30369324

Because it's fun.
People like to put fun things in other fun things.

>> No.30369329

Yeah, it's escapism. But it's not the right kind of escapism. You go to an action flick expecting action. You don't go expecting a chick flick.

Tabletop gaming isn't 100% violence focused, but it's expected that you'll fight monsters and be diplomatic. Sex is NOT a part of that expectation.

That's what ERP is for. It's fine to do ERP with willing participants. It isn't fine to bring ERP to a regular game.

I didn't say she was bright. In any event, we may have the wrong person looking at Mrs Manchin.

>> No.30369334

Can I put my fun thing in your fun thing, Anon?

>> No.30369336

People hear crude, offensive, and basically savage/feral remarks made by feminists, and respond in kind.
In this case, I was saying fuck you NYPA.

>> No.30369340

Because it happens and they can. Most keep it to a fade-to-black level though. Some people believe it adds a level of realism to a game.

People here are confusing "I want to have sex with the barmaid!" with "I PIN THE BARMAID UP AGAINST THE WALL AND RAM MY 12 INCHER UP HER COLON!"

>> No.30369344

You Feminists realize that you have nothing to threaten gays with, right? They're approaching equality as it is. They don't NEED you.

>> No.30369347

If you let me do the same , anon kun.

>> No.30369352


My DnD wizard is a gay cowboy and he was adamant on roleplaying his sex thing with the GM.

So the GM had him date-raped

>> No.30369353


>> No.30369356

You can do more than one thing in a campaign, you know.

>Sex is NOT a part of that expectation.

Tell that to my half-orc bard who successfully robbed a castle because he fucked the princess. Which sent the king into despair, who hired the party to find the man responsible, which led the party to pulling the guy along by the tit until the half-orc married the princess, and became king after the current one died of a bad heart.

Like I said in a previous post, you can pull off a ton of things thanks to fucking. Stop being so narrow minded.

>> No.30369364

>You Feminists
i can tell this is gonna be a smart post already


i can't hold all these assumptions

>> No.30369367


>> No.30369372 [SPOILER] 

I like you and your way of thinking. have some lewd. i think its lewd, cant remember

>> No.30369378

Go away Jerid

>> No.30369385

Sure you can. But it's not by any means essential or important in the overall narrative. It also depends entirely on your groups comfort level with that type of subject matter.

As a general rule I prohibit all sex, including fade to black sex, simply because it stops drama before it forms.

Who gives a fuck what you do in a group that's comfortable with that stuff? Nobody.

Your game can be rated PG-13, R, or X, and there's nothing wrong with it in any category. Sex isn't gonna hurt anybody but it's very rarely worth the trouble of dealing with the drama rated R games cause, especially when someone new joins the group.

>> No.30369412

Whenever I host a game, I explain carefully that I have a zero tolerance policy on someone causing OOC trouble. I also explain to them that if they have a problem, to tell me privately and I'll mediate them and the person they have a problem with to come to a solution.
I also make sure making the characters is a group process. Everyone makes them at the same time, to make sure the group will meld well together and there are no forseen problems out of the gate.
Thanks to this, I've only ever had to kick out one person, and it was because they were purposefully hindering the group and annoying everyone, after I talked to him many, many times. All other problems were resolved swiftly and amicably, including some guy brutally raping an orphanage. 30 minutes of talking OOC with him and someone who had a problem and a paladin hunting his character down, and things continued for a long while with no problems.

So fuck you, DM better.

>> No.30369423

Heavily applicable.

>> No.30369440


>> No.30369452

well that was a rollercoaster ride.

>> No.30369456

That's the whole point. You screen people to make sure that newcomers and current members have values that are on the same level.

Most groups do this stuff. So do I. But the fact remains that I have no desire to have characters rape orphanages in a game I'm running. And frankly, it's just a lot less hassle for me if this shit is stopped before it starts.

Trouble like the OP just flat out doesn't happen no matter WHO your new member is if you keep it PG-13.

What's amusing to me is that you seem to be implying that any game that doesn't include orphanage rape is a terrible game.

I know FATAL is probably one of your favorite systems, but you don't have to play every single system that way.

>> No.30369467

I've never played FATAL and I only DM basic 4ed for now.

What I'm saying is that you're a shit DM for restricting your players in any way because you're lazy.

>> No.30369487

It's not because they are lazy, but because someone said sex made them uncomfortable.

>> No.30369492

That's what FTB is for.

>> No.30369495

And that kind of person isn't someone I would want in my campaign because that just screams childish insecurity and very likely troublemaker.

>> No.30369502

Agreed with that. I find that the super welcoming communities usually end up having the most drama in the end.

>> No.30369511

>I've never played FATAL and I only DM basic 4ed for now.

Bwahaha. Oh do go on. Regale us with your tales of scaly sex and how it's vital for good roleplaying, kiddo.

I've been doing this shit since the 80's in dozens of systems with a ton of groups. I'm not gonna call you a dumbass but I will call you naive. You need more experience before you can think of yourself as a good GM.

No doubt you're good for your little group, but you probably have no idea how not to be That Guy when going into just about any group. You've got a lot to learn.

>> No.30369522

I've given this thread a ton of examples already, so you can take your presumptuous ass elsewhere.

>> No.30369530

This. As a female I find white knights to be one of the more disgusting sexists out there. They're spineless, pathetic and view women as fragile creatures that can't handle being disagreed with.

>> No.30369536

> Allowing sex means he thinks it's vital to games or good roleplaying.
You're not supposed to go full retard, m8.

> I've been doing this shit since the 80's in dozens of systems with a ton of groups.
And I'm Gygax' hidden son.

>> No.30369551

Calm down, grandpa. The thread is basically about allowing people to say "i want to have sex with barmaid", but the opposition is "that might make people uncomfortable".

>> No.30369571

Learn how to save face and give up when you're beat.

How long have you even been doing this? Have you even run with other groups? Have you played under other DM's to study their technique?

I'm giving you friendly advice here. You have a lot to learn.

> Allowing sex means he thinks it's vital to games or good roleplaying.
There's a difference between allowing sex and thinking everyone who doesn't allow players to rape orphanages doesn't know how to play.

>And I'm Gygax' hidden son.
Hi hidden son. Started with AD&D. I'm not the only oldschool player here, ya know.

I think you missed the point of the back and forth.

>> No.30369579

But you can't. Guys disagree and either deal with it or get openly confrontational. Women disagree and then go out to do as much damage as possible in the sneakiest way possible.

>> No.30369587

Years, several, plenty.
You've already missed the point entirely and seem more determined to ignore the actual discussion topic than anything else.

>> No.30369609

The retards who take every opportunity to bitch about the US or religion every time anyone says anything even remotely negative about anything sex related are far more annoying that the near-mythical OHMAGERD SEX IS BAD people they bitch about.

Just letting you know. No need to thank me.

>> No.30369643

First time I made a post in this thread I said outright that I was ignoring the OP's specific case.

Were ya blind?

Your perspective is so limited I have to wonder at the variety of people you've played with. You've got to learn to get out of your comfort zone if you want to be a good DM.

If you can't go into a room full of social justice types and leave with them saying you're the best DM they've ever had and then turn around to go run something in the gutters for another group and have them like it just as much you haven't got a real mastery of the craft.

Being a good DM is as much about knowing the minds of your players and adapting to them as much as anything. You only know how to work with a group that adapts to you. That's a beginner's weakness.

>> No.30369680


Am I the only one who would laugh heartily in case someone would state the second example at my gaming table?

>> No.30369681

no anons, you are the retards

>> No.30369691

The blind projection is overwhelming.

>> No.30369693

> Am I the only one
The answer is always "no", Anon, no exceptions.

>> No.30369702

Sex is fun, but it is private. I don't find it fun to do sexual things in public. I don't like it in my games.
As long as it is FtB I won't be too flustered.

>> No.30369704

Probably not. It is funny.

Pic related.

>> No.30369707

That's fine. If they're the majority, you leave. If they're the minority, they leave.

>> No.30369724

>There are ladies present

Every female that I've had sit around my gaming table would have looked at your DM in disgust and told him to shut the fuck up.

>> No.30369731

Oh for fuck's sake.

This story is the most transparent troll I've seen in a long time. It has everything 4chan is known for hating, reduced to their most characteristic extreme, along with a sob story of how OP was victimized by the (insert current boogeyman here).

And now you're actually going full /b/ and trying to track down people who look like they hypothetically could be the characters in OP's bullshit story.

What's happened to you, /tg/?

>> No.30369770

I typed up a large post explaining why you're full of shit thinking experience=good, but I'll just whittle it down to this:
If you actually think that since people don't want to insult your DM-ing ability, and possibly lose you to DM future games because none of them want to, somehow indicated you aren't the players' bitch, then please, do elaborate us with your prowess.

>> No.30369777

>gender studies

>> No.30369788

I love you and would like to play with you.

>> No.30369801

Well, looks like someone is ignoring the fact that people who have experience exist, solely to wank off their own almost-pathetic ego.
You believe yourself to be, "superior," when it boils down to just thinking "your shit don't stank."
Please make another thread detailing why you are so very superior and popular on an anonymous message board, but don't blabber on and on with your ego-stroking in this one.

>> No.30369823

>implying we give a shit and aren't discussing the topic, which is "FTB in games," not , "Whine whine whine dey so bad hurp me guise."

>> No.30369906

deep breaths, time to stop posting.
you seem somewhat perturbed.

>> No.30369908

>Living in Toronto
Just move to Alaska

>> No.30369915

Mmmhmm. Posts pointing out that you have a lack of experience as a GM and a skull as dense as neutronium are clearly about me. My amused sarcasm overfloweth.

Do you always respond to criticsm or different approaches as a personal attack? You seemed pretty defensive before anyone even talked to you.

That's another weakness you need to deal with. If you can't learn how to deal with criticism it'll cripple your ability to learn how to improve.

Are you capable of seeing other people's points of view or assuming hypotheticals where you may be wrong? It's not being a pushover or a pussy to see things from other people's perspective. You don't have to agree, you just try to understand people.

That skill is fundamental to being a good DM. If you don't understand what your players are really thinking then you aren't going to do a very good job. They might well just be blowing smoke up your ass to be polite. Do you know for sure?

>> No.30369976

Because feminists totally aren`t frothing at the mouth 90% of the time

>> No.30369979

>Hi hidden son. Started with AD&D. I'm not the only oldschool player here, ya know.
>Learn how to save face and give up when you're beat. How long have you even been doing this? Have you even run with other groups? Have you played under other DM's to study their technique? I'm giving you friendly advice here. You have a lot to learn.

>Bwahaha. Oh do go on. Regale us with your tales of scaly sex and how it's vital for good roleplaying, kiddo.

>I've been doing this shit since the 80's in dozens of systems with a ton of groups.

>I'm not gonna call you a dumbass but I will call you naive. You need more experience before you can think of yourself as a good GM.

>No doubt you're good for your little group, but you probably have no idea how not to be That Guy when going into just about any group.

>You've got a lot to learn

Do explain how this isn't ego stroking.

>> No.30370014

>they want to destroy the macho man
Those motherfuckers killed Rady Savage.

>> No.30370035

>If you can't learn how to deal with criticism it'll cripple your ability to learn how to improve.

>this nigga that just fully flipped his wig when someone criticised his GM'ing

>> No.30370113

I used that whole perspective thing and realized you have a skull made of pig iron and defensive self-superiority.

I am definitely mocking you and being a smug asshole - but I'm also right. I don't think you'd even notice a softer approach. You really do lack experience and have a lot to learn.

Prove me wrong. Go out and be a great DM. Study under the best, learn other systems and play with a wide variety of people. Come back some day and school me.

And if you think you're perfect like you are I laugh at you heartily.

I'd call them Savages, but that's an insult to Randy Savage. Ooooh yeah, Brother!

>> No.30370170

I'm not the guy you were being a smug bitch to, but I AM saying that the entire spiel of yours was a cry of utter "look at me I'm so special,"-ness.
In other words just so your obviously superior mind can comprehend them from this obviously inferior mind:

Also, /m/ pls go.

>> No.30370192

The, "Shit Don't Stank," Clause.

>> No.30370238

>...why would they care.
Because idiots and SJWs place far too much stock in their feelings.

>> No.30370265

>Her chin would put my fucking eyes out.
But it is kate, not sara.

>> No.30370342

Have you heard my voice? It's smooth. Are you sure you don't wanna fap to it?


>> No.30370345

I wonder why these people prefer narrative or story based games.

>> No.30370351

How do people find these hypersensitive cunts? Some people have gaydar I have cuntdar and I have always managed to avoid anyone who's annoying.
What you need to learn OP is intolerance.

>> No.30370357

>Having fun wrong
>Having fun playing tabletop games
>Not kicking people out of your group for trying to have fun in your high power campaigns

>> No.30370394

Just don't bother with putting sex in, jesus. It's always a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.

I'm in no way siding with the femnazis, but seriously. An RPG is a group activity though, so ultimately you need to try and maintain group harmony. That means getting to know the other players and what their limits are.

There are three girls in my Iron Kingdoms group and four guys- I have no reason to believe any of them are militant feminists, but I know better than to fucking play with fire. These people are my friends outside of the game, so I don't want alienate any of them.

Also I don't think sex in an RPG is sexist- just pathetic

>> No.30370628

>he just doesn't know when to...stop.
Those are the absolute worst type.

>> No.30370823

Sorry to poke the slow, I was there for the original thread and I honestly think there is more to this the Robby here is letting on. Part of my wants to poke the Hornet's Nest and see if the rest of his group has some cringeworthy material for us.

>> No.30370957

Do it. I want the cringiest stories.

>> No.30371166

The thing is, this is on its way to oblivion. I could link the first shitty thread, but it is full of retarded spam. Also being cut off from a large portion of the RPG community might be punishment enough for Robby-poo, though I have my doubts as he has posted here thinking he is in the right.

>> No.30371387

Hey, at the same time what he says could be more or less true.

I mean look at the DM. The fucker is a Fedoran, for gods sake.

In any event if he really is that bad we should be entertained. He came to 4chan on his own, after all. It's a double edged sword.

>> No.30371736

Well I made an account...shall I share the original thread and ask for a rebuttal from the GMs of Monsterhearts and GoT?

>> No.30371798

Of course.

>> No.30371841

No not her.

Yep that's the one. Monsterhearts is a fun game. I don't get why love triangles were okay but sleeping with npcs were not.

Rod seemed like a cool guy. But then the rest of them seemed cool and then this happened so who knows.

Done a lot of lurking, but haven't posted a whole lot.

No not all of Meetup, just the Toronto Area Gamers group. Maybe I should form my own Meetup group? The Toronto Roleplaying Association or something.

I'm just posting the story as I remember it man.

Its not as though I was going on and on about not having a dad. She said she was studying gender roles and I told her I was interested in that kind of thing too and why.

Like "Oh yeah I didn't have a dad growing up so I'm really interested in studying gender roles too. You know, so I can figure out what it means to be a man in today's society."

Is it weird to say that to a person you've been roleplaying with for a month?

And now I'm paranoid.

>> No.30371847

Bombs away...The Fedoralord and Patrick both got system mails. Now the waiting begins. For once the archive was useful for something besides a quest toilet.

>> No.30371871

>dat chin

>> No.30371984

>>Maybe I should form my own Meetup group?
With Blackjack?
And Hookers?

>> No.30372116

And whiskey and cocaine too.

>> No.30372201

>Playing with a gender studies major in Toronto
I take it she goes to U of T? That'd be your problem right there.


>> No.30372233

Reported to Toronto authorities.

>> No.30372238

Well, with that confirmation the girl we've been discussing is a bit hambeasty but seems to be well regarded in her community. Whether that's her going full radfem on dissenters or not I'm not sure. If she simply bans anyone she dislikes from the community it would explain all the positive comments about her and the absolute lack of negative ones. Or she could just be a decent person. I sincerely doubt that with the whole gender studies thing though.

Mark smiles like an asshole. Other girl looks like a normal ca/tg/irl. Czech girl is kinda cute.

Rob seems skeevy and it's obvious we 'aint gettin' the full story here. Plus going to 4chan for help is always an idiots move.

I am amused and look forward to their response. Especially if Rob turns out to be full skeeve and the crush him or they somehow manage to piss off 4chan.

If they do that I'm all for us sockpuppeting some accounts in their name to fund Rob Halford's reelection campaign. Loudly and proudly proclaiming support for their glorious drunken crack smoking pig of a leader. Perhaps with radfem and asshole grin proclaiming they wanna sex him up.

>> No.30372542

No that's a completely different Rob. There are like 5 different Robs on the site.

Uh that's not her.

Its a pretty awesome system. Its entirely skill based and simple in terms of dice rolls. There is also a system of positive and negative qualities you can take that really help with coming up with good character ideas. I'd advise you to play it.

>If I was OP I'd go full online fucking crusade against the group, the organisation, everything.

I've been having fantasies to that effect. Any suggestions as to how to go about it?

You seem like a pretty cool guy, dude.

Why not add sex in tabletop. That's what I don't get. I mean sure not always, but if its going to add to the fun then why not?

I love /tg/ :)

>> No.30372571

A response has been made!

>> No.30372649

Ask for his side of the story again. WE DESERVE TO KNOW.

>> No.30372682

I did, he has not responded yet.

>>Just a random Anon wanting to see the full story and all the cringeworthy stuff that our boy Robert left out of his story. Come on over and share some stories of how bad this guy really is, we all love a good laugh over a That Guy story. You really have to be awful to get a global ban from a meet-up.

The above my reply.

>> No.30372692

Most of us think we're getting half the story, a lot of us worried about how legit it was because it hit every single trigger of /tg/. If it turns out to be totally true we'd feel justified in basically doing whatever the fuck we want to these people.

I wouldn't take this sort of thing lightly. I'm mildly tempted to point /b/ at them just for the non-response.

>> No.30372722

That's a nice reply; I hope he'll come here and deliver.

>> No.30372742

Don't get /b/ involved, this is our fight.

>> No.30372829

Half the people think I'm lying?

>> No.30372833

Like they don't have neckbeards that play traditional games. Where do you think /tg/ came from?

But sure. I won't bring in the 800lb gorilla unless they do something really stupid.

I'm looking forward to amusing stories though.

>> No.30372890

Nah, everyone thinks we're hearing half the story. That wouldn't be an issue but you're not very good at rabble rousing.

/tg/ also likes to think about things more than other boards on 4chan, particularly about stuff like this. We don't normally ruin people's lives unless they're shown to be total shitheels. It's /b/ that likes to jump the gun.

If you were really tossed out by a radfem and a bunch of betafag white knights then we'll legitimately be pissed, but we want to hear both sides first.

>> No.30372908

Email sent.

>> No.30372935

Wouldn't their traditional games players come here too ? even people who don't play traditional games come to /tg/

>> No.30372976

Email anon here,

Being as this has hit page 9 and will soon be gone hopefully we get a new thread from either the OP or one of his former group. I have not gotten a response to my reply, but I did get an approval to join the meetup at large. Despite me using Dr Evil's monologue as part of the "tell us about you" section. I'll likely not be back before the 404 hits.

>> No.30372986

I want a new thread after this so I know who to laugh at and make fun of or be angry at.

>> No.30372990

>aSoIaF game

What the actual fuck is this? pic related.

>> No.30373146

Wouldn't making a third thread about this annoy the mods?

>> No.30373245

Why would it ? The thread will hopefully welcome new content and developpement of the story.

>> No.30373280

Don't get scared now. We want to see how this turns out.

>> No.30373326

If it isn't a porn dump I doubt anything will happen

>> No.30373633

>Where do you think /tg/ came from?

People in Warhammer Wednesday wanted their own board. I don't think /b/ has its own neckbeards that play TGs because they all came here instead.

>> No.30373661

Our mods let Quest Thread General get by, they'll let anything except porn by.

>> No.30373770

Email Anon here, back from lunch with some news!

I got another reply, he will not post here, but may share the story with me. If I can talk him into it I will share it with /tg/.

Thank our various gods that /tg/ is slow enough to allow me this update.

>> No.30373784

Nice! I want glorious details.

Once we hear their response we can decide whether to mock Robbie or get pissed at radfem.

>> No.30373812

> various gods
> Acknowledging any god but the Emperor.

>> No.30373823

>Worshipping that space heretic
>Not giving praise to Sigmar

>> No.30373898

> Calling the Emperor a heretic.
Actually, considering what he said about godhood and being worshiped, he's technically a heretic.

>> No.30373948

> Fade to Black
> Not PG-13
You should have used a better analogy because fade to black IS PG-13. Seriously, that's what PG-13 movies with sexual content they don't want to be explicit about do.

Anything less is PG, which is kind of stupid in a game where characters have professions like "ram my sword through this sentient creature's entrails and then behead it because my god said so".

Sex and violence in most tabletop RPGs is at least on the level of most PG-13, if not R-rated movies.

Also, you're forgetting that they were playing A Song Of Ice And Fire RPG. FUCKING ASOIAF! If you want to play in a campaign where the original source material is chock full of depraved sex and murder, where characters frequently sleep with tavern wenches every chance that get, the queen cannot stay in power on virtue of being a woman, and the only women who have made names for themselves were able to do so through sheer brute strength or being queen of dragons, you shouldn't be trying to play the game as an enlightened 21st century feminist. It clashes horribly with the setting. More so than sexing the wenches does.

If the others were twisting setting and story content as well as the way they were playing for six months prior just for one chick who just joined, they are the ones in the wrong. It doesn't hurt to consider that the reason they did so was to avoid her ire and thus avoid getting excommunicated in the same way OP has. Perhaps OP was the only one who didn't know she was a mod.

>> No.30374098

Then don't fucking run a game of thrones game. Seriously. Don't. There's sex in that universe. If this chick knew that and knew it made her uncomfortable she never should have joined. The End. Case closed.

>> No.30374345

New Thread


>> No.30374350

New thread.

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